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Слова на букву lowe-moth (15990)

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Meissonier, Juste-Aurèle
born 1693/95, Turin, Savoy died July 31, 1750, Paris, France French goldsmith, designer, and architect. Appointed goldsmith and cabinetmaker to Louis XV in 1726, he became a ...
meister [mīs′tər] n. 〚Ger, master〛 Slang a person involved or skilled in a specified thing or activity: usually in compounds [schlockmeister] * * *
/muy"steuhr sing'euhr, -zing'-/, n., pl. Meistersinger, Meistersingers for 1. 1. Also, mastersinger. a member of one of the guilds, chiefly of workingmen, established during the ...
Meit, Conrat
▪ German sculptor born c. 1475, , Worms, Bishopric of Worms died 1550/51, Antwerp       Flemish sculptor and medalist known for the realistic portraits that he produced ...
▪ people also called  Manipuri         dominant population of Manipur in northeastern India. The area was once inhabited entirely by peoples resembling such hill ...
/muyt"neuhr/, n. Lise /lee"zeuh/, 1878-1968, Austrian nuclear physicist. * * *
Meitner, Lise
born Nov. 7, 1878, Vienna, Austria died Oct. 27, 1968, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Eng. German physicist. She worked at Berlin's Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (1912–38), also ...
Meit·ner (mītʹnər), Lise. 1878-1968. Austrian-born Swedish physicist and pioneer in the study of nuclear fission. * * *
meitnerium [mīt nir′ē əm] n. 〚ModL, after MEITNER Lise + -IUM〛 a radioactive chemical element with a very short half-life: a transactinide produced by bombarding bismuth ...
▪ China Wade-Giles romanization  Mei-chou , formerly  Meixian        city in northeastern Guangdong sheng (province), China. It is situated on the north bank of ...
Sp. /me"hee kaw/, n. Mexico. * * *
Chem. See methyl ethyl ketone. * * *
▪ Gabon       town, northeastern Gabon. It lies along the south bank of the Djadié River (a tributary of the Ogooué). Mékambo is the trading centre for a substantial ...
▪ Ethiopia also spelled  Makalle,         town, northern Ethiopia. Situated 6,778 feet (2,066 m) above sea level overlooking the salt mines of the Danakil Plain, ...
Meker burner
/mek"euhr/, Chem. a gas burner similar to the Bunsen burner but producing a hotter flame by virtue of having at its mouth a metal screen to allow a more intimate mixture of air ...
Hebrew commentary on the Book of Exodus. One of the exegetic commentaries known as the Halakhic Midrashim, the Mekhilta presents a composite of three kinds of materials ...
/mek'i tahr"ist/, n. Rom. Cath. Ch. a member of an order of Armenian monks founded in Constantinople in the 18th century and following the rule of St. Benedict. Also, ...
/mek"euh/, n. Mecca (def. 1). * * *
/mek nes"/, n. a city in N Morocco: former capital of Morocco. 244,520. * * * City (pop., 1994: 459,958), north-central Morocco. It was one of Morocco's four imperial cities, ...
/may"kong"/; Thai. /ma kohng"/, n. a river whose source is in SW China, flowing SE along most of the boundary between Thailand and Laos to the South China Sea. 2600 mi. (4200 km) ...
Mekong Delta
the delta of the Mekong River in Vietnam. * * *
Mekong River
Chinese Lancang Jiang or Lan-Ts'ang Chiang Longest river of Southeast Asia. Rising in eastern Tibet, China, it flows south across the highlands of Yunnan province. It then ...
Mekons, the
▪ British rock group       British rock group that exemplified punk rock's do-it-yourself ethos. Principal members were Jon Langford (b. October 11, 1957, Newport, ...
Mekri carpet
▪ rug       floor covering handwoven in the Turkish town of Mekri (modern Fethiye), noted for its unusual prayer rugs (prayer rug). They are sometimes called Rhodes ...
/mel/, n. (in prescriptions) honey. [ < L] * * * (as used in expressions) Allen Mel Brooks Mel Gibson Mel Columcille * * *
/mel/, n. a male given name, form of Melvin. * * * (as used in expressions) Allen Mel Brooks Mel Gibson Mel Columcille * * *
Mel Brooks
➡ Brooks (II) * * *
Mel Gibson
➡ Gibson * * *
I. mel-1 Soft; with derivatives referring to soft or softened materials of various kinds. I. Extended form *meld-. 1. melt, from Old English meltan, to melt, from Germanic ...
/may"lah/, n. (in India) 1. a religious fair, esp. one held in connection with a festival. 2. a throng of people. [1790-1800; < Hindi < Skt mela assembly, company] * * *
Mela, Pomponius
▪ Roman author born AD 43       author of the only ancient treatise on geography in classical Latin, De situ orbis (“A Description of the World”), also known as De ...
/mi lee"neuh/, n. Med. melena. * * *
/meuh lah"keuh/, n. Malacca (defs. 1, 2). * * * ▪ Malaysia formerly  Malacca   town and port, Peninsular (West) Malaysia, on the Strait of Malacca, at the mouth of the ...
/mel'euh looh"keuh/, n. any of various chiefly Australian shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Melaleuca, of the myrtle family, including the cajeput and several species of ...
Seph. /meuh lah med"/; Ashk. /meuh lah"mid/, n., pl. melamdim Seph. /-lahm deem"/; Ashk. /-lahm"dim/. Hebrew. a teacher in a Jewish school, esp. a heder. Also, ...
/mel"euh meen', mel'euh meen"/, n. Chem. 1. a white, crystalline, slightly water-soluble solid, C3N3(NH2)3, used chiefly in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of resins, ...
melamine resin
Chem. any of the class of thermosetting resins formed by the interaction of melamine and formaldehyde: used chiefly as adhesives for laminated materials and as coatings for ...
melamine resin n. A thermosetting resin used for molded products, adhesives, and surface coatings. * * *
Seph. /meuh lah med"/; Ashk. /meuh lah"mid/, n., pl. melammdim Seph. /-lahm deem"/; Ashk. /-lahm"dim/. Hebrew. melamed. * * *
/meuh lam"peuhs/, n. Class. Myth. the first seer and healer: his ears were licked by serpents he had raised, enabling him to understand the speech and wisdom of animals. * * ...
var. of melano- before a vowel: melanism. * * *
/mel'euhn koh"lee euh, -kohl"yeuh/, n. 1. a mental condition characterized by great depression of spirits and gloomy forebodings. 2. Psychiatry. See endogenous ...
/mel'euhn koh"lee ak'/, adj. 1. affected with melancholia. n. 2. a person who is affected with melancholia. [1860-65; MELANCHOLI(A) + -AC] * * *
—melancholically, adv. /mel'euhn kol"ik/, adj. 1. disposed to or affected with melancholy; gloomy. 2. of, pertaining to, or affected with melancholia. [1350-1400; ME melancolik ...
See melancholic. * * *
See melancholy. * * *
See melancholily. * * *
—melancholily, adv. —melancholiness, n. /mel"euhn kol'ee/, n., pl. melancholies, adj. n. 1. a gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression. 2. sober ...
/meuh langk"theuhn/; Ger. /may lahnkh"tawn/, n. Philipp /fil"ip/; Ger. /fee"lip/, (Philipp Schwarzert), 1497-1560, German Protestant reformer. * * *
Melanchthon, Philipp
orig. Philipp Schwartzerd born Feb. 15, 1497, Bretten, Palatinate died April 19, 1560, probably Wittenberg, Saxony German Protestant reformer. His education in Germany was ...
Me·lanch·thon (mə-lăngkʹthən, mā-länKHʹtôn), Philipp. Originally Philipp Schwarzerd. 1497-1560. German theologian and a leader of the German Reformation. A friend of ...
/mel'euh nee"zheuh, -sheuh/, n. one of the three principal divisions of Oceania, comprising the island groups in the S Pacific NE of Australia. * * * Island group, South Pacific ...
/mel'euh nee"zheuhn, -sheuhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to Melanesia, its inhabitants, or their languages. n. 2. a member of any of the native peoples inhabiting Melanesia. 3. ...
Melanesian culture
▪ cultural region, Pacific Ocean Introduction  the beliefs and practices of the indigenous peoples of the ethnogeographic group of Pacific Islands known as Melanesia. From ...
Melanesian languages
      languages belonging to the Eastern, or Oceanic, branch of the Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language family and spoken in the islands of Melanesia. The Melanesian ...
Melanesian Pidgin English
Neo-Melanesian. * * *
Melanesian pidgins
▪ language       English-based pidgins (pidgin) that are used widely in Melanesia (Melanesian culture); in some areas they have evolved into expanded pidgins, having ...
/may lahonnzh", -lahnj"/, n., pl. mélanges /-lahonnzh", -lahn"jiz/. a mixture; medley. [1645-55; < F; OF meslance, equiv. to mesl(er) to mix (see MEDDLE) + -ance n. suffix
/meuh lan"ik/, adj. 1. Pathol. melanotic. 2. of or pertaining to melanism. [1815-25; MELAN- + -IC] * * *
/mel"euh nee/, n. a female given name. * * *
—melaninlike, adj. /mel"euh nin/, n. any of a class of insoluble pigments, found in all forms of animal life, that account for the dark color of skin, hair, fur, scales, ...
/meuh lay"nee euhn/, n. Class. Myth. a youth of Arcadia, usually identified with Hippomenes as the successful suitor of Atalanta. * * *
/mel'euh nip"euhs/, n. Class. Myth. a Theban who killed Tydeus in the battle of the Seven against Thebes and who was, in turn, slain by Amphiaraus. Also, Melanippos. * * *
—melanistic, adj. /mel"euh niz'euhm/, n. 1. Ethnol. the condition in human beings of having a high amount of melanin granules in the skin, hair, and eyes. 2. Zool. the ...
See melanism. * * *
—melanitic /mel'euh nit"ik/, adj. /mel"euh nuyt'/, n. Mineral. a deep black variety of andradite garnet. [1800-10; MELAN- + -ITE1] * * *
See melanite. * * *
melanize [mel′ənīz΄] vt. melanized, melanizing 〚 MELAN(O)- + -IZE〛 1. to darken by the deposition of abnormal amounts of melanin in tissues 2. to make dark * * *
a combining form meaning "black," used in the formation of compound words: melanocyte. Also, esp. before a vowel, melan-. [ < Gk, comb. form of mélas] * * *
/meuh lan"euh blast', mel"euh neuh-/, n. Biol. an undifferentiated cell that develops into a melanophore or melanocyte. [1900-05; MELANO- + -BLAST] * * *
See melanoblast. * * *
Melanochroi [mel΄ə näk′rō ī΄] pl.n. 〚ModL
/meuh lan"euh suyt', mel"euh neuh-/, n. Cell Biol. a cell producing and containing melanin. [1885-90; MELANO- + -CYTE] * * *
melanocyte-stimulating hormone
/meuh lan"euh suyt'stim'yeuh lay'ting, mel"euh neuh-/, Biochem. See MSH. [1950-55] * * *
mel·a·no·cyte-stim·u·lat·ing hormone (mĕlʹə-nō-sīt'stĭm'yə-lā'tĭng, mə-lănʹə-) n. Abbr. MSH A hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that regulates skin ...
/meuh lan"euh derrm', mel"euh neuh-/, n. a person with dark pigmentation of the skin. [1920-25; MELANO- + -DERM] * * *
/mel"euh noyd'/, adj. 1. of or characterized by melanosis. 2. resembling melanin; darkish. [1850-55; MELAN- + -OID] * * *
/mel'euh noh"meuh/, n., pl. melanomas, melanomata /-meuh teuh/. Pathol. any of several types of skin tumors characterized by the malignant growth of melanocytes. [1825-35; MELAN- ...
/meuh lan"euh fawr', -fohr', mel"euh neuh-/, n. Biol. a pigmented connective-tissue cell containing melanin in its cytoplasm, responsible for color changes in many fishes and ...
/mel'euh noh"sis/, n. Pathol. 1. abnormal deposition or development of black or dark pigment in the tissues. 2. a discoloration caused by this. [1815-25; < NL < LGk melánosis a ...
See melanous. * * *
/meuh lan"euh sohm', mel"euh neuh-/, n. Cell Biol. an organelle in melanocytes that synthesizes and stores melanin. [1935-40; MELANO- + -SOME3] * * *
/meuh lan'oh sperr"meuhs, mel'euh noh-/, adj. having dark spores, as certain seaweeds. [1855-60; MELANO- + -SPERM + -OUS] * * *
/mel'euh not"ik/, adj. Pathol. of or affected with melanosis. Also, melanic. [1820-30; MELAN- + -OTIC] * * *
/meuh lan'euh troh"pin, mel'euh neuh-/, n. See MSH. [MELANO- + -TROPE + -IN2] * * *
melanous [mel′ə nəs] adj. 〚 MELAN(O)- + -OUS〛 having black or dark skin and hair * * * mel·a·nous (mĕlʹə-nəs) adj. Having a swarthy or black complexion and black ...
melaphyre [mel′ə fīr΄] n. 〚Fr mélaphyre < Gr melas, black (see MELANO-) + Fr (por)phyre, porphyry〛 Obs. any dark-colored porphyritic igneous rock * * * mel·a·phyre ...
▪ drug       antiprotozoal drug formerly used in the treatment of late-stage African trypanosomiasis ( sleeping sickness). Melarsoprol is an organoarsenic compound that ...
Melas carpet
▪ Turkish rug       floor covering handwoven in the neighbourhood of Milâs (Melas) on the Aegean coast of southwestern Turkey. Normally of small size and dating from ...
melastome [mel′ə stōm΄] adj. 〚< ModL Melastoma < Gr melas, black + stoma, mouth: so named from the stain caused by the fruit〛 designating a family (Melastomataceae, ...
/mel'euh toh"nin/, n. Physiol. a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in inverse proportion to the amount of light received by the retina, important in the regulation of ...
/mel'euh kooh"meuh, -euh zooh"-, -euhk sooh"-/, n. Plant Pathol. a disease of trees, esp. walnuts, characterized by an inky-black liquid oozing from the affected twigs, branches, ...
/mel"beuh/, n. 1. (Dame) Nellie (Helen Porter Mitchell Armstrong), 1861-1931, Australian operatic soprano. 2. a female given name. * * *
Melba sauce
a clear raspberry sauce, used esp. as a dessert topping. [1950-55; named after N. MELBA] * * *
Melba toast
narrow slices of thin, crisp toast. [1920-25; named after N. MELBA] * * *
Melba, Dame Nellie
orig. Helen Porter Mitchell born May 19, 1861, Richmond, near Melbourne, Austl. died Feb. 23, 1931, Sydney Australian soprano. After study with Mathilde Marchesi (1821–1913) ...
Melba,Dame Nellie
Mel·ba (mĕlʹbə), Dame Nellie. Originally Helen Porter Mitchell. 1861-1931. Australian soprano primarily with London's Covent Garden (1889-1926) and the Metropolitan Opera in ...
Melba toast n. Very thinly sliced crisp toast.   [After Melba, Dame Nellie.]   Word History: The familiar foods named for Helen Porter Mitchell are not recognizable as such ...
—Melburnian /mel berr"nee euhn/, n., adj. /mel"beuhrn/, n. 1. 2nd Viscount. See Lamb, William. 2. a seaport in and the capital of Victoria, in SE Australia. 2,864,600. 3. a ...
Melbourne (of Kilmore), William Lamb, 2nd Viscount
born March 15, 1779, London, Eng. died Nov. 24, 1848, Brocket, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire British prime minister (1834, 1835–41). A lawyer, he entered the House of Commons ...
Melbourne, University of
Public university in Melbourne, Austl. Founded as a liberal arts college in 1853, in subsequent decades it added schools or faculties of agriculture, architecture, commerce, ...
Melbourne, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount, Lord Melbourne, Baron of Kilmore, Baron Melbourne of Melbourne
▪ prime minister of Great Britain born March 15, 1779, London, Eng. died Nov. 24, 1848, Brocket, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire  British prime minister from July 16 to Nov. 14, ...
Melbourne,Second Viscount
Melbourne,Second Viscount. See Lamb, William. * * *
/mel"cheuhrz/, n. Gari /gair"ee/, 1860-1932, U.S. painter. * * *
Melchers, Gari
▪ American artist born Aug. 11, 1860, Detroit died Nov. 30, 1932, Falmouth, Va., U.S.       highly successful portrait and genre painter. Melchers, who worked ...
/mel kuy"euh deez'/, n. Saint, died A.D. 314, pope 310-314. Also, Miltiades. * * *
/mel"kyawr, -kee awr'/, n. 1. one of the three Magi. 2. Lauritz (Lebrecht Hommel) /low"rits, lawr"its/; Dan. /low"rddits lib"rddekht hom"el/, 1890-1973, U.S. operatic tenor, born ...
Melchior, Johann Peter
▪ German potter born Oct. 12, 1742, Lindorf, near Düsseldorf, Berg died June 13, 1825, Nymphenburg, Bavaria       modeller in porcelain, best known of the artists ...
Melchior, Lauritz (Lebrecht Hommel)
born March 20, 1890, Copenhagen, Den. died March 18, 1973, Santa Monica, Calif., U.S. Danish-U.S. tenor. He debuted as a baritone in 1913 but further study extended his range ...
Melchior,Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel
Melchior, Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel. 1890-1973. Danish-born American operatic tenor noted for his Wagnerian roles, especially with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City ...
/mel"kuyt/, n. 1. a Christian in Egypt and Syria who accepted the definition of faith adopted by the Council of Chalcedon in A.D. 451. adj. 2. of or pertaining to the ...
/mel kiz"i dek'/, n. 1. a priest and king of Salem. Gen. 14:18. 2. the higher order of priests in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. * * * Canaanite king and ...
Melchizedek priesthood
      in the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), the higher of the two priesthoods, concerned with spiritual rather than secular matters. See ...
meld1 /meld/, Cards. v.t., v.i. 1. to announce and display (a counting combination of cards in the hand) for a score. n. 2. the act of melding. 3. any combination of cards to be ...
/mel"deuhr/, n. Scot. the quantity of meal ground at one time; the yield of meal from a crop or specific amount of grain. [1400-50; late ME meltyre < ON meldr grain or meal in ...
the main character in the popular British television comedy series One Foot in the Grave (1990–2000), played by Richard Wilson. He is a retired man who is always bad-tempered, ...
/mel'ee ay"jeuhr/, n. 1. fl. 1st century B.C., Greek epigrammatist. 2. Class. Myth. the heroic son of Althaea, an Argonaut, and the slayer of the Calydonian boar. Cf. Calydonian ...
/mel'ee ag"ri deez'/, n.pl. Class. Myth. the sisters of Meleager of Calydon who were changed into guinea hens by Artemis in order to relieve their grief over the death of their ...
melee1 /may"lay, may lay", mel"ay/, n. 1. a confused hand-to-hand fight or struggle among several people. 2. confusion; turmoil; jumble: the melee of Christmas shopping. Also, ...
Melen, Ferit
▪ prime minister of Turkey born 1906, Van, Tur. died Sept. 3, 1988, Ankara       Turkish politician who as prime minister and minister of defense headed a ...
/meuh lee"neuh/, n. Med. the discharge of black, tarry, bloody stools, usually resulting from a hemorrhage in the alimentary tract. Also, melaena. [ < NL < Gk mélaina, fem. of ...
Meléndez Valdés, Juan
▪ Spanish poet born March 11, 1754, Ribera de Fresno, Spain died May 24, 1817, Montpellier, France       poet and politician. The representative poet of the Spanish ...
Melendez, Bill
▪ 2009 José Cuauhtémoc Melendez        Mexican-born American animator born Nov. 15, 1916, Hermosillo, Mex. died Sept. 2. 2008, Santa Monica, Calif. animated and/or ...
/mel"i tee/, n. Class. Myth. one of the original three Muses, the Muse of meditation. Cf. Aoede, mneme (def. 2). [ < Gk meléte care, attention] * * *
/mel"i tin/, n. Biochem. quercetin. * * *
Meletios Pegas
▪ patriarch of Alexandria Meletios also spelled  Meletius   born 1549, Candia [Iráklion], Crete died Sept. 14, 1601, Alexandria       Greek Orthodox patriarch of ...
Meletius of Antioch, Saint
▪ bishop died 381, Constantinople [now Istanbul, Turkey]; feast day February 12       bishop of Antioch whose name is attached to the Meletian schism that split the ...
Meletius of Lycopolis
▪ Egyptian bishop flourished 4th century       bishop of Lycopolis, in Upper Egypt, near Thebes, who formed an ascetic, schismatic Christian church holding a rigorous ...
▪ Italy       town and episcopal see, Basilicata regione, southern Italy, at the foot of the volcanic mass of Monte Vulture, at an elevation of 1,742 feet (531 m), ...
Melfi, Constitutions of
or Liber Augustalis (1231) Legal code drawn up by Emperor Frederick II for the kingdom of Sicily. Based on Roman and canon law, the constitutions centralized royal ...
To rub off; also to milk. Oldest form *melg̑-, becoming *melg- in centum languages. I. 1. Zero-grade form *ml̥g-. emulsion, from Latin mulgēre, to milk. 2. Full-grade form ...
▪ plant family       the mahogany family of flowering plants, of the order Sapindales, comprising 51 genera and about 575 species of trees and (rarely) shrubs, native to ...
/mee'lee ay"sheuhs/, adj. belonging to the Meliaceae, the mahogany family of plants. Cf. mahogany family. [1895-1900; < NL Meliace(ae) (equiv. to Meli(a) genus name ( < Gk melía ...
/mee"lee ee'/, n.pl. Class. Myth. the nymphs born from the blood of Uranus at the time of his mutilation by Cronus; the nymphs of ash trees. [ < Gk melíai, pl. of MELÍA manna, ...
Melian [mē′lē ən] adj. of or relating to Melos * * *
/mel"ik/, adj. 1. intended to be sung. 2. noting or pertaining to the more elaborate form of Greek lyric poetry, as distinguished from iambic and elegiac poetry. [1690-1700; < Gk ...
/may lyes"/, n. Georges /zhawrddzh/, 1861-1938, French film director. * * *
Méliès, Georges
born Dec. 8, 1861, Paris, France died Jan. 21, 1938, Paris French filmmaker. He was a professional magician and manager-director of the Théâtre Robert-Houdin in Paris when he ...
Mé·liès (māl-yĕsʹ), Georges. 1861-1938. French film director who was the first to film fictional narratives and created the earliest special effects. His works include A ...
/mel"euh luyt'/, n. a sorosilicate mineral group, consisting chiefly of sodium, calcium, and aluminum silicates, occurring in igneous rocks. [1790-1800; < NL melilithus, equiv. ...
/may leel"yah/, n. a seaport belonging to Spain on the NE coast of Morocco, in NW Africa. 60,843. * * * Spanish enclave and autonomous community (pop., 2001: 66,411), North ...
/mel"euh lot'/, n. a cloverlike plant of the genus Melilotus, of the legume family, grown as a forage plant. [bef. 1150; ME mellilot < L melilotos < Gk melílotos a clover, ...
/meuh lin"deuh/, n. a female given name. * * *
Méline, Félix-Jules
▪ premier of France born May 20, 1838, Remiremont, France died Dec. 20, 1925, Paris  French politician and premier (1896–98).       In 1872 Méline was elected to ...
/mel"euh nuyt'/, n. Chem. a high explosive containing picric acid. [1885-90; < F mélinite < Gk mélin(os) made of apples (deriv. of mêlon apple) + F -ite -ITE1] * * *
/mel'ee oy doh"sis/, n. Pathol. a contagious pulmonary disease of rodents that is caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas pseudomallei and is frequently transmitted to humans in ...
See meliorate. * * *
—meliorable /meel"yeuhr euh beuhl, mee"lee euhr euh-/, adj. —meliorative /meel"yeuh ray'tiv, -yeuhr euh tiv, mee"lee euh ray'-, -euhr euh-/, adj. —meliorator, n. /meel"yeuh ...
/meel'yeuh ray"sheuhn, mee'lee euh-/, n. 1. Historical Ling. semantic change in a word to a more approved or more respectable meaning. Cf. pejoration (def. 2). 2. ...
See meliorable. * * *
See meliorable. * * *
—meliorist, n., adj. —melioristic, adj. /meel"yeuh riz'euhm, mee"lee euh-/, n. the doctrine that the world tends to become better or may be made better by human ...
See meliorism. * * *
See meliorist. * * *
/meel yawr"i tee, -yor"-, mee'lee awr"-, -or"-/, n. superiority. [1570-80; < ML melioritas, equiv. to L melior- (s. of melior) better + -itas -ITY] * * *
—melismatic /mel'iz mat"ik/, adj. /mi liz"meuh/, n., pl. melismas, melismata /-meuh teuh/. Music. an ornamental phrase of several notes sung to one syllable of text, as in ...
See melisma. * * *
/meuh lis"euh/, n. 1. Class. Myth. the sister of Amalthea who nourished the infant Zeus with honey. 2. Also, Melissie, Melissy /meuh lis"ee/. a female given name. * * *
Melissus Of Samos
▪ Greek philosopher flourished 5th century BC       Greek philosopher who was the last significant member of the Eleatic school of philosophy, which adhered to ...
Honey. 1. hydromel, marmalade, melilot, oenomel, from Greek meli, honey. 2. a. melliferous, mellifluous, molasses, from Latin mel (stem mell-), honey, from *meld-, syncopated ...
/mel'i tee"nee/, n. ancient name of Malatya. * * *
Melito Of Sardis
▪ Greek bishop flourished 2nd century       Greek bishop of Sardis in Lydia (now in Turkey), whose rediscovered theological treatise on Easter, “The Lord's ...
/mel'euh taw"peuhl/; Russ. /myi lyi taw"peuhl/, n. a city in SE Ukraine, NW of the Sea of Azov: battles 1941, 1943. 174,000. * * * ▪ Ukraine also spelled ...
/mel"i tohs'/, n. Biochem. raffinose. [1860-65; < Gk melit-, s. of méli honey + -OSE2] * * *
/mel'i truy"ohs/, n. Biochem. raffinose. [MEL1 + -I- + TRI- + -OSE2] * * *
/meuh lit"euh/, n. a female given name. * * *
▪ Austria       town, northeastern Austria. It lies at the confluence of the Danube and Melk rivers, west of Sankt Pölten. The town was the site of a Roman garrison ...
/mel"kuyt/, n., adj. Melchite. * * *
mell1 /mel/, Brit. Dial. v.t. 1. to blend; mix; meld. v.i. 2. to meddle; concern oneself. [1250-1300; ME mellen < MF meller; see MEDDLE] mell2 /mel/, Scot. and North Eng. n. 1. a ...
/mel"euh ril/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand of thioridazine. * * *
Mellencamp, John
▪ American musician also called  Johnny Cougar  or  John Cougar Mellencamp  born Oct. 7, 1951, Seymour, Ind., U.S.       American singer-songwriter ...
/mel"euhr/, n. Theat. Slang. melodrama (def. 1). [by shortening and alter.] * * *
/mel"euhrz/, n. Wilfrid Howard, born 1914, English musicologist and composer. * * *
Mellers, Wilfrid Howard
▪ 2009       English musicologist, critic, composer, and professor born April 26, 1914, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Eng. died May 16, 2008, Scrayingham, North ...
/meuh lif"euhr euhs/, adj. yielding or producing honey. [1650-60; < L mellifer honey-bearing (melli-, s. of mel honey + -fer -FER) + -OUS] * * *
—mellifluence, n. —mellifluently, adv. /meuh lif"looh euhnt/, adj. mellifluous. [1595-1605; < LL mellifluent- (s. of mellifluens), equiv. to L melli- (s. of mel) honey + ...
See mellifluent. * * *
—mellifluously, adv. —mellifluousness, n. /meuh lif"looh euhs/, adj. 1. sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding: a mellifluous voice; mellifluous tones. 2. flowing with ...
See mellifluous. * * *
See mellifluously. * * *
/mel"uyt/, n. Pharm. a pharmaceutical containing honey. Also, mellitum. [1795-1805; < NL mellites. See MEL, -ITE1] * * *
/meuh luy"teuhm/, n., pl. mellita /-luy"teuh/. Pharm. mellite. [ < NL mellitum] * * *
Mellitus of Canterbury, Saint
▪ Italian saint died April 24, 624, Canterbury, Kent [England]; feast day April 24       first bishop of London and the third archbishop of Canterbury (619–624), ...
Mello, Craig C.
▪ American geneticist born Oct. 18, 1960, New Haven, Conn., U.S.    American scientist, who was a corecipient, with Andrew Z. Fire (Fire, Andrew Z.), of the Nobel Prize for ...
/mel"euhn/, n. Andrew William, 1855-1937, U.S. financier: Secretary of the Treasury 1921-32. * * *
Mellon Financial Corporation
▪ American bank       American bank holding company whose principal subsidiary, Mellon Bank, has been one of the largest regional banks in the country. Its headquarters ...
Mellon, Andrew W(illiam)
born March 24, 1855, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S. died Aug. 26, 1937, Southampton, N.Y. U.S. financier. He joined his father's banking house in 1874 and through the next three decades ...
Mellon, Andrew W.
▪ American financier and politician in full  Andrew William Mellon   born March 24, 1855, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S. died Aug. 26, 1937, Southampton, N.Y.  American financier, ...
Mellon, Paul
▪ 2000       American philanthropist (b. June 11, 1907, Pittsburgh, Pa.—d. Feb. 2, 1999, Upperville, Va.), was heir to an enormous fortune amassed by his father, ...
Mellon,Andrew William
Mel·lon (mĕlʹən), Andrew William. 1855-1937. American financier and public official who served as U.S. secretary of the treasury (1921-1932) and endowed the National Gallery ...
/mel"euh fohn'/, n. a marching or military band brass instrument similar in appearance and range to the French horn but slightly smaller and simpler to play. Also called tenor ...
/mel"euh tron'/, Trademark. a brand of synthesizer that simulates the sound of other instruments by using tapes of recorded sounds. * * *
—mellowly, adv. —mellowness, n. /mel"oh/, adj., mellower, mellowest, v., n. adj. 1. soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit. 2. well-matured, as wines. 3. soft ...
See mellow. * * *
See mellowly. * * *
Melly, George
▪ 2008 Alan George Heywood Melly        British jazz singer and writer born Aug. 17, 1926, Liverpool, Eng. died July 5, 2007, London, Eng. was admired as much for his ...
/may"loh/; Sp. /me"law/, n. a city in NE Uruguay. 38,000. * * * ▪ Uruguay       city, northeastern Uruguay. It lies along the Arroyo de los Conventos, an affluent of ...
Melo Antunes, Lieut.-Col. Ernesto Augusto de
▪ 2000       Portuguese army officer and politician who was an ideological leader of the Armed Forces Movement that engineered the “Revolution of the Flowers,” the ...
Melo Neto, João Cabral de
▪ Brazilian poet and diplomat born January 6, 1920, Recife, Brazil died October 9, 1999, Rio de Janeiro       Brazilian poet and diplomat, one of the last great figures ...
Melo, Francisco Manuel de
▪ Portuguese author born Nov. 23, 1608, Lisbon, Port. died Oct. 13, 1666, Alcântara, near Lisbon       Portuguese soldier, diplomat, and courtier who won fame as a ...
/meuh loh"dee euhn/, n. 1. a small reed organ. 2. a kind of accordion. Also, melodion. [1840-50, Amer.; < G, formed on Melodie melody; see ACCORDION] * * * ▪ musical ...
/meuh loh"dee euh/, n. an 8 ft. (2.4 m) wooden flue-pipe stop organ resembling the clarabella in tone. [special use of LL melodia MELODY] * * *
—melodically, adv. /meuh lod"ik/, adj. 1. melodious. 2. of or pertaining to melody, as distinguished from harmony and rhythm. [1815-25; < LL melodicus < Gk meloidikós. See ...
melodic interval.
See under interval (def. 6). * * *
melodic minor scale
Music. See minor scale (def. 2). * * *
melodica [mə läd′i kə, məlō′dikə] n. a modified HARMONICA (sense 1) having a mouthpiece at one end and a small keyboard for sounding the tones * * *
See melodic. * * *
/meuh lod"iks/, n. (used with a sing. v.) the branch of musical science concerned with the pitch and succession of tones. [1860-65; see MELODIC, -ICS] * * *
/mel"euh dee/, n. a female given name. * * * ▪ French art song       (French: “melody”), the accompanied French art song of the 19th and 20th centuries. Following ...
/meuh loh"dee euhn/, n. melodeon. * * *
—melodiously, adv. —melodiousness, n. /meuh loh"dee euhs/, adj. 1. of the nature of or characterized by melody; tuneful. 2. producing melody; sweet-sounding; ...
See melodious. * * *
See melodiously. * * *
/mel"euh dist/, n. a composer or a singer of melodies. [1780-90; MELOD(Y) + -IST] * * *
—melodizer, n. /mel"euh duyz'/, v., melodized, melodizing. v.t. 1. to make melodious. v.i. 2. to make melody. 3. to blend melodiously. Also, esp. Brit., melodise. [1655-65; ...
See melodize. * * *
—melodramatist /mel'euh dram"euh tist, -drah"meuh-/, n. /mel"euh drah'meuh, -dram'euh/, n. 1. a dramatic form that does not observe the laws of cause and effect and that ...
—melodramatically, adv. /mel'euh dreuh mat"ik/, adj. 1. of, like, or befitting melodrama. 2. exaggerated and emotional or sentimental; sensational or sensationalized; ...
See melodramatic. * * *
melodramatics [mel΄ə drə mat′iks] pl.n. melodramatic behavior * * * mel·o·dra·mat·ics (mĕl'ə-drə-mătʹĭks) n. 1. (used with a sing. verb) Melodramatic theatrical ...
/mel'euh dram"euh tuyz', -drah"meuh-/, v.t., melodramatized, melodramatizing. 1. to make melodramatic. 2. to turn (a novel, story, etc.) into a melodrama. Also, esp. Brit., ...
—melodyless, adj. /mel"euh dee/, n., pl. melodies. 1. musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. 2. Music. a. the succession of single tones in musical ...
/mel"euh dee/, n. a female given name. * * * Rhythmic succession of single tones organized as an aesthetic whole. The melody is often the highest line in a musical composition. ...
Melody Maker
a British pop and rock music newspaper published once a week. It first appeared in 1926 and was published until 2000, when it merged with New Musical Express. * * *
melody type
▪ music       according to 20th-century musicologists, any of a variety of melodic formulas, figurations, and progressions and rhythmic patterns used in the creation of ...
/mel"oyd/, n. 1. a beetle of the family Meloidae, comprising the blister beetles. adj. 2. belonging or pertaining to the family Meloidae. [1875-80; < NL Meloidae name of the ...
melolonthid [mel΄ō län′thid΄] n. 〚< Gr mēlolonthē, cockchafer + -ID〛 any of various scarab beetles whose larvae feed chiefly on roots, including the cockchafers and ...
/mel"euhn/, n. 1. the fruit of any of various plants of the gourd family, as the muskmelon or watermelon. 2. medium crimson or deep pink. 3. the visible upper portion of the head ...
melon cactus
▪ plant  the genus Melocactus, containing about 30 species, in the family Cactaceae, native to the West Indies, Central America, and tropical South America and distinguished ...
melon foot
Eng. Furniture. a bun foot having vertical channels. * * *
melon pear
pepino (def. 2). * * *
melon seed
a small, broad, shallow boat for sailing or rowing, formerly used by hunters in various bays and marshes along the coast of New Jersey. * * *
melon shrub
pepino (def. 2). * * *
/mel"euhn bulb'/, n. Furniture. a large, bulbous turning, sometimes with surface carving, found esp. on the legs and posts of Elizabethan and Jacobean furniture. * * *
melon dome n. A hemispherical dome having a circular plan and a ribbed vault. Also called parachute dome, umbrella dome. * * *
Meloney, Marie Mattingly
▪ American journalist and editor née  Marie Mattingly   born Dec. 8, 1878, Bardstown, Ky., U.S. died June 23, 1943, Pawling, N.Y.       American journalist and ...
mel·on·gene (mĕlʹən-jēn') n. See eggplant.   [French mélongène, from Old French melanjan, melonge, from Medieval Latin melongēna, from Old Italian melanzana, ...
▪ pathology       rare disorder of unknown cause in which cortical bone overgrowth occurs along the main axis of a bone in such a way as to resemble candle drippings. ...
▪ islet, Italy       rocky islet in the Ligurian Sea, off the coast of Tuscany, north central Italy, opposite Livorno. Meloria is known as the site of two 13th-century ...
/mel"os, -ohs, mee"los, -lohs/, n. the succession of musical tones constituting a melody. [1730-40; < Gk mélos song, tune] * * * Greek Mílos Island (pop., 1991: 4,302) of the ...
—Melian /mee"lee euhn, meel"yeuhn/, adj., n. /mee"los, -lohs, mel"os, -ohs/; Gk. /mee"laws/, n. a Greek island in the Cyclades, in the SW Aegean: statue, Venus de Milo, found ...
Melozzo da Forlì
▪ Italian painter born 1438, Forlì, near Ravenna died Nov. 8, 1494, Forlì       early Italian Renaissance painter of the Umbrian school who was one of the great ...
/mel pom"euh nee'/, n. Class. Myth. the Muse of tragedy. [ < L Melpomene < Gk Melpoméne special use of fem. of prp. of mélpesthai to sing] * * * ▪ Greek Muse  in Greek ...
or Melkarth Phoenician god, the chief deity of Tyre and of two of its colonies, Carthage and Gadir (Cádiz, Spain). Probably a sun god, he was often depicted as a bearded ...
Melrhir, Chott
▪ lake, Algeria       lake in northeastern Algeria. Lying almost entirely below sea level, the Chott Melrhir is a marshy, saline lake that fluctuates in area with the ...
/mel"rohz'/, n. 1. a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston. 30,055. 2. a village in SE Scotland, on the Tweed River: ruins of a famous abbey. * * * ▪ Scotland, United ...
Melrose Park
a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago. 20,735. * * *
melt1 —meltable, adj. —meltability, n. —meltingly, adv. —meltingness, n. /melt/, v., melted, melted or molten, melting, n. v.i. 1. to become liquefied by warmth or heat, ...
See melt. * * *
See meltability. * * *
/mel"tij/, n. the amount melted or the result of melting. [MELT1 + -AGE] * * *
/melt"down'/, n. the melting of a significant portion of a nuclear-reactor core due to inadequate cooling of the fuel elements, a condition that could lead to the escape of ...
/mel"teuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that melts. 2. a person in charge of a steelmaking furnace. [1525-35; MELT1 + -ER1] * * *
Melting (in bold) and boiling points (C) of heteroaromatic compounds
▪ Table Melting and boiling points* of heteroaromatic compounds substituent ring system (with position of ...
melting point
Physical Chem. the temperature at which a solid substance melts or fuses. [1835-45] * * * Temperature at which the solid and liquid states of a pure substance can exist in ...
melting pot
1. a pot in which metals or other substances are melted or fused. 2. a country, locality, or situation in which a blending of races, peoples, or cultures is taking ...
See meltability. * * *
melt·ing point (mĕlʹtĭng) n. Abbr. mp 1. The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid at standard atmospheric pressure. 2. The temperature at which a solid and its ...
melting pot n. 1. A container in which a substance is melted. 2. A place where immigrants of different cultures or races form an integrated society: “Canadians... liked to ...
/mel"tn/, n. a heavily fulled cloth, often of wool, tightly constructed and finished with a smooth face concealing the weave, used for overcoats, hunting jackets, etc. Also ...
Melton Mowbray pie
a type of pork pie originally made in the town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, England. It is often eaten cold. * * *
/melt"waw'teuhr, -wot'euhr/, n. water from melted snow or ice. [1930-35; MELT1 + WATER] * * *
See meltability. * * *
/meuh lueonn"/, n. a city in and the capital of Seine-et-Marne, in N France. 38,996. * * * ▪ France       town, Seine-et-Marne département, Île-de-France région, ...
▪ France       new town (French ville nouvelle), located immediately north of Melun in the départements of Seine-et-Marne and Essonne, north-central France. ...

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