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Слова на букву oil-pius (15990)

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—oilless, adj. —oillessness, n. —oillike, adj. /oyl/, n. 1. any of a large class of substances typically unctuous, viscous, combustible, liquid at ordinary temperatures, ...
oil beetle
any of several blister beetles of the genus Meloe that exude an oily fluid from the joints of their legs when disturbed. [1650-60] * * *
oil burner
a furnace, boiler, or other device that burns fuel oil. [1895-1900] * * *       heating device in which fuel oil is mixed with air under controlled conditions. In most ...
oil cake
a cake or mass of linseed, cottonseed, soybean, or the like, from which the oil has been extracted or expressed, used as food for livestock. [1735-45] * * * ▪ ...
Oil City
a city in NW Pennsylvania, on the Allegheny River. 13,881. * * * ▪ Pennsylvania, United States       city, Venango county, northwestern Pennsylvania, U.S., on a bend ...
oil color
a paint made by grinding a pigment in oil, usually linseed oil. [1530-40] * * *
oil derrick
derrick (def. 2). [1860-65] * * *
oil extraction
▪ chemistry       isolation of oil from animal by-products, fleshy fruits such as the olive and palm, and oilseeds such as cottonseed, sesame seed, soybeans, and ...
oil field
an area in which there are large deposits of oil. [1890-95] * * *
oil gilding
gilding of glass or ceramic ware by using a size of japan or lacquer. Also, oil-gilding. [1840-50] * * *
oil gland
1. See uropygial gland. 2. See sebaceous gland. [1825-35] * * * ▪ anatomy       any of a variety of skin structures that secrete oily or greasy substances of various ...
oil grass
▪ plant       any of the 40 species of the genus Cymbopogon (family Poaceae), aromatic, oilcontaining grasses cultivated in the tropics of Asia and Africa and introduced ...
oil meal
oil cake ground into small particles for livestock feed. [1885-90] * * *
oil of anise.
See under aniseed. Also called anise oil, aniseed oil. [1860-65] * * *
oil of cade.
See under cade1. [1875-80] * * *
oil of catechumens
holy oil used in baptism, the ordination of a cleric, the coronation of a sovereign, or in the consecration of a church. * * *
oil of lavender
an essential oil distilled from lavender flowers, esp. Lavandula angustifolia and L. stoechas, and used in perfumery. * * *
oil of the sick
holy oil used in the sacrament of extreme unction. * * *
oil of turpentine
a colorless, flammable, volatile essential oil having a penetrating odor and a pungent, bitter taste, obtained from turpentine oleoresin by distillation: used in paints and ...
oil of vitriol
Chem. See sulfuric acid. [1570-80] * * *
oil of wintergreen.
See methyl salicylate. [1835-45] * * *
oil paint
1. See oil color. 2. a commercial paint in which a drying oil is the vehicle. [1780-90] * * *
oil painting
—oil painter. 1. the art or technique of painting with oil colors. 2. a painting executed in oil colors. [1775-85] * * * Painting in oil colours, a medium consisting of ...
oil palm
an African feather palm, Elaeis guineensis, the fruits of which yield palm oil. [1715-25] * * * ▪ tree (Elaeis guineensis)        African tree cultivated as a source ...
oil pan
the bottom part of the crankcase of an internal-combustion engine in which the oil used to lubricate the engine accumulates. [1905-10] * * *
oil patch
Slang. 1. an area in which oil is produced. 2. the petroleum industry. [1960-65] * * *
oil plant
▪ botany       any of the numerous plants, either under cultivation or growing wild, used as sources of oil. Oil plants include trees such as palm, herbaceous plants ...
Oil Rivers
a region in W Africa, comprising the vast Niger River delta: formerly a British protectorate; now a part of Nigeria. * * * ▪ region, Nigeria       area comprising the ...
oil sand
Geol. a sand or sandstone containing oil or tarry residue in the pore spaces. [1880-85, Amer.] * * *
oil seal
or shaft seal In machines, a device that prevents the passage of fluids along a rotating shaft. Seals are necessary when a shaft extends from a housing (enclosure) containing ...
oil shale
Geol. a black or dark-brown shale or siltstone rich in bitumens, from which shale oil is obtained by destructive distillation. [1870-75] * * * Any fine-grained sedimentary rock ...
oil slick
a smooth area on the surface of water caused by the presence of oil. [1885-90] * * *
oil spill
an accidental release of oil into a body of water, as from a tanker, offshore drilling rig, or underwater pipeline, often presenting a hazard to marine life and the ...
oil tanker
a large ship specifically designed for transporting crude oil in bulk across the oceans. [1915-20] * * *
oil varnish.
See under varnish (def. 1). * * *
oil well
a well that yields or has yielded oil. [1840-50, Amer.] * * *
/oyl"hahr'dn/, v.t. Metall. to quench (steel) in a bath of oil. Cf. water-harden. [1900-05] * * *
oil-immersion objective
/oyl"i merr'zheuhn, -sheuhn/, Optics. See immersion objective. [1880-85] * * *
/oyl"plant'/, n. any of several plants, as the castor-oil plant or sesame, the seeds of which yield an oil. [1840-50] * * *
oil-seed rape (oilʹsēd') n. See rape2. * * *
oil beetle n. Any of various blister beetles of the genus Meloe that exude an oily yellow substance from the joints of the legs when disturbed. * * *
/oyl"berrd'/, n. guacharo. [1890-95; OIL + BIRD] * * * ▪ bird also called  Guácharo        (Steatornis caripensis), nocturnal bird of South America that lives in ...
oil cake n. The solid residue that is left after certain oily seeds, such as cottonseed and linseed, have been pressed free of their oil. It is ground and used as cattle feed or ...
/oyl"kan'/, n. a can having a long spout through which oil is poured or squirted to lubricate machinery or the like. [1830-40; OIL + CAN2] * * *
/oyl"klawth', -kloth'/, n., pl. oilcloths /-klawdhz', -klodhz', -klawths', -kloths'/ for 2. n. 1. a cotton fabric made waterproof by being treated with oil and pigment, for use ...
oil color n. See oil paint. * * *
/oyl"kup'/, n. a closed cup or can supplying lubricant to a bearing or bearings. Also called grease cup. [1840-50; OIL + CUP] * * *
/oyl"dayl'/, n. a town in SW California. 23,382. * * *
/oyld/, adj. 1. lubricated or smeared with or as if with oil. 2. Slang. drunk; intoxicated. [1525-35; OIL + -ED2, -ED3] * * *
/oy"leuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that oils. 2. a worker employed to oil machinery. 3. any of several devices, other than pressure devices, for feeding lubricating oil to a ...
oil field n. An area with reserves of recoverable petroleum, especially one with several oil-producing wells. * * *
/oyl"fish'/, n., pl. oilfishes, (esp. collectively) oilfish. a snake mackerel, Ruvettus pretiosus, commonly inhabiting deep, marine waters. [OIL + FISH] * * *
oil gland n. 1. A gland, such as a sebaceous gland, that secretes an oily substance. 2. See uropygial gland. * * *
See oily. * * *
See oilily. * * *
/oy"lit/, n. eyelet (def. 5). [1350-1400; ME oilet] * * *
/oyl'yeuh nair"/, n. Canadian Informal. a millionaire whose wealth is derived from the petroleum industry. [b. OIL and MILLIONAIRE] * * *
/oyl"man', -meuhn/, n., pl. oilmen /-men', -meuhn/. 1. a person who owns or operates oil wells or an executive in the petroleum industry. 2. a person who retails or delivers oil, ...
oilof turpentine
oil of turpentine n. See turpentine. * * *
oilof vitriol
oil of vitriol n. See sulfuric acid. * * *
oil paint n. A paint in which the vehicle is a drying oil. Also called oil color. * * *
oil painting n. 1. A painting done in oil paints. 2. The art or practice of painting with oils. * * *
oil palm n. 1. A tall palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) native to tropical Africa, having nutlike fruits that yield a commercially valuable oil. Also called African oil palm. 2. Any ...
oil pan n. The bottom of the crankcase in an internal-combustion engine, serving as an oil reservoir. * * *
/oyl"pay'peuhr/, n. a paper made waterproof and translucent by treatment with oil. [1830-40; OIL + PAPER] * * *
oil patch n. Informal 1. The petroleum and natural gas industry. 2. An oil-producing region. * * *
Oil Rivers (oil) A large delta region of the Niger River in southern Nigeria. The Oil Rivers Protectorate was administered by the British Royal Niger Company from 1885 to ...
oil sand n. A stratum of sand or sandstone containing petroleum. * * *
/oyl"seed'/, n. any of several seeds, as the castor bean, sesame, or cottonseed, from which an oil is expressed. [1555-65; OIL + SEED] * * *
oil shale n. A black or dark brown shale containing hydrocarbons that yield petroleum by distillation. * * *
/oyl"skin'/, n. 1. a cotton fabric made waterproof by treatment with oil and used for rain gear and fishermen's clothing. 2. a piece of this. 3. Often, oilskins, a garment made ...
oil slick n. A layer of oil floating on the surface of water. * * *
oilspot glaze
/oyl"spot'/ a brown or black ceramic glaze dotted with silvery spots caused by impurities. [1920-25; OIL + SPOT] * * *
/oyl"stohn'/, n. a block of fine-grained stone, usually oiled, for putting the final edge on certain cutting tools by abrasion. [1575-85; OIL + STONE] * * *
/oyl"tuyt'/, adj. constructed to be impervious to oil: an oiltight bulkhead. [1855-60; OIL + TIGHT] * * *
oil well n. A hole drilled or dug in the earth from which petroleum flows or is pumped. Also called oiler. * * *
—oiliness, n. /oy"lee/, adj., oilier, oiliest, adv. adj. 1. smeared or covered with oil; greasy: an oily road surface. 2. of the nature of, consisting of, or resembling oil. 3. ...
/oyngk/, v.i. 1. to make the characteristic sound of a pig; grunt. n. 2. the squealing or grunting sound made by a pig. [1940-45; imit.] * * *
/oy nok"oh ee'/, n., pl. oinochoes, oinochoai /-nok"oh uy'/. Gk. and Rom. Antiq. a wine pitcher or jug, characterized by a curved handle extending from the lip to the shoulder, ...
/oynt"meuhnt/, n. Pharm. a soft, unctuous preparation, often medicated, for application to the skin; unguent. [1250-1300; obs. oint (aph. var. of ANOINT) + -MENT; r. ME oignement ...
▪ region, Guinea-Bissau       region located in north-central Guinea-Bissau. It was created from the former concelhos (municipalities) of Farim, Bissorã, and Mansôa ...
Old Irish. Also, OIr. * * *
/eerdd"euhkh teuhs/, n. 1. the parliament of the Republic of Ireland, consisting of the president, the Dail Eireann, and the Seanad Eireann. 2. an annual assembly, usually in ...
/wannz/, n. 1. a river in W Europe, flowing SW from S Belgium through N France to the Seine, near Paris. 186 mi. (300 km) long. 2. a department in N France. 606,320; 2273 sq. mi. ...
Oise River
River, northern France. It is formed by the confluence of two streams, one rising near Chimay in Belgium and the other near Rocroi in France. Flowing southwest into the Seine, ...
/u sheen"/, n. Ossian. * * *
/oy"strahk, -strahkh/, n. David /day"vid/, 1908-74, Russian violinist. * * *
Oistrakh, David
▪ Russian violinist in full  David Fyodorovich Oistrakh  born September 17 [September 30, New Style], 1908, Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire [now in Ukraine] died October 24, ...
Oistrakh, David (Fyodorovich)
born Sept. 30, 1908, Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire died Oct. 24, 1974, Amsterdam, Neth. Russian violinist. After his debut in 1928, he entered and won a number of prestigious ...
Oistrakh, Igor
▪ Russian violinist in full  Igor Davidovich Oistrakh  born April 27, 1931, Odessa, Ukraine, U.S.S.R.       Russian violinist, noted for his lean, modernist ...
Oistrakh,David Fyodorovich
Ois·trakh (oiʹsträk', -strək, -strəKH), David Fyodorovich. 1908-1974. Russian violinist known for his technical virtuosity and exceptional tone. * * *
Old Italian. * * *
/aw"ee tah'/, n. a seaport on NE Kyushu, in S Japan. 360,484. * * * ▪ prefecture, Japan       ken (prefecture), northeastern Kyushu, Japan, facing the Suō Sea and ...
/oy'teuh see"keuh/, n. a Brazilian tree, Licania rigida, of the rose family, the seeds of which yield oiticica oil. [1915-20; < Pg < Tupi] * * *
oiticica oil
a light yellow drying oil expressed from the seeds of the oiticica tree, used as a vehicle for paints, varnishes, etc. [1915-20] * * *
Informal. orange juice. Also, O.J., o.j. * * *
▪ California, United States       city, Ventura county, southern California, U.S. Situated 12 miles (19 km) north of Ventura and about 85 miles (135 km) northwest of ...
/oh jib"way, -weuh/, n., pl. Ojibwas, (esp. collectively) Ojibwa. 1. a member of a large tribe of North American Indians found in Canada and the U.S., principally in the region ...
/oh jib"way/, n., pl. Ojibways, (esp. collectively) Ojibway. Ojibwa. * * *
▪ emperor of Japan in full  Ōjin Tennō,  personal name  Hondawake No Mikoto  flourished 5th century AD       semilegendary 15th emperor of Japan, who according to ...
ojo caliente
/oh"hoh kahl yen"tay/, Southwestern U.S. a hot spring. [1835-45, Amer.; < Sp] * * *
Ojosdel Salado
O·jos del Sa·la·do (ō'hōz dĕl' sə-läʹdō, sä-, ōʹhōs) A peak, 6,874.3 m (22,539 ft) high, in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile. * * *
on-the-job training. Also, O.J.T. * * *
Ojukwu, Odumegwu
born Nov. 4, 1933, Nnewi, Nigeria Governor of Eastern Region, Nigeria (1966–67), and head of the secessionist state of Biafra (1967–70). A member of the Igbo, Ojukwu was ...
Oklahoma (approved esp. for use with zip code). /oh"kay", oh'kay", oh"kay'/, adj., adv., interj., n., pl. OK's, v., OK'd, OK'ing. adj. 1. all right; proceeding normally; ...
OK Corral
a corral (= place where horses or cows are enclosed within fences) in Tombstone, Arizona. It was the scene of a famous fight with guns on 26 October 1881, in which Deputy Marshal ...
oka1 /oh"keuh/, n. 1. a unit of weight in Turkey and neighboring countries, equal to about 23/4 pounds (1.25 kilograms). 2. a unit of liquid measure, equal to about 11/3 U.S. ...
/oh kah"/; Russ. /u kah"/, n. a river in the central Russian Federation in Europe, flowing NE to the Volga at Nizhni Novgorod. 950 mi. (1530 km) long. * * *
Oka Asajirō
▪ Japanese biologist born 1866, modern Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan died 1944, Tokyo       biologist who introduced the theory of evolution to the Japanese public and ...
Oka River
River, central Russia. The largest right-bank tributary of the Volga River, it flows 932 mi (1,500 km) north to Kaluga, then east to join the Volga at Nizhny Novgorod. Navigable ...
▪ Nigeria also called  Oka        town, Ondo state, southwestern Nigeria, in the Yoruba Hills, on roads from Owo and Ikare. An agricultural market centre (yams, ...
Okada Beisanjin
▪ Japanese painter also called  Hikobē   born 1744, Ōsaka, Japan died Oct. 15, 1820, Ōsaka       Japanese painter who worked in the bunjin-ga, or literati, style ...
Okada Keisuke
▪ prime minister of Japan born Jan. 20, 1868, Fukui, Japan died Oct. 17, 1952, Tokyo  Japanese admiral and prime minister who attempted to moderate extremist military ...
Okada, Eiji
▪ 1996       Japanese actor who starred in such films as the Japanese Woman in the Dunes, the French Hiroshima, Mon Amour, and the U.S. The Ugly American (b. June 13, ...
Okakura Kakuzō
▪ Japanese art critic pseudonym  Okakura Tenshin   born Feb. 14, 1863, Yokohama, Japan died Sept. 2, 1913, Akakura       art critic who had great influence upon ...
Okamoto Kidō
▪ Japanese drama critic original name  Okamoto Keiji   born Oct. 15, 1872, Tokyo, Japan died March 1, 1939, Japan       Japanese dramatist and drama critic who wrote ...
O·ka·nog·an (ō'kə-nŏgʹən) also in Canada O·ka·na·gan (ō'kə-nŏgʹən). A river, about 483 km (300 mi) long, flowing southward from Lake Okanagan in southern British ...
/oh kah"pee/, n., pl. okapis, (esp. collectively) okapi. an African mammal, Okapia johnstoni, closely related to and resembling the giraffe, but smaller and with a much shorter ...
▪ Pakistan       city, Punjab province, east-central Pakistan. In 1869 it became the headquarters of the tahsil (subdivision) of Okāra, supplanting Gugera as ...
Okara, Gabriel
▪ Nigerian author in full  Gabriel Imomotimi Gbaingbain Okara  born April 21, 1921, Bumodi, Nigeria       Nigerian poet and novelist whose verse had been translated ...
/oh'keuh vang"goh, -vahng"-/, n. a river in central Africa, flowing SE from Angola to Botswana. ab. 1000 mi. (1610 km) long. Portugese, Cubango. Formerly, Okovango, Okovanggo. * ...
Okavango River
in Angola Cubango River River, southwest-central Africa. It is the fourth longest river system in the region. Rising in central Angola, it forms a section of the boundary ...
▪ Japan       city, Fukuoka ken (prefecture), Kyushu, Japan, on the mouth of the Chikugo-gawa (Chikugo River). It was a fishing port known as Wakatsu during the Tokugawa ...
Ōkawa Shūmei
▪ Japanese political theorist and writer born Dec. 6, 1886, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan died Dec. 24, 1957, Tokyo       ultranationalistic Japanese political theorist ...
Okawa, Isao
▪ 2002       Japanese businessman (b. 1926, Osaka, Japan—d. March 16, 2001, Tokyo, Japan), was chairman of the Sega Corp. from 1984 until his death. Okawa was involved ...
/oh"kay", oh'kay", oh"kay'/, adj., adv., interj., n., v.t. OK. * * *
▪ Japan       city, central Nagano ken (prefecture), east-central Honshu, Japan, on the western shore of Lake Suwa. Okaya was a small village until the establishment of ...
/aw"kah yah"mah/, n. a city on SW Honshu, in SW Japan. 545,737. * * * ▪ prefecture, Japan  city and prefecture (ken), western Honshu, Japan, bordering the Inland Sea, ...
/aw"kah zah"kee/, n. a city on S central Honshu, in central Japan. 262,370. * * * ▪ Japan       city, south-central Aichi ken (prefecture), central Honshu, Japan. It is ...
(as used in expressions) OKB 1 OKB 155 OKB 51 OKB imeni P.O. Sukhoy OKB 156 * * *
oke1 /ohk/, n. oka. oke2 /ohk/, adj. Informal. OK; all right. [1925-30, Amer.; appar. shortening of OK] * * *
/oh'ki choh"bee/, n. Lake. a lake in S Florida, in the N part of the Everglades. 35 mi. (56 km) long; 30 mi. (48 km) wide. Also called Okeechobee. * * *
Okeechobee, Lake
Lake, south-central Florida, U.S. It is the largest lake in the southern U.S. and the third largest freshwater lake wholly within the country. It drains to the sea through the ...
O·kee·cho·bee (ō'kĭ-chōʹbē), Lake A lake of southeast Florida north of the Everglades. It is a link in the Okeechobee Waterway, or Cross-Florida Waterway, a water route ...
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
➡ Okefenokee Swamp * * *
Okefenokee Swamp
/oh'keuh feuh noh"kee/ a large wooded swamp area in SE Georgia. * * * Swamp and wildlife refuge, southeastern Georgia and northeastern Florida, U.S. It has an area of more than ...
O·ke·fe·no·kee Swamp (ō'kə-fə-nōʹkē, -kē-) A large swampy area of southeast Georgia and northeast Florida. The region has small islands rising above the water and ...
/oh"keuh gem'/, n. Jean /zhahonn/ d' or Jan van /yahn vahn/, c1430-c95, Flemish composer. Also, Ockeghem, Ockenheim. * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (“parish”), West Devon borough, administrative and historic county of Devon, England. It lies on the northern edge of the wild ...
Okello, Gen. Tito
▪ 1997       Ugandan military officer who helped oust Idi Amin in 1979 and who briefly ruled Uganda following the 1985 military coup that overthrew Pres. Milton Obote ...
/oh"keuhn/, n. Lorenz (Lorenz Ockenfuss), 1779-1851, German naturalist and philosopher. * * *
▪ Nigeria       town, Kogi state, south-central Nigeria. It lies at the intersection of roads from Lokoja, Kabba, Ikare, Ajaokuta, and Anchi. Originally founded on a ...
/oh"kee dohk"/, adj., adv., interj. OK. Also, okey-dokey /oh"kee doh"kee/, okle-dokle. [1930-35, Amer.; rhyming redupl. of OKE2] * * *
o·key-do·key (ō'kē-dōʹkē) adj. & adv. Informal OK.   [Reduplication of OK1.] * * *
▪ India       town, western Gujarat (Gujarāt) state, west-central India. It is a port at the western tip of the Kathiawar Peninsula, between the Gulf of Kachchh ...
Okhlopkov, Nikolay Pavlovich
▪ Soviet theatrical director born May 2 [May 15, New Style], 1900, Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia died Jan. 8, 1967, Moscow, U.S.S.R.  Soviet experimental-theatrical director and ...
/oh kotsk"/; Russ. /u khawtsk"/, n. Sea of, an arm of the N Pacific enclosed by the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Kurile Islands, Sakhalin, and the Russian Federation in Asia. 582,000 ...
Okhotsk Current.
See Oyashio Current. * * *
Okhotsk, Sea of
Arm of the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Bounded by the Siberian coast, the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Kuril Islands, Hokkaido, and Sakhalin Island, it covers 611,000 sq mi ...
Okhotsk,Sea of
O·khotsk (ō-kŏtskʹ, ə-KHôtskʹ), Sea of An arm of the northwest Pacific Ocean west of the Kamchatka Peninsula and Kuril Islands. It is connected with the Sea of Japan by ...
▪ Russian police organization acronym from Russian  Otdeleniye po Okhraneniyu Obshchestvennoy Bezopasnosti i Poryadka , English  Department for Defense of Public Security ...
▪ city, Ukraine Russian  Akhtyrka        city, northeastern Ukraine, on the Vorskla River. It was founded in 1641 as a fortress protecting the southern frontiers of ...
      deity of the Korean religion known as Poch'ŏngyo (q.v.). * * *
Oki Islands
▪ islands, Japan Japanese  Oki-shottō,         archipelago, Shimane ken (prefecture), Japan, lying in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Honshu. The largest island is ...
/oh"kee/, n. Usually Disparaging and Offensive. 1. a migrant worker from Oklahoma, esp. during the Great Depression. 2. a native or inhabitant of Oklahoma. 3. a migrant farm ...
▪ people also called  Dorobo         a Kalenjin-speaking people of the Southern Nilotic language group inhabiting southwestern Kenya. “Okiek,” a Kalenjin word, ...
Okigbo, Christopher
▪ Nigerian poet born Aug. 16, 1932, Ojoto, Nigeria died August 1967, Nigeria       Nigerian poet who is one of the best and most widely anthologized African ...
—Okinawan, adj., n. /oh'keuh now"weuh, -nah"weuh/; Japn. /aw"kee nah"wah/, n. the largest of the Ryukyu Islands, in the N Pacific, SW of Japan: taken by U.S. forces April-June ...
Ōkita Saburo
▪ Japanese economist born Nov. 3, 1914, Dairen [now Lü-ta], Manchuria, China died Feb 9, 1993, Tokyo, Japan       Japanese economist and government official who was ...
Oklahoma. * * *
—Oklahoman, adj., n. /oh'kleuh hoh"meuh/, n. a state in the S central U.S. 3,025,266. 69,919 sq. mi. (181,090 sq. km). Cap.: Oklahoma City. Abbr.: OK (for use with zip code), ...
Oklahoma City
a city in and the capital of Oklahoma, in the central part. 403,213. * * * City (pop., 2000: 506,132), capital of Oklahoma, U.S. Settled during the Oklahoma land rush in 1889, ...
Oklahoma City bombing
the occasion on 19 April 1995 when a car bomb exploded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, killing 168 people and injuring more than 400. At the time it was the worst terrorist act ever ...
Oklahoma City Zoological Park
▪ zoo, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States       zoo founded in 1904 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., which maintains one of the finest collections of antelopes and ...
Oklahoma State University
▪ university, Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S., a part of Oklahoma's State ...
a musical play (1943) by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. It ran for 2 212 performances on Broadway and was one of the first modern musical plays to combine a strong story ...
Oklahoma, flag of
▪ Flag History       U.S. state flag consisting of a blue field (background) with a bison-hide shield, an olive branch, and a calumet (Native American peace pipe) ...
Oklahoma, University of
▪ university, Norman, Oklahoma, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Norman, Oklahoma, U.S. It is part of Oklahoma's State System ...
Oklahoma City The capital and largest city of Oklahoma, in the central part of the state. It was settled during the land rush of April 1889 and became the capital in 1910. ...
Oklahoman [ō΄klə hō′mən] adj. of Oklahoma n. a person born or living in Oklahoma * * * See Oklahoma. * * *
/oh"keuhl doh"keuhl/, adj., adv., interj. okey-doke. [by alter.] * * *
/ohk mul"gee/, n. a city in E Oklahoma. 16,263. * * * ▪ Oklahoma, United States       city, seat (1907) of Okmulgee county, east-central Oklahoma, U.S. It lies near ...
Okosuns, Sonny
▪ 2009 Sunny Okosun        Nigerian musician born Jan. 1, 1947, Enugu or Benin City, Nigeria died May 24, 2008, Washington, D.C. composed songs advocating the ...
/oh'keuh may"/, n. gaboon. [1920-25; < F okoumé, prob. < Mpongwe (Bantu language of Gabon)] * * *
Okounkov, Andrei
▪ Russian mathematician born July 26, 1969, Moscow, U.S.S.R.       Russian mathematician awarded a Fields Medal in 2006 “for his contributions bridging probability, ...
Okovanggo [ō΄kə väŋ′gō] river in SW Africa, flowing from central Angola southeast into a marshy basin (Okovanggo Basin) in N Botswana: c. 1,000 mi (1,609 km) * * *
/oh'keuh vang"goh, -vahng"-/, n. a former name of Okavango. Also, Okovanggo. * * *
/oh"kreuh/, n. 1. a shrub, Abelmoschus esculentus, of the mallow family, bearing beaked pods. 2. the pods, used in soups, stews, etc. 3. a dish made with the pods. Also called ...
Okri, Ben
▪ Nigerian writer born March 15, 1959, Minna, Nigeria       Nigerian novelist, short-story writer, and poet who used magic realism to convey the social and political ...
▪ Nigeria       town and port, Rivers state, southern Nigeria. It lies on the north bank of the Bonny River and on Okrika Island, 35 miles (56 km) upstream from the ...
Eight. Oldest form *ok̑tō(u), becoming *oktō(u) in centum languages. 1. a. eight, eighteen, eighty, from Old English eahta, eight, with derivatives eahtatig, eighty, and ...
/ok toh"beuhr fest'/, n. 1. a traditional festival held each October in Munich, Germany. 2. any similar festival held usually in the autumn. Also, Octoberfest. [ < G; see ...
      (music), group of eight melody types associated with early Byzantine liturgical chant. See ēchos. * * *
▪ Russia       city, Bashkortostan, western Russia, on the right bank of the Ik River. Founded as a settlement in 1937, when extraction of oil began nearby in the ...
Oku, Mumeo
▪ 1998       Japanese feminist politician who served three terms in the Diet (parliament) after having been a leader in the fight for women's suffrage; she also founded ...
Swift. Oldest form *ōk̑u-, becoming *ōku- in centum languages. 1. oxytocic, from Greek ōkus, swift. 2. Possibly altered zero-grade form *aku- in compound *aku-petro-, ...
Ōkubo Toshimichi
born Sept. 26, 1830, Kagoshima, Japan died May 14, 1878, Tokyo Japanese samurai leader from the domain of Satsuma who, with Saigō Takamori, arranged an alliance with the domain ...
Okudzhava, Bulat Shalvovich
▪ 1998       Russian poet, writer, and folksinger who was able to conceal enough of his political message within his works, which often dealt with love and longing, that ...
Ōkuma Shigenobu
born March 11, 1838, Saga, Japan died Jan. 10, 1922, Tokyo Japanese politician of the Meiji period who twice served as prime minister. His initial contribution to the new ...
Okumura Masanobu
or Genpachi orig. Okumura Shinmyō born 1686, Edo, Japan died 1764/68, Edo Japanese painter and publisher of illustrated books. His style is noted for its vividness and ...
▪ Kabuki dancer also called  Izumo No Okuni   flourished 17th century       Japanese dancer who is credited as being the founder of the Kabuki art ...
/aw kooh"nee nooh"shee/, n. Japanese Legend. a son of Susanowo and, in some legends, creator of the world. * * * Central hero in the mythology of the Izumo branch of Shintō in ...
Ōkura Kihachirō
▪ Japanese industrialist born Oct. 23, 1837, Shibata, Japan died April 5, 1928, Tokyo  founder of one of the largest zaibatsu, or gigantic industrial-financial combines that ...
To see. Oldest form *ə₃ekʷ-, colored to *ə₃okʷ-, zero-grade *ə₃kʷ-. Derivatives include eye, daisy, window, inoculate, and autopsy. 1. a. eye; daisy, from Old English ...
Old Latin. Also, OL. * * *
Ol Doinyo Lengai
▪ volcano, Tanzania       active volcano, northern Tanzania, East Africa, located at the southern end of Lake Natron. It rises to an elevation of 9,442 ft (2,878 m) and ...
(in prescriptions) oil. [ < L oleum] * * *
Olaf Olaf1 [ō′ləf, ō′läf] n. 〚ON Olafr, Aleifr < * anulaibar, lit., descendant of the (original) ancestor < * anu (< IE * an-, ancestor > L anus, old woman) + -laibar ...
Olaf (IV)
▪ king of Norway born c. 1099 died 1115       king of Norway (1103–15), illegitimate son of King Magnus III Barefoot.       On the death of his father in ...
Olaf Guthfrithson
▪ king of Northumbria and Dublin also called  Olaf Godfreyson, Olaf  also spelled  Anlaf  died 941, Tyningham, Scot.       king of Northumbria and of Dublin. Olaf ...
Olaf I
/ooh"lahf/; Eng. /oh"leuhf/, (Olaf Tryggvessön) A.D. 969-1000, king of Norway 995-1000. Also, Olav I. * * *
Olaf I Tryggvason
born с 964 died с 1000 Viking king of Norway (995–с 1000). The son of a Norwegian chieftain, he joined Viking attacks on England in 991 and 994. He returned to Norway and ...
Olaf II
Saint (Olaf Haraldssön), A.D. 995-1030, king of Norway from 1016 to 1029; patron saint of Norway. Also, Olav II. * * *
Olaf II Haraldsson
or Saint Olaf born с 995 died July 29, 1030, Stiklestad, Nor.; feast day July 29 King of Norway (1016–28). A Viking warrior, he fought against the English in 1009–11 but ...
Olaf III Haraldsson
▪ king of Norway byname  Olaf the Quiet , Norwegian  Olav Kyrre  died 1093, Norway       king of Norway (1066–93) who guided the nation through one of its most ...
Olaf IV Haakonsson
▪ king of Denmark and Norway Norwegian  Olav Håkonsson   born 1370 died Aug. 3, 1387       king of Denmark (as Olaf III, 1376–87) and of Norway (1380–87). He was ...
Olaf Sihtricson
▪ king of Denmark byname (in sagas)  Olaf the Red  or  Olaf Cuaran , Olaf also spelled  Anlaf  died 980?, Iona?       king of the Danish kingdoms of Northumbria ...
Olaf V
Norwegian in full Olav Alexander Edward Christian Frederik born July 2, 1903, Appleton House, near Sandringham, Norfolk, Eng. died Jan. 17, 1991, Oslo, Nor. King of Norway ...
O·laf II (ōʹläf, ōʹləf, o͞oʹläf) or O·lav II (ōʹläv), Known as Saint Olaf. 995?-1030. Patron saint and king of Norway (1016-1028). He was converted to Christianity ...
Ólafsson, Eggert
▪ Icelandic poet born 1726, Snaefellsnes, Iceland died May 1768, at sea in Breida Bay off the northwest coast of Iceland       Icelandic poet and antiquarian, an ...
Olah, George A.
▪ Hungarian-American chemist in full  George Andrew Olah   born May 22, 1927, Budapest, Hung.       Hungarian-American chemist who won the 1994 Nobel Prize for ...
Olajuwon, Hakeem
▪ 1995       In June 1994 Nigerian-American basketball player Hakeem ("The Dream") Olajuwon made his longtime dream come true by leading the Houston Rockets to victory ...
Olajuwon, Hakeem (Abdul)
born Jan. 21, 1963, Lagos, Nigeria Nigerian-born U.S. basketball player. He attended the University of Houston and led its team to the NCAA finals in 1983 and 1984. In 1994 the ...
/ol"euh lee ber'ee/, n., pl. olallieberries. a blackberry that is a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, cultivated in California and Oregon. [olallie < Chinook ...
olam ha-baʿ
▪ Judaism Hebrew“the world to come”       in Jewish theology, either “the world after death” or the new creation or restoration of the world that is to follow ...
olam ha-zeʿ
▪ Judaism       (Hebrew: “this world”), in Jewish theology, present life on earth, as opposed to ʿolam ha-ba (“the world to come”). Though ʿolam ha-ze is full ...
/ue"lahnd'/, n. an island in SE Sweden, separated from the mainland by Kalmar Sound. 26,750; 519 sq. mi. (1345 sq. km). * * * ▪ island, Sweden       island and landskap ...
▪ Table   nonback back   round   nonround   round   nonround High   y   i   u   Nonhigh   ø   e   o   a See as table:   * * *
/oh lay"theuh/, n. a city in E Kansas. 37,258. * * * ▪ Kansas, United States       city, seat (1858) of Johnson county, northeastern Kansas, U.S. Olathe, which lies 20 ...
Olatunji, Babatunde
▪ 2004       Nigerian-born drummer (b. April 7, 1927, Ajido, Nigeria—d. April 6, 2003, Salinas, Calif.), brought the sound of African drumming to an American audience ...
Olav V
/ooh"lahf/, Eng. /oh"leuhf, oh"leuhv/, n. 1903-91, king of Norway 1957-91. Also, Olaf V. * * *
O·lav II (ōʹläv) See Olaf II. * * *
Olayan, Suliman Saleh
▪ 2003       Saudi businessman (b. Nov. 5, 1918, Unayzah, [Saudi] Arabia—d. July 4, 2002, New York, N.Y.), founded the Olayan Group, one of the largest and most ...
/ohl"beuhrz/; Ger. /awl"berdds/, n. Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus /huyn"rddikh vil"helm mah te"oos/, 1758-1840, German astronomer and physician. * * *
Olbers' paradox
/ohl"beuhrz/, Astron. the paradox that if the universe consisted of an infinite number of stars equally distributed through space, then every line of sight would come from a star ...
Olbers's paradox
Paradox of why the sky is dark at night. If the universe is endless and uniformly populated with luminous stars, every line of sight must end at the surface of a star and the ...
Olbers, Wilhelm
▪ German astronomer in full  Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers   born Oct. 11, 1758, Arbergen, near Bremen, Ger. died March 2, 1840, Bremen  German astronomer and physician ...
formerly Terranova Pausania Town (pop., 2001 prelim.: 40,746), northeastern Sardinia, Italy. Originally a Greek colony, it passed to the Romans and was the site of a Roman ...
Olbrich, Joseph
▪ German architect born Nov. 22, 1867, Troppau, Silesia [modern Opava, Czech Republic] died Aug. 8, 1908, Düsseldorf, Ger.       German architect who was a cofounder ...
/ol"keuht/, n. Chauncey (Chancellor John Olcott), 1860-1932, U.S. tenor, actor, and songwriter. * * *
Olcott, Henry Steel
▪ American theosophist born Aug. 2, 1832, Orange, N.J., U.S. died Feb. 17, 1907, Adyar, Madras, India       American author, attorney, philosopher, and cofounder of the ...
—oldness, n. /ohld/, adj., older, oldest or elder, eldest, n. adj. 1. far advanced in the years of one's or its life: an old man; an old horse; an old tree. 2. of or pertaining ...
old Adam
(in Christian theology) human nature lacking in grace; humans in their unredeemed state. Also called old man. [1540-50] * * *
old age
—old-age, adj. the last period of human life, now often considered to be the years after 65. [1300-50; ME] * * * Introduction also called  senescence         in ...
old age pensioner
(also OAP) n (BrE old-fash) a person who is old enough to receive a pension from the state. In Britain, men over 65 and women over 60 can receive state pensions. Some people find ...
old age pensioners
➡ old age * * *
Old Bailey
/bay"lee/ the main criminal court of London, England. * * *
Old Believer
Raskolnik. [1805-15] * * * ▪ Russian religious group Russian  Starover,         member of a group of Russian religious dissenters who refused to accept the ...
Old Believers
Russian dissenters who refused to accept liturgical reforms imposed on the Russian Orthodox Church by Nikon in 1652–58. Numbering in the millions in the 17th century, the Old ...
Old Blood and Guts
➡ Patton. * * *
Old Blue Eyes
➡ Sinatra. * * *
old boy
/ohld" boy"/ for 1, 2; /ohld" boy'/ for 3; /ohld' boy"/ for 4 1. Informal (sometimes disparaging). an adult male, esp. a Southerner. Cf. good old boy. 2. a lively elderly man. 3. ...
old boy network
n [sing] (BrE infml often disapprov) (especially in the past) the situation in many British companies, government departments and branches of the armed forces where people give ...
Old British
Brythonic as used before A.D. 800. * * *
Old Bulgarian
the Bulgarian language of the Middle Ages. Cf. Old Church Slavonic. * * *
Old Cairo
al-Fustat. * * *
Old Castile
/ka steel"/ a region in N Spain: formerly a province. Spanish, Castilla la Vieja. * * * ▪ historical region, Spain Spanish  Castilla la Vieja         historic ...
Old Catholic
1. a member of any of several European churches professing to be truly Catholic but rejecting certain modern Roman Catholic doctrines, dogmas, and practices, esp. the dogma of ...
Old Catholic church
Any of a group of Western Catholic churches that separated from Rome after the First Vatican Council promulgated the doctrine of papal infallibility (1869–70). Old Catholic ...
Old Catholic Church of The Netherlands
▪ Dutch Catholic church also called  Jansenist Church Of Holland,  Dutch  Oud-katholieke Kerk Van Nederland,         small, independent Roman Catholic church in The ...
old chap
Chiefly Brit. (used in informal direct address). Also, old boy, old fellow. [1815-25] * * *
Old Church Slavonic
the oldest attested Slavic language, an ecclesiastical language written first by Cyril and Methodius in a Bible translation of the 9th century and continued in use for about two ...
Old Church Slavonic language
or Old Church Slavic language Oldest attested Slavic language, known from a small corpus of 10th-or 11th-century manuscripts, most written in the Glagolitic alphabet (see ...
Old Comedy
Greek comedy of the 5th century B.C., which derived from fertility rites in honor of Dionysus and combined robust humor with biting personal and political satire. Cf. Middle ...
Old Cordilleran culture
▪ ancient North American Indian culture       ancient North American culture of the Pacific Northwest that appeared about 9000 or 10,000 BC and persisted until about ...
old country
—old-country, adj. the original home country of an immigrant or a person's ancestors, esp. a European country. [1775-85] * * *
old covenant
(in Christian exegesis) 1. the covenant between God and the ancient Israelites, based on the Mosaic Law. 2. (cap.) the Old Testament. * * *
Old Curiosity Shop, The
a novel (1840-41) by Dickens. * * *
Old Delhi
Delhi (def. 2). * * *       city that comprises part of the union territory of Delhi (q.v.). * * *
Old Dominion
the state of Virginia (used as a nickname). [1770-80, Amer.] * * *
Old Dominion University
▪ university, Norfolk, Virginia, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. It is a sea- and space-grant ...
Old Dutch
the Dutch language before c1100. Abbr.: OD, OD., O.D. * * *
Old English
1. Also called Anglo-Saxon. the English language of A.D. c450-c1150. Abbr.: OE 2. Print. a style of black letter. * * * or Anglo-Saxon Language spoken and written in England ...
Old English cut
Jewelry. See single cut. * * *
Old English language
also called  Anglo-saxon,         language spoken and written in England before 1100; it is the ancestor of Middle English and Modern English. Scholars place Old English ...

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