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Слова на букву acto-axio (6389)

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noun see agronomy
noun Etymology: probably from French agronomie, from agro- + -nomie -nomy Date: 1814 a branch of agriculture dealing with field-crop production and soil management • ...
adverb or adjective Date: 14th century 1. on the ground 2. on or onto the shore or the bottom of a body of water
abbreviation agent
geographical name city NW Puerto Rico population 42,042
geographical name city NW Puerto Rico population 64,685
Aguas Buenas
geographical name city E central Puerto Rico population 29,032
geographical name 1. state central Mexico area 2158 square miles (5589 square kilometers), population 719,659 2. city, its capital population 506,384
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French ague, from Medieval Latin (febris) acuta, literally, sharp fever, from Latin, feminine of acutus sharp — more at acute Date: ...
biographical name Emilio 1869-1964 Filipino leader
adjective see ague
Agulhas, Cape
geographical name headland Republic of South Africa in S Western Cape province; southernmost point of Africa, at 34°50′S, 20°E
abbreviation 1. ampere-hour 2. anno hegirae 3. arts and humanities
I. interjection Etymology: Middle English Date: 13th century — used to express delight, relief, regret, or contempt II. variant of aah
interjection Etymology: Middle English Date: 14th century — used to express surprise, triumph, or derision
noun Date: 1991 alpha hydroxy acid
Ahaggar Mountains
or Hoggar Mountains geographical name mountains S Algeria in W central Sahara; highest peak Tahat 9842 feet (3000 meters)
adverb or adjective Date: 1596 1. a. in a forward direction or position ; forward b. in front 2. in, into, or for the future 3. in or toward a more advantageous ...
ahead of
preposition Date: 1613 1. in front or advance of 2. in excess of
interjection Etymology: imitative Date: 1763 — used especially to attract attention or to express disapproval or embarrassment
biographical name Bertie 1951- originally Bartholemew Ahern prime minister of Ireland (1997- )
noun Etymology: Hawaiian ‘ahi Date: 1933 1. yellowfin tuna 2. bigeye tuna
noun Etymology: Sanskrit ahiṁsā noninjury Date: 1875 the Hindu and Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being
adjective see ahistorical
or ahistoric adjective Date: 1945 not concerned with or related to history, historical development, or tradition ; also historically inaccurate or ignorant • ...
adverb see ahistorical
noun see ahistorical
noun see ahistorical
geographical name city W India N of Bombay in Gujarat population 2,954,526
Ahmed III
biographical name 1673-1736 Ottoman sultan (1703-30)
noun Etymology: probably from the phrase a hold Date: 1855 hold
interjection Etymology: a- (as in aha) + hoy Date: 1748 — used in hailing
noun Etymology: Persian, modification of Avestan aṅrō mainyuš hostile spirit Date: 1818 Ahura Mazda's antagonist who is a spirit of darkness and evil in Zoroastrianism
Ahura Mazda
noun Etymology: Avestan Ahuramazda, literally, wise god Date: 1869 the Supreme Being represented as a deity of goodness and light in Zoroastrianism
or Ahwaz geographical name city SW Iran on the Karun population 579,826
geographical name see Åland
geographical name see Ahvaz
abbreviation 1. ad interim 2. airborne intercept 3. air interception 4. artificial insemination 5. artificial intelligence
abbreviation American Institute of Architects
noun Etymology: Greek Date: circa 1842 Ajax
adverb Etymology: able + -lings, -lins -lings Date: circa 1605 chiefly Scottish perhaps
geographical name city central Puerto Rico population 26,493
abbreviation 1. Agency for International Development 2. artificial insemination by donor
I. verb Etymology: Middle English eyden, from Anglo-French aider, from Latin adjutare, frequentative of adjuvare, from ad- + juvare to help Date: 15th century transitive verb ...
noun Etymology: short for aide-de-camp Date: 1777 a person who acts as an assistant; specifically a military officer who acts as an assistant to a superior officer
noun (plural aides-de-camp) Etymology: French aide de camp, literally, camp assistant Date: 1670 a military aide; also a civilian aide usually to an executive
noun (plural aide-mémoire) Etymology: French, from aider to aid + mémoire memory Date: 1846 1. an aid to the memory; especially a mnemonic device 2. a written summary or ...
aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera
foreign term Etymology: French help yourself (and) heaven will help you
noun see aid I
noun Date: 1944 an army medical corpsman attached to a field unit
noun Etymology: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Date: 1982 a disease of the human immune system that is characterized cytologically especially by reduction in the numbers ...
AIDS virus
noun Date: 1983 HIV
AIDS-related complex
noun Date: 1984 a group of symptoms (as fever, weight loss, and lymphadenopathy) that is associated with the presence of antibodies to HIV and is followed by the development of ...
noun Etymology: French, plume, egret, from Middle French — more at egret Date: 1630 1. a spray of feathers (as of the egret) for the head 2. a spray of gems worn on a ...
noun Etymology: French, literally, needle — more at aglet Date: 1816 a sharp-pointed pinnacle of rock
noun Etymology: French — more at aglet Date: 1816 aglet; specifically a shoulder cord worn by designated military aides — compare fourragere
I. biographical name Conrad Potter 1889-1973 American writer II. geographical name city W South Carolina SW of Columbia population 25,337
noun Etymology: Japanese aikidō, from ai- match, coordinate + ki breath, spirit + dō art, way Date: 1956 a Japanese art of self-defense employing locks and holds and ...
I. verb Etymology: Middle English eilen, from Old English eglan; akin to Gothic agljan to harm Date: before 12th century transitive verb to give physical or emotional pain, ...
noun Etymology: New Latin, from Kamarian (Austronesian language of the Piru Bay region, Seram) ai lanito, literally, the sky tree, or from a cognate phrase in a related central ...
noun Etymology: French, from diminutive of aile wing — more at aisle Date: 1909 a movable airfoil at the trailing edge of an airplane wing that is used for imparting a ...
biographical name Alvin 1931-1989 American dancer & choreographer
noun Date: 1703 1. a bodily disorder or chronic disease 2. unrest, uneasiness
Ailsa Craig
geographical name small rocky island Scotland S of Arran at mouth of Firth of Clyde
noun Etymology: Greek ailouros cat Date: 1927 a cat fancier ; a lover of cats
noun Date: 1905 a person who hates or fears cats
abbreviation American Indian Movement
I. verb Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French aesmer & esmer; Anglo-French aesmer, from a- (from Latin ad-) + esmer to estimate, from Latin aestimare Date: 14th century ...
adjective see aim II
adverb see aim II
noun see aim II
adjective Etymology: probably from Old Norse eiginn Date: 1721 Scottish own
geographical name river 120 miles (195 kilometers) E France rising in Jura Mountains & flowing SSW into the Rhône
Etymology: contraction of are not Date: 1749 1. am not ; are not ; is not 2. have not ; has not 3. do not ; does not ; did not — used in some varieties of Black English ...
foreign term Etymology: French elder ; senior (masculine)
foreign term Etymology: French elder ; senior (feminine)
biographical name (William) Harrison 1805-1882 English novelist
geographical name — see Gaziantep
noun (plural Ainu or Ainus) Etymology: Ainu aynu person Date: 1819 1. a member of an indigenous people of the Japanese archipelago, the Kuril Islands, and part of Sakhalin ...
noun Etymology: Occitan, from ai garlic + oli oil Date: circa 1900 a mayonnaise flavored with garlic and sometimes other ingredients (as red pepper)
I. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin aer, from Greek aēr Date: 14th century 1. a. archaic breath b. the mixture ...
air bag
noun Date: 1969 an automobile safety device consisting of a bag designed to inflate automatically especially in front of an occupant in case of collision
air ball
noun Date: 1981 a missed shot in basketball that fails to touch the rim and backboard
air base
noun Date: 1915 a military base intended chiefly for the operation of aircraft
air bladder
noun Date: 1731 a sac containing gas and especially air; especially a hydrostatic organ present in most fishes that serves as an accessory respiratory organ
air brake
noun Date: 1871 1. a brake operated by a piston driven by compressed air 2. a surface that may be projected into the airstream for increasing drag and lowering the speed of ...
air chief marshal
noun Date: 1919 a commissioned officer in the British air force who ranks with a general in the army
air commodore
noun Date: 1919 a commissioned officer in the British air force who ranks with a brigadier in the army
air conditioner
noun see air-condition
air dam
noun Date: 1973 a device attached to the underside of the front of an automobile to improve stability, aerodynamic performance, and engine cooling by redirecting the flow of ...
air force
noun Date: 1917 1. the military organization of a nation for air warfare 2. a unit of the United States Air Force higher than a division and lower than a command
air guitar
noun Date: 1982 an imaginary guitar that one pretends to play; also the action of playing air guitar
air gun
noun Date: circa 1753 1. a gun from which a projectile is propelled by compressed air 2. any of various hand tools that work by compressed air; especially airbrush
air lane
noun Date: circa 1910 a path customarily followed by airplanes
air letter
noun Date: 1920 1. an airmail letter 2. a sheet of airmail stationery that can be folded and sealed with the message inside and the address outside
air line
noun Date: 1813 a straight line through the air between two points
air lock
noun Date: 1851 1. an intermediate chamber with two airtight doors or openings to permit passage between two dissimilar spaces (as two places of unequal atmospheric pressure) ...
air marshal
noun Date: 1919 1. a commissioned officer in the British air force who ranks with a lieutenant general in the army 2. sky marshal
air mass
noun Date: 1882 a body of air extending hundreds or thousands of miles horizontally and sometimes as high as the stratosphere and maintaining as it travels nearly uniform ...
air mattress
noun Date: 1851 mattress 1b
Air Medal
noun Date: 1942 a United States military decoration awarded for meritorious achievement while participating in an aerial flight
air mile
noun Date: 1919 a mile in air travel
air piracy
noun Date: 1948 the hijacking of a flying airplane ; skyjacking
air plant
noun Date: 1833 1. epiphyte 2. any of several kalanchoes (especially Kalanchoe pinnata)
air pocket
noun Date: 1912 a condition of the atmosphere (as a local downdraft) that causes an airplane to drop suddenly
air police
noun Date: 1944 the military police of an air force
air pump
noun Date: 1653 a pump for exhausting air from a closed space or for compressing air or forcing it through other apparatus
air rage
noun Date: 1996 an airline passenger's uncontrolled anger that is usually expressed in aggressive or violent behavior
air raid
noun Date: 1914 an attack by armed airplanes on a surface target — usually hyphenated when used attributively
air rifle
noun Date: 1886 a rifle whose projectile (as a BB or pellet) is propelled by compressed air or carbon dioxide
air right
noun Date: 1922 a property right to the space above a surface area or object
air sac
noun Date: circa 1828 1. one of the air-filled spaces in the body of a bird connected with the air passages of the lungs 2. alveolus 1b 3. a thin-walled dilation of a ...
air show
noun Date: 1939 an exhibition of aircraft and aviation skills
air taxi
noun Date: 1920 a small commercial airplane used for short flights between localities not served by scheduled airlines
air vice-marshal
noun Date: 1919 a commissioned officer in the British air force who ranks with a major general in the army
adjective Date: 1956 of, employing, or being an engine that requires air for combustion
transitive verb Etymology: back-formation from air conditioning Date: 1933 to equip (as a building) with an apparatus for washing air and controlling its humidity and ...
noun see air-condition
air-cushion vehicle
noun Date: circa 1962 hovercraft
transitive verb see airdrop
adjective see airdrop
I. adjective Date: 1856 dry to such a degree that no further moisture is given up on exposure to air II. verb Date: 1886 transitive verb to dry by exposure to air ...
adjective Date: 1924 interested in aviation or in air travel • air-mindedness noun
noun see air-minded
adjective Date: 1941 launched from one airplane in flight at another ; also involving aircraft in flight
noun Date: 1946 a shallow-draft boat driven by an airplane propeller and steered by an airplane rudder
adjective Date: 1641 1. done or being in the air ; being off the ground: as a. carried through the air (as by an aircraft) b. supported especially by aerodynamic forces ...
I. noun Date: circa 1889 an atomizer for applying by compressed air a fine spray (as of paint or liquid color) II. transitive verb Date: 1938 to paint, treat, or alter (as ...
noun Date: 1917 the burst of a shell or bomb in the air
noun Date: 1945 a short-range or medium-range subsonic jet passenger airplane
noun (plural aircraft) Usage: often attributive Date: 1850 a vehicle (as an airplane or balloon) for traveling through the air
aircraft carrier
noun Date: 1919 a warship with a flight deck on which aircraft can be launched and landed
noun Date: 1921 the crew manning an airplane
noun Date: 1971 the scheduled date of a broadcast
geographical name burgh S central Scotland E of Glasgow population 45,643
noun Etymology: alteration of aerodrome Date: 1917 airport
noun Date: circa 1945 delivery of cargo, emergency supplies, or personnel by parachute from an airplane in flight • air-drop transitive verb • air-droppable adjective
geographical name river 70 miles (113 kilometers) N England in W Yorkshire flowing to the Ouse; its valley is Airedale
noun see Airedale terrier
Airedale terrier
noun Etymology: Airedale, valley of the Aire River, England Date: 1880 any of a breed of large terriers with a hard, wiry, black-and-tan coat — called also Airedale
noun Date: circa 1847 British a frame on which clothes are aired or dried
noun Date: 1918 fare for travel by airplane
noun Date: 1927 an area of land from which aircraft operate: as a. airport b. air base
noun Date: circa 1911 a flow of air; especially the motion of air (as around parts of an airplane in flight) relative to the surface of a body immersed in it
noun Date: circa 1922 a body (as an airplane wing or propeller blade) designed to provide a desired reaction force when in motion relative to the surrounding air
noun Date: 1931 the structure of an aircraft, rocket vehicle, or missile without the power plant; also aircraft
noun Date: 1929 freight transport by air in volume; also the charge for this service • airfreight transitive verb
noun Date: circa 1950 light that is observed especially during the night, that originates in the high atmosphere of a planet (as the earth), and that is associated with ...
I. noun Etymology: 1air + -head (as in beachhead) Date: circa 1944 an area in hostile territory secured usually by airborne troops for further use in bringing in troops and ...
adjective see airhead II
noun Date: 1751 a hole to admit or discharge air
adverb see airy
noun see airy
noun Date: circa 1606 1. exposure to air or heat for drying or freshening 2. exposure to or exercise in the open air especially to promote health or fitness 3. exposure ...
adjective see air I
noun see air I
noun Date: 1945 a system of transporting cargo or passengers by aircraft often to or from an otherwise inaccessible area • airlift transitive verb
noun Date: 1901 an air transportation system including its equipment, routes, operating personnel, and management
noun Date: 1908 an airplane operated by an airline
noun Date: 1913 the system of transporting mail by aircraft; also the mail thus transported • airmail transitive verb
noun Date: 1873 1. a civilian or military pilot, aviator, or aviation technician 2. an enlisted man in the air force: as a. an enlisted man of one of the three ranks ...
airman basic
noun Date: circa 1961 an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the air force
airman first class
noun Date: 1952 an enlisted man in the air force ranking above an airman and below a sergeant
noun Date: 1864 1. skill in piloting or navigating aircraft
adjective Date: 1965 of, relating to, or being a military unit whose members are transported to combat areas usually by helicopter
noun Date: 1908 a small airport usually located near an industrial area
noun Etymology: alteration of aeroplane Date: 1907 a powered heavier-than-air aircraft that has fixed wings from which it derives most of its lift
noun Date: 1966 the playing of a musical recording on the air by a radio station
noun Date: 1919 a place from which aircraft operate that usually has paved runways and maintenance facilities and often serves as a terminal
noun Date: 1911 airmail
noun Date: 1908 the military strength of a nation's air force
noun Date: 1894 chiefly British an airplane propeller
noun Date: 1819 a lighter-than-air aircraft having propulsion and steering systems
adjective Date: 1785 affected with motion sickness associated with flying • airsickness noun
noun see airsick
noun Date: 1911 the space lying above the earth or above a certain area of land or water; especially the space lying above a nation and coming under its jurisdiction
noun Date: circa 1909 the speed (as of an airplane) with relation to the air — compare ground speed
noun Date: 1869 a current of air; specifically airflow
noun Date: 1942 a runway without normal air base or airport facilities
I. noun Etymology: Middle English (Scots) art, from Scottish Gaelic àirt Date: 15th century chiefly Scottish compass point ; direction II. transitive verb Date: circa ...
adjective Date: 1760 1. impermeable to air or nearly so 2. a. having no noticeable weakness, flaw, or loophole b. permitting no opportunity for an opponent to ...
noun see airtight
noun Date: 1942 1. the time at which a radio or television broadcast is scheduled to begin 2. the time or any part thereof that a radio or television station is on the air
adjective Date: 1944 of, created for, or heard on the airwaves
noun plural Date: 1928 the medium of radio and television transmission — not used technically
noun Date: 1836 1. a passage for a current of air (as in a mine or to the lungs) 2. a designated route along which airplanes fly from airport to airport; especially such a ...
noun see airworthy
adjective Date: 1829 fit for operation in the air • airworthiness noun
adjective (airier; -est) Date: 14th century 1. a. of or relating to air ; atmospheric b. high in the air ; lofty c. performed in air ; aerial 2. unreal, illusory ...
adjective Date: 1850 1. chiefly British delicate, fairylike 2. chiefly British lacking substance or purpose
biographical name 611-678 favorite wife of Muhammad
noun Etymology: Middle English ile, alteration of ele, from Anglo-French, literally, wing, from Latin ala; akin to Old English eaxl shoulder, Latin axis axletree — more at ...
noun Date: 1872 aisle 2b
geographical name river about 165 miles (265 kilometers) N France flowing NW & W from Argonne Forest into the Oise near Compiègne
noun Etymology: Middle English eyt, from Old English *ēget, by-form of īggoth, igeoth, from īg island — more at island Date: before 12th century British a little island
noun Etymology: French hache, from Vulgar Latin *hacca Date: circa 1580 the letter h
noun Etymology: Middle English hachbon, alteration (resulting from incorrect division of a nachebon) of Middle English *nachebon, from Middle English nache buttock (from ...
geographical name see Aix-en-Provence
or Aix geographical name city SE France N of Marseille population 126,854
geographical name — see Aachen
geographical name commune E France N of Chambéry population 24,826
geographical name see Aegina
geographical name city & port France in Corsica population 59,318
geographical name village W central India in N central Maharashtra in Ajanta Range NNE of Aurangabad; site of Ajanta Caves (temples excavated out of rock cliffs)
adjective or adverb Etymology: earlier on char, from Middle English, from on + char turn — more at chare Date: 15th century slightly open
or Adzharia geographical name autonomous republic SW Republic of Georgia on Black Sea capital Batumi area 1158 square miles (2999 square kilometers), population 381,500
I. noun Etymology: Latin, from Greek Aias Date: 15th century 1. a Greek hero in the Trojan War who kills himself because the armor of Achilles is awarded to Odysseus 2. a ...
geographical name city NW India in Rajasthan SW of Delhi population 402,700
noun (plural -ga or -gas) Etymology: New Latin, from 2a- + Latin jugum yoke — more at yoke Date: 1806 bugle I
abbreviation Alaska
noun Etymology: Russian avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 Kalashnikov automatic rifle of 1947 Date: 1968 a Soviet-designed 7.62 mm (.30 cal.) gas-operated magazine-fed rifle for ...
abbreviation also known as
noun (plural Akan or Akans) Date: 1694 1. a member of any of the Akan-speaking peoples (as the Ashanti) 2. a Kwa language of southern Ghana and the southeast Ivory Coast
biographical name 1542-1605 Mogul emperor of India (1556-1605)
abbreviation American Kennel Club
variant of ackee
biographical name Mark 1721-1770 English poet & physician
biographical name George Arthur 1940- American economist
geographical name — see Achelous
also Ikhnaton biographical name Amenhotep IV king of Egypt (1379-1362 B.C.)
or ancient Thyatira geographical name city W Turkey in Asia NE of Izmir population 151,957
Akiba ben Joseph
biographical name A.D. 40-135 Jewish sage & martyr in Palestine
biographical name 1933- emperor of Japan (1989- )
adjective or adverb Etymology: Middle English in kenebowe Date: 15th century 1. having the hand on the hip and the elbow turned outward 2. set in a bent position
adjective Date: 1567 1. related by blood ; descended from a common ancestor or prototype 2. essentially similar, related, or compatible
I. noun Etymology: from Akita, Japan Date: 1928 any of a breed of large muscular dogs of Japanese origin II. geographical name city & port Japan in N Honshu on Sea of Japan ...
or Accad geographical name 1. the N division of ancient Babylonia 2. (or Agade) ancient city, its capital
noun Etymology: Akkad, Babylonia Date: 1869 1. an extinct Semitic language of ancient Mesopotamia 2. a Semitic inhabitant of central Mesopotamia before 2000 B.C. • ...
geographical name — see Belgorod-Dnestrovski
geographical name — see Astana
geographical name city NE Ohio SE of Cleveland population 217,074
or Axum geographical name town N Ethiopia capital of an ancient kingdom (the Axumite Empire)
geographical name — see Acte
variant of aquavit
geographical name — see Sittwe
symbol aluminum
abbreviation 1. Alabama 2. American League 3. American Legion
Al Biqa‘
geographical name — see Bekaa
al dente
adjective Etymology: Italian; literally, to the tooth Date: 1935 cooked just enough to retain a somewhat firm texture • al dente adverb
Al Fayyūm
geographical name — see el faiyum
Al Fujayrah
or Fujairah geographical name sheikhdom, member of United Arab Emirates area 450 square miles (1166 square kilometers)
Al Hamad
geographical name — see hamad (Al)
Al Ḩijāz
geographical name — see Hejaz
Al Hudaydah
or Hodeida geographical name city & port W Yemen population 155,110
Al Hufuf
or Hofuf geographical name city NE Saudi Arabia in E Nejd
Al Ittihad
geographical name — see Madinat ash Sha'b
Al Jazirah
geographical name — see Gezira
Al Jizah
geographical name — see Giza
Al Khums
geographical name town & port Libya ESE of Tripoli; nearby are ruins of ancient Leptis Magna
Al Kufrah
or Kufra geographical name group of five oases SE Libya
Al Kut
geographical name city SE central Iraq on the Tigris SE of Baghdad
Al Mansurah
geographical name — see el mansura
Al Minya
geographical name — see El Minya
Al Mukalla
or Mukalla geographical name town & port Yemen on Gulf of Aden; chief town of the Hadramawt
Al Mukhā
geographical name — see mocha
Al ‘Amārah
geographical name city SE Iraq on the Tigris
— see ad-
geographical name — see Basra
or Hasa geographical name region NE Saudi Arabia in E Nejd bordering on Persian Gulf
foreign term Etymology: Chinook Jargon by and by — motto of Washington
geographical name — see Aqaba
geographical name — see Bethany
noun (plural alae) Etymology: Latin — more at aisle Date: 1545 a wing or a winglike anatomic process or part • alar adjective • alary adjective
abbreviation Alabama
abbreviation American Library Association

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