Слова на букву acto-axio (6389) New Collegiate Dictionary
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Слова на букву acto-axio (6389)

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adjective see aweless
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English agen, from Old Norse ǫgn; akin to Old High German agana awn, Old English ecg edge — more at edge Date: 12th century one of ...
adjective see awn
noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1582 a rooflike cover extending over or in front of a place (as over the deck or in front of a door or window) as a shelter • awninged ...
adjective see awning
adjective see awn
past and past participle of awake
past participle of awake
I. adjective or adverb Usage: sometimes not capitalized Etymology: absent without leave Date: 1918 absent without leave; broadly absent often without notice or permission ...
adverb or adjective Date: 14th century 1. in a turned or twisted position or direction ; askew 2. off the correct or expected course ; amiss
biographical name Emanuel 1949- American (Ukrainian-born of Polish parents) pianist
I. noun or axe Etymology: Middle English, from Old English æcs; akin to Old High German ackus ax, Latin ascia, Greek axinē Date: before 12th century 1. a cutting tool that ...
ax to grind
phrasal an ulterior often selfish underlying purpose
I. noun see ax I II. transitive verb see ax II
noun Usage: often capitalized Etymology: Axel Paulsen died 1938 Norwegian figure skater Date: 1930 a jump in figure skating from the outer forward edge of one skate with 1 ...
Axel Heiberg
geographical name island N Canada in the Sverdrup Islands W of Ellesmere Island area 15,779 square miles (41,025 square kilometers)
adjective Etymology: 2a- + Greek xenos strange Date: 1942 free from other living organisms • axenically adverb
adverb see axenic
adjective Date: circa 1847 1. of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an axis 2. a. situated around, in the direction of, on, or along an axis b. extending in ...
axial skeleton
noun Date: 1872 the skeleton of the trunk and head
noun see axial
adverb see axial
noun Etymology: New Latin axilla, from Latin Date: 1794 the angle between a branch or leaf and the axis from which it arises
noun (plural axillae or -las) Etymology: Latin, diminutive of ala wing, upper arm, armpit, axil — more at aisle Date: 1616 the cavity beneath the junction of a forelimb and ...
noun Date: 1541 an axillary part (as a feather)
I. adjective Date: 1615 1. of, relating to, or located near the axilla 2. situated in or growing from an axil II. noun (plural -laries) Date: circa 1889 one of the ...
adjective see axiology
adverb see axiology
noun Etymology: Greek axios + International Scientific Vocabulary -logy Date: 1908 the study of the nature, types, and criteria of values and of value judgments especially in ...

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