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Слова на букву gulp-innu (6389)

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in back of
phrasal behind
in balance
phrasal see in the balance
in ballast
phrasal of a ship having only ballast for a load
in bed
phrasal in the act of sexual intercourse
in behalf of
phrasal see on behalf of
in between
adverb or preposition Date: 1610 between
in brief
phrasal in a few words ; briefly
in bulk
phrasal 1. not divided into parts or packaged in separate units 2. in large quantities
in calf
phrasal pregnant — used of a cow
in camera
adverb Etymology: New Latin, literally, in a chamber Date: 1872 in private ; secretly
in case
I. phrasal as a precaution II. conjunction Date: 14th century 1. if 2. as a precaution against the event that
in case of
phrasal in the event of
in chancery
phrasal 1. in litigation in a court of chancery; also under the superintendence of the lord chancellor 2. in a hopeless predicament
in character
phrasal in accord with a person's usual qualities or traits
in charge
phrasal having control or custody of something
in check
phrasal under restraint or control
in chief
phrasal in the chief position or place — often used in titles
in chorus
phrasal in unison
in clover
also in the clover phrasal in prosperity or in pleasant circumstances
in cold blood
phrasal with premeditation ; deliberately
in commission
or into commission phrasal 1. under the authority of commissioners 2. of a ship ready for active service 3. in use or in condition for use
in common
phrasal shared together
in concert
phrasal together
in conscience
phrasal see in all conscience
in consequence
phrasal as a result
in consideration of
phrasal as payment or recompense for
in deep doo-doo
phrasal in trouble
in deep water
phrasal in difficulty or distress
in default of
phrasal in the absence of
in deference to
phrasal in consideration of
in defiance of
phrasal contrary to ; despite
in denial
phrasal refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant
in despite of
phrasal in spite of
in detail
phrasal with all the particulars
in dubio
foreign term Etymology: Latin in doubt ; undetermined
in due course
phrasal after a normal passage of time ; in the expected or allotted time
in effect
phrasal in substance ; virtually
in effigy
phrasal publicly in the form of an effigy
in escrow
phrasal in trust as an escrow
in especial
phrasal in particular
in essence
phrasal in or by its very nature ; essentially, basically
in evidence
phrasal 1. to be seen ; conspicuous 2. as evidence
in excelsis
adverb Etymology: Late Latin, on high Date: 14th century in the highest degree
in excess of
phrasal to an amount or degree beyond ; over
in exchange
phrasal as a substitute
in extenso
adverb Etymology: Medieval Latin Date: 1826 at full length
in extremis
adverb Etymology: Latin Date: circa 1530 in extreme circumstances; especially at the point of death
in face of
phrasal see in the face of
in fact
phrasal in truth
in favor of
phrasal 1. a. in accord or sympathy with b. to the benefit of ; in support of 2. to the order of 3. in order to choose ; out of preference for
in fee
phrasal in absolute and legal possession
in fine
phrasal in short
in fits and starts
phrasal see by fits
in flagrante
adverb Date: 1612 in flagrante delicto
in flagrante delicto
adverb Etymology: Medieval Latin, literally, while the crime is blazing Date: 1772 1. in the very act of committing a misdeed ; red-handed 2. in the midst of sexual activity
in foal
phrasal pregnant 4
in focus
phrasal having or giving the proper sharpness of outline due to good focusing
in for
phrasal certain to experience
in force
phrasal 1. in great numbers 2. valid, operative
in forma pauperis
adjective or adverb Etymology: Latin, in the form of a pauper Date: 1592 as a poor person
in front of
phrasal directly before or ahead of
in full
phrasal 1. to the requisite or complete amount 2. to the fullest extent ; completely
in futuro
foreign term Etymology: Latin in the future
in general
phrasal for the most part ; generally
in good with
phrasal in a favored position with
in half
phrasal into two equal or nearly equal parts
in hand
phrasal 1. in one's possession or control 2. in preparation 3. under consideration
in hoc signo vinces
foreign term Etymology: Latin by this sign (the Cross) you will conquer
in itself
phrasal in its own nature ; intrinsically
in jig time
phrasal in a short time ; quickly
in lieu
phrasal instead
in lieu of
phrasal in the place of ; instead of
in limine
foreign term Etymology: Latin on the threshold ; at the beginning
in line for
phrasal due or in a position to receive
in little
phrasal on a small scale; especially in miniature
in lockstep
phrasal in perfect or rigid often mindless conformity or unison
in loco parentis
I. adverb Etymology: Latin Date: 1818 in the place of a parent II. noun Date: 1968 regulation or supervision by an administrative body (as at a university) acting in ...
in love
phrasal inspired by affection
in medias res
adverb Etymology: Latin, literally, into the midst of things Date: 1786 in or into the middle of a narrative or plot
in memoriam
preposition Etymology: Latin Date: 1850 in memory of — used especially in epitaphs
in microcosm
phrasal in a greatly diminished size, form, or scale
in miniature
phrasal in a greatly diminished size, form, or scale
in motion
phrasal of an offensive football player running parallel to the line of scrimmage before the snap
in no time
phrasal very quickly or soon
in omnia paratus
foreign term Etymology: Latin ready for all things
in on the act
phrasal see into the act
in one breath
or in the same breath phrasal almost simultaneously
in one ear and out the other
phrasal through one's mind without making an impression
in one's blood
phrasal ingrained in one's nature ; occurring as an innate or seemingly hereditary principle, inclination, or talent
in one's book
phrasal in one's own opinion
in one's cups
phrasal drunk
in one's face
phrasal directly and aggressively in one's presence — often used with get to describe aggressively confrontational speech or behavior
in one's favor
phrasal 1. in one's good graces 2. to one's advantage
in one's good books
phrasal in favor with one
in one's hair
phrasal persistently and annoyingly in one's presence
in one's own right
phrasal by virtue of one's own qualifications or properties
in one's pocket
phrasal in one's control or possession
in one's shirtsleeves
or in shirtsleeves phrasal wearing a shirt but no coat
in one's stocking feet
phrasal with the feet in stockings but not shoes
in one's tracks
phrasal where one stands or is at the moment ; on the spot
in one's way
also in the way phrasal 1. in a position to be encountered by one ; in or along one's course 2. in a position to hinder or obstruct
in order
phrasal appropriate, desirable
in order that
conjunction Date: 1711 that 2a(1)
in order to
phrasal for the purpose of
in parallel
phrasal in a parallel arrangement
in part
phrasal in some degree ; partially
in partibus infidelium
foreign term Etymology: Latin in the regions of the infidels — used of a titular bishop having no diocesan jurisdiction, usually in non-Christian countries
in particular
phrasal in distinction from others ; specifically
in passing
phrasal by the way ; incidentally
in person
phrasal in one's bodily presence
in personam
adverb or adjective Etymology: Late Latin, against a person Date: 1771 against a person for the purpose of imposing a liability or obligation — used especially of legal ...
in petto
adverb or adjective Etymology: Italian, literally, in the breast Date: circa 1674 1. in private ; secretly 2. in miniature
in phase
phrasal in a synchronized or correlated manner
in place
phrasal 1. also into place a. in an original or proper position b. established, instituted, or operational 2. in the same spot without forward or backward movement
in place of
phrasal as a substitute or replacement for ; instead of
in play
phrasal in condition or position to be legitimately played
in pocket
phrasal 1. provided with funds 2. in the position of having made a profit
in point of
phrasal with regard to ; in the matter of
in praesenti
foreign term Etymology: Latin at the present time
in principle
phrasal with respect to fundamentals
in print
phrasal procurable from the publisher
in private
phrasal not openly or in public
in progress
phrasal going on ; occurring
in proportion
phrasal proportional 1
in propria persona
adverb Etymology: Medieval Latin Date: 1654 in one's own person or character ; personally; especially without the assistance of an attorney
in prospect
phrasal possible or likely for the future
in re
preposition Etymology: Latin Date: 1877 in the matter of ; concerning, re — often used in the title or name of a law case
in reality
phrasal in actual fact
in reason
phrasal rightly, justifiably
in regard to
phrasal with respect to ; concerning
in rem
adverb or adjective Etymology: Late Latin Date: 1761 against a thing (as a right, status, or property) — used especially of legal actions, judgments, or jurisdiction; ...
in reserve
phrasal held back for future or special use
in residence
phrasal engaged to live and work at a particular place often for a specified time
in respect of
phrasal chiefly British with respect to ; concerning
in respect to
phrasal with respect to ; concerning
in retrospect
phrasal in considering the past or a past event
in return
phrasal in reciprocation, compensation, or repayment
in reverse
phrasal in an opposite manner or direction
in saecula saeculorum
foreign term Etymology: Latin for ages of ages ; forever and ever
in season
phrasal 1. at the right time 2. at the stage of greatest fitness (as for eating) 3. legally available to be hunted or caught
in secret
phrasal in a private place or manner
in series
phrasal in a serial or series arrangement
in shape
phrasal in an original, normal, or fit condition
in shirtsleeves
phrasal see in one's shirtsleeves
in short
phrasal by way of summary ; briefly
in short order
phrasal with dispatch ; quickly
in sight
phrasal at or within a reasonable distance or time
in situ
adverb or adjective Etymology: Latin, in position Date: 1740 in the natural or original position or place
in so many words
phrasal 1. in exactly those terms 2. in plain forthright language
in spades
phrasal to an unusually great degree ; in the extreme
in specie
phrasal in the same or like form or kind ; also in coin
in spite of
phrasal in defiance or contempt of ; without being prevented by
in statu quo
adverb Etymology: New Latin, literally, in the state in which Date: 1602 in the former or same state
in statu quo ante bellum
foreign term Etymology: Latin in the same state as before the war
in step
phrasal 1. with each foot moving to the same time as the corresponding foot of others or in time to music 2. in harmony or agreement
in stitches
phrasal in a state of uncontrollable laughter
in stock
phrasal on hand ; in the store and ready for delivery
in stone
phrasal in or into a permanent and unchangeable state
in store
phrasal in readiness ; in preparation
in stride
phrasal 1. without interference with regular activities 2. without emotional reaction
in substance
phrasal in respect to essentials ; fundamentally
in sum
phrasal in short ; briefly
in tandem
phrasal 1. in a tandem arrangement 2. in partnership or conjunction
in terms of
phrasal with respect to or in relation to
in the aggregate
phrasal considered as a whole ; collectively
in the air
phrasal in wide circulation ; about
in the bag
phrasal 1. sure, certain ; also assured of a successful conclusion ; sewn up 2. slang drunk 1a
in the balance
or in balance phrasal with the fate or outcome about to be determined
in the ballpark
phrasal approximately correct
in the bargain
phrasal see into the bargain
in the blink of an eye
phrasal in an instant
in the bud
phrasal in an early stage of development
in the can
phrasal of a film or videotape completed and ready for release
in the cards
also on the cards phrasal inevitable
in the clear
phrasal 1. in inside measurement 2. free from guilt or suspicion 3. in plaintext ; not in code or cipher
in the clover
phrasal see in clover
in the dark
phrasal 1. in secrecy 2. in ignorance
in the dock
phrasal on trial
in the end
phrasal after all, ultimately
in the event
phrasal chiefly British as it turns out
in the extreme
phrasal to the greatest possible extent
in the face of
also in face of phrasal face-to-face with ; despite
in the flesh
phrasal in person and alive
in the fullness of time
phrasal at some point ; eventually
in the grease
phrasal of wool or fur in the natural uncleaned condition
in the hole
phrasal 1. having a score below zero 2. at a disadvantage
in the know
phrasal in possession of exclusive knowledge or information; broadly well-informed
in the large
phrasal on a large scale ; in general
in the light of
phrasal 1. from the point of view of 2. (or in light of) in view of
in the lurch
phrasal in a vulnerable and unsupported position
in the market
phrasal in the position of being a potential buyer
in the name of
phrasal 1. by authority of 2. for the reason of ; using the excuse of
in the pink
phrasal in the best of health or condition
in the raw
phrasal 1. in a natural, unrefined, or crude state 2. naked
in the round
phrasal 1. in full sculptured form unattached to a background 2. with an inclusive or comprehensive view or representation 3. with a center stage surrounded by an audience ...
in the running
phrasal 1. competing in a contest 2. having a chance to win a contest
in the saddle
phrasal in control
in the same boat
phrasal in the same situation or predicament
in the same breath
phrasal see in one breath
in the street
phrasal see on the street
in the sun
phrasal in the public eye
in the tank
or into the tank phrasal in or into a decline or slump
in the teeth of
phrasal 1. in or into direct contact or collision with 2. in direct opposition to
in the wake of
phrasal 1. close behind and in the same path of travel 2. as a result of ; as a consequence of
in the way
phrasal see in one's way
in the wind
phrasal about to happen ; astir, afoot
in the wings
phrasal 1. out of sight in the stage wings 2. close at hand in the background ; readily available
in the woodpile
phrasal doing or responsible for covert mischief
in the works
phrasal in process of preparation, development, or completion
in the world
phrasal among innumerable possibilities ; ever — used as an intensive
in time
phrasal 1. sufficiently early 2. eventually 3. in correct tempo
in toto
adverb Etymology: Latin, on the whole Date: 1796 totally, entirely
in tow
phrasal 1. under guidance or protection 2. accompanying or following usually as an attending or dependent party
in trust
phrasal in the care or possession of a trustee
in truth
phrasal in accordance with fact ; actually
in turn
phrasal in due order of succession
in unison
phrasal 1. in perfect agreement ; so as to harmonize exactly 2. at the same time ; simultaneously
in usum Delphini
foreign term Etymology: Latin for the use of the Dauphin ; expurgated
in utero
adverb or adjective Etymology: Latin Date: 1713 in the uterus ; before birth
in utrumque paratus
foreign term Etymology: Latin prepared for either (event)
in vacuo
adverb Etymology: New Latin Date: 1660 in a vacuum
in vain
phrasal 1. to no end ; without success or result 2. in an irreverent or blasphemous manner
in view of
phrasal in regard to ; in consideration of
in vino veritas
foreign term Etymology: Latin there is truth in wine
in virtue of
phrasal see by virtue of
in vitro
adverb or adjective Etymology: New Latin, literally, in glass Date: circa 1894 outside the living body and in an artificial environment
in vitro fertilization
noun Date: 1969 fertilization of an egg in a laboratory dish or test tube; specifically fertilization by mixing sperm with eggs surgically removed from an ovary followed by ...
in vivo
adverb or adjective Etymology: New Latin, literally, in the living Date: 1901 in the living body of a plant or animal
in whole
phrasal to the full or entire extent ; wholly — usually used in the phrase in whole or in part
in work
phrasal 1. in process of being done 2. of a horse in training
I. prefix or il- or im- or ir- Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin; akin to Old English un- not ; non-, un- — usually il- before l , im- before b, m, or ...
adverb or adjective Date: 1765 in repeated generations of the same or closely related stock
adjective or noun Date: 1815 intermediate
noun Date: 1969 a box or tray (as on a desk) for holding incoming interoffice mail; also a computer folder devoted to incoming e-mail
adjective Date: 1965 comprehensive, thorough
adjective Date: 1944 made, carried out, or provided for use or enjoyment while in flight
noun Date: 1907 1. a group with which one feels a sense of solidarity or community of interests — compare out-group 2. clique
adjective Date: circa 1956 existing, originating, or carried on within a group or organization or its facilities ; not outside
noun Date: 1964 a joke for or about a select group of people
adjective Date: 1973 consisting of something (as goods or commodities) other than money
noun Etymology: mother-in-law, etc. Date: 1894 a relative by marriage
adjective or adverb Date: 1929 having the parts or units arranged in a straight line; also being so arranged
in-line engine
noun Date: 1929 an internal combustion engine in which the cylinders are arranged in one or more straight lines
in-line skate
noun Date: 1987 a roller skate whose wheels are set in-line for greater speed and maneuverability • in-line skater noun • in-line skating noun
in-line skater
noun see in-line skate
in-line skating
noun see in-line skate
noun Date: 1942 one that in-migrates
intransitive verb Date: 1942 to move into or come to live in a region or community especially as part of a large-scale and continuing movement of population — compare ...
noun see in-migrate
adjective Date: 1880 being in print
adjective Date: 1925 of, relating to, or being goods in manufacture as distinguished from raw materials or from finished products
adjective Date: 1928 1. going on or continuing while one is fully employed 2. of, relating to, or being one that is fully employed
adjective Date: 1961 relating to or being an operation or activity located or taking place inside a store
adjective Date: 1637 1. having decoration worked in ; ornamented; especially decorated with embroidery 2. worked in especially as decoration
adjective Date: 1982 characterized by or expressive of bold and often defiant aggressiveness ; also aggressively intrusive
noun Etymology: Middle English inhabilite disqualification, from Medieval Latin inhabilitas, from Latin in- + habilitas ability Date: 15th century lack of sufficient power, ...
noun see inaccessible
adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin inaccessibilis, from Latin in- + Late Latin accessibilis accessible Date: ...
adverb see inaccessible
noun (plural -cies) Date: circa 1755 1. the quality or state of being inaccurate 2. mistake, error
adjective Date: 1738 not accurate ; faulty • inaccurately adverb
adverb see inaccurate
noun Date: 1707 lack of action or activity ; idleness
transitive verb Date: 1906 to make inactive • inactivation noun
noun see inactivate

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