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Слова на букву micr-obtr (6389)

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noun see nonobjective
adjective Date: 1973 not capable of experiencing orgasm
noun Etymology: nonyl (the radical C9H19) + oxy- + phenol + 9 (from the fact that the compounds it contains have an average of nine ethylene oxide groups per molecule) Date: ...
adjective Date: 1942 not involving the estimation of parameters of a statistical function
I. adjective Etymology: Middle English nounparalle, from Middle French nompareil, from non- + pareil equal, from Vulgar Latin *pariculus, from Latin par equal Date: 15th ...
adjective Date: 1885 not partisan; especially free from party affiliation, bias, or designation • nonpartisanship noun
noun see nonpartisan
adjective Date: circa 1909 not passerine; especially of, relating to, or being any of various arboreal birds (as pigeons, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and kingfishers) that are ...
adjective Date: 1884 not capable of inducing disease — compare avirulent
adjective Date: circa 1914 off-peak
adjective Date: 1979 not producing the expected return
adjective Date: 1900 not persistent: as a. decomposed rapidly by environmental action b. capable of being transmitted by a vector for only a relatively short time
noun Date: circa 1909 a person who is regarded as nonexistent: as a. unperson b. one having no social or legal status
I. noun Etymology: Latin non plus no more Date: 1582 a state of bafflement or perplexity ; quandary II. transitive verb (-plussed; also nonplused; -plussing; also ...
adjective Date: 1977 being a source of pollution (as runoff from farmland) that is not a point source; also being pollution or a pollutant that does not arise from a single ...
adjective Date: 1892 not polar; especially consisting of molecules not having a dipole
adjective Date: 1958 capable of being bought without a doctor's prescription
adjective Date: 1868 not productive: as a. failing to produce or yield ; unproductive b. not directly concerned with production c. of a cough dry 3a • ...
noun see nonproductive
adjective Date: 1896 not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit • nonprofit noun
adjective Date: 1964 providing for the stoppage of proliferation (as of nuclear arms) • nonproliferation noun
transitive verb (nonprossed; nonprossing) Etymology: non prosequitur Date: 1755 to enter a non prosequitur against
adjective Date: 1926 not being or derived from protein
noun Date: 1924 1. one who does not or cannot read 2. a child who is slow in learning to read • nonreading adjective
adjective see nonreader
adjective Date: 1962 not exhibiting the results of genetic recombination • nonrecombinant noun
adjective Date: 1926 being or based on an agreement in which the lender has no right of recourse to the borrower's assets beyond stated limits
adjective Date: circa 1864 not recurring
adjective Date: circa 1864 nonrecurrent; specifically unlikely to happen again — used of financial transactions that affect a profit and loss statement abnormally
adjective Date: 1963 not subject to refunding or being refunded
adjective Date: 1930 1. not based on or involving the theory of relativity 2. of, relating to, or being a body moving at less than a relativistic velocity • ...
adverb see nonrelativistic
adjective Date: 1923 nonobjective 2 • nonrepresentationalism noun
noun see nonrepresentational
noun Date: 1585 the state or fact of being nonresident
noun Date: 1584 nonresidence
adjective Date: 1540 not residing in a particular place • nonresident noun
noun Date: 1643 the principles or practice of passive submission to constituted authority even when unjust or oppressive; also the principle or practice of not resisting ...
adjective Date: 1702 not resistant; specifically susceptible to the effects of a deleterious agent (as an insecticide, a pathogen, or an extreme environmental condition) ...
adjective Date: 1916 not restrictive; specifically not limiting the reference of a modified word or phrase
nonrestrictive clause
noun Date: 1916 a descriptive clause that is not essential to the definiteness of the meaning of the word it modifies (as who is retired in “my father, who is retired, does ...
adjective Date: 1903 not returnable; specifically not returnable to a dealer in exchange for a deposit • nonreturnable noun
adjective Date: 1947 licensed to transport by air without a regular schedule
I. noun Date: 1855 something (as a discipline) that is not a science II. adjective Date: 1944 of or relating to fields other than science
noun Date: 1944 an individual of blood group A, B, or AB who does not secrete the antigens characteristic of these blood groups in bodily fluids (as saliva)
adjective Date: 1831 not having a sectarian character ; not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group
noun Date: 1874 material that is foreign to the body of an organism
I. noun Date: 1614 1. a. words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas b. (1) language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or contrary to ...
nonsense verse
noun Date: 1799 humorous or whimsical verse that features absurd characters and actions and often contains evocative but meaningless nonce words
adjective see nonsense I
adverb see nonsense I
noun see nonsense I
adjective Date: 1902 not significant: as a. insignificant b. meaningless c. having or yielding a value lying within limits between which variation is attributed to ...
adverb see nonsignificant
adjective Date: 1904 designed or equipped to prevent skidding
adjective Date: 1903 designed to reduce or prevent slipping
adjective Date: 1902 not socially oriented ; lacking a social component
nonspecific vaginitis
noun see bacterial vaginosis
adjective Date: 1894 lacking the qualities characteristic of a hunting dog
adjective Date: 1923 1. not standard 2. not conforming in pronunciation, grammatical construction, idiom, or word choice to the usage generally characteristic of educated ...
noun Date: 1902 1. one that does not start 2. someone or something that is not productive or effective
I. adjective see nonsteroidal II. noun see nonsteroidal
also nonsteroid adjective Date: 1964 of, relating to, or being a compound and especially a drug that is not a steroid • nonsteroid noun
adjective Etymology: 3stick Date: 1958 1. allowing easy removal of cooked food particles 2. having a nonstick surface
I. adjective Date: 1902 done, made, or held without a stop ; not easing or letting up • nonstop adverb II. noun Date: 1975 a nonstop airplane flight
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French nounsuyte, from noun- non- + siute pursuit, legal suit — more at suit Date: 14th century a judgment against a plaintiff ...
noun Date: 1909 failure to support; specifically failure (as of a parent) to honor a statutory or contractual obligation to provide maintenance
noun Date: 1964 a system that lacks effective organization
adjective Date: 1945 not being the intended object of action by a particular agent
adjective Date: circa 1908 not terminating or ending; especially being a decimal for which there is no place to the right of the decimal point such that all places farther to ...
adjective Date: circa 1964 not produced by heat; specifically of, relating to, or being radiation having a spectrum that is not the spectrum of a blackbody
adjective Date: 1963 1. not constituting a threat 2. not likely to cause anxiety ; also innocuous 2
adjective Date: 1968 of, relating to, or being an athletic contest in which a title is not at stake
adjective Date: 1863 1. not belonging to or connected with a trade union 2. not recognizing or favoring trade unions or their members 3. not produced or worked on by ...
noun Date: 1542 1. failure to use 2. the fact or condition of not being used
noun Date: 1646 one who does not make use of something (as an available public facility or a harmful drug)
adjective Date: 1907 not zero or becoming zero
noun Date: 1956 an organism (as an insect) that does not transmit a particular pathogen (as a virus)
adjective Date: 1924 not verbal: as a. being other than verbal b. involving minimal use of language c. ranking low in verbal skill • nonverbally adverb
adverb see nonverbal
adjective Date: 1924 undated and usually blended to approximate a standard
noun Date: 1920 1. abstention from violence as a matter of principle; also the principle of such abstention 2. a. the quality or state of being nonviolent ; avoidance of ...
adjective Date: 1920 abstaining or free from violence • nonviolently adverb
adverb see nonviolent
adjective Date: 1866 not volatile: as a. not vaporizing readily b. of a computer memory retaining data when power is shut off
noun Date: 1927 a person whose features and especially whose skin color are distinctively different from those of peoples of northwestern Europe; especially one who has black ...
noun Date: 1961 a word that has no meaning, is not known to exist, or is disapproved
adjective Date: 1945 1. made of fibers held together by interlocking or bonding (as by chemical or thermal means) ; not woven, knitted, or felted 2. made of nonwoven ...
adjective Date: 1905 1. being, having, or involving a value other than zero 2. having phonetic content
I. noun Etymology: perhaps alteration of noddle Date: 1753 1. a stupid person ; simpleton 2. head, noggin II. noun Etymology: German Nudel Date: 1779 a food paste made ...
noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1972 the act of rubbing one's knuckles on a person's head so as to produce a mildly painful sensation
noun Etymology: Middle English noke, nok Date: 14th century 1. chiefly Scottish a right-angled corner 2. a. an interior angle formed by two meeting walls b. a ...
noun see nooky
or nookie noun Etymology: perhaps from nook + 4-y Date: 1928 1. often vulgar the female partner in sexual intercourse 2. often vulgar sexual intercourse
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English nōn ninth hour from sunrise, from Latin nona, from feminine of nonus ninth; akin to Latin novem nine — more at nine Date: ...
noun Date: 1535 midday
noun Date: circa 1652 1. chiefly dialect a meal eaten at noon 2. chiefly dialect a period at noon for eating or resting
noun Date: 12th century 1. noontime 2. the culminating point
noun Date: 14th century the time of noon ; midday
geographical name — see Limpopo 2
geographical name see North Brabant
geographical name see North Holland
geographical name — see North West
I. noun Etymology: Middle English nose Date: 15th century 1. a loop with a slipknot that binds closer the more it is drawn 2. something that snares like a noose II. ...
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary noo- mind (from Greek noos, nous) + sphere sphere Date: 1945 the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity ...
noun (plural Nootka or Nootkas) Etymology: Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island Date: 1796 1. a member of a group of American Indian peoples inhabiting the west coast of ...
Nootka Sound
geographical name inlet of the Pacific Canada in SW British Columbia on W coast of Vancouver Island
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary noo- + -tropic Date: 1976 a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning • nootropic adjective
noun (plural nopals or nopales) Etymology: Spanish, from Nahuatl nohpalli Date: 1730 1. any of a genus (Nopalea) of cacti of Mexico and Central America that differ from the ...
noun Etymology: Mexican Spanish, from diminutive of nopal Date: 1902 nopal 2
adverb Etymology: by alteration Date: 1888 no
noun Etymology: not OR Date: 1957 a computer logic circuit that produces an output that is the inverse of that of an OR circuit
I. conjunction Etymology: Middle English, contraction of nother neither, nor, from nother, pronoun & adjective, neither — more at neither Date: 14th century 1. — used as a ...
variant of northeaster 2
combining form Etymology: normal homologue containing one less methyl group
abbreviation North American Air Defense Command
noun see noradrenaline
also noradrenalin noun Date: 1932 norepinephrine
adjective Etymology: noradrenaline + -ergic Date: 1963 liberating, activated by, or involving norepinephrine in the transmission of nerve impulses
geographical name city SE California W of Palm Springs population 24,157
geographical name — see Kiel 2
biographical name Max Simon 1849-1923 originally surname Südfeld German (Hungarian-born) physician, author, & Zionist
biographical name Baron (Nils) Adolf Erik 1832-1901 Swedish arctic explorer
Nordenskjöld Sea
geographical name — see Laptev Sea
I. adjective Etymology: French nordique, from nord north, from Old French north, from Old English Date: 1898 1. of or relating to the Germanic peoples of northern Europe and ...
geographical name headland NE Norway on Barents Sea; northernmost point of European mainland, at 71°8′N
geographical name see North Rhine-Westphalia
noun Date: 1945 a monoamine C8H11NO3 that is a neurotransmitter in postganglionic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system and in some parts of the central nervous system, ...
noun Etymology: nor- + ethinyl + hydr- + -one (as in progesterone) Date: 1958 a synthetic progestational hormone C20H26O2 used in birth control pills often in the form of its ...
geographical name 1. city NE Nebraska population 23,516 2. city & port SE Virginia on Elizabeth River S of Hampton Roads population 234,403 3. county E England bordering on ...
Norfolk Broads
geographical name — see Broads
Norfolk Island
geographical name island S Pacific between New Caledonia & New Zealand; administered by Australia area 13 square miles (34 square kilometers), population 1912
Norfolk Island pine
noun Date: 1803 an evergreen tree (Araucaria heterophylla syn. A. excelsa) of the araucaria family that is native to Australia and Norfolk Island and that is often grown as a ...
Norfolk jacket
noun Etymology: Norfolk, England Date: 1866 a loose-fitting belted single-breasted jacket with box pleats
Norfolk pine
noun see Norfolk Island pine
Norfolk terrier
noun Date: 1964 any of a breed of dogs developed in England and resembling the Norwich terrier but having folded-over ears
geographical name — see Norway
noun Etymology: Japanese Date: 1892 dried laver seaweed pressed into thin sheets and used especially as a seasoning or as a wrapper for sushi
geographical name ancient country & Roman province W central Europe S of the Danube in modern Austria & S Germany
geographical name city N Russia in Asia, N of arctic circle near mouth of the Yenisey population 165,000
noun Date: circa 1578 chiefly dialect northland
noun Etymology: Latin norma, literally, carpenter's square Date: 1674 1. an authoritative standard ; model 2. a principle of right action binding upon the members of a ...
geographical name town central Illinois N of Bloomington population 45,386
I. adjective Etymology: Latin normalis, from norma Date: circa 1696 1. perpendicular; especially perpendicular to a tangent at a point of tangency 2. a. according ...
normal curve
noun Date: 1894 the symmetrical bell-shaped curve of a normal distribution
normal distribution
noun Date: 1897 a probability density function that approximates the distribution of many random variables (as the proportion of outcomes of a particular sort in a large ...
normal school
noun Etymology: translation of French école normale; from the fact that the first French school so named was intended to serve as a model Date: 1838 a usually 2-year school ...
noun Date: 1857 the state or fact of being normal
British variant of normalize
noun see normal I
adjective see normalize
noun see normalize
transitive verb (-ized; -izing) Date: 1865 1. to make conform to or reduce to a norm or standard 2. to make normal (as by a transformation of variables) 3. to bring or ...
noun Date: 1926 1. one that normalizes 2. a. a subgroup consisting of those elements of a group for which the group operation with regard to a given element is ...
adverb see normal I
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French Normant, from Old Norse Northmann-, Northmathr Norseman, from northr north + mann-, mathr man; akin to Old English north ...
Norman architecture
noun Date: 1797 a Romanesque style first appearing in and near Normandy about A.D. 950; also architecture resembling or imitating this style
noun Date: 1605 1. the French language of the medieval Normans 2. the modern dialect of Normandy
adjective Etymology: French, from feminine of normand Norman, from Normandy, France Date: circa 1929 prepared with any of several foods traditionally associated with ...
geographical name see Normandy
or French Normandie geographical name region & former province NW France NE of Brittany capital Rouen
adjective Etymology: French normatif, from norme norm, from Latin norma Date: 1878 1. of, relating to, or determining norms or standards 2. conforming to or based on ...
adverb see normative
noun see normative
adjective Date: 1935 being a mathematical entity upon which a norm is defined
adjective Etymology: normal + -o- + -tensive (as in hypotensive) Date: circa 1941 having normal blood pressure • normotensive noun
adjective see normothermia
noun Etymology: Old Norse Date: 1846 any of the three Norse goddesses of fate
I. biographical name Benjamin Franklin 1870-1902 Frank Norris American novelist II. biographical name George William 1861-1944 American statesman
geographical name borough SE Pennsylvania population 31,282
geographical name city & port SE Sweden SW of Stockholm at head of an inlet of the Baltic population 120,798
I. noun (plural Norse) Etymology: probably from obsolete Dutch noorsch, adjective, Norwegian, Scandinavian, alteration of obsolete Dutch noordsch northern, from Dutch noord ...
noun Date: 1817 any of the ancient Scandinavians
I. biographical name Christopher — see John Wilson II. biographical name Douglass Cecil 1920- American economist III. biographical name Frederick 1732-1792 Lord North ...
I. adverb Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German nord north and perhaps to Greek nerteros lower, infernal Date: before 12th century to, toward, ...
North America
geographical name continent of the western hemisphere NW of South America bounded by Atlantic, Arctic, & Pacific oceans area 9,361,791 square miles (24,247,039 square ...
North American
adjective or noun see North America
North Andover
geographical name town NE Massachusetts E of Lawrence population 27,202
North Atlantic
geographical name — see Atlantic Ocean
North Attleboro
geographical name see North Attleborough
North Attleborough
or North Attleboro geographical name town SE Massachusetts population 27,143
North Ayrshire
geographical name administrative area of W Scotland area 341 square miles (884 square kilometers)
North Bay
geographical name city Canada in SE Ontario population 52,771
North Borneo
geographical name — see Sabah
North Brabant
or Dutch Noord-Brabant geographical name province S Netherlands capital 's Hertogenbosch area 1971 square miles (5105 square kilometers), population 2,243,546
north by east
Date: 1720 a compass point that is one point east of due north ; N11°15′E
north by west
Date: 1698 a compass point that is one point west of due north ; N11°15′W
North Canadian
geographical name river about 800 miles (1287 kilometers) S central United States flowing ESE from NE New Mexico into Canadian River in E Oklahoma — see beaver
North Cape
geographical name 1. cape New Zealand at N tip of North Island 2. cape NE Norway on Mageröy Island at 71°10′20″N 3. — see horn
North Carolina
geographical name state E United States capital Raleigh area 52,669 square miles (136,413 square kilometers), population 8,049,313 • North Carolinian adjective or noun
North Carolinian
adjective or noun see North Carolina
North Cascades National Park
geographical name reservation N central Washington on Canadian border
North Channel
geographical name strait between NE Ireland & SW Scotland connecting Irish Sea & the Atlantic
North Charleston
geographical name city SE South Carolina population 79,641
North Chicago
geographical name city NE Illinois S of Waukegan population 35,918
North Cowichan
geographical name municipality Canada in British Columbia on E Vancouver Island population 26,148
North Dakota
geographical name state NW central United States capital Bismarck area 70,665 square miles (183,729 square kilometers), population 642,200 • North Dakotan adjective or noun
North Dakotan
adjective or noun see North Dakota
North Down
geographical name district E Northern Ireland, established 1974 area 28 square miles (73 square kilometers), population 70,308
North Downs
geographical name hills S England chiefly in Kent & Surrey
North East Frontier Agency
geographical name — see Arunachal Pradesh
North Frisian
geographical name — see Frisian Islands
North Germanic
noun Date: circa 1930 a subdivision of the Germanic languages including Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish — see Indo-European languages table
North Haven
geographical name town S Connecticut population 23,035
North Holland
or Dutch Noord-Holland geographical name province NW Netherlands capital Haarlem area 1124 square miles (2911 square kilometers), population 2,440,165
North Island
geographical name island N New Zealand area 44,297 square miles (114,729 square kilometers), population 2,553,413
North Khartoum
geographical name — see Khartoum North
North Kingstown
geographical name town S Rhode Island population 26,326
North Korea
geographical name — see Korea • North Korean adjective or noun
North Korean
adjective or noun see North Korea
North Lanarkshire
geographical name administrative area of W Scotland area 183 square miles (484 square kilometers)
North Las Vegas
geographical name city SE Nevada population 115,488
North Lauderdale
geographical name city SE Florida population 32,264
North Little Rock
geographical name city central Arkansas population 60,433
North Miami
geographical name city SE Florida population 59,880
North Miami Beach
geographical name city SE Florida population 40,786
North Minch
geographical name — see Minch
North Olmsted
geographical name city NE Ohio population 34,113
North Ossetia
geographical name — see Alania
North Pacific
geographical name — see Pacific Ocean
North Platte
geographical name 1. river 680 miles (1094 kilometers) W United States flowing from N Colorado N & E through Wyoming into Nebraska to unite with the South Platte forming ...
north pole
noun Date: 14th century 1. a. often capitalized N&P the northernmost point of the earth; broadly the corresponding point of a celestial body (as a planet) b. the zenith ...
North Port
geographical name city SW Florida population 22,797
North Providence
geographical name town NE Rhode Island population 32,411
North Rhine-Westphalia
or German Nordrhein-Westfalen geographical name state of Germany & formerly of West Germany formed 1946 by union of former Westphalia province, Lippe state, & N Rhine ...
North Richland Hills
geographical name town N Texas population 55,635
North Riding
geographical name — see York
North River
geographical name estuary of Hudson River between SE New York & NE New Jersey
North Royalton
geographical name city N Ohio population 28,648
North Saskatchewan
geographical name — see Saskatchewan
North Sea
geographical name arm of the Atlantic 600 miles (966 kilometers) long & 350 miles (563 kilometers) wide E of Great Britain
North Slope
geographical name region N Alaska between Brooks Range & Arctic Ocean
North Star
noun Date: 14th century the star of the northern hemisphere toward which the axis of the earth points — called also polestar
North Thompson
geographical name — see Thompson
North Tonawanda
geographical name city W New York N of Buffalo population 33,262
North Truchas Peak
geographical name — see Truchas Peak
North Vancouver
geographical name city Canada in SW British Columbia population 44,303
North Vietnam
geographical name — see Vietnam
North West
or Noordwes geographical name province N Republic of South Africa area 44,861 square miles (116,190 square kilometers), population 3,349,000
North York
geographical name former city Canada in SE Ontario, now part of Toronto
North Yorkshire
geographical name county N England capital Northallerton area 3327 square miles (8617 square kilometers), population 698,700
North-East New Guinea
or earlier Kaiser-Wilhelmsland geographical name the NE part of mainland Papua New Guinea — a historical usage
noun Date: 14th century a compass point that is two points east of due north ; N22°30′E
noun Date: 14th century a compass point that is two points west of due north ; N22°30′W
north-seeking pole
noun Date: circa 1920 north pole 2
North-West Frontier Province
geographical name province of Pakistan & formerly of British India on Afghanistan border capital Peshawar population 11,658,000
geographical name town N England capital of North Yorkshire population 9556
geographical name 1. city W central Massachusetts on Connecticut River N of Holyoke population 28,978 2. town central England capital of Northamptonshire population 145,421
or Northampton or Northants geographical name county central England capital Northampton area 947 square miles (2453 square kilometers), population 572,900
abbreviation Northamptonshire
adjective Date: 1877 traveling or headed north
geographical name village NE Illinois NW of Chicago population 33,435
biographical name Viscount — see Alfred C. W. Harmsworth
I. adverb Date: before 12th century to, toward, or in the northeast II. adjective Date: before 12th century 1. coming from the northeast 2. situated toward or at the ...
northeast by east
Date: circa 1771 a compass point that is one point east of due northeast ; N56°15′E
northeast by north
Date: 1725 a compass point that is one point north of due northeast ; N33°45′E
noun Date: 1774 1. a strong northeast wind 2. or nor'easter a storm with northeast winds
adverb or adjective Date: 1739 1. from the northeast 2. toward the northeast
adjective Date: 14th century 1. often capitalized of, relating to, or characteristic of a region conventionally designated Northeast 2. lying toward or coming from the ...
noun Date: circa 1861 a native or inhabitant of a northeastern region (as of the United States)
adjective see northeastern
I. adverb or adjective Date: 1553 toward the northeast • northeastwards adverb II. noun Date: 1581 northeast
adverb see northeastward I
noun Date: 1820 1. a strong north wind 2. a storm with north winds

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