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Слова на букву gulp-innu (6389)

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High Atlas
geographical name — see Atlas Mountains
high beam
noun Date: 1939 a vehicle headlight beam with a long-range focus
high blood pressure
noun Date: 1899 abnormally elevated blood pressure especially of the arteries; also hypertension
high chair
noun Date: 1848 a child's chair with long legs, a footrest, and usually a feeding tray
High Church
adjective Date: 1687 favoring especially in Anglican worship the sacerdotal, liturgical, ceremonial, and traditional elements in worship
High Churchman
noun Date: 1687 an Anglican who adheres to High Church elements in worship
high comedy
noun Date: 1895 comedy employing subtle characterizations and witty dialogue — compare low comedy
high command
noun Date: 1917 1. the supreme headquarters of a military force 2. the highest leaders in an organization
high commissioner
noun Date: circa 1633 a principal or a high-ranking commissioner; especially an ambassadorial representative of the government of one country stationed in another
high court
noun Date: 14th century supreme court
high explosive
noun Date: 1877 an explosive (as TNT) that generates gas with extreme rapidity and has a shattering effect
high fashion
noun Date: 1804 1. high style 2. haute couture
high fidelity
noun Date: 1934 the reproduction of an effect (as sound or an image) that is very faithful to the original • high-fidelity adjective
high five
noun Date: 1980 a slapping of upraised right hands by two people (as in celebration) • high-five verb
high frequency
noun Date: 1892 a radio frequency between very high frequency and medium frequency — see radio frequency table
high gear
noun Date: 1896 1. high 3b 2. a state of intense or maximum activity — usually used with into or in
High German
noun Date: 1673 1. German as natively used in southern and central Germany 2. german 3b
high ground
noun Date: 1853 a position of advantage or superiority; especially an ethically superior position
high hat
noun Date: 1885 1. beaver I,2 2. (or hi-hat) a pair of cymbals operated by a foot pedal
high heels
noun plural Date: 1671 shoes with high heels
High Holiday
noun Date: 1918 either of two important Jewish holidays: a. Rosh Hashanah b. Yom Kippur
high horse
noun Date: 1721 an arrogant and unyielding mood or attitude
high jinks
also hijinks noun plural Date: 1825 boisterous or rambunctious carryings-on ; carefree antics or horseplay
high jump
noun Date: 1891 a jump for height over a horizontal bar in a track-and-field contest • high-jump transitive verb • high jumper noun
high jumper
noun see high jump
high mass
noun Usage: often capitalized H&M Date: 12th century a mass marked by the singing of prescribed parts by the celebrant and the choir or congregation
high noon
noun Date: 15th century 1. precisely noon 2. the most advanced, flourishing, or creative stage or period 3. the time of a decisive confrontation or contest
high on
phrasal enthusiastically in approval or support of
high place
noun Date: 14th century a temple or altar used by the ancient Semites and built usually on a hill or elevation
High Plains
geographical name the Great Plains especially from Nebraska southward
High Point
geographical name city N central North Carolina SW of Greensboro population 85,839
high polymer
noun Date: 1942 a substance (as polystyrene) consisting of molecules that are large multiples of units of low molecular weight
high priest
noun Date: 14th century 1. a chief priest especially of the ancient Jewish Levitical priesthood traditionally traced from Aaron 2. a priest of the Melchizedek priesthood in ...
high priestess
noun Date: 1645 a chief priestess
high priesthood
noun see high priest
high relief
noun Date: 1703 sculptural relief in which at least half of the circumference of the modeled form projects — compare bas-relief
high road
noun Date: 1664 1. highway 2. the easiest course 3. an ethical course
high roller
noun Date: 1881 1. a person who spends freely in luxurious living 2. a person who gambles recklessly or for high stakes • high-rolling adjective
high school
I. noun Date: 1824 a school especially in the United States usually including grades 9-12 or 10-12 • high schooler noun II. noun Etymology: translation of French haute ...
high schooler
noun see high school I
high sea
noun Date: before 12th century the open part of a sea or ocean especially outside territorial waters — usually used in plural
High Sierra
geographical name the Sierra Nevada (in California)
high sign
noun Date: 1899 a gesture used as a signal (as of approval or warning) — usually used in the phrase give the high sign
high street
noun Date: before 12th century British a main or principal street
high style
noun Date: 1933 the newest style in fashion or design usually adopted by a limited number of people
high table
noun Date: 1602 an elevated table in the dining room of a British college for use by the master and fellows and distinguished guests
high tea
noun Date: 1831 a fairly substantial late afternoon or early evening meal at which tea is served
high tech
also hi-tech noun Date: 1969 1. high technology 2. a style of interior design featuring industrial products, materials, or designs • high-tech also hi-tech adjective
high technology
noun Date: 1964 scientific technology involving the production or use of advanced or sophisticated devices especially in the fields of electronics and computers
high tide
noun Date: 1745 1. the tide when the water is at its greatest elevation 2. culminating point ; climax
high treason
noun Date: 15th century treason 2
high water
noun Date: 15th century a high stage of the water in a river or lake; also high tide 1
High Wycombe
geographical name town SE central England in Buckinghamshire WNW of London population 60,516
high yaller
noun see high yellow
high yellow
noun Date: 1923 often offensive a black person of light complexion — called also high yal•ler
adjective Date: 1654 arrogant, imperious
adjective Date: 1864 of superior quality or status
adjective Date: 1985 having or exploiting elements (as fast action, glamour, or suspense) that appeal to a wide audience
adjective Date: 1926 having a large number of warp and weft yarns to the square inch
adjective Date: 1981 being or relating to an often digital television system that has twice as many scan lines per frame as a conventional system, a proportionally sharper ...
high-density lipoprotein
noun Date: 1960 HDL
adjective Date: 1977 1. upscale 2. of superior quality or sophistication and usually high in price
adjective Date: 1934 1. a. having such speed and kinetic energy as to exhibit relativistic departure from classical laws of motion — used especially of elementary ...
high-energy physics
noun Date: 1964 particle physics
adjective see high fidelity
verb see high five
adjective Date: 1647 1. exceedingly or excessively high or favorable 2. having an excessively embellished or inflated character ; pretentious
adjective Date: 1581 1. marked by extravagance, pretension, or excessive ambition 2. rising to considerable height
adjective Date: 1878 1. of superior grade or quality 2. a. being near the upper or most favorable extreme of a specified range b. medically serious or ...
noun Date: 1974 the practice of selecting only the most healthy or valuable individuals in harvesting a natural resource (as timber or fish)
adjective Date: 1631 having or showing no regard for the rights, concerns, or feelings of others ; arbitrary, overbearing • high-handedly adverb • high-handedness noun
adverb see high-handed
noun see high-handed
adjective Date: 1924 supercilious, snobbish • high-hat transitive verb
transitive verb see high jump
adjective Date: 1811 1. occurring, done, or placed at a high level 2. being of high importance or rank 3. of, relating to, or being a computer programming language (as ...
noun Date: 1818 an all-fours game in which scores are made by winning the highest trump, the lowest trump, the jack of trumps, and either the ten of trumps or the most ...
adjective Date: 1556 marked by elevated principles and feelings; also pretentious • high-mindedly adverb • high-mindedness noun
adverb see high-minded
noun see high-minded
or high-muckety-muck noun Etymology: by folk etymology from Chinook Jargon hayo makamak plenty to eat Date: 1856 muckety-muck
noun see high-muck-a-muck
adjective Date: 1932 1. having a high octane number and hence good antiknock properties 2. very powerful, strong, or effective
adjective Date: 1748 1. having a high pitch 2. marked by or exhibiting strong feeling ; agitated
adjective see high-powered
also high-power adjective Date: 1893 1. having great drive, energy, or capacity ; dynamic 2. having or conferring great influence
I. adjective Date: 1824 1. a. having or involving a high or comparatively high pressure especially greatly exceeding that of the atmosphere b. having a high barometric ...
adjective Date: 1954 1. being multistory and equipped with elevators 2. of, relating to, or characterized by high-rise buildings • high-rise noun
adjective see high roller
adjective Date: 1711 pompous, imposing
adjective Date: 1873 1. operated or adapted for operation at high speed 2. relating to the production of short-exposure photographs of rapidly moving objects or events of ...
adjective Date: 1603 characterized by a bold or energetic spirit • high-spiritedly adverb • high-spiritedness noun
adverb see high-spirited
noun see high-spirited
noun Date: 1947 the act of carrying the blade of the stick at an illegal height in ice hockey
adjective Date: 1748 having an extremely nervous or sensitive temperament
adjective see high tech
adjective Date: 1889 having or using a high voltage
adjective Date: 1584 meeting a high standard; also high-octane
adjective Date: 1951 expensive 2
adjective Date: 1807 1. high in social, moral, or intellectual quality 2. pretentious, pompous
adjective Date: 1918 extending up over the ankle • high-tops noun plural
noun plural see high-top
adjective Date: 1890 marked by great energy ; electric, dynamic
adjective Date: 1856 unusually short
high-water mark
noun Date: 1691 highest point ; peak
adjective Date: 1956 1. involving great risk 2. daring
adjective Date: circa 1580 extremely agitated
I. noun Date: 1895 1. an iced drink containing liquor (as whiskey) and water or a carbonated beverage (as ginger ale) and served in a tall glass 2. a railroad signal for a ...
noun Etymology: the Highbinders, gang of ruffians in New York City ab1806 Date: 1876 1. a professional killer operating in the Chinese quarter of an American city 2. a ...
adjective Date: 13th century of noble birth
noun Date: 1891 a tall chest of drawers with a legged base
adjective Date: 1674 coming from superior stock
noun Date: circa 1903 a person who possesses or has pretensions to superior learning or culture • highbrow adjective • highbrowed adjective • highbrowism noun
adjective see highbrow
noun see highbrow
adjective Date: 1805 forming a notably tall or erect bush; also borne on a highbush plant
highbush blueberry
noun Date: 1913 a variable moisture-loving North American shrub (Vaccinium corymbosum) that is the source of most cultivated blueberries; also its fruit
highbush cranberry
noun Date: 1805 a shrubby or arborescent viburnum (Viburnum opulus) of North America and Europe with prominently 3-lobed leaves and red fruit — called also cranberry bush
higher critic
noun see higher criticism
higher criticism
noun Date: 1836 study of biblical writings to determine their literary history and the purpose and meaning of the authors — compare lower criticism • higher critic noun
higher education
noun Date: 1834 education beyond the secondary level; especially education provided by a college or university
higher law
noun Date: 1844 a principle of divine or moral law that is considered to be superior to constitutions and enacted legislation
higher learning
noun Date: 1926 education, learning, or scholarship on the collegiate or university level
noun Date: 1911 a superior officer or official
also hifalutin adjective Etymology: perhaps from 2high + alteration of fluting, present participle of flute Date: 1839 1. pretentious, fancy 2. expressed in or marked by ...
or highflyer noun Date: circa 1961 1. a stock whose price rises much more rapidly than the market average 2. a company whose stock is a highflier 3. an ambitiously ...
noun see highflier
variant of hijack
geographical name 1. city SE California E of San Bernardino population 44,605 2. town NW Indiana S of Hammond population 23,546 3. administrative area N Scotland area 9806 ...
I. noun Date: before 12th century elevated or mountainous land II. adjective Date: 15th century 1. of or relating to a highland 2. capitalized of or relating to the ...
Highland fling
noun Date: 1804 a lively Scottish folk dance
Highland Park
geographical name city NE Illinois N of Chicago population 31,365
noun Date: 1610 1. an inhabitant of a highland 2. capitalized an inhabitant of the Highlands of Scotland
geographical name the chiefly mountainous N part of Scotland N of a line connecting Firth of Clyde & Firth of Tay
Highlands of Navesink
geographical name — see navesink (Highlands of)
Highlands of the Hudson
geographical name hilly region SE New York on both sides of Hudson River; includes Storm King (W of the Hudson) 1355 feet (413 meters)
noun Date: 1955 dance music of West African origin that combines syncopated African rhythms with elements of jazz
I. noun Date: circa 1889 1. the lightest spot or area (as in a painting) ; any of several spots in a modeled drawing or painting that receives the greatest amount of ...
noun Date: 1964 a pen with a broad felt tip and brightly colored transparent ink for marking selected passages in a text
adverb Date: before 12th century 1. in or to a high place, level, or rank 2. in or to a high degree or amount 3. with approval ; favorably
noun Date: before 12th century 1. the quality or state of being high 2. — used as a title for a person of exalted rank (as a king or prince)
noun Date: 1910 highlight 2
adjective Etymology: Middle English, past participle (earlier past) of hoten to command, call, be called, from Old English hātan; akin to Old High German heizzan to command, ...
intransitive verb Date: 1919 to move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat — usually used with it
noun Date: before 12th century a public way; especially a main direct road
highway robbery
noun Date: 1752 1. robbery committed on or near a public highway usually against travelers 2. excessive profit or advantage derived from a business transaction
noun Date: 1649 a thief who robs travelers on a road
geographical name island Estonia in Baltic Sea N of Sarema Island area 373 square miles (966 square kilometers)
also highjack transitive verb Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1923 1. a. to steal by stopping a vehicle on the highway b. to commandeer (a flying airplane) especially ...
noun see hijack
Ḩijāz, Al
geographical name — see Hejaz
variant of high jinks
I. verb (hiked; hiking) Etymology: perhaps akin to 1hitch Date: 1809 intransitive verb 1. a. to go on a hike b. to travel by any means 2. to rise up; especially ...
noun see hike I
adjective Date: circa 1859 of, relating to, or located near a hilum
adjective Etymology: irregular from Latin hilarus, hilaris cheerful, from Greek hilaros Date: circa 1840 marked by or causing hilarity ; extremely funny • hilariously ...
adverb see hilarious
noun see hilarious
noun Date: 15th century boisterous and high-spirited merriment or laughter
biographical name David 1862-1943 German mathematician
Hilbert space
noun Etymology: David Hilbert Date: 1911 a vector space for which a scalar product is defined and in which every Cauchy sequence composed of elements in the space converges ...
biographical name — see Pope gregory vii
geographical name city N central Germany SSE of Hannover population 105,674
noun Etymology: hilding, adjective, base Date: 1592 archaic a base contemptible person
I. biographical name Ambrose Powell 1825-1865 American Confederate general II. biographical name Archibald Vivian 1886-1977 English physiologist III. biographical name ...
I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hyll; akin to Latin collis hill, culmen top Date: before 12th century 1. a usually rounded natural elevation of land lower ...
hill climb
noun Date: 1905 a road race for automobiles or motorcycles in which competitors are individually timed up a hill
hill mynah
noun Date: 1872 a largely black Asian mynah (Gracula religiosa) often tamed and taught to pronounce words
Hill reaction
noun Etymology: Robert Hill died 1991 British biochemist Date: 1950 the light-dependent transfer of electrons by chloroplasts in photosynthesis that results in the cleavage ...
biographical name Sir Edmund Percival 1919- New Zealand mountaineer & explorer
noun (plural -lies) Etymology: 1hill + Billy, nickname for William Date: 1900 a person from a backwoods area
hillbilly music
noun Date: 1943 country music
noun Date: circa 1898 the top line of a hill
biographical name 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D. Jewish teacher
noun see hill II
I. biographical name Nicholas 1547-1619 English painter II. geographical name city central Ohio, a suburb of Columbus population 24,230
geographical name borough of W Greater London, England population 225,800
biographical name Sidney 1887-1946 American labor leader
noun Date: 14th century a small hill • hillocky adjective
adjective see hillock
geographical name city NW Oregon W of Portland population 70,186
noun Date: 14th century a part of a hill between the top and the foot
noun Date: 1829 hillside
noun Date: 15th century the highest part of a hill
adjective (hillier; -est) Date: 14th century abounding in hills
geographical name city & port Hawaii in E Hawaii (island) population 40,759
noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German helza hilt Date: before 12th century a handle especially of a sword or dagger
I. biographical name Conrad Nicholson 1887-1979 American hotelier II. biographical name James 1900-1954 English novelist
Hilton Head Island
geographical name island comprising a town off South Carolina coast population 33,862
noun (plural hila) Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, trifle Date: circa 1753 1. a scar on a seed (as a bean) marking the point of attachment of the ovule 2. a notch in or ...
geographical name city central Netherlands in North Holland SE of Amsterdam population 84,674
pronoun objective case of he
pronoun objective case of he/she
Himachal Pradesh
geographical name state NW India NW of Uttar Pradesh capital Simla area 21,490 square miles (55,659 square kilometers), population 5,170,877
I. adjective Date: 1835 1. of, relating to, or resembling the Himalayas 2. enormously large ; mountainous II. noun Date: 1949 any of a breed of domestic cats developed ...
Himalayas, the
or the Himalaya geographical name mountains S Asia on border between India & Tibet & in Kashmir, Nepal, & Bhutan — see everest (Mount)
noun Etymology: Greek, diminutive of heimat-, heima garment; akin to Greek hennynai to clothe — more at wear Date: 1850 a rectangular cloth draped over the left shoulder ...
geographical name city Japan in W Honshu population 454,360
biographical name Heinrich 1900-1945 German Nazi politician
pronoun Date: before 12th century 1. a. that identical male one — used reflexively, for emphasis, in absolute constructions, and in place of him especially when joined to ...
noun Etymology: Hebrew hīn, from Egyptian hnw Date: 14th century an ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measure equal to about 1.5 United States gallons (5.7 liters)
noun Etymology: Sanskrit hīnayāna lesser vehicle Date: 1868 Theravada • Hinayanist noun • Hinayanistic adjective
noun see Hinayana
adjective see Hinayana
hinc illae lacrimae
foreign term Etymology: Latin hence those tears
I. noun (plural hinds; also hind) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German hinta hind, Greek kemas young deer Date: before 12th century 1. the ...
hind wing
noun Date: 1899 either of the posterior wings of a 4-winged insect
noun Date: 1888 1. the posterior of the three primary divisions of the developing vertebrate brain or the corresponding part of the adult brain that includes the cerebellum, ...
biographical name Paul 1895-1963 American (German-born) violist & composer
I. biographical name Paul von 1847-1934 Paul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg German field marshal; president of Germany (1925-34) II. geographical name ...
I. verb (hindered; hindering) Etymology: Middle English hindren, from Old English hindrian; akin to Old English hinder behind Date: before 12th century transitive verb 1. ...
noun see hinder I
noun Date: 1878 the posterior part of the alimentary canal; also intestine
noun Etymology: Hindi & Urdu hindī, from Hind India, from Persian Date: 1801 1. a literary and official language of northern India 2. a complex of Indo-Aryan languages and ...
adjective Date: 14th century farthest to the rear ; last
I. noun see Hindu I II. adjective see Hindu II
noun Date: circa 1740 1. one side of the back half of the carcass of a quadruped including a leg and usually one or more ribs 2. plural the hind pair of legs of a quadruped; ...
noun Date: 1526 1. the state of being hindered 2. impediment 3. the action of hindering
noun Date: 1866 perception of the nature of an event after it has happened
I. noun also Hindoo Etymology: Persian Hindū inhabitant of India, from Hind India Date: 1662 1. an adherent of Hinduism 2. a native or inhabitant of India II. ...
Hindu calendar
noun Date: circa 1909 a lunar calendar usually dating from 3101 B.C. and used especially in India
Hindu Kush
or ancient Caucasus Indicus geographical name mountain range central Asia SW of the Pamirs on border of Kashmir & in Afghanistan — see Tirich Mir
adjective Date: 1925 relating to, being, or composed of Arabic numerals
noun Date: 1809 the dominant religion of India that emphasizes dharma with its resulting ritual and social observances and often mystical contemplation and ascetic practices
geographical name 1. region N India N of the Deccan including the plain drained by the Indus, the Ganges, & the Brahmaputra 2. the subcontinent of India 3. the Republic of ...
I. noun Etymology: Hindi & Urdu Hindūstānī, from Persian Hindūstān India Date: 1808 a group of Indo-Aryan dialects of northern India of which literary Hindi and Urdu are ...
geographical name town SE Georgia population 30,392
I. noun Etymology: Middle English heng; akin to Middle Dutch henge hook, Old English hangian to hang Date: 14th century 1. a. a jointed or flexible device on which a door, ...
hinge joint
noun Date: 1802 a joint between bones (as at the elbow) that permits motion in only one plane
adjective (hinkier; -est) Etymology: alteration of argot hincty suspicious Date: 1956 1. slang nervous, jittery 2. slang suspicious
noun (plural hinnies) Etymology: Latin hinnus, from Greek innos Date: 1688 a hybrid between a stallion and a female donkey — compare mule
biographical name Sir Cyril Norman 1897-1967 British chemist
I. noun Etymology: probably alteration of obsolete hent act of seizing, from hent, verb Date: 1604 1. archaic opportunity, turn 2. a. a statement conveying by ...
noun see hint II
noun Etymology: German, from hinter hinder + Land Date: 1890 1. a region lying inland from a coast 2. a. a region remote from urban areas b. a region lying beyond ...
I. noun Etymology: Middle English hipe, from Old English hēope; akin to Old High German hiafo hip Date: before 12th century rose hip II. noun Etymology: Middle English, ...
hip and thigh
adverb Date: 1560 in a fierce or ruthless manner ; unsparingly
hip bone
noun Date: 12th century the large flaring bone that consitutes a lateral half of the pelvis in mammals and is composed of the ilium, ischium, and pubis which are fused into ...
hip boot
noun Date: 1893 a waterproof boot reaching to the hips
hip joint
noun Date: 1794 the articulation between the femur and the innominate bone
hip pointer
noun Date: 1967 a deep bruise to the iliac crest or to the attachments of the muscles attached to it that occurs especially in contact sports (as football)
hip roof
noun Date: circa 1741 a roof having sloping ends and sloping sides — see roof illustration
hip shooter
noun see hip-shooting
noun Etymology: perhaps from 4hip + 1hop Date: 1983 1. a subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees of rap music 2. the stylized rhythmic music ...
noun Date: 1983 a devotee of hip-hop music and culture; also a performer of hip-hop
noun plural Date: circa 1963 low-slung usually close-fitting trousers that rest on the hips
noun Date: 1951 action or reaction that is quick and often reckless • hip shooter noun
noun Date: 1907 1. an arbitrary line encircling the fullest part of the hips 2. body circumference at the hips
adverb see hip IV
noun Date: 1946 the quality or state of being hip
biographical name see Hipparchus II
I. biographical name died 514 B.C. tyrant of Athens (527-514) II. biographical name or Hipparchos flourished 146-127 B.C. Greek astronomer
I. adjective Date: 1508 1. having hips especially of a specified kind — often used in combination 2. constructed with hips II. adjective Etymology: hip hypochondria ...
biographical name died 490 B.C. brother of Hipparchus ruled Athens with his brother
or hippy noun (plural hippies) Etymology: 4hip + -ie Date: 1965 a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or ...
noun see hippie
adjective see hippie
noun see hippie
noun see hippie
noun (plural hippos) Date: 1872 hippopotamus
or Hippo Regius geographical name ancient city N Africa S of modern Annaba, Algeria; chief town of Numidia
Hippo Regius
geographical name see Hippo
adjective see hippocampus
noun (plural hippocampi) Etymology: New Latin, from Greek hippokampos sea horse, from hippos horse + kampos sea monster — more at equine Date: 1706 a curved elongated ridge ...

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