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Слова на букву lowe-moth (15990)

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Maldives, flag of the
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of a white crescent on a green panel surrounded by a wide red border. The width-to-length ratio of the flag is 2 to ...
See Maldives. * * * ➡ Maldives * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town and district, administrative and historic county of Essex, England. The town site, on the south side of the Blackwater estuary, was ...
Maldon, Battle of
(991) Conflict fought between Saxons and victorious Viking raiders. The battle was commemorated in an Old English heroic poem, which described the war parties aligned on either ...
▪ Uruguay       town, southeastern Uruguay. It lies near the Atlantic coast, 67 miles (107 km) east of Montevideo, and just northwest of the resort city of Punta del ...
—maleness, n. /mayl/, n. 1. a person bearing an X and Y chromosome pair in the cell nuclei and normally having a penis, scrotum, and testicles, and developing hair on the face ...
/mah"lay, -lee/, n. a city in and the capital of the Maldives. 17,000. * * * Chief atoll (pop., 2000: 74,069) and capital of the Maldives. Located in the centre of the ...
male alto
countertenor. [1875-80] * * *
male chauvinism
the beliefs, attitudes, or behavior of male chauvinists. [1965-70] * * *
male chauvinist
a male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or ...
male chauvinist pig
Slang (disparaging) See male chauvinist. [1965-70] * * *
male cow
Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a bull. [1905-10, Amer.] * * *
male fern
a bright-green fern, Dryopteris filix-mas, of Europe and northeastern North America. [1555-65] * * *
male menopause
a malaise that allegedly affects men in middle age and is said to be responsible for periods of emotional upset and uncharacteristic behavior. [1945-50] * * *
a combining form meaning "evil," occurring in loanwords from Latin: malediction. Cf. mal-. [ < L; see MAL-] * * *
male-pattern baldness
male-pattern baldness [māl′pat΄ərn] n. inherited baldness characterized by the gradual loss of hair from the front or top of the head: see also ALOPECIA: often written male ...
/mayl"ster"il/ or, esp. Brit., /-uyl/, adj. Bot. producing no pollen or infertile pollen. [1920-25] * * *
/mal"ee ayt', -it, may"lee-/, n. Chem. a salt or ester of maleic acid. [1850-55; MALE(IC ACID) + -ATE2] * * *
/mayl"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n., pl. maleberries. See swamp andromeda. [obs. male apple < L malus apple tree + BERRY] * * *
Malebo Pool
/mah lay"boh/ a lakelike body of water on the boundary between the W Democratic Republic of the Congo and the SE People's Republic of the Congo, formed by the widening of the ...
/mannl brddahonnsh"/, n. Nicolas de /nee kaw lah" deuh/, 1638-1715, French philosopher. * * *
Malebranche, Nicolas
▪ French priest born Aug. 6, 1638, Paris, France died Oct. 13, 1715, Paris  French Roman Catholic priest, theologian, and major philosopher of Cartesianism, the school of ...
Malebranche, Nicolas de
born Aug. 6, 1638, Paris, France died Oct. 13, 1715, Paris French priest, theologian, and philosopher. His philosophy is an attempt to reconcile Cartesianism with the thought ...
See male chauvinist. * * *
male chauvinist n. A man whose behavior and attitude toward women indicate a belief that they are innately inferior to men.   male chauvinism n. * * *
/mal"euh suyt'/, n., pl. Malecites, (esp. collectively) Malecite for 1. 1. a member of a North American Indian people of southern and western New Brunswick and northern Maine. 2. ...
/mal"i dikt/, Archaic. adj. 1. accursed. v.t. 2. to put a curse on. [1540-50; < LL maledictus accursed, L: ptp. of maledicere to speak ill of, abuse, equiv. to male- MALE- + ...
—maledictive, maledictory /mal'i dik"teuh ree/, adj. /mal'i dik"sheuhn/, n. 1. a curse; imprecation. 2. the utterance of a curse. 3. slander. [1400-50; late ME malediccion < L ...
See malediction. * * *
/mal'euh fak"sheuhn/, n. an evil deed; crime; wrongdoing. [1375-1425 for an earlier sense; 1595-1605 for current sense; ME malefaccioun impotence; see MALEFACT(OR), -ION] * * *
/mal"euh fak'teuhr/, n. 1. a person who violates the law; criminal. 2. a person who does harm or evil, esp. toward another. [1400-50; late ME malefactour < L malefactor, equiv. ...
/mal"euh fak'tris/, n. a woman who violates the law or does evil. [1640-50; MALEFACT(O)R + -ESS] Usage. See -ess. * * *
male fern n. A fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) having rhizomes and stalks that yield an oleoresin used to expel tapeworms. * * *
/meuh lef"ik/, adj. productive of evil; malign; doing harm; baneful: a malefic spell. [1645-55; < L maleficus evil-doing, wicked. See MALE-, -FIC] * * *
/meuh lef"euh seuhns/, n. 1. the doing of evil or harm: the maleficence of thieves. 2. the quality or state of being maleficent or harmful. [1590-1600; < L maleficentia. See ...
/meuh lef"euh seuhnt/, adj. doing evil or harm; harmfully malicious: maleficent destroyers of reputations. [1670-80; back formation from L maleficentia MALEFICENCE; see -ENT] * * ...
Ma·le·gaon (mä'lĭ-gounʹ, -gouɴʹ) A city of west-central India northeast of Mumbai (Bombay). It has a weaving industry. Population: 342,595. * * * ▪ ...
maleic acid
/meuh lee"ik/, Chem. a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C4H4O4, isomeric with fumaric acid, having an astringent, repulsive taste and faint acidulous odor: used in ...
maleic anhydride
Chem. a colorless crystalline, unsaturated compound, C4H2O3, that is soluble in acetone and hydrolyzes in water: used in the production of polyester resins, pesticides, and ...
maleic hydrazide
/huy"dreuh zuyd'/, Chem. a crystalline compound, C4N2H4O2, used as a plant growth inhibitor and weed-killer. [1945-50; HYDR-2 + AZ- + -IDE (maleic, see MALEIC ACID)] * * *
ma·le·ic acid (mə-lēʹĭk) n. A colorless crystalline acid, HO2CCH:CHCO2H, used in textile processing and as an oil and fat preservative.   [From French acide maléique, ...
/mal"euh myooht'/, n. (sometimes cap.) See Alaskan malamute. * * *
See male. * * *
/mah"leuhn kawf', -kof'/; Russ. /meuh lyin kawf"/, n. Georgi Maximilianovich /gyi awrdd"gyee meuh ksyi myi lyah"neuh vyich/, 1902-88, Russian political leader: premier of the ...
Malenkov, Georgy (Maksimilianovich)
born Jan. 13, 1902, Orenburg, Russia died Jan. 14, 1988, near Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. Soviet politician and prime minister (1953–55). He joined the Communist Party in 1920 ...
Malenkov, Georgy Maksimilianovich
▪ prime minister of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics born Jan. 13 [Jan. 8, Old Style], 1902, Orenburg, Russia died Jan. 14, 1988, near Moscow       prominent Soviet ...
Malenkov,Georgi Maximilianovich
Ma·len·kov (mə-lĕnʹkôf', mäʹlən-, mə-lyĭn-kôfʹ), Georgi Maximilianovich. 1902-1988. Soviet politician. An aide to Joseph Stalin, he served as deputy premier ...
/mannl ahonn tahonn dyuu"/, adj., n., pl. malentendus /-dyuu"/. French. adj. 1. misunderstood; misapprehended. n. 2. a misunderstanding; mistake. * * *
malepattern baldness
male pattern baldness n. A progressive, diffuse loss of scalp hair in men that begins in the twenties or early thirties, depends on the presence of the androgenic hormone ...
Malesherbes, Chrétien Guillaume de Lamoignon de
born Dec. 6, 1721, Paris, France died April 22, 1794, Paris French royal administrator. A lawyer, he was made a counselor in the Parlement (high court) of Paris in 1744. As ...
Malet, Claude-François de
▪ French general born June 28, 1754, Dole, France died October 29, 1812, Paris  French general who conspired against Napoleon (Napoleon I) and attempted an almost successful ...
Malevich, Kazimir
▪ Russian painter born , Feb 23 [Feb. 11, old style], 1878, near Kiev died May 15, 1935, Leningrad       Russian painter, who was the founder of the Suprematist school ...
Malevich, Kazimir (Severinovich)
born , Feb. 23, 1878, near Kiev, Russia died May 15, 1935, Leningrad Russian painter and designer. He discovered Cubism on a trip to Paris in 1912 and returned to lead the ...
Ma·le·vich (mə-lāʹvĭch, -lyĕʹ-), Kasimir. 1878-1935. Russian painter who influenced the development of abstract art. His works include White on White (1918). * * *
/meuh lev"euh leuhns/, n. the quality, state, or feeling of being malevolent; ill will; malice; hatred. [1425-75; < L malevolentia (see MALEVOLENT, -ENCE); r. late ME malivolence ...
—malevolently, adv. /meuh lev"euh leuhnt/, adj. 1. wishing evil or harm to another or others; showing ill will; ill-disposed; malicious: His failures made him malevolent toward ...
See malevolent. * * *
—malfeasant, adj., n. /mal fee"zeuhns/, n. Law. the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used esp. ...
See malfeasance. * * *
/mal'fawr may"sheuhn, -feuhr-/, n. faulty or anomalous formation or structure, esp. in a living body: malformation of the teeth. [1790-1800; MAL- + FORMATION] * * * ▪ ...
/mal fawrmd"/, adj. faultily or anomalously formed. [1810-20; MAL- + FORMED] Syn. misshapen, deformed, distorted, contorted. * * *
/mal fungk"sheuhn/, n. 1. failure to function properly: a malfunction of the liver; the malfunction of a rocket. v.i. 2. to fail to function properly. [1925-30; MAL- + ...
/mannl erddb"/, n. François de /frddahonn swann" deuh/, 1555-1628, French poet and critic. * * *
Malherbe, Daniel François
▪ South African writer born May 28, 1881, Paarl, Cape Colony, S.Af. died April 12, 1969, Bloemfontein, Orange Free State       South African novelist, poet, and ...
Malherbe, François de
born 1555, in or near Caen, France died Oct. 16, 1628, Paris French poet and theoretician. He converted to Roman Catholicism after receiving a Protestant education. In 1577 he ...
Malherbe, Françoisde
Mal·herbe (mä-lĕrbʹ), François de. 1555-1628. French poet whose works of rigid form and simple diction influenced French classicism. * * *
Malheur River
▪ river, Oregon, United States       river rising in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness on the southern slopes of the Blue Mountains in the Malheur National Forest, ...
—Malian, n., adj. /mah"lee/, n. Republic of, a republic in W Africa: formerly a territory of France; gained independence 1960. 9,945,383; 463,500 sq. mi. (120,000 sq. km). ...
Mali empire
Trading empire that flourished in West Africa in the 13th–16th centuries. It developed from the state of Kangaba on the upper Niger River and was probably founded before AD ...
Mali Federation
▪ African history       short-lived union between the autonomous territories of the Sudanese Republic and Senegal in West Africa. The federation took effect on April 4, ...
Mali River
▪ river, Myanmar       river, rising in the hills near the northern border of Myanmar (Burma) and flowing about 200 miles (320 km) south to unite with the Nmai River and ...
Mali, flag of
▪ Flag History       vertically striped green-yellow-red national flag. It has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to 3.       Like other formerly French-controlled ...
See Mali. * * *
/mah'li brahn"/; Fr. /mah lee brddahonn"/; Sp. /mah'lee vrddahn"/, n. Maria Felicita Sp. /mah rddee"ah fe'lee thee"tah/, 1808-36, Spanish opera singer, born in France. * * *
Malibran, Maria
▪ Spanish opera singer byname  La Malibran,  original name  María de la Felicidad García,  first married name  María García de Malibran,  later married name  Maria ...
a fashionable and expensive US town on the Pacific coast of California, near Los Angeles. It is known for its beaches, and is the home of several film stars. * * * ▪ ...
Malibu board
/mal"euh booh'/ a lightweight, fiberglass-covered surfboard, usually about 10 ft. (3 m) long with a rounded nose and tail and a convex bottom for increased ...
/mal"ik, may"lik/, adj. 1. pertaining to or derived from apples. 2. Chem. of or derived from malic acid. [1790-1800; < F malique < L mal(um) apple + F -ique -IC] * * *
malic acid
Chem. a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C4H6O5, occurring in apples and other fruits and as an intermediate in animal metabolism. [1790-1800] * * *
mal·ic acid (mălʹĭk, māʹlĭk) n. A colorless, crystalline compound, COOH·CH2·CHOH·COOH, that occurs naturally in a wide variety of unripe fruit, including apples, ...
/mal"is/, n. 1. desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong ...
malice aforethought
Law. a predetermination to commit an unlawful act without just cause or provocation (applied chiefly to cases of first-degree murder). Also called malice prepense. [1660-70] * * *
—maliciously, adv. —maliciousness, n. /meuh lish"euhs/, adj. 1. full of, characterized by, or showing malice; malevolent; spiteful: malicious gossip. 2. Law. vicious, wanton, ...
malicious mischief
willful destruction of personal property motivated by ill will or resentment toward its owner or possessor. [1760-70] * * *
See malicious. * * *
malicious mischief n. Willful or wanton destruction of another's property. * * *
See maliciously. * * *
Malietoa Tanumafili II
▪ 2008       Samoan head of state born Jan. 4, 1912 died May 11, 2007, Apia, Samoa was the world's oldest reigning monarch and the third longest serving (after King ...
—maligner, n. —malignly, adv. /meuh luyn"/, v.t. 1. to speak harmful untruths about; speak evil of; slander; defame: to malign an honorable man. adj. 2. evil in effect; ...
/meuh lig"neuhn see/, n., pl. malignancies for 2, 3. 1. the quality or condition of being malignant. 2. malignant character, behavior, action, or the like: the malignancies of ...
—malignantly, adv. /meuh lig"neuhnt/, adj. 1. disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately; feeling or showing ill will or hatred. 2. very dangerous or harmful ...
See malignant. * * *
See malign. * * *
/meuh lig"ni tee/, n., pl. malignities for 2. 1. the state or character of being malign; malevolence; intense ill will; spite. 2. a malignant feeling, action, etc. [1350-1400; ME ...
See maligner. * * *
/mah'lee hee"nee/, n., pl. malihinis. Hawaiian. a newcomer to Hawaii. * * *
/mah"lik, mal"ik/, n. 1. Adam, 1917-84, Indonesian politician and diplomat. 2. a male given name: from an Arabic word meaning "king." * * *
Mālik ibn Anas
▪ Muslim legist in full  Abū ʿabd Allāh Mālik Ibn Anas Ibn Al-ḥārith Al-aṣbaḥī   born c. 715 died 795, Medina, Arabia [now Saudi Arabia]       Muslim ...
Malik, Adam
▪ Indonesian statesman and president of UN born July 22, 1917, Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, Dutch East Indies [now Indonesia] died Sept. 5, 1984, Jakarta, ...
▪ Seljuq sultan born Aug. 6/16, 1055 died , November 1092, Baghdad [Iraq]       third and most famous of the Seljuq sultans.       Malik-Shāh succeeded his ...
—Malikite, n. /mal"i kee/, n. Islam. one of the four schools of Islamic law, founded by Malik ibn Anas (c715-795). Cf. Hanafi, Hanbali, Shafi'i. [ < Ar Maliki, deriv. of name ...
Maliki, Nuri al-
▪ 2007       The new Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, was faced in 2006 with violent and intractable warfare between Sunni and Shiʿite militias and a rampant ...
▪ Islam also called  Madhhab Mālik , English  Malikites        in Islām, one of the four Sunnī schools of law, formerly the ancient school of Medina. Founded in ...
/meuh lin"deuh/, n. a female given name. * * *
/meuh leen"/; Fr. /mann leen"/, n. 1. Also, maline. a delicate net resembling tulle, originally made by hand in the town of Mechlin, Belgium. 2. See Mechlin lace. [1840-50; after ...
/mann leen"/; Eng. /meuh leenz"/, n. French name of Mechlin. * * *
—malingerer, n. /meuh ling"geuhr/, v.i. to pretend illness, esp. in order to shirk one's duty, avoid work, etc. [1810-20; < F malingre sickly, ailing, equiv. to mal- MAL- + OF ...
See malinger. * * *
/meuh ling"kay, -kee/, n., pl. Malinkes, (esp. collectively) Malinke for 1. 1. a member of an agricultural people living in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and ...
/mal'euh nawf"skee, -nof"-, mah'leuh-/; Russ. /meuh lyi nawf"skyee/, n. Rodion Yakovlevich /rddeuh dyi awn" yah"keuh vlyi vyich/, 1898-1967, Russian army officer: minister of ...
Malinovsky, Rodion (Yakovlevich)
born Nov. 23, 1898, Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire died March 31, 1967, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. Soviet marshal prominent in World War II. A corps commander in 1941, he rose to ...
Malinovsky, Rodion Yakovlevich
▪ Soviet military officer born Nov. 23 [Nov. 11, old style], 1898, Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire died March 31, 1967, Moscow       Soviet marshal prominent in World ...
/mal'euh nawf"skee, -nof"-/, n. Bronislaw Kasper /bron"euh slahf' kas"peuhr/; Pol. /brddaw nee"slahf kahs"peuhrdd/, 1884-1942, Polish anthropologist in the U.S. * * *
Malinowski, Bronisław
▪ British anthropologist Introduction in full  Bronisław Kasper Malinowski  born April 7, 1884, Kraków, Pol., Austria-Hungary died May 16, 1942, New Haven, Conn., ...
Malinowski, Bronisław (Kasper)
born April 7, 1884, Kraków, Pol., Austria-Hungary died May 16, 1942, New Haven, Conn., U.S. Polish-British anthropologist. He is principally associated with studies of the ...
Malinowski,Bronislaw Kasper
Mal·i·now·ski (măl'ə-nôfʹskē, mä'lĭ-), Bronislaw Kasper. 1884-1942. Polish-born British anthropologist who maintained that customs and beliefs have specific social ...
/mah'lee pye"rddaw/, n. Gian Francesco /jahn frddahn che"skaw/, 1882-1973, Italian composer. * * *
Malipiero, Gian Francesco
▪ Italian composer born March 18, 1882, Venice, Italy died Aug. 1, 1973, Treviso       composer whose music represents a fusion of modern techniques with the stylistic ...
/mal"euh seet'/, n. Malecite. * * *
/mal"euh zeuhn, -seuhn/, n. Archaic. a curse. [1200-50; ME maliso(u)n < OF maleison < L malediction- (s. of maledictio) MALEDICTION] * * *
/maw"kin, mawl"-, mal"-/, n. Brit. Dial. 1. an untidy woman; slattern. 2. a scarecrow, ragged puppet, or grotesque effigy. 3. a mop, esp. one made from a bundle of rags and used ...
/mawl/; Brit. also /mal/, n. 1. Also called shopping mall. a large retail complex containing a variety of stores and often restaurants and other business establishments housed in ...
mall rat
mall rat n. Slang a young person who loiters about shopping malls * * *
Mall, the
▪ mall, Washington, District of Columbia, United States  in Washington, D.C., broad promenade and greensward extending westward from the Capitol to the Potomac River beyond ...
Malla era
Period of Nepal's history when the Kathmandu Valley was ruled by the Malla dynasty (10th–18th century). The Malla ruler Jaya Sthiti (r. с 1382–95) introduced a legal and ...
/mal"euhn deuhrz/, n. (used with a sing. v.) Vet. Pathol. malanders. * * *
/mal"euhrd/, n., pl. mallards, (esp. collectively) mallard. a common, almost cosmopolitan, wild duck, Anas platyrhynchos, from which the domestic ducks are descended. [1275-1325; ...
/mann lannrdd may"/, n. Stéphane /stay fannn"/, 1842-98, French poet. * * *
Mallarmé, François-René-Auguste
▪ French revolutionary born , Feb. 25, 1755, Nancy, Fr. died July 25, 1835, Richemont       French revolutionist, briefly president of the Convention in ...
Mallarmé, Stéphane
Mal·lar·mé (măl'är-māʹ), Stéphane. 1842-1898. French poet and a founder of the symbolist school. His deliberately elliptical works, characterized by unconventional form ...
Mallary, Robert W.
▪ 1998       American Neo-Dadaist, or junk, artist who was best known for his use of urban detritus in his sculptures and who pioneered the use of the computer in the ...
▪ people       tribal people in the time of the Buddha (c. 6th–4th century BC), who settled in the northern parts of modern Bihār state, in India. Their two most ...
/mannl/, n. Louis /looh"ee/; Fr. /lwee/, 1932-95, French film director. * * *
Malle, Louis
born Oct. 30, 1932, Thumeries, France died Nov. 23, 1995, Beverly Hills, Calif., U.S. French film director. He made his first feature film, Frantic, in 1957. Malle gained ...
Malle (mäl), Louis. 1932-1995. French film director whose works include Murmur of the Heart (1971) and Au Revoir les Enfants (1987). * * *
Mallea, Eduardo
▪ Argentine writer born Aug. 14, 1903, Bahía Blanca, Arg. died Nov. 12, 1982, Buenos Aires       Argentine novelist, essayist, and short-story writer whose ...
See malleable. * * *
—malleably, adv. —malleability, malleableness, n. /mal"ee euh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or by pressure from rollers. 2. adaptable or ...
malleable cast iron
white cast iron that has been malleablized. * * *
malleable iron
1. See malleable cast iron. 2. See wrought iron. [1815-25] * * *
See malleability. * * *
/mal"ee euh bluyz'/, v.t., malleablized, malleablizing. to make (white cast iron) malleable by annealing it so that the carbon is transformed to graphite or removed ...
See malleability. * * *
—malleation, n. /mal"ee ayt'/, v.t., malleated, malleating. to beat or shape with a hammer, as in metalworking. [1590-1600; < L malleatus wrought with a hammer, equiv. to L ...
/mal"ee/, n. 1. any of various dwarf Australian eucalyptuses, as Eucalyptus dumosa and E. oleosa, that sometimes form large tracts of brushwood. 2. the brushwood ...
mallee fowl
an Australian bird, Leipoa ocellata, of variegated gray, brown, white, and black plumage, that lays up to 35 eggs in an incubating mound. Also, mallee-fowl. Also called leipoa, ...
mal·le·i (mălʹē-ī') n. Plural of malleus. * * *
/mal"euh muk'/, n. mollymawk. [1685-95] * * *
/mal"euhn deuhrz/, n. (used with a sing. v.) Vet. Pathol. malanders. * * *
/meuh lee"euh leuhr/, adj. Anat. pertaining to a malleolus. [1835-45; MALLEOL(US) + -AR1] * * *
/meuh lee"euh leuhs/, n., pl. malleoli /-luy'/. Anat. the bony protuberance on either side of the ankle, at the lower end of the fibula or of the tibula. [1685-95; < L: small ...
/mal"it/, n. 1. a hammerlike tool with a head commonly of wood but occasionally of rawhide, plastic, etc., used for driving any tool with a wooden handle, as a chisel, or for ...
Mallet, Robert
born June 3, 1810, Dublin, Ire. died Nov. 5, 1881, London, Eng. Irish civil engineer and scientific investigator. He studied at Trinity College and in 1831 took charge of his ...
Mallet-Joris, Françoise
▪ Belgian author born July 6, 1930, Antwerp, Belgium       Belgian author, of French nationality by marriage, one of the leading contemporary exponents of the ...
Mallet-Stevens, Robert
▪ French architect born March 24, 1886, Paris, France died Feb. 10, 1945, Paris       French architect known principally for his modernistic works in France during the ...
/mal"ee euhs/, n., pl. mallei /mal"ee uy'/. Anat. the outermost of a chain of three small bones in the middle ear of mammals. Also called hammer. Cf. incus (def. 1), stapes. See ...
Malleus maleficarum
▪ work by Kraemer and Sprenger       detailed legal and theological document (c. 1486) regarded as the standard handbook on witchcraft, including its detection and its ...
/mahl yah"/, n. a town in E Crete: site of an excavated Minoan palace. * * *
Mallin, Harry
▪ British athlete born June 1, 1892, London, Eng. died Nov. 8, 1969, London       British boxer, the first man to successfully defend an Olympic boxing title. Mallin ...
/maw"ling/, n. 1. the overbuilding of shopping malls in a region: the malling of America. 2. the practice of frequenting malls to socialize or shop. [1975-80] * * *
Mal·lon (mălʹən), Mary. Known as “Typhoid Mary.” 1870?-1938. American cook and immune carrier of typhoid fever who while moving from job to job infected more than 50 ...
Sp. /mah lyawrdd"kah, -yawrdd"-/; Eng. /mah yawr"keuh/, n. Majorca. * * *
/mal"euh ree/, n. Stephen Russell, 1813?-73, U.S. lawyer and politician. * * *
Mallory and Irvine
two English climbers, George Mallory (1886–1924) and Andrew Irvine (1902–1924), who died while attempting to reach the top of Mount Everest. When Mallory was asked why he ...
Mallory, George
▪ British explorer and mountaineer in full  George Herbert Leigh Mallory  born June 18, 1886, Mobberley, Cheshire, England died June 8, 1924, North Face of Mount Everest, ...
Mallory, Molla
▪ Norwegian athlete née  Bjurstedt  born 1892, Oslo died Nov. 22, 1959, United States  Norwegian-born U.S. tennis player who was the only woman to win the U.S. singles ...
/mal"oh/, n. any of various plants of the genus Malva, including several popular garden plants, as the musk mallow. [bef. 1000; ME malue, OE mealwe < L malva] * * * ▪ ...
mallow family
the plant family Malvaceae, characterized by herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees having palmately veined, lobed, or compound leaves, sticky juice, often showy five-petaled ...
mallow rose
a rose mallow of the genus Hibiscus. [1830-40] * * *
Mallowan, Sir Max
▪ British archaeologist born May 6, 1904, London died August 19, 1978, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England       British archaeologist who made major contributions as an ...
mall rat n. Slang A person, especially a teenager or young adult, who frequently passes time wandering through shopping malls. * * *
mall walking n. An activity in which one walks around a shopping mall for exercise. * * *
/mahm/, n. an artificial mixture of chalk and clay for making into bricks. [bef. 900; ME malme sand, malm, OE mealm- (in mealmiht sandy, mealmstan sandstone); c. ON malmr metal ...
/mannl may dee"/, n. See Eupen and Malmédy. * * *
/mahmz"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n. William of. See William of Malmesbury. * * * ▪ England, United Kingdom  town (“parish”), North Wiltshire district, administrative and ...
/mal"moh/; Swed. /mahlm"ue'/, n. a seaport in S Sweden, on the Sound opposite Copenhagen, Denmark. 229,380. * * * Port city (pop., 2000 est.: city, 259,579; metro. area, ...
▪ former county, Sweden       former län (county) of extreme southern Sweden, bounded by the Baltic Sea, The Sound (Öresund), and the Kattegat (strait). Founded as a ...
/mahm"zee/, n. a strong, sweet wine with a strong flavor, originally made in Greece but now made mainly in Madeira. [1325-75; ME malmesye < MLG
/mal nerr"isht, -nur"-/, adj. poorly or improperly nourished; suffering from malnutrition: thin, malnourished victims of the famine. [1925-30; MAL- + NOURISH + -ED2] * * *
mal·nour·ish·ment (măl'nûrʹĭsh-mənt, -nŭrʹ-) n. Malnutrition. * * *
/mal'nooh trish"euhn, -nyooh-/, n. lack of proper nutrition; inadequate or unbalanced nutrition. [1860-65; MAL- + NUTRITION] * * * Condition resulting from inadequate diet or ...
▪ island, Vanuatu formerly  St. Bartholomew Island        island of Vanuatu, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, 3 miles (5 km) south of Espiritu Santo. Volcanic in ...
—maloccluded, adj. /mal'euh klooh"zheuhn/, n. Dentistry. faulty occlusion; irregular contact of opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws. [1885-90; MAL- + OCCLUSION] * * *
/mal oh"deuhr/, n. an unpleasant or offensive odor; stench. [1815-25; MAL- + ODOR] * * *
—malodorously, adv. —malodorousness, n. /mal oh"deuhr euhs/, adj. having an unpleasant or offensive odor; smelling bad: a malodorous swamp. [1840-50; MAL- + ODOROUS] * * *
See malodorous. * * *
See malodorously. * * *
▪ Philippines  town, south-central Luzon, Philippines. It lies at the head of the Pampanga River delta, near the northern shore of Manila Bay. During a revolt against U.S. ...
Malombe, Lake
▪ lake, Malaŵi       lake fed and drained by the Shire River in southern Malaŵi. It lies in a broken depression running northwest from Lake Chilwa to Lake Nyasa ...
/meuh lohn"/, n. Edmond, 1741-1812, Irish literary critic and Shakespearean scholar. * * *
Malone, Dumas
▪ American author born Jan. 10, 1892, Coldwater, Miss., U.S. died Dec. 27, 1986, Charlottesville, Va.       American historian, editor, and the author of an ...
Malone, Edmund
▪ British scholar and editor born Oct. 4, 1741, Dublin, Ire. died 1812, London, Eng.       Irish-born English scholar, editor, and pioneer in efforts to establish an ...
Malone, Karl
▪ American athlete in full  Karl Anthony Malone  born July 24, 1963, Summerfield, Louisiana, U.S.       American basketball player, who owns the National Basketball ...
Malone, Moses
▪ American athlete in full  Moses Eugene Malone  born March 23, 1955, Petersburg, Va., U.S.    American professional basketball player, who was the dominating centre and ...
Malone (mə-lōnʹ), Moses. Born 1955. American basketball player. A center who played for most of his career with eight different teams in the National Basketball Association, ...
/meuh loh"nik, -lon"ik/, adj. Chem. of or derived from malonic acid; propanedioic. [1855-60; < F malonique, alter. of malique MALIC] * * *
malonic acid
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble, dibasic acid, C3H4O4, easily decomposed by heat: used chiefly as an intermediate in the synthesis of barbiturates. [1885-90] * * ...
ma·lo·nic acid (mə-lōʹnĭk, -lŏnʹĭk) n. A white crystalline acid, CH2(COOH)2, derived from malic acid and used in making barbiturates.   [French (acide) malonique, ...
/mal"euh nil, -neel'/, adj. Chem. containing the malonyl group. [1885-90; MALON(IC) + -YL] * * *
malonyl group
Chem. the bivalent group C3H2O2, derived from malonic acid. Also called malonyl radical. [1965-70] * * *
/mal'euh nil yoo ree"euh, -yoor"ee euh, -neel'-/, n. Chem. See barbituric acid. [1885-90; MALONYL + UREA] * * *
/mal"euh ree/, n. Sir Thomas, c1400-71, English author. * * *
Malory, Sir Thomas
flourished с 1470 English author of Le Morte Darthur ("The Death of Arthur"). Even in the 16th century Malory's identity was unknown, but he is tentatively identified as a ...
Malory,Sir Thomas
Mal·o·ry (mălʹə-rē), Sir Thomas. fl. 1470. English writer of Le Morte d'Arthur, a collection of Arthurian romances adapted from French sources and published by William ...
/mah loh"tee/, n. pl. of loti. * * *
Maloti Mountains
▪ mountains, Lesotho Maloti also spelled  Maluti,         mountain range, northern Lesotho. The term as generally used outside Lesotho refers to a particular range ...
Malouf, David
▪ Australian author in full  David George Joseph Malouf  born March 20, 1934, Brisbane, Queens., Austl.       Australian poet and novelist of Lebanese and English ...
Malouf, David George Joseph
▪ 1997       In May 1996, after a meeting that lasted five days, Australia's David Malouf beat 125 nominees from 50 countries and a final shortlist of six other major ...
/mahl'pah ees"/, n. Southwestern U.S. an extensive area of rough, barren lava flows. [1835-45, Amer.; < Sp mal país bad country] * * *
Malpeque Bay
▪ bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada       arm of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Saint Lawrence, Gulf of), indenting the northwestern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada. ...
—Malpighian /mal pig"ee euhn/, adj. /mahl pee"gee/, n. Marcello /mahrdd chel"law/, 1628-94, Italian anatomist. * * *
Malpighi, Marcello
born March 10, 1628, Crevalcore, near Bologna, Papal States died Nov. 30, 1694, Rome Italian physician and biologist. In 1661 he identified the pulmonary capillary network, ...
Mal·pi·ghi (măl-pēʹgē, mäl-), Marcello. 1628-1694. Italian anatomist who was the first to use a microscope in the study of anatomy and discovered the capillary system. * ...
malpighia [mal pig′ē ə] adj. designating a family (Malpighiaceae, order Polygalales) of dicotyledonous tropical trees, shrubs, and vines * * *
▪ plant order Introduction   large order of flowering plants that includes 40 families, more than 700 genera, and almost 16,000 species. Many of the families are tropical ...
Malpighian body
Malpighian body or Malpighian corpuscle n. 1. any nodule of lymphatic tissue in the spleen 2. any of a number of small masses of blood vessels in the kidney, enclosed by a ...
Malpighian corpuscle
Anat. 1. Also called kidney corpuscle, Malpighian body. the structure at the beginning of a vertebrate nephron, consisting of a glomerulus and its surrounding Bowman's ...
Malpighian layer
Anat. the deep, germinative layer of the epidermis. [1875-80] * * *
Malpighian tube
one of a group of long, slender excretory tubules at the anterior end of the hindgut in insects and other terrestrial arthropods. Also called Malpighian tubule, Malpighian ...
malpighian tubule
▪ anatomy       in insects, any of the excretory organs that lie in the abdominal body cavity and empty into the junction between midgut and hindgut. In species having ...
Malpighian tubules
Malpighian tubules n. a group of small, tubular, excretory and water-regulating glands that open into the hind part of the alimentary canal in most insects and spiders * * *
Malpighian tuft
glomerulus (def. 2). [1840-50] * * *
Mal·pigh·i·an corpuscle (măl-pĭgʹē-ən) n. 1. A mass of arterial capillaries enveloped in a capsule and attached to a tubule in the kidney. Also called Malpighian body, ...
Malpighian layer n. The deepest layer of the epidermis, from which the outer layers develop.   [After Malpighi, Marcello.] * * *
Malpighian tube n. Any of the excretory tubules leading from the posterior portion of the alimentary canal of insects and other arthropods. Also called Malpighian ...
Malplaquet, Battle of
▪ European history       (Sept. 11, 1709), the duke of Marlborough's (Marlborough, John Churchill, 1st Duke of, Marquess Of Blandford, Earl Of Marlborough, Baron ...
/mal'peuh zish"euhn/, n. Pathol. faulty or wrong position, esp. of a part or organ of the body or of a fetus in the uterus. [1830-40; MAL- + POSITION] * * *
—malpractitioner /mal'prak tish"euh neuhr/, n. /mal prak"tis/, n. 1. Law. failure of a professional person, as a physician or lawyer, to render proper services through ...
See malpractice. * * *
/mannl rddoh"/, n. André /ahonn drdday"/, 1901-76, French novelist, critic, and politician. * * *
Malraux, André
Mal·raux (măl-rōʹ, mäl-), André. 1901-1976. French writer and politician. A member of the French resistance during World War II, he served as minister of culture ...
Malraux, André (-Georges)
born Nov. 3, 1901, Paris, France died Nov. 23, 1976, Paris French novelist, art historian, and statesman. Imprisoned at age 21 by French colonial authorities while on an ...
MALS abbr. 1. Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. 2. Master of Arts in Library Science. * * *
Malsed, Helen Herrick
▪ 1999       American toy inventor who created a number of games and toys, most notably toys based on the already popular Slinky, such as the Slinky Dog and the Slinky ...
/mawlt/, n. 1. germinated grain, usually barley, used in brewing and distilling. 2. any alcoholic beverage, as beer, ale, or malt liquor, fermented from malt. 3. whisky, as ...
malt extract
a sweet, gummy substance derived from an infusion of malt. [1830-40] * * *
malt liquor
beer having a relatively high alcohol content, usually 5 to 8 percent. [1685-95] * * *
malt shop
a retail establishment specializing in serving ice-cream drinks, as malted milks, milk shakes, and sodas. [1940-45, Amer.] * * *
malt sugar
malt sugar n. MALTOSE * * *
malt whisky
whisky, as Scotch, made entirely from malted barley. * * *
/mawl"teuh/, n. 1. an island in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Africa. 95 sq. mi. (246 sq. km). 2. a former British colony consisting of this island and two small adjacent ...
Malta fever
Pathol. brucellosis. [1865-70] * * *
Malta, flag of
▪ Flag History       vertically divided white-red national flag with a George Cross in the upper hoist corner. The flag has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to ...
Malta fever n. See brucellosis. * * *
/mawl"tays, -tayz/, n. Biochem. an enzyme that converts maltose into glucose and causes similar cleavage of many other glucosides. [1885-90; MALT + -ASE] * * * ▪ ...
Malte-Brun, Conrad
▪ Danish author original name  Malte Conrad Bruun   born Aug. 12, 1775, Thisted, Den. died Dec. 14, 1826, Paris, France       author and coauthor of several ...
/mawl"tid/, n. See malted milk. [1670-80 for sense "made into malt"; MALT + -ED2] * * *
malted milk
1. a soluble powder made of dehydrated milk and malted cereals. 2. a beverage made by dissolving this powder, usually in milk, often with ice cream and flavoring added. [1885-90, ...
malt·ed milk (môlʹtĭd) n. 1. A soluble powder made of dried milk, malted barley, and wheat flour. 2. A beverage made by mixing milk with this powder and adding ice cream and ...
/mawl teez", -tees"/, adj., n., pl. Maltese. adj. 1. of or pertaining to Malta, its people, or their language. n. 2. a native or inhabitant of Malta. 3. the Arabic dialect spoken ...
Maltese cat
a bluish-gray variety of the domestic cat. [1855-60] * * *
Maltese cross
1. a cross having four equal arms that expand in width outward. See illus. under cross. 2. See scarlet lychnis. [1875-80] * * *
Maltese dog
one of a breed of toy dogs having a long, straight, silky white coat. [1790-1800] * * *
Maltese Falcon
a novel (1930) by Dashiell Hammett, in which he first used the character Sam Spade, a private detective. The story is about people who commit murder to get a valuable statue ...
Maltese lace
      type of guipure lace (in which the design is held together by bars, or brides, rather than net) introduced into Malta in 1833 by Genoese laceworkers. It was similar ...
Maltese language
Principal language of Malta, developed from a dialect of Arabic closely related to those of Algeria and Tunisia. It has been strongly influenced by the Romance languages, ...
Maltese cat n. A short-haired domestic cat having a silky, bluish-gray coat. * * *
Maltese cross n. A cross having four equal arms resembling arrowheads joined at the points. * * *
n [pl] a British make of round chocolate sweets with light crisp centres. * * *
/mal"theuh/, n. 1. a liquid bitumen used in ancient times as a mortar or waterproofing agent. 2. any of various natural mixtures of bituminous hydrocarbons. 3. a viscous mineral ...
/mal"theen/, n. Chem. petrolene. [MALTH(A) + -ENE] * * *
/mal"theuhs/, n. Thomas Robert, 1766-1834, English economist and clergyman. * * *
Malthus, Thomas Robert
born Feb. 14/17, 1766, Rookery, near Dorking, Surrey, Eng. died Dec. 23, 1834, St. Catherine, near Bath, Somerset British economist and demographer. Born into a prosperous ...
Malthus,Thomas Robert
Mal·thus (mălʹthəs), Thomas Robert. 1766-1834. British economist who wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population (1798), arguing that population tends to increase faster ...
—Malthusianism, n. /mal thooh"zheuhn, -zee euhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the theories of T. R. Malthus, which state that population tends to increase faster, at a ...

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