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Слова на букву pius-ramp (15990)

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n., v.t., preshaped, preshaping. * * *
n., v.t., preshared, presharing. * * *
v.t. * * *
/pree"shayv'/, n. 1. a liquid preparation, usually containing alcohol, for applying to the face to dry the skin and beard before shaving with an electric razor. adj. 2. used ...
v.t., preshipped, preshipping. * * *
n. * * *
n. * * *
v.t. * * *
adj., n., v.t., preshowed, preshown or preshowed, preshowing. * * *
/pree shringk"/, v.t., preshrank or, often, preshrunk; preshrunk or preshrunken; preshrinking. to subject (textiles, garments, etc.) to a shrinking process before marketing to ...
/pree shrungk"/, adj. of or pertaining to a fabric or garment that has been subjected to a shrinking process in order to reduce contraction when the apparel is washed or ...
—presider, n. /pri zuyd"/, v.i., presided, presiding. 1. to occupy the place of authority or control, as in an assembly or meeting; act as president or chairperson. 2. to ...
Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña
/prdde'see dhen"syah rddaw"ke sah"ens pe"nyah/ a city in N Argentina. 38,620. * * *
/prez"i deuhn see/, n., pl. presidencies. 1. the office, function, or term of office of a president. 2. (often cap.) the office of President of the United States. 3. Mormon ...
presidency of the United States of America
▪ United States government Introduction  chief executive office of the United States. In contrast to many countries with parliamentary forms of government, where the office ...
/prez"i deuhnt/, n. 1. (often cap.) the highest executive officer of a modern republic, as the Chief Executive of the United States. 2. an officer appointed or elected to preside ...
▪ 1999 by Kenneth Ingham       On March 23, 1998, U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton arrived in Accra, Ghana, to begin a six-country, 12-day visit to Africa, the most extensive ...
president pro tempore
U.S. Govt. a senator, usually a senior member of the majority party, who is chosen to preside over the Senate in the absence of the vice president. Also, president pro tem. * * *
President's Commission on the Status of Women
      advisory commission established on December 14, 1961, by U.S. President John F. Kennedy to investigate questions regarding women's equality in education, in the ...
/prez"i deuhnt i lekt"/, n. a president after election but before induction into office. [1815-25, Amer.] * * *
Presidente Prudente
/prdde'zi deonn"teuh prddoo deonn"teuh/ a city in central Brazil. 92,851. * * * ▪ Brazil       city, western São Paulo estado (state), Brazil. It lies near the Santo ...
Pre·si·den·te Pru·den·te (prĕ'zĭ-dĕɴʹtĭ pro͝o-dĕɴʹtĭ) A city of south-central Brazil near the Paraná River west-northwest of São Paulo. It is a processing and ...
—presidentially, adv. /prez'i den"sheuhl/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a president or presidency. 2. of the nature of a president. [1595-1605; < ML praesidentialis. See ...
presidential government
a system of government in which the powers of the president are constitutionally separate from those of the legislature. [1900-05] * * *
Presidential Medal of Freedom
a medal awarded by the president of the U.S. to any citizen who has made an exceptionally meritorious contribution to the security or national interest of the U.S., to world ...
presidential primary
a direct primary for the selection of state delegates to a national party convention and the expression of preference for a U.S. presidential nominee. * * *
presidential suite
a suite of rooms, as in a hotel, suitable for a president or other head of state. * * *
See presidential. * * *
presidentpro tem
president pro tem (prō tĕmʹ) n. Informal pl. presidents pro tem A president pro tempore. * * *
presidentpro tempore
president pro tem·po·re (tĕmʹpə-rē) n. pl. presidents pro tempore The senator who presides over the U.S. Senate in the absence of the Vice President. * * *
Presidents of Mexico from 1917
▪ Table Presidents of Mexico from 1917 name term Venustiano Carranza (Carranza, Venustiano)* 1917-20 Adolfo de la Huerta (Huerta, Adolfo de la) 1920 Álvaro Obregón ...
Presidents of the United States
▪ Table Presidents of the United States no. president birthplace political party term   1 George Washington (Washington, George) Va. Federalist (Federalist ...
Presidents' Day
the third Monday in February, a legal holiday in the U.S., commemorating the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. * * * ▪ United States holiday officially ...
Pres·i·dents' Day (prĕzʹĭ-dənts, -dĕnts) n. The third Monday in February, observed in the United States as a legal holiday in commemoration of the birthdays of George ...
/prez"i deuhnt ship'/, n. Chiefly Brit. presidency. [1515-25; PRESIDENT + -SHIP] * * *
Presidents’ Day
(in the US) a holiday on the third Monday in February. It celebrates the birthdays of both George Washington (22 February) and Abraham Lincoln (12 February). Some states ...
See preside. * * *
pre·sid·i·al (prĭ-sĭdʹē-əl) also pre·sid·i·ar·y (-ĕr'ē) adj. Of, relating to, possessing, or being a garrison. * * *
—presidial, presidiary /pri sid"ee er'ee/, adj. /pri sid"ee oh'/; Sp. /prdde see"dhyaw/, n., pl. presidios /-sid"ee ohz'/; Sp. /-see"dhyaws/. 1. a garrisoned fort; military ...
/pri sid"ee euhm/, n., pl. presidiums, presidia /-sid"ee euh/. (often cap.) (in the Soviet Union and other Communist countries) an administrative committee, usually permanent and ...
v.t. * * *
n., v.t., presignaled, presignaling or (esp. Brit.) presignalled, presignaling. * * *
/pree sig"neuh fuy'/, v.t., presignified, presignifying. to signify or indicate beforehand; foretell. [1580-90;. < L praesignificare to show beforehand. See PRE-, SIGNIFY] * * *
/pree sin"teuhr/, v.t. (in powder metallurgy) to heat (a compact) in preparation for sintering. [PRE- + SINTER] * * *
adj., n. * * *
/pres"lee, prez"-/, n. 1. Elvis (Aron), 1935-77, U.S. rock-'n'-roll singer. 2. a male given name. * * *
Presley, Elvis
▪ American singer and actor Introduction in full  Elvis Aaron Presley  or  Elvis Aron Presley (see Researcher's Note) born Jan. 8, 1935, Tupelo, Miss., U.S. died Aug. 16, ...
Presley, Elvis (Aaron)
born Jan. 8, 1935, Tupelo, Miss., U.S. died Aug. 16, 1977, Memphis, Tenn. U.S. popular singer, the "King of Rock and Roll. " Presley was raised in Memphis, where he sang ...
Presley,Elvis Aaron
Pres·ley (prĕsʹlē, prĕzʹ-), Elvis Aaron. Known as “the King.” 1935-1977. American singer and actor whose numerous hit records, such as “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Hound ...
v.t., presliced, preslicing. * * *
v.t. * * *
v. /pree sohk"/; n. /pree"sohk'/, v.t. 1. to soak (laundry) in a liquid containing agents that loosen dirt, remove stains, etc., before washing. n. 2. a preparation in which ...
adj. * * *
n. * * *
n. * * *
adj. * * *
pre·sold (prē-sōldʹ) v. Past tense and past participle of presell. * * *
v.t. * * *
n. * * *
v.t., presolved, presolving. * * *
adj. * * *
/pree sawrt"/, v.t. to sort (letters, packages, etc.) by zip code or class before collection or delivery to a post office. [1965-70; PRE- + SORT] * * *
n., v. * * *
▪ Slovakia Hungarian  Eperjes,         town, Východní Slovensko kraj (region), Slovakia, on the Torysa River. First mentioned in documents in 1247, it became a ...
/pres"peuh/, n. Lake, a lake on the borders of E Albania, SW Macedonia, and N Greece: drains underground NW to Lake Ohrid. 112 sq. mi. (290 sq. km). Serbo-Croatian, Prespansko ...
Prespa, Lake
Lake on the boundary between Macedonia, Albania, and Greece. It is 14 mi (23 km) long, 8 mi (13 km) wide, 2,800 ft (853 m) above sea level, and it drains northwest into Lake ...
v.i., prespecialized, prespecializing. * * *
adj. * * *
adv. * * *
v.t., prespecified, prespecifying. * * *
v.i., prespeculated, prespeculating. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
v.t., prespread, prespreading. * * *
v.t., presprinkled, presprinkling. * * *
v.t., prespurred, prespurring. * * *
Presque Isle
/presk' uyl"/ a city in NE Maine. 11,172. * * * ▪ Maine, United States       city, Aroostook county, northeastern Maine, U.S., on the Aroostook River and its affluent ...
press1 —pressable, adj. /pres/, v.t. 1. to act upon with steadily applied weight or force. 2. to move by weight or force in a certain direction or into a certain position: The ...
/pres/, n. a male given name. * * * (as used in expressions) Associated Press drill press hydraulic press The Press punch press rotary press * * *
press agent
a person employed to promote the interests of an individual, organization, etc., by obtaining favorable publicity through advertisements, mentions in columns, and the like. Also, ...
press association
1. an organization formed for the purpose of gathering news for transmittal to its members. Cf. news agency. 2. an association of publishers in a particular area. [1875-80, ...
press baron
an influential newspaper publisher or owner who usually controls more than one widely circulated newspaper. Also called press lord. [1955-60] * * *
press bed
a bed enclosed within a closet, cupboard, etc. Cf. Murphy bed. [1650-60] * * *
press box
a press section, esp. at a sports event. [1885-90, Amer.] * * *
press brake
brake1 (def. 6). * * *
press bureau
an organization or a department whose function is press-agentry. * * *
press clipping
clipping (def. 2). [1900-05, Amer.] * * *
Press Complaints Commission
a British organization formed in 1991 to deal with complaints about the behaviour of the press, especially its attempts to find out about people’s private lives. It replaced a ...
press conference
a prearranged interview with news reporters, held to elicit publicity or, as granted by a dignitary, public official, research scientist, etc., to fulfill a request from the ...
press corps
a group of journalists representing various publications who regularly cover the same beat: the White House press corps. [1935-40] * * *
press cupboard
Eng. Furniture. a cupboard of the 16th and 17th centuries having an overhanging top above a recessed cabinet, beneath which is a section of drawers or cabinets. Cf. court ...
press fastener
Brit. See snap fastener. [1925-30] * * *
press fit
—pressfit, adj. Mach. assembly of two tightly fitting parts, as a hub on a shaft, made by a press or the like. Also called drive fit, force fit. [1885-90] * * *
press gallery
1. a press section, esp. in a legislative chamber. 2. the group of news reporters present or qualified to be present in this section. [1880-85] * * *
press gang
a body of persons under the command of an officer, formerly employed to impress others for service, esp. in the navy or army. Also, pressgang. [1685-95] * * *
press kit
a packet of promotional materials, as background information, photographs, or samples, for distribution to the press, as at a press conference. [1965-70] * * *
press lord.
See press baron. [1925-30] * * *
press money
Brit. Obs. See prest money. [1550-60] * * *
press of sail
Naut. as much sail as the wind or other conditions will permit a ship to carry. Also called press of canvas. [1585-95] * * *
press party
a party given for reporters and photographers exclusively or particularly to get publicity, as for the introduction of a new product, the maiden voyage of a liner, or the like. ...
press proof
Print. the last proof examined before matter goes to press. [1835-45] * * *
press release
a statement prepared and distributed to the press by a public relations firm, governmental agency, etc. Also called news release, release. [1955-60] * * *
press secretary
a person officially responsible for press and public relations for a prominent figure or organization and who often holds press conferences to answer journalists' ...
press section
a section or part of an area, as at the scene of a public event, reserved for reporters. * * *
press stud
Chiefly Brit. See snap fastener. [1915-20] * * *
press time
the time at which a pressrun begins, esp. that of a newspaper. Also, presstime. [1925-30] * * *
Press Trust of India
▪ news agency (PTI)       news agency cooperatively owned by Indian newspapers, which joined together to take over the management of the Associated Press of India and ...
Press, Irina
▪ Soviet athlete born March 10, 1939, Kharkov, Ukr., U.S.S.R. [now Kharkiv, Ukr.] died Feb. 22, 2004, Russia  Soviet athlete who won two track-and-field Olympic gold medals ...
Press, Tamara
▪ Soviet athlete born May 10, 1937, Kharkov, Ukr., U.S.S.R. [now Kharkiv, Ukr.]    Soviet athlete who won three track-and-field Olympic gold medals and set 12 world ...
/pres"ay'jeuhn tree/, n. 1. the vocation or responsibilities of a press agent. 2. publicity produced by a press agent's work or skill, esp. in making a person or thing seem more ...
/pres"bak'/, n. a wooden chair back having a design pressed, rather than carved, into its crossrails. * * *
/pres"gang'/, v.t. 1. to force (a person) into military or naval service. 2. to coerce (a person) into taking a certain action, political stand, etc.: to be press-ganged into ...
/pres"poynt'/, n. Print. point (def. 48b). * * *
/pres"up'/, n. Brit. push-up. [1945-50; n. use of v. phrase press up] * * *
press agency n. See news agency. * * *
press agent n. A person employed to arrange advertising and publicity, as for a performer or business.   press agentry n. * * *
See press agent. * * *
press association n. See news agency. * * *
/pres"bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. 1. a kind of millboard or pasteboard. 2. sleeveboard. [1905-10; PRESS1 + BOARD] * * *
press box n. A section for reporters, as in a stadium. * * *
/pres"bok'seuhr/, n. Informal. a sportswriter or sportscaster. [PRESS BOX + -ER1] * * *
/prddes"boorddk'/, n. German name of Bratislava. * * *
Pressburg, Treaty of
(Dec. 26, 1805) Agreement signed by Austria and France at Pressburg (now Bratislava, Slvk.) after Napoleon's victories at the Battles of Ulm and Austerlitz. Austria gave up ...
Pressburger, Emeric
▪ British writer original name  Imre Pressburger   born Dec. 5, 1902, Miskolc, Hung. died Feb. 5, 1988, Saxstead, Suffolk, Eng.       Hungarian-born screenwriter who ...
press conference n. An interview held for news reporters by a political figure or famous person. Also called news conference. * * *
Presse, Die
▪ Austrian newspaper German“The Press”       newspaper published in Vienna, Austria's leading daily (though far from its largest) and one of Europe's outstanding ...
Presse, La
▪ Canadian newspaper French“The Press”       French-language daily newspaper published in Montreal. Long one of the most widely circulated French-language daily ...
pressed brick
face brick molded under pressure to a desired finish. [1840-50] * * *
pressed duck
a cooked duck sprinkled with red wine and then pressed in a device (duck press) so that the juices can be collected and served as a sauce over the breast meat and legs. * * *
pressed glass
molded glass that has been shaped or given its pattern, while molten, by the action of a plunger thrust into the mold. [1865-70] * * *       glassware produced by ...
/pres"euhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that presses or applies pressure. 2. a person whose occupation is pressing or ironing clothes in a laundry or dry-cleaning ...
presser foot
a forked, metal device on a sewing machine used for holding the fabric in place while stitching. [1890-95] * * *
Presser, Jackie
▪ American union leader born August 6, 1926, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. died July 9, 1988, Lakewood, Ohio       American union leader and president (1983–88) of the ...
press gang also press·gang (prĕsʹgăng') n. A company of men under an officer detailed to force men into military or naval service. * * *
—pressingly, adv. —pressingness, n. /pres"ing/, adj. 1. urgent; demanding immediate attention: a pressing need. n. 2. any phonograph record produced in a record-molding press ...
pressing plant
a manufacturing plant where phonograph records are produced by pressing in a mold or by stamping. [1955-60] * * *
See pressing. * * *
press kit n. A packaged set of promotional materials, such as photographs and background information, for distribution to the press, as at a news conference or before the release ...
/pres"meuhn/, n., pl. pressmen. 1. a person who operates or has charge of a printing press. 2. Brit. a writer or reporter for the press. [1590-1600; PRESS1 + -MAN] * * *
/pres"mahrk'/, n. Chiefly Brit. Library Science. a symbol indicating the location of a book in the library. [1675-85; PRESS1 + MARK1] * * *
pressof sail
press of sail n. The greatest amount of sail that a ship can carry safely under prevailing conditions. Also called press of canvas. * * *
/pres"euhr/, adj. Physiol. causing an increase in blood pressure; causing vasoconstriction. [1885-90; attributive use of LL pressor presser, equiv. to L *pret-, var. s. of ...
/pres'oh ri sep"teuhr/, n. Physiol. a proprioceptor responding to changes of blood pressure. [1940-45; PRESS(URE) + -O- + RECEPTOR] * * *
press release n. An announcement of an event, performance, or other newsworthy item that is issued to the press. * * *
/pres"roohm', -room'/, n. the room in a printing or newspaper publishing establishment where the printing presses are installed. [1675-85; PRESS1 + ROOM] * * *
/pres"run'/, n. 1. the running of a printing press for a specific job: The pressrun will take about an hour. 2. the quantity that is run: a pressrun of more than 5000. Also ...
press secretary n. One who officially manages the public affairs and press conferences of a public figure. * * *
press·time (prĕsʹtīm') n. The time at which a publication, especially a newspaper, is submitted for printing. * * *
—pressureless, adj. /presh"euhr/, n., v., pressured, pressuring. n. 1. the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it: the pressure of earth ...
pressure altimeter
Meteorol. an aneroid barometer adapted for measuring altitude by converting the indicated atmospheric pressure to altitude according to a standard relationship. Cf. standard ...
pressure altitude
Meteorol. the altitude for a given pressure in a standard atmosphere, such as that registered by a pressure altimeter. * * *
pressure cabin
Aeron. a pressurized cabin. [1930-35] * * *
pressure center
Meteorol. the central point of an atmospheric high or low. * * *
pressure cone
Geol. See shatter cone. * * *
pressure cooker
1. a reinforced pot, usually of steel or aluminum, in which soups, meats, vegetables, etc., may be cooked quickly in heat above boiling point by steam maintained under ...
pressure flaking
a method of manufacturing a flint tool by pressing flakes from a stone core with a pointed implement, usually of wood tipped with antler or copper. [1925-30] * * *
pressure gauge
1. an instrument for measuring the pressure of a gas or liquid. 2. an instrument used to determine the pressure in the bore or chamber of a gun when the charge ...
pressure gradient
Meteorol. the change in atmospheric pressure per unit of horizontal distance in the direction in which pressure changes most rapidly. Also called barometric gradient. [1915-20] * ...
pressure group
an interest group that attempts to influence legislation through the use of lobbying techniques and propaganda. [1925-30] * * *
pressure groups
Pressure groups work on behalf of a particular section of society, e.g. children or nurses, or for a particular issue or cause, e.g. banning the use of landmines. Groups that ...
pressure head
Physics. head (def. 32). [1905-10] * * *
pressure hull
the inner, pressure-resistant hull of a submarine. [1920-25] * * *
pressure ice
a general term for ice broken and deformed by stresses generated by wind, currents, or waves. * * *
pressure point
1. a point on the skin that is extremely sensitive to pressure because of the presence of pressure-sensing organs. 2. a point on the body where relatively slight pressure serves ...
pressure ridge
1. a ridge produced on floating ice by buckling or crushing under lateral pressure of wind or ice. 2. Geol. a ridge produced on a congealing lava flow by pressure from the ...
pressure suit
Aerospace. See pressurized suit. [1935-40] * * *
pressure welding
the welding together of two objects by holding them together under pressure. [1925-30] * * *
/presh"euhr kook'/, v.t. to cook in a pressure cooker. [1935-40] * * *
/presh"euhr tree'tid/, adj. (of wood) treated with a chemical or chemicals applied under pressure to reduce such problems as insect infestation, decay, and rotting. [1935-40] * * ...
pressure-vacuum valve
/presh"euhr vak"yooh euhm, -yoohm/ a valve for relieving a sealed tank of any pressure or vacuum exceeding acceptable limits. * * *
pressure cabin n. A pressurized section of an aircraft. * * *
pressure cooker n. 1. An airtight metal pot that uses steam under pressure at high temperature to cook food quickly. 2. Informal. A situation or an atmosphere of difficulty, ...
pressure gauge n. 1. A device for measuring the pressure of a gas or liquid. 2. A device for measuring the pressure of explosions. * * *
pressure group n. An interest group that endeavors to influence public policy and especially governmental legislation, regarding its particular concerns and priorities. * * *
pressure point n. 1. Any of several points on the body at which an underlying artery can be pressed against a bone to stop distal bleeding. 2. An area on the skin that is highly ...
pressure suit n. A garment that is worn in high-altitude aircraft or in spacecraft to compensate for low-pressure conditions. * * *
/presh'euhr euh zay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the process or act of pressurizing. 2. the state of being pressurized. [1935-40; PRESSURIZE + -ATION] * * *
—pressurizer, n. /presh"euh ruyz'/, v.t., pressurized, pressurizing. 1. to raise the internal atmospheric pressure of to the required or desired level: to pressurize an ...
/presh"euh ruyzd'/, adj. 1. brought to and maintained at an atmospheric pressure higher than that of the surroundings: cooking with pressurized steam. 2. maintained at an air ...
pressurized suit
Aerospace. an airtight suit that can be inflated to maintain approximately normal atmospheric pressure on a person in space or at high altitudes. Also called pressure ...
See pressurization. * * *
/pres"werrk'/, n. 1. the working or management of a printing press. 2. the work done by it. [1765-75; PRESS1 + WORK] * * *
prest1 /prest/, adj. Obs. ready. [1250-1300; ME < OF < LL praestus ready. See PRESTO] prest2 /prest/, n. Obs. 1. a loan. 2. an advance payment on wages. 3. See prest ...
prest money
Brit. Obs. a sum of money advanced to men enlisting in the navy or the army, given to bind the bargain and as an inducement. Also called press money, prest. [1400-50; late ME] * ...
n., v.t. * * *
n., adj. * * *
v.t., prestandardized, prestandardizing. * * *
adj. * * *
▪ Ghana       town, southwestern Ghana, West Africa, on the west bank of the Ankobra River, about 60 mi (100 km) northwest of Cape coast. It is linked by railroad with ...
adj., v.t. * * *
n., adj. * * *
Prester John
/pres"teuhr/ a legendary Christian monk and potentate of the Middle Ages, supposed to have had a kingdom in some remote part of Asia or Africa and associated with fabulous ...
v.t., presterilized, presterilizing. * * *
Pres·ter John (prĕsʹtər) n. A legendary medieval Christian priest and king thought to have reigned over a Christian kingdom in the Far East or Ethiopia.   [Middle English ...
—presternal, adj. /pree sterr"neuhm/, n., pl. presterna /-neuh/, presternums. Anat. manubrium. [1870-75; < NL; see PRE-, STERNUM] * * *
Prestes, Luís Carlos
born Jan. 3, 1898, Pôrto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Braz. died March 7, 1990, Rio de Janeiro Brazilian revolutionary. Beginning in 1924, he led a rebel force on a three-year ...
—prestidigitator, n. —prestidigitatory /pres'ti dij"i teuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, prestidigitatorial, adj. /pres'ti dij'i tay"sheuhn/, n. sleight of hand; legerdemain. [1855-60; ...
prestidigitator [pres΄tə dij′ə tāt΄ər] n. 〚Fr prestidigitateur (based on L prestigiator, juggler, deceiver) < preste, quick < presto (see PRESTO1) + L digitus, finger ...
—prestigeful, adj. /pre steezh", -steej"/, n. 1. reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes. 2. distinction or reputation ...
—prestigiously, adv. —prestigiousness, n. /pre stij"euhs, -stij"ee euhs, -stee"jeuhs, -stee"jee euhs/, adj. 1. indicative of or conferring prestige: the most prestigious ...
See prestigious. * * *
See prestigiously. * * *
v.t., prestimulated, prestimulating. * * *
n., pl. prestimuli. * * *
/pre stis"euh moh'/; It. /prdde stees"see maw'/, adv. (a musical direction) in the most rapid tempo. [1715-25; < It: most quickly, superl. of presto PRESTO] * * *
/pres"toh/, adv., adj., n., pl. prestos. adv. 1. quickly, rapidly, or immediately. 2. at a rapid tempo (used as a musical direction). adj. 3. quick or rapid. 4. executed at a ...
presto chango
/chayn"joh/ 1. change at once (usually used imperatively, as in a magician's command). 2. a change occurring suddenly and as if by magic: There is always an element of presto ...
n., v.t. * * *
/pres"teuhn/, n. 1. a seaport in W Lancashire, in NW England. 131,900. 2. a male given name. * * * City and borough (pop., 2001: 129,642), county seat of Lancashire, ...
Preston, Ann
▪ American physician and educator born December 1, 1813, West Grove, Pennsylvania, U.S. died April 18, 1872, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       American physician and ...
Preston, Billy
▪ 2007 William Everett Preston        American musician (b. Sept. 2, 1946, Houston, Texas—d. June 6, 2006, Scottsdale, Ariz.), was the consummate sideman as a keyboard ...
Preston, Lewis Thompson
▪ 1996       U.S. bank executive (b. Aug. 5, 1926, New York, N.Y.—d. May 4, 1995, Washington, D.C.), served (1991-95) as president of the World Bank during the ...
Preston, May Wilson
▪ American illustrator original name  May Wilson   born August 11, 1873, New York, New York, U.S. died May 18, 1949, East Hampton, Long Island, New ...
Preston, Robert
▪ American actor original name  Robert Preston Meservey   born June 8, 1918, Newton Highlands, Mass., U.S. died March 21, 1987, Santa Barbara, Calif.       versatile ...
/pres"teuhn panz'/, n. a seaside resort in the Lothian region, in SE Scotland, E of Edinburgh: battle 1745. 3138. * * *
n. * * *
/pree stawr", -stohr"/, v.t., prestored, prestoring. Computers. to fix an opening value for (the address of an operand or of a cycle index). [PRE- + STORE] * * *
v.t. * * *
n., v.t. * * *
v.t. * * *
/pree stres"/, v.t. 1. (in certain concrete construction) to apply stress to (reinforcing strands) before subjecting to a load. 2. to make (a concrete member) with prestressed ...
prestressed concrete
concrete reinforced with wire strands, pretensioned or post-tensioned within their elastic limit to give an active resistance to loads. [1935-40] * * * Concrete reinforced by ...
v.t., n. * * *
adj., v., prestruck prestruck or prestricken, prestriking. * * *
v.t., prestructured, prestructuring. * * *
n., v.i., prestruggled, prestruggling. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; prestudiously, adv.; prestudiousness, n. * * *
v.t., prestudied, prestudying, n., pl. prestudies. * * *
/prest"wik/, n. international airport in W Scotland. * * * ▪ Scotland, United Kingdom       burgh (town), South Ayrshire council area, historic county of Ayrshire, ...
v.t., presubdued, duing. * * *
v.t. * * *
v.t., presubmitted, presubmitting. * * *
v.t., presubordinated, presubordinating. * * *
v., presubscribed, presubscribing. * * *
v.i. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
v.t., presubstituted, presubstituting. * * *
n. * * *
adj.; presuccessfully, adv. * * *
v. * * *
adj.; presufficiently, adv. * * *
n. * * *
v.t. * * *
adj. * * *

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