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Слова на букву obtr-phyl (6389)

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on sight
phrasal as soon as seen
on standby
phrasal ready or available for immediate action or use
on tap
phrasal 1. ready to be drawn from a large container (as a cask or keg) 2. broached or furnished with a tap 3. on hand ; available 4. coming up
on target
phrasal precisely correct or valid especially in interpreting or addressing a problem or vital issue
on tenterhooks
phrasal in a state of uneasiness, strain, or suspense
on the average
phrasal see on average
on the ball
phrasal 1. competent, knowledgeable, alert 2. of ability or competence
on the barrel
phrasal asking for or granting no credit
on the barrelhead
phrasal asking for or granting no credit
on the beam
phrasal 1. following a guiding beam 2. proceeding or operating correctly
on the bias
phrasal askew, obliquely
on the blink
phrasal in or into a disabled or useless condition
on the block
phrasal for sale
on the books
phrasal on the records
on the bum
phrasal with no settled residence or means of support
on the button
phrasal exactly ; also exactly on target ; on the nose
on the cards
phrasal see in the cards
on the carpet
phrasal before an authority for censure or reproof
on the cheap
phrasal at minimum expense ; cheaply
on the contrary
phrasal just the opposite
on the couch
phrasal receiving psychiatric treatment
on the cuff
phrasal on credit
on the defensive
phrasal in the state or condition of being prepared or required to defend against attack or criticism
on the diagonal
phrasal in an oblique direction ; diagonally
on the double
phrasal very quickly ; right away
on the far side of
phrasal beyond
on the fence
phrasal in a position of neutrality or indecision
on the fly
phrasal 1. in motion ; busy 2. while still in the air ; without the ball bouncing 3. in a hurry and often without preparation ; hastily, spontaneously 4. ...
on the go
phrasal constantly or restlessly active
on the ground
phrasal at the scene of action
on the half shell
phrasal served in a half shell
on the heels of
phrasal immediately following
on the hoof
phrasal of a meat animal before butchering ; living
on the house
phrasal without charge ; free
on the increase
phrasal becoming greater (as in size, number, or amount) ; increasing
on the job
phrasal at work
on the level
phrasal bona fide, honest
on the line
phrasal 1. at great risk 2. on the border between two categories
on the make
phrasal 1. in the process of forming, growing, or improving 2. in quest of a higher social or financial status 3. in search of sexual adventure
on the map
phrasal in a position of prominence or fame
on the march
phrasal moving steadily ; advancing
on the market
phrasal available for purchase; also up for sale
on the mend
phrasal getting better ; improving
on the money
phrasal exactly right or accurate
on the move
phrasal 1. in a state of moving about from place to place 2. in a state of moving ahead or making progress
on the nose
phrasal 1. a. at or to a target point b. (1) on target ; accurate (2) accurately 2. to win — used of horse or dog racing bets
on the order of
phrasal 1. after the fashion of ; like 2. about, approximately
on the outs
phrasal on unfriendly terms ; at variance
on the part of one
phrasal see on one's part
on the prowl
phrasal in the act of prowling; also in search of something
on the quiet
phrasal in a secretive manner ; in secret
on the rack
phrasal under great emotional stress
on the record
phrasal for publication
on the rocks
phrasal 1. in or into a state of destruction or wreckage 2. on ice cubes
on the ropes
phrasal in a defensive and often helpless position
on the run
phrasal 1. in haste ; without pausing 2. in retreat ; in flight (as from the law)
on the shelf
phrasal in a state of inactivity or uselessness
on the side
phrasal 1. in addition to the main portion 2. in addition to a principal occupation 3. secretly outside of one's marriage or romantic relationship
on the sly
phrasal in a manner intended to avoid notice
on the spot
phrasal 1. at once ; immediately 2. at the place of action 3. a. in a responsible or accountable position b. in a difficult or trying situation
on the spur of the moment
phrasal on impulse ; suddenly
on the square
phrasal 1. at right angles 2. in a fair open manner ; honestly
on the stage
phrasal in or into the acting profession
on the street
or in the street phrasal 1. idle, homeless, or out of a job 2. out of prison ; at liberty
on the string
phrasal subject to one's influences
on the surface
phrasal to all outward appearances
on the table
phrasal up for consideration or negotiation
on the take
phrasal illegally paid for favors
on the tapis
phrasal under consideration
on the tiles
phrasal British engaged in late-night carousing
on the tip of one's tongue
phrasal 1. about to be uttered 2. just eluding recall
on the town
phrasal in usually carefree pursuit of entertainment or amusement (as city nightlife) especially as a relief from routine
on the turn
phrasal at the point of turning
on the wagon
phrasal in or into a state of abstaining from alcoholic beverages
on the water wagon
phrasal abstaining from alcoholic beverages ; on the wagon
on the way
or on one's way phrasal moving along in one's course ; in progress
on the whole
phrasal 1. in view of all the circumstances or conditions ; all things considered 2. in general ; in most instances ; typically
on the wind
phrasal toward the direction from which the wind is blowing
on the wing
phrasal 1. in flight ; flying 2. in motion
on thin ice
phrasal in a precarious or risky situation
on time
phrasal 1. a. at the appointed time b. on schedule 2. on the installment plan
on tiptoe
phrasal alert, aroused
on top of
phrasal 1. a. in control of b. informed about 2. in sudden and unexpected proximity to 3. in addition to
on top of the world
phrasal in a position of eminent success, happiness, or fame
on track
phrasal achieving or doing what is necessary or expected
on view
phrasal open to public inspection ; on exhibition
on-again, off-again
adjective Date: 1948 existing briefly and in an intermittent unpredictable way
adjective see on and off
noun Date: 1958 a ramp by which one enters a limited-access highway
adverb or adjective Date: 1955 1. in a motion picture or a television program 2. on a computer or television screen
adverb or adjective Date: 1946 at a particular place especially of business
adjective Date: 1967 exactly appropriate ; accurate
adjective Date: 1946 of, relating to, or being something (as training or experience) learned, gained, or done while working at a job
noun Etymology: Middle English, wild ass, from Latin, from Greek onagros, from onos ass + agros field — more at acre Date: 14th century 1. an Asian wild ass (Equus hemionus ...
noun Etymology: probably from New Latin onanismus, from Onan, son of Judah (Genesis 38:9) Date: circa 1741 1. masturbation 2. coitus interruptus 3. self-gratification ...
adjective see onanism
adjective Date: 1960 carried within or occurring aboard a vehicle (as a satellite or an automobile)
I. adverb Etymology: Middle English ones, from genitive of on one Date: 12th century 1. one time and no more 2. at any one time ; under any circumstances ; ever
once and for all
phrasal 1. with finality ; definitively 2. for the last time
once in a while
phrasal now and then
once that
conjunction Date: 1874 once
noun Date: 1913 a swift examination or survey; especially a swift comprehensive appraising glance
noun (plural onchocerciases) Etymology: New Latin, from Onchocerca, genus of worms Date: 1911 infestation with or disease caused by filarial worms (genus Onchocerca); ...
noun Etymology: New Latin, from Greek onkos barbed hook — more at angle Date: circa 1868 any of a genus (Oncidium) of showy tropical American chiefly epiphytic orchids
combining form Etymology: New Latin, from Greek onkos bulk, mass; akin to Greek enenkein to carry — more at enough tumor
noun Date: 1969 a gene having the potential to cause a normal cell to become cancerous
noun Etymology: New Latin Date: circa 1932 the induction or formation of tumors
adjective Date: 1936 1. relating to tumor formation 2. tending to cause tumors • oncogenicity noun
noun see oncogenic
adjective see oncology
adjective see oncology
noun see oncology
noun Date: circa 1857 the study of tumors • oncological also oncologic adjective • oncologist noun
adjective Date: 1844 1. a. coming nearer in time or space b. future 2. emergent, rising
one another
pronoun Date: 1526 each other Usage: see each other
one for the book
phrasal an act or occurrence worth noting
one up
adjective Date: 1919 being in a position of advantage — usually used with on
one's own man
phrasal free from interference or control ; independent
one's self
pronoun see oneself
one-arm bandit
noun see one-armed bandit
one-armed bandit
also one-arm bandit noun Date: 1934 slot machine 2
noun Date: 1952 single 2
adjective Date: 1883 1. having one dimension 2. lacking depth ; superficial • one-dimensionality noun
noun see one-dimensional
adjective Date: 15th century 1. having or using only one hand 2. a. designed for or requiring the use of only one hand b. effected by the use of only one hand
adjective Date: 1739 1. drawn or operated by one horse 2. small, small-time
noun Date: 1967 1. a very succinct joke or witticism 2. a succinct or meaningful and especially accurate statement
adjective Date: 1842 of or relating to just one individual: as a. consisting of only one individual b. (1) done, presented, or produced by only one individual ...
one-man band
noun Date: 1925 1. a musician who plays several instruments during a solo performance 2. a person who alone undertakes or is responsible for several tasks
one-night stand
noun Date: 1880 1. a performance (as of a play or concert) given (as by a traveling group of actors or musicians) only once in each of a series of localities 2. a. a ...
noun Date: circa 1937 one-night stand
adjective Date: 1969 unvarying in tone or emphasis ; monotonous
adjective Date: 1934 1. limited to a single time, occasion, or instance ; one-shot 2. singular, unique • one-off noun
adjective or adverb Date: 1967 1. playing directly against a single opposing player 2. involving a direct encounter between one person and another
adjective Date: 1880 consisting of or made in a single undivided piece • one-piece noun • one-piecer noun
noun see one-piece
adjective Date: 1927 1. that is complete or effective through being done or used or applied only once 2. that is not followed by something else of the same kind • ...
adjective Date: circa 1802 1. a. (1) having one side prominent ; lopsided (2) having or occurring on one side only b. limited to one side ; partial 2. ...
adverb see one-sided
noun see one-sided
noun Date: 1911 1. a ballroom dance in 2/4 time marked by quick walking steps backward and forward 2. music used for the one-step • one-step intransitive verb
adjective Date: 1933 providing or offering a comprehensive range of goods or services at one location; also provided or offered at such a location
adjective see one-tailed
also one-tail adjective Date: 1947 being a statistical test for which the critical region consists of all values of the test statistic greater than a given value or less than ...
adjective Date: 1873 1. pairing each element of a set uniquely with an element of another set 2. one-on-one 2
adjective Date: 1926 marked by often narrowly restricted attention to or absorption in just one thing
one-trick pony
noun Date: 1980 one that is skilled in only one area; also one that has success only once
noun Date: 1809 1. a combination of two quick blows in rapid succession in boxing; especially a left jab followed at once by a hard blow with the right hand 2. (or one-two ...
one-two punch
noun see one-two 2
transitive verb Etymology: back-formation from one-upmanship Date: 1963 to practice one-upmanship on
also one-upsmanship noun Date: 1952 the art or practice of outdoing or keeping one jump ahead of a friend or competitor
noun see one-upmanship
adjective Date: 1824 1. that moves in or allows movement in only one direction 2. one-sided, unilateral 3. that functions in only one of two or more ways
adjective Date: before 12th century constituting a single undivided whole
Onega, Lake
geographical name lake NW Russia in Europe in S Karelia area over 3700 square miles (9583 square kilometers)
noun (plural Oneida or Oneidas) Etymology: Oneida onę•yóteʔ, literally, standing rock Date: 1666 1. a member of an American Indian people originally of New York 2. the ...
Oneida Lake
geographical name lake about 22 miles (35 kilometers) long central New York NE of Syracuse
adjective Etymology: Greek oneiros dream; akin to Armenian anurǰ dream Date: 1859 of or relating to dreams ; dreamy • oneirically adverb
adverb see oneiric
noun Etymology: Greek oneiros + English -mancy Date: 1652 divination by means of dreams
noun Date: circa 1555 the quality or state or fact of being one: as a. singleness b. integrity, wholeness c. harmony d. sameness, identity e. unity, union
adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French honereus, from Latin onerosus, from oner-, onus burden; akin to Sanskrit anas cart Date: 14th century 1. involving, ...
adverb see onerous
noun see onerous
ones place
noun Date: 1976 units place
also one's self pronoun Date: 1548 1. a person's self ; one's own self — used reflexively as object of a preposition or verb or for emphasis in various constructions 2. ...
I. adjective Date: 1850 1. former, sometime 2. occurring only once ; one-shot II. adverb Date: 1886 formerly
adjective Date: 1877 1. a. being actually in process b. continuing 2. continuously moving forward ; growing • ongoingness noun
noun see ongoing
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French oignon, from Latin union-, unio Date: 14th century 1. a widely cultivated Asian herb (Allium cepa) of the lily family with ...
onion dome
noun Date: 1941 a dome (as of a church) having the general shape of an onion • onion-domed adjective
onion ring
noun Date: 1946 a ring of sliced onion coated with batter or crumbs and fried
adjective see onion dome
biographical name Charles Talbut 1873-1965 English lexicographer
noun Date: 1879 a thin strong translucent paper of very light weight
adjective see onion
adjective Etymology: -onium Date: 1905 being or characterized by a usually complex cation
adjective Date: 1950 connected to, served by, or available through a system and especially a computer or telecommunications system (as the Internet) ; also done while ...
noun Date: 1606 one that looks on; especially a passive spectator • onlooking adjective
adjective see onlooker
I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ānlīc, from ān one — more at one Date: before 12th century 1. unquestionably the best ; peerless 2. a. ...
noun (plural ono or onos) Etymology: Hawaiian wahoo III
adjective Etymology: Greek onomastikos, from onomazein to name, from onoma name — more at name Date: 1716 of, relating to, or consisting of a name or names • ...
adverb see onomastic
noun see onomastics
noun plural but singular or plural in construction Date: 1930 1. a. the science or study of the origins and forms of words especially as used in a specialized field b. ...
noun see onomatology
noun Etymology: French onomatologie, from Greek onomat-, onoma name + French -logie -logy Date: 1845 onomastics • onomatologist noun
noun Etymology: Late Latin, from Greek onomatopoiia, from onomat-, onoma name + poiein to make — more at poet Date: circa 1577 1. the naming of a thing or action by a vocal ...
adjective see onomatopoeia
adverb see onomatopoeia
adjective see onomatopoeia
adverb see onomatopoeia
noun (plural -ga or -gas) Etymology: Onondaga on{ohookac}•tàʔke, the chief Onondaga town Date: 1684 1. a member of an American Indian people of New York and Canada 2. ...
noun Date: 1841 1. a rushing forward or onward 2. onset • onrushing adjective
adjective see onrush
biographical name Lars 1903-1976 American (Norwegian-born) chemist
noun Date: 1535 1. attack, assault 2. beginning, commencement
adjective Date: 1875 1. coming or moving from the water toward or onto the shore 2. a. situated on or near the shore as distinguished from being in deep or open water ...
adverb or adjective Date: 1871 not offside ; in a position legally to play or receive the ball or puck
onside kick
noun Date: 1926 a kickoff in football in which the ball travels just far enough to be legally recoverable by the kicking team
noun Etymology: modification of Dutch aanslag act of striking; akin to Old English an on and to Old English slēan to strike — more at slay Date: circa 1625 an especially ...
adverb or adjective Date: 1925 on or onto a stage ; on a part of the stage visible to the audience
adverb or adjective Date: 1930 in or into production
abbreviation see ON
or onto- combining form Etymology: New Latin, from Late Greek, from Greek ont-, ōn, present participle of einai to be — more at is 1. being ; existence 2. organism
adjective or noun see Ontario
geographical name 1. city SW California NW of Riverside population 158,007 2. province E Canada between Great Lakes & Hudson Bay capital Toronto area 353,951 square miles ...
Ontario, Lake
geographical name lake United States & Canada in New York & Ontario; easternmost of the Great Lakes area about 7600 square miles (19,684 square kilometers)
adjective Date: 1942 of, relating to, or having real being • ontically adverb
adverb see ontic
I. preposition Date: 1581 1. to a position on 2. in or into a state of awareness about 3. — used as a function word to indicate a set each element of which is the image ...
combining form see ont-
noun Etymology: New Latin Date: 1875 ontogeny
adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1878 1. of, relating to, or appearing in the course of ontogeny 2. based on visible morphological characters ...
adverb see ontogenetic
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1872 the development or course of development especially of an individual organism
adjective Date: 1782 1. of or relating to ontology 2. relating to or based upon being or existence • ontologically adverb
ontological argument
noun Date: 1877 an argument for the existence of God based upon the meaning of the term God
adverb see ontological
noun see ontology
noun Etymology: New Latin ontologia, from ont- + -logia -logy Date: circa 1721 1. a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being 2. a particular ...
noun Date: circa 1640 1. [Latin — more at onerous] a. burden b. a disagreeable necessity ; obligation c. blame d. stigma 2. [New Latin onus (probandi), ...
onus probandi
foreign term Etymology: Latin burden of proof
I. adverb also onwards Date: 15th century toward or at a point lying ahead in space or time ; forward II. adjective Date: 1674 directed or moving onward ; forward
adverb see onward I
noun Etymology: New Latin Onychophora, group name, from Greek onych-, onyx claw + -phoros -phore Date: circa 1890 peripatus • onychophoran adjective
noun Etymology: Middle English oniche, onyx, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin onych-, onyx, from Greek, literally, claw, nail — more at nail Date: 14th ...
— see o-
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1875 zygote; specifically a sporozoan zygote undergoing sporogenous development
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1895 an egg before maturation ; a female gametocyte
abbreviation officer of the deck
noun plural but singular or plural in construction Etymology: origin unknown Date: circa 1867 a great quantity ; lot
adjective Date: 1888 having or involving a small motile male gamete and a large immobile female gamete • oogamy noun
noun see oogamous
noun Etymology: New Latin Date: circa 1879 formation and maturation of the egg • oogenetic adjective
adjective see oogenesis
adjective see oogonium
noun (plural oogonia) Etymology: New Latin Date: 1867 1. a female sexual organ in various algae and fungi that corresponds to the archegonium of ferns and mosses 2. a ...
I. interjection Date: 1604 — used to express amazement, joy, or surprise II. intransitive verb Date: 1951 to exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise • ooh noun
noun Etymology: probably from French oolithe, from oo- o- + -lithe -lite Date: 1785 a rock consisting of small round grains usually of calcium carbonate cemented together ...
adjective see oolite
noun Date: 1863 1. a person specializing in the study of birds' eggs 2. a collector of birds' eggs • oology noun
noun see oologist
noun Etymology: Chinese (Xiamen) oōlióng(dé), literally, black dragon (tea) Date: 1850 tea made from leaves that have been partially fermented before firing
also oompah-pah noun Etymology: imitative Date: 1877 a repeated rhythmic bass accompaniment especially in a band; also music featuring such accompaniment • oompah verb
noun see oompah
noun Etymology: imitative of a sound made under exertion Date: 1936 1. personal charm or magnetism ; glamour 2. sex appeal 3. punch, vitality
noun (plural -mies) Etymology: New Latin oophoron ovary (from o- + Greek -phoron, neuter of -phoros -phore) + English -ectomy Date: 1872 the surgical removal of an ovary — ...
or whoops; also woops interjection Date: 1933 — used typically to express mild apology, surprise, or dismay
Oort cloud
noun Etymology: Jan Oort died 1992 Dutch astronomer Date: 1974 a spherical shell of cometary bodies believed to surround the sun far beyond the orbit of Pluto and from which ...
Oos Kaap
geographical name — see Eastern Cape
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1865 a spore (as of a fungus) produced by heterogamous fertilization
geographical name see Ostend
noun (plural oothecae) Etymology: New Latin Date: circa 1856 a firm-walled and distinctive egg case (as of a cockroach) • oothecal adjective
adjective see ootheca
noun Etymology: irregular from o- + -id Date: 1904 an egg cell after meiosis
I. noun Etymology: Middle English wose, from Old English wāse mire; akin to Old Norse veisa stagnant water Date: before 12th century 1. a soft deposit (as of mud, slime, or ...
adjective (oozier; -est) Date: 14th century 1. containing or composed of ooze ; resembling ooze 2. exuding moisture ; slimy
abbreviation 1. observation post 2. out of print
I. noun Date: 1964 optical art II. abbreviation 1. operation; operative; operator 2. opportunity 3. opus
op art
noun Date: 1964 optical art • op artist noun
op artist
noun see op art
op cit
abbreviation Etymology: Latin opere citato in the work cited

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