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Слова на букву quin-sask (6389)

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rhythm band
noun Date: circa 1943 a band usually composed of schoolchildren who play simple percussion instruments (as rhythm sticks, sleigh bells, or tambourines) to learn fundamentals ...
rhythm method
noun Date: 1940 a method of birth control involving abstinence during the period in which ovulation is most likely to occur
rhythm section
noun see rhythm
rhythm stick
noun Date: 1952 one of a pair of plain or notched wood sticks that are struck or rubbed together to produce various percussive sounds and are used especially by young ...
or rhythmical adjective Date: 1589 1. marked by or moving in pronounced rhythm 2. of, relating to, or involving rhythm • rhythmically adverb
adjective see rhythmic
adverb see rhythmic
noun Date: 1901 the state of being rhythmic or of responding rhythmically
noun plural but singular or plural in construction Date: circa 1859 the science or theory of rhythms
noun Date: 1864 one who studies or has a feeling for rhythm
noun see rhythmize
transitive verb (-mized; -mizing) Date: 1885 to order or compose rhythmically • rhythmization noun
noun Etymology: Greek rhytidōma wrinkle, from rhytidoun to wrinkle, from rhytid-, rhytis wrinkle Date: 1881 the bark external to the last formed periderm
noun Etymology: Greek, neuter of rhytos flowing, from rhein to flow — more at stream Date: 1850 any of various ornate drinking vessels of ancient times typically shaped in ...
abbreviation 1. refractive index 2. Rhode Island
abbreviation radioimmunoassay
I. noun also riyal Etymology: Persian, from Arabic riyāl riyal Date: 1932 — see money table II. variant of riyal
noun (plural -tos) Etymology: Rialto, island and district in Venice Date: 1549 1. exchange, marketplace 2. a theater district
geographical name 1. city SW California W of San Bernardino population 91,873 2. island & district of Venice, Italy
adjective Etymology: Middle French, present participle of rire to laugh, from Latin ridēre Date: 1567 gay, mirthful • riantly adverb
adverb see riant
noun Etymology: modification of American Spanish reata Date: 1846 lariat
or Dutch Riouw geographical name archipelago Indonesia S of Singapore area 2279 square miles (5925 square kilometers), population 278,966; chief island Bintan
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ribb; akin to Old High German rippi rib, Old Church Slavic rebro, and probably to Greek erephein to roof over Date: before ...
rib cage
noun Date: 1909 the bony enclosing wall of the chest consisting chiefly of the ribs and the structures connecting them
rib eye
noun Date: 1926 the large piece of meat that lies along the outer side of the rib (as of a steer); also a serving of this
rib roast
noun Date: circa 1890 a cut of meat containing the large piece that lies along the outer side of the rib — see beef illustration
I. noun Etymology: Middle English ribaud person of low status, scoundrel, lecher, from Anglo-French, from Old French riber to be debauched, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High ...
noun (plural -ries) Date: 14th century 1. a ribald quality or element 2. a. ribald language or humor b. an instance of ribald language or humor
noun Etymology: Middle English, alteration of riban Date: 15th century a ribbon used especially as a decoration
noun Etymology: perhaps from ribonucleic acid + virus + 1-in Date: 1976 a synthetic broad-spectrum antiviral nucleoside C8H12N4O5
noun Etymology: 1rib + 1band Date: 1711 a long narrow strip or bar used in shipbuilding; especially one bent and bolted longitudinally to the frames to hold them in position ...
biographical name Joachim von 1893-1946 German diplomat
I. noun see rib II II. noun see rib IV
noun Date: 1564 an arrangement of ribs
I. noun Etymology: Middle English riban, from Anglo-French ribane, rubane Date: 14th century 1. a. a flat or tubular narrow closely woven fabric (as of silk or rayon) ...
ribbon development
noun Date: 1927 a system of buildings built side by side along a road
ribbon worm
noun Date: 1855 nemertean
noun Date: circa 1798 any of a family (Trachipteridae) of elongate greatly compressed marine bony fishes (as a dealfish) with a long ribbonlike dorsal fin arising from behind ...
adjective see ribbon I
adjective Date: 1849 showing or marked by ribs
Ribeirão Prêto
geographical name city SE Brazil in N central São Paulo state population 430,805
biographical name José (or Jusepe) de 1591-1652 Lo Spagnoletto Spanish painter & etcher in Naples
noun (plural ribes) Etymology: New Latin, from Medieval Latin, currant, from Arabic rībās rhubarb Date: 1543 any of a genus (Ribes) of shrubs (as a currant or a gooseberry) ...
noun Date: circa 1500 plantain I; especially an Old World plantain (Plantago lanceolata) with long narrow ribbed leaves
noun Date: 1943 one of the rib ends in the strip of breast of lamb or veal — see lamb illustration
combining form Etymology: ribose 1. ribose 2. ribonucleic acid
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary ribo- + Latin flavus yellow — more at blue Date: 1935 a yellow crystalline compound C17H20N4O6 of the vitamin B complex ...
noun Date: 1938 an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of RNA — called also RNase
ribonucleic acid
noun Date: 1931 RNA
noun Date: 1940 a nucleoprotein that contains RNA
noun Date: 1931 a nucleoside that contains ribose
noun Date: 1929 a nucleotide that contains ribose and occurs especially as a constituent of RNA
noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from ribonic acid an acid C5H10O6 obtained by oxidation of ribose Date: 1892 a pentose C5H10O5 found especially in the ...
adjective see ribosome
ribosomal RNA
noun Date: 1961 RNA that is a fundamental structural element of ribosomes — called also rRNA
noun Date: 1958 any of the RNA-rich cytoplasmic granules that are sites of protein synthesis — see cell illustration • ribosomal adjective
noun Etymology: ribonucleic acid + enzyme Date: 1982 a molecule of RNA that functions as an enzyme (as by catalyzing the cleavage of other RNA molecules)
noun Date: 14th century ribgrass
biographical name David 1772-1823 English economist
biographical name see Rizzio
noun Etymology: Middle English rys, from Anglo-French ris, from Old Italian riso, from Greek oryza, oryzon, of Iranian origin; akin to Pashto wriže rice; akin to Sanskrit ...
abbreviation rest, ice, compression, elevation
I. biographical name Condoleezza 1954- American scholar & government official II. biographical name Elmer Leopold 1892-1967 originally Elmer Reizenstein American dramatist
rice paper
noun Etymology: from its resemblance to paper made from rice straw Date: 1822 a thin papery material made from the pith of a small Asian tree or shrub (Tetrapanax ...
rice polishings
noun plural Date: 1920 the inner bran layer of rice rubbed off in milling
noun Date: 1731 any of several small birds common in rice fields; especially bobolink
noun Date: 1896 a kitchen utensil in which soft foods are pressed through a perforated container to produce strings
or ricercare noun (plural ricercars or ricercari) Etymology: Italian, from ricercare to seek again, seek out, from ri- re- (from Latin re-) + cercare to seek, from Late Latin ...
noun see ricercar
adjective Etymology: Middle English riche, from Old English rīce; akin to Old High German rīhhi rich, Old English rīce kingdom, Old High German rīhhi, noun; all from ...
biographical name Adrienne Cecile 1929- American poet
adjective Etymology: Middle English riche, from Old English rīce; akin to Old High German rīhhi rich, Old English rīce kingdom, Old High German rīhhi, noun; all from ...
biographical name Adrienne Cecile 1929- American poet
biographical name name of 3 kings of England: I ( Coeur de Lion ) 1157-1199 (reigned 1189-99); II 1367-1400 (reigned 1377-99); III 1452-1485 (reigned 1483-85)
Richard Roe
noun Date: circa 1659 a party to legal proceedings whose true name is unknown — compare John Doe
I. biographical name Henry Handel 1870-1946 pseudonym of Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson Australian novelist II. biographical name Henry Hobson 1838-1886 American ...
I. biographical name Duc de 1585-1642 Armand-Jean du Plessis French cardinal & statesman II. geographical name river 210 miles (338 kilometers) Canada in S Quebec flowing N ...
transitive verb (richened; richening) Date: 1878 to make rich or richer
noun plural Etymology: Middle English, singular or plural, from richesse wealth, from Anglo-French richesce, from riche rich, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English rīce rich ...
biographical name Charles Robert 1850-1935 French physiologist
geographical name village SE Minnesota; a S suburb of Minneapolis population 34,439
geographical name city SE Washington at confluence of Yakima & Columbia rivers population 38,708
biographical name Mordecai 1931- Canadian novelist
adverb Etymology: Middle English richely, from Old English rīclīce, from rīce rich Date: before 12th century 1. in a rich manner 2. in full measure ; amply
geographical name 1. city W California NNW of Oakland on San Francisco Bay population 99,216 2. city E Indiana population 39,124 3. city central Kentucky population 27,152 ...
Richmond Hill
geographical name town Canada in SE Ontario N of Toronto population 132,030
Richmond upon Thames
geographical name see Richmond 7
noun see Richmond
noun see rich
I. biographical name Charles Francis 1900-1985 American seismologist II. biographical name Jean Paul Friedrich 1763-1825 pseudonym Jean Paul German writer
Richter scale
noun Etymology: Charles F. Richter Date: 1938 an open-ended logarithmic scale for expressing the magnitude of a seismic disturbance (as an earthquake) in terms of the energy ...
biographical name Flavius died 472 Roman general
noun Etymology: Latin ricinus castor-oil plant Date: 1896 a poisonous protein in the castor bean
ricinoleic acid
noun Etymology: Latin ricinus + English oleic acid Date: 1848 an oily unsaturated hydroxy fatty acid C18H34O3 that occurs in castor oil as a glyceride and yields esters ...
I. noun Etymology: Middle English reek, from Old English hrēac; akin to Old Norse hraukr rick Date: before 12th century 1. a stack (as of hay) in the open air 2. a pile ...
biographical name Edward Vernon 1890-1973 American aviator
noun plural but singular in construction Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1634 a deficiency disease that affects the young during the period of skeletal growth, is ...
noun (plural -sias or rickettsiae; also -sia) Etymology: New Latin, genus name, from Howard T. Ricketts died 1910 American pathologist Date: 1919 any of a family ...
adjective see rickettsia
adjective Date: 1683 1. affected with rickets 2. a. lacking stability or firmness ; shaky 2a b. in unsound physical condition
noun (plural rickeys) Etymology: probably from the name Rickey Date: 1895 a drink containing liquor, lime juice, sugar, and soda water; also a similar drink without liquor
biographical name Hyman George 1900-1986 American admiral
or ricrac noun Etymology: reduplication of 4rack Date: 1884 a flat braid woven to form zigzags and used especially as trimming on clothing
noun see rickshaw
also ricksha noun Etymology: alteration of jinrikisha Date: 1887 a small covered 2-wheeled vehicle usually for one passenger that is pulled by one man and that was used ...
abbreviation Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (Act)
I. noun Etymology: French Date: 1769 a glancing rebound (as of a projectile off a flat surface); also an object that ricochets II. intransitive verb (ricocheted; also ...
noun Etymology: Italian, from feminine of past participle of ricuocere to cook again, from Latin recoquere, from re- + coquere to cook — more at cook Date: 1877 a white ...
noun see rickrack
adjective Date: 1825 of or relating to the rictus
noun Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, open mouth, from ringi to open the mouth; akin to Old Church Slavic rǫgŭ mockery Date: 1827 1. the gape of a bird's mouth 2. a. ...
transitive verb (rid; also ridded; ridding) Etymology: Middle English ridden to clear, probably from Old English *ryddan; akin to Old High German riutan to clear land, Old Norse ...
adjective see ride I
noun Date: 1533 1. an act of ridding 2. deliverance, relief — often used in the phrase good riddance especially to express relief that someone or something has gone
adjective Date: 1653 1. harassed, oppressed, or obsessed by — usually used in combination 2. excessively full of or supplied with — usually used in combination
I. noun Etymology: Middle English redels, ridel, from Old English rǣdelse opinion, conjecture, riddle; akin to Old English rǣdan to interpret — more at read Date: before ...
noun see riddle II
adjective Date: 1591 containing or presenting riddles
biographical name Sally Kristen 1951- American astronaut
I. verb (rode or chiefly dialect rid; ridden or chiefly dialect rid or rode; riding) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English rīdan; akin to Old High German rītan to ride, ...
ride circuit
phrasal to hold court in the various towns of a judicial circuit
ride for a fall
phrasal to court disaster
ride herd on
phrasal to keep a check on ; supervise
ride high
phrasal to experience success
ride shotgun
phrasal to ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle
adjective see ride I
Rideau Canal
geographical name canal system Canada 124 miles (200 kilometers) long in SE Ontario connecting Lake Ontario & Ottawa River & including Rideau Lake (20 miles or 32 kilometers ...
noun Date: 14th century 1. one that rides 2. a. an addition to a document (as an insurance policy) often attached on a separate piece of paper b. a clause appended to ...
adjective see rider
noun Date: 1968 the number of persons who ride a system of public transportation
biographical name Tom 1945- United States secretary of homeland security (2003- )
I. noun Etymology: Middle English rigge, from Old English hrycg; akin to Old High German hrukki ridge, back Date: before 12th century 1. an elevated body part or structure ...
geographical name city S California NE of Bakersfield population 24,927
adjective see ridge I
geographical name town SW Connecticut NW of Norwalk population 23,643
noun Date: 1856 a line marking or following a ridgetop
or ridgling noun Etymology: perhaps from 1ridge; from the supposition that the undescended testis remains near the animal's back Date: 1555 1. a partially castrated male ...
noun Date: 1774 1. the highest horizontal timber in a roof against which the upper ends of the rafters are fixed 2. the horizontal pole at the top of a tent
noun Date: 1847 the crest of a ridge
geographical name village NE New Jersey NNE of Paterson population 24,936
noun see ridgeling
adjective Date: 1608 having or rising in ridges
I. noun Etymology: French or Latin; French, from Latin ridiculum jest Date: 1690 the act of ridiculing ; derision, mockery II. transitive verb (-culed; -culing) Date: circa ...
noun see ridicule II
adjective Etymology: Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridēre to laugh Date: 1550 arousing or ...
adverb see ridiculous
noun see ridiculous
I. noun Date: 14th century the action or state of one that rides II. adjective Date: 15th century 1. used for or when riding 2. operated by a rider III. noun ...
Riding Mountain National Park
geographical name reservation Canada in SW Manitoba containing game preserve
noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1926 either of two sea turtles (genus Lepidochelys of the family Cheloniidae): a. Kemp's ridley b. olive ridley
biographical name Nicholas circa 1503-1555 English reformer & martyr
noun (plural -tos) Etymology: Italian, retreat, place of entertainment, redoubt — more at redoubt Date: 1722 a public entertainment consisting of music and dancing often in ...
geographical name see Rijeka
noun Etymology: Khmer riəl Date: 1956 — see money table
biographical name Louis 1844-1885 Canadian insurgent
biographical name Georg Friedrich Bernhard 1826-1866 German mathematician • Riemannian adjective
Riemann integral
noun Date: 1914 a definite integral defined as the limit of sums found by partitioning the interval comprising the domain of definition into subintervals, by finding the sum ...
adjective see Riemann
Riemannian geometry
noun Etymology: G. F. B. Riemann Date: 1896 a non-Euclidean geometry in which straight lines are geodesics and in which the parallel postulate is replaced by the postulate ...
biographical name Cola di 1313-1354 originally Nicola di Lorenzo Italian leader
noun Etymology: German Date: 1833 a white wine that ranges from dry to very sweet and is made from a single variety of grape originally grown in Germany; also the grape
biographical name David 1909-2002 American social scientist
abbreviation reduction in force
geographical name — see Er Rif
noun see rifampin
or rifampicin noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, alteration of rifamycin, antibiotic derived from Streptomyces mediterranei Date: 1966 a semisynthetic ...
adjective Etymology: Middle English ryfe, from Old English rȳfe; akin to Old Norse rīfr abundant Date: 12th century 1. prevalent especially to an increasing degree 2. ...
adverb see rife
I. noun Etymology: probably by shortening & alteration from refrain Date: 1935 1. an ostinato phrase (as in jazz) typically supporting a solo improvisation; also a piece ...
I. verb (riffled; riffling) Etymology: 2riffle Date: 1754 intransitive verb 1. to form, flow over, or move in riffles 2. to flip cursorily ; thumb transitive verb ...
noun Etymology: French rifloir, from rifler to file, rifle Date: circa 1797 a small filing or scraping tool
noun Etymology: Middle English ryffe raffe, from rif and raf every single one, from Anglo-French rif e raf altogether Date: 15th century 1. a. disreputable persons b. ...
I. verb (rifled; rifling) Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French rifler to scrape off, plunder, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German riffilōn to saw, obsolete ...
noun Date: 1831 any of several birds of paradise (genus Ptiloris)
noun Date: 1775 1. a soldier armed with a rifle 2. one skilled in shooting with a rifle
noun see rifle I
noun Date: 1935 the practice of shooting at targets with a rifle
noun Date: 1797 1. the act or process of making spiral grooves 2. a system of spiral grooves in the surface of the bore of a gun causing a projectile when fired to rotate ...
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish & Norwegian rift fissure, Old Norse rīfa to rive — more at rive Date: 14th century 1. a. ...
rift valley
noun Date: 1894 an elongated valley formed by the depression of a block of the earth's crust between two faults or groups of faults of approximately parallel orientation
Rift Valley
geographical name Great Rift Valley
Rift Valley fever
noun Etymology: (Great) Rift Valley, Africa Date: circa 1931 an acute usually epizootic mosquito-borne disease of domestic animals chiefly of eastern and southern Africa that ...
I. transitive verb (rigged; rigging) Etymology: probably back-formation from rigging Date: 15th century 1. to fit out (as a ship) with rigging 2. clothe, dress — usually ...
geographical name city & port capital of Latvia at S extremity of the Gulf of Riga population 915,000
Riga, Gulf of
geographical name inlet of Baltic Sea bordering on Estonia & Latvia
or rigaudon noun Etymology: French rigaudon Date: 1691 a lively dance of the 17th and 18th centuries; also the music for a rigadoon
variant of rigmarole
noun Etymology: Italian, plural, from rigato furrowed, fluted, from past participle of rigare to furrow, flute, from riga line, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rīga ...
noun see rigadoon
noun Etymology: Arabic Rijl, literally, foot Date: 1592 a first-magnitude star in the left foot of the constellation Orion
noun Date: circa 1611 1. one that rigs 2. a long slender pointed sable paintbrush
noun Etymology: Middle English ragging, riggyng fitting out of a ship Date: 1594 1. a. lines and chains used aboard a ship especially in working sail and supporting masts ...
I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Old English riht; akin to Old High German reht right, Latin rectus straight, right, regere to lead straight, direct, rule, rogare to ...
right and left
adverb Date: 1735 on both or all sides ; in every direction ; everywhere
right angle
noun Date: 15th century the angle bounded by two lines perpendicular to each other ; an angle of 90° or 1/2 π radians • right-angled or right-angle adjective
right ascension
noun Date: 15th century the arc of the celestial equator between the vernal equinox and the point where the hour circle through a given body intersects the equator reckoned ...
right away
adverb Date: 1749 without delay or hesitation ; immediately
right brain
noun Date: 1970 the right cerebral hemisphere of the human brain especially when viewed in terms of its predominant thought processes (as creativity and intuitive thinking) ...
right circular cone
noun Date: 1840 cone 1a
right circular cylinder
noun Date: 1877 a cylinder with the bases circular and with the axis joining the two centers of the bases perpendicular to the planes of the two bases
right field
noun Date: 1857 1. the part of the baseball outfield to the right looking out from home plate 2. the position of the player defending right field • right fielder noun
right fielder
noun see right field
right hand
noun Date: before 12th century 1. a. the hand on a person's right side b. an indispensable person 2. a. the right side b. a place of honor
right now
adverb Date: 14th century 1. right away 2. at present
right off
adverb Date: 1771 right away
right on
adjective Date: 1925 1. exactly correct — often used interjectionally to express agreement 2. (usually right-on) attuned to the spirit of the times
Right Reverend
Date: 15th century — used as a title for high ecclesiastical officials
right shoulder arms
noun Date: 1902 a position in the manual of arms in which the butt of the rifle is held in the right hand with the barrel resting on the right shoulder; also a command to ...
right triangle
noun Date: 1675 a triangle having a right angle — see triangle illustration
right whale
noun Date: 1725 any of a family (Balaenidae) of large baleen whales having very long baleen, a large head on a stocky body, a smooth throat, and short broad rounded flippers
right wing
noun Date: 1856 1. the rightist division of a group or party 2. right 8 • right-wing adjective • right-winger noun
adjective see right angle
adjective see right angle
adjective see right brain
adjective Date: 1567 1. situated on the right 2. right-handed 3. chiefly relied on
adjective Date: 14th century 1. using the right hand habitually or more easily than the left; also swinging from right to left 2. relating to, designed for, or done with ...
adverb see right-handed
noun see right-handed
noun Date: 1846 1. a blow struck with the right hand 2. a right-handed person; especially a right-handed pitcher
adjective Date: circa 1586 having a right or honest mind • right-mindedness noun
noun see right-minded
noun (plural rights-of-way; also right-of-ways) Date: 1768 1. a legal right of passage over another person's ground 2. a. the area over which a right-of-way exists b. ...
adjective see right on 2
adjective Date: 1973 opposed to abortion • right-to-lifer noun
noun see right-to-life
adjective Date: 1949 opposing or banning the closed shop and the union shop
adjective see right wing
noun see right wing
adjective Etymology: alteration of earlier rightuous, alteration of Middle English rightwise, rightwos, from Old English rihtwīs, from riht, noun, right + wīs wise Date: ...
adverb see righteous
noun see righteous
noun see right IV
adjective Date: 14th century 1. just, equitable 2. a. having a just or legally established claim ; legitimate b. held by right or just claim ; legal 3. proper, ...
adverb see rightful
noun see rightful
noun Usage: often capitalized Date: 1939 1. the principles and views of the Right 2. advocacy of or adherence to the doctrines of the Right • rightist noun or adjective, ...
noun or adjective see rightism
adverb Date: before 12th century 1. in accordance with right conduct ; fairly, justly 2. in the right or proper manner ; properly, fittingly 3. according to truth or fact ...
adjective see right II
noun see right I
interjection Date: 1896 — used to express cheerful concurrence, assent, or understanding
Date: 1989 transitive verb to reduce (as a workforce) to an optimal size intransitive verb to undergo a reduction to an optimal size
adjective or adverb Date: 1733 being at, toward, or to the right
noun (plural righties) Date: 1949 right-hander 2
adjective Etymology: Middle English rigide, from Latin rigidus, from rigēre to be stiff Date: 15th century 1. a. deficient in or devoid of flexibility b. appearing ...
noun see rigidify
verb (-fied; -fying) Date: 1842 transitive verb to make rigid intransitive verb to become rigid • rigidification noun
noun (plural -ties) Date: 1624 1. the quality or state of being rigid 2. one that is rigid (as in form or conduct)
adverb see rigid
noun see rigid
also rigamarole noun Etymology: alteration of obsolete ragman roll long list, catalog Date: circa 1736 1. confused or meaningless talk 2. a complex and sometimes ...
noun Etymology: Middle English rigour, from Anglo-French, from Latin rigor, literally, stiffness, from rigēre to be stiff Date: 14th century 1. a. (1) harsh ...
rigor mortis
noun Etymology: New Latin, stiffness of death Date: 1847 temporary rigidity of muscles occurring after death
noun Date: 1704 rigidity in principle or practice • rigorist noun or adjective • rigoristic adjective
noun or adjective see rigorism
adjective see rigorism
adjective Date: 15th century 1. manifesting, exercising, or favoring rigor ; very strict 2. a. marked by extremes of temperature or climate b. harsh, severe 3. ...
adverb see rigorous
noun see rigorous
chiefly British variant of rigor
biographical name Jacob August 1849-1914 American (Danish-born) social reformer
or Rieka or Italian Fiume geographical name city & port W Croatia population 167,964
geographical name see Rhine
noun Etymology: Dutch, from rijst rice + tafel table Date: 1889 an Indonesian meal consisting of rice and a variety of accompanying dishes (as meat, seafood, and vegetables)

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