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Слова на букву !kun-arti (15990)

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American wirehair
American wirehair n. any of a breed of domestic cat similar to the American shorthair (see SHORTHAIR), but with a dense, wiry coat * * *
American Woman Suffrage Association
▪ American organization       American political organization that worked from 1869 to 1890 to gain for women the right to vote.       Based in Boston, ...
American woodbine.
See under woodbine (def. 2). * * *
American wormseed.
See Mexican tea. * * *
American yew
▪ Taxus canadensis also called  Canada yew, dwarf yew, ground hemlock, or creeping hemlock        (Taxus canadensis), a prostrate, straggling evergreen shrub of the ...
American, The
a novel (1877) by Henry James. * * *
/euh mer'i kan"euh, -kah"neuh, -kay"neuh/, n. 1. (often used with a pl. v.) books, papers, maps, etc., relating to America, esp. to its history, culture, and geography. 2. (used ...
American Beauty n. A type of rose bearing large, long-stemmed purplish-red flowers. * * *
American cheese n. A smooth, mild, white to yellow cheddar. * * *
American chestnut n. An eastern North American deciduous tree (Castanea dentata), once valuable for its timber and nuts but now found mostly as sprouts from old stumps, the ...
American dream also American Dream n. An American ideal of a happy and successful life to which all may aspire: “In the deepening gloom of the Depression, the American Dream ...
American eagle n. See bald eagle. * * *
American elk n. See wapiti. * * *
American elm Ulmus americana Wendy Smith n. A North American deciduous tree (Ulmus americana) having double serrate leaves and winged fruits. It is grown chiefly as an ...
American English n. The English language as used in the United States. * * *
American Falls A section, 50.9 m (167 ft) high, of Niagara Falls in western New York north of Buffalo. * * *
American foxhound n. Any of an American breed of foxhounds having drooping ears and a smooth glossy coat that is usually black, tan, and white. * * *
American Indian n. A member of any of the peoples indigenous to the Americas except the Eskimos, Aleuts, and Inuits.   American Indian adj.   Usage Note: In principle, American ...
American Indianist n. A specialist in Native American cultures, languages, or affairs. * * *
/euh mer"i keuh niz'euhm/, n. 1. a custom, trait, or thing peculiar to the United States of America or its citizens. 2. a word, phrase, or other language feature that is ...
—Americanistic, adj. /euh mer"i keuh nist/, n. 1. a student of America, esp. of its history, culture, and geography. 2. a specialist in the cultures or languages of American ...
See Americanize. * * * ▪ sociology       in the early 20th century, activities that were designed to prepare foreign-born residents of the United States for full ...
—Americanization, n. —Americanizer, n. /euh mer"i keuh nuyz'/, v.t., v.i., Americanized, Americanizing. to make or become American in character; assimilate to the customs and ...
American kestrel n. See sparrow hawk. * * *
See American. * * *
/euh mer'i kan"oh, -kah"noh/, n., pl. Americanos. a cocktail made with bitters, sweet vermouth, and soda water. Also called Americano cocktail. [1940-45; < Sp: American] * * *
/euh mer'i keuh nol"euh jist/, n. a foreign expert or specialist in American cultural or political matters: a leading Americanologist in the Kremlin. [1965-70; AMERICAN + ...
American plan n. Abbr. AP A system of hotel management in which a guest pays a fixed daily rate for room and meals. * * *
American Revolution n. The war between the American colonies and Great Britain (1775-1783), leading to the formation of the independent United States. * * *
➡ America (II) * * *
Americans for Democratic Action
▪ American organization       a liberal independent political organization in the United States. It was formed in 1947 by a group of labour leaders, civic and political ...
Americans with Disabilities Act
▪ 1994       By all odds it was not the biggest liability case in legal history, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) suit against Chicago-based AIC ...
Americansaddle horse
American saddle horse n. A three- or five-gaited high-stepping saddle horse of a breed originating in Kentucky. * * *
American Samoa Abbr. AS An unincorporated territory of the United States in the southern Pacific Ocean northeast of Fiji comprising the eastern islands of the Samoan archipelago. ...
AmericanSign Language
American Sign Language n. Abbr. ASL The primary sign language used by deaf and hearing-impaired people in the United States and Canada, devised in part by Thomas Hopkins ...
American Spanish n. The Spanish language as used in the Western Hemisphere. * * *
AmericanStaffordshire terrier
American Staffordshire terrier n. A strong muscular terrier of an American breed with powerful jaws, a broad skull, and short hair, originally developed for dogfighting. Also ...
AmericanStandard Version
American Standard Version n. Abbr. ASV A revised version of the King James Bible published in the United States in 1901, incorporating renderings preferred by American scholars ...
▪ continents also called  America         the two continents, North (North America) and South America, of the Western Hemisphere. The climatic zones of the two ...
Americas, pony of the
▪ mammal  riding-pony breed used as a child's mount, developed in the United States in the 1950s by crossing ponies with Appaloosa horses (horse). To qualify for ...
A·mer·i·cas (ə-mĕrʹĭ-kəz), the See America. * * *
America’s Cup
an international sailing contest, first held in 1851. It is usually held every three or four years, and a US crew has won it every time except in 1983 when Australia won, in 1995 ...
America’s Most Wanted
a US television series started in 1987, which presents information about people who are wanted by the police for serious crimes, often people on the FBI‘s Ten Most Wanted list. ...
/am'euh rish"ee euhm/, n. Chem. a transuranic element, one of the products of high-energy helium bombardment of uranium and plutonium. Symbol: Am; at. no.: 95. [1945-50, Amer.; ...
a US organization for community service established in 1993. It has about 50 000 members of all ages active in over 1 200 communities. They help to build and repair homes, ...
/euh mer"i keuhs/, n. a city in SW central Georgia. 16,120. * * * ▪ Georgia, United States       city, seat (1831) of Sumter county, southwest-central Georgia, U.S., ...
Amerigo Vespucci
/euh mer"i goh' ve spooh"chee, -spyooh"-/; It. /ah'me rddee"gaw ves pooht"chee/. See Vespucci, Amerigo. * * *
☆ Amerika [ə mer′i kə ] 〚Ger, America〛 AMERICA (the country): spelling used to suggest that U.S. society is variously fascist, repressive, racist, etc. * * *
—Amerindic, adj. /am"euh rind/, n. 1. Indian (def. 1). 2. any of the indigenous languages of the American Indians. [1895-1900, Amer.; AMER(ICAN) + IND(IAN)] Usage. See ...
American Indian. Also, Amer. Ind. * * *
/am'euh rin"dee euhn/, n. 1. Indian (def. 1). adj. 2. of or pertaining to Amerindians. [AMER(ICAN) + INDIAN] Usage. See Indian. * * *
See Amerind. * * *
—amerism, n. /am'euh ris"tik, ay'me ris"-/, adj. Bot. not divided into parts; having no meristem. [ < Gk amérist(os) undivided (a- A-6 + meristós divided) + -IC] * * *
/ah"meuhrz fawrt', -fohrt', -meuhrs-/, n. a city in the central Netherlands. 88,365. * * * ▪ The Netherlands  gemeente (municipality), central Netherlands, on the Eem ...
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (parish), Chiltern district, administrative and historic county of Buckinghamshire, England, in the Misbourn River valley. The ...
American Spanish. * * *
Amery Ice Shelf
/ay"meuh ree/ an ice barrier in Antarctica, in the SW Indian Ocean, bordered by Enderby Land on the N and American Highland on the W. * * * ▪ ice formation, Indian ...
Amery, L.S.
▪ British politician in full  Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery   born Nov. 22, 1873, Gorakhpur, India died Sept. 16, 1955, London, Eng.       British politician ...
/aymz/, n. a city in central Iowa. 45,775. * * * ▪ Iowa, United States       city, Story county, central Iowa, U.S., on the South Skunk River, about 30 miles (50 km) ...
Ames test
a test that exposes a strain of bacteria to a chemical compound in order to determine the mutagenic potential of the compound. [1975-80; after U.S. biochemist Bruce N. Ames (born ...
Ames, Aldrich
▪ American spy in full  Aldrich Hazen Ames   born June 26, 1941, River Falls, Wis., U.S.       American official of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who was ...
Ames, Fisher
born April 9, 1758, Dedham, Mass. died July 4, 1808, Dedham, Mass., U.S. U.S. essayist and Federalist politician. He graduated from Harvard College in 1774 and taught school ...
Ames, Jessie Daniel
▪ American activist born Nov. 2, 1883, Palestine, Texas, U.S. died Feb. 21, 1972, Austin, Texas       American suffragist and civil rights activist who worked ...
Ames, Leslie
▪ British cricketer in full  Leslie Ethelbert George Ames   born Dec. 3, 1905, Elham, Kent, Eng. died Feb. 26, 1990, Canterbury, Kent       one of the outstanding ...
Ames, Oakes
▪ American businessman and politician born Jan. 10, 1804, Easton, Mass., U.S. died May 8, 1873, Easton  leading figure in the Crédit Mobilier scandal following the U.S. ...
Ames, William
▪ English theologian born 1576, Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng. died Nov. 14, 1633, Rotterdam       English Puritan theologian remembered for his writings on ethics and for ...
Ames, Winthrop
born Nov. 25, 1870, North Easton, Mass., U.S. died Nov. 3, 1937, Boston, Mass. U.S. theatrical producer and manager. Born into a wealthy New England family, he traveled to ...
/aymz"ays', amz"-/, n. ambsace. * * *
/aymz"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n. a town in NE Massachusetts. 13,971. * * * ▪ England, United Kingdom       town (“parish”), Salisbury district, administrative and ...
Amesha Spenta
/ah"me sheuh spen"teuh/, Zoroastrianism. any of the personified attributes of Ahura Mazda. Also called Spenta Amesha. [ < Avestan, equiv. to amesha angel + spenta good] * * * In ...
/am"euh slan', am"slan/, n. See American Sign Language. [1970-75, Amer.] * * *
Ames test n. A test used to determine the mutagenic potential of a substance based on the mutation rate of bacteria that are exposed to the substance.   [After BruceAmes (born ...
/ay'met euh bol"ik/, adj. Zool. undergoing slight or no metamorphosis. Also, ametabolous /ay'meuh tab"euh leuhs/. [1865-70; A-6 + METABOLIC] * * *
am·e·thop·ter·in (ăm'ə-thŏpʹtər-ĭn) n. Methotrexate.   [amino- + meth- + pter(oyl), a chemical radical + -in.] * * *
—amethystine /am'euh this"tin, -tuyn/, adj. —amethystlike, adj. /am"euh thist/, n. 1. a purple or violet quartz, used as a gem. 2. a purplish tint. adj. 3. having the color ...
See amethyst. * * *
Ametistov, Ernest Mikhailovich
▪ 1999       Russian judge who from 1991 was a member of the Constitutional Court, Russia's highest court, and as such was a liberal champion of human rights and ...
—ametropic /am'i trop"ik, -troh"pik/, adj. /am'i troh"pee euh/, n. Ophthalm. faulty refraction of light rays by the eye, as in astigmatism or myopia. [1875-80; < Gk ámetr(os) ...
See ametropia. * * *
▪ trilobite genus  genus of trilobites (extinct arthropods) found as fossils in North America rocks dating from the Late Carboniferous to the Late Permian Period (from 318 ...
/am"eks/, n. See American Stock Exchange. Also, Amex * * *
Allied Military Government. * * *
Am·ga (äm-gäʹ) A river rising in eastern Russia and flowing about 1,287 km (800 mi) generally northeast to the Aldan River east of Yakutsk. * * *
Am·gun (äm-go͞onʹ) A river of southeast Russia flowing about 788 km (490 mi) northeast to the Amur River. * * *
/ahm hahr"euh/, n. 1. a former kingdom in E Africa: now a province in NW Ethiopia. Cap.: Gondar. 2. a member of an agricultural, Amharic-speaking Christian people of central ...
/am har"ik, ahm hahr"-/, n. 1. the Semitic language that is the official language of Ethiopia. adj. 2. of or pertaining to this language or its speakers. [1590-1600; AMHAR(A) + ...
Amharic language
Semitic language of Ethiopia. Amharic is spoken by more than 18 million people as a first language and is used as a lingua franca throughout much of central highland Ethiopia. ...
/am"euhrst/, n. 1. Jeffrey, Baron, 1717-97, British field marshal: governor general of British North America 1760-63. 2. a city in W Massachusetts. 33,229. 3. a town in N Ohio. ...
Amherst College
Private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S., chartered in 1825. Noah Webster was one of its founders. Consistently ranked as one of the finest colleges in the ...
Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron
born Jan. 29, 1717, Sevenoaks, Kent, Eng. died Aug. 3, 1797, Sevenoaks British army commander. In the French and Indian War, he took the French fort at Louisbourg, Cape Breton ...
Amherst, William Pitt Amherst, lst Earl, Viscount Holmesdale, Baron Amherst Of Montreal
▪ British diplomat born January 14, 1773, Bath, Somerset, Eng. died March 13, 1857, Knole, Kent  diplomat who, as British governor-general of India (1823–28), played a ...
Am·herst (ămʹərst), Jeffrey. Baron Amherst. 1717-1797. British general active in North America during the French and Indian War. He seized Forts Ticonderoga and Crown Point ...
Amhurst, Nicholas
▪ British author born Oct. 16, 1697, Marden, Kent, Eng. died April 12, 1742, Twickenham, Middlesex       satirical poet, political pamphleteer on behalf of the Whigs, ...
/ann mee"/; Eng. /a mee", ah mee"/, n., pl. amis /ann mee"/; Eng. /a meez", ah meez"/. French. 1. a friend, esp. a male friend. 2. a boyfriend or male lover. * * * ▪ ...
See amiable. * * *
—amiability, amiableness, n. —amiably, adv. /ay"mee euh beuhl/, adj. 1. having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities; affable: an amiable disposition. 2. ...
See amiability. * * *
See amiability. * * *
—amianthine /am'ee an"theuhn, -thuyn/, adj. —amianthoid, amianthoidal, adj. /am'ee an"theuhs/, n. Mineral. a fine variety of asbestos, with delicate, flexible ...
/am"ik/, adj. Chem. of or pertaining to an amide or amine. [1860-65; AM(IDE) or AM(INE) + -IC] * * *
See amicable. * * *
—amicability, amicableness, n. —amicably, adv. /am"i keuh beuhl/, adj. characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable: an amicable settlement. [1425-75; late ME < ...
amicable number
Math. either of a pair of positive integers in which each member is equal to the sum of the submultiples of the other, as 220 and 284. * * *
See amicability. * * *
See amicability. * * *
amice1 /am"is/, n. Eccles. an oblong vestment, usually of white linen, worn about the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb. [1200-50; ME amice(s) < OF amis, amys, pl. of ...
Amichai, Yehuda
▪ 2001       Israeli poet (b. May 3, 1924, Würzburg, Ger.—d. Sept. 22, 2000, Jerusalem, Israel), wrote in Hebrew and combined the ancient Jewish poetic tradition with ...
Amici prism
/euh mee"chee/, Optics. a compound prism that spreads out incident white light into a spectrum but produces no deviation of the central color of the dispersed beam. Also called ...
Amici, Giovanni Battista
▪ Italian astronomer born March 25, 1786, Modena, Duchy of Modena [Italy] died April 10, 1863, Florence       astronomer and optician who made important improvements in ...
/euh muy"keuhs, euh mee"-/, adj. Law. of, pertaining to, or representing an amicus curiae: The church stated its official position in an amicus brief. [by shortening] * * *
amicus curiae
/euh muy"keuhs kyoor"ee ee', euh mee"keuhs kyoor"ee uy'/, pl. amici curiae /euh muy"kuy kyoor"ee ee', euh mee"kee kyoor"ee uy'/. Law. a person, not a party to the litigation, who ...
amicus humani generis
/ah mee"koos hooh mah"nee ge"ne rddis/; Eng. /euh muy"keuhs hyooh may"nuy jen"euh ris, euh mee"keuhs hyooh may"nee/, Latin. a philanthropist. [lit., friend of the human race] * * ...
amicus usque ad aras
/ah mee"koos oos"kwe ahd ah"rddahs/; Eng. /euh muy"keuhs us"kwee ad ay"ras, euh mee"-/, Latin. a friend to the last degree. * * *
a·mi·cus cu·ri·ae (ə-mē'kəs kyo͝orʹē-ī') n. pl. a·mi·ci curiae (ə-mē'kē) A party that is not involved in a particular litigation but that is allowed by the court ...
/euh mid"/, prep. 1. in the middle of; surrounded by; among: to stand weeping amid the ruins. 2. during; in or throughout the course of. Also, amidst. [bef. 1000; ME amidde, OE ...
var. of amido- before a vowel: amidase. [1870-75] * * *
/ah"mi deuh/, n. Buddhism. a Buddha who rules over paradise, enjoying endless and infinite bliss. Cf. Pure Land. * * *
/ah mee"dah/, n. Judaism. a liturgical prayer that is recited in standing position at each of the three daily services and consists of three opening blessings, three closing ...
/am"i days', -dayz'/, n. Biochem. an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of an acid amide. [1920-25; AMID- + -ASE] * * *
—amidation, n. /am"i dayt'/, v.t., amidated, amidating. Chem. to convert into an amide. [AMID- + -ATE1] * * *
—amidic /euh mid"ik/, adj. /am"uyd, -id/, n. Chem. 1. a metallic derivative of ammonia in which the -NH2 group is retained, as potassium amide, KNH2. 2. an organic compound ...
See amide. * * *
/am"i din/, n. the soluble matter of starch. [1825-35; < ML amid(um) starch (alter. of L amylum; see AMYL) + -IN2] * * *
/am"i deen', -din/, n. Chem. any of a group of compounds containing the CN2H3 group, some of which have marked pharmacological action. [AMID- + -INE2] * * *
/am'i dee'noh huy"dreuh zohn'/, n. any of a group of pesticides, originally developed as antimalarial and antitubercular drugs, that impair cell respiration in cockroaches, red ...
▪ Buddhist sect       sect of Mahāyāna Buddhism centring on worship of Amida (in Japanese; Sanskrit Amitābha; Chinese O-mi-t'o-fo), Buddha (Buddha of Infinite Light), ...
amido [ə mē′dō, am′i dō΄] adj. of an amide or amides * * *
1. a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds in which the -NH2 group united with an acid radical is present: amidocyanogen. 2. (erroneously) amino-. Also, esp. ...
/euh mee"deuh jeuhn, -jen', euh mid"euh-/, n. Chem. (formerly) the -NH2 group. [1840-50; AMIDO- + -GEN] * * *
/am"i dawl', -dol'/, n. Chem. a colorless, crystalline powder, C6H8N2O·2HCl, derived from phenol, used chiefly as a photographic developer. [1890-95; AMID- + -OL1] * * *
☆ amidone [am′i dōn΄ ] n. 〚Ger amidon < (dimethyl)ami(no-)d(iphenyl-heptan)one〛 METHADONE * * *
/euh mid"ships'/, adv. 1. in or toward the middle part of a ship or aircraft; midway between the ends. 2. along the central fore-and-aft line of a ship or aircraft. 3. in or ...
/euh midst"/, prep. amid. [1250-1300; ME amiddes; see AMID, -S1; for -t see AGAINST, AMONGST, etc.] * * *
/ann mee"/; Eng. /a mee", ah mee"/, n., pl. amies /ann mee"/; Eng. /a meez", ah meez"/. French. 1. a female friend. 2. a girlfriend or female lover. * * *
Amiel, Henri Frédéric
▪ Swiss writer born Sept. 27, 1821, Geneva, Switz. died May 11, 1881, Geneva  Swiss writer known for his Journal intime, a masterpiece of self-analysis. Despite apparent ...
/am"ee euhnz/; Fr. /ann myaonn"/, n. a city in and the capital of Somme, in N France: cathedral; battles 1914, 1918, 1944. 135,992. * * * ancient Samarobriva later ...
Amiens Cathedral
▪ cathedral, Amiens, France also called  Notre-Dame d'Amiens,  or  the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Amiens    Gothic cathedral located in the historic city of Amiens, ...
Amiens, Treaty of
(March 27, 1802) Agreement signed at Amiens, France, by Britain, France, Spain, and the Batavian Republic (The Netherlands). By the treaty, France and its allies recovered most ...
Amies, Sir Hardy
▪ 2004       British couturier (b. July 17, 1909, London, Eng.—d. March 5, 2003, Langford, Oxfordshire, Eng.), dressed Queen Elizabeth II of England for half a century ...
/euh mee"geuh, ah mee"-/; Sp. /ah mee"gah/, n., pl. amigas /-geuhz/; Sp. /-gahs/. a female friend. [ < Sp; fem. of AMIGO] * * *
/euh mee"goh, ah mee"-/; Sp. /ah mee"gaw/, n., pl. amigos /-gohz/; Sp. /-gaws/. a friend, esp. a male friend. [1830-40, Amer.; < Sp < L amicus] * * *
/am'i kay"sin/, n. Pharm. a wide-spectrum semisynthetic antibiotic, C22H45N5O13, used in the treatment of infections, esp. those caused by susceptible Gram-negative ...
Āmilī, Bahāʾ ad-dīn Muḥammad ibn Ḥusayn, al-ʿ
▪ Iranian scholar also called  Shaykh Bahāʾī   born March 20, 1546, Baalbek, Syria died Aug. 20, 1622, Iran       theologian, mathematician, jurist, and astronomer ...
/euh mil"euh ruyd'/, n. Pharm. a potassium-sparing diuretic, C6H8ClN7O, used in the treatment of hypertension. [perh. (di)ami(no-6-ch)lor(opyrazinam)ide, part of its chemical ...
/ay mim"ee euh/, n. Med. the inability to express ideas by means of gestures or signs. [ < NL, equiv. to a- A-6 + Gk mîm(os) actor, mimic + -ia -IA] * * *
/ah meen"/, n. Idi /ee"dee/, (Idi Amin Dada), born 1925?, Ugandan dictator: president 1971-79; in exile from 1979. * * *
Amin (Dada Oumee), Idi
born 1924/25, Koboko, Ugan. died Aug. 16, 2003, Jiddah, Saud.Ar. Military officer and president (1971–79) of Uganda. A member of the small Kakwa ethnic group and a Muslim, he ...
Amin Dada,Idi
A·min Da·da (ä-mēnʹ dä-däʹ, däʹdä), Idi. Born c. 1925. Ugandan dictator (1971-1979) whose brutal and repressive regime ended when he fled the country after being ...
Amīn, al-
▪ ʿAbbāsid caliph born April 787 died Sept. 24/25, 813, Iraq       sixth caliph of the ʿAbbāsid dynasty.       As the son of Hārūn ar-Rashīd, the fifth ...
Amin, Hafizullah
▪ president of Afghanistan born August 1, 1929, Paghmān, Afghanistan died December 27, 1979, Kabul       leftist politician who briefly served as the president of ...
Amin, Idi
▪ 2004 Idi Amin Dada Oumee        Ugandan military officer and president (b. 1924/25, near Koboko, Uganda British Protectorate—d. Aug. 16, 2003, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia), ...
Amin, Mohamed
▪ 1997       Kenyan news photographer and cameraman whose television reports of the 1984 famine in Ethiopia attracted worldwide attention and prompted a massive ...
Amin, Mustafa
▪ 1998       outspoken Egyptian journalist and publisher who was sentenced to life imprisonment under Pres. Gamal Abdel Nasser as an American spy in 1965, allegedly ...
var. of amino- before a vowel. * * *
/ah mee"neuh/, n. a female given name: from an Arabic word meaning "honest and faithful." Also, Amina. * * *
/am"euh nays', -nayz'/, n. Biochem. any of a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of amino compounds, releasing the amino group and liberating nitrogen. [AMIN- + -ASE] * ...
—amination, n. /am"euh nayt'/, v.t., aminated, aminating. Chem. to introduce an amino group into (a compound). [AMINE + -ATE1] * * *
Amindivi Islands
/ah"min dee"vee, ah'min-/ a group of islands in the NE Laccadive Islands, off the SW coast of India. 3.75 sq. mi. (9.71 sq. km). * * *
A·min·di·vi Islands (ä'mĭn-dēʹvē) A group of islands in the Arabian Sea off the southwest coast of India, part of the Indian union territory of Lakshadweep. * * *
—aminic /euh mee"nik, euh min"ik/, adj. —aminity /euh min"i tee/, n. /euh meen", am"in/, n. Chem. any of a class of compounds derived from ammonia by replacement of one or ...
/euh mee"noh, am"euh noh'/, adj. Chem. containing the amino group. [1900-05; independent use of AMINO-] * * *
amino acid
Biochem. any of a class of organic compounds that contains at least one amino group, -NH2, and one carboxyl group, -COOH: the alpha-amino acids, RCH(NH2)COOH, are the building ...
Amino acid composition of soy protein
▪ Table Amino acid composition of soy protein (calculated to 16 percent nitrogen) amino ...
Amino acid content of some proteins
▪ Table Amino acid content of some proteins protein amino acid* alpha-casein gliadin edestin collagen (ox ...
amino group
Chem. the univalent group, -NH2. Also called amino radical. * * *
amino resin
Chem. any of the class of thermosetting resins formed by the interaction of an amine, as urea, and an aldehyde, as formaldehyde: used chiefly as adhesives for laminated materials ...
a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds in which the amino group is present: aminobenzene. Also, -amine; esp. before a vowel, amin-. [AMINE + -O-] * * *
amino-acid dating
/euh mee"noh as"id, am"euh noh'-/ a method used to date an organic geological or archaeological specimen, as a fossil or mummified body, by determining how much change has ...
aminoacetic acid
/euh mee"noh euh see"tik, -set"ik, am"euh noh'-, euh mee'noh-, am'euh noh-/, Chem. glycine. [1885-90; AMINO- + ACETIC ACID] * * *
amino acid n. An organic compound containing an amino group (NH2), a carboxylic acid group (COOH), and any of various side groups, especially any of the 20 compounds that have ...
a·mi·no·ac·i·de·mi·a (ə-mē'nō-ăs'ĭ-dēʹmē-ə, ăm'ə-) n. A condition in which excessive amounts of amino acids are present in the blood. * * *
/euh mee'noh as'i door"ee euh, -dyoor"-, am'euh noh-/, n. Physiol. excess amino acids in the urine, as in certain kidney diseases. [AMINO ACID + -URIA] * * *
/euh mee'noh ben"zeen, -ben zeen", am'euh noh-/, n. Chem. aniline (def. 1). [1900-05; AMINO- + BENZENE] * * *
aminobenzoic acid
/euh mee"noh ben zoh"ik, am"euh noh'-, euh mee'noh-, am'euh noh-/, Chem. any of three isomers having the formula C7H7NO2, derived from benzoic acid, esp. the para isomer, ...
a·mi·no·ben·zo·ic acid (ə-mē'nō-bĕn-zōʹĭk, ăm'ə-) n. Any of three benzoic acid derivatives, C7H7NO2, especially the yellowish para-form, which is part of the ...
/euh mee"noh kahrb', am"euh noh-/, n. Chem. a crystalline compound, C11H16N2O2, used as a nonsystemic insecticide on various food crops and forest growth. [AMINO- + CARB(AMATE), ...
aminocitric acid
/euh mee"noh si"trik, am"euh noh'-, euh mee'noh-, am'euh noh-/, Biochem. an amino acid, C6H9O7N, that is a component of calf thymus ribonucleoprotein. [AMINO- + CITRIC] * * *
/euh mee'noh suy'kleuh hek"sayn, -sik'leuh-, am'euh noh-/, n. Chem. cyclohexylamine. [AMINO- + CYCLOHEXANE] * * *
/euh mee'noh glooh teth"euh muyd', am'euh noh-/, n. Pharm. a hormone antagonist, C13H16N2O2, used in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome and breast cancer. [appar. from selected ...
/euh mee'noh gluy"keuh suyd', am'euh noh-/, Pharm. adj. 1. of or pertaining to amino sugars in glycosidic linkage. n. 2. any of a group of bacterial antibiotics having ...
/euh mee'noh pep"ti days', -dayz', am'euh noh-/, n. Biochem. any of several intestinal hydrolytic enzymes that remove an amino acid from the end of a peptide chain having a free ...
/euh mee'noh fee"nawl, -nol, am'euh noh-/, n. Chem. a white crystalline substance, C6H7NO, occurring in three isomers, meta-, ortho-, and para-aminophenol: used as an ...
/euh mee'noh fil"uyn, -een, am'euh noh-/, n. Pharm. a theophylline derivative, C16H24N10O4, used chiefly to relieve bronchial spasm in asthma, in the treatment of certain heart ...
/euh mee"neuh plast', am"euh noh-/, n. Chem. See amino resin. [1935-40; AMINO- + PLAST(IC)] * * *
am·i·nop·ter·in (ăm'ə-nŏpʹtər-ĭn) n. A folic acid antagonist, C19H20N8O5, used as an antineoplastic agent. It has been mainly replaced by methotrexate.   [amino- + ...
aminopyrine [ə mē΄nōpī′rēn΄, am΄ə nōpī′rēn΄, ə mē΄nō pī′rin, am΄ə nō pī′rin] n. 〚( dimethyl)amino- + (〛 a colorless, crystalline powder, ...
a·mi·no·sal·i·cyl·ic acid (ə-mē'nō-săl'ĭ-sĭlʹĭk, ăm'ə-) n. See para-aminosalicylic acid. * * *
aminosuccinic acid
/euh mee"noh seuhk sin"ik, am"euh noh'-, euh mee'noh-, am'euh noh-/, Biochem. See aspartic acid. [AMINO- + SUCCINIC ACID] * * *
/euh mee"noh shoog'euhr, am"euh noh-/, n. Biochem. a monosaccharide with an amino or substituted amino group in place of a nonglycosidic hydroxyl group. [AMINO- + SUGAR] * * *
/euh mee'noh trans"feuh rays', -rayz', am'euh noh-/, n. Biochem. transaminase. [1960-65; AMINO- + TRANSFERASE] * * *
aminotriazole [ə mē΄nōtrī′ə zōl΄, am΄ə nō΄trī′ə zōl΄] n. 〚 AMINO- + TRIAZOLE〛 a white, crystalline, soluble powder, NHNC(NH2)NCH, used for killing weeds ...
/am'ee oh dar"ohn/, n. Pharm. a substance, C25H29I2NO3, used in the treatment of heart arrhythmias. [laboratory coinage of unexplained orig.] * * *
Amiot, Jean-Joseph-Marie
▪ Jesuit missionary Amiot also spelled  Amyot   born February 8, 1718, Toulon, France died October 9, 1793, Beijing, China       Jesuit missionary whose writings made ...
/euh mear"/, n. emir. [1605-15; < Ar amir commander; see EMIR] * * *
Amir Ali, Sayyid
▪ Indian political leader born April 6, 1849, Cuttack, India died Aug. 3, 1928, Sussex, Eng.       jurist, writer, and Muslim leader who favoured British rule in India ...
Amīr Khosrow
▪ Indian poet born 1253, Patiāli [now in Uttar Pradesh, India] died 1325, Delhi       poet and historian, considered one of India's greatest Persian-language ...
Āmir, ʿAbd al-Ḥakīmʿ
▪ Egyptian military official and vice president born December 11, 1919, Egypt died September 14, 1967, Cairo       military official who helped establish Egypt as a ...
Amirante Isles
▪ islands, Seychelles       group of coral islands in the western Indian Ocean, lying about 200 miles (320 km) southwest of the Seychelles group and forming, with the ...
/euh mear"it, -ayt/, n. emirate. [AMIR + -ATE3] * * *
Āmiriyyah, Al-ʿ
▪ district, Egypt formerly  Maryūṭ        industrial district of Al-Iskandariyyah ( Alexandria) muḥāfaẓah (governorate), northern Egypt. The centre of the ...
/ay"mis/, n. Kingsley, 1922-95, English novelist. * * *
Amis and Amiles
▪ French legendary figures       chief characters in an Old French metrical romance, based on an older and widespread legend of friendship and sacrifice. In its simplest ...
Amis, Martin
born Aug. 25, 1949, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Eng. British writer and critic. The son of writer Kingsley Amis, he graduated from Oxford University in 1971. He worked for the Times ...
Amis, Sir Kingsley
▪ British author born April 16, 1922, London, England died October 22, 1995, London       novelist, poet, critic, and teacher who created in his first novel, Lucky Jim, ...
Amis, Sir Kingsley (William)
born April 16, 1922, London, Eng. died Oct. 22, 1995, London British novelist, poet, critic, and teacher. His first novel, Lucky Jim (1954; film, 1957), was a hugely successful ...
Amis, Sir Kingsley William
▪ 1996       British novelist and poet (b. April 16, 1922, London, England—d. Oct. 22, 1995, London), created about 40 books—over 20 novels as well as several ...
A·mis (āʹmĭs), Kingsley. 1922-1995. British writer best known for his novels, including Lucky Jim (1954) and Jake's Thing (1978). * * *
/ah"mish, am"ish/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to any of the strict Mennonite groups, chiefly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Canada, descended from the followers of Jakob ...
/euh mis"/, adv. 1. out of the right or proper course, order, or condition; improperly; wrongly; astray: Did I speak amiss? 2. take amiss, to be offended at or resentful of ...
Amistad mutiny
(July 2, 1839) Slave rebellion aboard the schooner Amistad. The revolt took place off the coast of Cuba when 53 Africans who had been abducted from Sierra Leone for the slave ...
/u'mi tah"beuh/, n. Sanskrit. Amida. * * * Japanese Amida Saviour deity worshiped by followers of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan. According to the Sukhavati-vyuha-sutra (Pure ...
/am"i tayt', -tit/, n. Anthropol. a close social relationship between a paternal aunt and her niece. [ < L amit(a) paternal aunt + -ATE3] * * *
▪ Buddhist text       (Sanskrit: “Discourse Concerning Meditation on Amitāyus”), one of three texts basic to Pure Land Buddhism. Together with the larger and ...
▪ ancient town, Italy       in ancient Italy, a Sabine town 5 miles (8 km) north of present L'Aquila in the Aterno (ancient Aternus) River valley. It was stormed by the ...
—amitotic /am'i tot"ik, ay'muy-/, adj. —amitotically, adv. /am'i toh"sis, ay'muy-/, n. Biol. the direct method of cell division, characterized by simple cleavage of the ...
See amitosis. * * *
/am'i trip"teuh leen', -luyn', -lin/, n. Pharm. a white crystalline powder, C20H23N, used to treat depression and enuresis. [perh. AMI(NO)- + TRYPT(OPHAN) + (METH)YL + -INE2] * * ...
amitrole [am′i trōl΄] n. 〚 AMI(
/euh mit"uy/, n. the father of Jonah. II Kings 14:25. * * *
/am"i tee/, n. 1. friendship; peaceful harmony. 2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, esp. between nations; peace; accord. [1400-50; late ME amit(i)e < MF amitie, ...
/am"i tee/, n. a female given name. * * *
/ah mahn", ah"mahn/, n. a city in and the capital of Jordan, in the W part. 615,000. Also called Rabbath Ammon. * * * City (pop., 1994: 969,598), capital of Jordan. It lies 25 ...
Amman, Jost
▪ German engraver born June 13, 1539, Zürich, Switz. died March 17, 1591, Nürnberg, Bavaria [Germany]       painter and printmaker, one of the most prolific and ...
/ah'meuh nah"tee/; It. /ahm'mah nah"tee/, n. Bartolommeo /bahrdd'taw lawm me"aw/, 1511-92, Italian architect and sculptor. * * *
Ammann, Othmar Herman
▪ American engineer born March 26, 1879, Schaffhausen, Switz. died Sept. 22, 1965, Rye, N.Y., U.S.  engineer and designer of numerous long suspension bridges, including the ...
Ammannati, Bartolommeo
or Bartolommeo Ammanati born June 18, 1511, Settignano, near Florence died April 22, 1592, Florence Italian sculptor and architect active chiefly in Florence. He trained ...
/am"euhnz/, n. A(rchie) R(andolf), born 1926, U.S. poet. * * *
Ammers-Küller, Jo van
▪ Dutch author in full  Johanna Van Ammers-küller   born Aug. 13, 1884, Noordeloos, Neth. died Jan. 23, 1966, Bakel       Dutch writer best known for her historical ...
/am"mee'teuhr/, n. Elect. an instrument for measuring current in amperes. [1880-85; AM(PERE) + -METER] * * * ▪ measurement instrument       instrument for measuring ...
/am'ee ay"neuhs/, n. Marcellinus /mahr'seuh luy"neuhs/, A.D. c325-c398, Roman historian. * * *
Ammianus Marcellinus
▪ Roman historian born c. 330, Antioch, Syria [now Antakya, Tur.] died 395, Rome [Italy]       last major Roman historian, whose work continued the history ...
/am"een, euh meen"/, n. Chem. 1. a compound containing one or more ammonia molecules in coordinate linkage. 2. any coordination compound containing one or more ammonia molecules ...
/am"euh noh', euh mee"noh/, adj. Chem. containing or pertaining to an ammine. [independent use of AMMINE + -O-] * * *
ammino- [a mē′nō, am′i nō΄] combining form containing one or more ammines * * *
/am'euh shad"uy/, n. the father of Ahiezer, the Danite. Num. 1:12; 2:25. Also, Douay Bible, Ammisaddai /am'euh sad"uy, -sad"ay uy'/. * * *
/am"oh/, n. Informal. ammunition. [AMM(UNITION) + -O] * * *
/am"euh seet'/, n. the larval stage of a lamprey. Also, ammocoete. [1855-60; < NL ammocoetes lit., something bedded in sand < Gk ámmo(s) sand + koíte bed] * * *
/am"euhn/, n. 1. the classical name of the Egyptian divinity Amen, whom the Greeks identified with Zeus, the Romans with Jupiter. 2. the ancient country of the Ammonites, east of ...
/am"euh nal'/, n. a high explosive consisting chiefly of powdered aluminum, ammonium nitrate, and TNT. [1900-05; AMMON(IUM) + AL(UMINUM)] * * *
—ammonation, n. /am"euh nayt'/, n. Chem. ammoniate (def. 2). * * *
var. of ammonio-, esp. before a vowel. * * *
/euh mohn"yeuh, euh moh"nee euh/, n. Chem. 1. a colorless, pungent, suffocating, highly water-soluble, gaseous compound, NH3, usually produced by the direct combination of ...
ammonia alum
Chem. See aluminum ammonium sulfate. * * *
ammonia liquor
Chem. a concentrated solution of ammonia, ammonium compounds, and sulfur compounds, obtained as a by-product in the destructive distillation of bituminous coal. Also, ammoniacal ...
ammonia solution
Chem. ammonia (def. 2). * * *
ammonia water
Chem. ammonia (def. 2). [1900-05] * * *
ammonia-soda process
▪ chemical process also called  Solvay Process,         modern method of manufacturing the industrial alkali sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash. The process was ...
/euh moh"nee ak'/, n. 1. Also, ammoniacum /am'euh nuy"euh keuhm/. See gum ammoniac. adj. 2. ammoniacal. [1375-1425; late ME armoniac, ammoniak < L ammoniacum < Gk ammoniakón ...
/am'euh nuy"euh keuhl/, adj. 1. consisting of, containing, or using ammonia. 2. like ammonia. Also, ammoniac. [1725-35; AMMONIAC + -AL1] * * *
—ammoniation, n. /euh moh"nee ayt'/, v., ammoniated, ammoniating, n. Chem. v.t. 1. to treat or cause to unite with ammonia. n. 2. Also, ammonate. a compound formed by adding ...
See ammoniate. * * *
ammonia water n. See ammonium hydroxide. * * *
/euh mon"ik, euh moh"nik/, adj. of or pertaining to ammonia or ammonium. Also, ammonical. [1865-70; AMMON(IA) + -IC] * * *
/euh mon'euh fi kay"sheuhn, euh moh'neuh-/, n. 1. the act of impregnating with ammonia, as in the manufacture of fertilizer. 2. the state of being so impregnated. 3. the ...
See ammonify. * * *
—ammonifier, n. /euh mon"euh fuy', euh moh"neuh-/, v., ammonified, ammonifying. v.t. 1. to combine or impregnate with ammonia. 2. to form into ammonia or ammonium ...
a combining form representing ammonia or ammonium in compound words: ammonioferric. Also, esp. before a vowel, ammoni-. * * *
ammonioferric oxalate
/euh moh"nee oh fer"ik, euh moh'-/, Chem. See ferric ammonium oxalate. [AMMONIO- + FERRIC] * * *
ammonite1 —ammonitic /am'euh nit"ik/, adj. —ammonitoid /euh mon"i toyd'/, adj. /am"euh nuyt'/, n. the coiled, chambered fossil shell of an ammonoid. [1700-10; < NL Ammonites ...
—Ammonitish, adj. /am"euh nuyt'/, n. 1. an inhabitant of Ammon. adj. 2. of or pertaining to the Ammonites. [1605-15; AMMON + -ITE1] * * * ▪ people       any member of ...
See ammonite. * * *
/euh moh"nee euhm/, n. Chem. the univalent ion, NH4+, or group, NH4, which plays the part of a metal in the salt formed when ammonia reacts with an acid. [ < NL; see AMMONIA, ...
ammonium acetate
Chem. a white, crystalline, deliquescent, water-soluble solid, NH4(C2H3O2), used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes and meat preservatives. * * *
ammonium alum
Chem. See aluminum ammonium sulfate. * * *
ammonium bicarbonate
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, NH4HCO3, used chiefly in the manufacture of baking powder. * * *

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