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Слова на букву !kun-arti (15990)

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/al"kok see/, adj. Chem. of or containing a univalent organic radical consisting of an alkyl group attached to oxygen. [1920-25; ALK(YL) + OXY-2] * * *
/al"kee/, n., pl. alkies. Slang. 1. an alcoholic. 2. alcohol. [1840-50; resp. of ALC(OHOL) + -Y2] * * *
/al"kid/, Chem. n. 1. Also called alkyd resin. any of a group of sticky resins derived from dicarboxylic acids, as phthalic or maleic acid, in reaction with polyvalent alcohols, ...
/al"keuhl/, Chem. adj. 1. containing an alkyl group. n. 2. an alkyl group. [1880-85; < G, equiv. to Alk(ohol) ALCOHOL + -yl -YL] * * *
alkyl group
Chem. any of a series of univalent groups of the general formula CnH2n+1, derived from aliphatic hydrocarbons, as the methyl group, CH3-, or ethyl group, C2H5-. Also called alkyl ...
alkyl halide
Chem. a compound with the type formula RX, where R is an alkyl group and X is a halogen. [1895-1900] * * *
/al"keuh layt'/, n., v, alkylated, alkylating. Chem. n. 1. a substance produced by adding one or more alkyl groups to a compound. v.t. 2. to add one or more alkyl groups to (a ...
alkylating drug
Pharm. any of various potentially cytotoxic, carcinogenic, and mutagenic substances: used therapeutically to destroy cells, esp. proliferating cancer cells. * * *
/al'keuh lay"sheuhn/, n. Chem. 1. the replacement of a hydrogen atom in an organic compound by an alkyl group. 2. the addition of a paraffin to an olefin, done in the manufacture ...
/al kil"ik/, adj. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an alkyl group. [ALKYL + -IC] * * *
/al"kuyn/, n. Chem. any member of the alkyne series. Also, alkine. [1880-85; ALK(YL) + -INE2, altered to -yne] * * *
alkyne series
Chem. the homologous series of unsaturated, aliphatic hydrocarbons containing one triple bond and having the general formula, CnH2n+2, as acetylene. Also called acetylene ...
/awl/, adj. 1. the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration): all the cake; all the way; all year. 2. the whole number of (used in referring to individuals or ...
all clear
the signal that an air raid or other danger is over. [1915-20] * * *
All England Club
(in full the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club) the tennis club in Wimbledon, London, where the famous tennis competition is held every year. It started as a croquet club ...
All Fools' Day
All Fools' Day n. APRIL FOOLS' DAY * * *
All Fools' Day.
See April Fools' Day. [1705-15] * * *
All for Love
a drama in blank verse (1678) by Dryden. * * *
all fours
1. all four limbs or extremities; the four legs or feet of an animal or both arms and both legs or both hands and both feet of a person: The cat rolled off the ledge but landed ...
all hail
Archaic. a salutation of greeting or welcome. [1350-1400; ME] * * *
All Hallows
➡ All Saints Day * * *
All Hallows Eve
➡ Halloween. * * *
All in the Family
▪ American television show       American television situation comedy that aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System (now CBS Corporation) for eight seasons ...
All My Children
a popular US television soap opera on ABC which started in 1970 and is about a group of families and their lives. * * *
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
▪ Japanese company Japanese  Zen Nippon Kūyu        the largest domestic air carrier in Japan, and one of the largest in the world. The company was founded in 1952 ...
all on
Fox Hunting. the cry uttered by a whipper-in to signify that all the hounds are accounted for. * * *
all points bulletin
n ➡ APB. * * *
All Quiet on the Western Front
(German, Im Westen nichts Neues) a novel (1929) by Erich Maria Remarque. * * *
all right
1. safe; sound: Are you all right? 2. yes; very well; OK: All right, I'll go with you. 3. (used as an interrogative or interrogative tag) OK?; do you agree?: We'll deal with this ...
All Saints Day
(also All Hallows) 1 November, when members of some Christian Churches traditionally say prayers to all the saints. The previous night, known as All Hallows Eve, is now usually ...
All Saints' Day
a church festival celebrated November 1 in honor of all the saints; Allhallows. [1570-80] * * * In Christianity, a day commemorating all the saints of the church, known and ...
All Souls' Day
a day of solemn prayer for all dead persons, observed by Roman Catholics and certain Anglicans, usually on November 2. [1550-60] * * * In the Roman Catholic church, a day ...
All Souls’ Day
2 November, the special day in the Catholic Church when people say prayers for the souls of the dead. * * *
All the King's Men
a novel (1946) by Robert Penn Warren. * * *
All Things Bright and Beautiful
a hymn (= a Christian religious song) sung especially by children. Many British and US people remember singing the first verse as children: All things bright and beautiful, All ...
all' ottava
/ahl' euh tah"veuh/; It. /ahl'lawt tah"vah/, Music. a direction (8va), placed above or below the staff to indicate that the passage covered is to be played one octave higher or ...
/ahl'lahn tee"kah/, adv. Italian. in the manner of the ancients. * * *
all'ottava [äl΄ lō tä′və, äl΄ lōt tä′vä] adj., adv. 〚It, according to the octave〛 Musical Direction to be played an octave higher, or, sometimes, an octave ...
All's Well That Ends Well
a comedy (1602?) by Shakespeare. * * * ▪ work by Shakespeare       comedy in five acts by William Shakespeare (Shakespeare, William), written in 1601–05 and published ...
var. of allo- before a vowel: allonym. * * *
All-America team
▪ American sports       honorific title given to outstanding U.S. athletes in a specific sport in a given year competing at the collegiate and secondary school levels. ...
/awl'euh mer"i keuhn/, adj. 1. representing the entire United States. 2. composed exclusively of American members or elements. 3. selected as the best in the United States, as in ...
All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
▪ American sports organization       American sports organization that, between 1943 and its dissolution in 1954, grew from a stopgap wartime entertainment to a ...
/awl"euh rownd'/, adj. 1. able to do many things; versatile: an all-around player. 2. broadly applicable; not specialized: an all-around education. 3. inclusive; comprehensive; ...
n [U] a breakfast food made mainly of bran (= the outer skin of grain such as wheat, oats, etc.), which helps to make the bowels work properly. It is usually eaten with milk and ...
all-clear [ôl′klir′] n. a siren blast or other signal that an air raid or practice alert is over * * *
/awl"day'/, adj. taking up, extending through, lasting for, or occurring continually during a day, esp. the hours of daylight; daylong: an all-day tour of the city; an all-day ...
/awl"em bray"sing/, adj. covering or applying to all; all-inclusive; blanket: an all-embracing definition. Also, all-encompassing. [1820-30] * * *
/awl"en kum"peuh sing/, adj. all-embracing. * * *
All-England (Wimbledon) Tennis Championships-singles
▪ Table All-England (Wimbledon) Tennis Championships—singles year men women 1877 S.W. Gore (U.K.) 1878 P.F. Hadow (U.K.) 1879 J.T. Hartley (U.K.) 1880 J.T. Hartley ...
All-England (Wimbledon) Tennis Championshipsdoubles
▪ Table All-England (Wimbledon) Tennis Championships—doubles year men women 1879 L.R. Erskine, H. Lawford 1880 W. Renshaw, E. Renshaw 1881 W. Renshaw, E. ...
All-England Championships-singles
▪ Table All-England Championships—singles year men* women* 1900 S.H. Smith E. Thomson 1901 H.W. Davies E. Thomson 1902 R. Watling M. Lucas 1903 R. Watling E. ...
/awl"ik spens"/, adj. including all necessary or usual expenses, as the full cost of a trip, tour, or the like: a two-week all-expense tour of Mexico. Also, all-expenses-paid ...
/awl"fuyeurd'/, adj., superl. all-firedest, adv. Informal. adj. 1. tremendous; extreme; excessive: He had the all-fired gall to quit in the middle of the job. adv. 2. Also, ...
all-heal or all·heal (ôlʹhēl') n. Any of several plants, such as self-heal or valerian, used in herbal medicine and reputed to have broad healing powers. * * *
See all-important. * * *
/awl"im pawr"tnt/, adj. extremely or vitally important; essential. [1830-40] * * *
/awl"in"/, adj. 1. Wrestling. without restrictions; with virtually every type of hold permitted. 2. Jazz. performed by all members of the group; played ensemble: An all-in ...
/awl"in wun"/, n. an undergarment that combines a girdle and brassiere in one piece. * * *
/awl"in klooh"siv/, adj. including everything; comprehensive. [1880-85] * * *
See all-inclusive. * * *
All-India Trade Union Congress
▪ labour organization, India       India's second largest trade union federation after the Indian National Trade Union Congress. The AITUC was formed by the Indian ...
/awl"nuyt'/, adj. 1. taking up, extending through, or occurring continually during an entire night; nightlong: an all-night vigil. 2. open all night, as for business; providing ...
/awl"nuy"teuhr/, n. Informal. 1. something that lasts, is available, or is open for business throughout the night: The poker game turned into an all-nighter. Are any of the ...
all-or-none (ôl'ər-nŭnʹ) adj. Characterized by either a complete response or by a total lack of response or effect, as in neurological action above a threshold: “Nerve ...
all-or-none law
/awl"euhr nun"/, Physiol. the principle that under given conditions the response of a nerve or muscle fiber to a stimulus at any strength above the threshold is the same: the ...
/awl"euhr nuth"ing/, adj. not allowing for qualification or compromise; either fully or not at all operative: an all-or-nothing approach. [1755-65] * * *
/awl"owt'/, adj. using all one's resources; complete; total: an all-out effort. [1905-10; adj. use of all out utterly, completely, ME al out] Syn. unstinting, exhaustive, ...
all-o·ver also all·o·ver (ôlʹō'vər) adj. Covering an entire surface: wallpaper with an all-over pattern; an allover tan. * * *
all-o·vers (ôlʹōʹvərz) pl.n. Informal A feeling of great unease or extreme nervousness. * * *
/awl"pas', -pahs'/, adj. Radio. (of a network, transducer, etc.) transmitting signals without significant attenuation of any frequencies. * * *
all-points bulletin
/awl"poynts'/ a broadcast alert from one police station to all others in an area, state, etc., as with instructions to arrest a particular suspect or suspects. Abbr.: APB * * *
/awl"pow"euhr feuhl/, adj. having or exercising exclusive and unlimited authority; omnipotent. [1685-95] * * *
/awl"perr"peuhs/, adj. for every purpose: an all-purpose detergent. [1925-30] * * *
/awl"ruyt'/, adj. Informal. agreeable, acceptable, or commendable: an all-right plan. [1815-25] * * *
/awl"rownd"/, adj. all-around. * * *
/awl"rown"deuhr/, n. a person of great versatility or wide-ranging skills: The job needs an all-rounder who knows sales, accounting, and something about computers. [1855-60; all ...
all-seater stadiums
➡ football – British style * * *
/awl"stahr'/, adj. 1. consisting of athletes chosen as the best at their positions from all teams in a league or region: Our quarterback was chosen for the all-star team. 2. ...
all-star game
n (AmE) a game played between the best players in their sport. The ‘all-stars’ are often divided into teams that represent different sections of a league (= a group of sports ...
/awl"stayt"/, adj. selected on the basis of merit to represent one's state, often in a competition: an all-state debater; a pitcher on the all-state team. Also, all-State. * * *
all-terrain bike
/awl"teuh rayn"/. See mountain bike. * * *
all-terrain vehicle
/awl"teuh rayn"/ a vehicle with treads, wheels, or both, designed to traverse varied, uneven terrain as well as roads. Abbr.: ATV [1965-70] * * *
all-ter·rain vehicle (ôlʹtə-rānʹ) n. Abbr. ATV A small, open motor vehicle having one seat and three or more wheels fitted with large tires. It is designed chiefly for ...
/awl"tuym'/, adj. 1. never surpassed or greater: Production will reach an all-time high. 2. regarded as such in its entire history: an all-time favorite song. [1910-15] * * *
/awl"wedh'euhr/, adj. 1. designed to operate or be usable in any type of weather: an all-weather coat; an all-weather shelter. 2. capable of resisting damage from exposure to any ...
/awl"year'/, adj. 1. taking up, extending through, or occurring continually during a year: an all-year activity. 2. open all year, as for business or occupancy: an all-year ...
alla breve
/ah"leuh brev"ay/; It. /ahl"lah brdde"ve/, Music. using the half note as the basic time unit; 2/2 time. Also called cut time. Cf. common time. [1800-10; < It: in short time, ...
alla marcia
/ah'leuh mahr"cheuh/; It. /ahl'lah mahrdd"chah/, Music. like a march; in the manner of a march. [ < It. See MARCH] * * *
alla prima
/ah"leuh pree"meuh/, Fine Arts. a painting technique in which a canvas is completed in one session, often having a thickly applied impasto. [ < It: lit., at the first] * * *
Alla Rakha Khan
▪ 2001 Alla Rakha Qureshi        Indian musician (b. April 29, 1919, Phagwal, Jammu province, India—d. Feb. 3, 2000, Mumbai [Bombay], India), was a maestro of the ...
alla vostra salute
/ahl'lah vaws"trddah sah looh"te/, Italian. to your health (used as a toast). * * *
al·la breve (ăl'ə brĕvʹ, ä'lə brĕvʹā) adv. & adj. Music In cut time.   [Italian : alla, according to the + breve, breve.] * * *
/al"euh, ah"leuh/, n. Islam. the Supreme Being; God. [ < Ar Allah, akin to ilah god] * * * I (Arabic; "God") Standard Arabic word for God, used by Arab Christians as well as by ...
/al'euh heuh bad", ah'leuh hah bahd"/, n. a city in SE Uttar Pradesh, in N India, on the Ganges. 513,997. * * * or Prayag Raj City (pop., 2001 prelim.: metro. area, 1,049,579), ...
Allais, Maurice
▪ French economist born May 31, 1911, Paris, France       French economist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1988 for his development of principles to ...
/al'euh man"deuh/, n. any of several tropical American shrubs or woody vines belonging to the genus Allamanda, of the dogbane family, having showy yellow or purple flowers, and ...
/al"euhn/, n. a male given name. * * * (as used in expressions) Cormack Allan MacLeod Nevins Allan Penzias Arno Allan Poe Edgar Allan * * *
Allan Pinkerton
➡ Pinkerton * * *
Allan, Maud
▪ Canadian dancer and teacher born 1883, Toronto, Ont., Can. died Oct. 7, 1956, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.       Canadian-born interpretative dancer and teacher, one of ...
Allan, Sir Hugh
▪ Canadian financier born Sept. 29, 1810, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scot. died Dec. 9, 1882, Edinburgh       Canadian financier and shipbuilder whose contribution of at ...
/al'euhn euh dayl"/, n. (in English balladry) a member of Robin Hood's band who carried off his sweetheart just before she was to be forced into marriage with an aged ...
—allanitic /al'euh nit"ik/, adj. /al"euh nuyt'/, n. Mineral. a member of the epidote group, a silicate of calcium, cerium, aluminum, and iron, occurring chiefly in ...
/al'euhn toh"ik/, adj. of or pertaining to the allantois. [1830-40; ALLANTO(IS) + -IC] * * *
/euh lan"toyd/, adj. 1. Also, allantoidal /al'euhn toyd"l/. allantoic. n. 2. the allantois. [1625-35; < Gk allantoeidés, equiv. to allant- (s. of allâs sausage) + -oeidés ...
/euh lan"toh in/, n. Biochem., Pharm. a white powder, C4H6N4O3, produced by oxidation of uric acid and the major excretory product of purine degradation in many vertebrates: used ...
/euh lan"toh is, -toys/, n. Embryol., Zool. a vascular, extraembryonic membrane of birds, reptiles, and certain mammals that develops as a sac or diverticulum from the ventral ...
/ah'lahr gahn"doh, -gan"-/; It. /ahl'lahrdd gahn"daw/, adj. Music. becoming slower and broader. [1890-95; < It: al to the + largando broadening. See LARGE] * * *
/al"euh tiv/, Gram. adj. 1. noting a case, as in Finnish, whose distinctive function is to indicate place to or toward which. n. 2. the allative case. [1860-65; < L allat(us) ...
Allawi, Ayad
▪ 2005       On June 28, 2004, the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority officially transferred sovereignty in Iraq to the newly chosen Iraqi leadership. To the ...
—allayer, n. /euh lay"/, v.t., allayed, allaying. 1. to put (fear, doubt, suspicion, anger, etc.) to rest; calm; quiet. 2. to lessen or relieve; mitigate; alleviate: to allay ...
See allay. * * *
Allbutt, Sir Thomas Clifford
born July 20, 1836, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, Eng. died Feb. 22, 1925, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire English physician. He introduced the modern clinical thermometer (the thermometer ...
Allchurch, Ivor John
▪ 1998       Welsh association football (soccer) player who was the "Golden Boy" of Welsh soccer from 1949 to 1968. Allchurch, an inside forward known for his superb ...
all clear n. A signal, usually by siren, that an air raid is over or a danger has passed. * * *
/al"i kret'/, n. a half suit of light plate armor. [1530-40; < MF halecret, perh. < G Hals neck] * * *
allée [ȧ lā′] n. 〚Fr < OFr alee: see ALLEY1〛 a walk or passage, esp. one between two rows of evenly planted trees * * * ▪ French promenade  feature of the French ...
Allee, Warder Clyde
▪ American zoologist born June 5, 1885, near Bloomingdale, Ind., U.S. died March 18, 1955, Gainesville, Fla.       zoologist and ecologist noted for his research on ...
▪ county, Maryland, United States       county, western Maryland, U.S. It consists of an irregular neck of land between Pennsylvania to the north and West Virginia to ...
/al'i gay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of alleging; affirmation. 2. an assertion made with little or no proof. 3. an assertion made by a party in a legal proceeding, which the party ...
—allegeable, adj. —alleger, n. /euh lej"/, v.t., alleged, alleging. 1. to assert without proof. 2. to declare with positiveness; affirm; assert: to allege a fact. 3. to ...
See allege. * * *
/euh lejd", euh lej"id/, adj. 1. declared or stated to be as described; asserted: The alleged murderer could not be located for questioning. 2. doubtful; suspect; supposed: The ...
/euh lej"id lee/, adv. according to what is or has been alleged. [1870-75; ALLEGED + -LY] * * *
See allegeable. * * *
Alleghenian orogeny
formerly Appalachian Revolution Mountain-building event that affected the Appalachian Geosyncline in the late Permian period (c. 286–248 million years ago). The Alleghenian ...
➡ Allegheny Mountains * * *
—Alleghenian, Alleghanian, adj. /al'i gay"nee/, n. a river flowing NW from Pennsylvania into SW New York and then S through W Pennsylvania, joining the Monongahela at ...
Allegheny barberry
a shrub, Berberis canadensis, of North America, resembling the common barberry of Europe, but having leaves with grayish undersides. * * *
Allegheny College
▪ college, Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States  private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Meadville, Pennsylvania, U.S. The college offers bachelor's ...
Allegheny Mountains
a mountain range in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia: a part of the Appalachian Mountains. Also called Alleghenies. * * * Ranges of the Appalachian system in ...
Allegheny Plateau
▪ plateau, United States       western section of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S., extending southwestward from the Mohawk River valley in central New York to the ...
Allegheny River
River in Pennsylvania and New York, U.S. It rises in Potter county, Pa. , loops northwest into New York, turns back into Pennsylvania, and unites with the Monongahela to form ...
Allegheny spurge
a low, shrubby evergreen plant, Pachysandra procumbens, having spikes of white or purplish flowers, native to the southeastern U.S. and widely cultivated as a ground ...
Al·le·ghe·ny Mountains (ăl'ĭ-gāʹnē) also Al·le·ghe·nies (-nēz) A mountain range comprising the western part of the Appalachian Mountains. The range extends about ...
Allegheny River A river rising in north-central Pennsylvania and flowing about 523 km (325 mi) northwest into New York then southwest into Pennsylvania again, where it joins the ...
Allegheny spurge n. A perennial herb (Pachysandra procumbens), native to the southeast United States and sometimes grown as an ornamental or ground cover for its usually mottled ...
/euh lee"jeuhns/, n. 1. the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign. 2. loyalty or devotion to some person, group, cause, or the ...
/euh lee"jeuhnt/, adj. 1. loyal; faithful. n. 2. a faithful follower; adherent: allegiants of religious cults. [1605-15; ALLEGI(ANCE) + -ANT] * * *
—allegorically, adv. —allegoricalness, n. /al'i gawr"i keuhl, -gor"-/, adj. consisting of or pertaining to allegory; of the nature of or containing allegory; figurative: an ...
See allegorical. * * *
/al"i gawr'ist, -gohr'-, al"i geuhr ist/, n. a person who uses or writes allegory. [1675-85; ALLEGOR(IZE) + -IST] * * *
/al'i geuh ris"tik/, adj. writing or using allegory; interpreting in an allegorical sense. [ALLEGORIST + -IC] * * *
See allegorize. * * *
—allegorization, n. —allegorizer, n. /al"i geuh ruyz'/, v., allegorized, allegorizing. v.t. 1. to make into an allegory; narrate allegorically. 2. to understand in an ...
See allegorization. * * *
/al"euh gawr'ee, -gohr'ee/, n., pl. allegories. 1. a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject ...
/euh leg"reuh/; It. /ahl le"grddah/, n. a female given name. * * *
Allégret, Marc
▪ French director born Dec. 22, 1900, Basel, Switz. died Nov. 4, 1973, Paris, France       French motion-picture director known for his exacting film ...
Allégret, Yves
▪ French director born Oct. 13, 1907, Paris, France died Jan. 31, 1987, Paris       French motion-picture director who gained fame for his work in the “film noir” ...
/al'i gret"oh/; It. /ahl'le grddet"taw/, adj., adv., n., pl. allegrettos. Music. adj., adv. 1. light, graceful, and moderately fast in tempo. n. 2. an allegretto ...
/euh lay"groh, euh leg"roh/; It. /ahl le"grddaw/, adj., adv., n., pl. allegros. Music. adj., adv. 1. brisk or rapid in tempo. n. 2. an allegro movement. [1625-35; < It < L alacer ...
Allegro, L'
/lah lay"groh, la-/. See L'Allegro. * * *
—allelic /euh lee"lik, euh lel"ik/, adj. —allelism, n. /euh leel"/, n. Genetics. any of several forms of a gene, usually arising through mutation, that are responsible for ...
allele frequency
Genetics. See gene frequency. * * *
See allele. * * *
See allelic. * * *
—allelomorphic, adj. —allelomorphism, n. /euh lee"leuh mawrf', euh lel"euh-/, n. allele. [1900-05; < Gk allelo- (see ALLELE) + -MORPH] * * *
See allelomorph. * * *
See allelomorphic. * * *
See allelopathy. * * *
—allelopathic /euh lee'leuh path"ik, euh lel'euh-/, adj. /euh lee lop"euh thee, al'euh lop"-/, n. Bot. suppression of growth of a plant by a toxin released from a nearby plant ...
—alleluiatic /al'euh looh yat"ik/, adj. /al'euh looh"yeuh/, interj. 1. praise ye the Lord; hallelujah. n. 2. a song of praise to God. [1175-1225; ME < LL < Gk allelouía < Heb ...
/al"euh mand', -mahnd', al'euh mand", -mahnd"/; Fr. /annleu mahonnd"/, n., pl. allemandes /-mandz', -mahndz', -mandz", -mahndz"/; Fr. /-mahonnd"/. 1. a 17th- and 18th-century ...
allemande sauce
a velouté thickened and enriched with egg yolk. Also, Allemande sauce. [1820-30; fem. of F allemand German] * * *
/al'euh mon"tuyt/, n. a white to gray, brittle mineral, antimony arsenide, AsSb, occurring in reniform masses: formerly used as an ore of arsenic. [1830-40; named after Allemont ...
/al"euhn/, n. 1. (Charles) Grant (Blairfindie) /blair fin"dee/, ("Cecil Power," "J. Arbuthnot Wilson"), 1848-99, British philosophical writer and novelist. 2. Ethan, 1738-89, ...
Allen Ginsberg
➡ Ginsberg * * *
Allen Park
a city in SE Michigan. 34,196. * * *
Allen screw
a screw turned by means of an axial hexagonal hole in its head. [formerly a trademark] * * *
Allen wrench
a wrench for Allen screws, formed from a piece of hexagonal bar stock bent to a right angle. See illus. under wrench. [formerly a trademark] * * *
Allen, Bog of
▪ peat bogs, Ireland Irish  Móin Alúine        group of peat bogs between the Liffey and the Shannon rivers in east-central Ireland in Counties Kildare, Offaly, ...
Allen, Dave
▪ 2006 David Tynan O'Mahoney        Irish comedian (b. July 6, 1936, Tallaght, County Dublin, Ire.—d. March 10, 2005, London, Eng.), mocked the absurdities of society, ...
Allen, Elizabeth Anne Chase Akers
▪ American journalist and poet née  Elizabeth Anne Chase  born Oct. 9, 1832, Strong, Maine, U.S. died Aug. 7, 1911, Tuckahoe, N.Y.       American journalist and ...
Allen, Ethan
born Jan. 21, 1738, Litchfield, Conn. died Feb. 12, 1789, Burlington, Vt., U.S. American soldier and frontiersman. After fighting in the French and Indian War (1754–63), he ...
Allen, Florence Ellinwood
▪ American jurist born March 23, 1884, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. died Sept. 12, 1966, Waite Hill, Ohio       American jurist who became the first woman to serve on the ...
Allen, Fred
▪ American comedian original name  John Florence Sullivan   born May 31, 1894, Cambridge, Mass., U.S. died March 17, 1956, New York, N.Y.  American humorist whose laconic ...
Allen, George
▪ American football coach in full  George Herbert Allen  born April 29, 1922, Detroit, Mich., U.S. died Dec. 31, 1990, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.       American ...
Allen, Gracie
▪ American comedian original name  Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen  born July 26, 1902, San Francisco, Calif., U.S. died Aug. 27, 1964, Hollywood, Calif.  American ...
Allen, Henry
▪ American musician in full  Henry James Allen, Jr.,  byname  Red  born Jan. 7, 1908, New Orleans, La., U.S. died April 17, 1967, New York, N.Y.  African-American jazz ...
Allen, Hervey
▪ American author in full  William Hervey Allen, Jr.   born Dec. 8, 1889, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S. died Dec. 28, 1949, Coconut Grove, Fla.       American poet, ...
Allen, Ivan Earnest, Jr.
▪ 2004       American politician (b. March 15, 1911, Atlanta, Ga.—d. July 2, 2003, Atlanta), served as mayor of Atlanta from 1962 to 1970, and, having discarded his ...
Allen, Jay Presson
▪ 2007 Jacqueline Presson        American screenwriter and playwright (b. March 3, 1922, Fort Worth, Texas—d. May 1, 2006, New York, N.Y.), was best known for the ...
Allen, Marit
▪ 2008       British fashion editor and costume designer born Sept. 17, 1941, Cheshire, Eng. died Nov. 26, 2007, Sydney, Australia used her shrewd fashion sense and ...
Allen, Mel
orig. Melvin Allen Israel born Feb. 14, 1913, Birmingham, Ala., U.S. died June 16, 1996, Greenwich, Conn. U.S. sports broadcaster. As lead announcer for the New York Yankees ...
Allen, Paula Gunn
▪ 2009 Paula Marie Francis        American poet, novelist, and scholar born Oct. 24, 1939, Albuquerque, N.M. died May 29, 2008, Fort Bragg, Calif. combined the ...
Allen, Phog
▪ American basketball coach byname of  Forrest Clare Allen   born Nov. 15, 1885, Jamesport, Mo., U.S. died Sept. 16, 1974, Lawrence, Kan.       American college ...
Allen, Richard
born Feb. 14, 1760, Philadelphia, Pa. died March 26, 1831, Philadelphia U.S. religious leader. He was born to slave parents, and his family was sold to a Delaware farmer. A ...
Allen, Sir Hugh
▪ British organist and musical educator born December 23, 1869, Reading, Berkshire, Eng. died February 20, 1946, Oxford, Oxfordshire  organist and musical educator who ...
Allen, Sir James
▪ New Zealander statesman born February 10, 1855, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia died July 28, 1942, Dunedin, New Zealand       statesman, leader of the New ...
Allen, Stephen Valentine Patrick William
▪ 2001 “Steve”        American entertainer, composer, and author (b. Dec. 26, 1921, New York, N.Y.—d. Oct. 30, 2000, Encino, Calif.), was a prolific, versatile, ...
Allen, Steve
orig. Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen born Dec. 26, 1921, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 30, 2000, Los Angeles, Calif. U.S. entertainer and songwriter. He appeared as ...
Allen, Viola
▪ American actress born Oct. 27, 1869, Huntsville, Ala., U.S. died May 10, 1948, New York, N.Y.  American actress, especially famous for her Shakespearean roles and for her ...
Allen, Walter
▪ British writer in full  Walter Ernest Allen   born Feb. 23, 1911, Birmingham, Eng. died Feb. 28, 1995, London       British novelist and critic best known for the ...
Allen, Walter Ernest
▪ 1996       British novelist, academic, and critic, best known for his 1954 study The English Novel (b. Feb. 23, 1911—d. Feb. 28, 1995). * * *
Allen, William
▪ English cardinal born 1532, Rossall, Lancashire, Eng. died Oct. 16, 1594, Rome [Italy]       English cardinal and scholar who supervised the preparation of the Roman ...
Allen, Woody
orig. Allen Stewart Konigsberg born Dec. 1, 1935, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. U.S. film director, screenwriter, and actor. After writing routines for comedians and performing as a ...
Al·len (ălʹən), Ethan. 1738-1789. American Revolutionary soldier whose troops, the Green Mountain Boys, helped capture Fort Ticonderoga from the British (1775). * * *
Allen, Fred. 1894-1956. American humorist famous for his dry, satirical work in vaudeville, radio, and early television. * * *
Allen,Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie
Allen, Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie. Known as “Gracie.” 1906-1964. American comedian best remembered as the confused but unflappable foil to her husband and stage partner, ...
Allen, Richard. 1760-1831. American religious leader and the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (1816-1831). * * *
Allen, William. 1532-1594. English Roman Catholic cardinal who directed the work on the Douay Bible. * * *
Allen, Woody. Originally Allen Stewart Konigsberg. Born 1935. American comic actor, writer, and filmmaker whose films include Annie Hall (1977), which won two Academy Awards, ...
/al"euhn bee/, n. Edmund Henry Hynman /hin"meuhn/, 1st Viscount, 1861-1936, British field marshal: commander of British forces in Egypt in World War I and conqueror of Jerusalem ...
Allenby (of Megiddo and of Felixstowe), Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount
born April 23, 1861, Brackenhurst, near Southwell, Nottinghamshire, Eng. died May 14, 1936, London British field marshal. He fought in the South African War and served as ...
Allenby, Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount
▪ British field marshal in full  Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe  born April 23, 1861, Brackenhurst, near Southwell, ...
Allenby,First Viscount
Al·len·by (ălʹən-bē), First Viscount Title of Edmund Henry Hynman. 1861-1936. British field marshal noted for his military successes in the Middle East during World War ...
▪ county, South Carolina, United States       county, southern South Carolina, U.S. It is a rural area on the Coastal Plain. The Savannah River border with Georgia ...
/ah yen"day/, n. Isabel, born 1942, Chilean novelist. * * *
Allende (Gossens), Salvador
born July 26, 1908, Valparaiso, Chile died Sept. 11, 1973, Santiago Socialist president of Chile (1970–73). Of upper-middle-class background, Allende took a degree in ...
Allende Gossens
/ah yen"de gaw"sens/ Salvador, 1908-73, Chilean political leader: president 1970-73. * * *
Allende Gossens,Salvador
Al·len·de Gos·sens (ä-yĕnʹdĕ gōʹsĕns), Salvador. 1908-1973. Chilean politician who as president (1970-1973) was considered the first democratically elected Marxist ...
Allende meteorite
/ah yen"day/, Astron. a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite that fell over northern Mexico in 1969: one of the largest recorded falls of a stony meteorite. [after Pueblito de ...
Allende, Isabel
▪ 1996       Author of four novels, including the critically acclaimed and popular La casa de los espíritus (1982; The House of the Spirits, 1985), Isabel Allende wrote ...
Allende, Salvador
▪ president of Chile in full  Salvador Allende Gossens  born July 26, 1908, Valparaíso, Chile died Sept. 11, 1973, Santiago  Chile's first socialist ...
Allen Park A city of southeast Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Population: 31,092. * * *
/ah"leuhn shtuyn'/, n. German name of Olsztyn. * * *
Al·len·ti·ac (ə-lĕnʹtē-ăk') n. pl. Allentiac or Al·len·ti·acs 1. A member of a South American Indian people inhabiting west-central Argentina. 2. The extinct language ...
/al"euhn town'/, n. a city in E Pennsylvania. 103,758. * * * City (pop., 2000: 106,632), eastern Pennsylvania, U.S. It was laid out along the Lehigh River in 1762 and named ...
Allen wrench n. A tool consisting of an L-shaped bar with a hexagonal head, used to turn screws with hexagonal sockets.   [Originally a trademark.] * * *
/euh lep"ee/, n. a port in SW Kerala, in S India, on the Arabian Sea. 160,166. * * * ▪ India also spelled  Alappuzha        city, southern Kerala state, southwestern ...
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative county of Cumbria, historic county of Cumberland, northwestern England, in the northwestern part of ...
/al"euhr jeuhn, -jen'/, n. Immunol. any substance, often a protein, that induces an allergy: common allergens include pollen, grasses, dust, and some medications. [1910-15; ...
—allergenicity /al'euhr jeuh nis"i tee/, n. /al'euhr jen"ik/, adj. causing allergic sensitization. [1910-15; ALLERGEN + -IC] * * *
/euh lerr"jik/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to allergy: an allergic reaction to wool. 2. having an allergy. 3. Informal. having a strong dislike or aversion: He's allergic to most ...
allergic rhinitis
Pathol. a condition characterized by head congestion, sneezing, tearing, and swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, caused by an allergic reaction. Cf. hay fever. * * *
/al"euhr jist/, n. a physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. [1930-35; ALLERG(Y) + -IST] * * *
/al"euhr jee/, n., pl. allergies. 1. an abnormal reaction of the body to a previously encountered allergen introduced by inhalation, ingestion, injection, or skin contact, often ...
/al"euh thrin/, n. Chem. a clear, amber, viscous liquid, C19H26O3, used as an insecticide. [1945-50; ALL(YL) + (pyr)ethrin, equiv. to Pyrethr(um) name of a genus of composite ...
/euh lee"vee euhnt/, n. something that alleviates a condition. [ALLEVI(ATE) + -ANT] * * *
/euh lee"vee ayt'/, v.t., alleviated, alleviating. to make easier to endure; lessen; mitigate: to alleviate sorrow; to alleviate pain. [1425-75; late ME alleviaten < LL ...
/euh lee'vee ay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of alleviating. 2. something that alleviates or palliates. [1615-25; < ML alleviation- (s. of alleviatio), equiv. to alleviat(us) (see ...
/euh lee"vee ay'tiv, -euh tiv/, adj. 1. Also, alleviatory /euh lee"vee euh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/. serving to alleviate; palliative. n. 2. Obs. alleviation (def. 2). [1665-75; ...
/euh lee"vee ay'teuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that alleviates. 2. (in a pipeline) an airtight box, having a free liquid surface, for cushioning the shock of water ...
alley1 /al"ee/, n., pl. alleys. 1. a passage, as through a continuous row of houses, permitting access from the street to backyards, garages, etc. 2. a narrow back street. 3. a ...
alley cat
a homeless, usually mongrel, cat that scavenges for food in alleys, streets, etc. [1900-05] * * *
/al"ee oohp"/, interj. 1. (used as a shout of encouragement, exhortation, or the like, esp. when coordinating efforts to lift a heavy object.) n. 2. Basketball. a quick-score ...
alley cat n. A homeless or stray cat. * * *
alley cropping n. A method of planting in which rows of a crop are sown between rows or hedges of nitrogen-fixing plants, the roots of which enrich the soil. * * *
alley light n. A searchlight mounted on the side or top of a police patrol car or other such motor vehicle, used for sideways illumination. * * *
(1566–1626) an English actor, famous for his performances in plays by Marlowe, while his great rival Richard Burbage (c. 1567–1619) acted in Shakespeare’s plays. He owned ...
Alleyn, Edward
▪ English actor born Sept. 1, 1566, London, Eng. died Nov. 25, 1626, London       one of the greatest actors of the Elizabethan stage and founder of Dulwich College, ...
/al"ee way'/, n. 1. an alley or lane. 2. a narrow passageway. [1780-90, Amer.; ALLEY1 + WAY] * * *
AllFools' Day
All Fools' Day (ôl) n. See April Fools' Day. * * *
all fours pl.n. (used with a sing. verb) Any of several card games resembling whist and in which points are scored in four ways: for the high trump, the low trump, the jack of ...
Allgemeine Enzyklopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste
▪ German encyclopaedia       (German: “Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts”), monumental uncompleted German encyclopaedia of which 167 volumes were ...
Allgemeine Zeitung
▪ German newspaper       (German: “General Newspaper”), greatest German newspaper in the 19th century, founded at Tübingen in 1798 by Johann Friedrich Cotta, later ...
all get-out also all get out (gĕtʹout') n. Informal The utmost degree that is possible or even imaginable: “It's snowing like all get-out up here” (Hans Thorner). * * *
Allgood, Sara
▪ Irish actress born Oct. 31, 1883, Dublin died Sept. 13, 1950, Woodland Hills, Calif., U.S.  Irish character actress who performed in the original Sean O'Casey plays ...
all hail interj. Used to express acclamation, a welcome, or a greeting. * * *
/awl'hal"oh meuhs/, n. Archaic. See All Saints' Day. [bef. 1100; ME alhalwemesse, OE ealra halgena maesse mass of all saints] * * *
/awl'hal"ohz/, n. See All Saints' Day. [bef. 1000] * * *
Allhallows Eve
Halloween. Also called All Hallow Even. [1550-60] * * *
/awl'hal"oh tuyd'/, n. Archaic. the time or season of All Saints' Day. [1540-50; ALLHALLOW(S) + TIDE1] * * *
/awl"heel'/, n. 1. valerian (def. 1). 2. any of several plants once believed to have extensive curative powers, as the selfheal, Prunella vulgaris. [1590-1600; ALL + HEAL] * * *
▪ plant family  family of flowering plants in the order Asparagales, with about 30 genera and more than 670 species, distributed throughout most regions of the world, except ...
/al'ee ay"sheuhs/, adj. 1. Bot. belonging to the genus Allium (formerly the family Alliaceae). Cf. allium. 2. having the odor or taste of garlic, onion, etc. [1785-95; < L ...
/euh luy"euhns/, n. 1. the act of allying or state of being allied. 2. a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes. 3. a merging ...
/euh luy"euhns/, n. a city in NE Ohio. 24,315. * * * I In international politics, a union for joint action of various powers or states. Examples include the alliance of the ...
Alliance and Leicester
a British bank with branches in many towns and cities. It used to be a building society, and became a bank in 1997. * * *
Alliance for Progress
a program of foreign aid presented by President Kennedy to help solve the economic and social problems of Latin America. * * * International development program. Initiated by ...
Alliance Israélite Universelle
Political organization founded in France in 1860 for the purpose of providing assistance to Jews. Its founders were a group of French Jews who had the resources to help those ...
Alliance Party
(in full the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) a political party formed in Northern Ireland in 1970 by people who disagreed with the extreme views of both Catholics and ...
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
➡ Alliance Party * * * ▪ political party, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Introduction        Northern Ireland's oldest interdenominational party, a small, moderate ...

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