Слова на букву phyl-quin (6389) New Collegiate Dictionary
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Слова на букву phyl-quin (6389)

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geographical name city E Argentina SE of Buenos Aires population 509,445
I. noun Etymology: Middle English quilte mattress, quilt, from Anglo-French coilte, from Latin culcita mattress Date: 14th century 1. a. a bed coverlet of two layers of ...
noun see quilt II
noun Date: 1598 1. material that is quilted or used for making quilts 2. the process of quilting
geographical name commune NW France W of Rennes population 62,541
noun Etymology: quinine + acridine Date: circa 1934 an antimalarial drug derived from acridine and used especially in the form of its dihydrochloride C23H30ClN3O•2HCl•2H2O
geographical name river 65 miles (105 kilometers) W Washington flowing to the Pacific
noun Etymology: Middle English quynce quinces, plural of coyn, quyn quince, from Anglo-French coign, from Latin cotoneum, alteration cydonium, from Greek kydōnion Date: 14th ...
noun Etymology: Latin quinque five + English centenary Date: 1879 a 500th anniversary or its celebration • quincentenary adjective
noun Etymology: Latin quinque five + English centennial Date: 1884 quincentenary • quincentennial adjective
adjective see quincunx
noun Etymology: Latin quincunc-, quincunx, literally, five twelfths, from quinque five + uncia twelfth part — more at five, ounce Date: 1545 an arrangement of five things ...
adjective see quincunx
I. biographical name Josiah 1744-1775 American lawyer II. geographical name 1. city W Illinois on the Mississippi population 40,366 2. city E Massachusetts SE of Boston ...
noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Latin quindecim fifteen (from quinque five + decem ten) + English -illion (as in million) — more at ten Date: 1857 — see number ...
biographical name Willard Van Orman 1908-2000 American philosopher
noun see quiniela
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from quinine Date: 1836 an alkaloid C20H24N2O2 that is stereoisomeric with quinine and is used in the form of its ...
or quinella noun Etymology: American Spanish quiniela, a game of chance resembling a lottery Date: 1905 a bet in which the bettor picks the first and second place finishers ...
noun Etymology: Spanish quina cinchona, from Quechua kina bark Date: 1825 1. a bitter crystalline alkaloid C20H24N2O2 from cinchona bark used in medicine 2. a salt of ...
quinine water
noun Date: 1953 tonic water
noun Etymology: Spanish, from Quechua kinua Date: 1625 an annual herb (Chenopodium quinoa) of the goosefoot family that is native to the Andean highlands and is cultivated ...
adjective see quinonoid
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary quinine + 3-ol + 2-ine Date: 1845 1. a pungent oily nitrogenous base C9H7N obtained usually by distillation of coal tar or ...
noun Etymology: quinoline + -one Date: 1936 any of a class of synthetic antibacterial drugs that are derivatives of hydroxylated quinolines and inhibit the replication of ...
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary quinine + -one Date: 1853 1. either of two isomeric cyclic crystalline compounds C6H4O2 that are derivatives of benzene ...
or quinoid adjective Date: 1878 resembling quinone especially in having a 6-membered carbon ring containing two double bonds
adjective Date: 15th century 1. consisting of or lasting for five years 2. occurring or being done every five years • quinquennial noun • quinquennially adverb
adverb see quinquennial

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