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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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See ratification. * * *
—ratifier, n. /rat"euh fuy'/, v.t., ratified, ratifying. 1. to confirm by expressing consent, approval, or formal sanction: to ratify a constitutional amendment. 2. to confirm ...
/rat'n ay"/; Fr. /rddann tee nay"/, n. a loosely woven fabric made with nubby or knotty yarns. Also, ratine /rat'n ay", ra teen"/. Also called sponge cloth. [1675-85; < F, ptp. ...
rating1 /ray"ting/, n. 1. classification according to grade or rank. 2. assigned position in a particular class or grade, or relative standing, as of a ship or a member of the ...
rating badge
U.S. Navy. a badge that indicates the rank and specialty of a petty officer: worn on the upper left sleeve. [1905-10] * * *
rating nut
Horol. a nut that screws onto the lower end of the rod of a clock pendulum for raising or lowering the weight to alter the rate of the clock. * * *
rating rule
▪ yachting       in yacht racing, rule used to classify sailing yachts of different designs to enable them to compete on relatively equal terms. The competition may be ...
Ra·ting·en (räʹtĭng-ən) A city of west-central Germany north of Düsseldorf. Chartered in 1276, it is a manufacturing center. Population: 87,710. * * *
/ray"shoh, -shee oh'/, n., pl. ratios. 1. the relation between two similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second: the ratio of 5 to 2, ...
ratio test
Math. the theorem that a given infinite series converges if the absolute value of the ratio of the term succeeding the nth term to the nth term approaches a limit less than 1 as ...
—ratiocinator, n. /rash'ee os"euh nayt', -oh"seuh-, rat'ee-/, v.i., ratiocinated, ratiocinating. to reason; carry on a process of reasoning. [1635-45; < L ratiocinatus ptp. of ...
—ratiocinative, adj. /rash'ee os'euh nay"sheuhn, -oh'seuh-, rat'ee-/, n. the process of logical reasoning. [1520-30; < L ratiocination- (s. of ratiocinatio), equiv. to ...
ra·ti·oc·i·na·tive (răsh'ē-ŏsʹə-nā'tĭv) adj. Of, relating to, marked by, or skilled in methodical and logical reasoning. See Synonyms at logical. * * *
See ratiocination. * * *
/ray'shee om"i teuhr/, n. (in three-color photography) a device for determining the exposure factors of the filters to be used. [1920-25, for an earlier sense; RATIO + -METER] * ...
/rash"euhn, ray"sheuhn/, n. 1. a fixed allowance of provisions or food, esp. for soldiers or sailors or for civilians during a shortage: a daily ration of meat and bread. 2. an ...
ration books
➡ rationing * * *
—rationally, adv. —rationalness, n. /rash"euh nl, rash"nl/, adj. 1. agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible: a rational plan for economic development. 2. having or ...
rational form
Math. a quotient of two polynomials with integral coefficients. * * *
rational function
Math. a function that can be written as the quotient of two polynomials with integral coefficients. [1880-85] * * *
rational number
Math. a number that can be expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers. [1900-05] * * * Any number that can be represented as the quotient of two integers (i.e., the ...
rational operation
any of the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. [1900-05] * * *
rational psychology
Metaphysical discipline that attempted to determine the nature of the human soul by a priori reasoning. In Christian Wolff's division of metaphysics, rational psychology was one ...
rational-emotive therapy
/rash"euh nl i moh"tiv/, Psychol. a form of therapy in which a patient is asked to reject irrational attitudes and assumptions in order to deal effectively with stressful ...
/rash'euh nal"/, n. 1. the fundamental reason or reasons serving to account for something. 2. a statement of reasons. 3. a reasoned exposition of principles. [1650-60; < L: neut. ...
rational function n. A function that can be expressed as a quotient of polynomials, excluding division by zero. * * *
rational horizon n. See celestial horizon. * * *
—rationalist, n. —rationalistic, rationalistical, adj. —rationalistically, adv. /rash"euh nl iz'euhm/, n. 1. the principle or habit of accepting reason as the supreme ...
See rationalism. * * *
See rationalist. * * *
See rationalist. * * *
/rash'euh nal"i tee/, n., pl. rationalities. 1. the state or quality of being rational. 2. the possession of reason. 3. agreeableness to reason; reasonableness. 4. the exercise ...
ra·tion·al·i·za·tion (răsh'ə-nə-lĭ-zāʹshən) n. 1. The act, process, or practice of rationalizing. 2. An instance of rationalizing. * * *
—rationalization, n. —rationalizer, n. /rash"euh nl uyz', rash"nl uyz'/, v., rationalized, rationalizing. v.t. 1. to ascribe (one's acts, opinions, etc.) to causes that ...
See rationalize. * * *
See rational. * * *
See rationally. * * *
rational number n. A number capable of being expressed as an integer or a quotient of integers, excluding zero as a denominator. * * *
n [U] a system of limiting and sharing food, clothing, fuel, etc, especially in times of war. Rationing was introduced in Britain and the US during both world wars, and continued ...
/rat"is bon', -iz-/, n. Regensburg. * * *
Rat Islands (răt) A group of islands in the western Aleutian Islands of southwest Alaska. Kiska and Rat Island are included in the group. * * *
/rat"uyt/, adj. 1. having a flat, unkeeled sternum, as an ostrich, cassowary, emu, or moa. n. 2. a bird having a ratite breastbone. [1875-80; < L rat(is) raft + -ITE2] * * * Any ...
Ratke, Wolfgang
▪ German educator Ratke also spelled  Ratich, or Ratichius   born Oct. 18, 1571, Wilster, Holstein, Ger. died April 27, 1635, Erfurt, Saxony       German educational ...
▪ India also spelled  Rutlam        city, western Madhya Pradesh state, central India. Ratlam is a major rail junction, an agricultural trade centre, and a major ...
/rat"lin/, n. Naut. 1. any of the small ropes or lines that traverse the shrouds horizontally and serve as steps for going aloft. 2. Also, ratline stuff. three-stranded, ...
▪ India  town, southwestern Maharashtra (Mahārāshtra) state, western India, on the Arabian Sea coast. The town became an administrative capital under the Bijapur rulers. ...
▪ Sri Lanka       town, southwestern Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It is situated southeast of Colombo, on the Kalu Ganga (river). Dominating the town is a hill on which the ...
      in Mahāyāna Buddhism, one of the five “self-born” Buddhas. See Dhyāni-Buddha. * * *
/ray"toh/, n. Rocketry. rocket-assisted takeoff. * * *
▪ New Mexico, United States       city, seat (1897) of Colfax county, northeastern New Mexico, U.S. It lies at the southern end of Raton Pass (7,834 feet [2,388 metres] ...
—ratooner, n. /ra toohn"/, n. 1. a sprout or shoot from the root of a plant, esp. a sugarcane, after it has been cropped. v.i., v.t. 2. to put forth or cause to put forth ...
rat pack n. Slang A closely knit group of people sharing interests. * * *
rat race n. Informal A difficult, tiring, often competitive activity or routine. * * *
▪ Benedictine theologian died c. 868, Corbie, West Frankish Kingdom       theologian, priest, and monk at the Benedictine abbey of Corbie whose important 9th-century ...
☆ rats [rats ] interj. Slang used to signify disgust, scorn, disappointment, etc. * * *
/rats"bayn'/, n. 1. rat poison. 2. the trioxide of arsenic. [1515-25; RAT + 'S1 + BANE] * * *
rat snake n. Any of several nonvenomous snakes of the genus Elaphe that eat rats and other rodents. Also called chicken snake. * * *
rattail [rat′tāl΄] adj. shaped like a rat's tail; slim and tapering: also rattailed n. GRENADIER (sense 3) * * *
rattail cactus
rattail cactus n. a small, often cultivated cactus (Aporocactus flagelliformis) with weak, cylindrical, creeping or drooping stems, native to Mexico and Central America * * *
rattail comb
a comb for the hair having a narrow, pointed handle used in styling the hair. [1975-80] * * *
rattail cactus or rat's tail cactus n. A Mexican cactus (Aporocactus flagelliformis) having thin, creeping or hanging stems and brilliant crimson-pink flowers. * * *
/ra tan", reuh-/, n. 1. Also called rattan palm. any of various climbing palms of the genus Calamus or allied genera. 2. the tough stems of such palms, used for wickerwork, ...
rattan vine
      woody climbing plant of the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae), also known as supplejack. * * *
Rattazzi, Urbano
▪ Italian lawyer and statesman born June 20, 1808, Alessandria, Kingdom of Italy died June 5, 1873, Frosinone, Italy       Piedmontese lawyer and statesman who held ...
/ra teen"/, n. Obs. ratiné. * * *
/rat"euhr/, n. a person, animal, or thing that catches rats, as a terrier or a cat. [1825-35; RAT + -ER1] * * *
/rat"i geuhn/, n. Terence, 1911-77, English playwright. * * *
Rattigan, Sir Terence
▪ English playwright in full  Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan  born June 10, 1911, London, Eng. died Nov. 30, 1977, Hamilton, Bermuda       English playwright, a master ...
Rattigan, Sir Terence (Mervyn)
born June 10, 1911, London, Eng. died Nov. 30, 1977, Hamilton, Bermuda British playwright. After writing two comedies, he won acclaim for the drama The Winslow Boy (1946; film, ...
/rat"ish/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling a rat. 2. infested with rats. [1680-90; RAT + -ISH1] * * *
rattle1 /rat"l/, v., rattled, rattling, n. v.i. 1. to give out or cause a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds, as in consequence of agitation and repeated concussions: The ...
/rat"l boosh'/, n. See blue false indigo. [1740-50] * * *
☆ rattlebox [rat′'lbäks΄] n. any of a genus (Crotalaria) of plants of the pea family, having small seeds that rattle in the inflated pods when ripe * * * rat·tle·box ...
/rat"l brayn'/, n. a giddy, empty-headed, talkative person. [1700-10; RATTLE1 + BRAIN] * * *
/rat"l braynd'/, adj. foolish; flighty; scatterbrained. [1710-20; RATTLE + BRAIN + -ED3] * * *
—rattleheaded, adj. /rat"l hed'/, n. a rattlebrain. [1635-45; RATTLE1 + HEAD] * * *
—rattlepated, adj. /rat"l payt'/, n. a rattlebrain. [1635-45; RATTLE1 + PATE] * * *
/rat"leuhr/, n. 1. a rattlesnake. 2. a person or thing that rattles. 3. Informal. a fast freight train. [1400-50; late ME; see RATTLE1, -ER1] * * *
➡ toys and games * * *
/rat"l snayk'/, n. any of several New World pit vipers of the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus, having a rattle composed of a series of horny, interlocking elements at the end of ...
rattlesnake fern
any of several American grape ferns, esp. Botrychium virginianium, having clusters of sporangia resembling the rattles of a rattlesnake. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
rattlesnake master
1. any of various plants of the genus Eryngium, esp. E. yuccifolium, having spiny leaves and dense, rounded flower heads. 2. any of several other plants, esp. of the genus ...
rattlesnake plantain
any of several low, terrestrial orchids, as Goodyera repens, of northern temperate regions, having a basal rosette of leaves with white veins and a one-sided spike of white ...
rattlesnake root
1. any of certain composite plants of the genus Prenanthes, whose roots or tubers have been regarded as a remedy for snake bites, as P. serpentaria or P. alba. 2. the root or ...
rattlesnake weed
1. a hawkweed, Hieracium venosum, of eastern North America, whose leaves and root are thought to possess medicinal properties. 2. a carrotlike weed, Daucus pusillus, of southern ...
rattlesnake flag n. Any of several U.S. flags bearing the motto “Don't Tread on Me” and a picture of a rattlesnake, used during the French and Indian War (1756-1763) and the ...
rattlesnake master n. Any of several plants, such as Eryngium yuccifolium of the eastern United States, supposedly effective against the venom of rattlesnakes and having narrow ...
rattlesnake plantain n. Any of various rhizomatous orchids of the genus Goodyera, having mottled or striped leaves and spikes of small whitish flowers.   [From the resemblance ...
rattlesnake root n. Any of various plants of the genus Prenanthes, having bitter-tasting tuberous roots and white to purple ligulate flower heads.   [From the belief that the ...
rattlesnake weed n. A North American plant (Hieracium venosum) having basal leaves with reddish-purple veins and yellow flower heads borne in open corymbose panicles. * * *
/rat"l trap'/, n. a shaky, rattling object, as a rickety vehicle. [1760-70; RATTLE1 + TRAP1] * * *
—rattlingly, adv. /rat"ling/, adj. 1. that rattles: a rattling door. 2. remarkably good, lively, or fast: a rattling talk; a rattling gallop. adv. 3. very: a rattling good ...
/rat"lee/, adj. tending to rattle; making or having a rattling sound. [1880-85; RATTLE1 + -Y1] * * *
/rat"n/, n. Dial. a rat. [1250-1300; ME ratoun < OF raton, dim. of rat RAT] * * *
/ra toohn"/, n., v.i., v.t. ratoon. * * *
/rat"trap'/, n. 1. a device for catching rats. 2. a run-down, filthy, or dilapidated place. 3. a difficult, involved, or entangling situation. [1425-75; late ME. See RAT, ...
/rat"ee/, adj., rattier, rattiest. 1. full of rats. 2. of or characteristic of a rat. 3. wretched; shabby: a ratty, old overcoat. 4. Slang. irritable or angry; bad-tempered; ...
Ratushinskaya, Irina Georgiyevna
▪ Russian poet, essayist and dissident born March 4, 1954, Odessa, Ukraine, Russia       Russian lyric poet, essayist, and political ...
Ratzel, Friedrich
▪ German geographer born , Aug. 30, 1844, Karlsruhe, Baden died Aug. 9, 1904, Ammerland, Ger.  German geographer and ethnographer and a principal influence in the modern ...
Ratzenhofer, Gustav
born July 4, 1842, Vienna died Oct. 8, 1904, at sea Austrian general, philosopher, and sociologist. After a successful military career in which he attained the rank of field ...
/row/, n. Santha Rama /san"theuh rah"meuh/, born 1923, Indian writer and astrologer. * * *
Rau, Johannes
▪ 2007       German politician (b. Jan. 16, 1931, Wuppertal, Ger.—d. Jan. 27, 2006, Berlin, Ger.), as Germany's president (1999–2004), promoted closer ties with ...
Rau, Sir Benegal Narsing
▪ Indian jurist born February 26, 1887, Karkala or Mangalore, Mysore [now Karnātaka], India died November 29, 1953, Zürich, Switz.       one of the foremost Indian ...
▪ Malaysia       town, central Peninsular (West) Malaysia, about 50 miles (80 km) north-northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Situated in the eastern foothills of the Main Range, ...
See raucously. * * *
—raucously, adv. —raucousness, raucity /raw"si tee/, n. /raw"keuhs/, adj. 1. harsh; strident; grating: raucous voices; raucous laughter. 2. rowdy; disorderly: a raucous ...
See raucous. * * *
See raucously. * * *
(as used in expressions) Alfonsín Foulkes Raúl Ricardo Capablanca José Raúl Haya de la Torre Víctor Raúl Prebisch Raúl * * *
▪ Finland Swedish  Raumo,         city, southwestern Finland. It lies along the Gulf of Bothnia (Bothnia, Gulf of) north-northwest of Turku. Rauma was first noted in ...
/rawnch, rahnch/, n. Informal. 1. smuttiness or vulgarity; crudeness; obscenity: porno magazines and other purveyors of raunch. 2. slovenliness; grubbiness. 3. an earthy, raw ...
See raunchy. * * *
See raunchily. * * *
—raunchily, adv. —raunchiness, n. /rawn"chee, rahn"-/, adj. raunchier, raunchiest. Informal. 1. vulgar or smutty; crude; earthy; obscene: a raunchy joke. 2. dirty; slovenly; ...
Raur·ke·la or Rour·ke·la (rôr-kāʹlə) A town of eastern India west of Calcutta. It has important iron and steel plants. Population: 140,408. * * *
/row"sheuhn berrg'/, n. Robert, born 1925, U.S. artist. * * *
Rauschenberg, Robert
orig. Milton Rauschenberg born Oct. 22, 1925, Port Arthur, Texas, U.S. U.S. painter and graphic artist. He studied under Josef Albers. His "combine" paintings of the 1950s, ...
Rausch·en·berg (rouʹshən-bûrg'), Robert. Born 1925. American artist noted for his collages, photomontages, and paintings that incorporate photographs and real objects. * * *
/row"sheuhn boosh'/, n. Walter, 1861-1918, U.S. clergyman and social reformer. * * *
Rauschenbusch, Walter
▪ American minister born Oct. 4, 1861, Rochester, N.Y., U.S. died July 25, 1918, Rochester       clergyman and theology professor who led the Social Gospel movement in ...
Rauscher, Joseph Othmar von
▪ Austrian cardinal born Oct. 6, 1797, Vienna died Nov. 24, 1875, Vienna       cardinal and the influential tutor of the Habsburg emperor Francis Joseph; he was the ...
Rausing, Gad Anders
▪ 2001       Swedish industrialist (b. May 19, 1922, Bromma, near Stockholm, Swed.—d. Jan. 28, 2000, Lausanne, Switz.), was the son of the developer of a sealed, ...
▪ plant genus also spelled  Rauwolfia   genus of plants in the dogbane family (Apocynaceae), with 110 species of shrubs and trees native to tropical areas of the world. The ...
/raw wool"fee euh, row-/, n. 1. any tropical tree or shrub of the genus Rauwolfia, as R. serpentina, of India. 2. an extract from the roots of the rauwolfia, R. serpentina, ...
—ravagement, n. —ravager, n. /rav"ij/, v., ravaged, ravaging, n. v.t. 1. to work havoc upon; damage or mar by ravages: a face ravaged by grief. v.i. 2. to work havoc; do ...
See ravage. * * *
Ravaisson-Mollien, Jean-Gaspard-Félix Lacher
▪ French philosopher born Oct. 23, 1813, Namur, Fr. died May 18, 1900, Paris  French philosopher whose writings had an extensive influence in the Roman Catholic world during ...
Ravalomanana, Marc
▪ 2003       Throughout 2002 the African island nation of Madagascar continued to reel from the disputed presidential elections of December 2001. A court-ordered recount ...
/rah"veuh neuh/, n. (in the Ramayana) the king of Ceylon who abducts Sita, the wife of Ramachandra, and is later defeated by Ramachandra. * * * In Hinduism, king of the ...
rave1 —raver, n. /rayv/, v., raved, raving, n., adj. v.i. 1. to talk wildly, as in delirium. 2. to talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm: She raved about her trip to ...
rave hook
Naut. a hooklike tool for reaming old oakum out of seams in planking. [1840-50; perh. obs. rave to drag, pull, ME raven < ?] * * *
/rayv"up'/, n. Brit. Informal. a party, esp. a wild one. [1965-70] * * *
—raveler; esp. Brit., raveller, n. —ravelly, adj. /rav"euhl/, v., raveled, raveling or (esp. Brit.) ravelled, ravelling, n. v.t. 1. to disentangle or unravel the threads or ...
/reuh vel"/; Fr. /rddann vel"/, n. Maurice Joseph /moh rddees" zhaw zef"/, 1875-1937, French composer. * * *
Ravel, (Joseph)Maurice
Ra·vel (rə-vĕlʹ, rä-), (Joseph) Maurice. 1875-1937. French composer of impressionistic operas, ballets, orchestral works, such as Boléro (1928), and piano works, including ...
Ravel, (Joseph-) Maurice
born March 7, 1875, Ciboure, France died Dec. 28, 1937, Paris French composer. At age 14 he was admitted to the Paris Conservatoire. Completing his piano studies, he returned ...
Ravel, Maurice
▪ French composer Introduction born March 7, 1875, Ciboure, Fr. died Dec. 28, 1937, Paris       French composer of Swiss-Basque descent, noted for his musical ...
See ravel. * * *
/rav"lin/, n. Fort. a V-shaped outwork outside the main ditch and covering the works between two bastions. [1580-90; < MF, earlier revelin < It rivellino, dim. of riva bank, ...
/rav"euh ling/, n. something raveled out, as a thread drawn or separated from a knitted or woven fabric. Also, esp. Brit., ravelling. [1650-60; RAVEL + -ING1] * * *
See raveler. * * *
/rav"euhl meuhnt/, n. entanglement; confusion. [1825-35; RAVEL + -MENT] * * *
raven1 —ravenlike, adj. /ray"veuhn/, n. 1. any of several large, corvine birds having lustrous, black plumage and a loud, harsh call, esp. Corvus corax, of the New and Old ...
Raven cycle
▪ collection of folktales       collection of trickster-transformer tales originating among the Native Americans of the Northwest Pacific Coast (Native American) from ...
Raven, Simon
▪ English writer in full  Simon Arthur Noël Raven  born December 28, 1927, Leicester, Leicestershire, England died May 12, 2001, London       English novelist, ...
Raven, Simon Arthur Noel
▪ 2002       British writer (b. Dec. 28, 1927, Leicester, Leicestershire, Eng.—d. May 12, 2001, London, Eng.), was a prolific author whose sardonic wit was showcased ...
Raven, The
a lyric poem (1845) by Edgar Allan Poe. * * *
See raven2. * * *
—raveningly, adv. /rav"euh ning/, adj. 1. rapacious; voracious. n. 2. rapacity. [1520-30; RAVEN2 + -ING2, -ING1] Syn. 1. See ravenous. * * *
See ravening. * * *
/reuh ven"euh/; for 1 also It. /rddah ven"nah/, n. 1. a city in NE Italy: the capital of Italy in the period of the Byzantine Empire; tomb of Dante. 138,352. 2. a city in NE ...
—ravenously, adv. —ravenousness, n. /rav"euh neuhs/, adj. 1. extremely hungry; famished; voracious: feeling ravenous after a hard day's work. 2. extremely rapacious: a ...
See ravenous. * * *
See ravenously. * * *
▪ concentration camp, Germany       Nazi (Nazi Party) German concentration camp for women (Frauenlager) located in a swamp near the village of Ravensbrück, 50 miles (80 ...
▪ Germany       city, Baden-Württemberg Land (state), southwestern Germany. It lies along the Schussen River, just north of Lake Constance (Constance, Lake) ...
Ravenscroft, George
▪ English glassmaker born 1618 died 1681       English glassmaker, developer of flint glass, a heavy, blown type (shaped by blowing when in a plastic state) ...
Ravenscroft, Thomas
▪ English composer born c. 1582?, Sussex?, Eng. died c. 1633, London?       composer remembered for his social songs and his collection of psalm ...
raver [rā′vər] n. a person or thing that raves * * * See rave. * * *
Ra·vi (räʹvē) A river, about 764 km (475 mi) long, of northwest India and northeast Pakistan. Rising in the Himalaya Mountains, it is one of the five rivers of the ...
Ravi River
River, northwestern India and northeastern Pakistan, one of the five main rivers of the Punjab. It rises in the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh state, India, and flows past ...
▪ Indian mystic and poet also called  Raidas   flourished 15th or 16th century       mystic and poet who was one of the most renowned of the saints of the North ...
Fr. /rddann vee gawt"/, n. 1. a highly seasoned velouté with white wine and vinegar, butter, cream, and mushrooms cooked in liquor, usually served hot with variety meats and ...
/rav"in/, v.i., v.t., n. raven2. * * *
—raviney, adj. /reuh veen"/, n. a narrow steep-sided valley commonly eroded by running water. [1400-50; late ME < MF: torrent, OF: a violent rushing; see RAVEN2] * * *
/reuh veend"/, adj. marked or furrowed with ravines. [1850-55; RAVINE + -ED3] * * *
—ravingly, adv. /ray"ving/, adj. 1. talking wildly; delirious; frenzied: a raving maniac. 2. Informal. extraordinary or remarkable: a raving beauty. adv. 3. furiously or ...
See raving. * * *
Ravinia Park
▪ music centre, Illinois, United States       one of the oldest outdoor summer music and cultural centres in the United States, located in Highland Park, Illinois, ...
/rav'ee oh"lee, rah'vee-/; It. /rddah vyaw"lee/, n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) small cases of pasta, often square, stuffed with a filling, usually of meat or cheese, and often ...
—ravishedly, adv. —ravisher, n. /rav"ish/, v.t. 1. to fill with strong emotion, esp. joy. 2. to seize and carry off by force. 3. to carry off (a woman) by force. 4. to rape ...
See ravish. * * *
—ravishingly, adv. /rav"i shing/, adj. extremely beautiful or attractive; enchanting; entrancing. [1300-50; ME; see RAVISH, -ING1] * * *
See ravishing. * * *
/rav"ish meuhnt/, n. 1. rapture or ecstasy. 2. violent removal. 3. the forcible abduction of a woman. 4. rape1 (def. 1). [1470-80; < MF ravissement, equiv. to raviss- (see ...
—rawish, adj. —rawishness, n. —rawly, adv. —rawness, n. /raw/, adj., rawer, rawest, n. adj. 1. uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot. 2. not having undergone ...
raw bar
raw bar n. a restaurant or counter at which uncooked shellfish are served * * *
raw fibers
textile fibers, as cotton or wool, or textile filaments, as silk or nylon, that have received no manipulation or treatment. * * *
raw material
material before being processed or manufactured into a final form. [1790-1800] * * *
Raw materials used in the manufacture of portland cement
▪ Table Raw materials used in the manufacture of portland cement (percentage composition) raw material CaO SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 MgO loss on ...
raw score
the original score, as of a test, before it is statistically adjusted. [1925-30] * * *
raw sienna.
See under sienna (def. 1). [1885-90] * * *
raw silk
reeled silk that has not had the sericin removed. [1300-50; ME] * * *
raw umber.
See under umber (def. 1). [1890-95] * * *
raw-pack method
/raw"pak'/. See cold pack (def. 2). * * *
/rah'weuhl pin"dee/, n. a city in N Pakistan: former provisional capital. 806,000. * * * City (pop., 1998: 1,406,214), Punjab province, northern Pakistan, southwest of ...
raw bar n. A bar or counter at which raw shellfish is served. * * *
/raw"bohnd"/, adj. having little flesh, esp. on a large-boned frame; gaunt. [1585-95; RAW + BONED] * * *
/raw"huyd'/, n., v., rawhided, rawhiding. n. 1. untanned skin of cattle or other animals. 2. a rope or whip made of rawhide. v.t. 3. to whip with a rawhide. [1650-60; RAW + ...
▪ Islamic literature       (Arabic: “reciter”), in Arabic literature, professional reciter of poetry. The rāwīs preserved pre-Islāmic poetry in oral tradition ...
/ray"win/, n. a method of observation of upper-air winds conducted by means of a weather balloon tracked by radar or a radio direction finder. Cf. raob, rawinsonde. [1945-50; ...
/ray"win sond'/, n. a method of upper-atmosphere meteorological observation conducted by means of a radiosonde tracked by radar. Cf. raob, rawin. [1945-50; ra(dar) + win(d) + ...
Rawl, Lawrence G.
▪ 2006       American business executive (b. May 4, 1928, Lyndhurst, N.J.—d. Feb. 13, 2005, Fort Worth, Texas), served as chairman and chief executive officer of Exxon ...
/raw"lingz/, n. Marjorie Kinnan /ki nan"/, 1896-1953, U.S. novelist and journalist. * * *
Rawlings, Jerry J(ohn)
born June 22, 1947, Accra, Ghana Ruler of Ghana (1981–2001). Of Scottish and Ghanaian descent, Rawlings, then a junior air force officer, first overthrew the government in ...
Rawlings, Jerry J.
▪ head of state, Ghana in full  Jerry John Rawlings   born June 22, 1947, Accra, Ghana       military and political leader in Ghana who twice (1979, 1981) overthrew ...
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
orig. Marjorie Kinnan born Aug. 8, 1896, Washington, D.C., U.S. died Dec. 14, 1953, St. Augustine, Fla. U.S. short-story writer and novelist. Rawlings worked as a journalist ...
Rawlings,Marjorie Kinnan
Raw·lings (rôʹlĭngz), Marjorie Kinnan. 1896-1953. American writer known for her novel The Yearling (1938). * * *
/raw"linz/, n. a town in S Wyoming. 11,547. * * * ▪ Wyoming, United States       city, seat (1886) of Carbon county, south-central Wyoming, U.S. It lies just east of ...
/raw"lin seuhn/, n. 1. George, 1812-1902, English historian. 2. his brother, Sir Henry Creswicke /krez"ik/, 1810-95, English archaeologist, diplomat, and soldier. * * *
Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke
▪ British orientalist born April 11, 1810, Chadlington, Oxfordshire, Eng. died March 5, 1895, London  British army officer and Orientalist who deciphered the Old Persian ...
Rawlinson,Sir Henry Creswicke
Raw·lin·son (rôʹlĭn-sən), Sir Henry Creswicke. 1810-1895. British diplomat and scholar who deciphered cuneiform texts from ancient Persia. * * *
n a British make of small hollow plastic tube that can be placed into a hole to allow a screw to be fixed firmly in position, e.g. in a wall. * * *
Rawls, Betsy
▪ American golfer byname of  Elizabeth Earle Rawls   born May 4, 1928, Spartanburg, S.C., U.S.       American golfer who set a record by winning the U.S. Women's Open ...
Rawls, John
born Feb. 21, 1921, Baltimore, Md., U.S. died Nov. 24, 2002, Lexington, Mass. U.S. political philosopher. He taught at Cornell University (1962–79) and later at Harvard ...
Rawls, John Bordley
▪ 2003       American philosopher (b. Feb. 21, 1921, Baltimore, Md.—d. Nov. 24, 2002, Lexington, Mass.), was among the most influential political thinkers of the 20th ...
Rawls, Lou
▪ 2007 Louis Allen Rawls        American singer (b. Dec. 1, 1933, Chicago, Ill.—d. Jan. 6, 2006, Los Angeles, Calif.), was a versatile performer whose smooth baritone ...
Rawls (rôlz), John. Born 1921. American political philosopher whose A Theory of Justice (1971) revived the social contractarian tradition by arguing that all members of society ...
See raw. * * *
raw material n. 1. An unprocessed natural product used in manufacture. 2. Unprocessed material of any kind: These data are the raw material for the analysis. * * *
See rawly. * * *
raw sienna n. 1. A brownish-yellow pigment. 2. A brownish orange to light brown. * * *
raw silk n. 1. Untreated silk as reeled from a cocoon. 2. Fabric or yarn made from untreated silk. * * *
▪ Argentina       town and port, capital of Chubut provincia (province), southern Argentina. It lies along the Chubut River near the latter's mouth, about 5 miles (8 ...
Rawsthorne, Alan
▪ British composer born May 2, 1905, Haslingden, Lancashire, Eng. died July 24, 1971, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire       English composer best known for his finely ...
/raks/, Scot. and North Eng. v.i. 1. to stretch oneself, as after sleeping. 2. to extend the hand. v.t. 3. to elongate; stretch. [bef. 1000; ME (north) raxen, OE raxan; akin to ...
ray1 —raylike, adj. /ray/, n. 1. a narrow beam of light. 2. a gleam or slight manifestation: a ray of hope. 3. a raylike line or stretch of something. 4. light or radiance. 5. ...
/ray/ for 1, 2, 4, 5; /ruy/ for 3, n. 1. John, 1627?-1705, English naturalist. 2. Man /man/, 1890-1976, U.S. painter and photographer. 3. Satyajit /sut"yeuh jit/, 1921-92, Indian ...
Ray Bradbury
➡ Bradbury (II) * * *
Ray Charles
➡ Charles (II) * * *
ray flower
Bot. one of the marginal florets surrounding the disk of tubular florets in the flower heads of certain composite plants, as the daisy. Also called ray floret. [1850-55] * * *
ray gun
1. a gun that can fire bursts of usually destructive or lethal rays: a science fiction novel whose hero has a ray gun made of gold. 2. a child's futuristic toy gun that emits ...
Ray Kroc
➡ Kroc * * *
ray spider
      any spider of the family Theridiosomatidae (order Araneida), known for their conelike webs. Most ray spiders are less than 3 mm (0.125 inch) in body length and are ...
Ray, Charlotte E.
▪ American lawyer and teacher married name  Charlotte E. Fraim  born January 13, 1850, New York, New York, U.S. died January 4, 1911, Woodside, New ...
Ray, Dixy Lee
▪ 1995       (MARGARET RAY), U.S. zoologist and government official (b. Sept. 3, 1914, Tacoma, Wash.—d. Jan. 2, 1994, Fox Island, near Seattle, Wash.), was a colourful ...
Ray, James Earl
born March 10, 1928, Alton, Ill., U.S. died April 23, 1998, Nashville, Tenn. Assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ray was a petty criminal who had been sentenced several times ...
Ray, Jean
▪ Belgian author pseudonym of  Jean Raymond Marie De Kremer,  also published under the pseudonym  John Flanders  born July 8, 1887, Ghent, Belgium died September 17, 1964, ...
Ray, John
born Nov. 29, 1627, Black Notley, Essex, Eng. died Jan. 17, 1705, Black Notley British naturalist and botanist. He attended Cambridge University and spent many years there as a ...
Ray, Nicholas
orig. Raymond Nicholas Kienzle born Aug. 7, 1911, Galesville, Wis., U.S. died June 16, 1979, New York, N.Y. U.S. film director. He studied architecture and drama and began ...
Ray, Rachael
▪ 2007  As the host of four successful shows on the cable television Food Network, editor in chief of the lifestyle magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray, and the best-selling ...
Ray, Satyajit
born May 2, 1921, Calcutta, India died April 23, 1992, Calcutta Bengali-Indian film director. After studying with Rabindranath Tagore, he became art director of an ad agency ...
Ray (rā), Cape A promontory of extreme southwest Newfoundland, Canada, on Cabot Strait. * * *
Ray, John. 1627-1705. English naturalist who was the first to use anatomy to distinguish between specific plants and animals and established “species” as the basic ...
Ray, Man. 1890-1976. American artist. A founder of Dada in New York, he is known for his photographs, paintings, sculpture, films, and later experiments with surrealism. * * *
Ray (rī), Satyajit. 1921-1992. Bengali filmmaker whose works, especially the trilogy including The World of Apu (1958), offer a contemplative depiction of Bengali life. * * *
n [pl] a popular US make of sunglasses (= spectacles with dark glass to protect the eyes from the sun). They were originally developed for use by US air force pilots but are now ...
ray-finned fish (rāʹfĭnd') n. Any of various bony fishes belonging to the subclass Actinopterygii, having fins supported by dermal rays. * * *
/rah"yeuh, ruy"euh/, n. a Christian subject of an Ottoman ruler. Also, raya. [1805-15; < Turk reaya < Ar ra'iyah subject, lit., flock; cf. RYOT] * * *
/ray"berrn/, n. Sam, 1882-1961, U.S. lawyer and political leader: Speaker of the House 1940-47, 1949-53, 1955-61. * * *
Rayburn, Sam
▪ American politician Introduction in full  Samuel Taliaferro Rayburn   born January 6, 1882, Roane county, Tennessee, U.S. died November 16, 1961, Bonham, Texas  American ...
Rayburn, Sam(uel) (Taliaferro)
born Jan. 6, 1882, Roane county, Tenn., U.S. died Nov. 16, 1961, Bonham, Texas U.S. politician. He taught school in Texas before becoming a lawyer. He served in the state ...
Rayburn,Samuel Taliaferro
Ray·burn (rāʹbûrn'), Samuel Taliaferro. 1882-1961. American politician. A U.S. representative from Texas (1913-1961), he served as Speaker of the House (17 terms between ...
Raye, Martha
▪ 1995       (MARGARET TERESA YVONNE REED), U.S. entertainer (b. Aug. 27, 1916, Butte, Mont.—d. Oct. 19, 1994, Los Angeles, Calif.), established her reputation as an ...
/rayd/, adj. 1. having or represented as having emanating rays; radiate: The saint was painted with a rayed, beatific face. 2. having zoological or botanical rays (often used in ...
ray flower n. A flower with a flat, strap-shaped corolla, found in members of the composite family, as the units of a flower head of the dandelion or the marginal units of a ...
ray gun n. A gun that fires a ray of energy, especially one depicted as a destructive weapon in science fiction. * * *
/ray"lee/, n. John William Strutt /strut/, 3rd Baron, 1842-1919, English physicist: Nobel prize 1904. * * *
Rayleigh (of Terling Place), John William Strutt, 3rd Baron
born Nov. 12, 1842, Langford Grove, Essex, Eng. died June 30, 1919, Terling Place, Witham, Essex English physicist. In 1873 he succeeded to his father's title and built a ...
Rayleigh disk
Acoustics, Mech. a small circular disk, usually of mica, that is suspended from a fiber and tends to be deflected at right angles to a stream of air, indicating by its deflection ...
Rayleigh scattering
Optics. the scattering of light by particles that are very small in relation to the wavelength of the light, and in which the intensity of the scattered light varies inversely ...
Rayleigh wave
Mech., Geol. a wave along the surface of a solid, elastic body, esp. along the surface of the earth. [1915-20; named after J. W. S. RAYLEIGH] * * *
Rayleigh, John William Strutt, 3rd Baron
▪ British scientist born Nov. 12, 1842, Langford Grove, Maldon, Essex, Eng. died June 30, 1919, Terling Place, Witham, Essex  English physical scientist who made fundamental ...
Rayleigh,Third Baron
Ray·leigh (rāʹlē), Third Baron Title of John William Strutt. 1842-1919. British physicist. He won a 1904 Nobel Prize for investigating the density of gases and for ...
Rayleigh scattering n. The scattering of electromagnetic radiation by particles with dimensions much smaller than the wavelength of the radiation, resulting in angular separation ...
—raylessness, n. /ray"lis/, adj. 1. lacking rays or raylike parts. 2. unlit, dark, or gloomy: a rayless cave. [1735-45; RAY1 + -LESS] * * *
/ray"meuhnd/, n. 1. Henry Jarvis /jahr"vis/, 1820-69, U.S. publicist: founder of The New York Times. 2. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning "counsel" and ...
Raymond Briggs
➡ Briggs * * *
Raymond Carver
➡ Carver * * *
Raymond Chandler
➡ Chandler * * *
Raymond III
▪ count of Tripoli born c. 1140 died July 1187, County of Tripoli       count of the crusaders' state of Tripoli (1152–87) and twice regent of the Latin Kingdom of ...
Raymond IV
French Raimond known as Raymond of Saint-Gilles born 1041 or 1042, Toulouse, county of Toulouse died Feb. 28, 1105, near Tripoli Count of Toulouse (1093–1105) and marquis of ...
Raymond of Peñafort, Saint
Spanish Raimundo born с 1185, Peñafort, near Barcelona died Jan. 6, 1275, Barcelona; canonized 1601; feast day January 7 Catalan Dominican friar influential in defining ...
Raymond Terrace
▪ New South Wales, Australia       town, eastern New South Wales, Australia, on the east bank of the Hunter River (near its junction with the Williams), just north of ...
Raymond VI
French Raimond born Oct. 27, 1156 died Aug. 1222, Toulouse, France Count of Toulouse (1194–1222). He at first tolerated the heretical Cathari but later joined the ...

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