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Слова на букву moth-oik (15990)

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necrotizing fasciitis
▪ pathology       rapidly spreading infection of the underlying skin and fat layers caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, principally Streptococcus pyogenes, also ...
/neuh krot"euh mee, ne-/, n., pl. necrotomies. 1. Surg. the excision of necrosed bone. 2. the dissection of dead bodies. [1895-1900; NECRO- + -TOMY] * * *
Nectanebo I
▪ king of Egypt flourished 4th century BC       first king (reigned 380–362 BC) of the 30th dynasty of Egypt; he successfully opposed an attempt by the Persians to ...
Nectanebo II
▪ king of Egypt flourished 4th century BC       third and last king (reigned 360–343 BC) of the 30th dynasty of Egypt; he was the last of the native Egyptian ...
—nectarlike, adj. /nek"teuhr/, n. 1. the saccharine secretion of a plant, which attracts the insects or birds that pollinate the flower. 2. the juice of a fruit, esp. when not ...
—nectareously, adv. —nectareousness, n. /nek tair"ee euhs/, adj. nectarous. Also, nectarean. [1700-10; < L nectareus of, belonging to nectar < Gk nektáreos like nectar, ...
See nectary. * * *
/nek'teuh rif"euhr euhs/, adj. Bot. producing nectar. [1750-60; NECTAR + -I- + -FEROUS] * * *
/nek'teuh reen", nek"teuh reen'/, n. a variety or mutation of peach having a smooth, downless skin. [1610-20; NECTAR + -INE1] * * * Smooth-skinned peach (Prunus persica ...
▪ bird family       songbird family, order Passeriformes, consisting of the sunbirds and spider hunters, about 116 species of small, brilliantly coloured birds ...
/nek"teuh ruyz'/, v.t., nectarized, nectarizing. to mix or saturate with nectar. Also, esp. Brit., nectarise. [1585-95; NECTAR + -IZE] * * *
/nek"teuhr euhs/, adj. 1. of the nature of or resembling nectar. 2. delicious or sweet. Also, nectareous, nectarean. [1660-70; NECTAR + -OUS] * * *
—nectaried, adj. /nek"teuh ree/, n., pl. nectaries. 1. Bot. an organ or part that secretes nectar. 2. Entomol. a cornicle (formerly thought to secrete honeydew). [1590-1600; < ...
/nek"teuh pod'/, n. (in certain mollusks) an appendage modified for swimming. [1895-1900; < Gk nektó(s) swimming (equiv. to néch(ein) to swim + -tos deverbal adj. suffix, with ...
/ned/, n. a male given name, form of Edward. * * *
Ned Buntline
➡ Buntline * * *
To bind, tie. 1. O-grade form *nod-. a. net1, from Old English net(t), a net, from Germanic *nati-; b. nettle, from Old English netel(e), netle, nettle, from Germanic *nat-ilo, a ...
/ned"euh/, n. a female given name. * * *
/ned"ee/, n., pl. neddies. 1. Brit. Informal. donkey. 2. Australian Slang. a horse. [1780-90; appar. generic use of personal name Neddy; see NED, -Y2] * * *
Nederburgh, Sebastian Cornelius
▪ Dutch statesman born March 7, 1762, The Hague died Aug. 3, 1811, 's-Gravezande, Neth.       conservative Dutch statesman who was chiefly responsible for the Charter ...
/nay"deuhrdd lahnt'/ for 1; /nee"deuhr land'/ for 2, n. 1. Dutch name of the Netherlands. 2. a city in SE texas. 16,855. * * *
Nedim, Ahmed
▪ Turkish poet born 1681, Constantinople died 1730, Constantinople       one of the greatest lyric poets of Ottoman Turkish literature.       The son of a judge, ...
/nay/, adj. born (placed after the name of a married woman to introduce her maiden name): Madame de Staël, nee Necker. Also, née. [1750-60; < F, fem. of né (ptp. of naître to ...
—needer, n. /need/, n. 1. a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation: There is no need for you to go there. 2. a lack of something wanted or deemed necessary: to fulfill the ...
/need"fuyeur'/, n. 1. See spontaneous combustion. 2. luminescence, as of rotted or decayed wood. [1525-35; NEED + FIRE] * * *
—needfully, adv. —needfulness, n. /need"feuhl/, adj. 1. necessary or required: needful supplies. 2. needy. n. 3. the needful, Slang. money, esp. immediately available cash: ...
See needful. * * *
See needfully. * * *
/nee"deuhm/, n. a town in E Massachusetts, near Boston. 27,901. * * *
Needham, John Turberville
born Sept. 10, 1713, London, Eng. died Dec. 30, 1781, Brussels, Belg. British naturalist. He was a Roman Catholic priest, whose reading about microscopic organisms led him to ...
Needham, Joseph
▪ 1996       British biochemist and scientific historian (b. Dec. 9, 1900, London, England—d. March 24, 1995, Cambridge, England), published Science and Civilisation ...
Needham, Marchamont
▪ English journalist Needham also spelled  Nedham  baptized Aug. 21, 1620, Burford, Oxfordshire, Eng. died Nov. 29, 1678, London       British journalist and ...
Needham, Roger Michael
▪ 2004       British engineer and computer scientist (b. Feb. 9, 1935, Sheffield, Eng.—d. Feb. 28, 2003, Cambridge, Eng.), devised a secure way of protecting computer ...
See needy. * * *
/nee"dee nis/, n. a condition of want or need; poverty; indigence. [1350-1400; ME nedynes. See NEEDY, -NESS] * * *
—needlelike, adj. /need"l/, n., v., needled, needling. n. 1. a small, slender, rodlike instrument, usually of polished steel, with a sharp point at one end and an eye or hole ...
needle biopsy
the removal of a small amount of tissue or cellular material with a long hollow surgical needle, performed for diagnostic purposes. * * *
needle lace
▪ lace       with bobbin lace, one of the two main kinds of lace. In needle lace the design is drawn on a piece of parchment or thick paper, cloth-backed. An outlining ...
needle trades
the occupations and organizations involved in the manufacture of clothing. [1860-65] * * *
needle valve
Mach. a valve with a needlelike part, a fine adjustment, or a small opening, esp. a valve in which the opening is controlled by a needlelike or conical point that fits into a ...
/need"l kraft', -krahft'/, n. needlework. [1350-1400; ME nedle craft. See NEEDLE, CRAFT] * * *
/need"l fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) needlefish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) needlefishes. 1. any fish of the family Belonidae, of warm seas and ...
needle grass n. See feather grass. * * * ▪ Stipa  any of the grasses of the genus Stipa (family Poaceae), consisting of about 150 species with a sharply pointed grain and a ...
—needlepointer, n. /need"l poynt'/, n. 1. embroidery upon canvas, usually with uniform spacing of stitches in a pattern. adj. 2. done or executed in needlepoint: a needlepoint ...
See needle. * * *
/need"lz/, n. a town in SE California: on Colorado River at Arizona line. 4120. * * * ▪ California, United States       city, San Bernardino county, southeastern ...
—needlessly, adv. —needlessness, n. /need"lis/, adj. unnecessary; not needed or wanted: a needless waste of food. [1175-1225; ME nedles. See NEED, -LESS] Syn. unessential, ...
See needless. * * *
See needlessly. * * *
Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees, Union of
▪ trade union, North America       North American trade union formed in 1995 by the merger of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (q.v.) and the ...
needle valve n. A valve having a slender point fitting into a conical seat, used to regulate accurately the flow of a liquid or gas. * * *
/need"l woom'euhn/, n., pl. needlewomen. a woman who does needlework. [1605-15; NEEDLE + WOMAN] Usage. See -woman. * * *
/need"l werrk'/, n. 1. the art, process, or product of working with a needle, esp. in embroidery, needlepoint, tapestry, quilting, and appliqué. 2. the occupation or employment ...
/need"nt/ contraction of need not. Usage. See contraction. * * *
/needz/, adv. of necessity; necessarily (usually prec. or fol. by must): It must needs be so. It needs must be. [bef. 1000; ME nedis, OE nedes, orig. gen. of ned NEED; see -S1] * ...
—needily, adv. /nee"dee/, adj., needier, neediest, n. adj. 1. in a condition of need or want; poverty-stricken; impoverished; extremely poor; destitute. n. 2. (used with a pl. ...
/nay el"/, n. Louis Eugène Félix /lwee ue zhen" fay leeks"/, born 1904, French physicist: Nobel prize 1970. * * *
Neel temperature of antiferromagnetic substances
▪ Table Néel temperature of antiferromagnetic substances chromium 311 K manganese fluoride 67 K nickel fluoride 73 K manganese oxide 116 K ferrous oxide 198 K See as ...
Neel, James Van Gundia
▪ 2001       American geneticist (b. March 22, 1915, Hamilton, Ohio—d. Feb. 1, 2000, Ann Arbor, Mich.), was a pioneer in the field of genetics; his studies provided ...
Neel, Louis-Eugene-Felix
▪ 2001       French physicist (b. Nov. 22, 1904, Lyon, France—d. Nov. 17, 2000, Brive-la-Gaillarde, France), shared the 1970 Nobel Prize for Physics for his ...
/neem/ 1. a product of the seeds of a tropical tree, Azadirachta indica, of the mahogany family, that disrupts reproduction in insects, used as an insecticide. 2. Also called ...
▪ India also spelled  Nimach        city, western Madhya Pradesh state, central India, located on a 1,640-foot- (500-metre-) high, barren basaltic ...
/nee"neuh/, n. a city in E Wisconsin. 23,272. * * * ▪ Wisconsin, United States       city, Winnebago county, east-central Wisconsin, U.S. It lies on Lake Winnebago and ...
—neencephalic /nee'en seuh fal"ik/, adj. /nee'en sef"euh lon', -leuhn/, n., pl. neencephalons, neencephala /-leuh/. the more recent part of the brain in the evolutionary ...
/neep/, n. Scot. a turnip. [bef. 900; ME nepe, OE nep, naep < L napus TURNIP] * * *
Neer, Aert van der
▪ Dutch painter Aert also spelled  Aernout, Aart, or Aernou   born 1603/04, Amsterdam, Neth. died Nov. 9, 1677, Amsterdam       Dutch painter of the Baroque period, ...
See ne'er-do-well. * * *
Neeson, Liam
▪ 2000       In recent years motion picture audiences had become accustomed to seeing Irish-born actor Liam Neeson portray strong leading men—the Holocaust hero Oskar ...
/nef/, n. a silver or gold table furnishing in the form of a ship, either for holding various utensils or for ornament. [1680-90; < F: ship < L navis. See NAVE] * * * ▪ ...
Nef, John Ulric
▪ American chemist born June 14, 1862, Herisau, Switz. died Aug. 13, 1915, Carmel, Calif., U.S.       American chemist whose studies demonstrated that carbon can have ...
—nefariously, adv. —nefariousness, n. /ni fair"ee euhs/, adj. extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous: a nefarious plot. [1595-1605; < L nefarius wicked, vile, equiv. to ...
See nefarious. * * *
See nefariously. * * *
ne·fa·zo·done (nə-fāʹzə-dōn', -făzʹə-) n. An oral antidepressant with a chemical structure unrelated to SSRIs, tricyclics, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors, thought to ...
Nef·er·tar·i (nĕf'ər-tärʹē), 14th-13th centuryB.C. Queen of Egypt as the wife of Rameses II. * * *
/nay'feuhr tem"/, n. Egyptian Relig. Ptah, as the personification of the lotus that keeps Ra alive with its fragrance. * * * ▪ Egyptian deity also spelled  Nefertum , or ...
/nef'euhr tee"tee/, n. fl. early 14th century B.C., Egyptian queen: wife of Amenhotep IV. Also, Nefretete /nef'ri tee"tee/, Nofretete. * * * flourished 14th century BC Queen of ...
▪ Tunisia also spelled  Nafṭah         oasis town situated in southwestern Tunisia. It lies on the northwest shore of Chott El-Jarid (Jarid, Chott El-) (Shaṭṭ ...
Nefud [nə fo͞od′] alt. sp. of NAFUD * * * Ne·fud (nĕ-fo͞odʹ) also Na·fud (nă-) A desert region of northern Saudi Arabia. It is noted for its red sand and sudden ...
Nefud Desert
/neuh foohd"/ a desert in N Saudi Arabia: areas of reddish sand. ab. 50,000 sq. mi. (129,500 sq. km). Also called An Nafud, Nafud, Nefud, Nufud, Red Desert. * * *
▪ Ottoman poet pseudonym of  Ömer,  also called  Nefʾi of Erzurum   born c. 1572, Hasankale, Ottoman Empire died 1635, Constantinople       one of the greatest ...
/neg/, n. Informal. a photographic negative. [by shortening] * * *
1. negative. 2. negatively. * * *
Negara National Park
▪ park, Malaysia       park in the south-central part of the Malay Peninsula, West Malaysia, occupying 1,677 square miles (4,343 square km). Established in 1938 as King ...
—negator, negater, n. /ni gayt", neg"ayt/, v., negated, negating. v.t. 1. to deny the existence, evidence, or truth of: an investigation tending to negate any supernatural ...
See negator. * * *
—negational, adj. —negationist, n. /ni gay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of denying: He shook his head in negation of the charge. 2. a denial: a negation of one's former beliefs. 3. ...
See negation. * * *
—negatively, adv. —negativeness, negativity, n. /neg"euh tiv/, adj., n., adv., v., negatived, negativing, interj. adj. 1. expressing or containing negation or denial: a ...
negative amortization
the increase of the principal of a loan by the amount by which periodic loan payments fall short of the interest due, usually as a result of an increase in the interest rate ...
negative catalyst
Chem. an inhibitor. [1900-05] * * *
negative electricity
the electricity present in a body or substance that has an excess of electrons, as the electricity developed on a resin when rubbed with flannel. Cf. positive ...
negative equity
➡ mortgages * * *
negative eugenics.
See under eugenics. [1905-10] * * *
negative feedback
Electronics. See under feedback (def. 1). * * *
negative flag
the letter N in the International Code of Signals, signifying "no" when flown by itself: a square flag having four rows of alternate blue and white squares. [1905-10] * * *
negative glow
Physics. the luminous region between the Crookes dark space and the Faraday dark space in a vacuum tube, occurring when the pressure is low. [1885-90] * * *
negative income
invested income that has produced a loss and hence may yield a tax deduction. * * *
negative income tax
a system of income subsidy through which persons having less than a certain annual income receive money from the government rather than pay taxes to it. * * *
negative ion
Physics, Chem. See under ion (def. 1). * * *
negative lens
Optics. See diverging lens. * * *
negative option
—negative-option, adj. a clause in a sales contract, as for a series of books or records, that provides that merchandise will be sent periodically to the subscriber unless he ...
negative sign
negative sign n. the sign (−) used to indicate a negative quantity * * *
negative transfer
Psychol. the obstruction of or interference with new learning because of previous learning, as when a U.S. tourist in England learns to drive on the left side of the ...
negative feedback n. Feedback that reduces the output of a system, such as the action of heat on a thermostat to limit the output of a furnace or the accumulation of toxic waste ...
See negative. * * *
See negatively. * * *
negative prescription n. Law See prescription. * * *
negative transfer n. The interference of previous learning in the process of learning something new, such as switching from an old manual typewriter to a computer keyboard. * * *
—negativist, n. —negativistic, adj. /neg"euh ti viz'euhm/, n. 1. a negative or pessimistic attitude. 2. Psychol. a tendency to resist external commands, suggestions, or ...
See negativism. * * *
See negativist. * * *
See negatively. * * *
/neg"euh ton'/, n. (not in technical use) electron (def. 1). Also called negatron /neg"euh tron'/. [1928; NEGAT(IVE) + -ON1] * * *
See negate. * * *
/neg"euh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. marked by negation; denying; negative. [1570-80; < LL negatorius. See NEGATE, -TORY1] * * *
negatron [neg′ə trän΄] n. 〚 NEGA(
Negeri Sembilan
▪ state, Malaysia formerly  Negri Sembilan        state (negeri), southwestern West Malaysia (Malaya), bounded by the states of Selangor (northwest), Pahang (north), ...
/neg"ev/, n. a partially reclaimed desert region and district in S Israel, bordering on the Sinai Peninsula. 4700 sq. mi. (12,173 sq. km). Cap.: Beersheba. Also, Negeb ...
—neglectedly, adv. —neglectedness, n. —neglecter, neglector, n. /ni glekt"/, v.t. 1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight: The public ...
See neglect. * * *
—neglectfully, adv. —neglectfulness, n. /ni glekt"feuhl/, adj. characterized by neglect; disregardful; careless; negligent (often fol. by of): neglectful of one's ...
See neglectful. * * *
See neglectfully. * * *
/neg'li zhay", neg"li zhay'/, n. 1. a dressing gown or robe, usually of sheer fabric and having soft, flowing lines, worn by women. 2. easy, informal attire. Also, negligée, ...
/neg"li jeuhns/, n. 1. the quality, fact, or result of being negligent; neglect: negligence in discharging one's responsibilities. 2. an instance of being negligent: a downfall ...
—negligently, adv. /neg"li jeuhnt/, adj. 1. guilty of or characterized by neglect, as of duty: negligent officials. 2. lazily careless; offhand: a negligent wave of his ...
See negligent. * * *
See negligible. * * *
—negligibility, negligibleness, n. —negligibly, adv. /neg"li jeuh beuhl/, adj. so small, trifling, or unimportant that it may safely be neglected or disregarded: The extra ...
See negligibility. * * *
See negligibility. * * *
See negotiable. * * *
—negotiability, n. /ni goh"shee euh beuhl, -sheuh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being negotiated: a negotiable salary demand. 2. (of bills, securities, etc.) transferable by ...
negotiable instrument
Transferable document (e.g., a bank note, check, or draft) containing an unconditional promise or order to pay a specified amount to its holder upon demand or at a specified ...
See negotiability. * * *
/ni goh"shee euhnt, -sheuhnt/, n. a person who negotiates; negotiator. [1605-15; < L negotiant-, s. of negotians, n. use of prp. of negotiari. See NEGOTIATE, -ANT] * * *
—negotiator, n. /ni goh"shee ayt'/, v., negotiated, negotiating. v.i. 1. to deal or bargain with another or others, as in the preparation of a treaty or contract or in ...
/ni goh'shee ay"sheuhn, -see-/, n. 1. mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement: the negotiation of a treaty. 2. the act or process of ...
See negotiate. * * *
See negotiator. * * *
Negra, Cordillera
▪ mountain range, Peru       range of the Andes Mountains in west-central Peru. It extends for about 110 miles (180 km) southeast from the mouth of the Santa River and ...
/nee"gris/, n. Usually Offensive. a black woman or girl. [1780-90; < F négresse. See NEGRO, -ESS] Usage. See -ess. * * *
Negri body
/nay"gree/ any of the microscopic bodies found in the nerve cells of animals affected with rabies. [1900-05; after A. Negri (1876-1912), Italian physician] * * *
Negri Sembilan
/nay"gree sem bee"lahn, sem'bee lahn", neuh gree"/ a state in Malaysia, on the SW Malay Peninsula. 481,563; 2580 sq. mi. (6682 sq. km). Cap.: Seremban. * * *
/ni gril"oh/, n., pl. Negrillos, (esp. collectively) Negrillo. a member of any of various small-statured, indigenous peoples of Africa, as a Pygmy. [1850-55; < Sp negrillo, dim. ...
Negrín López, Juan
▪ prime minister of Spain born February 3, 1894, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain died November 14, 1956, Paris, France       Republican prime minister (1937–39) of ...
/ni grit"ik/, adj. of or pertaining to blacks or to the Negritos. [1875-80; NEGRIT(O) + -IC] * * *
/ni gree"toh/, n., pl. Negritos, Negritoes. a member of any of various small-statured, indigenous peoples of Africa, the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula, the Andaman Islands, ...
/neg"ri toohd', -tyoohd', nee"gri-/, n. (sometimes l.c.) the historical, cultural, and social heritage considered common to blacks collectively. [1945-50; < F négritude; see ...
/nee"groh/, n., pl. Negroes, adj. n. 1. Anthropol. a member of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race, esp. those who originate in sub-Saharan Africa: no longer ...
Negro league
▪ baseball  any of the associations of African American baseball teams active largely between 1920 and the late 1940s, when black players were at last contracted to play ...
Negro leagues
Associations of teams of black baseball players active largely between 1920 and the late 1940s. The principal leagues were the Negro National League, originally organized by ...
Negro River
I River, central Uruguay. It rises in the southern highlands of Brazil. Flowing southwest across Uruguay, it is dammed at the Rincón del Bonete Reservoir, the largest ...
Negro, Río
Ne·gro (nāʹgrō, nĕʹgrō, -gro͝o), Río 1. A river rising in central Argentina and flowing about 644 km (400 mi) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. 2. A river rising in ...
/nee"groyd/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the peoples traditionally classified as the Negro race. n. 2. a member of such peoples. [1855-60; NEGR(O)- + -OID] * ...
/nee"groh iz'euhm/, n. (sometimes l.c.) 1. the doctrine or advocacy of equal rights for blacks. 2. a quality or manner, as a speech pattern or pronunciation, considered ...
/nee"groh uyz'/, v.t., Negroized, Negroizing. 1. to cause to include black people or to have the qualities or characteristics of blacks. 2. to infuse or imbue with ...
/ni groh"nee/, n., pl. negronis. a cocktail made from sweet vermouth, gin, and bitters. [1945-50; < It, said to be after a nobleman named Negroni, who first made the drink ca. ...
—Negrophilism /ni grof"euh liz'euhm/, n. —Negrophilist, n. /nee"greuh fuyl', -fil/, n. (sometimes l.c.) a white or other nonblack person who is esp. sympathetic to or ...
See Negrophile. * * *
/nee"greuh fohb'/, n. (sometimes l.c.) a person who strongly fears or dislikes black people. [1895-1900; NEGRO + -PHOBE] * * *
/nee'greuh foh"bee euh/, n. (sometimes l.c.) strong fear or dislike of black people. [1810-20; NEGRO + -PHOBIA] * * *
See Negrophobe. * * *
/neg"roh pont'/, n. Euboea. Italian, Negroponte /ne'grddaw pawn"te/. * * *
Negroponte, John
▪ 2006       Career diplomat John Negroponte was named the first director of national intelligence (DNI) of the United States in 2005. The cabinet-level position was ...
/nay"grohs/; Sp. /ne"grddaws/, n. an island of the central Philippines. 2,749,700; 5043 sq. mi. (13,061 sq. km). * * * Island (pop., 2000: 3,691,784) in the Visayan group, ...
negus1 /nee"geuhs/, n., pl. neguses. 1. a title of Ethiopian royalty. 2. (cap.) the Emperor of Ethiopia. [1585-95; < Amharic nagus king < Geez, participle of nägsä to ...
National Endowment for the Humanities. * * *
Nehemiah. * * *
/nee'euh muy"euh/, n. 1. a Hebrew leader of the 5th century B.C. 2. a book of the Bible bearing his name. Abbr.: Neh. 3. a male given name. Also, Douay Bible, Nehemias /nee'euh ...
Neh·er (nāʹər), Erwin. Born 1944. German physicist who shared a 1991 Nobel Prize in medicine for the development of a technique for detecting the exchange of ions across ...
Neher, Erwin
▪ German physicist born March 20, 1944, Landsberg, Ger.       German physicist, winner with Bert Sakmann (Sakmann, Bert) in 1991 of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or ...
/nay"rooh, ne"rooh/, n. 1. Jawaharlal /jeuh wah"heuhr lahl/, 1889-1964, Hindu political leader in India: first prime minister of the republic of India 1947-64 (father of Indira ...
Nehru, Jawaharlal
born Nov. 14, 1889, Allahabad, India died May 27, 1964, New Delhi First prime minister of independent India (1947–64). Son of the independence advocate Motilal Nehru ...
Nehru, Motilal
▪ Indian political leader in full  Pandit Motilal Nehru   born May 6, 1861, Delhi, India died Feb. 6, 1931, Lucknow       a leader of the Indian independence ...
Nehru,Pandit Motilal
Neh·ru (nāʹro͞o), Pandit Motilal. 1861-1931. Indian nationalist politician who was an associate of Mahatma Gandhi and an influential leader in the years leading to India's ...
Nei Monggol
Nei Monggol [nā′muŋ′go͞o′] Chin. name for INNER MONGOLIA * * *
Nei Mongol
/nay/. See Inner Mongolia. Also, Pinyin, Neimenggu /nay"mueng"gyuu"/; Nei Monggol /mong"gohl", mon"-/. * * *
▪ Dominican Republic       city, southwestern Dominican Republic, in the lowlands between the eastern shore of Lake Enriquillo and the Yaque del Sur River. It was ...
Neidhart von Reuenthal
▪ German poet born c. 1180, Bavaria [Germany] died c. 1250       late medieval German knightly poet who, in the period of the decline of the courtly love lyric, ...
/nay/, v.i. 1. to utter the cry of a horse; whinny. n. 2. the cry of a horse; whinny. [bef. 1000; ME ney(gh)en, OE hnaegan, c. MD neyen, OS hnegian, MHG negen, OHG hneigen, ON ...
—neighborless, adj. /nay"beuhr/, n. 1. a person who lives near another. 2. a person or thing that is near another. 3. one's fellow human being: to be generous toward one's less ...
/nay"beuhr hood'/, n. 1. the area or region around or near some place or thing; vicinity: the kids of the neighborhood; located in the neighborhood of Jackson and Vine ...
neighborhood watch
a neighborhood surveillance program or group in which residents keep watch over one another's houses, patrol the streets, etc., in an attempt to prevent crime. * * *
/nay"beuhr ing/, adj. situated or living near; adjacent: to visit the neighboring towns. [1595-1605; NEIGHBOR + -ING2] * * *
See neighborly. * * *
—neighborliness, n. /nay"beuhr lee/, adj. having or showing qualities befitting a neighbor; friendly. [1515-25; NEIGHBOR + -LY] * * *
neigh·bour (nāʹbər) n. & v. & adj. Chiefly British Variant of neighbor. * * *
Neighbourhood Watch
an arrangement by which people who live in a particular street or area watch each other’s houses and tell the police if they see anything suspicious. Many people have formed ...
an Australian soap opera that is very popular in Britain. It is about the lives and relationships of the people living on an imaginary street in Melbourne. It has been broadcast ...
Neihardt, John Gneisenau
▪ American poet born Jan. 8, 1881, near Sharpsburg, Ill., U.S. died Nov. 3, 1973, Columbia, Mo.       American poet, novelist, and short-story writer who described the ...
▪ China Wade-Giles romanization  Nei-chiang        city, southeastern Sichuan sheng (province), south-central China. Situated on the Tuo River, it is also at the ...
/neel/, n. a male given name: from an Irish word meaning "champion." * * * (as used in expressions) Armstrong Neil Alden Cooper Leon Neil Kinnock Neil Gordon Simon Marvin ...
Neil Armstrong
➡ Armstrong (III) * * *
Neil Kinnock
➡ Kinnock * * *
Neil Sedaka
➡ Sedaka * * *
Neil Simon
➡ Simon * * *
Seph. /neuh ee lah"/; Ashk. /nee"leuh/, n. Hebrew. the Jewish religious service marking the conclusion of Yom Kippur. * * * ▪ Judaism Hebrew  Neʿila, or Neʿilah, ...
Neill, A.S.
▪ British educator and author in full  Alexander Sutherland Neill   born Oct. 17, 1883, Forfar, Forfarshire, Scot. died Sept. 23, 1973, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, ...
/neel"seuhn/, n. William Allan, 1869-1946, U.S. educator and lexicographer, born in Scotland. * * *
Neilson, James Beaumont
born June 22, 1792, Shettleston, Lanark, Scot. died Jan. 18, 1865, Queenshill, Kirkcudbright Scottish inventor. Working at the Glasgow Gasworks (1817–47), he introduced the ...
Neilson,William Allan
Neil·son (nēlʹsən), William Allan. 1869-1946. British-born American scholar and lexicographer noted for his editions of Shakespeare (1906 and 1942) and as the editor in ...
Neiman Marcus
(also Neiman’s) a very expensive department store with branches in many major US cities. The original shop was opened in Dallas, Texas, in 1907 by Carrie Neiman and her brother ...
➡ Neiman Marcus * * *
Nei Mong·gol (nāʹ mŏnʹgōlʹ, mŏngʹ-) also Inner Mongolia An autonomous region of northeast China. Originally the southern section of Mongolia, it was annexed by the ...
nein [nīn] adv., interj. 〚Ger〛 no * * *
/nuy"seuh/, n. a river in N Europe, flowing N from the NW Czech Republic along part of the boundary between Germany and Poland to the Oder River. 145 mi. (233 km) long. * * *
Neisse River
▪ river, Europe Polish  Nysa        either of two rivers now in southwestern Poland (until 1945, in Germany). The better-known Nysa Łużycka, or Lusatian Neisse, is ...
/nuy sear"ee euh/, n., pl. neisseriae /-sear"ee ee'/. Bacteriol. any of several spherical bacteria of the genus Neisseria, certain species of which, as N. gonorrhoeae, are ...
Ancient Egyptian goddess, patroness of the city of Sais in the Nile River delta. Neith was worshiped in predynastic times (с 3000 BC), and several queens of the 1st dynasty ...
/nee"dheuhr, nuy"-/, conj. 1. not either, as of persons or things specified (usually fol. by nor): Neither John nor Betty is at home. 2. nor; nor yet; no more: Bob can't go, and ...
/nay"vah/, n. a city in W Colombia. 105,476. * * * ▪ Colombia       city and capital of Huila departamento, south-central Colombia, on the upper Magdalena River. ...
/nejd, nayd/, n. one of the two major regions of Saudi Arabia in the E central part: formerly a sultanate of Arabia. ab. 400,000 sq. mi. (1,000,000 sq. km). Also, Najd. * * * or ...
I. nek-1 Death. Oldest form *nek̑-, becoming *nek- in centum languages. Derivatives include nuisance, innocent, and nectarine. 1. internecine, pernicious, from Latin nex (stem ...
/nek"bet/, n. Egyptian Relig. the guardian goddess of Upper Egypt, often represented as a vulture. Also, Nekhebet /nek"euh bet'/, Nekhebit /nek"euh bit/, Nekhebt /ne kebt"/. * * ...
Nekrasov, Nikolay Alekseyevich
▪ Russian poet born Dec. 10 [Nov. 28, Old Style], 1821, Nemirov, Ukraine, Russian Empire died Jan. 8, [Dec. 27, 1877], 1878, St. Petersburg, Russia  Russian poet and ...
—nektonic, adj. /nek"ton, -teuhn/, n. the aggregate of actively swimming aquatic organisms in a body of water, able to move independently of water currents. [1890-95; < G, n. ...
See nekton. * * *
Night. Probably from a verbal root *negʷ-, to be dark, be night. O-grade form *nokʷ-t-. 1. a. night; fortnight, from Old English niht, neaht, night; b. Kristallnacht, from Old ...
/nel"deuh/, n. a female given name. * * *
nel·fin·a·vir (nĕl-fĭnʹə-vîr) n. A protease-inhibiting drug usually used in combination with other drugs to suppress the replication of HIV.   [nelfi-, of unknown ...
/nel/, n. a female given name, form of Helen. * * *
Nell Gwyn
➡ Gwyn * * *
/nel"ee/, n. 1. a female given name, form of Helen. 2. (l.c.) Slang. a fussily effeminate male. 3. Slang (disparaging and offensive). a male homosexual. Also, Nelly. * * * (as ...
Nelligan, Émile
▪ Canadian poet born Dec. 24, 1879, Montreal, Que., Can. died Nov. 18, 1941, Montreal  French-Canadian poet who was a major figure in the École Littéraire de Montréal ...
Nellis Air Force Base
/nel"is/ the largest air base in the U.S. Air Force's Tactical Air Command, located near Las Vegas, Nev., and developed from what began in 1941 as a U.S. Army Air Corps field. * ...
Nel·lore (nĕ-lôrʹ, -lōrʹ) A town of southeast India north of Chennai (Madras). It is a major port and market center. Population: 316,606. * * *
/nel"ee/, n. Australian Slang. inferior or cheap wine. [1940-45; of uncert. orig.] * * *
/nel"seuhn/, n. Wrestling. a hold in which pressure is applied to the head, back of the neck, and one or both arms of the opponent. Cf. full nelson, half nelson, quarter nelson, ...
/nel"seuhn/, n. 1. Viscount Horatio, 1758-1805, British admiral. 2. (John) Byron, born 1911, U.S. golf player. 3. a river in central Canada, flowing NE from Lake Winnipeg to ...
Nelson Lakes National Park
▪ park, New Zealand       park in northern South Island, New Zealand. The park was established in 1956 and has an area of 393 square miles (1,018 square km). It is named ...
Nelson River
River, north-central Manitoba, Canada. Flowing out of northern Lake Winnipeg into Hudson Bay, it is 400 mi (644 km) long. It was discovered in 1612 by the English explorer ...
Nelson Rockefeller
➡ Rockefeller (II) * * *
Nelson, (John) Byron
born Feb. 4, 1912, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. U.S. golfer. "Lord Byron," as he was known to the golf world, began his career as a caddie at the age of 12 and became a professional ...
Nelson, Baby Face
▪ American gangster byname of  George Nelson,  original name  Lester Gillis  born 1908, Chicago, Ill., U.S. died Nov. 27, 1934, near Fox River Grove, ...
Nelson, Byron
▪ 2007 John Byron Nelson, Jr.        American golfer (b. Feb. 4, 1912, near Waxahachie, Texas—d. Sept. 26, 2006, Roanoke, Texas), dominated the sport in the late 1930s ...
Nelson, Gaylord Anton
▪ 2006       American politician and conservationist (b. June 4, 1916, Clear Lake, Wis.—d. July 3, 2005, Kensington, Md.), was the founder of Earth Day—first ...
Nelson, Gene
▪ 1997       (EUGENE LEANDER BERG), U.S. actor-dancer best remembered for his role as Will Parker in the motion picture musical Oklahoma! (b. March 24, 1920—d. Sept. ...
Nelson, Harriet
▪ 1995       (PEGGY LOU SNYDER) U.S. singer and actress (b. July 18, 1909, Des Moines, Iowa—d. Oct. 2, 1994, Laguna Beach, Calif.), became an American icon of ...
Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount
known as Lord Nelson born Sept. 29, 1758, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, Eng. died Oct. 21, 1805, at sea, off Cape Trafalgar, Spain British naval commander. He entered the navy in ...
Nelson, Ken
▪ 2009 Kenneth F. Nelson        American record producer born Jan. 19, 1911, Caledonia, Minn. died Jan. 6, 2008, Somis, Calif. helped define the smooth country-pop ...
Nelson, Rick
▪ American musician and actor in full  Eric Hilliard Nelson,  also known as  Ricky Nelson  born May 8, 1940, Teaneck, N.J., U.S. died Dec. 31, 1985, De Kalb, ...
Nelson, Samuel
▪ United States jurist born Nov. 10, 1792, Hebron, N.Y., U.S. died Dec. 13, 1873, Cooperstown, N.Y.       associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States ...
Nelson, William Rockhill
▪ American journalist, editor, and publisher born March 7, 1841, Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S. died April 13, 1915, Kansas City, Missouri       American journalist, editor, ...
Nelson, Willie
born April 30, 1933, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. U.S. country music singer and songwriter. His grandfather taught him to play guitar, and by age 10 he was performing at local ...
Nel·son (nĕlʹsən), Horatio. Viscount Nelson. 1758-1805. British admiral who defeated the French fleet in the Battle of the Nile (1798), thus ending Napoleon's attempt to ...
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
▪ museum, Kansas City, Missouri, United States formerly  William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art and Mary Atkins Museum of Fine Arts         art museum in Kansas City, ...
Nelson River A river of Manitoba, Canada, flowing about 644 km (400 mi) generally north and northeast from Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay. The river was long an important route for ...
Nelson’s Column
a tall column in the middle of Trafalgar Square, London, which was built in memory of Lord Nelson between 1839 and 1843. It has a statue of Nelson on top, and four bronze lions ...
Nelsova, Zara
▪ 2003 Sara Nelson        Canadian-born American cellist (b. Dec. 24, 1917, Winnipeg, Man.—d. Oct. 10, 2002, New York, N.Y.), had a long career, beginning as a child ...
Nelspruit [nel′sproit΄] capital of Mpumalanga province, South Africa: pop. 15,000 * * * ▪ South Africa       city, capital of Mpumalanga province, South Africa. It ...
—nelumbian, adj. /neuh lum"boh/, n., pl. nelumbos. lotus (def. 3). [ < NL < Sinhalese neluma] * * *
▪ plant family  the lotus-lily family of the order Proteales, consisting of two species of attractive aquatic plants. One of these species is the sacred lotus of the Orient ...
To assign, allot; also to take. Derivatives include numb, nemesis, and nomad. 1. a. nim1, numb; benumb, from Old English niman, to take, seize; b. nimble, from Old English ...
nem. con.
nemine contradicente. * * *
nem. diss.
nemine dissentiente. * * *
nema [nē′mə] n. short for NEMATODE * * *
/nem"euhn, nyem"-, nee"meuhn/ n. a river rising in central Byelorussia (Belarus), flowing W through Lithuania into the Baltic. 582 mi. (937 km) long. Lithuanian, Nemunas /nye"moo ...
Neman River
Lithuanian Nemunas Belarusian Nyoman River, central Europe. Rising in Belarus, south of Minsk, it flows west into Lithuania and between Lithuania and Kaliningrad province, ...
Nemanjić Dynasty
▪ Balkan history , Nemanjić also spelled  Nemanja,         ruling Serbian family that from the late 12th to the mid-14th century developed the principality of Raška ...
var. of nemato- before a vowel or h: nematic. * * *
—nemathecial /nem'euh thee"sheuhl, -shee euhl, -see-/, adj. /nem'euh thee"shee euhm, -see euhm/, n., pl. nemathecia /-shee euh, -see euh/. a wartlike protuberance on the ...
/nem'euh thel"minth/, n. any worm of the phylum Nemathelminthes (now usually broken up into several phyla), including the nematodes and hairworms, having an elongated, ...
/ni mat"ik/, adj. Physical Chem. (of liquid crystals) noting a mesomorphic state in which the arrangement of the molecules is linear. Cf. smectic. [1920-25; NEMAT- + -IC] * * *

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