Слова на букву flüg-gulp (6389) New Collegiate Dictionary
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Слова на букву flüg-gulp (6389)

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I. noun Etymology: Middle English goulf, from Middle French golfe, from Italian golfo, from Late Latin colpus, from Greek kolpos bosom, gulf; akin to Old English hwealf vault, ...
Gulf of Anadir
geographical name see Anadyr, Gulf of
Gulf of Archangel
geographical name see Dvina Gulf
Gulf of Arta
geographical name see Ambracian Gulf
Gulf of Cambay
geographical name see Khambhat, Gulf of
Gulf of Chihli
geographical name see Bo Hai
Gulf of Danzig
geographical name see Gdańsk, Gulf of
Gulf of Kutch
geographical name see Kachchh, Gulf of
Gulf of Siam
geographical name see Thailand, Gulf of
Gulf of Sirte
geographical name see Sidra, Gulf of
Gulf Stream
geographical name warm current in N Atlantic flowing from Gulf of Mexico NE along United States coast to Nantucket & thence eastward
Gulf War syndrome
noun Date: 1992 a syndrome of uncertain cause including fatigue, joint pain, memory loss, skin rash, and headache that has been reported in veterans of the war fought in the ...
geographical name city & port SE Mississippi population 71,127
noun Etymology: Gulf of Mexico Date: 1674 any of several sargassums; especially a branching olive-brown seaweed (Sargassum natans) of tropical American seas with numerous ...
geographical name — see Yining
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, of Celtic origin; akin to Welsh gwylan gull Date: 15th century any of numerous long-winged web-footed aquatic birds (subfamily Larinae of ...
adjective see gullible
noun Date: 1822 1. a member of a group of blacks inhabiting the sea islands and coastal districts of South Carolina, Georgia, and northeastern Florida 2. an English-based ...
noun Etymology: Middle English golet, from Anglo-French, diminutive of gule throat, from Latin gula — more at glutton Date: 14th century 1. esophagus; broadly throat 2. ...
noun see gully II
noun see gullible
also gullable adjective Date: 1818 easily duped or cheated • gullibility noun • gullibly adverb
adverb see gullible
noun Date: 1726 an Englishman in Jonathan Swift's satire Gulliver's Travels who makes voyages to the imaginary lands of the Lilliputians, Brobdingnagians, Laputans, and ...
biographical name Allvar 1862-1930 Swedish ophthalmologist
I. noun (plural gullies) Etymology: short for English dialect gully knife Date: 1582 dialect British a large knife II. noun also gulley (plural gullies) Etymology: obsolete ...
gully erosion
noun Date: 1928 soil erosion produced by running water
noun Etymology: Middle English gulosite, from Anglo-French from Late Latin gulositas, from Latin gulosus gluttonous, from gula gullet Date: 15th century excessive appetite ; ...
verb Etymology: Middle English, from a Middle Dutch or Middle Low German word akin to Dutch & Frisian gulpen to bubble forth, drink deep; akin to Old English gielpan to boast ...

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