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Слова на букву moth-oik (15990)

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mountain cranberry
a low-growing shrub, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, of the heath family, growing in northern regions and having tart, red, edible berries. Also called cowberry, lingonberry, lowbush ...
mountain currant
an ornamental shrub, Ribes alpinum, of Europe, having greenish-yellow flowers and scarlet fruit. Also called Alpine currant. * * *
mountain daisy.
See mountain sandwort. [1855-60] * * *
Mountain Daylight Time
(abbr MDT) (in the US) the time used between early April and late October in the Rocky Mountain States. It is one hour later than Mountain Standard Time. * * *
mountain dew
illegally distilled corn liquor; moonshine. [1810-20] * * *
mountain dogwood.
See Pacific dogwood. * * *
mountain ebony.
See orchid tree. [1715-25] * * *
mountain ecosystem
▪ ecology Introduction       complex of living organisms in mountainous areas.       Mountain lands provide a scattered but diverse array of habitats in which a ...
mountain fetterbush
an erect shrub, Pieris floribunda, of the heath family, found from Virginia to Georgia, having white flowers in nodding clusters. [1795-1805] * * *
mountain goat
☆ mountain goat n. ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT * * * or Rocky Mountain goat Ruminant (bovid species Oreamnos americanus) of the Yukon to the northern Rockies that is more closely ...
mountain goat.
See Rocky Mountain goat. [1825-35, Amer.] * * *
mountain gorilla.
See under gorilla. * * *
mountain holly fern
a hardy, evergreen fern, Polystichum lonchitis, of North America, Europe, and Asia, having stiff and leathery fronds. * * *
mountain laurel
a North American laurel, Kalmia latifolia, having terminal clusters of rose to white flowers: the state flower of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Also called calico bush. [1750-60, ...
mountain lion
cougar. [1855-60, Amer.] * * *
mountain magnolia
a tree, Magnolia fraseri, of the southeastern U.S., having fragrant, creamy-white flowers from 9 to 11 in. (23 to 28 cm) across. [1880-85] * * *
mountain mahogany
any of several western North American shrubs or small trees of the genus Cercocarpus, of the rose family, having simple, leathery leaves and small, whitish flowers. [1800-10, ...
mountain man
1. mountaineer (def. 1). 2. a man who lives and works in the mountains or wilderness, esp. a frontiersman or pioneer, as in the early American West. [1685-95] * * * ▪ ...
mountain maple
a shrub, Acer spicatum, of eastern North America, having small, greenish-yellow flowers and winged fruit, the foliage turning to orange and scarlet in autumn. [1775-85, Amer.] * ...
Mountain Meadows massacre
▪ American history       (September 1857), in U.S. history, slaughter of a band of Arkansas emigrants passing through Utah on their way to California. Angered by the ...
mountain mint
any of various pungently aromatic North American mints of the genus Pycnanthemum, having large, flat clusters of small, whitish flowers. [1665-75] * * *
mountain oyster
the testis of a calf, sheep, pig, etc., used as food. Also called Rocky Mountain oyster. Cf. prairie oyster. [1885-90, Amer.] * * *
mountain range
1. a series of more or less connected mountains ranged in a line. 2. a series of mountains, or of more or less parallel lines of mountains, closely related, as in origin. 3. an ...
mountain rosebay
a showy, evergreen shrub, Rhododendron catawbiense, of the heath family, found in the mountainous regions from Virginia to Georgia, having bell-shaped, rose or purple ...
mountain sandwort
a sandwort, Arenaria groenlandica, of the pink family, native to Greenland and North America, having very numerous small leaves and small, white flowers, growing in rocky soil. ...
mountain sheep
1. the bighorn. 2. any of various wild sheep inhabiting mountains. [1795-1805, Amer.] * * *
mountain sickness
Pathol. See altitude sickness. [1840-50] * * *
Mountain Standard Time
☆ Mountain Standard Time n. a standard time used in the zone which includes the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. corresponding to the mean solar time of the 105th meridian ...
Mountain State
Montana (used as a nickname). * * *
Mountain States
➡ Rocky Mountain States. * * *
mountain system
a series of interconnected or geologically related mountain ranges. Also called mountain chain. [1880-85] * * *
Mountain Time
Mountain Time n. [also m- t-] standard time or daylight saving time in the time zone which includes the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. * * * ➡ Mountain Standard Time * * *
Mountain time.
See under standard time. Also called Mountain Standard Time. [1880-85; Amer.] * * *
Mountain View
a city in central California, S of San Francisco. 58,655. * * * ▪ California, United States       city, Santa Clara county, California, U.S. It lies on the southwest ...
mountain viscacha
viscacha (def. 2). * * *
mountain wave
the wavelike effect, characterized by severe updrafts and downdrafts, that occurs when rapidly flowing air encounters the steep front of a mountain range. Also called lee wave. * ...
mountain whitefish
a whitefish, Prosopium williamsoni, inhabiting mountain streams and lakes of the western U.S. and Canada. Also called Rocky Mountain whitefish. * * *
mountain wind
/wind/ a wind descending a mountain valley at night. Cf. valley wind. [1600-10] * * *
Mountain Zebra National Park
▪ park, South Africa       national park in Eastern Cape province, South Africa. It is situated in the semiarid Great Karoo region, west of Cradock. It has an area of 25 ...
Mountain, Table
▪ mountain, South Africa Afrikaans  Tafelberg    flat-topped mountain in southwestern South Africa, overlooking Cape Town and Table Bay (Bay, Table) and dominating the ...
Mountain, The
French  Le Montagne,         the Montagnards collectively, who were extreme democrats of the French Revolutionary period. See Montagnard. (Montagnard) * * *
mountain ash Europeanmountain ash Sorbus aucuparia Wendy Smith n. Any of various deciduous trees of the genus Sorbus, such as the rowan, having clusters of small white flowers ...
mountain avens n. A creeping evergreen plant (Dryas octopetala) in the rose family, widely distributed in northern portions of Eurasia and North America and having flowers with ...
mountain beaver n. See sewellel. * * *
mountain bike n. A sturdy bicycle distinguished by wide tires and horizontal handlebars, often used for off-road cycling. Also called dirt bike, trail bike.   mountain biking ...
See mountain bike. * * *
mountain bluebird n. A bluebird (Sialia currucoides) of the western United States, having a light blue breast. * * *
mountain cat n. See mountain lion. * * *
mountain climbing n. The climbing of mountains, especially the scaling of rock faces by means of special equipment and techniques. * * *
mountain cranberry n. See cowberry. * * *
mountain dew n. Illegally distilled corn liquor. * * *
mountain dulcimer n. See dulcimer. * * *
/mown'tn ear"/, n. 1. an inhabitant of a mountainous district. 2. a climber of mountains, esp. for sport. v.i. 3. to climb mountains, esp. for sport. [1600-10; MOUNTAIN + -EER] * ...
/mown'tn ear"ing/, n. the sport of climbing mountains. [1795-1805; MOUNTAINEER + -ING1] * * * or mountain climbing Sport of attaining, or attempting to attain, high points in ...
mountain goat Oreamnos americanus PhotoDisc, Inc. n. A goat antelope (Oreamnos americanus) of the northwest North American mountains, having curved black horns and shaggy ...
mountain laurel n. An evergreen shrub (Kalmia latifolia) of eastern North America, having leathery poisonous leaves and clusters of pink or white flowers. Also called calico ...
mountain lion n. Chiefly Western U.S. A large powerful wild cat (Felis concolor) of mountainous regions of the Western Hemisphere, having an unmarked tawny body. Also called ...
—mountainously, adv. —mountainousness, n. /mown"tn euhs/, adj. 1. abounding in mountains: a mountainous wilderness. 2. of the nature of a mountain. 3. resembling a mountain ...
mountain range n. A series of mountain ridges alike in form, direction, and origin. * * *
mountain sheep n. 1. See bighorn. 2. A wild sheep inhabiting a mountainous area. * * *
mountain sickness n. Altitude sickness brought on by the diminished oxygen pressure at mountain elevations. * * *
/mown"tn suyd'/, n. the side or slope of a mountain. [1300-50; ME. See MOUNTAIN, SIDE1] * * *
MountainStandard Time
Moun·tain Standard Time (mounʹtən) n. Abbr. MST Standard time in the seventh time zone west of Greenwich, England, reckoned at 105° west and used in the Rocky Mountain ...
/mown"tn top'/, n. 1. the top or summit of a mountain. adj. 2. situated at the top or summit of a mountain: a mountaintop house. [1585-95; MOUNTAIN + TOP1] * * *
Mountain View A city of western California on San Francisco Bay northwest of San Jose. It is a manufacturing center with research facilities. Population: 67,460. * * *
mountain whitefish n. A whitefish (Prospium williamsoni) with a slender body and short head, found in mountain streams of western North America. * * *
/mown"tn ee/, adj. 1. having mountains; mountainous. 2. pertaining to or living in the mountains. [1605-15; MOUNTAIN + -Y1] * * *
Mount Ath·os (mount ăthʹŏs, āʹthŏs, äʹthôs) See Athos, Mount. * * *
/mownt bat"n/, n. Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 1900-79, British admiral: viceroy of India 1947; governor general of India 1947-48. * * *
Mountbatten (of Burma), Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl
orig. Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, prince of Battenberg born June 25, 1900, Frogmore House, Windsor, Eng. died Aug. 27, 1979, Donegal Bay, off Mullaghmore, County ...
Mountbatten, Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl, Viscount Mountbatten Of Burma, Baron Romsey Of Romsey
▪ British statesman original name  Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas, Prince Of Battenberg   born June 25, 1900, Frogmore House, Windsor, Eng. died Aug. 27, 1979, Donegal ...
Mount·bat·ten (mount-bătʹn), Louis. First Earl Mountbatten of Burma. 1900-1979. British naval officer and colonial administrator who was supreme Allied commander in ...
MountDesert Island
Mount Des·ert Island (dĕ-zûrtʹ) An island in the Atlantic Ocean off the southern coast of Maine. Named by 17th-century French explorers for its Monts Deserts, or ...
—mountebankery /mown"teuh bangk'euh ree/, n. /mown"teuh bangk'/, n. 1. a person who sells quack medicines, as from a platform in public places, attracting and influencing an ...
/mown"tid/, adj. 1. seated or riding on a horse or other animal. 2. serving on horseback or on some special mount, as soldiers or police. 3. Mil. (formerly) permanently equipped ...
/mown"teuhr/, n. a person or thing that mounts. [1600-10; MOUNT1 + -ER1] * * *
Mountford, Ces
▪ New Zealander athlete byname of  Cecil Mountford   born 1921, Blackball, N.Z.       New Zealand rugby player and coach who was considered to be one of the best ...
Mountfort, Guy Reginald
▪ 2004       British advertising executive, ornithologist, and conservationist (b. Dec. 4, 1905, London, Eng.—d. April 23, 2003, Bournemouth, Dorset, Eng.), co-wrote A ...
/mown"tee/, n. Informal. a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Also, Mounty. [1885-90; MOUNT(ED) + -IE] * * *
/mown"ting/, n. 1. the act of a person or thing that mounts. 2. something that serves as a mount, support, setting, or the like: a new mounting for an heirloom jewel. [1400-50; ...
Mountjoy, Charles Blount, 8th Lord
▪ English lord deputy of Ireland also called  (1603–06) earl of Devonshire  born c. 1562 died April 3, 1606, London  soldier, English lord deputy of Ireland, whose ...
Mountlake Terrace
/mownt"layk'/ a town in NW Washington. 16,534. * * *
Mount Prospect A village of northeast Illinois, an industrial suburb of Chicago. Population: 53,170. * * *
I. Mount Ver·non1 (vûrʹnən) An estate of northeast Virginia on the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. It was the home of George Washington from 1752 until his death in ...
/mown"tee/, n., pl. Mounties. Mountie. * * *
▪ Queensland, Australia       town, eastern Queensland, Australia, on the Dawson River. Together with its neighbouring town, Kianga, Moura is the focus of a ...
Mourao-Ferreira, David
▪ 1997       Portuguese writer whose passionate works, including fiction, poetry, and essays, won numerous prizes and established him as one of the country's leading ...
/mawrn, mohrn/, v.i. 1. to feel or express sorrow or grief. 2. to grieve or lament for the dead. 3. to show the conventional or usual signs of sorrow over a person's ...
Mourne Mountains
▪ mountains, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Irish  Beanna Boirche   mountains astride a corner of Down district and Newry and Mourne district, formerly in County Down, ...
/mawr"neuhr, mohr"-/, n. 1. a person who mourns. 2. a person who attends a funeral to mourn for the deceased. 3. (at religious revival meetings) a person who professes penitence ...
Mourner's Kaddish
Judaism. Kaddish (def. 2). * * *
mourners' bench
(at religious revival meetings) a bench or seat at the front of the church or room, set apart for mourners or penitent sinners seeking salvation. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
mour·ners' bench (mourʹnərz) n. A bench for mourners or repentant sinners placed at the front in a revival meeting: “That night I was escorted to the front row and placed on ...
—mournfully, adv. —mournfulness, n. /mawrn"feuhl, mohrn"-/, adj. 1. feeling or expressing sorrow or grief; sorrowful; sad. 2. of or pertaining to mourning for the dead. 3. ...
See mournful. * * *
See mournfully. * * *
—mourningly, adv. /mawr"ning, mohr"-/, n. 1. the act of a person who mourns; sorrowing or lamentation. 2. the conventional manifestation of sorrow for a person's death, esp. by ...
mourning band
a piece of black cloth that is worn, esp. as a band encircling the upper arm, to indicate mourning. [1610-20] * * *
Mourning Becomes Electra
a three-part tragedy (1931) by Eugene O'Neill, including Homecoming, The Hunted, and The Haunted. * * *
mourning bride.
See sweet scabious. * * *
mourning cloak
an anglewing butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa, widely distributed in Europe and North America, having velvety, dark-brown wings with purple spots and pale-yellow edges. Also called ...
mourning dove
a dove, Zenaidura macroura, of North America, noted for its plaintive cooing. [1825-35, Amer.] * * * Species (Zenaida macroura) of pigeon (family Columbidae), the common wild ...
mourning iris
an iris, Iris susiana, of Asia Minor and Iran, having solitary, grayish flowers with a black patch and a brownish beard. [1880-85] * * *
mourning warbler
a North American wood warbler, Oporornis philadelphia, olive-green above, yellow below, and with a gray head and throat. [1800-10, Amer.] * * *
Mourning, Alonzo
▪ 2007  On June 20, 2006, 2.08-m (6-ft 10-in) forward/centre Alonzo Mourning provided a dramatic assist for the Miami Heat in game six of the best-of-seven National Basketball ...
mourning cloak n. A large butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) of Europe and North America, having purplish-brown wings with a broad yellow border. * * *
mourning dove n. A grayish-brown, swift-flying wild dove (Zenaidura macroura) of North America, noted for its mournful call. Also called turtledove. * * *
See mourner. * * *
mourning warbler n. A yellow and olive warbler (Oporornis philadelphia) of eastern North America, having a bluish gray hood set off by a black band on its breast. * * *
—mouselike, adj. n. /mows/; v. /mowz/, n., pl. mice /muys/, v., moused, mousing. n. 1. any of numerous small Old World rodents of the family Muridae, esp. of the genus Mus, ...
mouse deer
chevrotain. [1830-40] * * *
mouse opossum.
See murine opossum. * * *
mouse pad
Computers. a small typically foam rubber sheet used to provide a stable surface on which a computer mouse can be moved. [1980-85] * * *
/mows"dun'/, n. a dark brownish-gray color. [1375-1425; late ME] * * *
/mows"ear'/, n. any of various plants having small, hairy leaves, as the hawkweed, Hieracium pilosella, or the forget-me-not, Myosotis palustris. [1225-75; ME mous-ere. See ...
mouse-ear chickweed
any of several weedy plants belonging to the genus Cerastium, of the pink family, as C. vulgatum, having small, hairy leaves and tiny, white flowers. [1725-35] * * *
mouse-ear chickweed (mousʹîr') n. Any of numerous herbs of the genus Cerastium, having opposite leaves and cylindrical capsules with ten toothlike projections. * * *
mouse-tail (mousʹtāl') n. A plant of the genus Myosurus, especially M. minimus, having a taillike flower spike. * * *
/mows"berrd'/, n. coly. [1815-25; MOUSE + BIRD] * * *
mouse deer n. See chevrotain.   [Probably alteration of musk deer(influenced by mouse, from its small size).] * * *
/mows"fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) mousefish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) mousefishes. sargassumfish. [1875-80; MOUSE + FISH] * * *
/mows"hohl'/, n. 1. the burrow of a mouse. 2. the entrance to a mouse's burrow. 3. a small hole resembling this. [1425-75; late ME; see MOUSE, HOLE] * * *
mouse·pad or mouse pad (mousʹpăd') n. Computer Science A flat pad, as of specially coated foam rubber, designed to provide an optimum surface on which to use a mouse. * * *
/mows"poks'/, n. Vet. Pathol. ectromelia (def. 2). Also, mouse pox. [1945-50; MOUSE + POX] * * *
/mow"zeuhr/, n. 1. an animal that catches mice: Our cat is a good mouser. 2. a person or thing that seeks or prowls, as if for prey. [1350-1400; ME; see MOUSE, -ER1] * * *
mousetail [mous′tāl΄] n. any of a genus (Myosurus) of small plants of the buttercup family, with a slender gynoecium resembling the tail of a mouse * * * ▪ plant  any of ...
/mows"trap'/, n., v., mousetrapped, mousetrapping. n. 1. a trap for mice, esp. one consisting of a rectangular wooden base on which a metal spring is mounted. 2. a device, ...
—mousily, adv. —mousiness, n. /mow"see, -zee/, adj., mousier, mousiest. mousy. * * *
/mow"zing/, n. Naut. a wrapping of several turns of small stuff around the shank end of a hook. [1825-35; MOUSE + -ING1] * * *
/moohs'keuh tair"/, n. musketeer. [ < F] * * *
/mooh sah"keuh, mooh'sah kah"/, n. Greek Cookery. a baked dish consisting of layers of sautéed slices of eggplant and ground lamb usually flavored with tomatoes, onions, and ...
/moohs/, n. 1. Cookery. a. a sweetened dessert with whipped cream as a base, often stabilized with gelatin and chilled in a mold: chocolate mousse. b. an aspic, unsweetened and ...
/moohs leen"/, n. 1. Also called Chantilly, Chantilly sauce. hollandaise sauce mixed with whipped cream. 2. any prepared dish made light and fluffy or airy, as by the mixing in ...
mousseline de laine
/moohs leen deuh len"/, French. a thin worsted fabric, often having a printed pattern. Also called muslin delaine. [lit., muslin of wool] * * *
mousseline de soie
/moohs leen deuh swah"/, French. a thin, stiff silk or rayon fabric. [lit., muslin of silk] * * *
mousseline sauce
mousseline sauce [mo͞os lēn′] n. any of various sauces lightened with whipped cream or beaten egg whites; esp., hollandaise sauce containing whipped cream * * *
mousselinede soie
mousseline de soie (də swäʹ) n. pl. mousse·lines de soie (mo͞os-lēnʹ) A fine crisp fabric made of silk or rayon.   [French : mousseline, muslin + de, of + soie, silk.] * ...
/moo sawrg"skee, -zawrg"-/; Russ. /mooh"seuhrddk skyee/, n. Modest Petrovich /moh dest" pi troh"vich/; Russ. /mu dyest" pyi trddaw"vyich/, 1839-81, Russian composer. Also, ...
—moustached, adj. /mus"tash, meuh stash"/, n. mustache. * * *
moustache cup.
See mustache cup. * * *
moustachio [məs ta′shō΄, məstä′shō΄] n. MUSTACHIO * * * mous·ta·chio (mə-stăchʹō, -stăshʹē-ōd', -stäʹshōd, -shē-ō') adj. Variant of mustachio. * * *
/mooh stear"ee euhn/, adj. Anthropol. 1. of or pertaining to a Middle Paleolithic culture of Neanderthal man dating to the early upper Pleistocene Epoch (c100,000-40,000 B.C.) ...
Mousterian industry
Tool culture traditionally associated with the Neanderthals in Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa during the early fourth (Würm) glacial period (с 40,000 BC). The ...
Moustiers faience
▪ pottery       French tin-glazed earthenware produced by factories in the town of Moustiers from about 1679 into the 19th century. The wares manufactured in the 17th ...
—mousily, adv. —mousiness, n. /mow"see, -zee/, adj., mousier, mousiest. 1. resembling or suggesting a mouse, as in color or odor. 2. drab and colorless. 3. meek; timid: A ...
—mouther, n. —mouthless, adj. n. /mowth/; v. /mowdh/, n., pl. mouths /mowdhz/, v. n. 1. Anat., Zool. a. the opening through which an animal or human takes in food. b. the ...
mouth fungus
▪ fish disease        fish disease caused by bacteria that attack the fish's mouth and produce a fuzzy cottonlike growth, which hinders breathing and eats away the ...
mouth harp
South Midland and Southern U.S. harmonica (def. 1). Also called harp. [1900-05, Amer.] * * *
mouth organ
harmonica (def. 1). [1660-70] * * *
☆ mouth-to-mouth [mouth′tə mouth′ ] adj. designating a method of resuscitation in which the rescuer breathes directly into the mouth and lungs of a person who has stopped ...
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
/mowth"teuh mowth"/ a method of artificial respiration in which a person rhythmically blows air into the victim's lungs, either directly, by placing the mouth over the patient's, ...
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (mouthʹtə-mouthʹ) n. A technique used to resuscitate a person who has stopped breathing, in which the rescuer presses his or her mouth against the ...
/mowth"waw'teuhr ing, -wot'euhr-/, adj. very appetizing in appearance, aroma, or description: a mouth-watering dessert. [1815-25] * * *
/mowth"bree'deuhr/, n. 1. any of several fishes of the genera Tilapia and Haplochromis, that hatch and care for their young in the mouth. 2. any of several fishes in various ...
/mowdhd, mowtht/, adj. 1. having a mouth of a specified kind (often used in combination): a small-mouthed man. 2. having a way of speaking of a specified kind (often used in ...
/mowth"feel'/, n. the tactile sensation a food gives to the mouth: a creamy mouthfeel. [1980-85, Amer.] * * *
/mowth"fool'/, n., pl. mouthfuls. 1. the amount a mouth can hold. 2. the amount taken into the mouth at one time. 3. a small quantity. 4. Informal. a spoken remark of great ...
mouth harp n. See harmonica. * * *
See mouthy. * * *
mouth·ing (mouʹthĭng) n. A bombastic or empty phrase or speech. Often used in the plural: mouthings about sin and morality. * * *
mouth organ n. 1. See harmonica. 2. See panpipe. * * *
/mowth"pahrt'/, n. Usually, mouthparts. the appendages surrounding or associated with the mouth of arthropods. [1790-1800; MOUTH + PART] * * *
/mowth"pees'/, n. 1. a piece placed at or forming the mouth, as of a receptacle or tube. 2. a piece or part, as of an instrument, to which the mouth is applied or which is held ...
/mowth"wawsh', -wosh'/, n. a solution, often containing antiseptic, astringent, and breath-sweetening agents, used for cleansing the mouth and teeth, and for gargling. Also ...
mouthwatering [mouth′wôt′ər iŋ] adj. appetizing enough to make the mouth water; tasty * * * mouth·wa·ter·ing or mouth-wa·ter·ing ...
—mouthily, adv. —mouthiness, n. /mow"dhee, -thee/, adj., mouthier, mouthiest. garrulous, often in a bombastic manner. [1580-90; MOUTH + -Y1] * * *
/mooh"ton/, n. sheepskin that has been processed to resemble another fur, esp. seal or beaver. [1940-45; < F: sheep, sheepskin; see MUTTON] * * *
Mouton, Jean
▪ French composer born c. 1459, Haut-Wignes, Fr. died Oct. 30, 1522, Saint-Quentin       composer in the Franco-Flemish style of the early 16th century, known for his ...
moutonnée [mo͞o΄tə nā′] adj. 〚Fr, fem. pp. of moutonner, make sheeplike < mouton: see MOUTON〛 rounded like the back of a sheep, as by glacial action: said of rock * * ...
See movable. * * *
—movability, movableness, n. —movably, adv. /mooh"veuh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being moved; not fixed in one place, position, or posture. 2. Law. (of property) a. not ...
movable and immovable
▪ legal concept       in later Roman and modern civil-law systems, the basic division of things subject to ownership. In general, the distinction rests on ordinary ...
movable bridge
▪ engineering  either a drawbridge, a vertical-lift bridge, a transporter bridge, or a swing (pivot) bridge. The drawbridge, or bascule, is the best known; it may be single- ...
movable feast
a religious feast that does not occur on the same date each year. [1275-1325; ME] * * *
movable type
Print. type from which text is printed directly in which each character is on a separate piece of metal. [1760-70] * * *
movable-do system
/mooh"veuh beuhl doh"/, Music. a system of solmization in which the syllable do can be transposed to the tonic of any key. Cf. fixed-do system. * * *
movable feast n. A religious holiday, such as Easter, that changes in date from year to year. * * *
See movability. * * *
movable type n. Printing Type in which each character is cast on a separate piece of metal. * * *
See movability. * * *
/moohv/, v., moved, moving, n. v.i. 1. to pass from one place or position to another. 2. to go from one place of residence to another: They moved from Tennessee to Texas. 3. to ...
/moohv"in'/, n. Informal. an act or instance of occupying a living or working place: The offices will be ready for move-in soon. [n. use of v. phrase move in] * * *
/moohv"owt'/, n. an act or instance of vacating a living or working place: With so many business move-outs, the local economy is suffering. [n. use of v. phrase move out] * * *
/mooh"veuh beuhl/, adj., n. movable. * * *
—movelessly, adv. —movelessness, n. /moohv"lis/, adj. lacking movement: the still night with its moveless branches. [1570-80; MOVE + -LESS] * * *
/moohv"meuhnt/, n. 1. the act, process, or result of moving. 2. a particular manner or style of moving. 3. Usually, movements. actions or activities, as of a person or a body of ...
Movement for the Fifth Republic
▪ political party, Venezuela Spanish  Movimiento V República        nationalist Venezuelan political party established to support the presidential candidacy of Hugo ...
movement perception
▪ process Introduction       process through which humans and other animals orient themselves to their own or others' physical movements. Most animals, including ...
Movement Toward Socialism
▪ political party, Venezuela Spanish  Movimiento al Socialismo        leftist Venezuelan political party.       The MAS was formed in 1971 following a split ...
movement therapy n. See dance therapy. * * *
/mooh"veuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that moves. 2. Often, movers. a person or company whose business is the moving of household effects or office equipment from one location to ...
mover and shaker
mover and shaker n. a person who has power and influence, esp., a member of a group having power and influence * * *
moverand shaker
mover and shaker n. pl. movers and shakers One who wields power and influence in a sphere of activity: “the importance of hanging out with the movers and shakers of the art ...
/mooh"vee/, n. 1. See motion picture. 2. motion-picture theater (often prec. by the): The movie is next-door to the hardware store. 3. movies, a. motion pictures, as an industry ...
movie house
a motion-picture theater. [1910-15] * * *
movie rating
➡ film certificate. * * *
movie stars
➡ Hollywood * * *
movie theater
a motion-picture theater. [1910-15] * * *
movie theaters
➡ Hollywood * * *
/mooh"vee deuhm/, n. filmdom. [1915-20, Amer.; MOVIE + -DOM] * * *
☆ moviegoer [mo͞ov′ēgō΄ər ] n. a person who goes to see films, esp. often or regularly moviegoing n. * * * mov·ie·go·er (mo͞oʹvē-gō'ər) n. One who goes to see ...
—moviegoer, n. /mooh"vee goh'ing/, n. 1. the practice or act of going to see motion pictures. adj. 2. characterized by going to see motion pictures often: the moviegoing ...
/mooh"vee land'/, n. 1. a place where many motion pictures are made, esp. Hollywood, California. 2. the motion-picture industry, esp. considered as including the people who work ...
—moviemaking, n. /mooh"vee may'keuhr/, n. filmmaker. [MOVIE + MAKER] * * *
See moviemaker. * * *
➡ Hollywood * * *
—movingly, adv. /mooh"ving/, adj. 1. capable of or having movement: a moving object. 2. causing or producing motion. 3. involved in changing the location of possessions, a ...
moving average
Statistics. one of a succession of averages of data from a time series, where each average is calculated by successively shifting the interval by the same period of ...
moving picture
moving picture n. FILM (n. 5) * * *
moving picture.
See motion picture. * * *
moving sidewalk
a moving surface, similar to a conveyor belt, for carrying pedestrians. [1905-10] * * *
moving staircase
☆ moving staircase or moving stairway n. ESCALATOR * * *
moving stairway
escalator (def. 1). Also called moving staircase. [1905-10] * * *
moving target indicator
Electronics. a Doppler-radar presentation that indicates moving targets only, stationary objects reflecting signals that the system rejects. Abbr.: MTI [1965-70] * * *
moving van
a large truck or trailer used for transporting furnishings from one residence or office to another. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * *
moving violation
any of various traffic violations committed while a vehicle is in motion, as speeding, driving through a red light, or going the wrong direction on a one-way street. * * *
See moving. * * *
moving picture n. A movie. * * *
moving sidewalk n. A conveyor for transporting pedestrians along a level passageway. * * *
/mooh'vee oh"leuh/, Motion Pictures, Trademark. a brand of projection device for a motion-picture film allowing one person to see the film through a viewer and control its motion ...
mow1 /moh/, v., mowed, mowed or mown, mowing. v.t. 1. to cut down (grass, grain, etc.) with a scythe or a machine. 2. to cut grass, grain, etc., from: to mow the lawn. v.i. 3. to ...
/moh"euht/, n. Farley (McGill), born 1921, Canadian writer. * * *
Mowatt, Anna Cora
▪ American writer née  Anna Cora Ogden  born March 5, 1819, Bordeaux, France died July 21, 1870, London, Eng.  American playwright and actress, best known as the author of ...
/mow, moh/, n., v.i., mowed, mowing. Archaic. mow3. * * *
/moh"euhr/, n. 1. See lawn mower. 2. See mowing machine. [1400-50; late ME: one who mows; see MOW1, -ER1] * * *
mower deck
/moh"euhr/. See cutter deck. * * *
the main human character in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. As a baby, Mowgli is found in the forest by wolves which look after him until he grows up. * * *
Mowinckel, Johan Ludwig
▪ prime minister of Norway born Oct. 22, 1870, Bergen, Nor. died Sept. 30, 1943, New York City       Norwegian prime minister during the 1920s and '30s and shipping ...
Mowinckel, Sigmund
▪ Norwegian biblical scholar born Aug. 4, 1884, Kjerringy, Nor. died June 4, 1965, Oslo       Norwegian biblical scholar, founder of the Scandinavian school of Old ...
/moh"ing/, n. 1. the act of leveling or cutting down grass, grain, etc., with a mowing machine or scythe. 2. the quantity of grass, grain, etc., cut in a specified ...
mowing machine
/moh"ing/ a machine for mowing or cutting down grass, grain, etc. Also called mower. [1815-25, Amer.] * * *
(Marjorie Mowlam 1949– ) a British Labour politician. She became a Member of Parliament in 1987 and held several important positions in the Labour Shadow Cabinet before ...
Mowlam, Mo
▪ 2006 Marjorie Mowlam  British politician (b. Sept. 18, 1949, Watford, Hertfordshire, Eng.—d. Aug. 19, 2005, Canterbury, Kent, Eng.), as the U.K.'s Northern Ireland ...
/mohn/, v. a pp. of mow1. * * *
/mow"reuh/, n. mahua. Also, mowra. [1865-70] * * *
mowrah fat
a yellow, semifluid fat expressed from the seeds of several trees of the genus Madhuca, used in making soap and as an adulterant in butter. Also called mowrah butter, mowrah ...
/mok"seuh/, n. 1. a flammable substance or material obtained from the leaves of certain Chinese and Japanese wormwood plants, esp. Artemisia moxa. 2. this substance or a similar ...
moxa treatment
▪ medicine also called  Moxibustion,         traditional medical practice that originated in China and thence spread to Japan and other Asian countries. It is ...
moxibustion [mäk΄sə bus′chən] n. 〚
/mok"see/, n. Slang. 1. vigor; verve; pep. 2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve. 3. skill; know-how. [1925-30, Amer.; after Moxie, a trademark (name of a soft drink)] * * *
moyen âge
/mwann ye nahzh"/, French. See Middle Ages. * * *
▪ African territory       (French: “Middle Congo”), one of the four territories comprising French Equatorial Africa, the origins of which derive from the ...
District (pop., 2001: 15,933), Northern Ireland. It stretches along the northern coast of Ireland and includes Rathlin Island and part of the Antrim Mountains. A cave on Rathlin ...
(as used in expressions) Moynihan Berkeley George Andrew Baron Moynihan of Leeds Moynihan Daniel Patrick * * *
Moynihan, Berkeley George Andrew
later Baron Moynihan (of Leeds) born Oct. 2, 1865, Malta died Sept. 7, 1936, Carr Manor, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng. British surgeon and teacher of medicine. He wrote or cowrote ...
Moynihan, Berkeley George Andrew Moynihan, 1st Baron
▪ British surgeon born Oct. 2, 1865, Malta died Sept. 7, 1936, Carr Manor, Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.       British surgeon and teacher of medicine who was a noted ...
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick
born March 16, 1927, Tulsa, Okla., U.S. died March 26, 2003, Washington, D.C. U.S. scholar and politician. He grew up in poverty in New York City. After serving in the U.S. ...
/maw'yaw bahm"bah/, n. a city in NW Peru. 10,000. * * * ▪ Peru       city, north-central Peru. The city sits on a bluff overlooking the Mayo River, at 2,820 feet (860 ...
Moyola of Castledawson, Baron
▪ 2003 Major James Dawson Chichester-Clark        Northern Irish politician (b. Feb. 12, 1923, Moyola Park, Castledawson, County Londonderry, N.Ire.—d. May 17, 2002, ...
Moẓaffar od-Dīn Shāh
▪ Qājār shah of Iran born 1852, Tehrān, Iran died Jan. 9, 1907, Tehrān       Persian ruler of the Qājār dynasty whose incompetence precipitated a constitutional ...
Moẓaffarid Dynasty
      (c. 1314–93), Iranian dynasty that ruled over southern Iran. The founder of the dynasty was Sharaf od-Dīn Moẓaffar, a vassal of the Il-Khanid rulers of Iran, ...
Mozambique. * * *
/moh'zeuhm bee"keuhn/, n. 1. a native or inhabitant of the territory or city of Mozambique. adj. 2. of or pertaining to the territory or city of Mozambique or its natives or ...
/moh'zam beek", -zeuhm-/, n. 1. Formerly, Portuguese East Africa. a republic in SE Africa: formerly an overseas province of Portugal; gained independence in 1975. 18,165,476; ...
Mozambique Channel
a channel in SE Africa, between Mozambique and Madagascar. 950 mi. (1530 km) long; 250-550 mi. (400-885 km) wide. * * * Strait, western Indian Ocean. Located between Madagascar ...
Mozambique Conventions
▪ South African-Mozambican history       series of agreements concerning relations between South Africa and Mozambique. The initial convention, concluded between ...
Mozambique Current
▪ ocean current       relatively warm surface current of the western Indian Ocean. The southeast trade winds move the Indian South Equatorial Current toward the east ...
Mozambique Current.
See Agulhas Current. * * *
Mozambique, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of horizontal stripes of green, black, and yellow separated by two narrow white stripes; a red hoist triangle bears a ...
Mozambique, Island of
▪ island, Mozambique Portuguese  Ilha de Moçambique,    small coral island located at the mouth of Mossuril Bay in the Mozambique Channel of the Indian Ocean. It is ...
Mozambique Channel An arm of the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the mainland of southeast Africa. * * *
/moh zar"euhb/, n. a Christian in Spain who, during the Muslim domination, was permitted to practice his or her own religion. [1780-90; < Sp mozárabe < Ar musta'rib one ...
/moh zar"euh bik/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Mozarabs: Mozarabic culture. 2. of or pertaining to a style of Spanish church architecture produced from ...
Mozarabic art
Architecture and religious arts of the Mozarabs, Christians who lived in the Iberian Peninsula after the Arab invasion of 711. Exposure of the conquered Christians to Islamic ...
Mozarabic chant
▪ music also called  Visigothic chant  or  ancient Spanish chant        Latin liturgical chant of the Christian church on the Iberian Peninsula from its beginnings ...

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