Слова на букву sask-soma (6389) New Collegiate Dictionary
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Слова на букву sask-soma (6389)

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transitive verb (-lized; -lizing) Date: circa 1926 to make soluble or more soluble • solubilization noun
adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, digestible, laxative, from Late Latin solubilis, from Latin solvere to loosen, dissolve — more at solve Date: 15th ...
noun (plural sola or solums) Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, ground, soil Date: 1928 the altered layer of soil above the parent material that includes the A and B horizons
adverb or adjective Etymology: Latin Date: 1599 alone — often used in stage directions
noun Etymology: Latin solutus, past participle of solvere Date: 1893 a dissolved substance
noun Etymology: Middle English solucion explanation, dispersal of bodily humors, from Anglo-French, from Latin solution-, solutio, from solvere to loosen, solve Date: 14th ...
solution set
noun Date: 1959 the set of values that satisfy an equation; also truth set
adjective Etymology: Solutré, village in France Date: 1888 of or relating to an Upper Paleolithic culture characterized by leaf-shaped finely flaked stone implements
noun see solvable
adjective Date: circa 1676 susceptible of solution or of being solved, resolved, or explained • solvability noun
I. noun Etymology: solvent + 1-ate Date: 1904 an aggregate that consists of a solute ion or molecule with one or more solvent molecules; also a substance (as a hydrate) ...
noun see solvate II
Solvay process
noun Etymology: Ernest Solvay died 1922 Belgian chemist Date: 1884 a process for making soda from common salt by passing carbon dioxide into ammoniacal brine resulting in ...
verb (solved; solving) Etymology: Middle English, to loosen, from Latin solvere to loosen, solve, dissolve, from sed-, se- apart + luere to release — more at secede, lose ...
noun Date: circa 1727 the quality or state of being solvent
I. adjective Etymology: Latin solvent-, solvens, present participle of solvere to dissolve, pay Date: 1630 1. able to pay all legal debts 2. that dissolves or can ...
adjective see solvent II
adverb see solvent I
noun see solve
solvitur ambulando
foreign term Etymology: Latin it is solved by walking ; the problem is solved by a practical experiment
noun Etymology: New Latin, from English solvent + New Latin -o- + -lysis Date: 1916 a chemical reaction (as hydrolysis) of a solvent and solute that results in the formation ...
adjective see solvolysis
Solway Firth
geographical name inlet of Irish Sea in Great Britain on boundary between England & Scotland
biographical name Aleksandr Isayevich 1918- Russian novelist
noun (plural som) Etymology: Kirghiz, crude iron casting, ruble Date: 1993 — see money table
abbreviation Somersetshire
I. noun Etymology: Sanskrit; akin to Avestan haoma, a Zoroastrian ritual drink, Sanskrit sunoti he presses out Date: 1827 an intoxicating juice from a plant of disputed ...
noun (plural Somali or Somalis) Etymology: from or akin to Somali Soomaali Date: 1814 1. a member of a people of Somaliland 2. the Cushitic language of the Somali
geographical name country E Africa bordering on Gulf of Aden & Indian Ocean; formed 1960 by union of British Somaliland & Italian Somaliland capital Mogadishu area 246,154 ...

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