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Слова на букву moth-oik (15990)

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North East Derbyshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Derbyshire, England. The district surrounds Chesterfield on three sides. The ...
North East Lincolnshire
▪ unitary authority, England, United Kingdom       unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Lincolnshire, England, centred on the town of Grimsby on the ...
North East New Guinea
the NE part of the former Australian Territory of New Guinea; now part of Papua New Guinea. * * *
North Equatorial Current
a westward-flowing ocean current occurring N of the equator in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. * * *
North Frigid Zone
the part of the earth's surface between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. See diag. under zone. * * *
North Frisian Islands
▪ islands, Europe German  Nordfriesische Inseln,  Danish  Nordfrisiske Øer        part of the Frisian Islands, lying in the North Sea just off the coast of ...
North Frisian Islands.
See under Frisian Islands. * * *
North Frisians.
See under Frisian Islands. * * *
North German Confederation
(1867–71) Union of the German states north of the Main River, formed after Prussia's victory in the Seven Weeks' War. The confederation recognized the individual states' ...
North German Plain
▪ plain, Germany       lowland region of northern Germany extending from the North and Baltic seas southward to the foreland of the Central German Uplands. It is a ...
North Germanic
the subbranch of Germanic that includes the languages of Scandinavia and Iceland. Also called Scandinavian. [1925-30] * * *
North Haven
a town in S Connecticut. 22,080. * * * ▪ Connecticut, United States       urban town (township), just northeast of New Haven, New Haven county, south-central ...
North Hempstead
▪ New York, United States       town (township), Nassau county, New York, U.S. It lies on western Long Island and includes 30 incorporated villages and several large ...
North Hertfordshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Hertfordshire, southeastern England. The 400-foot- (120-metre-) high plateau ...
North Highlands
—North Highlander. a town in central California, near Sacramento. 37,825. * * *
North Holland
a province in W Netherlands. 2,315,676; 1163 sq. mi. (3010 sq. km). Cap.: Haarlem. * * *
North India, Church of
▪ Protestant denomination       church formed in the merger in 1970 of six Christian denominations, including the United Church of Northern India; the Anglican Church of ...
North Indian temple architecture
▪ architectural style       style of architecture produced throughout northern India and as far south (South Asian arts) as Bijāpur district, characterized by its ...
North Ireland Executive
➡ Northern Ireland Assembly * * *
North Island
the northernmost principal island of New Zealand. 2,268,393; 44,281 sq. mi. (114,690 sq. km). * * * Island (pop., 2001 est.: 2,849,724), New Zealand. The smaller of the ...
North Kesteven
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Lincolnshire, east-central England, south of the city of Lincoln. North ...
North Kingstown
/kingz"teuhn, -town', king"steuhn/ a town in S central Rhode Island. 21,938. * * * ▪ Rhode Island, United States       town (township), Washington county, south-central ...
North Korea
—North Korean. a country in E Asia: formed 1948 after the division of the former country of Korea at 38° N. 24,317,004; 50,000 sq. mi. (129,500 sq. km). Cap.: Pyongyang. Cf. ...
North Lanarkshire
▪ council area, Scotland, United Kingdom       council area, west-central Scotland, on the eastern periphery of the Glasgow metropolitan area. It lies mostly within the ...
North Las Vegas
a city in S Nevada. 42,739. * * * ▪ Nevada, United States       city, Clark county, southeastern Nevada, U.S. A part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, the city was ...
North Lauderdale
a city in SE Florida. 18,479. * * *
North Lincolnshire
▪ unitary authority, England, United Kingdom       unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Lincolnshire, England, comprising a low plain on the south shore ...
North Mariana Islands
a group of islands in the W Pacific Ocean, N of Guam: formerly a part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands; since 1986 a commonwealth associated with the U.S. 18,400. ...
North Massapequa
a city on S Long Island, in SE New York. 21,385. * * *
North Merrick
a town on S Long Island, in SE New York. 12,848. * * *
North Miami
a city in SE Florida. 42,566. * * *
North Miami Beach
a city in SE Florida. 36,481. * * *
North New Hyde Park
a town on W Long Island, in SE New York. 15,114. * * *
north node
(often caps.) Astrol. the ascending node of the moon. * * *
North Norfolk
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Norfolk, eastern England, bordering the North Sea for about 55 miles (89 km) ...
North Olmsted
/um"sted, -stid/ a city in NE Ohio, near Cleveland. 36,486. * * *
North Ossetian Autonomous Republic
an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation in SE Europe. 634,000; 3088 sq. mi. (8000 sq. km).Cap.: Vladikavkaz. * * *
North Ossetia–Alania
▪ republic, Russia formerly  North Ossetia , Russian  Severnaya Osetiya–Alania , Ossetia also spelled  Ossetiya  or  Osetiya        respublika (republic) in ...
North Pacific Current
a warm current flowing eastward across the Pacific Ocean. * * *
North Palm Beach
a town in E Florida. 11,344. * * *
North Plainfield
a city in NE New Jersey. 19,108. * * *
North Platte
1. a river flowing from N Colorado through SE Wyoming and W Nebraska into the Platte. 618 mi. (995 sq. km) long. 2. a city in central Nebraska. 24,479. * * * ▪ Nebraska, ...
North Platte River
River, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska, U.S. One of the two main arms of the Platte River, it rises in northern Colorado, flows north into Wyoming, then turns east and southeast ...
North Polar Basin
▪ basin, Arctic Ocean       vast and deep submarine depression in the Arctic Ocean defined by the continental shelves of Eurasia and North America. The basin is divided ...
north polar sequence
▪ astronomy       group of 96 stars near the north celestial pole, used from about 1900 to 1950 as standards of magnitude and colour by which other stars are measured. ...
North Pole
1. Geog. the end of the earth's axis of rotation, marking the northernmost point on the earth. 2. Astron. the point at which the extended axis of the earth cuts the northern half ...
North Providence
a town in NE Rhode Island. 29,188. * * *
North Reading
/red"ing/ a city in NE Massachusetts. 11,455. * * *
North Rhine-Westphalia
/ruyn"west fay"lee euh, -fayl"yeuh/ a state in W Germany; formerly a part of Rhine province. 16,874,000; 13,154 sq. mi. (34,070 sq. km). Cap.: Düsseldorf. German, ...
North Rhine–Westphalia
▪ state, Germany German  Nordrhein-Westfalen        Land (state) of western Germany. It is bordered by the states of Lower Saxony to the north and northeast, ...
North Richland Hills
a town in N Texas. 30,592. * * *
North Ridgeville
/rij"vil/ a town in N Ohio. 21,522. * * *
North Riding
/ruy"ding/ a former administrative division of Yorkshire, in N England, now part of North Yorkshire, Cleveland, and Durham. * * *
North River
a part of the Hudson River between NE New Jersey and SE New York. * * *
North Royalton
/roy"euhl teuhn/ a town in N Ohio. 17,671. * * *
North Saskatchewan
North Saskatchewan river flowing from SW Alberta east through Saskatchewan, joining the South Saskatchewan to form the Saskatchewan: 760 mi (1,223 km) * * *
North Sea
an arm of the Atlantic between Great Britain and the European mainland. ab. 201,000 sq. mi. (520,600 sq. km); greatest depth, 1998 ft. (610 m). Formerly, German Ocean. * * ...
North Sea Canal
▪ canal, The Netherlands Dutch  Noordzeekanaal   waterway (canals and inland waterways) in The Netherlands that extends in an east-west direction between Amsterdam and ...
North Sea flood
▪ storm surge       the worst storm surge on record for the North Sea, occurring Jan. 31 to Feb. 1, 1953. In The Netherlands some 400,000 acres (162,0000 hectares) ...
North Sea gas
(in Britain) natural gas obtained from under the North Sea, mainly off the east coast of Scotland and the coast of East Anglia. Britain’s gas supply was formerly produced from ...
North Sea oil
(in Britain) oil obtained from under the North Sea, mainly from the area around the east coast of Scotland and the north-east coast of England. The oil was discovered in 1969 and ...
North Semitic alphabet
      the earliest fully developed alphabetic writing system. It was used in Syria as early as the 11th century BC and is probably ancestral, either directly or ...
North Shore
▪ New Zealand       city in the Northern Auckland urban area, northern North Island, New Zealand. It is located on a peninsula about 2 miles (3 km) north of Auckland ...
North Shropshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative county of Shropshire, west-central England. Nearly all of North Shropshire lies within the historic ...
North Siberian Lowland
▪ region, Russia Russian  Severo-sibirskaya Nizmennost,         low-lying region, east-central Russia. It is situated between the lower Yenisey River in the west and ...
North Slope
the northern coastal area of Alaska, rich in oil and natural gas: so called because it is N of the Brooks Range sloping down to the Arctic Ocean. * * *
North Somerset
▪ unitary authority, United Kingdom       unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Somerset, southwestern England. It lies along the Bristol Channel west of ...
North St. Paul
a town in E Minnesota. 11,921. * * *
North Star
Astron. Polaris. [1350-1400; ME] * * *
North Temperate Zone
the part of the earth's surface between the tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle. See diag. under zone. * * *
North Texas, University of
▪ university, Denton, Texas, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Denton, Texas, U.S. It comprises colleges of arts and sciences, ...
North Tonawanda
a city in W New York. 35,760. * * *
North Tyneside
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       metropolitan borough, metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear, historic county of Northumberland, northeastern England. The ...
North Uist
▪ island, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom       island of the Outer Hebrides, Western Isles council area, historic county of Inverness-shire, Scotland, lying ...
North Valley Stream
a town on W Long Island, in SE New York. 14,530. * * *
North Vancouver
a city in SW British Columbia, in SW Canada. 33,952. * * * ▪ British Columbia, Canada       city, southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It lies along Burrard Inlet ...
North Vietnam
that part of Vietnam N of about 17° N; formerly a part of French Indochina; separate republic 1954-75. Cf. Vietnam, South Vietnam. * * *
North Warwickshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       borough (district), administrative and historic county of Warwickshire, central England. It is a largely rural borough ...
North West Co.
(1783–1821) British-Canadian fur-trading company. Its operations were centred around the Lake Superior region and the valleys of the Red, Assiniboine, and Saskatchewan rivers. ...
North West Company
▪ Canadian company       Canadian fur-trading company, once the chief rival of the powerful Hudson's Bay Company. The company was founded in 1783 and enjoyed a rapid ...
North West Leicestershire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Leicestershire, south-central England, incorporating one of the oldest (13th ...
North Wiltshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Wiltshire, southern England, located in the northwestern part of the county ...
North York
North York city in SE Ontario, Canada: part of metropolitan Toronto: pop. 590,000 * * * City (pop., 2001: 608,288), southeastern Ontario, Canada. With the cities of Etobicoke, ...
North Yorkshire
a county in NE England. 646,100; 3208 sq. mi. (8309 sq. km). * * * Administrative (pop., 2001: 569,660) and geographic county, part of the historic county of Yorkshire, northern ...
North, Alex
born Dec. 4, 1910, Chester, Pa., U.S. died Sept. 8, 1991, Pacific Palisades, Calif. U.S. film composer and conductor. North studied at the Curtis Institute and Juilliard. In ...
North, Douglass C.
▪ American economist in full  Douglass Cecil North   born Nov. 5, 1920, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.       American economist, recipient, with Robert W. Fogel (Fogel, ...
North, Frederick North, Lord
▪ prime minister of United Kingdom also called (from 1790)  2nd Earl Of Guilford, Baron Guilford   born April 13, 1732, London, Eng. died Aug. 5, 1792, London  prime ...
North, Roger
▪ English writer born Sept. 3, 1653, Tostock, Suffolk, Eng. died March 1, 1734, Rougham, Suffolk       English lawyer, historian, and biographer, known primarily for ...
North, Simeon
born July 13, 1765, Berlin, Conn., U.S. died Aug. 25, 1852, Middletown, Conn. U.S. firearms manufacturer. He supplied pistols and rifles to the U.S. government from 1799. He ...
North, Sir Dudley
▪ English economist born May 16, 1641, Westminster, England [now in London] died December 31, 1691, London       English merchant, civil servant, and economist, an ...
North, Sir Thomas
▪ English translator born May 28, 1535, London, Eng. died 1601?       English translator whose version of Plutarch's Bioi parallēloi (Parallel Lives) was the source ...
North, the
▪ region, United States       region, northern United States, historically identified as the free states that opposed slavery and the Confederacy during the American ...
North, Frederick. Second Earl of Guilford. Known as “Lord North.” 1732-1792. British politician who served as prime minister (1770-1782) under George III. His policies led to ...
/nawrth"nawrth'eest"/; Naut. /nawr"nawr'eest"/, n. 1. the point on the compass midway between north and northeast. Abbr.: NNE adj. 2. coming from this point: facing a ...
/nawrth"nawrth'eest"weuhrd/; Naut. /nawr"nawr'eest"weuhrd/, adv., adj. toward the north-northeast. Also, north-northeastwardly. [NORTH-NORTHEAST + -WARD] * * *
/nawrth"nawrth'west"/; Naut. /nawr"nawr'west"/, n. 1. the point on the compass midway between north and northwest. Abbr.: NNW adj. 2. coming from this point: a north-northwest ...
/nawrth"nawrth'west"weuhrd/, Naut. /nawr"nawr'west"weuhrd/, adv., adj. toward the north-northwest. Also, north-northwestwardly. [1775-85; NORTH-NORTHWEST + -WARD] * * *
North-South Divide
(in Britain) the economic and social differences between the North and the South of England, especially the South-East, shown by things like house prices, employment figures and ...
▪ province, South Africa       province, north-central South Africa. It was created in 1994 from portions of Transvaal and Cape of Good Hope (Cape Province) provinces. ...
North-West Frontier Province
/nawrth"west', -west"/ a province in Pakistan, bordering Punjab and Kashmir on the west: a former province of British India. 10,885,000; 28,773 sq. mi. (77,516 sq. km). Cap.: ...
North-west Passage
a sea route along the northern coast of the US between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. From the end of the 15th century, many explorers looking for an easy route to Asia tried ...
North-WestFrontier Province
North-West Frontier Province (nôrth-wĕstʹ) A historical region of northwest Pakistan on the Afghanistan border. Long a strategic area because of its proximity to the Khyber ...
North Africa A region of northern Africa generally considered to include the modern-day countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.   North African adj. & n. * * *
See North Africa. * * *
▪ Western Australia, Australia       town, southwestern Western Australia. It lies at the confluence of the Avon (upper course of the Swan) and Mortlock rivers. One of ...
North America The northern continent of the Western Hemisphere, extending northward from the Colombia-Panama border and including Central America, Mexico, the islands of the ...
See North America. * * *
/nawr thamp"teuhn, nawrth hamp"-/, n. 1. a city in Northamptonshire, in central England. 139,900. 2. a city in central Massachusetts. 29,286. 3. Northamptonshire. * * * Town and ...
Northampton, Assize of
▪ English history       (1176), group of ordinances agreed upon by King Henry II of England and the magnates in council at Northampton. The ordinances were issued as ...
Northampton, Henry Howard, earl of
born Feb. 25, 1540, Shottesham, Norfolk, Eng. died June 15, 1614, London English noble noted for his intrigues in the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I. Younger brother of the ...
Northampton, Henry Howard, Earl of, Baron Of Marnhull
▪ English earl born Feb. 25, 1540, Shottesham, Norfolk, Eng. died June 15, 1614, London       Roman Catholic intriguer during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I of ...
Northampton, Spencer Compton, 2nd earl of, Lord Compton
▪ English earl born , May 1601 died March 19, 1643, Hopton Heath, Shropshire, Eng.       Royalist commander during the English Civil Wars.       The son of ...
Northampton, William Parr, Marquess of, Earl Of Essex, Baron Parr
▪ English noble born Aug. 14, 1513, Kendal Castle?, Westmorland, Eng. died Oct. 28, 1571, Warwick, Warwickshire       brother of Henry VIII's queen Catherine Parr, and ...
/nawr thamp"teuhn shear', -sheuhr, nawrth hamp"-/, n. a county in central England. 500,100; 914 sq. mi. (2365 sq. km). Also called Northampton. * * * Administrative (pop., 2001: ...
Northanger Abbey
/nawrth"ayn jeuhr, -ang geuhr/ a novel (1818) by Jane Austen. * * *
NorthAtlantic Current
North Atlantic Current or North Atlantic Drift The northern extension of the Gulf Stream in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It warms the coast and affects the climate of northwest ...
NorthAtlantic Ocean
North Atlantic Ocean The northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, extending northward from the equator to the Arctic Ocean. * * *
North Bay A city of southeast Ontario, Canada, on Lake Nipissing east-southeast of Sudbury. It is a trade center in a lumber and mining region. Population: 51,268. * * *
North Ber·gen (bûrʹgən) A community of northeast New Jersey north of Jersey City and across the Hudson River from Manhattan Island. Population: 47,019. * * *
/nawrth"berr'oh, -bur'oh/, n. a town in central Massachusetts. 10,568. * * *
/nawrth"bownd'/, adj. going toward the north: northbound traffic. [1880-85, Amer.; NORTH + -BOUND2] * * *
/nawrth"brij'/, n. a town in S Massachusetts. 12,246. * * *
/nawrth"brook'/, n. a city in NE Illinois. 30,735. * * *
Northbrook, Thomas George Baring, 1st earl of, Viscount Baring Of Lee, Baron Northbrook Of Stratton
▪ British statesman born Jan. 22, 1826, London died Nov. 15, 1904, Stratton Park, Hampshire, Eng.       British statesman who served as viceroy of ...
northby east
north by east n. Abbr. NbE The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due north and north-northeast, or 11°15' east of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
northby west
north by west n. Abbr. NbW The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due north and north-northwest, or 11°15' west of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
NorthCanadian River
North Canadian River A river rising in northeast New Mexico and flowing about 1,223 km (760 mi) generally southeast to the Canadian River in eastern Oklahoma. * * *
North Cape 1. The northernmost point of North Island, New Zealand, projecting into the southern Pacific Ocean. 2. A promontory on an island of northern Norway west of Cape ...
North Car·o·li·na (kăr'ə-līʹnə) Abbr. NC or N.C. A state of the southeast United States bordering on the Atlantic Ocean. It was admitted as one of the original Thirteen ...
See North Carolina. * * *
North Channel A strait between Scotland and Northern Ireland. It connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Irish Sea. * * *
North Charleston A city of southeast South Carolina, a suburb of Charleston. Population: 70,218. * * *
/nawrth"klif/, n. Viscount. See Harmsworth, Alfred Charles William. * * *
Northcliffe (of Saint Peter), Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, Viscount
born July 15, 1865, Chapelizod, near Dublin, Ire. died Aug. 14, 1922, London, Eng. British newspaper publisher. After an impoverished childhood and a few attempts to make a ...
Northcliffe, Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, Viscount
▪ British publisher also called  (from 1905) Baron Northcliffe of the Isle of Thanet   born July 15, 1865, Chapelizod, near Dublin, Ireland died August 14, 1922, London, ...
North·cliffe (nôrthʹklĭf'), Viscount. See Harmsworth, Alfred Charles William. * * *
Northcote, Henry Stafford Northcote, Baron
▪ British diplomat and statesman also called  (from 1887) Sir Henry Stafford Northcote, Baronet   born Nov. 18, 1846, London, Eng. died Sept. 29, 1911, Ashford, ...
Northcote, James
▪ English painter in full  Thomas James Northcote   born Oct. 22, 1746, Plymouth, Devon, Eng. died July 13, 1831, London  English portraitist and historical ...
Northcote, Sir John, 1st Baronet
▪ English politician born 1599, —buried June 24, 1676       English politician during the English Civil Wars and Commonwealth.       The son of a Devonshire ...
Northcote, Sir Stafford Henry, 8th Baronet
▪ British statesman also called (from 1885)  1st Earl Of Iddesleigh, Viscount Saint Cyres   born Oct. 27, 1818, London, Eng. died Jan. 12, 1887, London       British ...
North Country 1. The northern section of England north of the Humber estuary. 2. A geographic and economic region comprising Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada. * * *
North Dakota Abbr. ND or N.D. or N.Dak. A state of the north-central United States bordering on Canada. It was admitted as the 39th state in 1889. Acquired through the Louisiana ...
See North Dakota. * * *
North Downs See Downs. * * *
—northeastern, adj. /nawrth'eest"/; Naut. /nawr'eest"/, n. 1. a point on the compass midway between north and east. Abbr.: NE 2. a region in this direction. 3. the Northeast, ...
northeast by east
Navig., Survey. a point on the compass 11°15' east of northeast. Abbr.: NEbE * * *
northeast by north
Navig., Survey. a point on the compass 11°15' north of northeast. Abbr.: NEbN * * *
Northeast Corridor
the long, narrow strip of land between Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C., containing many adjacent urban areas. * * *
Northeast Indian
▪ people Introduction  member of any of the Native American peoples living at the time of European contact in the area roughly bounded in the north by the transition from ...
Northeast Passage
a ship route along the N coast of Europe and Asia, between the North Sea and the Pacific. * * * Maritime route along the northern coast of Europe and Asia. It lies between the ...
Northeast Plain
▪ plain, China Chinese (Pinyin)  Dongbei Pingyuan  or  Songliao Pingyuan  or   (Wade-Giles romanization)  Tung-pei P'ing-yüan  or  Sung-liao P'ing-yüan , also ...
northeast storm
a cyclonic storm that moves northeastward within several hundred miles of the eastern coast of the U.S. and Canada, particularly in fall and winter, its often strong northeast ...
northeastby east
northeast by east n. Abbr. NEbE The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between northeast and east-northeast, or 56°15' east of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or ...
northeastby north
northeast by north n. Abbr. NEbN The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between northeast and north-northeast, or 33°45' east of due north. adv. & adj. Toward ...
/nawrth'ee"steuhr/; Naut. /nawr'ee"steuhr/, n. 1. New Eng. and South Atlantic States. a wind or gale from the northeast. 2. Meteorol. See northeast storm. Also, ...
/nawrth'ee"steuhr lee/; Naut. /nawr'ee"steuhr lee/, adj. 1. of or located in the northeast. 2. toward or from the northeast. adv. 3. toward or from the northeast. [1730-40; NORTH ...
northeastern [nôrth΄ēs′tərn; ] naut. [ nôr΄ēs′tərn] adj. 1. in, of, to, toward, or facing the northeast 2. from the northeast [a northeastern wind ] ☆ 3. [N-] of or ...
Northeastern school
▪ Brazilian literature Portuguese  Colégio Nordestino,         group of 20th-century Brazilian regional writers whose fiction dealt primarily with the culture and ...
Northeastern State University
▪ university, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, U.S. It comprises six colleges ...
Northeastern University
▪ university, Boston, Massachusetts, United States       private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. It comprises the School ...
/nawrth'ee"steuhr neuhr/, n. 1. a native or inhabitant of the northeast. 2. (cap.) a native or inhabitant of the northeastern part of the U.S. [1960-65; NORTHEASTERN + -ER1] * * *
Northeast Passage A water route along the northern coast of Europe and Asia between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A goal of navigators since the 15th century, it was first ...
/nawrth'eest"weuhrd/; Naut. /nawr'eest"weuhrd/, adv., adj. 1. Also, northeastwardly. toward the northeast. n. 2. the northeast. [1545-55; NORTHEAST + -WARD] * * *
northeastwardly [nôrth΄ēst′wərd lē; ] naut. [ nôr΄ēst′wərd lē] adv., adj. 1. toward the northeast 2. from the northeast [a northeastwardly wind] * * * See ...
/nawrth'eest"weuhrdz/; Naut. /nawr'eest"weuhrdz/, adv. northeastward. [NORTHEASTWARD + -S1] * * *
/nawr"dheuhr/, n. 1. Chiefly Texas and Oklahoma. a cold gale from the north, formed during the winter by a vigorous outbreak of continental polar air behind a cold front. 2. a ...
—northerliness, n. /nawr"dheuhr lee/, adj., adv., n., pl. northerlies. adj. 1. moving, directed, or situated toward the north. 2. (esp. of a wind) coming from the north: a ...
—northernness, n. /nawr"dheuhrn/, adj. 1. lying toward or situated in the north. 2. directed or proceeding northward. 3. coming from the north, as a wind. 4. (often cap.) of or ...
Northern Arizona University
▪ university, Flagstaff, Arizona, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S. The university comprises ...
Northern blot
Biol., Med. a procedure for studying the activity of a specific gene, as in testing for a hereditary defect: RNA fragments in an extract of a cell population or a tissue are ...
northern bobwhite.
See under bobwhite. * * *
Northern Cameroons.
See under Cameroons (def. 2). * * *
northern canoe
Canadian. a large, heavy canoe used to transport supplies. Cf. York boat. [1810-20] * * *
Northern Cape
Northern Cape province of W South Africa: 139,692 sq mi (361,801 sq km); pop. 737,000; cap. Kimberley * * * ▪ province, South Africa  province, western South Africa. It is ...
Northern Colorado, University of
▪ university, Greeley, Colorado, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Greeley, Colorado, U.S. It includes colleges of Arts and ...
northern corn rootworm.
See corn rootworm. [1960-65] * * *
northern corn-leaf blight
/kawrn"leef'/. See northern leaf blight. * * *
Northern Cross
Astron. six stars in the constellation Cygnus, arranged in the form of a cross. [1905-10] * * *
Northern Crown
Astron. the constellation Corona Borealis. [1585-95] * * *
Northern Dvina River
Russian Severnaya Dvina River, northern Russia. Formed by the junction of the Sukhona and Yug rivers, it is one of the largest and most important waterways of the northern ...
Northern Expedition
(1926–27) Campaign of the Chinese Nationalist army, led by Chiang Kai-Shek, that advanced north from Guangzhou (Canton) to the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) battling warlord ...
Northern Exposure
▪ American television series       American television comedy-drama series that aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System (now CBS Corporation) for six seasons ...
northern harrier
a hawk of North America and Europe, Circus cyaneus, that frequents marshes and meadows. Also called marsh hawk; Brit., hen harrier. * * *
northern harvestfish.
See under harvestfish (def. 1). * * *
Northern Hemisphere
the half of the earth between the North Pole and the equator. [1885-90] * * *
northern hog sucker.
See black sucker. * * *
Northern Illinois University
▪ university, De Kalb, Illinois, United States       public, coeducational university in DeKalb, Illinois, U.S. The university was founded in 1895 as Northern Illinois ...
Northern Iowa, University of
▪ university, Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Cedar Falls, Iowa, U.S. It includes colleges of business ...
Northern Ireland
a political division of the United Kingdom, in the NE part of the island of Ireland. 1,537,200; 5238 sq. mi. (13,565 sq. km). Cap.: Belfast. * * * Part of the United Kingdom of ...
Northern Ireland Assembly
the name of a governing body in Northern Ireland that has existed at various times and then been suspended because of political disagreements between political parties in ...
Northern Ireland, flag of
▪ Flag History       unofficial flag of a unit of the United Kingdom, flown subordinate to the Union Jack (United Kingdom, flag of the), that consists of a white ...
Northern Kantō
▪ region, Japan Japanese  Kita-kantō,         industrial region, east-central Japan, occupying portions of Gumma, Saitama, and Tochigi ken (prefectures). Situated ...
northern kingfish
Ichthyol. a croaker, Menticirrhus saxatilis, inhabiting Atlantic coastal waters of the U.S. Also called king-whiting, northern whiting. * * *
Northern Kyūshū
▪ region, Japan Japanese  Kita-kyūshū,         industrial region of southwestern Japan, centring on the city and port of Kita-Kyūshū and bounded by the Gen Sea to ...
northern leaf blight
Plant Pathol. a disease of corn caused by the fungus Exsherohilum turcicum, characterized by elongate tan-gray elliptical spots with subsequent blighting and necrosis of leaves. ...
northern lights
northern lights n. [also N- L-] AURORA BOREALIS * * * also called  Aurora Borealis,    luminous atmospheric display visible in the Northern Hemisphere. See aurora. * * *
northern lights.
See aurora borealis. [1715-25] * * *
Northern Mariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands group of islands in the W Pacific Ocean, including all of the Mariana Islands except Guam: a commonwealth in association with the U.S. since 1986, it was ...
northern Mexican Indian
▪ people Introduction  member of any of the aboriginal peoples inhabiting northern Mexico.       The generally accepted ethnographic definition of northern Mexico ...
Northern Michigan University
▪ university, Marquette, Michigan, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Marquette, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S. It ...
Northern Michigan.
See Upper Peninsula. * * *
Northern Min
Foochow (def. 2). * * *
northern oriole
an oriole, Icterus galbula, of North America, with highly distinctive eastern and western subspecies that interbreed in the Great Plains region. Cf. Baltimore oriole, Bullock's ...
Northern Pacific Railway Co.
Major U.S. railroad that operated between St. Paul and Seattle. It was chartered by Congress in 1864 to build a line from Lake Superior to the Pacific coast. Financed by Jay ...
Northern Pacific Railway Company
▪ American railway       one of the northern transcontinental railroads of the United States, operating between St. Paul, Minn., and Seattle, Wash., and merged into the ...
Northern Paiute
1. a member of an American Indian people of Nevada, Oregon, and California, allied to the Paiute. 2. See under Paiute (def. 2). * * *
northern parula.
See under parula. * * *
northern pike
a pike, Esox lucius, of North American and Eurasian waters, valued as a game fish. See illus. under pike. [1855-60, Amer.] * * *
northern redbelly dace.
See under redbelly dace. * * *
Northern Rhodesia
—Northern Rhodesian. former name of Zambia. * * *
Northern Sarkārs
▪ historical district, India Sarkārs also spelled  Circārs,         group of four, later five or six, sarkārs (districts into which the emperor Shēr Shāh of ...
northern sennet.
See under sennet1. * * *
Northern Sporades
Northern Sporades group of islands in the NW Aegean, west of Thessaly & Euboea * * *
Northern Sporades.
See under Sporades. * * *
Northern Spy
an American variety of red-striped apple that ripens in autumn or early winter. [1840-50, Amer.] * * *
northern studfish.
See under studfish. * * *
Northern Territories
a former British protectorate in W Africa; now a part of N Ghana. * * *
Northern Territory
a territory in N Australia. 123,324; 523,620 sq. mi. (1,356,175 sq. km). Cap.: Darwin. * * * Territory (pop., 2001 prelim.: 200,019), northern Australia. It covers an area of ...
Northern Territory, flag of the
▪ Flag History       Australian flag consisting of an ochre-red field (background) with a vertical black stripe at the hoist. A white Southern Cross (Crux) ...
Northern Transvaal
Northern Transvaal [trans väl′, tranzväl′] province of South Africa, in the N part: 47,599 sq mi (123,280 sq km); pop. 5,202,000; cap. Pietersburg * * *
Northern War, First
(1655–1660) Final stage of the struggle over the Polish-Swedish succession. In 1655 the Swedish king Charles X Gustav declared war on Poland on the pretext that it refused to ...
Northern War, Second
or Great Northern War (1700–1721) Military conflict to challenge Sweden's supremacy in the Baltic area. Sweden's expansion in the Baltic Sea coastlands antagonized Russia, ...
Northern Wei dynasty
or Toba dynasty (AD 386–534/35) Longest-lived and most powerful of the northern Chinese dynasties that ruled after the Han dynasty fell and before the Sui and Tang dynasties ...
Northern Wei sculpture
Chinese sculpture, dominated by simple images of the Buddha, dating from the era of the Northern Wei dynasty (AD 386–534/535). The art represents the first major influence of ...
northern white cedar.
See under white cedar (def. 1). [1925-30] * * *
northern whiting.
See northern kingfish. [1930-35] * * *
Northernblot analysis
Northern blot analysis n. A technique for identifying specific sequences of RNA in which RNA molecules are separated by electrophoresis, transferred to nitrocellulose, and ...
Northern Cross n. See Cygnus. * * *
Northern Crown n. See Corona Borealis. * * *
Northern Dvina See Dvina. * * *
/nawr"dheuhr neuhr/, n. 1. (sometimes l.c.) a native or inhabitant of the North, esp. the northern U.S. 2. (l.c.) norther. [1825-35; NORTHERN + -ER1] * * *
northern harrier n. A slim-bodied hawk (Circus cyaneus) found in marshy areas of northern North America and Eurasia, having an owllike face and a white patch on the tail. Also ...
Northern Hemisphere n. 1. The half of the earth north of the equator. 2. Astronomy. The half of the celestial sphere north of the celestial equator. * * *
Northern Ireland A division of the United Kingdom in the northeast section of the island of Ireland. The province occupies much of the ancient Irish kingdom of Ulster and is ...
See Northern Ireland. * * *
/nawr"dheuhr nuyz'/, v.t., Northernized, Northernizing. (sometimes l.c.) to make northern; impart qualities considered typical of the North, esp. of the northern part of ...
Northern Kingdom See Israel2. * * *
northern lights pl.n. See aurora borealis. * * *
NorthernMariana Islands
Northern Mariana Islands A commonwealth in political union with the United States comprising most of the Mariana Islands (except Guam) in the western Pacific Ocean. The islands ...
/nawr"dheuhrn mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. farthest north. [1710-20; NORTHERN + -MOST] * * *
See northern. * * *
northern oriole n. A species of American songbird (Icterus galbula) composed of two subspecies, the Baltimore and Bullock's orioles. * * *
Northern Paiute n. 1. See Paiute. 2. The Uto-Aztecan language of the Northern Paiute. * * *
northern pike n. See pike2. * * *
Northernprickly ash
Northern prickly ash n. See toothache tree. * * *
Northern Rhodesia See Zambia. * * *
Northern Shoshone n. See Shoshone. * * *
Northern Sporades See Sporades. * * *
Northern Spy n. A large, yellowish-red, late-ripening apple.   [Origin unknown.] * * *
/nawrth"feeld'/, n. a town in SE Minnesota. 12,562. * * * ▪ Minnesota, United States       city, Rice county, southeastern Minnesota, U.S. It lies along the Cannon ...
North Fork A river rising in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri and flowing about 161 km (100 mi) southward to the White River in northern Arkansas. * * *
NorthFrigid Zone
North Frigid Zone See Frigid Zone. * * *
NorthFrisian Islands
North Frisian Islands See Frisian Islands. * * *
North Germanic n. A subdivision of the Germanic languages that includes Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, and Faroese. Also called Norse, Scandinavian. * * *
/nawrth'glen"/, n. a city in NE central Colorado. 29,847. * * *
North Highlands An unincorporated community of north-central California, a residential suburb of Sacramento. Population: 42,105. * * *
/nawr"thing, -dhing/, n. Navig. 1. northward movement or deviation. 2. distance due north made on any course tending northward. [1660-70; NORTH + -ING1] * * *
North Island An island of New Zealand separated from South Island by Cook Strait. It is the smaller but more populous of the country's two principal islands. * * *
North Karroo See Karroo. * * *
North Korea A country of northeast Asia on the Korean Peninsula. Inhabited since ancient times, the region was occupied by Japan from 1910 until the end of World War II in ...
See North Korea. * * *
/nawrth"layk'/, n. a city in NE Illinois: suburb of Chicago. 12,166. * * *
—northlander, n. /nawrth"leuhnd, -land'/, n. 1. the land or region in the north. 2. the northern part of a country. 3. (cap.) the peninsula containing Norway and Sweden. [bef. ...

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