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Слова на букву pius-ramp (15990)

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adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-ridiculously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-righteously, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-royally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-rurally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-sadly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-safely, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-sagaciously, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-sanguinely, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-satirically, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-savagely, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-secretly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-secretively, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-securely, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-sentimentally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-seriously, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-similarly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-sincerely, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-singly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-skillfully, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-slanderously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-soberly, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-spatially, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-spherically, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-spiritedly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-spiritually, adv. * * *
quasi-stellar object
/kway"zuy stel"euhr, kway"suy-, kwah"see-, -zee-/ quasar. Abbr.: QSO [1960-65] * * *
quasi-stellar radio source
Astron. a quasar having detectable radio emission. Abbr.: QSS [1960-65] * * *
qua·si-stel·lar object (kwāʹzī-stĕlʹər, -sī'-, kwäʹzē-, -sē-) n. A quasar. * * *
adj.; quasi-strenuously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-studiously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-stylishly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-subjectively, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-submissively, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-successfully, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-sufficiently, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-superficially, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-tangibly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-technically, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-temporally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-territorially, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-theatrically, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-thoroughly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-tolerantly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-totally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-traditionally, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-tribally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-truthfully, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-typically, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-tyrannically, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-unanimously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-unconsciously, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-universally, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-validly, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-venerably, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-victoriously, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-violently, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-virtuously, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-vitally, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-vocationally, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-wickedly, adv. * * *
adj.; quasi-willingly, adv. * * *
adj. * * *
adj. * * *
adj.; quasi-zealously, adv. * * *
/kway'zuy kris"tl, kway'suy-, kwah'see-, -zee-/, n. a form of solid matter whose atoms are arranged like those of a crystal but assume patterns that do not exactly repeat ...
/kwah'seuh moh"doh, -zeuh moh"-/; It. /kwah'zee maw"daw/, n. Salvatore /sahl'vah taw"rdde/, 1901-68, Italian poet: Nobel prize 1959. /kwah'seuh moh"doh, -zeuh moh"-/, n. 1. See ...
Quasimodo, Salvatore
born Aug. 20, 1901, Modica, Italy died June 14, 1968, Naples Italian poet, critic, and translator. He spent 10 years as an engineer for the Italian government while writing ...
Qua·si·mo·do (kwä'zē-mōʹdō), Salvatore. 1901-1968. Italian poet whose early nostalgic works contrast with his later socially concerned poetry. He won the 1959 Nobel ...
/kway'zuy pahr"ti keuhl, kway'suy-, kwah'see, -zee-/, n. Physics. an entity, as an exciton or phonon, that interacts with elementary particles, but does not exist as a free ...
/kwos'kwi sen ten"ee euhl/, adj. 1. pertaining to or marking a period of 125 years. n. 2. a 125th anniversary. 3. a celebration marking such an anniversary. [quasqui- one and a ...
/kvahs, kwahs/, n. kvass. * * *
/kwosh"euh, -ee euh/, n. 1. a shrub or small tree, Quassia amara, of tropical America, having pinnate leaves, showy red flowers, and wood with a bitter taste. Cf. quassia ...
quassia family
the plant family Simaroubaceae, characterized by tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs having pinnately compound leaves, clusters of flowers, fruit in the form of a capsule ...
Quasthoff, Thomas
▪ 2004       Bass-baritone Thomas Quasthoff made his opera debut in April 2003, singing the role of Don Fernando in a production of Beethoven's Fidelio with Sir Simon ...
(in prescriptions) four. [ < L quattuor] * * *
/kwat"euhr/, adv. (in prescriptions) four times. [ < L] * * *
/kwot'euhr sen ten"euh ree, -sen"tn er'ee/; esp. Brit. /kwot'euhr sen tee"neuh ree/, adj., n., pl., quatercentenaries. n. 1. a 400th aniversary or its celebration. adj. 2. ...
/kwot'euhr sen ten"ee euhl/, adj. pertaining to or marking a period of 400 years. [1960-65; < L quater four times + CENTENNIAL] * * *
/kwot"euhr ner'ee, kweuh terr"neuh ree/, adj., n., pl. quaternaries. adj. 1. consisting of four. 2. arranged in fours. 3. (cap.) Geol. noting or pertaining to the present period ...
quaternary ammonium compound
Chem. any of a class of salts derived from ammonium in which the nitrogen atom is attached to four organic groups, as in benzalkonium chloride; the salts are cationic ...
Quaternary Period
Interval of geologic time, 1. 8 million years ago to the present. The Quaternary follows the Tertiary Period and is the more recent of the two periods of the Cenozoic Era. The ...
quaternaryammonium compound
quaternary ammonium compound n. Any of a group of compounds in which a central nitrogen atom is joined to four organic radicals and one acid radical, used as antiseptics, ...
quaternary structure n. The structure formed by the noncovalent interaction of two or more macromolecules, such as that formed by four globin protein molecules to make hemoglobin ...
/kwot"euhr nayt', kweuh terr"nit/, adj. arranged in or consisting of four parts, as the leaves of certain plants. [1745-55; < L quatern(i) four at a time + -ATE1] * * *
/kweuh terr"nee euhn/, n. 1. a group or set of four persons or things. 2. Bookbinding. four gathered sheets folded in two for binding together. 3. Math. a. an expression of the ...
/kweuh terr"ni tee/, n., pl. quaternities. a group or set of four. [1520-30; < LL quaternitas, equiv. to L quatern(i) four each, four at a time + -itas -ITY] * * *
/kwaht lahm"beuh/, n. Drakensberg. * * *
/keuh tawrz"/; Fr. /kann tawrddz"/, n., pl. quatorzes /-tawr"ziz/; Fr. /-tawrddz"/. Piquet. a set of four cards of the same denomination, aces, kings, queens, jacks, or tens, ...
/kwo"trayn/, n. a stanza or poem of four lines, usually with alternate rhymes. [1575-85; < F, equiv. to quatre FOUR ( < L quattuor) + -ain < L -anus -AN] * * *
/kah"teuhr/; Fr. /kann"trddeu/, n. the four at cards, dice, or the like. [1540-50; < F] * * *
Quatre Bornes
▪ Mauritius       town (“township”) on the island of Mauritius, in the western Indian Ocean. It lies in the western highlands region of the country, about 9 miles ...
Quatre Bras
/kah"treuh brah"/; Fr. /kann trddeu brddah"/ a village in central Belgium, near Brussels: battle preliminary to the battle of Waterloo fought here 1815. * * *
—quatrefoiled, adj. /kat"euhr foyl', ka"treuh-/, n. 1. a leaf composed of four leaflets. 2. Archit. a panellike ornament composed of four lobes, divided by cusps, radiating ...
quattrocentist [kwät΄trō chen′tist] n. an Italian artist or writer of the quattrocento * * *
—quattrocentist, n. /kwah'troh chen"toh/; It. /kwaht'trddaw chen"taw/, n. (often cap.) the 15th century, used in reference to the Italian art and literature of that ...
—quattuordecillionth, adj., n. /kwot"ooh awr'di sil"yeuhn, kwot"yooh-/, n., pl. quattuordecillions, (as after a numeral) quattuordecillion, adj. n. 1. a cardinal number ...
See quattuordecillion. * * *
See quattuordicillion. * * *
—quaverer, n. —quaveringly, adv. —quavery, quaverous, adj. /kway"veuhr/, v.i. 1. to shake tremulously; quiver or tremble: He stood there quavering with fear. 2. to sound, ...
See quaver. * * *
See quaveringly. * * *
—quaylike, adj. /kee, kay, kway/, n. a landing place, esp. one of solid masonry, constructed along the edge of a body of water; wharf. [1690-1700; sp. var. (after F quai) of ...
/kway/, n. Matthew Stanley, 1833-1904, U.S. politician: senator 1887-99, 1901-4. * * *
/kee"ij, kay"-, kwa"-/, n. 1. quays collectively. 2. space appropriated to quays. 3. a charge for the use of a quay or quays. [1750-60; < F, equiv. to quay QUAY + -age -AGE] * * *
/kwayl/, n. James Danforth (Dan), born 1947, vice president of the U.S. 1989-93. * * *
Quayle, (James) Dan(forth)
born Feb. 4, 1947, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S. U.S. politician. After earning a law degree, he served as associate publisher of his family's Huntington Herald-Press (1974–76). ...
Quayle, Dan
▪ vice president of United States in full  James Danforth Quayle  born Feb. 4, 1947, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.    44th vice president of the United States (1989–93) in ...
Quayle, Sir Anthony
▪ British actor in full  Sir John Anthony Quayle   born Sept. 7, 1913, Ainsdale, Lancashire, Eng. died Oct 20, 1989, London       British actor and director who was ...
Quayle,James Danforth
Quayle (kwāl), James Danforth. Born 1947. Vice President of the United States (1989-1993) under George Bush. * * *
quay·side (kēʹsīd') n. The area adjacent to a quay or wharf or a system of quays, especially in a port city. * * *
▪ Azerbaijan also spelled  Kuba,        city in northeastern Azerbaijan. It is situated on the eastern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, on the right bank of the Kudial ...
/koob"euh/, n. a small Moslem shrine. [ < Ar qubboh lit., dome] * * *
qu·bit (kyo͞oʹbĭt') n. A quantum bit. * * *
qu·byte (kyo͞oʹbīt') n. A sequence of eight quantum bits operated on as a unit by a computer.   [quantum + byte.] * * *
▪ Iran also spelled  Kuchan,         town, northeastern Iran. Most of the inhabitants of Qūchān are descended from a tribe of Zaʿfarānlū Kurds resettled there ...
Que abbrev. Quebec * * *
qué será, será
/ke" se rddah" se rddah"/; Eng. /kay" seuh rah" seuh rah"/, Spanish. what will be, will be. * * *
Quebec. * * *
—queanish, adj. —queanlike, adj. /kween/, n. 1. an overly forward, impudent woman; shrew; hussy. 2. a prostitute. 3. Brit. Dial. a girl or young woman, esp. a robust ...
▪ New South Wales, Australia       city, southeastern New South Wales, Australia. It lies along the Queanbeyan River, just southeast of the Australian Capital Territory ...
See queasy. * * *
See queasily. * * *
—queasily, adv. —queasiness, n. /kwee"zee/, adj., queasier, queasiest. 1. inclined to or feeling nausea, as the stomach, a person, etc.; nauseous; nauseated. 2. tending to ...
/kwi bek", ki-/, n. 1. a province in E Canada. 6,141,491; 594,860 sq. mi. (1,540,685 sq. km). 2. a seaport in and the capital of this province, on the St. Lawrence: capital of ...
Quebec Act
(1774) British statute establishing Quebec's government and extending its borders. It provided for a governor and appointed council, religious freedom for Roman Catholics, and ...
Quebec Conference
▪ World War II  either of two Anglo-American conferences held in the city of Quebec during World War II. The first (August 11–24, 1943), code-named Quadrant, was held to ...
Quebec, Battle of
(Sept. 13, 1759) Decisive battle of the French and Indian War. In June 1759, James Wolfe led a British force of 250 ships with 8,500 soldiers to take up positions in the St. ...
Quebec, flag of
▪ Flag History byname  fleurdelisé flag         Canadian provincial flag consisting of a blue field (background) divided into quarters by a central white cross; ...
/kwi bek"euhr/, n. a native or inhabitant of Quebec, esp. one who is from the city of Quebec and whose native language is French. Also, Quebecker, Québecois, ...
See Quebec. * * *
/kay'be kwah"/; Fr. /kay be kwann"/, n., pl. Québecois /-be kwah", -kwahz"/; Fr. /-be kwann"/. 1. Quebecer. 2. a person, esp. a member of the Parti Québecois, who supports the ...
/kay brah"choh/; Sp. /ke vrddah"chaw/, n., pl. quebrachos /-chohz/; Sp. /-chaws/. 1. any of several tropical American trees of the genus Schinopsis, having very hard wood, esp. ...
/kay brah"deuh/, n. 1. Southwestern U.S. a ravine. 2. a brook. [1825-35; < Sp, n. use of fem. ptp. of quebrar to break
Que·chan (kĕchʹən) n. See Yuma1.   [Yuma kʷaćȧn, those who descended (from the sacred mountain of creation).] * * *
/kech"wah, -weuh/, n., pl. Quechuas, (esp. collectively) Quechua for 2. 1. the language of the Inca civilization, presently spoken by about 7 million people in Peru, Ecuador, ...
/kech"weuhn/, adj., n., pl. Quechuans, (esp. collectively) Quechuan. adj. 1. of or pertaining to the Quechua language or people. n. 2. Quechua. [1835-45; QUECHU(A) + -AN] * * *
Quechuan languages
Family of closely related South American Indian languages still spoken by some 12 million people in southern Colombia and Ecuador, Bolivia, and northern Argentina. Southern ...
Quechumaran [kech΄o͞o mə rän′] n. 〚coined
▪ Germany   city, Saxony-Anhalt Land (state), central Germany. It lies on the Bode River, in the northern foothills of the Lower Harz Mountains (Harz), southwest of ...
—queenless, adj. —queenlike, adj. /kween/, n. 1. a female sovereign or monarch. 2. the wife or consort of a king. 3. a woman, or something personified as a woman, that is ...
/kween/, n. Ellery, joint pen name of Manfred Bennington Lee and Frederic Dannay. * * * ▪ British rock group       British rock band whose fusion of heavy metal, glam ...
Queen Alexandra Range
▪ mountains, Antarctica       mountain range of Antarctica, located in Ross Dependency (New Zealand) along the western edge of the Ross Ice Shelf. The range reaches an ...
Queen Anne
1. noting or pertaining to the style of architecture, furnishings, and decoration prevailing in England in the early 18th century, characterized by simplicity and refinement of ...
Queen Anne style
Queen Anne style n. 〚after ANNE2 (1665-1714), queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1702-14)〛 1. a style of English architecture of the early 18th cent., characterized by ...
Queen Anne's
▪ county, Maryland, United States       county, eastern Maryland, U.S., bordered by the Chester River to the north, Delaware to the east, and Chesapeake Bay to the ...
Queen Anne's lace
a plant, Daucus carota, the wild form of the cultivated carrot, having broad umbels of white flowers. Also called wild carrot. [1890-95] * * * or wild carrot Bristly biennial ...
Queen Anne's Men
▪ British theatrical group also known as  Queen's Men        theatrical company in Jacobean England. Formed upon the accession of James I in 1603, it was an ...
Queen Anne's War
the war (1702-13) in which England and its American colonies opposed France and its Indian allies. It constituted the American phase of the War of the Spanish Succession. * * ...
queen bee
1. a fertile female bee. See illus. under bee. 2. a woman who is in a favored or preeminent position. [1600-10] * * *
Queen Charlotte Islands
a group of islands in British Columbia off the W coast of Canada. 2222; 3970 sq. mi. (10,280 sq. km). * * * Group of about 150 islands (pop., 2001: 4,935) off western British ...
Queen Charlotte Sound
Broad, deep inlet of the Pacific Ocean indenting western British Columbia, Canada. Bounded on the north by the Queen Charlotte Islands and on the south by Vancouver Island, the ...
Queen City
Canadian Informal. Toronto. * * *
queen closer
/kloh"zer/, Masonry. 1. a brick of normal length and thickness but of half normal width, used to complete a course or to space regular bricks. 2. a brick of half the usual ...
queen consort
the wife of a ruling king. [1755-65] * * *
queen dowager
the widow of a king. [1615-25] * * *
Queen Elizabeth
a British passenger ship built by Cunard, the largest of its type ever built. It was named after Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother(2), and was launched by her in 1938. It ...
Queen Elizabeth Islands
a group of islands, including Ellesmere Island, in the Arctic Ocean, in the N Northwest Territories, N Canada. * * * Island group, northern Canada. Part of the Canadian Arctic ...
Queen Elizabeth National Park
or Ruwenzori National Park National park, southwestern Uganda. Established in 1952, it has an area of 764 sq mi (1,978 sq km) and lies east of Lake Edward. One of the largest ...
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
➡ Elizabeth, the Queen Mother * * *
Queen Latifah
▪ 2004       During 2003 American performer Queen Latifah, already a star of the music industry as one of the first female rappers, proved that she was big-screen ...
Queen Mab
/mab/ Irish and English Folklore. a mischievous, tantalizing fairy who governs and produces people's dreams. * * *
Queen Mary
a British passenger ship built by Cunard and named after Queen Mary, the wife of King George V. It was launched by her in 1934 and won the Blue Riband in 1938, sailing between ...
Queen Maud Land
/mawd/ a coastal region of Antarctica, S of Africa: Norwegian explorations. * * * ▪ region, Antarctica       region of Antarctica south of Africa, extending from Coats ...
Queen Maud Mountains
▪ mountains, Antarctica       subdivision of the Transantarctic Mountains of central Antarctica, extending southeastward for 500 miles (800 km) from the head of Ross Ice ...
Queen Maud Range
a mountain range in Antarctica, in Ross Dependency, S of the Ross Sea. * * *
queen mother
a queen dowager who is mother of a reigning sovereign. [1570-80] * * *
Queen of Hearts
the title and first line of a traditional nursery rhyme. The first verse is: The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts, All on a summer’s day; The Knave of Hearts He stole the ...
Queen of Heaven
1. a designation of the Virgin Mary. 2. (l.c.) an ancient Semitic goddess, variously identified with other ancient goddesses, as Isis and Ashtoreth. 3. an epithet of ...
queen of puddings
(also queen’s pudding) n [U] a traditional English pudding (= cooked sweet dish) made from bread, jam, lemons, sugar and meringue (= a mixture of egg whites and sugar). * * *
Queen of the May
➡ May Queen * * *
queen of the prairie
a tall plant, Filipendula rubra, of the rose family, having branching clusters of pink flowers, growing in meadows and prairies. Also, queen-of-the-prairie. [1850-55, Amer.] * * *
queen olive
1. any large, meaty olive suitable for pickling or processing. 2. such an olive grown esp. in the area of Seville, Spain. [1910-15] * * *
queen palm
a feather palm, Arecastrum romanzoffianum, of South America, having leaves from 7 to 12 ft. (2 to 31/2 m) in length, and large, hanging clusters of small fruit. * * *
queen post
either of a pair of timbers or posts extending vertically upward from the tie beam of a roof truss or the like, one on each side of the center. [1815-25] * * *
queen regent
1. a queen who reigns in behalf of another. 2. See queen regnant. [1755-65] * * *
queen regnant
a queen who reigns in her own right. Also, queen regent. [1840-50] * * *
Queen Silvia
▪ 1997       On Aug. 27, 1996, Queen Silvia of Sweden welcomed representatives from over 100 countries to Stockholm for the first World Congress Against Commercial ...
queen substance
a pheromone secreted from the mandibular glands of a queen honeybee and smelled, eaten, and absorbed by the worker bees, having the effect of preventing them from producing or ...
queen truss
a truss having queen posts with no king post. [1860-65] * * *
Queen Victoria
➡ Victoria (II) * * *
Queen's Bench
Queen's Bench or Queen's Counsel or queen's English n. see
Queen's Bench, Court of
▪ British law also called  (during a kingship) Court Of King's Bench,         formerly one of the superior courts of common law in England. Queen's, or King's, Bench ...
Queen's Bench.
See King's Bench. * * *
queen's bounty
Brit. See king's bounty. Also, Queen's bounty, Queen's Bounty. * * *
Queen's Champion.
See under Champion of England. * * *
Queen's Counsel.
See King's Counsel. [1855-60] * * *
queen's English.
See king's English. [1585-95] * * *
queen's evidence.
See king's evidence. * * *
Queen's Gallery
▪ art gallery, Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom       small public art gallery at the queen's official London residence, Buckingham Palace, in the borough of ...
queen's highway.
See king's highway. Also, Queen's highway, Queen's Highway. * * *
queen's metal
queen's metal n. former term for any of several alloys containing antimony and tin and resembling britannia metal * * *
Queen's pattern
1. a pattern of ceramic decoration consisting of bands of swirling radial lines, white on blue alternating with red on white. 2. an early 19th-century silver pattern having a ...
Queen's Proctor.
See King's Proctor. * * *
Queen's Remembrancer.
See King's Remembrancer. * * *
queen's scout.
See king's scout. [1950-55] * * *
queen's shilling.
See king's shilling. [1875-80] * * *
Queen's speech.
See King's speech. * * *
Queen's University at Kingston
Privately endowed university in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1841 and modeled after the University of Edinburgh. It is a comprehensive research institution, ...
queen's ware
a hard, cream-colored earthenware, perfected c1765 by Wedgwood. Also, queensware. [1760-70] * * *
queen's-pawn openings
/kweenz"pawn"/, (used with a sing. v.) a class of chess openings in which the pawn in front of the queen is advanced two squares on the first move. * * *
Queen's Bench (kwēnz) n. Abbr. QB A division of the British superior court system that hears criminal and civil cases. Used when the sovereign is a woman. * * *
Queen's Counsel n. Abbr. QC A barrister appointed as counsel to the British crown. Used when the sovereign is a woman. * * *
Queen's English n. English speech or usage that is considered standard or accepted; Received Standard English. * * *
Queen, Ellery
pseudonym of Frederic Dannay orig. Daniel Nathan and Manfred Bennington Lee orig. Manford Lepofsky born Oct. 20, 1905, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. died Sept. 3, 1982, White Plains, ...
/kween"kup'/, n. a North American plant, Clintonia uniflora, of the lily family, having solitary, white flowers and blue berries. * * *
queen-of-the-prai·rie (kwēnʹəv-thə-prârʹē) n. A rhizomatous plant (Filipendula rubra) of the prairies and meadows of the eastern and central United States, having ...
/kween"suyz'/, adj. 1. (of a bed) larger than a double bed, but smaller than king-size, usually 60 in. (152 cm) wide and 80 in. (203 cm) long. 2. pertaining to or made for a ...
Queen Anne (kwēn) n. The style in English architecture and furniture typical of the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714). * * *
QueenAnne style
Queen Anne style n. A style of architecture and furniture reviving elements of Queen Anne design, popular especially in England in the late 19th century. * * *
QueenAnne's lace
Queen Anne's lace n. A widely naturalized Eurasian herb (Daucus carota var. carota) having white, nonfleshy, fusiform compound umbels of small white or yellowish flowers. Also ...
QueenCharlotte Islands
Queen Char·lotte Islands (shärʹlət) An archipelago off the western coast of British Columbia, Canada, separated from Vancouver Island to the southeast by Queen Charlotte ...
queen consort n. pl. queens consort The wife of a reigning king. * * *
queen cup n. A perennial stemless plant (Clintonia uniflora) of Pacific North America, having a solitary white flower and a blue berry. * * *
/kween"deuhm/, n. 1. the position or status of a queen. 2. the realm of a queen. [1600-10; QUEEN + -DOM] * * *
QueenElizabeth Islands
Queen Elizabeth Islands A group of islands of northern Canada, in the Arctic Archipelago north of Parry Channel. Oil deposits were first exploited here in the 1960s. * * *
/kween"fish'/, n., pl. queenfishes, (esp. collectively) queenfish. a silvery and bluish drum, Seriphus politus, inhabiting shallow waters along the coast of California. [1880-85, ...
/kween"hood/, n. the state, dignity, or rank of a queen. [1855-60; QUEEN + -HOOD] * * *
/kwee"nee/, n. a female given name. * * *
/kwee"ning/, n. Chess. promotion (def. 6). [QUEEN + -ING1] * * *
See queenly. * * *
—queenliness, n. /kween"lee/, adj., queenlier, queenliest, adv. adj. 1. belonging or proper to a queen: queenly propriety. 2. befitting, or suggestive of, a queen: queenly ...
QueenMaud Land
Queen Maud Land (môd) A region of Antarctica between the Weddell Sea and Enderby Land. It was claimed by Norway in 1939. * * *
QueenMaud Mountains
Queen Maud Mountains A mountain range of Antarctica near the South Pole. It extends some 805 km (500 mi). * * *
queen mother n. A dowager queen who is the mother of a reigning monarch. * * *

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