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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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▪ Buddhism (Japanese: “Regulation”),Chinese  Lü-tsung,         school of Buddhist moral discipline primarily concerned with vinaya, or the rules of monastic and ...
Ritt, Martin
▪ American director born March 2, 1914/20?, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Dec. 8, 1990, Santa Monica, Calif.       American motion-picture director noted for his films on ...
Rittenhouse, David
born April 8, 1732, Germantown, Pa. died June 26, 1796, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S. U.S. astronomer and inventor. He was a clockmaker by trade but also built mathematical ...
/rit"euhr/, n., pl. ritter, ritters. 1. a knight. 2. a member of the lowest order of nobility in Germany or Austria. [1815-25; < G; MHG riter RIDER] * * *
/rit"euhr/, n. 1. Joseph Elmer, 1891-1967, U.S. cardinal. 2. Woodward Maurice ("Tex"), 1907-74, U.S. country-and-western singer, composer, and film actor. * * *
Ritter, Bruce
▪ 2000 John Ritter        American priest who was the founder in 1969 of Covenant House in New York City, a haven for runaway children and homeless teenagers; Ritter was ...
Ritter, Carl
▪ German geographer born Aug. 7, 1779, Quedlinburg, Prussia died Sept. 28, 1859, Berlin  German geographer who was cofounder, with Alexander von Humboldt, of modern ...
Ritter, Johann Wilhelm
▪ German physicist born Dec. 16, 1776, Samitz bei Haynau, Silesia died Jan. 23, 1810, Munich       German physicist who discovered the ultraviolet region of the ...
Ritter, Jonathon Southworth
▪ 2004 “John”        American actor and comedian (b. Sept. 17, 1948, Burbank, Calif.—d. Sept. 11, 2003, Burbank), was a master of physical comedy, a talent he put ...
Ritter,Woodward Maurice
Rit·ter (rĭtʹər), Woodward Maurice. Known as “Tex.” 1907-1974. American singer and actor who played a singing cowboy in radio shows and motion-picture Westerns. * * *
Ritts, Herbert, Jr.
▪ 2003 “Herb”        American photographer (b. August 1952, Los Angeles, Calif.—d. Dec. 26, 2002, Los Angeles), excelled in capturing images that celebrated the ...
—ritually, adv. /rich"ooh euhl/, n. 1. an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite. 2. a system or collection of religious or other rites. 3. ...
ritual bath
a mikvah. * * *       religious or magic ceremony involving the use of water to immerse or anoint a subject's body. The many forms of Baptism (q.v.), ranging from total ...
ritual murder
a human sacrifice made to appease a deity. [1945-50] * * *
—ritualistic, adj. —ritualistically, adv. /rich"ooh euh liz'euhm/, n. 1. adherence to or insistence on ritual. 2. the study of ritual practices or religious rites. 3. ...
/rich"ooh euh list/, n. 1. a student of or authority on ritual practices or religious rites. 2. a person who practices or advocates observance of ritual, as in religious ...
rit·u·al·is·tic (rĭch'o͞o-ə-lĭsʹtĭk) adj. 1. Relating to ritual or ritualism. 2. Advocating or practicing ritual.   rit'u·al·isʹti·cal·ly adv. * * *
See ritualistic. * * *
/rich'ooh euh leuh zay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of ritualizing. 2. Ethology. the alteration of a behavior pattern, as by a change in intensity, in a way that increases its ...
/rich"ooh euh luyz'/, v., ritualized, ritualizing. v.i. 1. to practice ritualism. v.t. 2. to make into a ritual: to ritualize the serving of tea. 3. to convert (someone) to ...
See ritual. * * *
ritual murder n. 1. The murder of a person as a human sacrifice to a deity. 2. A murder committed in such a way as to resemble a sacrifice to a deity. * * *
/rits/, n. 1. ostentatious or pretentious display. 2. put on the ritz, Informal. to live in elegance and luxury, esp. to make an ostentatious show of one's wealth: They put on ...
Ritz Brothers
▪ American entertainers       American comedy team of three brothers, celebrated for their parodies and energetic slapstick humour. Their true surname was Joachim, and ...
Ritz combination principle
/rits/, Physics. the principle that the frequencies of lines in atomic spectra can be represented as differences of a smaller number of terms, all characteristic of the emitting ...
Ritz Hotel
➡ Ritz * * *
Ritz, César
▪ French businessman born Feb. 23, 1850, Niederwald, Switz. died Oct. 26, 1918, Küssnacht, near Lucerne       founder of the Paris hotel that made his name a synonym ...
—ritzily, adv. —ritziness, n. /rit"see/, adj., ritzier, ritziest. Slang. swanky; elegant; posh: a ritzy neighborhood; a ritzy hotel. [1915-20, Amer.; see RITZ, -Y1] * * *
river. * * *
Rivadavia, Bernardino
born May 20, 1780, Buenos Aires, Arg. died Sept. 2, 1845, Cádiz, Spain First president of the Argentine republic (1826–27). Active in the 1810 movement for independence from ...
/riv"ij, ruy"vij/, n. Archaic. a bank, shore, or coast. [1250-1300; ME < MF, equiv. to rive RIVER ( < L ripa riverbank) + -age -AGE] * * *
—rivalless, adj. /ruy"veuhl/, n., adj., v., rivaled, rivaling or (esp. Brit.) rivalled, rivalling. n. 1. a person who is competing for the same object or goal as another, or ...
▪ 2001       Another Brazilian athlete was crowned king of association football (soccer) when, on Jan. 24, 2000, a Fédération Internationale de Football Association ...
—rivalrousness, n. /ruy"veuhl reuhs/, adj. characterized by rivalry; competitive: the rivalrous aspect of their friendship. [1805-15; RIVALR(Y) + -OUS] * * *
/ruy"veuhl ree/, n., pl. rivalries. 1. the action, position, or relation of a rival or rivals; competition: rivalry between Yale and Harvard. 2. an instance of this. [1590-1600; ...
a comic play (1775) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, in which two young men are rivals for the love of the same young woman, Lydia Languish. The play’s most famous character is ...
Rivals, The
a comedy of manners (1775) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. * * *
Rivarol, Antoine Rivaroli, Count de
▪ French author born June 26, 1753, Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Fr. died April 11, 1801, Berlin [Germany]  French publicist, journalist, and epigrammatist and a would-be nobleman ...
▪ Nicaragua       city, southwestern Nicaragua, on a narrow strip of land between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1736 and formerly known as Nicaragua, ...
/ruyv/, v., rived, rived or riven, riving. v.t. 1. to tear or rend apart: to rive meat from a bone. 2. to separate by striking; split; cleave. 3. to rend, harrow, or distress ...
Rive, Richard
▪ South African author in full  Richard Moore Rive   born March 1, 1931, Cape Town, S.Af. died June 4/5, 1989, Cape Town       South African writer, literary critic, ...
/riv"euhl/, n. Chiefly Western Canadian. a very small dumpling made of a batter of butter, egg, flour, and seasoning, cooked in broth. [orig. uncert.] * * *
/riv"euhn/, v. 1. a pp. of rive. adj. 2. rent or split apart. 3. split radially, as a log. * * *
river1 —riverless, adj. —riverlike, adj. /riv"euhr/, n. 1. a natural stream of water of fairly large size flowing in a definite course or channel or series of diverging and ...
river basin
Physical Geog. the area of land drained by a river and its branches. [1875-80] * * *
river birch
a tree, Betula nigra, of the eastern U.S., having papery, reddish-brown bark that peels away. Also called red birch. [1850-55] * * * ▪ tree (Betula nigra),also called  Red ...
river blindness
Pathol. onchocerciasis. [1950-55] * * * or onchocerciasis Human disease caused by a filarial worm native to Africa but also found in parts of tropical America and transmitted ...
River Café
a fashionable restaurant by the River Thames in Hammersmith, London, established in 1987. It is famous for its Italian food and there are several River Café recipe books. * * *
river carpsucker
a carpsucker, Carpiodes carpio, found in silty rivers of the central U.S. south to Mexico. * * *
river dolphin
▪ mammal  any of four or five species of small, usually freshwater aquatic mammals that are related to whales (whale) (order Cetacea (cetacean)). These dolphins are found in ...
River Edge
a borough in NE New Jersey. 11,111. * * *
River Forest
a city in NE Illinois. 12,392. * * * ▪ Illinois, United States       village, Cook county, northeastern Illinois, U.S. A residential suburb of Chicago, River Forest ...
River Grove
a town in NE Illinois. 10,368. * * *
river horse
a hippopotamus. [1595-1605] * * *
river otter
a North American otter, Lutra canadensis, with brown and silver fur, native to streams and lakes in the U.S. and Canada. [1830-40] * * *
River Phoenix
➡ Phoenix (II) * * *
River Plate
Brit. See Plata, Río de la. * * *
River Rouge
a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 12,912. * * *
river terrace
▪ geology       bench or step that extends along the side of a valley and represents a former level of the valley floor. A terrace results from any hydrological or ...
river wheat.
See poulard wheat. * * *
/ri vair"euh/; Sp. /rddee ve"rddah/, n. 1. Diego /dye"gaw/, 1886-1957, Mexican painter. 2. José Eustasio /haw se" e'oohs tah"syaw/, 1889-1928, Colombian poet and novelist. 3. ...
Rivera y Orbaneja,Miguel Primo de
Rivera y Or·ba·ne·ja (ēôr'bä-nĕʹhä, ôr'vä-), Miguel Primo de. See Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja, Miguel. * * *
Rivera, Chita
▪ 1994       In Kiss of the Spider Woman, a Latin-American prisoner attempts to while away the hours by recounting for his cell mate the stories of films that starred ...
Rivera, Diego
born Dec. 8, 1886, Guanajuato, Mex. died Nov. 25, 1957, Mexico City Mexican muralist. After study in Mexico City and Spain, he settled in Paris from 1909 to 1919. He briefly ...
Rivera, José Eustasio
▪ Colombian poet born Feb. 19, 1889, Neiva, Colom. died Feb. 19, 1928, New York, N.Y., U.S.       Colombian poet and novelist whose novel La vorágine (1924; The ...
Ri·ve·ra (rĭ-vĕrʹə, rē-vĕʹrä), Diego. 1886-1957. Mexican painter noted for his murals that exalt workers in a style derived from Mexican folk art. * * *
/riv"euhr bangk'/, n. the slopes bordering a river. [1555-65; RIVER1 + BANK1] * * *
riverbank grape
a high-climbing vine, Vitis riparia, of eastern North America, having fragrant flowers and nearly black fruit. Also called frost grape. * * *
river basin n. The land area drained by a river and its tributaries. * * *
/riv"euhr bed'/, n. the channel in which a river flows or formerly flowed. [1825-35; RIVER1 + BED] * * *
river birch n. A deciduous eastern North American tree (Betula nigra) having reddish-brown to silver-gray bark that peels off in papery flakes. Also called black birch. * * *
river blindness n. See onchocerciasis. * * *
/riv"euhr boht'/, n. any shallow-draft boat used on rivers. [1555-65; RIVER1 + BOAT] * * *
/riv"euhr dayl'/, n. a city in NE Illinois. 13,233. * * *
a popular stage show (1994–) based on a type of Irish dancing called ‘stepdance’, which involves very quick movements of the feet while the arms remain at the side of the ...
riverfront [riv′ər frunt΄] n. land along the shore of a river adj. near, at, or of the riverfront [a riverfront park] * * * riv·er·front (rĭvʹər-frŭnt') n. The land ...
/riv"euhr hed'/, n. the source or spring of a river. [1675-85; RIVER1 + HEAD] * * *
river horse n. See hippopotamus.   [Translation of Greek hippopotamos. See hippopotamus.] * * *
▪ region, New South Wales, Australia       predominantly rural region, south-central New South Wales, Australia. Occupying 26,509 square miles (68,658 square km), it is ...
/riv"euh ruyn', -reen', -euhr in/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a river. 2. situated or dwelling beside a river. [1855-60; RIVER1 + -INE1] * * *
riverine ecosystem
▪ ecological niche also called  lotic ecosystem,         any spring, stream, or river viewed as an ecosystem. The waters are flowing (lotic) and exhibit a ...
/riv"euhrz/, n. 1. Larry (Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg), born 1923, U.S. painter. 2. William Halse /hawls/, 1865-1922, English physiologist and anthropologist. * * * ▪ state, ...
Rivers, Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl, Baron Rivers
▪ English noble Woodville also spelled  Wydeville,  Wydville , or  Wydevill  born c. 1440 died June 25, 1483  English noble, a leading supporter of his brother-in-law, ...
Rivers, Glenn
▪ 2009 Glenn Anton Rivers; “Doc”  born Oct. 13, 1961, Chicago, Ill.       On June 17, 2008, Glenn (“Doc ") Rivers, in his fourth season as head coach of the ...
Rivers, Larry
orig. Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg born Aug. 17, 1923, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Aug. 14, 2002, Southampton, N.Y. U.S. painter associated with Abstract Expressionism and Pop ...
Rivers, Richard Woodville, 1st Earl, Baron Rivers
▪ English noble Woodville also spelled  Wydeville, Wydville, or Wydevill   died Aug. 12, 1469, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Eng.       father-in-law of the Yorkist king ...
Rivers, Thomas Milton
▪ American virologist born Sept. 3, 1888, Jonesboro, Ga., U.S. died May 12, 1962, New York, N.Y.       American virologist who, as chairman of the virus research ...
Rivers, W H R
▪ British anthropologist born March 12, 1864, Luton, near Chatham, Kent, Eng. died June 4, 1922, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire       English medical psychologist and ...
Riv·ers (rĭvʹərz), Larry. Born 1923. American artist whose complex paintings combine the bold brushwork of abstract expressionism with realistic images. * * *
/riv"euhr skayp'/, n. a view, painting, etc., of a river and the land surrounding or adjacent to it. [1900-05; RIVER1 + -SCAPE] * * *
/riv"euhr suyd'/, n. 1. a bank of a river. adj. 2. on or near a bank of a river. [1325-75; ME river-syde. See RIVER1, SIDE1] * * * City (pop., 2000: 255,166), southern ...
/riv"euhr suyd'/, n. a city in SW California. 170,876. * * * City (pop., 2000: 255,166), southern California, U.S. It lies on the Santa Ana River. Along with San Bernardino and ...
Riversleigh fossils
▪ paleontology       any of numerous assemblages of fossils found at Riversleigh Station, in northwestern Queensland, Australia, which together constitute the richest ...
▪ Wyoming, United States       city, Fremont county, west-central Wyoming, U.S. It lies along the Bighorn River at the mouth of the Wind River. Founded as Wadsworth in ...
/riv"euhr vyooh'/, n. 1. a town in SE New Brunswick, in SE Canada. 14,907. 2. a town in SE Michigan. 14,569. * * *
/riv"euhr weuhrd/, adv. 1. Also, riverwards. toward a river. adj. 2. facing a river. [1825-35; RIVER1 + -WARD] * * *
/riv"euhr weed'/, n. any of several chiefly tropical submerged aquatic plants of the genus Podostemum and related genera, growing in rapidly moving streams. [1665-75; RIVER1 + ...
—riveter, n. —rivetless, adj. /riv"it/, n., v., riveted, riveting or (esp. Brit.) rivetted, rivetting. n. 1. a metal pin for passing through holes in two or more plates or ...
rivet set
a tool for forming a head on a rivet after driving. * * *
Rivet, Paul
▪ French anthropologist born 1876, Wassigny, Fr. died March 25, 1958, Paris       French ethnologist who suggested Australian and Melanesian origins for the Indians of ...
See rivet. * * *
riv·et·ing (rĭvʹĭ-tĭng) adj. Wholly absorbing or engrossing one's attention; fascinating: The last chapter was so riveting that I was reading past ...
See riveting. * * *
/riv'ee air"euh/; for 1 also It. /rddee vye"rddah/, n. 1. a resort area along the Mediterranean coast, extending from Saint Tropez, in SE France, to La Spezia, in NW Italy. See ...
Riviera Beach
/ri vear"euh/ a town in SE Florida. 26,596. * * *
/riv'ee air", ri vyair"/; Fr. /rddee vyerdd"/, n., pl. rivières /riv'ee airz", ri vyairz"/; Fr. /rddee vyerdd"/. a necklace of diamonds or other gems, esp. in more than one ...
Rivière, Jacques
▪ French author born July 15, 1886, Bordeaux, France died Feb. 14, 1925, Paris  writer, critic, and editor who was a major force in the intellectual life of France in the ...
Fr. /rddee vyerdd dyuu looh"/, n. a city in SE Quebec, in E Canada, on the St. Lawrence. 13,459. * * *
Riv·ne (rĭvʹnə, rēwʹnĕ) or Rov·no (rôvʹnə) A city of northwest Ukraine west of Kiev. It was annexed by Russia in 1793 and by Poland in 1921. Population: 244,000. * * ...
▪ Italy       town, Piemonte ( Piedmont) regione, northwestern Italy, just west of Turin (Torino). Once the favourite resort of the counts of Savoy, the town is ...
/riv"yeuh lit/, n. a small stream; streamlet; brook. [1580-90; earlier rivolet < It rivoletto, dim. of rivolo < L rivulus small stream] * * *
rivulose [riv′yo͞o lōs΄, riv′yəlōs΄] adj. having thin, winding lines * * *
/riv"yeuh leuhs/, n., pl. rivulus. any of several killifishes of the genus Rivulus, native to small streams of tropical America, often kept in aquariums. [ < NL, L: RIVULET] * * *
(1924–) an English theatre actor and manager. He played in farces at the Whitehall Theatre for many years, and later became known for his work for the British charity Mencap, ...
/riks"dol'euhr/, n. any of various silver coins, as the Danish rigsdaler, the Dutch rijksdaalder, or the German reichsthaler, of about equal value. [1590-1600; partial trans. of ...
Riyāḍ, Maḥmūd
▪ Egyptian diplomat also spelled  Mahmoud Riad  born January 8, 1917, Al-Qalyūbiyyah, Egypt died January 25, 1992, Cairo       Egyptian diplomat who, as ...
Riyāḍ, Muḥammad ʿAbd al-Munʿim
▪ Egyptian military officer also spelled  Mohammad Abdel Moneim Riad  born October 22, 1919, Ṭanṭā, Egypt died March 9, 1969, Suez Canal zone       Egyptian ...
/ree yahd"/, n. a city in and the capital of Saudi Arabia. 450,000. * * * City (pop., 1992: 2,776,096), capital of Saudi Arabia. Located in the east-central part of the ...
/ree yawl", -yahl"/, n. 1. a bronze coin and monetary unit of Qatar, equal to 100 dirhams. 2. a silver coin and monetary unit of Saudi Arabia, equal to 100 halala or 20 ...
Riza Shah Pahlavi
/ri zah" shah" pah"leuh vee', shaw"/ Pahlavi (def. 2). * * *
/ri zuy"euh/; Pers. /rddi zah"ee ye/ n. Reza'iyeh. * * *
/rddee sahl"/, n. José /haw se"/, 1861-96, Philippine patriot, novelist, poet, and physician. * * *
Rizal (y Alonso), José
in full José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda born June 19, 1861, Calamba, Phil. died Dec. 30, 1896, Manila Filipino patriot, physician, and man of letters. Beginning ...
Rizal Day
/ri zahl", ree sahl"/, (in the Philippines) December 30: a legal holiday commemorating the death of José Rizal. * * *
Rizal, José
Ri·zal (rĭ-zälʹ, rē-sälʹ), José. 1861-1896. Philippine national leader and writer. Having been exiled (1892-1896) for his political novels, he was arrested on his ...
Rizalist cult
▪ Filipino religion       any of numerous ethnic religious groups in the Philippines that believe in the divinity of José Rizal, the national hero martyred by the ...
▪ Turkey       city, northeastern Turkey, on the Black Sea. The city lies on wooded hills stretching down to the sea, with its commercial section on the narrow strip ...
/riz"euhr/, Scot. v.t. 1. to dry or cure (meat, fish, etc., esp. haddock) in the sun. n. 2. a haddock dried or cured in the sun. Also, rizar. [1800-10; prob. < obs. F ressoré ...
/rit"see oh', reet"-/; It. /rddeet"tsyaw/, n. David /dah"veed/, 1533?-66, Italian musician: private foreign secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots 1564-66. Also, Riccio. * * *
Riz·zio (rĭtʹsē-ō', rētʹtsē-), David. 1533?-1566. Italian musician and secretary to Mary Queen of Scots. His closeness to the queen prompted the jealous Lord Darnley and ...
Rizzuto, Phil
▪ 2008 Fiero Francis Rizzuto; “Scooter”        American baseball player and broadcaster born Sept. 25, 1917 , New York, N.Y. died Aug. 13, 2007, West Orange, ...
Mil. road junction. * * *
RJR Nabisco, Inc.
▪ American corporation       former conglomerate corporation formed by the merger in 1985 of R.J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. (R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings) (a ...
RK abbr. radial keratotomy. * * *
a major Hollywood film company in the 1930s and 1940s. It was established in 1921 as RKO Radio Pictures. Its successful films include King Kong, Flying Down to Rio (1933) and ...
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
U.S. film studio. It was created in 1928 as Radio-Keith-Orpheum when the Radio Corp. of America (RCA Corp.) acquired the Keith-Albee-Orpheum theatre chain and a production firm. ...
➡ Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. * * *
reichsmark. * * *
pl. rms. 1. ream. 2. room. * * *
RMA abbrev. Royal Military Academy * * *
RMC abbrev. Royal Military College * * *
remainder. * * *
(often cap.) See root mean square. Also, r.m.s. * * *
West Semitic, to burn, be(come) scorched. Ramadan, from Arabic ramaḍān, from ramaḍ, parchedness, from ramiḍa, to be(come) scorched. * * *
(in full the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) a British trade union formed in 1990 from the combination of the National Union of Railwaymen and the ...
To throw, throw down, set down, establish. Jeremiah, jeremiad, from Hebrew yirməyāhû, Yahweh has established, from yirm(ə), he has established, old preterite of rāmâ, to ...
Symbol, Chem. radon. * * *
Genetics. ribonucleic acid: any of a class of single-stranded molecules transcribed from DNA in the cell nucleus or in the mitochondrion or chloroplast, containing along the ...
RNA polymerase
Biochem. an enzyme that synthesizes the formation of RNA from a DNA template during transcription. Also called transcriptase. [1960-65] * * *
RNA synthetase
Biochem. an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of RNA in cells infected with RNA viruses, allowing production of copies of the viral RNA. Also called replicase, RNA ...
RNA virus
any virus containing RNA; retrovirus. [1960-65] * * *
RNA·ase (är'ĕn-āʹās', -āz') n. Variant of RNase. * * *
RNA polymerase n. A polymerase that catalyzes the synthesis of a complementary strand of RNA from a DNA template, or, in some viruses, from an RNA template. * * *
/ahr"en"ays, -ayz/, n. Biochem. ribonuclease. Also, RNAase /ahr"en"ay"ays, -ayz/. [RN(A) + -ASE] * * *
RNA virus n. An RNA-containing virus; retrovirus. * * *
rnd abbrev. round * * *
round. * * *
range. * * *
➡ Royal National Lifeboat Institution. * * *
Biochem. ribonucleoprotein. * * *
RNR abbrev. Royal Naval Reserve * * *
▪ Tibetan Buddhist sect also spelled  Nyingmapa        (Tibetan: “The Old Order”), second largest Buddhist sect in Tibet; it claims to transmit the original ...
Ro abbrev. Bible Romans * * *
RO abbrev. Royal Observatory * * *
ro abbrev. 1. recto 2. rood * * *
▪ Japanese lacquerwork       in Japanese lacquerwork, technique of coating with black lacquer, involving two major methods. Hana-nuri (or nuritate-mono) uses black ...
See rial omani. * * *
1. recto. 2. roan. 3. rood. * * *
Accounting. return on assets. * * *
Roa Bastos, Augusto
▪ Paraguayan writer in full  Augusto Antonio Roa Bastos  born June 13, 1917, Iturbe, Paraguay died April 26, 2005, Asunción       Latin American novelist, ...
Roa Bastos, Augusto Antonio
▪ 2006       Paraguayan novelist and poet (b. June 13, 1917, Iturbe, Paraguay—d. April 26, 2005, Asunción, Paraguay), penned his masterpiece, Yo el supremo (1974; I ...
roach1 /rohch/, n. 1. a cockroach. 2. Slang. the butt of a marijuana cigarette. [1830-40, Amer.; 1940-45, Amer. for def. 2; short form of COCKROACH] roach2 /rohch/, n., pl. ...
roach back
—roach-backed, adj. an arched back, as of a dog. [1660-70; special use of ROACH3] * * *
roach clip
Slang. a small tweezerlike clip for holding the butt of a marijuana cigarette. [1965-70] * * *
Roach, Hal
orig. Harold Eugene Roach born Jan. 14, 1892, Elmira, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 2, 1992, Bel Air, Calif. U.S. film producer. He tried gold prospecting before becoming a bit player ...
Roach, Max
▪ 2008 Maxwell Roach        American jazz drummer and composer born Jan. 10, 1924, Newland, N.C. died Aug. 16, 2007, New York, N.Y. was one of the most influential and ...
Roach, Max(well)
born Jan. 10, 1924, New Land, N.C., U.S. U.S. jazz bandleader, composer, and drummer. Roach performed with many of the key bebop players of the mid-1940s, including Dizzy ...
Roach (rōch), Maxwell. Known as “Max.” Born 1924. American jazz drummer who defined the role of the drummer in the development of bop. * * *
roach clip n. A device used to hold the butt of a marijuana cigarette. * * *
Roach Motel A trademark for a cockroach trap. * * *
—roadless, adj. —roadlessness, n. /rohd/, n. 1. a long, narrow stretch with a smoothed or paved surface, made for traveling by motor vehicle, carriage, etc., between two or ...
road agent
(formerly) a highwayman, esp. along stagecoach routes in the western U.S. [1850-55] * * *
road apple
Slang. a piece of horse manure on or at the side of a road. [1940-45] * * *
road at sea, rules of the
      internationally agreed-on traffic regulations for ocean waters. They were most recently revised in accordance with recommendations of the International Conference on ...
road company
a theatrical group that tours cities and towns, usually performing a single play that is or has been a success in New York City. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * *
road fund licence
n (BrE) ➡ car tax. * * *
road gang
1. a group of workers employed to repair or build roads. 2. (in the U.S.) a detail of prisoners set to repairing a road. [1885-90] * * *
road hockey
Canadian. an imitation of the game of ice hockey played typically by children without ice skates on a public road. [1960-65] * * *
road hog
—road-hoggish, adj. —road-hoggism, n. a driver who obstructs traffic by occupying parts of two lanes. [1890-95] * * *
road kill
Informal. the body of an animal killed on a road by a motor vehicle. Also, roadkill. [1970-75, Amer.] * * *
road map
1. a map designed for motorists, showing the principal cities and towns of a state or area, the chief roads, usually tourist attractions and places of historical interest, and ...
road metal
Brit. broken stone, cinders, etc., used for making roads. Also called metal. [1810-20] * * *
road movie
road movie n. a kind of film in which the main characters travel highways of a country by motor vehicle, having various encounters, adventures, etc. along the way * * * n (esp ...
road race
▪ cycling  in bicycle racing, a contest run on a course marked out over open roads and highways. It may be several laps of a closed circuit, a point-to-point or town-to-town ...
road racing
a competitive event of racing in automobiles, motorcycles, or bicycles over public roads or a twisting course simulating a public road, as opposed to a closed, banked track or a ...
road rage
a fit of violent anger by the driver of an automobile, esp. one directed toward and endangering other motorists or pedestrians. * * *
road roller
1. a person who rolls roads. 2. any machine for rolling road materials flat. [1885-90] * * *
Road Runner
▪ cartoon character       American cartoon character, a speedy, slender, blue and purple bird who continually frustrated the efforts of a coyote (Wile E. Coyote) to ...
road show
1. a show, as a play or musical comedy, performed by a touring group of actors. 2. an important motion picture, usually presented only twice daily on a reserved-seat basis and at ...
road tax
➡ car tax. * * *
road test
1. a check of an automobile's performance in actual operation on the road. 2. an examination of a person's driving skill, conducted in normal traffic, esp. as a requirement for ...
Road Town
a town on SE Tortola, in the NE West Indies: capital of the British Virgin Islands. 3500. * * * ▪ British Virgin Islands       chief town and port of Tortola Island and ...
road warrior
Slang. a person who travels extensively on business. [sugg. by the film Mad Max: The Road Warrior (1981)] * * *
/rohd"shoh"/, adj., v., road-showed, road-showing. adj. 1. of or pertaining to road shows. v.t. 2. to present as a road show. * * *
/rohd"test'/, v.t. to test (an automotive vehicle) under normal operating conditions on the road, as by a potential purchaser. * * *
/rohd"trayn'/, n. 1. a convoy of motor vehicles. 2. a fleet of motor vehicles traveling together in line. [1955-60] * * *
—roadable, adj. /roh'deuh bil"i tee/, n. the ability of a motor vehicle to maintain a steady, balanced, and comfortable ride, esp. under a variety of road conditions. [1920-25; ...
road agent n. A stagecoach robber; a bandit. * * *
/rohd"bed'/, n. 1. Railroads. a. the bed or foundation structure for the track of a railroad. b. the layer of ballast immediately beneath the ties of a railroad track. 2. the ...
/rohd"blok'/, n. 1. an obstruction placed across a road, esp. of barricades or police cars, for halting or hindering traffic, as to facilitate the capture of a pursued car or ...
/roh"dee oh'/, n., pl. roadeos. a competition, usually held annually, for professional truck drivers testing driving skill. [1945-50, Amer.; orthographic b. ROAD and RODEO] * * *
/rohd"gahrd'/, n. Mil. a person assigned to run ahead of a marching formation to stop cross traffic at an intersection. [ROAD + GUARD] * * *
road hog n. Informal A motorist whose vehicle overlaps the traffic lane used by another motorist. * * *
/rohd"hows'/, n., pl. roadhouses /-how'ziz/. an inn, dance hall, tavern, nightclub, etc., located on a highway, usually beyond city limits. [1855-60; ROAD + HOUSE] * * *
/roh"dee/, n. Slang. a member of a crew for a traveling group of musicians or other entertainers, whose work usually includes the setting up of equipment. [1965-70; ROAD (from ...
roadkill [rōd′kil΄] n. Slang the body of an animal that has been killed on a road by a passing vehicle: also road kill * * * road·kill (rōdʹkĭl') n. 1. An animal or ...
road·less (rōdʹlĭs) adj. 1. Not containing or crossed by any roads: roadless wilderness. 2. Forbidden by law to contain or be crossed by any roads or to be entered by any ...
road map n. 1. A map, especially one for motorists, showing and designating the roads of a region. 2. A set of guidelines, instructions, or explanations: wrote an ethics code as ...
road metal n. Crushed or broken stone, cinders, or similar material used in the construction and repair of roads and roadbeds. * * *
road rage n. Violent behavior exhibited by drivers in traffic, often as a manifestation of stress: “Motorists in the United States fear road rage, and the the world's largest ...
/rohd"ray'leuhr/, Trademark. a combination trailer truck and railroad car with two sets of retractable wheels, one steel, the other rubber, making possible bimodal transportation ...
/rohd"run'euhr/, n. either of two large terrestrial cuckoos of the genus Geococcyx of arid regions of the western U.S., Mexico, and Central America, esp. G. californianus ...
roads and highways
▪ transportation Introduction       traveled way on which people, animals, or wheeled vehicles move. In modern usage the term road describes a rural, lesser traveled ...
roads and road signs
The US road system is the largest in the world, mainly because of the long distances between cities. The distance between Boston and San Francisco, for instance, is more than ...
☆ roadshow [rōd′shō΄ ] n. 1. a show presented by a theatrical troupe on tour 2. the showing of a film at selected theaters with reserved seats and an admission price ...
/rohd"suyd'/, n. 1. the side or border of the road; wayside. adj. 2. on or near the side of a road. [1705-15; ROAD + SIDE1] * * *
/rohd"sted'/, n. Naut. road (def. 4). [1325-75; ME radestede. See ROAD, STEAD] * * *
/rohd"steuhr/, n. 1. an early automobile having an open body, a single seat for two or three persons, and a large trunk or a rumble seat. 2. a horse for riding or driving on the ...
road test n. 1. A test of a motor vehicle's operating capability under actual road conditions. 2. A test of driving ability on the road required of a candidate for a driver's ...
Road Town (rōd) The capital of the British Virgin Islands, on Tortola Island in the West Indies east of Puerto Rico. It is a port of entry. Population: 2,479. * * *
road warrior n. Informal A person who travels frequently, especially on business. * * *
/rohd"way'/, n. 1. the land over which a road is built; a road together with the land at its edge. 2. the part of a road over which vehicles travel; road. [1590-1600; ROAD + ...
/rohd"werrk'/, n. 1. work, as construction or repairs, done on a road. 2. a conditioning exercise for an athlete consisting of running considerable distances in areas that are ...
—roadworthiness, n. /rohd"werr'dhee/, adj., roadworthier, roadworthiest. in suitable operating condition or meeting accepted standards for safe driving on the road: a ...
Roald Dahl
➡ Dahl * * *
—roamer, n. /rohm/, v.i. 1. to walk, go, or travel without a fixed purpose or direction; ramble; wander; rove: to roam about the world. v.t. 2. to wander over or through: to ...
See roam. * * *
roaming [rōm′iŋ] n. a customer's use of a cellular phone outside the region served by his or her carrier * * *
/rohn/, adj. 1. (chiefly of horses) of the color sorrel, chestnut, or bay, sprinkled with gray or white. 2. prepared from leather of this color. n. 3. a horse or other animal ...
roan antelope
▪ mammal       one of the largest and most formidable African antelopes (antelope) (family Bovidae (bovid)) and a member of the tribe Hippotragini, the so-called horse ...
▪ France       town, Loire département, Rhône-Alpes région, east-central France, on the Loire River. The town is located 40 miles (64 km) west-northwest of Lyon. ...
/roh"euh nohk'/, n. 1. a city in SW Virginia. 100,427. 2. a river flowing SE from western Virginia to Albemarle Sound in North Carolina. 380 mi. (610 km) long. * * * City (pop., ...
Roanoke bells.
See Virginia cowslip. * * *
Roanoke College
▪ college, Salem, Virginia, United States       private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Salem, Virginia, U.S. It is affiliated with the Evangelical ...
Roanoke Island
an island off the NE coast of North Carolina, S of Albemarle Sound: site of Raleigh's unsuccessful colonizing attempts 1585, 1587. * * * Island, off the North Carolina coast, ...
Roanoke Rapids
a city in NE North Carolina. 14,702. * * *
Roanoke River
River, southern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, U.S. Formed by the confluence of forks in West Virginia, it flows southeast for 380 mi (612 km) into Albemarle Sound on ...
Roanoke Island An island of northeast North Carolina off the Atlantic coast between Albemarle and Pamlico sounds. Colonists dispatched by Sir Walter Raleigh founded the first ...
Roanoke River A river rising in southwest Virginia and flowing about 660 km (410 mi) generally east and southeast to Albemarle Sound in northeast North Carolina. * * *
—roarer, n. /rawr, rohr/, v.i. 1. to utter a loud, deep cry or howl, as in excitement, distress, or anger. 2. to laugh loudly or boisterously: to roar at a joke. 3. to make a ...
See roar. * * *
—roaringly, adv. /rawr"ing, rohr"-/, n. 1. the act of a person, animal, or thing that roars. 2. a loud, deep cry or sound or a series of such sounds. 3. Vet. Pathol. a disease ...
roaring forties
either of two areas in the ocean between 40° and 50° N or S latitude, noted for high winds and rough seas. [1875-80] * * * ▪ ocean region       areas between ...
Roaring Twenties
the 1920s regarded as a boisterous era of prosperity, fast cars, jazz, speakeasies, and wild youth. [1925-30] * * *
See roaring. * * *
—roastable, adj. /rohst/, v.t. 1. to bake (meat or other food) uncovered, esp. in an oven. 2. to cook (meat or other food) by direct exposure to dry heat, as on a spit. 3. to ...
/roh"steuhr/, n. 1. a contrivance for roasting something, as an oven, a pan for roasting meat, or a machine for roasting coffee beans. 2. a pig, chicken, or other animal or ...
—roastingly, adv. /roh"sting/, adj. 1. used or suitable to roast. 2. exceedingly hot; scorching: a roasting July. n. 3. a severely critical notice or review; pan. [1350-1400; ...
roasting ear
1. an ear of sweet corn suitable for roasting while still in the husk. 2. Midland and Southern U.S. an ear of sweet corn ripe enough to be boiled and eaten on the cob. [1640-50, ...
▪ Honduras       town, northern Honduras, on the southwestern coast of Roatán, largest of the Bay Islands; it is known locally as Coxen's Hole. Remains of ...
/rob/, v., robbed, robbing. v.t. 1. to take something from (someone) by unlawful force or threat of violence; steal from. 2. to deprive (someone) of some right or something ...
/rob/, n. a male given name, form of Robert. * * *
Rob Roy
/rob" roy"/ a manhattan made with Scotch whisky. [1865-70; after Rob Roy, nickname of Robert Macgregor (1671-1734), Scottish freebooter] * * * orig. Robert MacGregor (baptized ...
/rob"euh loh', roh"beuh-, roh bah"loh/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) robalo, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) robalos. snook2 (def. 1). [1885-90; < Pg] * * *
/rob"euhnd/, n. Naut. a short piece of spun yarn or other material, used to secure a sail to a yard, gaff, or the like. [1755-65; < D raband, equiv. to ra sailyard + band ...

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