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Слова на букву lowe-moth (15990)

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loweresophageal sphincter
lower esophageal sphincter n. A ring of smooth muscle fibers at the junction of the esophagus and stomach. Also called cardiac sphincter, gastroesophageal sphincter. * * *
—loweringly, adv. /low"euhr ing, loweur"ing/, adj. 1. dark and threatening, as the sky, clouds, or weather; overcast; gloomy: lowering skies. 2. frowning or sullen, as the face ...
See lower1. * * *
LowerKlamath Lake
Lower Klamath Lake A lake of northern California formerly connected with Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon. * * *
Lower Michigan See Lower Peninsula. * * *
/loh"euhr mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. lowest. [1555-65; LOWER1 + -MOST] * * *
Lower Palatinate See Palatinate. * * *
Lower Peninsula also Lower Michigan The section of Michigan between Lakes Michigan and Huron and south of the Straits of Mackinac. * * *
Lower Rhine The portion of the Rhine River between Bonn, Germany, and the North Sea. * * *
Lower Tunguska See Tunguska. * * *
low·er world (lōʹər) n. Mythology The abode of the dead, considered to be beneath the surface of the earth. * * *
/low"euh ree, loweur"ee/, adj. dark and gloomy; threatening: a lowery sky. Also, loury. [1640-50; earlier lowry. See LOWER2, -Y1] * * *
/lohz/, n. John Livingston, 1867-1945, U.S. scholar, critic, and teacher. * * *
Lowes, John Livingston
▪ American scholar born Dec. 20, 1867, Decatur, Ind., U.S. died Aug. 15, 1945, Boston, Mass.       American scholar of English literature and persuasive teacher, known ...
lowest common denominator
Math. See least common denominator. [1935-40] * * *
lowest common multiple
Math. the smallest number that is a common multiple of a given set of numbers. Also called least common multiple. [1920-25] * * *
lowestcommon denominator
low·est common denominator (lōʹĭst) n. 1. See least common denominator. 2. a. The most basic, least sophisticated level of taste, sensibility, or opinion among a group of ...
lowestcommon multiple
lowest common multiple n. See least common multiple. * * *
/lohs"tawft, -toft, -teuhf/, n. a seaport in NE Suffolk, in E England: famous for a type of china. 51,182. * * * ▪ England, United Kingdom       town, Waveney ...
Lowestoft porcelain
      English phosphatic soft-paste ware, resembling Bow porcelain, produced in Lowestoft, Suffolk, from 1757 to 1802; the wares are of a domestic kind, such as pots, ...
lowest terms pl.n. The numerator and denominator of a fraction that have had all common factors but 1 factored out and canceled. * * *
low frequency n. Abbr. LF A radio frequency in the range from 30 to 300 kilohertz. * * *
low gear n. 1. The low gear configuration of a transmission. 2. A state of minimum activity, energy, or force: The project went into low gear during summer vacation. * * *
Low German n. 1. The German dialects of northern Germany. Also called Plattdeutsch. 2. The continental West Germanic languages except High German.   [Translation of German ...
Lowie, Robert H.
▪ American anthropologist in full  Robert Harry Lowie  born June 12, 1883, Vienna, Austria died Sept. 21, 1957, Berkeley, Calif., U.S.       Austrian-born American ...
Lowin, John
▪ English actor Lowin also spelled  Lowine, Lowen, Lowyn, or Lewen  baptized Dec. 9, 1576, Cripplegate, London, Eng.   buried March 18, 1659, or March 16, 1669, ...
Lowitz arc
/loh"vits/. See Arc of Lowitz. * * *
/loh"leuhnd/, n. 1. land that is low or level, in comparison with the adjacent country. 2. the Lowlands, a low, level region in S, central, and E Scotland. 3. Lowlands, the ...
lowland fir.
See grand fir. * * *
lowland gorilla
the eastern lowland gorilla or western lowland gorilla. See under gorilla. * * *
Lowland Scots
➡ Lallans. * * *
/loh"leuhn deuhr, -lan'-/, n. 1. a native of the Lowlands. 2. (l.c.) an inhabitant of a lowland or lowlands. [1685-95; LOWLAND + -ER1] * * *
Low·lands (lōʹləndz) A region of Scotland lying south of the Highlands.   Lowʹland adj. Lowʹland·er n. * * * n [pl] the region of Scotland south and east of the ...
/loh"luyf'/, n., pl. lowlifes. a despicable person, esp. a degenerate or immoral person. [1785-95; LOW1 + LIFE] * * *
lowlight [lō′līt΄] n. Informal the part, as of a performance or event, which is the least interesting, outstanding, etc. or the most inept, ridiculous, etc.: used somewhat ...
/loh"lee hed'/, n. Archaic. lowly state; lowliness. [1375-1425; late ME lowliheed. See LOWLY, -HEAD] * * *
See lowly. * * *
—lowlily, adv. —lowliness, n. /loh"lee/, adj., lowlier, lowliest, adv. adj. 1. humble in station, condition, or nature: a lowly cottage. 2. low in growth or position. 3. ...
Low Mass n. A Mass of simple ceremony that was recited rather than sung by the priest. No longer in official use. * * *
lown1 /lown/, adj., n., v.t., v.i. South Midland U.S. calm; quiet. [1375-1425; late ME (Scots) lownen (v.), later lowne (adj.) < ON logn calm (n.), lugna to calm] lown2 /loohn/, ...
/lowndz/, n. William Thomas, 1798-1843, English bibliographer. * * *
Lowndes, Marie Adelaide
▪ British novelist née Belloc, pen name Mrs. Belloc Lowndes born 1868, France died Nov. 14, 1947, Eversley Cross, Hampshire, Eng.       English novelist and ...
See low1. * * *
low profile n. Behavior or activity carried out with deliberate restraint or modesty so as not to attract attention: keep a low profile.   lowʹ-proʹfile' (lōʹprōʹfīl') ...
low relief n. Sculptural relief that projects very little from the background. Also called bas-relief, basso-relievo. * * *
/loh"ruy"deuhr/, n. 1. an individually decorated and customized car fitted with hydraulic jacks that permit lowering of the chassis nearly to the road. 2. a person, often a ...
/loh"ruy"ding/, n. the practice of traveling in a lowrider. [1975-80; LOWRID(ER) + -ING1] * * *
low road n. Behavior or practice that is deceitful or immoral: took the low road to victory on election night. * * *
/low"ree/, n. 1. (Clarence) Malcolm (Boden) /bohd"n/, 1909-57, U.S. novelist, born in England. 2. a male given name, form of Lawrence. * * *
Lowry, (Clarence) Malcolm
born July 28, 1909, Birkhead, Cheshire, Eng. died June 27, 1957, Ripe, Sussex British novelist, short-story writer, and poet. In his youth Lowry rebelled against his ...
Lowry, (Clarence)Malcolm
Low·ry (louʹrē), (Clarence) Malcolm. 1909-1957. British writer. His novel Under the Volcano (1947) is recognized as a masterpiece of modern fiction. * * *
Lowry, L.S.
▪ British painter in full  Laurence Stephen Lowry  born November 1, 1887, Manchester, England died February 23, 1976, Glossop, Derbyshire       English painter noted ...
Lowry, Malcolm
▪ British novelist born July 28, 1909, Birkenhead, Cheshire, Eng. died June 27, 1957, Ripe, Sussex       English novelist, short-story writer, and poet whose masterwork ...
adj., adv. /lohs/; v. /lohz/, adj. lowser, lowsest, adv., v. lowsed, lowsing. Brit. Dial. loose. * * *
lowside window
/loh"suyd'/ (in medieval English churches) a window set low in the outside wall, permitting the interior to be seen from the outside. Also, low side window. Also called ...
Low Sunday n. The first Sunday after Easter. * * *
low technology n. Technology that does not involve highly advanced or specialized systems or devices.   lowʹ-tech·nolʹo·gy (lōʹtĕk-nŏlʹə-jē) adj. * * *
Lowth, Robert
▪ English bishop also spelled  Robert Louth  born Nov. 27, 1710, Winchester, Hampshire died Nov. 3, 1787, London       Church of England bishop of London (appointed ...
low tide n. In both senses also called low water. 1. The lowest level of the tide. 2. The time at which the tide is lowest. * * *
low water n. 1. The lowest level of water in a body of water, such as a river, lake, or reservoir. 2. See low tide.   lowʹ-waʹter (lōʹwôʹtər, -wŏtʹər) adj. * * *
lox1 /loks/, n. a kind of brine-cured salmon, having either a salt cure (Scandinavian lox) or a sugar cure (Nova Scotia lox), often eaten with cream cheese on a bagel. [1940-45; ...
/lok"seuh dont'/, adj. 1. having molar teeth with shallow depressions between the ridges. n. 2. a loxodont animal; an elephant. [ < Gk lox(ós) slanting, oblique + -ODONT] * * *
/lok"seuh drohm'/, n. See rhumb line. [1875-80; back formation from LOXODROMIC] * * * ▪ cartography also called  Rhumb Line, or Spherical Helix,         curve ...
—loxodromically, adv. /lok'seuh drom"ik/, adj. 1. noting, pertaining to, or according to loxodromes or rhumb lines. 2. noting or pertaining to a map projection, as Mercator's ...
See loxodromic. * * *
See loxodromic. * * *
/lok'seuh drom"iks/, n. (used with a sing. v.) the technique of navigating according to loxodromes or rhumb lines. Also, loxodromy /lok sod"reuh mee/. [1670-80; see LOXODROMIC, ...
▪ plant family also spelled  Loxsomataceae        small family of ferns (fern) in the division Pteridophyta (the lower vascular plants (plant)). The family contains ...
▪ fossil genus       genus of extinct gastropods (snails) found as fossils in rocks of Ordovician to Early Carboniferous age (488 million to 318 million years ago). ...
▪ South Australia, Australia       town, southeastern South Australia. It lies along the Murray River and is the service centre for an extensive, irrigated ...
/loy/, n. a female given name. * * *
Loy, Mina
▪ British poet original name  Mina Lowy  born Dec. 27, 1882, London, Eng. died Sept. 25, 1966, Aspen, Colo., U.S.       modernist poet whose strongly feminist work ...
Loy, Myrna
orig. Myrna Williams born Aug. 2, 1905, Radersburg, Mont., U.S. died Dec. 14, 1993, New York, N.Y. U.S. film actress. She played bit parts in Hollywood movies before being ...
—loyally, adv. —loyalness, n. /loy"euhl/, adj. 1. faithful to one's sovereign, government, or state: a loyal subject. 2. faithful to one's oath, commitments, or obligations: ...
Loyal Order of Moose.
See under moose (def. 2). * * *
Loyal Publication Society
▪ American political society       either of two groups, one in New York and one in New England, that during the American Civil War published pamphlets and broadsides ...
loyal toast
n [usu sing] (in Britain) a toast (= an act of raising one’s glass and drinking at the same time as other people) at a formal dinner, to show loyalty to the queen or king. ...
See loyalist. * * *
—loyalism, n. /loy"euh list/, n. 1. a person who is loyal; a supporter of the sovereign or of the existing government, esp. in time of revolt. 2. (sometimes cap.) a person who ...
See loyal. * * *
/loy"euhl tee/, n., pl. loyalties. 1. the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations. 2. faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, ...
loyalty card
n a small plastic card given by supermarkets and other shops to their customers in order to persuade them to continue to buy goods from them. Everything the customers buy is ...
Loyalty Islands
▪ islands, New Caledonia French  Îles Loyauté         limestone coral group in the French overseas country of New Caledonia, southwestern Pacific Ocean. The group ...
Loy·al·ty Islands (loiʹəl-tē) A group of coral islands of the southwest Pacific Ocean northwest of New Caledonia, of which they are an administrative division. * * *
Chin. /law"yahng"/, n. Wade-Giles. Luoyang. * * *
Loyd, Sam
▪ American puzzlemaker byname of  Samuel Loyd  born January 30, 1841, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. died April 10, 1911, New York, New York       American puzzle ...
Loyde, Lobby
▪ 2008 John Baslington Lyde  Australian rock musician born May 18, 1951 , Longreach, Queen., Australia died April 21, 2007, Melbourne, Australia championed the loud, ...
Loynaz, Dulce Maria
▪ 1998       Cuban poet who wrote of personal matters and avoided political themes and thus was long out of favour; her only novel, Jardin—written in the late 1920s ...
/loy oh"leuh/, n. Saint Ignatius of (Iñigo López de Loyola), 1491-1556, Spanish soldier and ecclesiastic: founder of the Society of Jesus. * * *
Loyola University Chicago
▪ university, Chicago, Illinois, United States       private, coeducational university in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. It is affiliated with the Jesuit order of the Roman ...
Loyola, Saint Ignatius of
orig. Iñigo de Oñaz y Loyola born 1491, Loyola, Castile died July 31, 1556, Rome; canonized March 12, 1622, feast day July 31 Spanish founder of the Society of Jesus ...
Loyola,Saint Ignatius of
Loy·o·la (loi-ōʹlə), Saint Ignatius of. See Ignatius of Loyola, Saint. * * *
Loyrette, Henri
▪ 2002       On March 28, 2001, the French government announced the appointment of Henri Loyrette, head of the Orsay Museum, to be the new director of the Louvre Museum. ...
/loz"inj/, n. 1. a small, flavored tablet made from sugar or syrup, often medicated, originally diamond-shaped. 2. Geom. Now Rare. diamond (def. 8). 3. Heraldry. a. a ...
/law zerdd"/, n. a department in S France. 74,825; 2000 sq. mi. (5180 sq. km). Cap.: Mende. * * *
/loh"zee/, n. a Bantu language spoken in Barotseland, in western Zambia. * * * or Barotse Complex of 25 Bantu-speaking peoples divided into six cultural groups centring on the ...
pl. LPs, LP's. a phonograph record played at 331/3 r.p.m.; long-playing record. * * *
lipoprotein(a). * * *
See liquefied petroleum gas. Also called LP gas. * * *
Ladies Professional Golf Association. * * *
Computers. lines per minute: a measure of the speed of a printer. Also, LPM. * * *
See licensed practical nurse. * * *
➡ London Philharmonic Orchestra. * * *
Real Estate. living room. * * *
Symbol, Chem. lawrencium. * * *
long-range attack missile. * * *
long-range ballistic missile. * * *
light-rail transit. * * *
1. left side. 2. letter signed. 3. library science. 4. lightship. * * *
LS- prefix U.S. Navy landing ship: additional letters indicate type, as LST, Landing Ship-Tank * * *
Trademark. Law School Admission Test. * * *
1. U.S. Navy. a seagoing, amphibious ship capable of carrying and launching assault landing craft from a large, inner compartment that can be flooded, and of making emergency ...
➡ London School of Economics. * * *
Electronics. large-scale integration: the technology for concentrating several thousand semiconductor devices in an integrated circuit. Cf. MSI, SSI, VLSI. * * *
a type of military landing ship slightly more than 200 ft. (60 m) long. [l(anding) s(hip) m(edium)] * * *
➡ London Symphony Orchestra. * * *
an oceangoing military ship, used by amphibious forces for landing troops and heavy equipment on beaches. [l(anding) s(hip) t(ank)] * * *
Elect. low-tension. * * *
Lt Comdr
Lt Comdr abbrev. Lieutenant Commander * * *
Lt Gov
Lt Gov abbrev. Lieutenant Governor * * *
light-year; light-years. * * *
lieutenant. * * *
light. * * *
Lt. Col.
Lieutenant Colonel. Also LTC. * * *
Lt. Comdr.
Lieutenant Commander. Also, Lt. Com. * * *
Lt. Gen.
Lieutenant General. Also, LTG. * * *
Lt. Gov.
Lieutenant Governor. * * *
Lt. Inf.
Mil. light infantry. * * *
Lt. Gov. abbr. lieutenant governor. * * *
(of an aircraft) lighter-than-air. * * *
LTC or Lt Col abbrev. Lieutenant Colonel * * * LTC abbr. lieutenant colonel. * * *
Lt Col or LtCol abbr. lieutenant colonel. * * *
Ltd or ltd abbrev. limited * * * ➡ companies * * * (as used in expressions) Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Nissan Motor Co. ...
limited (def. 4). Also, ltd. * * *
LTG or Lt Gen abbrev. Lieutenant General * * * LTG abbr. lieutenant general. * * *
Lt Gen or LtGen abbr. lieutenant general. * * *
U.S. Navy. Lieutenant Junior Grade. * * *
less-than-truckload lot. * * *
long-term relationship. * * *
1. letter. 2. lighter. * * *
/looh/, n. a male or female given name, form of Lou. Symbol. Chem. lutetium. * * * I Vassal state of ancient China that originated during the Western Zhou and came to prominence ...
Lü Buwei
▪ Chinese statesman Wade-Giles romanization  Lü Pu-wei  died 235 BCE, Sichuan province, China       Chinese statesman who was minister of the state of Qin, one of ...
Lu Hsün
Chin. /looh" shyuun"/, Wade-Giles. (Chou Shu-jen) See Lu Xun. Also, Lu Hsun. * * *
Lu Ji
▪ Chinese poet and critic Wade-Giles romanization  Lu Chi , courtesy name (zi)  Shiheng  born 261, Wu [now Suzhou, Zhejiang province], China died 303, ...
Lu Jiuyuan
▪ Chinese philosopher Wade-Giles romanization  Lu Chiu-Yuan , courtesy name (tzu)  Zijing , literary name (hao)  Cunjai , also called  Master Xiangshan  born 1139, ...
Lu Mountains
▪ mountains, China Chinese (Pinyin and Wade-Giles romanization)  Lu Shan   famous mountain area in northern Jiangxi (Kiangsi) province, southeastern China. Situated to the ...
lü pipes
▪ musical instrument       (Chinese lü: “law”), ancient Chinese musical instruments constructed for tuning purposes. To establish pitches, 12 bamboo pipes, closed ...
Lü Tung-pin
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Lü Dongbin,  also called  (Wade-Giles romanization) Lü Yen, or Lü Tsu,         in Chinese mythology, one of the Pa Hsien (Baxian), ...
Lu Xiangshan
or Lu Hsiang-shan or Lu Jiuyuan born 1139, Kiangsi, China died Jan. 10, 1193, China Chinese Neo-Confucian philosopher of the Southern Song dynasty. A government official and a ...
Lu Xun
/looh" shoohn"/, (Zhou Shuren) 1881-1936, Chinese writer. * * * or Lu Hsün orig. Zhou Shuren born Sept. 25, 1881, Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China died Oct. 19, 1936, ...
Lu Yanshao
▪ Chinese painter Wade-Giles romanization  Lu Yen-shao,  alias  Wanruo  born June 26, 1909, Jiading, Shanghai, China died 1993, Jiading       Chinese landscape ...
Lu You
▪ Chinese author Wade-Giles romanization  Lu Yu , literary name (hao)  Fangweng , courtesy name (zi)  Wuguan  born 1125, Shanyin [now Shaoxing], Zhejiang province, ...
▪ Taiwan also spelled  Lu-kang,         town and port in Chang-hua hsien (county), western coastal Taiwan, situated west of the city of Chang-hua, with which its ...
Lu-Wang school
/looh"wahng"/, Philos. See School of Mind. [after Lu Chin-yüan and Wang Shou-jen, two members of the group] * * *
/looh'ah lah"bah/, n. a river in the SE Democratic Republic of the Congo: a headstream of the Congo (Zaire) River. 400 mi. (645 km) long. * * *
Lualaba River
River, central Africa. It is the headstream of the Congo River, and its 1,100-mi (1,800-km) course lies entirely within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is harnessed in ...
Luan River
River, Hebei province, northeastern China. It rises in eastern Inner Mongolia and flows north, then curves to the southeast. It passes through the Great Wall and divides into a ...
/looh an"deuh, -ahn"-/, n. a seaport in and the capital of Angola, in SW Africa. 475,328. Also, Loanda. /looh an"deuh, -ahn"-/, n. a female given name: from a Bantu word meaning ...
Luang Lake
▪ lagoon, Gulf of Thailand Thai  Thale Luang , also called  Thale Sap        coastal lake or lagoon (thale), southern Thailand, on the east coast of the Malay ...
Luang Prabang
/lwahng" prddah bahng"/ Louangphrabang. * * *
Lu·ang·wa (lo͞o-ängʹwä) A river, about 805 km (500 mi) long, of eastern Zambia flowing south-southwest to the Zambezi River. * * *
Luangwa National Park
▪ park, Zambia       park located in northeastern Zambia, southern Africa. Divided into two separate parks, one north and one south, the Luangwa National Park covers an ...
Luangwa River
▪ river, East Africa Portuguese  Rio Aruângua,         river rising on the Malawi–Zambia border, southern Africa. From its source near Isoka, Zambia, it flows 500 ...
/looh an"/, n. a female given name. * * *
/looh ahn"shah, lwahn"-/, n. a town in central Zambia. 124,000. * * * ▪ Zambia       municipality, central Zambia, southern Africa. Known as “the garden town of the ...
/looh'euh pooh"leuh/, n. a river in S central Africa, flowing E and N along the border between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Lake Mweru. ab. 300 mi. (485 km) ...
Luapula River
▪ river, Zambia       river in south-central Africa, rising in the Bangweulu Swamps (one of the world's largest wetlands) lying east of Lake Bangweulu in eastern Zambia. ...
/looh ow", looh"ow/, n. 1. a feast of Hawaiian food, usually held outdoors and usually accompanied by Hawaiian entertainment. 2. a cooked dish of taro leaves, usually prepared ...
Math. See least upper bound. * * *
1. lubricant. 2. lubricating. 3. lubrication. * * *
/looh"beuh/, n., pl. Lubas, (esp. collectively) Luba for 1. 1. a member of any of various groups of agricultural and hunting people inhabiting the SE Democratic Republic of the ...
Luba-Lunda states
Complex of states that flourished in Central Africa in the 16th–19th centuries. In the late 15th century a small group of ivory hunters founded a state around which a number ...
Lubang Islands
/looh bahng"/ a group of islands in the NW Philippines, located NW of Mindoro. 98 sq. mi. (254 sq. km). * * *
▪ Angola formerly  Sá da Bandeira         city, southwestern Angola, about 100 miles (160 km) east of Namibe (formerly Moçâmedes), to which it is linked by rail. ...
/looh"beuh vich'euhr, looh bah"vi cheuhr/, n. 1. a member of a missionary Hasidic movement founded in the 1700s by Rabbi Shneour Zalman of Lyady. adj. 2. of or pertaining to the ...
/lub"euhr/, n. 1. a big, clumsy, stupid person; lout. 2. an awkward or unskilled sailor; landlubber. adj. 3. clumsy; stupid; lubberly. v.i. 4. to behave like a lubber, esp. in ...
lubber grasshopper
☆ lubber grasshopper n. a flightless grasshopper (Romalea microptera) of the SE U.S., with a large, dark-brown body and clumsy movements * * *
lubber grasshopper.
See plains grasshopper. [1875-80] * * *
lubber's hole
Naut. (in a top on a mast) an open space through which a sailor may pass instead of climbing out on the futtock shrouds. [1765-75] * * *
lubber's knot
Naut. an improperly made reef or square knot, likely to slip loose. Also called granny, granny knot, granny's knot. * * *
lubber's line
Navig. a vertical line on the forward inner side of the bowl of a fixed compass, used as a reference mark indicating the heading of a vessel. Also, lubber line. Also called ...
lubber's hole n. A hole through the platform surrounding the upper part of a ship's mast, through which one may climb to go aloft. * * *
lubber line also lub·ber's line (lŭbʹərz) n. A line or mark on a mariner's compass or cathode-ray indicator that represents the heading of a ship or aircraft. * * *
—lubberliness, n. /lub"euhr lee/, adj. 1. of or resembling a lubber. adv. 2. in a lubberly manner. [1565-75; LUBBER + -LY] * * *
/lub"euhk/, n. 1. Sir John, 1st Baron Avebury, 1834-1913, English author, natural scientist, and statesman. 2. a city in NW Texas. 173,979. * * * City (pop., 2000: 199,564), ...
Lubbock, John, 1st Baron Avebury
▪ British banker, politician, and naturalist born April 30, 1834, London died May 28, 1913, Kingsgate Castle, Kent, Eng.       banker, influential Liberal-Unionist ...
Lubchenco, Jane
▪ 2003       “Think globally and act locally” was a popular catchphrase that gained currency during the environmental movement of the late 20th century. American ...
/loohb/, n., v., lubed, lubing. n. Informal. 1. lubricant. 2. lubrication, esp. an application of a lubricant to a vehicle. v.t. 3. to lubricate: to lube a bicycle chain. [by ...
▪ Maine, United States  town, Washington county, eastern Maine, U.S. It lies along the Atlantic coast just south of Eastport. The town includes the communities of Lubec, ...
/lyuu"bek/, n. a seaport in N Germany: important Baltic port in the medieval Hanseatic League. 210,500. See map under Hanseatic League. * * * City (population 2002 est.: ...
Lubecki, Ksawery Drucki
▪ Polish statesman born Dec. 28, 1779, St. Petersburg, Russia died May 23, 1846, St. Petersburg  Polish statesman who restored the finances of the remnant of Poland that was ...
▪ province, Poland Introduction Polish  Województwo Lubelskie        województwo (province), eastern Poland. It is bordered by the provinces of Mazowieckie to the ...
Lubich, Chiara
▪ 2009 Silvia Lubich        Italian Roman Catholic lay leader born Jan. 22, 1920, Trento, Italy died March 14, 2008, near Rome, Italy founded (1943) the Focolare ...
Lubin, David
▪ American agriculturalist born June 10, 1849, Kłodawa, Pol., Russian Empire died Jan. 1, 1919, Rome, Italy       Polish-born American merchant and agricultural ...
/looh"bich/, n. Ernst /errnst/; Ger. /erddnst/, 1892-1947, German film director and producer, in the U.S. after 1922. * * *
Lubitsch, Ernst
born Jan. 28, 1892, Berlin, Ger. died Nov. 30, 1947, Hollywood, Calif., U.S. German-U.S. film director. He acted with Max Reinhardt's German stage company (1911–14) and in ...
Lu·bitsch (lo͞oʹbĭch), Ernst. 1892-1947. German filmmaker whose sophisticated comedies include Trouble in Paradise (1932) and Ninotchka (1939). * * *
/lyuup"keuh/, n. Heinrich /huyn"rddikh/, 1894-1972, German statesman: president of West Germany 1959-69. Also, Luebke. * * *
Lübke, Heinrich
▪ German statesman born October 14, 1894, Enkhausen, Germany died April 6, 1972, Bonn, West Germany [now Germany]       politician who served as president of the German ...
/looh"blin/; Pol. /looh"bleen/, n. a city in E Poland. 272,000. Russian, Lyublin. * * * City (pop., 2000 est.: 355,803), eastern Poland, situated on the Bystrzyca ...
Lublin, Union of
▪ Poland-Lithuania [1569]       (1569), pact between Poland and Lithuania that united the two countries into a single state. After 1385 (in the Union of Krewo) the two ...
▪ Ukraine also spelled  Lubni        city and port, east-central Ukraine, on the Sula River. Lubny was established in the late 10th century as a fortified Rus town. ...
/looh"breuh/, n. Australian Often Offensive. an Aborigine girl or woman. [1840-50; prob. < Southeastern language of Tasmania lubara] * * *
/looh"brik/, adj. Archaic. lubricous. [1480-90; < L lubricus slippery, smooth, ML: lewd] * * *
/looh"bri keuhnt/, n. 1. a substance, as oil or grease, for lessening friction, esp. in the working parts of a mechanism. adj. 2. capable of lubricating; used to ...
—lubrication, n. —lubricational, adj. —lubricative, adj. —lubricatory /looh"bri keuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. /looh"bri kayt'/, v., lubricated, lubricating. v.t. 1. to ...
See lubricate. * * * Introduction of any of various substances between sliding surfaces to reduce wear and friction. Lubricants may secondarily control corrosion, regulate ...
See lubrication. * * *
/looh"bri kay'teuhr/, n. a person or thing that lubricates. [1750-60; LUBRICATE + -OR2] * * *
—lubriciously, adv. /looh brish"euhs/, adj. 1. arousing or expressive of sexual desire; lustful; lecherous. 2. lubricous. [1575-85; LUBRIC + -IOUS] Syn. 1. lascivious, ...
See lubricious. * * *
See lubriciously. * * *
/looh bris"i tee/, n., pl. lubricities. 1. oily smoothness, as of a surface; slipperiness. 2. ability to lubricate; capacity for lubrication: the wonderful lubricity of this new ...
/looh"bri keuhs/, adj. 1. (of a surface, coating, etc.) having an oily smoothness; slippery. 2. unstable; shifty; fleeting. 3. lubricious. [1525-35; < L lubricus slippery, LL: ...
/loo boom"bah shee/, n. a city in the S Democratic Republic of the Congo. 451,332. Formerly, Elisabethville. * * * formerly (until 1966) Elisabethville City (pop., 1994 est.: ...
▪ province, Poland Introduction Polish  Województwo Lubuskie        województwo (province), west-central Poland. One of the smallest and least-populous Polish ...
/looh byahng"keuh/, n. a prison and secret-police headquarters in central Moscow. [ < Russ Lyubyán'ka, named after the adjacent street and square, now Dzerzhinsky Street and ...
(as used in expressions) Giordano Luca Marenzio Luca Signorelli Luca d'Egidio di Ventura de' Luca da Cortona * * *
/looh"keuhn/, n. (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus) A.D. 39-65, Roman poet, born in Spain. * * * ▪ Roman author Latin in full  Marcus Annaeus Lucanus  born AD 39, Corduba [now ...
Lucan, George Charles Bingham, 3rd Earl of
▪ British soldier born April 16, 1800, London, Eng. died Nov. 10, 1888, London       British soldier who commanded the cavalry division, including the famous Light ...
/looh kay"nee euh/, n. 1. an ancient region in S Italy, NW of the Gulf of Taranto. 2. a modern region in S Italy, comprising most of the ancient region. 617,295; 3856 sq. mi. ...
Lu·ca·ni·a (lo͞o-kāʹnē-ə, -kānʹyə), Mount A peak, 5,229.8 m (17,147 ft) high, of the St. Elias Mountains in southwest Yukon Territory, Canada, near the Alaskan ...
Lucaris, Cyril
▪ patriarch of Constantinople Greek  Kyrillos Loukaris   born Nov. 13, 1572, Candia, Crete, republic of Venice [now in Greece] died June 27, 1638, aboard a ship in the ...
/looh kahrn"/, n. a dormer window. [1540-50; < F; r. lucane < MF; orig. of both F forms obscure] * * *
/looh"keuhs/, n. 1. George, born 1945, U.S. film director. 2. a male given name, form of Luke. * * * (as used in expressions) Cranach Lucas the Elder Lucas Müller Lucas ...
Lucas (Huyghszoon) van Leyden
born 1489/94, Leiden, Neth. died before Aug. 8, 1533, Leiden Netherlandish painter and engraver. He was trained by his father, a painter, but his great talent was as an ...
Lucas Garcia, Fernando Romeo
▪ 2007       Guatemalan military leader (b. July 4, 1924, Chamelco, Guat.—d. May 24, 2006, Caracas, Venez.), became president of Guatemala in 1978 when the national ...
Lucas van Leyden
/looh"kahs vahn luyd"n/, (Lucas Hugensz) 1494-1533, Dutch painter and engraver. * * * ▪ Dutch artist also called  Lucas Huyghensz(oon)  born 1489/94, Leiden ...
Lucas, George
born May 14, 1944, Modesto, Calif., U.S. Film director and producer. He studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California. His first feature film, THX 1138 (1971), ...
Lucas, George Walton, Jr.
▪ 2000       From a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away came one of the most eagerly anticipated cultural events of 1999—the opening on May 19 of George Lucas's ...
Lucas, Robert E., Jr.
born Sept. 15, 1937, Yakima, Wash., U.S. U.S. economist. He studied at the University of Chicago and began teaching there in 1975. He questioned the influence of John Maynard ...
Lu·cas (lo͞oʹkəs), George. Born 1944. American film director, producer, and screenwriter best known as a pioneer of special effects, especially in his Star Wars ...
/loohk"kah/, n. a city in NW Italy, W of Florence. 91,656. * * * ▪ Italy Latin  Luca,         city, Toscana ( Tuscany) regione, north-central Italy. It lies in the ...
Lucca, Republic of
▪ historical republic, Italy also called  Luccan Republic,  French  République Lucquoise,  Italian  Repubblica Lucchese,         republic established by Napoleon ...
/loohs/, n. a pike, esp. when fully grown. [1350-1400; ME < MF lus pike < LL lucius] * * * (as used in expressions) Irigaray Luce Luce Clare Boothe Luce Henry Robinson * * *
/loohs/, n. 1. Clare Boothe, 1903-87, U.S. writer, politician, and diplomat. 2. Henry Robinson, 1898-1967, U.S. publisher and editor (husband of Clare Boothe Luce). * * * (as ...
Luce, Clare Boothe
orig. Ann Clare Boothe born March 10, 1903, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 9, 1987, Washington, D.C. U.S. politician, dramatist, and socialite. She was born into poverty to ...
Luce, Henry R(obinson)
born April 3, 1898, Dengzhou, Shandong province, China died Feb. 28, 1967, Phoenix, Ariz., U.S. U.S. magazine publisher. Luce was born to U.S. missionary parents. He graduated ...
Luce, Henry R.
▪ American publisher in full  Henry Robinson Luce   born April 3, 1898, Dengzhou, Shondong province, China died February 28, 1967, Phoenix, Arizona, ...
Luce, Stephen Bleecker
▪ American editor born March 25, 1827, Albany, N.Y., U.S. died July 28, 1917, Newport, R.I.  principal founder and first president of the Naval War College for postgraduate ...
Luce,Clare Boothe
Luce (lo͞os), Clare Boothe. 1902-1987. American writer and public official. She wrote several plays, including The Women (1936), and served as ambassador to Italy ...
Luce,Henry Robinson
Luce, Henry Robinson. 1898-1967. American editor and publisher who cofounded Time (1923) and founded Fortune (1930), Life (1936), and Sports Illustrated (1954). * * *
▪ Jamaica       town and Caribbean port, northwestern Jamaica, situated northwest of Kingston. The harbour is well sheltered. Bananas and yams are exported, and there ...
▪ Philippines       city, south-central Luzon, Philippines. Situated near the head of Tayabas Bay of the Sibuyan Sea, its importance as a settlement predated the ...
See lucent. * * *
—lucency; Rare, lucence, n. —lucently, adv. /looh"seuhnt/, adj. 1. shining. 2. translucent; clear. [1490-1500; < L lucent- (s. of lucens), prp. of lucere to shine. See LUCID, ...
Lucentini, Franco
▪ 2003       Italian novelist (b. Dec. 24, 1920, Rome, Italy—d. Aug. 5, 2002, Turin, Italy), achieved fame with Carlo Fruttero in a remarkable, if unconventional, ...
See lucency. * * *
/looh serrn"/, n. alfalfa. Also, lucern. [1620-30; alter. (by assoc. with L lucerna lamp) of F luzerne < Pr luzerno glowworm (the plant was so called in allusion to its bright ...
/looh serrn"/; Fr. /lyuu serddn"/, n. 1. a canton in central Switzerland. 291,700; 576 sq. mi. (1490 sq. km). 2. the capital of this canton, on Lake of Lucerne. 65,300. 3. Lake ...
Lucerne, Lake
German Vierwaldstättersee ("Lake of the Four Forest Cantons") Lake, central Switzerland. It is 24 mi (39 km) long and 0.5 to 2 mi (0.8 to 3 km) wide, with an area of 44 sq mi ...
/looh"seez/, n. pl. of lux. * * *
Luchaire, Achille
▪ French historian in full  Denis-jean-achille Luchaire   born Oct. 24, 1846, Paris, France died Nov. 4, 1908, Paris       definitive historian of the Capetians (the ...
Chin. /looh"joh"/, n. Older Spelling. Luzhou. Also, Wade-Giles, Luchou. * * *
/looh"sheuh, -shee euh, -see euh/, n. a female given name: from a Latin word meaning "light." * * *
Lucia di Lammermoor
/looh chee"euh di lam"euhr moor'/; It. /looh chee"ah dee lahm'merdd moohrdd"/ an opera (1835) by Gaetano Donizetti, based on Sir Walter Scott's novel The Bride of Lammermoor. * * ...
/looh"sheuhn/, n. 1. A.D. 117-c180, Greek rhetorician and satirist. 2. ("Lucian of Antioch"; "Lucian the Martyr") A.D. c240-312, theologian and Biblical critic, born at Samosata, ...
Lucian of Antioch, Saint
▪ theologian and martyr born c. 240, Samosata, Commagene, Syria [now Samsat, Turkey] died January 7, 312, Nicomedia, Bithynia, Asia Minor [now İzmit, ...
/looh'see an"/, n. a female given name. * * *
(as used in expressions) Berio Luciano Luciano Lucky Salvatore Lucania later Charles Luciano Pavarotti Luciano * * *
Luciano, Lucky
orig. Salvatore Lucania later Charles Luciano born Nov. 11, 1896, Lercara Friddi, Sicily, Italy died Jan. 26, 1962, Capodicino Airport, Naples Italian-born U.S. gangster. He ...
—lucidity, lucidness, n. —lucidly, adv. /looh"sid/, adj. 1. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation. 2. characterized by clear ...
Lucid, Shannon Wells
▪ American astronaut née  Shannon Matilda Wells  born Jan. 14, 1943, Shanghai, China    American astronaut who from 1996 to 2007 held the world record for most time in ...
/looh"si deuh/, n., pl. lucidae /-dee'/. Astron. the brightest star in a constellation. [1720-30; < NL, special use of L lucida (stella) bright (star), fem. of lucidus LUCID] * * ...

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