Слова на букву buck-cobl (6389) New Collegiate Dictionary
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Слова на букву buck-cobl (6389)

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adjective Date: 1881 1. having coincident axes 2. mounted on concentric shafts • coaxially adverb
coaxial cable
noun Date: 1936 a transmission line that consists of a tube of electrically conducting material surrounding a central conductor held in place by insulators and that is used to ...
adverb see coaxial
noun Etymology: Middle English cobbe leader of a group, head; probably akin to cub (young animal), Middle English kebbe old cow or sheep, Dutch dialect kabbe, kebbe piglet Date: ...
noun Etymology: cobalt + vitamin Date: 1956 vitamin B12
noun Etymology: German Kobalt, alteration of Kobold, literally, goblin, from Middle High German kobolt; from its occurrence in silver ore, believed to be due to goblins Date: ...
cobalt 60
noun Date: 1946 a heavy radioactive isotope of cobalt of the mass number 60 produced in nuclear reactors and used as a source of gamma rays (as for radiotherapy)
cobalt blue
noun Date: 1835 1. a greenish-blue pigment consisting essentially of cobalt oxide and alumina 2. a strong greenish blue
cobalt chloride
noun Date: 1869 a chloride of cobalt; especially the dichloride CoCl2 that is blue when dehydrated, turns red in the presence of moisture, and is used to indicate humidity
adjective Date: 1782 of, relating to, or containing cobalt especially with a valence of three
noun see cobaltite
or cobaltine noun Etymology: cobaltite, alteration of cobaltine, from French, from cobalt Date: 1868 a grayish to silver-white mineral consisting of a sulfur arsenide of ...
adjective Date: 1863 of, relating to, or containing cobalt especially with a valence of two
biographical name Tyrus Raymond 1886-1961 Ty American baseball player
Cobb salad
noun Etymology: probably from Robert H. Cobb died 1970 American restaurateur Date: 1949 a tossed salad made typically with chopped chicken or turkey, tomatoes, bacon, ...
noun Etymology: perhaps from British dialect (Suffolk) cob to take a liking to someone Date: 1893 Australian & New Zealand buddy
biographical name William 1763-1835 pseudonym Peter Porcupine English politician writer
I. transitive verb (cobbled; cobbling) Etymology: Middle English coblen, perhaps back-formation from cobelere cobbler Date: 15th century 1. chiefly British to mend or patch ...
adjective Date: 1853 paved with cobblestones
noun Etymology: Middle English cobelere Date: 13th century 1. a mender or maker of shoes and often of other leather goods 2. archaic a clumsy workman 3. a tall iced drink ...
noun Etymology: Middle English, from cobble- (probably from cob) + stone Date: 15th century a naturally rounded stone larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder; ...
adjective see cobblestone
adjective (cobbier; -est) Date: 1845 stocky
biographical name Richard 1804-1865 English statesman & economist
noun Date: 1813 a country fighting with another power against a common enemy • cobelligerent adjective
or formerly Queenstown geographical name town & port SW Ireland on island in Cork harbor population 6369
biographical name Lord — see Sir John Oldcastle
noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: circa 1873 a large bony fish (Rachycentron canadum of the family Rachycentridae) of warm seas that is a food and sport fish
noun Etymology: Middle English Date: 14th century a flat-bottomed boat propelled chiefly by oars and used in Scotland and northern England especially for fishing

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