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Слова на букву oil-pius (15990)

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/perr"see/, n. 1. Sir Henry ("Hotspur"), 1364-1403, English military and rebel leader. 2. Thomas, 1729-1811, English poet and antiquary: bishop of Dromore 1782-1811. 3. a male ...
Percy Bysshe Shelley
➡ Shelley (II) * * *
Percy Family
▪ English family       English family renowned in history and ballad for its role in medieval, Tudor, and Stuart times.       The family was founded by William de ...
Percy Grainger
➡ Grainger * * *
Percy, John
born March 23, 1817, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Eng. died June 19, 1889, London British metallurgist. He turned to metallurgy after obtaining a medical degree, and in 1848 he ...
Percy, Sir Henry
▪ English rebel byname  Hotspur   born May 20, 1364 died July 21, 1403, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Eng.       English rebel who led the most serious of the ...
Percy, Thomas
▪ British scholar born , April 13, 1729, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Eng. died Sept. 30, 1811, Dromore, County Down, Ire.  English antiquarian and bishop whose collection of ...
Percy, Walker
born May 28, 1916, Birmingham, Ala., U.S. died May 10, 1990, Covington, La. U.S. novelist. He was orphaned in late childhood and was raised by a cousin in Mississippi. While ...
Percy,Sir Henry
Per·cy (pûrʹsē), Sir Henry. Known as “Hotspur.” 1364-1403. English soldier who was killed while leading an uprising against Henry IV (1403). * * *
Percy, Walker. 1916-1990. American novelist. Influenced by the European existentialists, his works, including The Moviegoer (1961), explore human alienation. * * *
To fart. 1. fart, from Old English *feortan, to fart, from Germanic *fertan, *fartōn. 2. partridge, from Greek perdix, partridge (which makes a sharp whirring sound when ...
▪ Macedonian general and regent born c. 365 BC died 321       general under Alexander the Great who became regent of the Macedonian empire after Alexander's death ...
Sp. /perdd dhee"dhaw/, n. Monte Sp. /mawn"te/, a mountain in NE Spain, a peak of the Pyrenees. 10,994 ft. (3350 m). French, Mont Perdu. * * *
/peuhr dee"/, adv., interj. Archaic. pardi. * * *
per di·em (pər dēʹəm, dīʹəm) Abbr. p.d. adv. By the day; per day. adj. 1. Reckoned on a daily basis; daily. 2. Paid by the day. n. pl. per diems An allowance for daily ...
/peuhr dish"euhn/, n. 1. a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation. 2. the future state of the wicked. 3. hell (def. 1). 4. utter destruction or ruin. 5. Obs. ...
/peuhr dooh", -dyooh", per-/, adj. 1. hidden; concealed; obscured. n. 2. Obs. a soldier assigned to a very dangerous mission or position. Also, perdue. [1585-95; < F: lost, ptp. ...
/perdd dyuu"/, n. Mont /mawonn/, French name of Monte Perdido. * * *
Perdue, Frank
▪ 2006 Franklin Parsons Perdue        American business executive (b. May 9, 1920, near Salisbury, Md.—d. March 31, 2005, Salisbury), created widespread recognition ...
See perdurable. * * *
—perdurability, perdurableness, n. —perdurably, adv. /peuhr door"euh beuhl, -dyoor"-/, adj. 1. very durable; permanent; imperishable. 2. Theol. eternal; ...
See perdurability. * * *
/peuhr door", -dyoor"/, v.i., perdured, perduring. to continue or last permanently; endure. [1350-1400; ME perduren < L perdurare. See PER-, DURE2] * * *
/perdd/; Eng. /pair/, n., pl. pères /perdd/; Eng. /pairz/. French. 1. father. 2. senior: Dumas père. * * *
Père David's deer
/pair" dah veedz", pair' day"vidz/ a medium-sized, reddish-gray deer, Elaphurus davidianus, of which stocks were obtained in Peking in 1865 and brought to parks in Europe before ...
Pere Ubu
▪ American rock group       American avant-garde art rock band generally considered to be a major force and influence in postpunk (punk) music. The original members ...
Perec, Georges
▪ French author born March 7, 1936, Paris, France died March 3, 1982, Ivry  French writer, often called the greatest innovator of form of his generation.       Perec ...
Perec, Marie-Jose
▪ 1997       Sprinter Michael Johnson of the U.S. was not the only Olympic athlete to claim the rare double victory in the long sprints, the 200-m and 400-m races, at ...
Pereda, José María de
▪ Spanish writer born Feb. 6, 1833, near Santander, Spain died March 1, 1906, Santander       Spanish writer, the acknowledged leader of the modern Spanish regional ...
PèreDavid's deer
Père Da·vid's deer (pârʹ dä-vēdzʹ, dāʹvĭdz) n. A large reddish-brown Chinese deer (Elaphurus davidianus) surviving only in domesticated herds and having antlers whose ...
▪ Russian art       (Russian: The Wanderers), group of Russian painters who in the second half of the 19th century rejected the restrictive and foreign-inspired ...
—peregrinator, n. /per"i greuh nayt'/, v., peregrinated, peregrinating. v.i. 1. to travel or journey, esp. to walk on foot. v.t. 2. to travel or walk over; traverse. [1585-95; ...
Peregrinatio Etheriae
▪ Christian work English  Pilgrimage of Etheria        an anonymous and incomplete account of a western European nun's travels in the Middle East, written for her ...
/per'i greuh nay"sheuhn/, n. 1. travel from one place to another, esp. on foot. 2. a course of travel; journey. [1425-75; late ME peregrinacioun ( < MF peregrinacion) < L ...
See peregrination. * * *
—peregrinity /per'i grin"i tee/, n. /per"i grin, -green', -gruyn'/, adj. 1. foreign; alien; coming from abroad. 2. wandering, traveling, or migrating. n. 3. See peregrine ...
peregrine falcon
a globally distributed falcon, Falco peregrinus, much used in falconry because of its swift flight: several subspecies are endangered. See illus. under falcon. [1350-1400; ME] * ...
peregrine falcon n. A widely distributed, swift-flying bird of prey (Falco peregrinus), having gray and white plumage, much used in falconry. Also called duck hawk.   [Middle ...
Peregrinus of Maricourt, Peter
▪ French scientist French  Pierre Pèlerin de Maricourt,  Latin  Petrus Peregrinus de Maharncuria (“Peter the Pilgrim from Maricourt”)   flourished 13th ...
Peregrinus Proteus
▪ Greek philosopher born c. AD 100, Parium, Mysia, Anatolia [now in Turkey] died 165       Greek Cynic philosopher remembered for his spectacular suicide—he cremated ...
/peuh ruy"on, -ray"-, -ree"-/, n., pl. pereia /-ruy"euh, -ray"euh, -ree"euh/. (in a crustacean) the thorax. [1850-55; < NL, repr. Gk peraiôn (prp. of peraioûn to carry about, ...
/peuh ruy"euh pod', -ray"-, -ree"-/, n. (in a crustacean) an appendage of the thorax. [1850-55; < NL; see PEREION, -POD] * * *
/pe rdday"rddah/, n. a city in W Colombia. 211,965. * * * City (pop., 1999 est.: 381,725), west-central Colombia. It is in the western foothills of the Cordillera Central of ...
pereira bark
/peuh rair"euh/ the bark of any of several South American trees belonging to the genus Geissospermum, of the dogbane family, esp. that of G. vellosii, used in Brazil to allay ...
Pereira, Irene Rice
▪ American artist original name  Irene Rice  born August 5, 1902, Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S. died January 11, 1971, Marbella, Spain       American painter who ...
Pereira, Nuno Álvares, Blessed
▪ Portuguese military leader Nuno Álvares also spelled  Nun'álvares   born June 24, 1360, Bonjardim, Port. died April 1, 1431, Lisbon       outstanding Portuguese ...
Pereira,Irene Rice
Pe·rei·ra (pə-rârʹə), Irene Rice. 1907-1971. American artist who executed abstract, spiritual paintings on various nontraditional surfaces. * * *
/peuh rair"een/, n. Chem. Pharm. an alkaloid, C19H24ON2, obtained from pereira bark and formerly used as a quinine substitute. [PEREIR(A BARK) + -INE2] * * *
/per"euhl meuhn, perrl"-/, n. S(idney) J(oseph), 1904-79, U.S. author. * * *
Perelman, Grigori
▪ Russian mathematician born 1966, U.S.S.R.       Russian mathematician who was awarded—and declined—the Fields Medal in 2006 for his work on the Poincaré ...
Perelman, S(idney) J(oseph)
Per·el·man (pĕrʹəl-mən), S(idney) J(oseph). 1904-1979. American writer known especially for his satirical pieces in the New Yorker. * * * born Feb. 1, 1904, Brooklyn, ...
Perelman, S.J.
▪ American author in full  Sidney Joseph Perelman   born Feb. 1, 1904, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 17, 1979, New York, N.Y.       American humorist who was a ...
See peremptory. * * *
See peremptorily. * * *
—peremptorily, adv. —peremptoriness, n. /peuh remp"teuh ree, per"euhmp tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. 1. leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal; imperative: a peremptory ...
peremptory challenge
Law. a formal objection to the service of a juror by a party to a criminal prosecution or a civil action that requires no showing of cause. [1520-30] * * *
peremptory challenges
➡ juries * * *
peremptory exception
Law. a plea in bar of an action. Also, peremptory plea. [1590-1600] * * *
—perennation, n. /per"euh nayt', peuh ren"ayt/, v.i., perennated, perennating. Bot. to survive from season to season for an indefinite number of years. [1615-25; < L ...
See perennate. * * *
—perenniality, n. —perennially, adv. /peuh ren"ee euhl/, adj. 1. lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring: her perennial beauty. 2. (of plants) having a life cycle ...
perennial pea.
See everlasting pea. * * *
perennial ryegrass.
See under ryegrass. * * *
See perennial. * * *
pe·ren·tie also pa·ren·ty (pə-rĕnʹtē) n. pl. pe·ren·ties A monitor (Varanus giganteus) of Australia that burrows in desert areas and often grows to a length of 2.5 ...
/per"ez/, n. Shimon /shi mohn"/, born 1923, Israeli political leader: prime minister 1984-86. * * *
Peres, Shimon
orig. Shimon Perski born Aug. 16, 1923, Wołożyn, Pol. Polish-born Israeli statesman. He immigrated to Palestine with his family in 1934 and joined the Haganah organization ...
Per·es (pârʹĕs), Shimon. Born 1923. Polish-born Israeli political leader who served as prime minister (1977, 1984-1986, and 1995-1996). He shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize ...
▪ plant genus       genus of 16 species of trees, shrubs, and vines, family Cactaceae, native to the West Indies and southeastern South America, especially coastal ...
/per'euh stroy"keuh/; Russ. /pyi rddyi strddoy"keuh/, n. Russian. the program of economic and political reform in the Soviet Union initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986. [ < ...
Peresvetov, Ivan Semenovich
▪ Russian social critic born 16th century, , Russia       early Russian progressive social critic.       Peresvetov was born to a family of the lower nobility in ...
/per"its/; Yiddish. /pe"rddets/, n. I(saac) L(oeb) or Yitzchok Leibush /yits"khawk lay"boosh/, 1852-1915, Polish author: writer of plays, poems, and short stories in ...
Peretz, I(saac) L(eib)
or Yitskhok Leybush Perets born May 18, 1852, or May 20, 1851, Zamość, Pol., Russian Empire died April 3, 1915, Warsaw Polish writer. Peretz wrote prolifically, mostly in ...
Peretz, I.L.
▪ Polish-Jewish writer in full  Isaac Leib Peretz , also spelled  Yitskhak Leybush Perets , Leib also spelled  Loeb  or  Löb  born May 18, 1852, Zamość, Poland, ...
Pereyaslav Agreement
▪ Russia [1654] Pereyaslav also spelled  PerejasŁaw        (Jan. 18 [Jan. 8, Old Style], 1654), act undertaken by the rada (council) of the Cossack army in Ukraine ...
▪ Ukraine also spelled  Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi  or  Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky        city, north-central Ukraine. Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy has existed since the 10th ...
(as used in expressions) Manuel Benítez Pérez José Victoriano González Pérez Martí y Pérez José Julián Pérez de Cuéllar Javier Pérez Galdós Benito Pérez Jiménez ...
Pérez (Rodríguez), Carlos (Andrés)
born Oct. 27, 1922, Rubio, Venez. President of Venezuela (1974–79, 1989–93). He began his political career at age 18. A founder of Democratic Action, he was elected ...
Pérez de Ayala, Ramón
▪ Spanish author born Aug. 9, 1880, Oviedo, Spain died Aug. 5, 1962, Madrid       Spanish novelist, poet, and critic who excelled in philosophical satire and the novel ...
Pérez de Cuéllar
/per"ez deuh kway"yahr/; Sp. /pe"rddes dhe kwe"yahrdd/ Javier /hah vyerdd"/, born 1920, Peruvian diplomat: secretary-general of the United Nations 1982-91. * * *
Pérez de Cuéllar, Javier
born Jan. 19, 1920, Lima, Peru Fifth secretary-general of the United Nations (1982–91). He joined the Peruvian foreign ministry in 1940 and its foreign service in 1944, ...
Pérez de Guzmán, Fernán
▪ Spanish author born c. 1378 died c. 1460       Spanish poet, moralist, and historian, author of the first important work of history and historiography in Spanish. His ...
Pérez de Hita, Ginés
▪ Spanish author born 1544, Mula, Murcia, Spain died 1619       Spanish writer, author of Historia de los vandos de los Zegríes y Abencerrages (1595–1619; “History ...
Pérez Esquivel, Adolfo
▪ Argentine sculptor and architect born November 26, 1931, Buenos Aires, Argentina       Argentine sculptor and architect, who became a champion of human rights and ...
Perez Esquivel,Adolfo
Pe·rez Es·qui·vel (pĕrʹəs ĕs'kē-vĕlʹ, pĕrʹĕs), Adolfo. Born 1931. Argentine civil rights leader. He won the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to promote human ...
Pérez Galdós, Benito
born May 10, 1843, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain died Jan. 4, 1920, Madrid Spanish novelist. In the 1870s he began a cycle of 46 short historical novels, Episodios ...
Pérez Galdós,Benito
Pérez Gal·dós (gäl-dōsʹ), Benito. 1843-1920. Spanish writer known especially for his Episodios Nacionales (1873-1912), a series of 46 historical novels. * * *
Pérez Jiménez, Marcos
born April 25, 1914, Michelena, Venez. died Sept. 20, 2001, Madrid, Spain Soldier and president of Venezuela (1953–58). He graduated from the Venezuelan Military Academy and ...
Perez Martinez, Manuel
▪ 1999       Spanish-born priest (defrocked) and revolutionary who for some 20 years was the leader of the National Liberation Army, the second largest rebel group in ...
Pérez, Antonio
▪ Spanish courtier born 1534, Madrid, Spain died November 3, 1611, Paris, France       Spanish courtier who was secretary to King Philip II of Spain and later became a ...
Pérez, Carlos Andrés
▪ president of Venezuela in full  Carlos Andrés Pérez Rodríguez   born Oct. 27, 1922, Rubio, Venezuela       president of Venezuela from 1974 to 1979 and from 1989 ...
Pérez, Tony
▪ Cuban-American baseball player in full  Atanasio Pérez Regal  born May 14, 1942, Ciego de Avila, Cuba       professional baseball player in the United States for ...
perf abbrev. 1. perfect 2. Philately perforated * * *
1. perfect. 2. perforated. 3. performance. * * *
perf. part.
perfect participle. * * *
/perrf"bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. hardboard with perforations into which pegs or hooks can be inserted for hanging or displaying objects. [PERF(ORATED) + BOARD] * * *
—perfectedly, adv. —perfecter, n. —perfectness, n. adj., n. /perr"fikt/; v. /peuhr fekt"/, adj. 1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type: ...
perfect binding
—perfect-bound, adj. Bookbinding. a technique for binding books by a machine that cuts off the backs of the sections and glues the leaves to a cloth or paper backing. Also ...
perfect cadence
Music. a cadence in which the tonic chord has its root in both bass and soprano. [1720-30] * * *
perfect continuous.
See perfect progressive. [1920-25] * * *
perfect contrition.
See under contrition (def. 2). * * *
perfect game
1. a baseball game in which the same player pitches throughout the full game without allowing any player of the opposing team to reach first base by a base hit, base on balls, ...
perfect gas
Physics. See ideal gas. [1840-50] * * * or ideal gas Gas whose physical behaviour conforms to the general gas law, which states that for a given quantity of gas, the product of ...
perfect number
Math. a positive number that is equal to the sum of all positive integers that are submultiples of it, as 6, which is equal to the sum of 1, 2, and 3. Cf. abundant number, ...
perfect participle
perfect participle n. PAST PARTICIPLE * * *
perfect participle.
See past participle. [1860-65] * * *
perfect pitch
perfect pitch n. nontechnical term for ABSOLUTE PITCH * * *
perfect pitch.
See absolute pitch (def. 2). [1945-50] * * *
perfect progressive
Gram. (in English) a verb form including the auxiliary have followed by been and a present participle, noting the continuation of an activity or event, its incompleteness or ...
perfect radiator
Physics. blackbody. * * *
perfect ream.
See under ream1 (def. 1). [1885-90] * * *
perfect rhyme
1. rhyme of two words spelled or pronounced identically but differing in meaning, as rain, reign; rich rhyme. 2. See full rhyme. * * *
perfect square
Math. 1. a rational number that is equal to the square of another rational number. 2. a polynomial that is the square of another polynomial. [1935-40] * * *
perfect stage
Mycol. a phase in the life cycle of certain fungi in which sexual spores are formed, as the asci in the sexual stage of the ascomycete. * * *
perfect year.
See under Jewish calendar. [1905-10] * * *
/peuhr fek"teuh/, n. exacta. [1965-70; ellipsis of AmerSp quiniela perfecta perfect quinella] * * *
See perfect. * * *
perfect game n. 1. Baseball. A complete game in which no opposing batter reaches first base. 2. Sports. A game in bowling in which a player bowls 12 successive strikes. * * *
See perfectible. * * *
—perfectibilist, n. —perfectibility, n. /peuhr fek"teuh beuhl/, adj. capable of becoming or of being made perfect; improvable. [1625-35; < F < ML perfectibilis. See PERFECT, ...
perfecting press
Print. a rotary press for printing both sides of a sheet or web in one operation. [1855-60, Amer.] * * *
/peuhr fek"sheuhn/, n. 1. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. 2. the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. 3. a perfect embodiment ...
/peuhr fek"sheuh niz'euhm/, n. 1. any of various doctrines holding that religious, moral, social, or political perfection is attainable. 2. a personal standard, attitude, or ...
—perfectionistic, adj. /peuhr fek"sheuh nist/, n. 1. a person who adheres to or believes in perfectionism. 2. a person who demands perfection of himself, herself, or ...
See perfectionist. * * *
—perfectively, adv. —perfectiveness, perfectivity /perr'fek tiv"i tee/, n. /peuhr fek"tiv/, adj. 1. tending to make perfect; conducive to perfection. 2. Gram. noting an ...
See perfective. * * *
See perfectively. * * *
See perfectively. * * *
/peuhr fek"teuh vuyz'/, v.t., perfectivized, perfectivizing. to make perfective. Also, esp. Brit., perfectivise. [1900-05; PERFECTIVE + -IZE] * * *
/perr"fikt lee/, adv. 1. in a perfect manner or to a perfect degree: to sing an aria perfectly. 2. completely; fully; adequately: This will suit my purpose perfectly. [1275-1325; ...
See perfecter. * * *
perfect number n. A positive integer that is equal to the sum of its positive integral factors, including 1 but excluding itself. * * *
/peuhr fek"toh/, n., pl. perfectos. a rather thick, medium-sized cigar tapering almost down to a point at each end. [1890-95, Amer.; < Sp: lit., perfect] * * *
perfector press
/peuhr fek"teuhr/, Print. a flatbed press for printing both sides of a sheet in one operation. [perfector < L. See PERFECT, -TOR] * * *
perfect participle n. See past participle. * * *
perfect pitch n. See absolute pitch. * * *
perfect rhyme n. 1. Rhyme in which the final accented vowel and all succeeding consonants or syllables are identical, while the preceding consonants are different, for example, ...
perfect square n. An integer that is the square of an integer. * * *
—perfervidity, perfervidness, n. —perfervidly, adv. —perfervor; esp. Brit., perfervour, n. /peuhr ferr"vid/, adj. very fervent; extremely ardent; impassioned: perfervid ...
See perfervid. * * *
See perfervidly. * * *
—perfidiously, adv. —perfidiousness, n. /peuhr fid"ee euhs/, adj. deliberately faithless; treacherous; deceitful: a perfidious lover. [1590-1600; < L perfidiosus faithless, ...
See perfidious. * * *
/perr"fi dee/, n., pl. perfidies. 1. deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery: perfidy that goes unpunished. 2. an act or instance of faithlessness or ...
/perrf"in'/, n. a postage stamp having perforated initials punched into the paper: used by businesses to prevent unauthorized use of stamps. [perf(orated) in(itial)] * * *
—perfoliation, n. /peuhr foh"lee it, -ayt'/, adj. Bot. having the stem apparently passing through the leaf, owing to congenital union of the basal edges of the leaf round the ...
perfoliate bellwort
a slender plant, Uvularia perfoliata, of the lily family, of eastern North America, having pale yellow, bell-shaped flowers. * * *
See perfoliate. * * *
See perforate. * * *
—perforable, adj. —perforative, adj. —perforator, n. v. /perr"feuh rayt'/; adj. /perr"feuhr it, -feuh rayt'/, v., perforated, perforating, adj. v.t. 1. to make a hole or ...
/perr"feuh ray'tid/, adj. 1. pierced with a hole or holes: Punch out along the perforated line. 2. Philately. (of a number of stamps joined together) having rows of closely ...
perforated tracery.
See plate tracery. * * *
/perr'feuh ray"sheuhn/, n. 1. a hole, or one of a series of holes, bored or punched through something, as those between individual postage stamps of a sheet to facilitate ...
perforation gauge
Philately. a marked ruler used to measure the number of perforations per unit length along the borders of a stamp. [1890-95] * * *
perforative [pʉr′fə rāt΄iv] adj. 〚Fr perforatif < ML perforativus〛 that perforates readily * * * See perforable. * * *
See perforable. * * *
/peuhr fawrs", -fohrs"/, adv. of necessity; necessarily; by force of circumstance: The story must perforce be true. [1300-50; PER + FORCE; r. ME par force < MF] * * *
per·fo·rin (pûrʹfər-ĭn) n. A protein in killer cells and natural killer cells that causes lysis of target cells on contact.   [perforate + -in.] * * *
—performable, adj. —performer, n. /peuhr fawrm"/, v.t. 1. to carry out; execute; do: to perform miracles. 2. to go through or execute in the proper, customary, or established ...
See perform. * * *
/peuhr fawr"meuhns/, n. 1. a musical, dramatic, or other entertainment presented before an audience. 2. the act of performing a ceremony, play, piece of music, etc. 3. the ...
performance art
—performance artist. a collaborative art form originating in the 1970s as a fusion of several artistic media, as painting, film, video, music, drama, and dance, and deriving in ...
performance bond.
See contract bond. [1935-40] * * *
performance test
Psychol. a test requiring little or no use of language, the test materials being designed to elicit manual or behavioral responses rather than verbal ones. [1915-20] * * *
performance art n. A form of theatrical art featuring the activity of the artist and works presented in a variety of media.   performance artist n. * * *
See performance art. * * *
/peuhr fawr"meuh tiv/, adj. Philos., Ling. 1. (of an expression or statement) performing an act by the very fact of being uttered, as with the expression "I promise," that ...
See performable. * * *
performing arts
arts or skills that require public performance, as acting, singing, or dancing. [1945-50] * * * ▪ 2009 Introduction Music Classical.       The last vestiges of the ...
Performing Right Society
(abbr PRS) an organization, started in 1914, that collects money from people and organizations who perform or broadcast music of all kinds and gives it to the people who write ...
per·form·ing arts (pər-fôrʹmĭng) pl.n. Arts, such as dance, drama, and music, that are performed before an audience. * * *
—perfumeless, adj. —perfumy, adj. n. /perr"fyoohm, peuhr fyoohm"/; v. /peuhr fyoohm", perr"fyoohm/, n., v., perfumed, perfuming. n. 1. a substance, extract, or preparation ...
perfume bottle
Vessel made to hold scent. The earliest example is Egyptian and dates to с 1000 BC. The fashion for perfume later spread to Greece, where terra-cotta and glass containers were ...
/peuhr fyooh"meuhr, perr"fyooh-/, n. 1. a person or thing that perfumes. 2. a maker or seller of perfumes. [1565-75; PERFUME + -ER1] * * *
/peuhr fyooh"meuh ree/, n., pl. perfumeries. 1. perfumes collectively. 2. a perfume. 3. the art or business of a perfumer. 4. the place of business of a perfumer. 5. the ...
See perfunctory. * * *
See perfunctorily. * * *
—perfunctorily, adv. —perfunctoriness, n. /peuhr fungk"teuh ree/, adj. 1. performed merely as a routine duty; hasty and superficial: perfunctory courtesy. 2. lacking ...
/peuhr fyooh"zayt, -zit/, n. Med., Surg. a fluid pumped or flowing through an organ or tissue. [1910-15; PERFUSE + -ATE1, prob. on the model of FILTRATE, PRECIPITATE] * * *
—perfusive /peuhr fyooh"siv/, adj. /peuhr fyoohz"/, v.t., perfused, perfusing. 1. to overspread with moisture, color, etc.; suffuse. 2. to diffuse (a liquid, color, etc.) ...
/peuhr fyooh"zheuhn/, n. 1. the act of perfusing. 2. Surg. the passage of fluid through the lymphatic system or blood vessels to an organ or a tissue. [1565-75; < L perfusion- ...
perfusionist [pər fyo͞o′zhə nist] n. a medical technician or nurse who monitors and operates equipment that oxygenates the blood, as during open-heart surgery * * *
See perfuse. * * *
▪ Turkey Greek  Perge , modern  Murtina , or  Murtana        ancient city of Pamphylia, (in modern Antalya il [province], Turkey). It was a centre of native ...
▪ Argentina       city of northern Buenos Aires provincia (province), eastern Argentina. Located within the Pampa, it is about 135 miles (220 km) northwest of the city ...
Pergamon Museum
▪ museum, Berlin, Germany German  Pergamonmuseum        art museum in Berlin, Ger., that contains three separate museums: the Collection of Classical Antiquities ...
—Pergamene /perr"geuh meen'/, Pergamic /peuhr gam"ik/, adj. —Pergamenian, adj., n. /perr"geuh meuhm/, n. 1. an ancient Greek kingdom on the coast of Asia Minor: later a Roman ...
/peuhr jel"euh sawl', -sol'/, n. permafrost. [1945-50; PER(MANENT) + L gel(are) to freeze + -I- + -SOL] * * *
/perr"geuh leuh/, n. 1. an arbor formed of horizontal trelliswork supported on columns or posts, over which vines or other plants are trained. 2. a colonnade having the form of ...
/perdd'gaw le"zee/, n. Giovanni Battista /jaw vahn"nee baht tees"tah/, 1710-36, Italian composer. * * *
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista
born Jan. 4, 1710, Jesi, Italy died March 16, 1736, Pozzuoli Italian composer. In 1732 he was appointed chapel master to a Neapolitan prince. His comic opera Lo frate ...
Pergolesi,Giovanni Battista
Per·go·le·si (pĕr'gə-lāʹzē, -gō-lĕʹ-), Giovanni Battista. 1710-1736. Italian composer who wrote the comic opera The Maid as Mistress (1733). * * *
/perr"geuh nal'/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand name for a preparation containing FSH and LH obtained from the urine of postmenopausal women, prepared for injection in both men and ...
perhaps. * * *
/peuhr haps"/, adv. maybe; possibly: Perhaps the package will arrive today. [1520-30; earlier perhappes, perhapis by haps. See PER, HAP1, -S1] * * *
Perhimpunan Indonesia
▪ political organization, Indonesia English  Indonesian Union        an Indonesian students' organization in The Netherlands, formed in the early 1920s, which ...
—perhydrogenation, n. /peuhr huy"dreuh jeuh nayt', perr'huy droj"euh-/, v.t., perhydrogenated, perhydrogenating. to hydrogenate as completely as possible. [PER- + ...
/peuhr huy"dreuh jeuh nuyz', perr'huy droj"euh-/, v.t., perhydrogenized, perhydrogenizing. perhydrogenate. Also, esp. Brit., perhydrogenise. [PER- + HYDROGENIZE] * * *
/pear"ee/, n., pl. peris. 1. one of a large group of beautiful, fairylike beings of Persian mythology, represented as descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise ...
/pe"rddee/, n. Jacopo /yah"kaw paw/, 1561-1633, Italian composer. * * *
Peri Rossi, Cristina
▪ Uruguayan writer born November 12, 1941, Montevideo, Uruguay       short-story writer, novelist, and poet who is considered one of the leading Latin American writers ...
Peri, Jacopo
▪ Italian composer byname  Il Zazzerino   born Aug. 20, 1561, Rome or Florence [Italy] died Aug. 12, 1633, Florence       Italian composer noted for his contribution ...
a prefix meaning "about" or "around" (perimeter, periscope), "enclosing" or "surrounding" (pericardium), and "near" (perigee, perihelion), appearing in loanwords from Greek ...
▪ ancient theatrical device (Greek: “revolving”),plural  Periaktoi,         ancient theatrical device by which a scene or change of scene was indicated. It was ...
/per'ee an"deuhr/, n. died 585 B.C., tyrant of Corinth. * * * died с 587 BC Second tyrant of Corinth (с 627–587). He was the son of Cypselus, founder of the Cypselid ...
—perianthial, adj. /per"ee anth'/, n. Bot. the envelope of a flower, whether calyx or corolla or both. [1700-10; earlier perianthium < NL. See PERI-, ANTH-, -IUM] * * *
/per'ee ay"pi keuhl, -ap"i-/, adj. encompassing or surrounding the tip of the root of a tooth. [1915-20; PERI- + APICAL] * * *
periapsis [per΄ē ap′sis] n. Astron. the nearest point to the gravitational center in the orbit of any satellite: see APOAPSIS * * *
/per"ee apt'/, n. an amulet. [1575-85; < Gk períapton amulet, n. use of neut. of períaptos hung around, equiv. to peri- PERI- + (h)aptós, verbid of háptein to fasten] * * *
per·i·aq·ue·duc·tal (pĕr'ē-ăk'wĭ-dŭkʹtəl) adj. Situated around the aqueduct of the brain: the periaqueductal gray matter. * * *
/per'ee ahr'teuh ruy"tis/, n. Pathol. inflammation of the outer coat and tissues surrounding an artery. [1875-80; < NL; see PERI-, ARTERITIS] * * *
periarteritis nodosa
/noh doh"seuh/, Pathol. polyarteritis. [1890-95; nodosa < L nodosa, fem. of nodosus NODOSE] * * *
—periastral, adj. /per'ee as"treuhn, -tron/, n., pl. periastra /-treuh/. Astron. the point at which the stars of a binary system are closest (opposed to apastron). [1850-55; < ...
/per"euh blem'/, n. Bot. the histogen in plants that gives rise to the cortex. [1870-75; < Gk períblema a cloak, covering, akin to peribállein to throw about, put on. See ...
Per·i·bon·ca (pĕr'ə-bŏngʹkə) A river, about 451 km (280 mi) long, of central Quebec, Canada, flowing southward through Peribonca Lake to Lake St. John. * * *
▪ king of Egypt       Egyptian king of the 2nd dynasty (Egypt, ancient) (c. 2775–c. 2650 BCE) who apparently promoted the cult of the god Seth over that of Horus, ...
See pericardial. * * *
/per'i kahr"dee euhl/, adj. of or pertaining to the pericardium. Also, pericardiac. [1645-55; PERICARDI(UM) + -AL1] * * *
—pericarditic /per'i kahr dit"ik/, adj. /per'i kahr duy"tis/, n. Pathol. inflammation of the pericardium. [1790-1800; PERICARD(IUM) + -ITIS] * * * ▪ medical ...
/per'i kahr"dee euhm/, n., pl. pericardia /-dee euh/. Anat. the membranous sac enclosing the heart. [1570-80; < NL < Gk perikárdion, n. use of neut. of perikárdios surrounding ...
—pericarpial, pericarpic, adj. —pericarpoidal, adj. /per"i kahrp'/, n. Bot. 1. the walls of a ripened ovary or fruit, sometimes consisting of three layers, the epicarp, ...
See pericarp. * * *
—pericemental, adj. /per'ee si men"teuhm/, n. Dentistry. See periodontal membrane. [1895-1900; < NL; see PERI-, CEMENTUM] * * *
—pericentral, pericentric, adj. /per"euh sen'teuhr/, n. Astron. the point at which a heavenly body orbiting around a primary other than the earth or sun is closest to the ...
See perichondrium. * * *
▪ disease       rare inflammation of the perichondrium, the membrane that covers the cartilage of the outer ear (ear, human). Perichondritis may result from swimming in ...
—perichondral, perichondrial, adj. /per'i kon"dree euhm/, n., pl. perichondria /-dree euh/. Anat. the membrane of fibrous connective tissue covering the surface of cartilages ...
/per"i klays', -klayz'/, n. a cubic mineral, native magnesia, MgO, occurring usually in metamorphosed dolomite. [1835-45; < G Periklas < NL periclasia, equiv. to peri- PERI- + Gk ...
/per'i klee"euhn/, adj. of or pertaining to Pericles or to the period (Periclean Age) when Athens was intellectually, artistically, and materially preeminent. [1815-25; ...
/per"i kleez'/, n. c495-429 B.C., Athenian statesman. * * * born с 495, Athens died 429 BC, Athens Athenian general and statesman largely responsible for the full development ...
/per"i kluyn'/, n. Mineral. a variety of albite occurring in large, white opaque crystals. [1825-35; < Gk periklinés sloping on all sides] * * *
See pericope. * * *
—pericopal, pericopic /per'i kop"ik/, adj. /peuh rik"euh pee'/, n., pl. pericopes, pericopae /-pee'/. 1. a selection or extract from a book. 2. lection (def. 2). [1650-60; < LL ...
See pericopal. * * *
See pericranium. * * *
—pericranial, adj. /per'i kray"nee euhm/, n., pl. pericrania /-nee euh/. Anat. the outer periosteum of the cranium. [1515-25; < NL < Gk perikránion, n. use of neut. of ...
/per"euh suy'keuhl/, n. Bot. the outermost cell layer of the stele in a plant, frequently becoming a multilayered zone. [1890-95; < Gk períkyklos. See PERI-, CYCLE] * * *
See pericycle. * * *
pericynthion [per΄ə sin′thē ən] n. the point nearest to the moon in the orbit of a lunar satellite * * *
/per'i den"tl/, adj. Dentistry. periodontal. [PERI- + DENTAL] * * *
peridental membrane
Dentistry. See periodontal membrane. * * *
—peridermal, peridermic, adj. /per"i derrm'/, n. 1. Bot. the cork-producing tissue of stems together with the cork layers and other tissues derived from it. 2. Embryol. ...
See periderm. * * *
See peridermal. * * *
See peridium. * * *
—peridial, adj. —peridiiform /peuh rid"ee euh fawrm'/, adj. /peuh rid"ee euhm/, n., pl. peridea /-rid"ee euh/. Mycol. the outer enveloping coat of the fruit body in many ...
—peridotic /per'i dot"ik, -doh"tik/, adj. /per"i doh', -dot'/, n. Mineral. a green transparent variety of olivine, used as a gem. [1300-50; < F péridot; r. ME peritot < MF] * ...
peridot of Ceylon
Jewelry. a honey-colored tourmaline, used as a gem: not a true peridot. * * *
See peridot. * * *
—peridotitic /per'i doh tit"ik, peuh rid'euh-/, adj. /per"i doh'tuyt, peuh rid"euh tuyt'/, n. a coarsely granular igneous rock composed chiefly of olivine with an admixture of ...
Perier, Casimir
▪ French banker and statesman born Oct. 21, 1777, Grenoble, Fr. died May 16, 1832, Paris       French banker and statesman who exercised a decisive influence on the ...
Périer, Casimir (-Pierre)
born Oct. 21, 1777, Grenoble, France died May 16, 1832, Paris French statesman. Son of a financier, he cofounded a bank in 1801 and by 1814 was a leading banker in Paris. He ...
See perigee. * * *
See perigeal. * * *
perigean tide
an ocean tide that occurs in the spring, when the moon is at its perigee. * * *
—perigeal, perigean, adj. /per"i jee'/, n. Astron. the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, esp. the moon, or of an artificial satellite at which it is nearest to the earth. ...
/per'i glay"sheuhl/, adj. Geol. occurring or operating adjacent to the margin of a glacier. [1925-30; PERI- + GLACIAL] * * *
▪ geology       study of the large areas of the Earth that were adjacent to but not covered by ice during the glacial periods. Modern representatives of these areas are ...
Pérignon, Dominique-Catherine, marquis de
▪ marshal of France born May 31, 1754, Grenade, Fr. died Dec. 25, 1818, Paris       general and marshal of France, active during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic ...
/per"i gon'/, n. an angle of 360°. Also called round angle. [1865-70; PERI- + -GON] * * *
—perigonial, perigonal, adj. /per'i goh"nee euhm/, n., pl. perigonia /-nee euh/. Bot. the envelope of modified leaves surrounding the antheridia in mosses. Also, perigone ...
/pay rddee gawrdd"/, n. a division of the former province of Guienne, in SW France. * * * Historic and cultural region, southern France. The counts of Périgord played a part ...
/per'i gawr"dee euhn/, adj. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an Upper Paleolithic cultural epoch in southern France, esp. of the Périgord region. [1935-40; PÉRIGORD + ...
Perigordian industry
▪ archaeology       tool tradition of prehistoric men in Upper Paleolithic Europe that followed the Mousterian industry, was contemporary in part with the Aurignacian, ...

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