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Слова на букву oil-pius (15990)

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pickup arm.
See tone arm. [1935-40] * * *
pickup camper
camper (def. 3). [1970-75] * * *
pickup tube
Television. See camera tube. Also, pickup. [1930-35] * * *
pickup truck n. A light truck with an open body and low sides. * * *
/pik"wik/, n. a picklike implement for catching up and raising a short wick of an oil lamp. [1860-65; PICK1 + WICK1] * * *
Pickwick Papers
a novel (1837) by Charles Dickens, the full title of which is The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. It was originally written as a series of stories, published each month, ...
Pickwick Papers, The
(The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club) a novel (1837) by Charles Dickens. * * *
—Pickwickianly, adv. /pik wik"ee euhn/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Mr. Pickwick, central character of The Pickwick Papers. 2. (of the use or interpretation ...
Pickwickian syndrome
Pathol. an abnormality characterized by extreme obesity accompanied by sleepiness, hypoventilation, and polycythemia. Also, Pickwick syndrome. [1955-60; named for Joe, a ...
/pik wik"ee euh niz'euhm/, n. a Pickwickian statement, expression, word, or the like. [1890-95; PICKWICKIAN + -ISM] * * *
—pickiness, n. /pik"ee/, adj., pickier, pickiest. extremely fussy or finicky, usually over trifles. [1865-70; PICK1 + -Y1] * * *
/pik"leuh ram', puy"kleuh-/, n. Chem. a colorless powder, C6H3Cl3N2O2, used as a systemic herbicide for controlling annual weeds and deep-rooted perennials on noncrop ...
—picnicker, n. /pik"nik/, n., v., picnicked, picnicking. n. 1. an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air. 2. the ...
picnic benches
➡ parks * * *
See picnic. * * *
See picnicker. * * *
(as used in expressions) Pico Bolívar Pico della Mirandola Giovanni conte count di Concordia Teide Pico de Pico de Tenerife * * *
Pico de Orizaba, Volcano
▪ volcano, Mexico Spanish  Volcán Pico de Orizaba , also called  Citlaltépetl Volcano   volcano on the border of Veracruz and Puebla states, south-central Mexico. ...
Pico de São Tomé
/pee"koo deuh sowonn" too me"/. See São Tomé (def. 3). * * *
Pico de Teide
Sp. /pee"kaw dhe tay"dhe/. See Teide, Pico de. * * *
Pico della Mirandola
/pee"koh del'euh meuh ran"dl euh/; It. /pee"kaw del'lah mee rddahn"daw lah'/ Count Giovanni /jaw vahn"nee/, 1463-94, Italian humanist and writer. * * *
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, conte (count) di Concordia
born Feb. 24, 1463, Mirandola, duchy of Ferrara died Nov. 17, 1494, Florence Italian scholar, philosopher, and humanist. He settled in Florence in 1484 as a protégé of ...
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, Conte Di Concordia
▪ Italian scholar born Feb. 24, 1463, Mirandola, duchy of Ferrara [Italy] died Nov. 17, 1494, Florence       Italian scholar and Platonist philosopher whose De hominis ...
Pico della Mirandola,Count Giovanni
Pi·co del·la Mi·ran·do·la (pēʹkō dĕl'ə mə-rănʹdə-lə, dĕlʹlä mē-ränʹdō-lä), Count Giovanni. 1463-1494. Italian Neo-Platonist philosopher and humanist ...
Pico Island
▪ island, Azores, Portugal Portuguese  Ilha do Pico         island of the Portuguese Azores archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Separated from Faial Island by ...
Pico Rivera
/pee"koh ri vair"euh, -vear"euh/ a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 53,459. * * *
a combining form meaning "one trillionth" (10-12): picogram. [ < Sp pico peak, beak, bit. See PIC2] * * *
/pee"koh far'euhd, -ad, puy"-/, n. Elect. one trillionth of a farad. Abbr.: pF Also called micromicrofarad. [1925-30; PICO- + FARAD] * * *
/pee"keuh gram', puy"-/, n. one trillionth of a gram. Abbr.: pg [1950-55; PICO- + -GRAM2] * * *
—picolinic /pik'euh lin"ik/, adj. /pik"euh leen', -lin/, n. Chem. any of three isomeric methyl derivatives of pyridine having the formula C6H7N, obtained from coal tar as a ...
picometer [pē′kə mēt΄ər, pī′kə mēt΄ər] n. one trillionth of a meter: abbrev. pm: Brit. sp. picometre * * *
pi·co·mole (pēʹkə-mōl', pīʹ-) n. One trillionth (10-12) of a mole. * * *
Picon, Molly
▪ American actress born June 1, 1898, New York, N.Y., U.S. died April 6, 1992, Lancaster, Pa.       American actress and singer, the “Sweetheart of Second Avenue” ...
Pico Ri·ve·ra (rə-vîrʹə) A city of southern California, an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. Population: 59,177. * * *
/pi kawr"neuh vuy'reuhs, -kawr'neuh vuy"-/, n., pl. picornaviruses. any of a group of small, RNA-containing viruses of the family Picornaviridae, infectious to humans and other ...
/pee"keuh sek'euhnd, puy"-/, n. one trillionth of a second. Abbr.: ps, psec [1965-70; PICO- + SECOND2] * * *
/pee"koh/, n. one of a number of ornamental loops in embroidery, or along the edge of lace, ribbon, etc. [1880-85; < F: a purl, lit., a splinter, dim. of pic prick < Gmc; see ...
picot stitch
a stitch that produces picots, or loops, of thread that extend beneath a row of connecting or finishing stitches. [1890-95] * * *
/pik'euh tee"/, n. a variety of carnation, tulip, etc., having an outer margin of another color. [1720-30; < F picoté marked, pricked, ptp. of picoter to mark with tiny points, ...
/pee"keuh wayv', puy"-/, v.t., picowaved, picowaving. to irradiate (food) with gamma rays in order to retard spoilage. [1981-86; PICO- + WAVE; cf. MICROWAVE] * * *
/pi kay", -ket"/, n. piquet. * * *
picr- pref. Variant of picro-. * * *
picramic acid
/pi kram"ik/, Chem. a red, crystalline substance, C6H5N3O5, soluble in alcohol, used chiefly in the manufacture of azo dyes. [PICR(IC) + AMIC] * * *
—picrated, adj. /pik"rayt/, n. Chem. a salt or ester of picric acid. [1865-70; PICR(IC ACID) + -ATE2] * * *
/pik"rik/, adj. Chem. of or derived from picric acid. [1850-55; < Gk pikr(ós) bitter + -IC] * * *
picric acid
Chem. a yellow, crystalline, water-soluble, intensely bitter, poisonous acid, C6H3N3O7, used chiefly in explosives. Also called carbazotic acid, nitroxanthic acid, picronitric ...
pic·ric acid (pĭkʹrĭk) n. A poisonous, explosive yellow crystalline solid, C6H2(NO2)3OH, used in explosives, dyes, and antiseptics. * * *
/pik"ruyt/, n. a granular igneous rock composed chiefly of olivine and augite, but containing small amounts of feldspar. [1805-15; < Gk pikr(ós) bitter + -ITE1] * * * ▪ ...
picro- [pik′rō, pik′rə] 〚Fr < Gr pikros, bitter < IE base peig-, *peik-, colorful, sharp > L pingere, to PAINT〛 combining form 1. bitter [picrotoxin] 2. picric acid: ...
See picrotoxin. * * *
—picrotoxic, adj. /pik'reuh tok"sin/, n. Pharm. a white, crystalline, bitter, poisonous, central nervous system stimulant, C30H34O13, obtained from the seeds of Anamirta ...
PICS abbr. platform for Internet content selection. * * *
/pikt/, n. a member of an ancient people of uncertain origin who inhabited parts of northern Britain, fought against the Romans, and in the 9th century A.D. united with the ...
Pictet de Rochemont, Charles
▪ Swiss statesman born Sept. 21, 1755, Geneva, Switz. died Dec. 28, 1824, Lancy       statesman and diplomat who prepared the declaration of Switzerland's permanent ...
/pik"tish/, n. 1. the language of the Picts, apparently a Celtic language. adj. 2. of or pertaining to the Picts. [1700-10; PICT + -ISH1] * * *
Pictish language
      language spoken by the Picts in northern Scotland and replaced by Gaelic after the union in the 9th century of the Pictish kingdom with the rest of Scotland. ...
/pik"teuh gram'/, n. pictograph. [1960-65; < L pict(us) painted (see PICTURE) + -O- + -GRAM1] * * *
—pictographic /pik'teuh graf"ik/, adj. —pictographically, adv. /pik"teuh graf', -grahf'/, n. 1. a pictorial sign or symbol. 2. a record consisting of pictorial symbols, as a ...
See pictograph. * * *
See pictographic. * * *
/pik tog"reuh fee/, n. the use of pictographs; picture writing. [1850-55; PICTOGRAPH + -Y3; see -GRAPHY] * * * Expression of words and ideas through drawings (pictographs), ...
▪ New Zealand       town and port, northeastern South Island, New Zealand. It lies along Waitohi Bay (Picton Harbour), a southwest extension of Queen Charlotte Sound ...
/pik"teuhr/, n., gen. Pictores /pik tawr"is, -tohr"-/. Astron. the Painter, a southern constellation between Dorado and Carina. * * *
—pictorially, adv. —pictorialness, n. /pik tawr"ee euhl, -tohr"ee euhl/, adj. 1. pertaining to, expressed in, or of the nature of a picture. 2. illustrated by or containing ...
—pictorialist, n. /pik tawr"ee euh liz'euhm, -tohr"-/, n. 1. Fine Arts. the creation or use of pictures or visual images, esp. of recognizable or realistic representations. 2. ...
See pictorial. * * *
See pictorialize. * * *
—pictorialization, n. /pik tawr"ee euh luyz', -tohr"-/, v.t., pictorialized, pictorializing. to make pictorial; illustrate or represent with or as if with pictures. Also, esp. ...
See pictoriality. * * *
▪ Nova Scotia, Canada       town, seat of Pictou county, northern Nova Scotia, Canada. It lies just northwest of New Glasgow, on Pictou Harbour, facing Northumberland ...
—picturable, adj. —picturableness, n. —picturably, adv. —picturer, n. /pik"cheuhr/, n., v., pictured, picturing. n. 1. a visual representation of a person, object, or ...
picture book
a book consisting mainly or entirely of pictures, esp. one for children who have not yet learned to read. [1850-55] * * *
picture card
picture card n. FACE CARD * * *
picture frame
      mounting assemblage designed to protect, display, and often enhance a painting, drawing, photograph, or other visual representation. See frame design. * * *
picture hat
a woman's hat having a very broad, flexible brim, often decorated with feathers, flowers, or the like. [1885-90] * * *
picture layout
a picture spread. See under spread (def. 34). * * *
picture mold
a molding near a ceiling from which pictures can be suspended. Also called picture rail. * * *
Picture of Dorian Gray, The
/dawr"ee euhn, dohr"-/ a novel (1891) by Oscar Wilde. * * *
picture plane
the plane of a painting, drawing, or the like, that is in the extreme foreground of a picture, is coextensive with but not the same as the material surface of the work, is the ...
picture postcard
postcard (def. 1). [1905-10] * * *
picture puzzle.
See jigsaw puzzle (def. 1). [1895-1900] * * *
picture sash
a large window sash, as for a picture window. * * *
picture show
Older Use. 1. See motion picture. 2. a motion-picture theater. [1865-70, in sense "exhibition of pictures"; 1910-15 for current senses] * * *
picture spread.
See under spread (def. 34). * * *
picture tube
a cathode-ray tube with a screen at one end on which televised images are reproduced. [1935-40] * * *
picture window
a large window in a house, usually dominating the room or wall in which it is located, and often designed or placed to present an attractive view. [1935-40] * * *
picture writing
1. the art of recording events or expressing ideas by pictures, or pictorial symbols, as practiced by preliterate peoples. 2. pictorial symbols forming a record or ...
picture-book [pik′chər book΄] adj. so beautiful, neatly maintained, charming, etc. as to be a suitable subject for a book of pictures; picturesque [a picture-book country ...
picture-perfect [pik′chər pʉr΄fikt] adj. perfect or flawless * * *
picture-winged fly
▪ insect also called  otitid fly        any member of a family of insects in the fly order, Diptera, that are small and have wings that are spotted or banded with ...
picture card n. See face card. * * *
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
▪ nature reserve, Michigan, United States  colourful sandstone cliffs lining the southern shore of Lake Superior (Superior, Lake) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S. ...
picture disc n. A phonograph record that has a picture displayed on the vinyl of one or both sides. * * *
picture hat n. An elaborately decorated, broad-brimmed hat for women. * * *
/pik"cheuhr fohn'/, Trademark. a brand of videophone that enables telephone users to see each other while talking. * * *
picture puzzle n. See jigsaw puzzle. * * *
(as used in expressions) Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc. RKO Radio Pictures Inc. pictures of the floating world Universal Pictures * * *
—picturesquely, adv. —picturesqueness, n. /pik'cheuh resk"/, adj. 1. visually charming or quaint, as if resembling or suitable for a painting: a picturesque fishing ...
See picturesque. * * *
See picturesquely. * * *
picture tube n. A cathode-ray tube in a television receiver that translates received electrical signals into a visible picture on a luminescent screen. Also called kinescope. * * ...
picture window n. A large, usually single-paned window that provides a broad outside view. * * *
—picturization, n. /pik"cheuh ruyz'/, v.t., picturized, picturizing. to represent in a picture, esp. in a motion picture; make a picture of. Also, esp. Brit., ...
/pik"euhl/, n. (in China and southeast Asia) a weight equal to 100 catties, or from about 133 to about 143 pounds avoirdupois (60-64 kg). [1580-90; < Malay pikull the maximum ...
/pik"yeuh lit/, n. any of numerous small, tropical woodpeckers, chiefly of the genus Picumnus, that lack stiffened shafts in the tail feathers. [1840-50; < L picu(s) woodpecker + ...
/pi kum"neuhs/, n. one of two ancient Roman fertility gods. Cf. Pilumnus. * * *
/puy"keuhs/, n. an ancient Italian god of agriculture. * * * In Roman mythology, a woodpecker sacred to Mars. A minor agricultural deity associated with the fertilization of ...
See pelvic inflammatory disease. * * *
—piddler, n. /pid"l/, v., piddled, piddling. v.i. 1. to spend time in a wasteful, trifling, or ineffective way; dawdle (often fol. by around): He wasted the day piddling ...
/pid"ling/, adj. amounting to very little; trifling; negligible: a piddling sum of money. [1550-60; PIDDLE + -ING2] Syn. trivial, insignificant, paltry, picayune. * * *
piddly [pid′lē, pid′'l ē] adj. PIDDLING * * *
/pid"euhk/, n. any bivalve mollusk of the genus Pholas or the family Pholadidae, having long, ovate shells and burrowing in soft rock, wood, etc. [1850-55; perh. akin to OE puduc ...
/pij"euhn/, n. Walter, 1898-1984, U.S. actor, born in Canada. * * *
/pij"euhn/, n. 1. an auxiliary language that has come into existence through the attempts by the speakers of two different languages to communicate and that is primarily a ...
pidgin English
1. a pidgin language based on English formerly used in commerce in Chinese ports. 2. a similar language used in other areas, such as Papua New Guinea (where it has semiofficial ...
Pidgin Sign English
an auxiliary language formed by using the signs and fingerspelling, but not the grammar, of American Sign Language in the word order of English, often used in communication ...
Pidg·in English also pidg·in English (pĭjʹən) n. Any of several pidgins based on English and now spoken mostly on the Pacific islands and in West Africa.   [Alteration of ...
See pidgin. * * *
—pidginization, n. /pij"euh nuyz'/, v.t., pidginized, pidginizing. to develop (a language) into a pidgin. Also, esp. Brit., pidginise. [1935-40; PIDGIN + -IZE] * * *
pidyon ha-ben
▪ Judaism (Hebrew: “redemption of the son”),plural  Pidyon Ha-bonin, or Pidyon Ha-bens,         Jewish ceremony in which the father redeems his wife's firstborn ...
pidyon haben
Seph. Heb. /peed yawn" hah ben"/; Ashk. Heb., Eng. /pid"yeuhn hah ben"/, Judaism. the rite of relieving the first male child born to parents not descended from Aaron or Levi of ...
pie1 —pielike, adj. /puy/, n. 1. a baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, pudding, etc., prepared in a pastry-lined pan or dish and often topped with a pastry crust: apple ...
Proto-Indo-European. * * * ▪ food       dish made by lining a shallow container with pastry and filling the container with a sweet or savoury mixture. A top crust may ...
pie bed.
See apple-pie bed. * * *
pie chart
a graphic representation of quantitative information by means of a circle divided into sectors, in which the relative sizes of the areas (or central angles) of the sectors ...
pie graph.
See pie chart. * * *
pie in the sky
pie1 (def. 8). [1910-15, Amer.] * * *
/puy"uyd'/, adj. Slang. drunk; intoxicated. [1880-85, Amer.] * * *
/puy"fayst'/, adj. Informal. having a broad, flat face and, sometimes, a vacuous or stupid expression. [1910-15] * * *
—piebaldly, adv. —piebaldness, n. /puy"bawld'/, adj. 1. having patches of black and white or of other colors; parti-colored. n. 2. a piebald animal, esp. a horse. [1580-90; ...
piebald skin
Pathol. vitiligo. * * *
/pees/, n., v., pieced, piecing. n. 1. a separate or limited portion or quantity of something: a piece of land; a piece of chocolate. 2. a quantity of some substance or material ...
pièce d'occasion
/pyes daw kah zyawonn"/, pl. pièces d'occasion /pyes daw kah zyawonn"/. French. something prepared or used for a special occasion. * * *
pièce de résistance
/pyes deuh rdday zee stahonns"/; Eng. /pee es" deuh ri zee stahns"/, pl. pièces de résistance /pyes deuh rdday zee stahonns"/; Eng. /pee es" deuh ri zee stahns"/. French. 1. ...
piece goods
goods, esp. fabrics, sold at retail by linear measure. Also called yard goods. [1655-65] * * *
piece of business
business (def. 10). * * *
piece of cake
piece of cake n. Informal a thing easy to do * * *
piece of eight
peso (def. 4). [1600-10] * * *
piece of exchange
a piece of plate armor for reinforcing or replacing a piece ordinarily used in a suit. Also called double piece. * * *
piece of work
piece of work n. a person who is regarded as eccentric, difficult, etc. * * *
piece rate
compensation based on a worker's quantitative output or production, usually an agreed sum per article of work turned out. [1890-95] * * *
/pees"duyd'/, adj. dyed after weaving (opposed to yarn-dyed). [1835-45] * * *
piece goods pl.n. Fabrics made and sold in standard lengths. Also called yard goods. * * *
/pees"meel'/, adv. 1. piece by piece; one piece at a time; gradually: to work piecemeal. 2. into pieces or fragments: to tear a letter piecemeal. adj. 3. done ...
pieceof eight
piece of eight n. pl. pieces of eight An old Spanish silver coin.   [From its original value of eight reals.] * * *
/pee"seuhr/, n. a person whose occupation is the joining together of pieces or threads, as in textile work. [1815-25; PIECE + -ER1] * * *
/pees"wuyz'/, adv. Math. denoting that a function has a specified property, as smoothness or continuity, on each of a finite number of pieces into which its domain is divided: a ...
—pieceworker, n. /pees"werrk'/, n. work done and paid for by the piece. Cf. timework. [1540-50; PIECE + WORK] * * *
See piecework. * * *
pie chart n. A circular graph having radii dividing the circle into sectors proportional in angle and area to the relative size of the quantities represented. Also called circle ...
/puy"krust'/, n. 1. the crust or shell of a pie. 2. dough prepared with shortening for making the crust or shell of a pie; paste. [1575-85; PIE1 + CRUST] * * *
piecrust table
U.S. Furniture. a table having a top, usually round, with a raised and intricately carved edge. [1900-05] * * *
/puyd/, adj. 1. having patches of two or more colors, as various birds and other animals: a pied horse. 2. wearing pied clothing. [1350-1400; ME; PIE2 (with reference to the ...
pied goose.
See magpie goose. [1895-1900] * * *
pied noir
/pee ay' nwahr", pyay'/; Fr. /pyay nwannrdd"/, pl. pieds noirs /pee ayz' nwahr", pyayz'/; Fr. /pyay nwannrdd"/. Often Disparaging. 1. an Algerian-born French person. 2. formerly, ...
Pied Piper
1. the hero of a German folk legend, popularized in The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1842) by Robert Browning. 2. (sometimes l.c.) a person who induces others to follow or imitate him ...
Pied Piper of Hamelin
a poem (1842) by Robert Browning. It tells the story of an old European legend about a man who gets rid of all the rats in the German town of Hamelin by playing his pipe. The ...
/pee ay'deuh tair", -dah-, pyay'-/, n., pl. pieds-à-terre /pee ay'deuh tair", -dah-, pyay'-/ a residence, as an apartment, for part-time or temporary use. [1820-30; < F: lit., ...
pied-billed grebe
/puyd"bild'/ an American grebe, Podilymbus podiceps, having a whitish bill with a black band around it. [1830-40, Amer.] * * *
pied-billed grebe (pīdʹbĭld') n. A small, brown, North American diving bird (Podilymbus podiceps) having a short, heavy, whitish bill, found in freshwater ponds and ...
/pee ay'deuh beesh"/; Fr. /pyaydeu beesh"/, n., pl. pieds-de-biche /pee ayz'deuh beesh"/; Fr. /pyaydeu beesh"/. Furniture. a termination to a leg, consisting of a slight outward ...
pied-de-biche spoon
a spoon having a handle with a trifid end. * * *
/pee ay'fawr"/; Fr. /pyay fawrdd"/, n. Coining. a coin or pattern struck on a blank thicker than that used for the regular issue. Also, piefort. [ < F, equiv. to pied FOOT + fort ...
/peed"mont/, n. 1. a plateau between the coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains, including parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. 2. ...
/peed'mon teez", -tees"/, n., pl. Piedmontese, adj. n. 1. a native or inhabitant of Piedmont, Italy. adj. 2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the people or region of ...
/peed"mon tuyt'/, n. a mineral, similar to epidote but containing manganese: found in schists and manganese ores. [1850-55; < G; see PIEDMONT, -ITE1] * * *
pied piper n. 1. A person who offers others strong yet delusive enticements. 2. One, such as a leader, who makes irresponsible promises.   [After The Pied Piper of Hamelin, ...
Piedras Negras
/pye"dhrddahs ne"grddahs/ a city in N Mexico, on the Rio Grande. 65,883. * * * ▪ Mexico       city and border port of entry, northeastern Coahuila estado (state), ...
/pee ay fawr", pyay-/, n. piedfort. * * *
Piegan [pē′gən] n. pl. Piegans or Piegan a member of a subtribe of the Blackfoot Indians * * * Pie·gan (pē-gănʹ) n. pl. Piegan or Pie·gans 1. The southernmost tribe of ...
Pielinen, Lake
Lake, southeastern Finland. Located near the border with Russia, Lake Pielinen is 56 mi (90 km) long and has an area of 422 sq mi (1,093 sq km). The lake has many islands and is ...
Pieman River
River, northwestern Tasmania, Australia. It is formed near Tullah by the confluence of the Macintosh and Murchison rivers. Rising on the western edge of the central highlands, ...
/pye mawn"te/, n. Italian name of Piedmont. * * *
      a silicate mineral that belongs to the epidote (q.v.) series. * * *
▪ treatise by Hsieh Ling-yun Pinyin  Bianzonglun        (Chinese: “Discussions of Essentials”), treatise by Hsieh Ling-yun, an early Chinese Buddhist ...
Pienaar, François
▪ South African athlete in full  Jacobus François Pienaar  born Jan. 2, 1967, Vereeniging, S.Af.       South African rugby union football player who led the South ...
/peend/, n. arris. Also, pien /peen/. [1835-45; perh. var. of PEEN] * * *
/puy"plant', -plahnt'/, n. the edible rhubarb, Rheum rhabarbarum. [1840-50, Amer.; PIE1 + PLANT] * * *
piepoudre court
▪ law piepoudre also spelled  Piepowder,         lowest and most expeditious of the courts of justice known to the ancient common law of England. It was generally ...
/pear/, n. 1. a structure built on posts extending from land out over water, used as a landing place for ships, an entertainment area, a strolling place, etc.; jetty. 2. (in a ...
pier glass
a tall mirror, often full-length, intended to be set between windows. [1695-1705] * * *
pier table
a low table or console intended to be set between two windows, often beneath a pier glass. [1825-35] * * *
—pierceable, adj. —piercer, n. /pears/, v., pierced, piercing. v.t. 1. to penetrate into or run through (something), as a sharp, pointed dagger, object, or instrument ...
/pears/, n. 1. Franklin, 1804-69, 14th president of the U.S. 1853-57. 2. John Robinson, born 1910, U.S. electrical engineer: helped develop communications satellites. 3. a male ...
Pierce's disease
Plant Pathol. a disease of grapes caused by a rickettsialike organism, characterized by dwarfing of vines, mottling of woody tissues, and plant death. [named after N. B. Pierce ...
Pierce, Franklin
born Nov. 23, 1804, Hillsboro, N.H., U.S. died Oct. 8, 1869, Concord, N.H. 14th president of the U.S. (1853–57). He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1833 to ...
Pierce, George Washington
▪ American inventor born Jan. 11, 1872, Webberville, Texas, U.S. died Aug. 25, 1956, Franklin, N.H.       American inventor who was a pioneer in radiotelephony and a ...
Pierce, Jane
▪ American first lady née  Jane Means Appleton  born March 12, 1806, Hampton, New Hampshire, U.S. died December 2, 1863, Andover, Massachusetts  American first lady ...
Pierce, John Davis
▪ American educator born Feb. 18, 1797, Chesterfield, N.H., U.S. died April 5, 1882, Medford, Mass.       Michigan's first superintendent of public instruction and ...
Pierce, John Robinson
▪ 2003       American engineer (b. March 27, 1910, Des Moines, Iowa—d. April 2, 2002, Sunnyvale, Calif.), was recognized as the father of satellite communications. ...
Pierce, Sarah
▪ American educator born June 26, 1767, Litchfield, Conn. [U.S.] died Jan. 19, 1852, Litchfield       American educator, noted for the school that she developed from a ...
Pierce (pîrs), Franklin. 1804-1869. The 14th President of the United States (1853-1857). He was unable to reconcile the issue of slavery that divided the United States. * * *
/pearst/, adj. 1. punctured or perforated, as to form a decorative design: a pendant in pierced copper. 2. (of the ear) having the lobe punctured, as for earrings. 3. (of an ...
pierced work
▪ art       in metalwork, perforations created for decorative or functional effect or both; the French term for such work is ajouré. Both hand-operated and mechanical ...
See pierce. * * *
—piercingly, adv. —piercingness, n. /pear"sing/, adj. 1. loud or shrill, as the quality of a voice. 2. extremely cold or bitter: a piercing wind. 3. appearing to gaze deeply ...
piercing saw
Jewelry. a small, fine-gauge saw blade with uniformly spaced, angled teeth, inserted in a jeweler's saw frame and used to cut precious metal and such soft materials as ivory and ...
See piercer. * * *
/pear"see/, n. Marge, born 1936, U.S. poet and novelist. * * *
pier glass n. A tall mirror, especially one placed between windows. * * *
/pear"hed'/, n. 1. the outermost end of a pier or wharf. 2. (in the Great Lakes area) a breakwater. [1675-85; PIER + HEAD] * * *
/puy ear"ee euh/, n. a coastal region in NE Greece, W of the Gulf of Salonika. * * *
/puy ear"ee euhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the Muses. 2. of or pertaining to poetry or poetic inspiration. 3. of or pertaining to Pieria. [1585-95; < L Pieri(us) of Pieria + ...
Pierian Spring
Class. Myth. a fountain in Pieria, sacred to the Muses and supposedly conferring inspiration or learning on anyone who drank from it. * * *
Pierian Spring n. 1. Greek Mythology. A spring in Macedonia, sacred to the Muses. 2. A source of inspiration.   [From Latin Pīerius, sacred to the Muses, from Greek Pīeriā a ...
/puy er"id, puy"euhr-/, adj. 1. belonging or pertaining to the Pieridae, a family of butterflies comprising the whites, sulfurs, etc. n. 2. Also called pieridine /puy er"i duyn', ...
/puy er"i deez'/, n.pl. Class. Myth. 1. the Muses. 2. nine Thessalian maidens who challenged the Muses to a singing contest, lost, and were changed into magpies for insulting the ...
pieridine [pī er′ə dīn΄, pī er′ədin] adj. 〚< ModL Pieridinae < Gr Pieris, any of the Muses〛 of a large family (Pieridae) of small or medium-sized butterflies, ...
▪ plant genus  genus of about seven species of evergreen, white-flowered shrubs and small trees, of the heath family (Ericaceae), native to eastern Asia, eastern North ...
(as used in expressions) Jacopo di Piero di Angelo Piero di Giovanni Piero della Francesca Piero di Cosimo Piero di Lorenzo Pollaiuolo Antonio and Piero del Antonio and Piero di ...
Piero della Francesca
/pee air"oh del"euh fran ches"keuh, frahn-/; It. /pye"rddaw del"lah frddahn che"skah/, (Piero de' Franceschi). See Francesca, Piero della. Also called Piero. * * * born с 1420, ...
Piero di Cosimo
/pee air"oh di koh"zeuh moh'/; It. /pye"rddaw dee kaw"zee maw/, (Piero di Lorenzo) 1462-1521, Italian painter. * * * orig. Piero di Lorenzo born 1462, Florence, Republic of ...
Pierodella Francesca
Pie·ro del·la Fran·ce·sca (pyârʹō dĕlʹə frăn-chĕsʹkə, frän-), 1420?-1492. Italian painter of the quattrocento whose works, including the fresco cycle Legend of ...
Pierodi Cosimo
Piero di Co·si·mo (dē kōʹzē-mō), 1462-1521. Florentine painter. His works include Vulcan and Aeolus (c. 1486). * * *
pierogi [pi rō′gē] n. pl. pierogi or pierogies alt. sp. of PIROGI * * * pie·ro·gi also pi·ro·gi (pĭ-rōʹgē) n. pl. pierogi, also pirogi or pi·ro·gies A ...
(as used in expressions) Langley Samuel Pierpont Morgan John Pierpont Morgan John Pierpont Jr. * * *
/pear/ for 1; /pee air"/ or, Fr., /pyerdd/ for 2, n. 1. a city in and the capital of South Dakota, in the central part, on the Missouri River. 11,973. 2. a male given name, form ...
Pierre·fonds (pē-ĕr-fôɴʹ, pyĕr-) A city of southern Quebec, Canada, on Montreal Island west of Montreal. Population: 38,390. * * *
/pee'euh ret"/; Fr. /pye rddet"/, n., pl. Pierrettes /-rets"/; Fr. /-rddet"/. (sometimes l.c.) the female counterpart of a Pierrot, usually accompanying him, as in an ...
/pee'euh roh"/; Fr. /pye rddoh"/, n., pl. Pierrots /-rohz"/; Fr. /-rddoh"/. 1. a male character in certain French pantomime, having a whitened face and wearing a loose, white, ...
Pierrot Lunaire
/pee'euh roh" looh nair"/; Fr. /pye rddoh lyuu nerdd"/ a cycle of 21 songs (1912) for voice and instruments, by Arnold Schönberg, written in Sprechgesang style and set to poems ...
Piers Plowman
/pearz" plow"meuhn/, (The Vision Concerning Piers Plowman) an alliterative poem written in three versions (1360-99), ascribed to William Langland. * * *
/pear"shed'/, n. See under transit shed. [PIER + SHED1] * * *
/puyz/, n. 1. pl. of pi2. 2. pl. of pie. * * *
Piesporter [pēs′pôrt΄ər] n. a fruity Moselle wine of Germany * * *
▪ Slovakia Hungarian  Pöstyén,         town, Západní Slovensko kraj (region), Slovakia, on the Váh River, approximately 48 miles (77 km) northeast of Bratislava. ...
/puy"it/, n. 1. Scot. a magpie. 2. Scot. and North Eng. a talkative person; one who chatters. [1175-1225; PIE2 + -ET; r. ME piot < OF, equiv. to pie PIE2 + -ot dim. suffix] * * *
/pee'ay tah", pyay tah", pee ay"teuh, pyay"-/, n. (sometimes l.c.) Fine Arts. a representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the body of the dead Christ, usually shown held on ...
▪ Finland Swedish  Jakobstad,         town, western Finland, northeast of the city of Vaasa. Pietarsaari, which was formerly mainly Swedish-speaking, was founded in ...
/puy"i tas'/, n. the ancient Roman personification of familial affection, patriotism, and piety. * * * ▪ Roman religion       in Roman religion, personification of a ...
(as used in expressions) Botha Pieter Willem Bruegel Pieter the Elder Hooch Pieter de Pieter de Hoogh Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan Saenredam Pieter Janszoon * * *
/pee'teuhr mar"its berrg'/, n. a city in and the capital of Natal province, in the E Republic of South Africa. 158,921. * * * ▪ South Africa       city, capital of ...
Pietersburg [pē′tərz bʉrg΄] capital of Northern Transvaal province, South Africa: pop. 26,000 * * *
—Pietist, n. —pietistic, pietistical, adj. —pietistically, adv. /puy"i tiz'euhm/, n. 1. a movement, originating in the Lutheran Church in Germany in the 17th century, that ...
Pietist [pī′ə tist΄] n. 〚Ger < ModL (Collegia) pietatis, lit., (fellowship) of piety〛 1. any of a group of Germans who advocated a revival of the devotional ideal in the ...
See pietist. * * *
See pietist. * * *
pietra dura
▪ stone       (Italian: “hard stone”), in mosaic, any of several kinds of hard stone used in commesso mosaic work, an art that flourished in Florence particularly ...
Pietrangeli, Carlo
▪ 1996       Italian director-general of the monuments, museums, and pontifical galleries of the Vatican, 1978-95 (b. Oct. 20, 1912—d. June 23, 1995). * * *
▪ Italy       town, centre of a district known as Versilia, Toscana ( Tuscany) regione, central Italy, at the foot of the Alpi Apuane (mountains) just southeast of ...
Pietri, Pedro
▪ 2005       Puerto Rican poet and playwright (b. March 21, 1944, Ponce, P.R.—d. March 3, 2004, in flight from Mexico to New York, N.Y.), inspired young Puerto Ricans ...
(as used in expressions) Antonio di Pietro Averlino Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci Pietro Pierleoni Guido di Pietro Aretino Pietro Badoglio Pietro Bembo Pietro Pietro ...
Pietro da Cortona
orig. Pietro Berrettini born Nov. 1, 1596, Cortona, Tuscany died May 16, 1669, Rome, Papal States Italian painter, architect, and decorator. The son of a stonemason, he was ...
Pietro Della Vigna
▪ Italian minister also called  Petrus De Vinea   born c. 1190, , Capua, Campania, kingdom of Sicily [Italy] died 1249, Pisa?       chief minister of the Holy Roman ...
/puy"i tee/, n., pl. pieties. 1. reverence for God or devout fulfillment of religious obligations: a prayer full of piety. 2. the quality or state of being pious: saintly ...
piezo- [pī ē′zō΄, pē ā′zō] 〚< Gr piezein, to press < IE * pised-, to sit on, press < base * epi-, on + * sed-,SIT〛 combining form pressure [piezometer] * * ...
piezochemistry [pī ē΄zō kem′is trē, pē ā΄zō kem′is trē] n. 〚 PIEZO- + CHEMISTRY〛 the branch of chemistry dealing with the effects of high pressure on chemical ...
See piezoelectricity. * * *
piezoelectric ceramic
any ceramic that exhibits piezoelectric properties. * * *
piezoelectric effect
the property exhibited by some nonconducting crystals of becoming electrically polarized when mechanically strained and of becoming mechanically strained when an electric field ...
See piezoelectric. * * *
See piezoelectric. * * *
—piezoelectric /puy ee'zoh i lek"trik, pee ay'-/, adj. —piezoelectrically, adv. /puy ee'zoh i lek tris"i tee, -ee'lek-, pee ay'zoh-/, n. electricity, or electric polarity, ...
—piezometric /puy ee'zeuh me"trik, pee ay'-/, piezometrical, adj. /puy'euh zom"i teuhr, pee'euh-/, n. any of several instruments for measuring the pressure of a fluid or the ...
See piezometer. * * *
/puy'euh zom"i tree, pee'euh-/, n. the measurement of pressure or compressibility. [ < Gk piéz(ein) to press + -O- + -METRY] * * *
/pif"euhl/, n., v., piffled, piffling. Informal. n. 1. nonsense, as trivial or senseless talk. v.i. 2. to talk nonsense. [1840-50; perh. akin to PUFF] * * *
/pif"ling/, adj. of little worth; trifling; piddling: piffling efforts. [1890-95; PIFFLE + -ING2] * * *
pig1 /pig/, n., v., pigged, pigging. n. 1. a young swine of either sex, esp. a domestic hog, Sus scrofa, weighing less than 120 lb. (220 kg.) 2. any wild or domestic swine. 3. ...
pig bed
Metall. a bed of sand for molding pigs into which molten metal is poured. [1815-25] * * *
pig boiling
Metall. See wet puddling. [1855-60] * * *
pig in a poke
something not adequately appraised or of undetermined value, as an offering or purchase. [1520-30] * * *
pig iron
1. iron tapped from a blast furnace and cast into pigs in preparation for conversion into steel, cast iron, or wrought iron. 2. iron in the chemical state in which it exists when ...
pig Latin
a form of language, used esp. by children, that is derived from ordinary English by moving the first consonant or consonant cluster of each word to the end of the word and adding ...
pig lead
/led/ lead molded in pigs. [1785-95] * * *

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