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Слова на букву flüg-gulp (6389)

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adjective see grease I
noun Date: 1886 1. a melted tallow or grease used in theater makeup 2. theater makeup
I. noun see greaseproof paper II. adjective see grease I
greaseproof paper
noun Date: 1900 British a heavy stiff waxed paper — called also greaseproof
noun Date: 1641 1. one that greases 2. usually offensive a native or inhabitant of Latin America or a Mediterranean land; especially Mexican 3. an aggressive swaggering ...
noun Date: 1838 a low stiff shrub (Sarcobatus vermiculatus) of the goosefoot family common in alkaline soils in the western United States; also any of various related or ...
adverb see greasy
noun see greasy
adjective (greasier; -est) Date: 1514 1. a. smeared or soiled with grease b. oily in appearance, texture, or manner c. slippery 2. containing an unusual amount ...
greasy spoon
noun Date: circa 1925 a dingy small cheap restaurant
I. adjective Etymology: Middle English grete, from Old English grēat; akin to Old High German grōz large Date: before 12th century 1. a. notably large in size ; huge ...
Great Abaco
geographical name — see Abaco
great ape
noun Date: 1913 any of a family (Pongidae) of primates including the gorilla, orangutan, and chimpanzees — called also pongid
great auk
noun Date: circa 1828 an extinct large flightless auk (Pinguinus impennis) formerly abundant along North Atlantic coasts
Great Australian Bight
geographical name wide bay on S coast of Australia; part of Indian Ocean
Great Barrier Reef
geographical name coral reef 1250 miles (2012 kilometers) long Australia in Coral Sea off NE coast of Queensland; most of the area designated a marine park
Great Basin
geographical name region W United States between Sierra Nevada & Wasatch Range including most of Nevada & parts of California, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, & Oregon & having no ...
Great Basin National Park
geographical name reservation E Nevada including Wheeler Peak & Lehman Caves
Great Bear
noun Date: 1639 Ursa Major
Great Bear Lake
geographical name lake Canada in Northwest Territories area over 12,000 square miles (31,200 square kilometers)
great blue heron
noun Date: 1835 a large slaty-blue American heron (Ardea herodias) with a crested head
Great Britain
or Britain geographical name 1. island W Europe comprising England, Scotland, & Wales area 88,150 square miles (228,300 square kilometers), population 53,917,000 2. United ...
great circle
noun Date: 1594 a circle formed on the surface of a sphere by the intersection of a plane that passes through the center of the sphere; specifically such a circle on the ...
Great Crosby
geographical name — see Crosby
Great Dane
noun Date: 1774 any of a breed of tall massive powerful smooth-coated dogs
Great Dismal Swamp
geographical name — see Dismal Swamp
great divide
noun Etymology: the Great Divide, North American watershed Date: 1868 a significant point of division; especially death
Great Divide
geographical name — see Continental Divide
Great Dividing Range
geographical name mountain system E Australia extending from Cape York Peninsula to S Victoria &, interrupted by Bass Strait, into Tasmania — see kosciusko (Mount)
great egret
noun Date: circa 1860 a large white heron (Ardea alba syn. Casmerodius albus) with a yellow bill and black legs and feet that occurs in New and Old World temperate and ...
Great Exuma
geographical name — see Exuma
Great Falls
geographical name 1. waterfall 35 feet (11 meters) in the Potomac N of Washington, D.C. 2. city W central Montana on Missouri River WSW of the Great Falls of the Missouri ...
great group
noun Date: 1960 a category below the suborder and above the subgroup in the hierarchy of soil classification comprising one or more subgroups based on similarities in ...
great horned owl
noun Date: 1812 a large American owl (Bubo virginianus) with conspicuous ear tufts
great house
noun Date: 1633 the main house of an estate or plantation
Great Inagua
geographical name — see Inagua
Great Indian Desert
geographical name — see Thar Desert
Great Kabylia
geographical name — see Kabylia
Great Karoo
geographical name — see karoo
Great Lakes
geographical name 1. chain of five lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, & Ontario) central North America in the United States & Canada draining through St. Lawrence River ...
great laurel
noun Date: circa 1736 a large-leaved evergreen rhododendron (Rhododendron maximum) of eastern North America with rosy bell-shaped flowers more or less speckled with green — ...
Great Mogul
noun Date: 1588 the sovereign of the empire founded in India by the Moguls in the 16th century
Great Namaqualand
geographical name — see Namaqualand
great northern bean
noun Date: 1969 a large white kidney bean
Great Ouse
geographical name — see Ouse 1
Great Plains
geographical name elevated plains region W central United States & W Canada E of Rocky Mountains & chiefly W of 100th meridian extending from NE British Columbia & NW Alberta ...
great power
noun Usage: often capitalized G&P Date: 1887 one of the nations that figure most decisively in international affairs ; superpower
Great Pyrenees
noun (plural Great Pyrenees) Date: 1938 any of a breed of large heavy-coated white dogs often used to guard livestock
Great Rift Valley
geographical name depression SW Asia & E Africa extending with several breaks from valley of Jordan River S to central Mozambique
great room
noun Date: 1639 a large room in a residence usually serving several functions (as of a dining room, living room, and family room)
Great Russian
noun Date: 1854 Russian 1b • Great Russian adjective
Great Saint Bernard
geographical name mountain pass 8090 feet (2468 meters) through Pennine Alps between Switzerland & Italy
Great Salt Lake
geographical name lake about 80 miles (130 kilometers) long N Utah having strongly saline waters & no outlet
Great Salt Lake Desert
geographical name flat barren region NW Utah
Great Sand Dunes National Monument
geographical name reservation S Colorado on W slope of Sangre de Cristo Mountains
great seal
noun Date: 15th century a large seal that constitutes an emblem of sovereignty and is used especially for the authentication of important documents
great skua
noun Date: circa 1954 a large seabird (Stercorarius skua syn. Catharacta skua) that is related to the jaegers, has dusky plumage and broad rounded wings, breeds chiefly along ...
Great Slave Lake
geographical name lake NW Canada in SE Northwest Territories receiving Slave River on S & draining into Mackenzie River on W area about 11,000 square miles (28,490 square ...
Great Smoky Mountains
geographical name mountains on North Carolina-Tennessee boundary partly in Great Smoky Mountains National Park — see Clingmans Dome
great soil group
noun see great group
Great Stour
geographical name — see stour 3
great vowel shift
noun Usage: often capitalized G&V&S Date: 1909 a change in pronunciation of the long vowels of Middle English that began in the 15th century and continued into the 16th ...
great white shark
noun Date: 1833 a large mackerel shark (Carcharodon carcharias) of warm seas that is bluish when young but becomes whitish with age and is a man-eater — called also white ...
Great Yarmouth
geographical name — see Yarmouth 2
great year
noun Date: circa 1741 the period of about 25,800 years required for one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic
noun Date: 1637 grandaunt
noun Date: 1581 grandnephew
noun Date: 1884 grandniece
noun Date: circa 1547 granduncle
noun Date: circa 1685 a heavy overcoat
verb (greatened; greatening) Date: 1614 transitive verb to make greater intransitive verb to become greater
adjective Usage: often capitalized Etymology: comparative of great Date: 1882 consisting of a central city together with adjacent areas that are naturally or ...
Greater Antilles
geographical name group of islands in the West Indies including Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, & Puerto Rico
Greater London
geographical name — see London 2
Greater Manchester
geographical name metropolitan area NW England comprising Manchester and nearby boroughs area 514 square miles (1331 square kilometers), population 2,454,800
Greater Sunda Islands
geographical name — see Sunda Islands
Greater Walachia
geographical name — see Muntenia
greater yellowlegs
noun plural but singular or plural in construction Date: circa 1909 a common North American bird of marsh and shore (Tringa melanoleuca) that is largely gray above and white ...
greatest common divisor
noun Date: 1851 the largest integer or the polynomial of highest degree that is an exact divisor of each of two or more integers or polynomials — called also greatest common ...
greatest common factor
noun see greatest common divisor
adjective Date: 14th century 1. characterized by bravery ; courageous 2. generous, magnanimous • greatheartedly adverb • greatheartedness noun
adverb see greathearted
noun see greathearted
adverb Date: 13th century 1. to a great extent or degree ; very much 2. in a great manner ; nobly, magnanimously
noun see great I
noun Etymology: Middle English greve, from Anglo-French Date: 14th century armor for the shin
noun Etymology: French grèbe Date: 1766 any of a family (Podicipedidae) of swimming and diving birds closely related to the loons but having lobed toes — compare dabchick
adjective Etymology: Middle English greciane, ultimately from Latin Graecia Greece Date: 15th century Greek 1 • Grecian noun • grecianize transitive verb, often ...
transitive verb see Grecian
noun Date: 1570 1. a Greek idiom 2. a quality or style imitative of Greek art or culture
transitive verb (grecized; grecizing) Usage: often capitalized Date: 1692 to make Greek or Hellenistic in character
Greco, El
biographical name 1541-1614 Doménikos Theotokópoulos Spanish (Cretan-born) painter
or Graeco- combining form Etymology: Latin Graeco-, from Graecus 1. Greece ; Greeks 2. Greek and
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French gree, gré step, degree, from Latin gradus — more at grade Date: 14th century Scottish mastery, superiority II. ...
or Modern Greek Ellás or ancient Greek Hellas geographical name country S Europe at S end of Balkan Peninsula; a republic capital Athens area 50,944 square miles (131,945 ...
noun Etymology: back-formation from greedy Date: 1609 a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed
adverb see greedy
noun see greedy
adjective (greedier; -est) Etymology: Middle English gredy, from Old English grǣdig; akin to Old High German grātac greedy Date: before 12th century 1. having a strong ...
I. noun Etymology: Middle English Greke, from Old English Grēca, from Latin Graecus, from Greek Graikos Date: before 12th century 1. a. a native or inhabitant of ancient ...
Greek Catholic
noun Date: 1837 1. a member of an Eastern rite of the Roman Catholic Church 2. a member of an Eastern church
Greek cross
noun Date: 1725 a cross having an upright and a transverse shaft equal in length and intersecting at their middles — see cross illustration
Greek fire
noun Date: 1788 an incendiary composition used in warfare by the Byzantine Greeks that is said to have burst into flame on wetting
Greek Orthodox
adjective Date: circa 1900 Eastern Orthodox; specifically Greek 2c
Greek Revival
noun Date: 1918 1. a style of architecture in the first half of the 19th century marked by the use or imitation of Greek orders 2. a style of decoration (as of furniture) ...
adjective Date: 1891 not proficient in Greek
I. biographical name Horace 1811-1872 American journalist & politician II. geographical name city N Colorado population 76,930
biographical name Adolphus Washington 1844-1935 American general & arctic explorer
I. biographical name John Richard 1837-1883 English historian II. biographical name Julien or Julian 1900-1998 French novelist III. biographical name William 1873-1952 ...
I. adjective Etymology: Middle English grene, from Old English grēne; akin to Old English grōwan to grow Date: before 12th century 1. of the color green 2. a. covered ...
green alga
noun Date: 1857 any of a division (Chlorophyta) of green-colored algae that have chloroplasts and occur especially in freshwater
green around the gills
phrasal pale or sickly in appearance
Green Bay
geographical name 1. inlet of NW Lake Michigan 120 miles (193 kilometers) long in NW Michigan & NE Wisconsin 2. city NE Wisconsin on Green Bay population 102,313
green bean
noun Date: 1842 a kidney bean that is used as a snap bean when the pods are colored green
Green Beret
noun Etymology: from the beret worn by Special Forces soldiers Date: 1955 a member of the United States Army Special Forces
green card
noun Etymology: from the fact that it was formerly colored green Date: 1969 an identity card attesting the permanent resident status of an alien in the United States • ...
green corn
noun Date: 1645 the young tender ears of Indian corn
green dragon
noun Date: circa 1818 a North American herb (Arisaema dracontium) of the arum family with digitate leaves, slender green spathe, and elongated spadix
green fee
noun see greens fee
green fingers
noun plural Date: 1934 green thumb
green flash
noun Date: 1912 a momentary green appearance of the uppermost part of the sun's disk at sunrise or sunset that results from atmospheric refraction
green gland
noun Date: circa 1890 one of a pair of large green glands in some crustaceans (as crayfishes) that have an excretory function and open at the bases of the larger antennae
green heron
noun Date: 1785 a small yellow-legged American heron (Butorides virescens syn. B. striatus) with a greenish back and chestnut neck and chest — called also green-backed heron
green light
noun Etymology: from the green traffic light which signals permission to proceed Date: 1937 authority or permission to proceed • green-light transitive verb
green manure
noun Date: 1842 an herbaceous crop (as clover) plowed under while green to enrich the soil • green-manure transitive verb
green mold
noun Date: 1857 a green or green-spored mold (as of the genera Penicillium or Aspergillus)
green monkey
noun Date: 1840 a long-tailed monkey of any of several African subspecies of a guenon (Cercopithecus aethiops syn. Chloroebus aethiops) having greenish-appearing hair and ...
Green Mountains
geographical name mountains E North America in Appalachian system extending from S Quebec S through Vermont into W Massachusetts — see Mansfield (Mount)
green onion
noun Date: circa 1740 a young onion pulled before the bulb has enlarged and used especially in salads
green paper
noun Usage: often capitalized G&P Date: 1967 British a government document that proposes and invites discussion on approaches to a problem
green peach aphid
noun Date: 1922 a nearly cosmopolitan yellowish-green aphid (Myzus persicae) that is frequently a vector of plant virus diseases
green pepper
noun Date: 1700 a sweet pepper before it turns red at maturity
green revolution
noun Date: 1968 the great increase in production of food grains (as rice and wheat) due to the introduction of high-yielding varieties, to the use of pesticides, and to better ...
green snake
noun Date: 1709 either of two bright green harmless largely insectivorous North American colubrid snakes (Opheodrys vernalis and O. aestivus)
green soap
noun Date: circa 1840 a soft soap made from vegetable oils and used especially in the treatment of skin diseases
green sunfish
noun Date: circa 1896 a sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) of the Great Lakes region and southwestward to the Rio Grande that is largely greenish above with a blue spot on many of ...
green tea
noun Date: 1704 tea that is light in color from incomplete fermentation of the leaf before firing
green thumb
noun Date: 1943 an unusual ability to make plants grow • green-thumbed adjective
green turtle
noun Date: 1657 a large usually herbivorous sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) of warm waters with a smooth greenish or olive-colored shell
green vegetable
noun Date: 1826 a vegetable whose foliage or foliage-bearing stalks are the chief edible part
green-backed heron
noun see green heron
noun see green card
adjective Date: 1596 jealous
green-eyed monster
noun Date: 1604 jealousy
transitive verb see green light
transitive verb see green manure
adjective see green thumb
green-winged teal
noun Date: 1792 a small Holarctic dabbling duck (Anas crecca) the male of which has a chestnut head with a green eye patch and a metallic green area on the wing speculum
or Greenacres City geographical name city SE Florida S of West Palm Beach population 27,569
Greenacres City
geographical name see Greenacres
biographical name Catherine 1846-1901 Kate English artist
noun Date: 1862 a legal-tender note issued by the United States government
noun Date: 1876 1. capitalized a member of a post-Civil War American political party opposing reduction in the amount of paper money in circulation 2. one who advocates a ...
noun see greenbacker
noun Date: 1932 a belt of parkways, parks, or farmlands that encircles a community
geographical name city central Maryland population 21,456
noun Date: circa 1785 any of a genus (Smilax) of woody or herbaceous vines of the lily family; especially a prickly vine (S. rotundifolia) of the eastern United States with ...
noun Date: 1712 a green aphid (Schizaphis graminum) that is a pest especially of cereal and forage grasses
I. biographical name Graham 1904-1991 British novelist II. biographical name Nathanael 1742-1786 American general in Revolution III. biographical name Robert 1558?-1592 ...
greener pastures
noun plural Date: 1970 a better or more promising situation
noun (plural -eries) Date: 1797 1. green foliage or plants 2. green 3a
noun Usage: often attributive Date: 1962 land (as a potential industrial site) not previously developed or polluted
geographical name city SE Wisconsin near Milwaukee population 35,476
noun Date: 15th century a very common European finch (Carduelis chloris) having olive-green and yellow plumage
noun Date: circa 1750 British aphid; especially green peach aphid
noun Etymology: green + Sir William Gage died 1820 English botanist Date: 1724 any of several rather small rounded greenish or greenish-yellow cultivated plums
biographical name Paul 1925- American neuroscientist
noun Date: 1723 chiefly British a retailer of fresh vegetables and fruit • greengrocery noun
noun see greengrocer
noun Date: 1837 any of several green-eyed horseflies (as Tabanus nigrovittatus)
noun Date: 1756 a tropical South American evergreen tree (Ocotea rodiaei syn. Nectandra rodiaei) of the laurel family with a hard greenish wood; also its wood
noun Etymology: obsolete greenhorn animal with green or young horns Date: 1682 1. an inexperienced or naive person 2. a newcomer (as to a country) unacquainted with local ...
I. noun Date: 1664 1. a structure enclosed (as by glass) and used for the cultivation or protection of tender plants 2. a clear plastic shell (as a canopy) covering a ...
greenhouse effect
noun Date: 1937 warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of a planet (as Earth or Venus) that is caused by conversion of solar radiation into heat in a process involving ...
noun Date: 1664 any of several green-skinned apples
adjective see green I
noun see green I
or greenskeeper noun Date: circa 1730 a person responsible for the care and upkeep of a golf course
or native Kalaallit Nunaat geographical name island in N Atlantic off NE North America belonging to Denmark capital Nuuk area 839,999 square miles (2,175,597 square ...
Greenland Sea
geographical name arm of Arctic Ocean between Greenland & Spitsbergen
noun see Greenland
adjective see Greenland
noun Date: 1831 vireo
noun Date: circa 1898 any of several bony fishes (family Hexagrammidae) of the rocky coasts of the northern Pacific; especially a common food and sport fish (Hexagrammos ...
adverb see green I
noun Date: 1983 the practice of buying enough of a company's stock to threaten a hostile takeover and reselling it to the company at a price above market value; also the ...
noun see greenmail
noun see green I
geographical name burgh & port SW Scotland on Firth of Clyde population 57,324
noun Etymology: Charles M. Cathcart, Lord Greenock died 1859 English soldier Date: 1844 a mineral consisting of native cadmium sulfide occurring especially in yellow ...
biographical name Horatio 1805-1852 American sculptor
noun Date: 1701 a room (as in a theater or studio) where performers can relax before or after appearances
greens fee
noun Date: 1909 a fee paid for the privilege of playing on a golf course — called also green fee
noun Date: 1699 a sedimentary deposit that consists largely of dark greenish grains of glauconite often mingled with clay or sand
geographical name city N central North Carolina population 223,891
noun Date: 1766 an Old World sandpiper (Tringa nebularia) with greenish legs and a slightly upturned bill
adjective see greensickness
noun Date: 1583 chlorosis • greensick adjective
noun see greenkeeper
biographical name Alan 1926- American economist
greenstick fracture
noun Date: circa 1885 a bone fracture in a young individual in which the bone is partly broken and partly bent
noun Date: circa 1784 1. nephrite 2. any of numerous usually altered dark green compact rocks (as diorite)
noun Date: 1851 green vegetation used as foodstuff
noun Date: 1600 turf that is green with growing grass
geographical name 1. city W Mississippi on Mississippi River population 41,633 2. city E North Carolina population 60,476 3. city NW South Carolina population 56,002 4. ...
noun Etymology: 1green (environmentalist) + brainwashing Date: 1989 expressions of environmentalist concerns especially as a cover for products, policies, or activities
noun Date: 1966 a corridor of undeveloped land preserved for recreational use or environmental protection
geographical name 1. town SW Connecticut on Long Island Sound population 61,101 2. borough of E Greater London, England population 200,800
Greenwich mean time
noun Usage: often capitalized M&T Etymology: Greenwich, England Date: 1863 the mean solar time of the meridian of Greenwich used historically as the prime basis of ...
Greenwich time
noun see Greenwich mean time
Greenwich Village
geographical name section of New York City in Manhattan on lower W side
noun Date: circa 1889 green-winged teal
noun Date: 14th century a forest that is green with foliage
geographical name city central Indiana population 36,037
adjective see green III
I. transitive verb Etymology: Middle English greten, from Old English grētan; akin to Old English grǣtan to weep Date: before 12th century 1. to address with expression of ...
noun see greet I
noun Date: before 12th century 1. a salutation at meeting 2. an expression of good wishes ; regards — usually used in plural
greeting card
noun Date: 1898 a piece of paper or thin cardboard having any of a variety of shapes and formats and bearing a greeting or message of sentiment
noun Etymology: ultimately from Latin gregarius Date: 1867 any of a subclass (Gregarinia) of parasitic vermiform sporozoan protozoans that occur especially in insects and ...
adjective Etymology: Latin gregarius of a flock or herd, from greg-, grex flock, herd Date: 1668 1. a. tending to associate with others of one's kind ; social b. marked ...
adverb see gregarious
noun see gregarious
I. adjective Date: 1592 of or relating to Pope Gregory XIII or the Gregorian calendar II. adjective Date: 1653 1. of or relating to Pope Gregory I 2. of, relating to, or ...
Gregorian calendar
noun Date: circa 1771 a calendar in general use introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII as a revision of the Julian calendar, adopted in Great Britain and the American ...
Gregorian chant
noun Date: 1727 a monodic and rhythmically free liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church
I. biographical name Saint 240-332 the Illuminator apostle & founder of the Armenian Church II. biographical name name of 16 popes: especially I Saint circa 540-604 the Great ...
Gregory of Nyssa
biographical name Saint circa 335-circa 394 Eastern church father
Gregory of Tours
biographical name Saint 538-594 Frankish ecclesiastic & historian
adjective Etymology: French grège raw (of silk), from Italian greggio Date: 1926 being in an unbleached undyed state as taken from a loom — used of textiles
noun Etymology: German Date: 1878 a crystalline rock consisting of quartz and mica that is common in Cornwall and Saxony
noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1941 a cause of error or equipment malfunction (as in aircraft) conceived of as a small mischievous gnome
geographical name island British West Indies in S Windward Islands; with S Grenadines, independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1974 capital St. George's area ...
adjective or noun see Grenada
noun Etymology: Middle French, literally, pomegranate, from Late Latin granata, from Latin, feminine of granatus seedy, from granum grain — more at corn Date: 1591 a small ...
adjective or noun see Grenada
noun Etymology: French, from grenade grenade Date: 1676 1. a. a soldier who carries and throws grenades b. a member of a special regiment or corps formerly armed with ...
noun Etymology: French, from grenade coarse silk fabric, pomegranate Date: 1852 1. an open-weave fabric of various fibers 2. a moderate reddish orange 3. a syrup ...
geographical name islands British West Indies in central Windward Islands between Grenada & St. Vincent; divided administratively between Grenada & St. Vincent and the ...
noun Etymology: Old English Date: before 12th century a monstrous man-eating descendant of Cain slain by Beowulf in the Old English poem Beowulf
biographical name Sir Wilfred Thomason 1865-1940 English medical missionary
geographical name city SE France on the Isère population 153,973
I. biographical name George 1712-1770 English statesman II. biographical name or Greynville Sir Richard 1542-1591 British naval commander
I. biographical name Sir Thomas 1519-1579 English financier II. geographical name city NW Oregon E of Portland population 90,205
Gresham's law
noun Etymology: Sir Thomas Gresham Date: 1858 an observation in economics: when two coins are equal in debt-paying value but unequal in intrinsic value, the one having the ...
Gretna Green
noun Etymology: Gretna Green, village in Scotland Date: 1813 a place where many eloping couples are married
biographical name Wayne 1961- Canadian ice hockey player
biographical name Jean-Baptiste 1725-1805 French painter
biographical name (François-Paul-) Jules 1807-1891 French lawyer; 3d president of the Republic (1879-87)
Grevy's zebra
noun Etymology: Jules Grévy Date: 1891 a zebra (Equus grevyi) of eastern Africa with narrow stripes and a white belly
past of grow
variant of gruesome
variant of gray
I. biographical name 2d Earl 1764-1845 Charles Grey English statesman; prime minister (1830-34) II. biographical name Sir Edward 1862-1933 Viscount Grey of Fallodon English ...
grey friar
noun Usage: often capitalized G&F Date: 14th century a Franciscan friar
noun Etymology: Middle English grehound, from Old English grīghund, from grīg- (akin to Old Norse grey bitch) + hund hound Date: before 12th century any of a breed of tall ...
noun Etymology: perhaps from gray + 1lag Date: circa 1713 the common gray wild goose (Anser anser) of Europe from which most domestic breeds of geese are descended
Greylock, Mount
geographical name mountain 3491 feet (1064 meters) NW Massachusetts; highest in Berkshire Hills & in state
biographical name see Grenville II
noun Etymology: perhaps alteration of 2grub Date: 1838 either of two small wood-boring marine isopods (Limnoria lignorum and L. tripunctata)
noun Etymology: back-formation from gridiron Date: 1839 1. grating 2. a. (1) a perforated or ridged metal plate used as a conductor in a storage battery (2) an ...
noun Date: 1928 a football player
noun Etymology: Middle English gredil gridiron, from Anglo-French greil, gredile, from Latin craticulum, diminutive of cratis wickerwork — more at hurdle Date: 14th century ...
griddle cake
noun Date: 1783 pancake
noun Etymology: Middle English gredire, alteration of gridel, gredil griddle Date: 14th century 1. a grate for broiling food 2. something consisting of or covered with a ...

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