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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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rough endoplasmic reticulum.
See under endoplasmic reticulum. * * *
rough fish
any fish that is not valued as a sport fish or considered a significant source of food by sport fishers. [1835-45] * * *
rough lemon
a variety of lemon that has orange-yellow, rough-skinned fruit and is used as a rootstock for the cultivation of other citrus fruits. [1895-1900] * * *
Rough Rider
Member of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry regiment in the Spanish-American War. The group, organized and led by Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood, included cowboys, miners, ...
Rough Riders
the members of a volunteer regiment of cavalry organized by Theodore Roosevelt and Leonard Wood for service in the Spanish-American War. * * *
rough sleeper
➡ homelessness * * *
rough stuff
Informal. 1. violence, as physical assault, torture or shooting. 2. unnecessary violence or infractions of the rules, as in sports. 3. blatant vulgarity or obscenity. [1885-90] * ...
rough trade
rough trade n. Slang 1. a tough, brutal, or sadistic homosexual man picked up or hired for sexual activity 2. homosexuals of this type collectively * * *
—rough-and-readiness, n. /ruf"euhn red"ee/, adj. 1. rough, rude, or crude, but good enough for the purpose: a rough-and-ready estimate of future expenses. 2. exhibiting or ...
/ruf"euhn tum"beuhl/, adj. 1. characterized by violent, random, disorderly action and struggles: a rough-and-tumble fight; He led an adventuresome, rough-and-tumble life. 2. ...
/ruf"kut"/, adj. cut into small, irregular pieces (contrasted with fine-cut): rough-cut tobacco. [1965-70] * * *
/ruf"druy"/, v., rough-dried, rough-drying, adj. v.t. 1. to dry (laundry) after washing, without smoothing, ironing, etc. adj. 2. (of laundered clothes, sheets, etc.) dried but ...
/ruf"hyooh"/, v.t., rough-hewed, rough-hewed or rough-hewn, rough-hewing. 1. to hew (timber, stone, etc.) roughly or without smoothing or finishing. 2. to shape roughly; give ...
rough-legged hawk
/ruf"leg'id, -legd'/ a large hawk, Buteo lagopus, of the Northern Hemisphere, that feeds chiefly on small rodents. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
rough-leg·ged hawk (rŭfʹlĕg'ĭd) n. An Arctic hawk (Buteo lagopus) that has dark plumage and whitish feathers covering the legs and feeds mainly on small rodents. * * *
/ruf"sawn"/, adj. (of wood) used as originally cut, without smoothing or sanding: shingles of rough-sawn cedar. [1885-90] * * *
/ruf"spoh"keuhn/, adj. coarse or vulgar in speech. [1625-35] * * *
/ruf"voyst"/, adj. having a harsh or grating voice: a rough-voiced barker. [1810-20] * * *
rough-winged swallow
/ruf"wingd'/ 1. either of two New World swallows of the genus Stelgidopteryx, having outer primary feathers with small barblike hooks on the margins. 2. any of several African ...
rough-winged swallow (rŭfʹwĭngd') n. 1. Either of two New World species of swallow (Stelgidopteryx serripennis or S. ruficollis) having outer primary feathers equipped with ...
/ruf"ij/, n. 1. rough or coarse material. 2. any coarse, rough food for livestock. 3. fiber (def. 9). [1880-85; ROUGH + -AGE] * * *
Roughages used as animal feeds (nutrient values on as-fed basis)
▪ Table Roughages used as animal feeds (nutrient values on "as-fed" basis)* dry matter total digestible nutrients protein fat crude fibre Dry (hay) alfalfa hay, ...
rough·back (rŭfʹbăk') n. Any of several flatfish with rough skin, especially a species of dab (Hippoglossoides platessoides). * * *
rough breathing n. 1. An aspirate sound in ancient Greek like that of the sound (h) in English. 2. The symbol (ʽ) written over some initial vowels and the letter rho in ancient ...
—roughcaster, n. /ruf"kast', -kahst'/, n., v., roughcast, roughcasting. n. 1. Also called spatter dash. an exterior wall finish composed of mortar and fine pebbles mixed ...
See roughcast. * * *
rough collie n. A collie with a long, rough, mostly black-and-white coat. * * *
rough·dry (rŭfʹdrī') tr.v. rough·dried, rough·dry·ing, rough·dries To dry (laundry) without ironing or smoothing out.   roughʹdry' adj. * * *
—roughener, n. /ruf"euhn/, v.t., v.i. to make or become rough or rougher. [1580-90; ROUGH + -EN1] * * *
/ruf"euhr/, n. a person or thing that roughs or roughs out something, as certain crude cutting tools or a person who performs the first, rough parts of a process. [1880-85; ROUGH ...
rough fish n. A fish that is neither a sport fish nor an important food fish. * * *
n. /ruf"hows'/; v. /ruf"hows', -howz'/, n., pl. roughhouses /-how'ziz/, v., roughhoused /-howst', -howzd'/, roughhousing /-how'sing, -zing/. n. 1. rough, disorderly playing, esp. ...
roughing mill
Metall. a rolling mill for converting steel ingots into blooms, billets, or slabs. [1840-50] * * *
/ruf"ing in"/, n. Building Trades. 1. the act or process of applying a base coat of plaster to a masonry surface. 2. the act or process of installing plumbing that will later be ...
/ruf"ish/, adj. rather rough: a roughish sea. [1755-65; ROUGH + -ISH1] * * *
See rougher. * * *
/ruf"nek'/, n. 1. a rough, coarse person; a tough. 2. any laborer working on an oil-drilling rig. Cf. roustabout (def. 4). v.i. 3. to work as a roughneck. [1830-40, Amer.; ROUGH ...
See rougher. * * *
/ruf"ruy"deuhr/, n. 1. a person who breaks horses to the saddle. 2. a person accustomed to rough or hard riding. [1725-35; ROUGH + RIDER] * * *
/ruf"shod"/, adj. 1. shod with horseshoes having projecting nails or points. 2. ride roughshod over, to treat harshly or domineeringly; override; crush: He rode roughshod over ...
rough sledding n. Informal A difficult time or situation. * * *
rough trade n. Slang 1. Violent, often brutal sex acts. 2. A person, especially a male prostitute, who engages in or appears likely to engage in such acts. * * *
rough·y (rŭfʹē) n. pl. roughy or rough·ies 1. A perchlike food fish (Arripis georgianus) of Australia and New Zealand. 2. A small fish (Trachichthys australis) with rough ...
Rouher, Eugène
▪ French statesman born Nov. 30, 1814, Riom, Fr. died Feb. 3, 1884, Paris  French statesman who was highly influential as a conservative minister under the Second Empire and ...
rouille [ro͞o ē′] n. 〚Fr〛 a creamy sauce of garlic and hot red pepper * * *
Philately. roulette. * * *
/rooh lahd"/, n. 1. a musical embellishment consisting of a rapid succession of tones sung to a single syllable. 2. a slice of meat rolled around a filling of minced meat and ...
/rooh loh"/, n., pl. rouleaux, rouleaus /-lohz"/. 1. a roll or strip of something, as trimming on a hat brim. 2. a stack or roll of coins put up in cylindrical form in a paper ...
/rooh lairs"/; Fr. /rddooh lerdd"/, n. a city in NW Belgium: battles 1914, 1918. 39,826. * * *
/rooh let"/, n., v., rouletted, rouletting. n. 1. a game of chance played at a table marked off with numbers from 1 to 36, one or two zeros, and several other sections affording ...
1. Roumania. 2. Roumanian. * * *
—Roumanian, adj., n. /roo may"nee euh, -mayn"yeuh/, n. Romania. * * *
Roumanille, Joseph
▪ French poet born Aug. 8, 1818, Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France died May 24, 1891, Avignon       Provençal poet and teacher, a founder and leader of the Félibrige, a ...
/rooh mee"lee euh, -meel"yeuh/, n. Rumelia. * * *
round1 —roundness, n. /rownd/, adj., rounder, roundest, n., adv., prep., v. adj. 1. having a flat, circular surface, as a disk. 2. ring-shaped, as a hoop. 3. curved like part ...
round angle
perigon. [1930-35] * * *
round arch
an arch formed in a continuous curve, esp. in a semicircle. [1830-40] * * *
round barrow
Archaeol. a funerary barrow having a bell, disk, saucer, or pond shape, primarily of the Bronze Age and containing the cremated remains of corpses along with grave artifacts. Cf. ...
Round Britain Quiz
a quiz programme on BBC Radio 4, in which two teams from different parts of the country are asked difficult questions to test their knowledge. It was first broadcast in 1947. In ...
round character
a character in fiction whose personality, background, motives, and other features are fully delineated by the author. Cf. flat character. [1925-30] * * *
round clam
quahog. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
round dance
1. a dance performed by couples and characterized by circular or revolving movement, as the waltz. 2. a dance in which the dancers are arranged in or move about in a circle or ...
round file.
See circular file. * * *
round hand
a style of handwriting in which the letters are round, full, and clearly separated. [1675-85] * * *
round hand script
▪ calligraphy  in calligraphy, the dominant style among 18th-century English writing masters, whose copybooks were splendidly printed from models engraved on metal. The ...
round herring
any of several herringlike fishes of the family Dussumieriidae having a rounded abdomen, living chiefly in tropical marine waters. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
round kumquat
an evergreen, citrus shrub or small tree, Fortunella japonica, of Japan, having blunt, broad leaves and globe-shaped, edible fruit. Also called marumi kumquat. * * *
Round Lake Beach
a town in NE Illinois. 12,921. * * *
round lot
Stock Exchange. 1. the conventional unit or quantity in which commodities or securities are bought and sold. 2. (in a transaction) a quantity of 100 shares of a stock that is ...
round of beef
round (def. 35). * * *
round robin
1. a sequence or series. 2. a petition, remonstrance, or the like, having the signatures arranged in circular form so as to disguise the order of signing. 3. a letter, notice, or ...
Round Rock
a town in central Texas. 11,812. * * *
round steak
a steak cut from directly above the hind leg of beef. [1920-25] * * *
round table
1. a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc., and often seated at a round table. 2. the discussion, topic of discussion, or the ...
Round Table Conference
▪ British-Indian history       (1930–32), in Indian history, a series of meetings called by the British government to consider the future constitution of India. The ...
round trip
—round-trip, adj. 1. a trip to a given place and back again: Fares for round trips often have a discount. 2. a transportation ticket for such a trip. 3. Pinochle. roundhouse ...
round turn
a complete turn of a rope or the like around an object. [1835-45] * * *
round whitefish
a whitefish, Prosopium cylindraceum, found in northern North America and Siberia, having silvery sides and a dark bronze back. Also called Menominee whitefish. [1880-85, Amer.] * ...
round window
a membrane-covered opening in the inner wall of the middle ear that compensates for changes in cochlear pressure. [1900-05] * * *
Round, Henry Joseph
▪ British engineer and inventor born June 2, 1881, Kingswinford, Staffordshire, Eng. died Aug. 17, 1966, Bognor Regis, Sussex       English electronics engineer whose ...
/rownd"uy'/, n., pl. round-eyes. Disparaging. a Caucasian, as distinguished from an Oriental, person. [1965-70] * * *
/rownd"fayst"/, adj. having a face that is round. [1670-80] * * *
/rownd"lot"euhr/, n. a buyer or seller of round lots. Cf. odd-lotter. [ROUND LOT + -ER1] * * *
/rownd"awf', -of'/, Math. adj. 1. of or pertaining to the act or process of rounding. n. 2. an act or instance of rounding off decimal or fractional figures. [1945-50; n. use of ...
/rownd"shohl"deuhrd, -shohl'-/, adj. having the shoulders bent forward, giving a rounded form to the upper part of the back. [1580-90] * * *
/rownd"tay'beuhl/, adj. noting or pertaining to a conference, discussion, or deliberation in which each participant has equal status, equal time to present views, etc.: ...
/rownd"dheuh klok"/, adj. around-the-clock. * * *
/rownd"trip"euhr/, n. Baseball Informal. a home run. [1970-75; ROUND TRIP + -ER1] * * *
adj. /rownd'euh bowt", rownd"euh bowt'/; n. /rownd"euh bowt'/, adj. 1. circuitous or indirect, as a road, journey, method, statement or person. 2. (of clothing) cut circularly at ...
roundabout chair.
See corner chair. [1735-45] * * *
round clam n. See quahog. * * *
round dance n. 1. A folk dance performed with the dancers arranged in a circle. 2. A ballroom dance in which couples proceed in a circular direction around the room. * * *
—roundedly, adv. —roundedness, n. /rown"did/, adj. 1. reduced to simple curves; made round. 2. Phonet. pronounced with rounded lips; labialized: "Boot" has a rounded vowel. ...
See rounded. * * *
/rown"dl/, n. 1. something round or circular. 2. a small, round pane or window. 3. a decorative plate, panel, tablet, or the like, round in form. 4. Also, rondel. Theat. a round ...
/rown"dl ay'/, n. 1. a song in which a phrase, line, or the like, is continually repeated. 2. the music for such a song. 3. a dance in a circle; round dance. [1565-75; alter. ...
/rown"deuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that rounds something. 2. a person who makes a round. 3. a habitual drunkard or wastrel. 4. (cap.) Brit. a Methodist minister who travels a ...
n [U] (BrE) a children’s game for two teams, played with a bat and a ball, in which players have to run round four bases. It has been played in Britain since at least the ...
round hand n. A style of handwriting in which the letters are rounded and full rather than angular. * * *
/rownd"hed'/, n. Eng. Hist. a member or adherent of the Parliamentarians or Puritan party during the civil wars of the 17th century (so called in derision by the Cavaliers ...
—roundheadedness, n. /rownd"hed"id/, adj. 1. (of a person) possessing a round head; brachycephalic. 2. rounded or spherical at the head, as a screw. 3. shaped like a semicircle ...
roundheaded apple tree borer.
See apple tree borer (def. 2). * * *
roundheel [round′hēl΄] n. 〚orig. used of an easily beaten prizefighter〛 Slang a woman who yields readily to sexual intercourse: also roundheels roundheeled adj. * * *
/rownd"heelz'/, n. (used with a sing. v.) Slang. a prostitute. [1940-45; ROUND1 + HEEL1] * * *
round herring n. Any of the mostly tropical marine fishes of the family Dussumierlidae, similar to the clupeid herrings but having an abdomen that is rounded and smooth along the ...
/rownd"hows'/, n., pl. roundhouses /-how'ziz/. 1. a building for the servicing and repair of locomotives, built around a turntable in the form of some part of a circle. 2. Naut. ...
/rown"ding/, adj. 1. round or nearly round. 2. of, pertaining to, or used for making something round. 3. turning, curving, or circling around. 4. pertaining to the mathematical ...
—roundishness, n. /rown"dish/, adj. somewhat round: a roundish man; roundish furniture. [1535-45; ROUND1 + -ISH1] * * *
See roundish. * * *
/rownd"lit/, n. a small circle or circular object. [1350-1400; ME rondlet < MF rondelet; see ROUNDELAY] * * *
/rownd"lee/, adv. 1. in a round manner. 2. vigorously or briskly. 3. outspokenly, severely, or unsparingly. 4. completely or fully. 5. in round numbers or in a vague or general ...
See round1. * * *
round robin n. 1. Sports. A tournament in which each contestant is matched in turn against every other contestant. 2. A petition or protest on which the signatures are arranged ...
/rowndz"meuhn/, n., pl. roundsmen. 1. a person who makes rounds, as of inspection. 2. Brit. a person who makes deliveries, as of milk or bread. 3. Australian. a journalist ...
round steak n. A lean, oval cut of beef from between the rump and shank. * * *
round·ta·ble (roundʹtā'bəl) n. 1. often round table A conference or discussion involving several participants. 2. Round Table a. In Arthurian legend, the circular table of ...
round·trip or round-trip also round trip (roundʹtrĭpʹ) n. A trip from one place to another and back, usually over the same route. * * *
/rownd"up'/, n. 1. the driving together of cattle, horses, etc., for inspection, branding, shipping to market, or the like, as in the western U.S. 2. the people and horses who do ...
/rownd"werrm'/, n. any nematode, esp. Ascaris lumbricoides, that infests the intestine of humans and other mammals. [1555-65; ROUND1 + WORM] * * *
roup1 /roohp/, n. Vet. Pathol. any catarrhal inflammation of the eyes and nasal passages of poultry. [1800-10; orig. uncert.] roup2 /roohp/, n. hoarseness or huskiness. [1575-85; ...
roupy1 —roupily, adv. /rooh"pee/, adj. affected with the disease roup. [1715-25; ROUP1 + -Y1] roupy2 /rooh"pee/, adj., roupier, roupiest. hoarse or husky. [1800-10; ROUP2 + ...
/roork/, n. Constance, 1885-1941, U.S. historian and literary critic. * * *
Rourke, Constance Mayfield
▪ American historian born Nov. 14, 1885, Cleveland died March 23, 1941, Grand Rapids, Mich., U.S.       U.S. historian who pioneered in the study of American character ...
Rour·ke·la (rôr-kāʹlə) See Raurkela. * * *
/rows, roohs/, n. (Francis) Peyton, 1879-1970, U.S. pathologist: Nobel prize for medicine 1966. * * *
Rous sarcoma
/rows/, Vet. Pathol. a malignant tumor occurring in the connective tissue of poultry, caused by a transmissible RNA-containing virus. [after F. P. ROUS, who described it in ...
Rous, Peyton
▪ American pathologist in full  Francis Peyton Rous  born October 5, 1879, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. died February 16, 1970, New York, New York       American ...
Rous,Francis Peyton
Rous (rous), Francis Peyton. 1879-1970. American pathologist. He shared a 1966 Nobel Prize for his discovery of tumor-producing viruses. * * *
rouse1 —rousedness /row"zid nis/, n. —rouser, n. /rowz/, v., roused, rousing, n. v.t. 1. to bring out of a state of sleep, unconsciousness, inactivity, fancied security, ...
Rouse, James Wilson
▪ 1997       U.S. real-estate developer (b. April 26, 1914, Easton, Md.—d. April 9, 1996, Columbia, Md.), altered the U.S. landscape during the second half of the 20th ...
See rouse. * * *
—rousingly, adv. /row"zing/, adj. 1. exciting; stirring: a rousing song. 2. active or vigorous: a rousing campaign. 3. brisk; lively: a rousing business. 4. exceptional; ...
See rousing. * * *
Rous sarcoma n. A sarcoma produced in chickens by an RNA-containing virus.   [After Rous, Francis Peyton.] * * *
/rooh soh"/; Fr. /rddooh soh"/, n. 1. Henri /ahonn rddee"/, ("Le Douanier"), 1844-1910, French painter. 2. Jean Jacques /zhahonn zhahk/, 1712-78, French philosopher, author, and ...
Rousseau, (Pierre-Etienne-) Théodore
born April 15, 1812, Paris, Fr. died Dec. 22, 1867, Barbizon French painter. A tailor's son, he began to paint at 14 and soon was painting outdoors directly from nature, a ...
Rousseau, Henri
known as Le Douanier Rousseau born May 21, 1844, Laval, Fr. died Sept. 2, 1910, Paris French painter. After service in the army, he began working as a toll collector (not as a ...
Rousseau, Jean-Baptiste
▪ French author born April 6, 1671, Paris died March 17, 1741, Brussels  French dramatist and poet who enjoyed great popularity in the witty and decadent Parisian society of ...
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques
born June 28, 1712, Geneva, Switz. died July 2, 1778, Ermenonville, France Swiss-French philosopher. At age 16 he fled Geneva to Savoy, where he became the steward and later ...
Rousseau, Théodore
Rousseau, Théodore. 1812-1867. French landscape painter who was the leader of the Barbizon school. His works include Descent of the Cattle (c. 1834). * * * ▪ French ...
Rous·seau (ro͞o-sōʹ), Henri. Known as “Le Douanier.” 1844-1910. French primitive painter of portraits, still lifes, city scenes, and metaphorical works, such as The ...
Rousseau,Jean Jacques
Rousseau, Jean Jacques. 1712-1778. Swiss philosopher and writer who held that the individual is essentially good but usually corrupted by society. His written works include The ...
—Rousseauist, Rousseauite, n. —Rousseauistic, adj. /rooh soh"iz euhm/, n. the doctrines or principles of Jean Jacques Rousseau or his adherents. [1860-65; ROUSSEAU + -ISM] * ...
/rddooh sel"/, n. Albert (Charles Paul Mari) /annl berdd" shannrddl pawl mann rddee"/, 1869-1937, French composer. * * *
Roussel, Albert
▪ French composer born April 5, 1869, Tourcoing, Fr. died Aug. 23, 1937, Royan  French composer who wrote in various styles and whose music is notable for its lyrical ...
Roussel, Albert (-Charles-Paul-Marie)
born April 5, 1869, Tourcoing, France died Aug. 23, 1937, Royan French composer. He served as a midshipman for seven years before making music his career, and he studied for 10 ...
Roussillon [ro͞o sē yōn′] historical region of S France bordering on the Pyrenees & the Gulf of Lions * * * Rous·sil·lon (ro͞o-sē-yôɴʹ) A historical region of ...
/rowst/, v.t. to rout, as from a place: to roust someone out of bed. [1650-60; perh. alter. of ROUSE1] * * *
/rowst"euh bowt'/, n. 1. a wharf laborer or deck hand, as on the Mississippi River. 2. an unskilled laborer who lives by odd jobs. 3. a circus laborer who helps in setting up and ...
/row"steuhr/, n. roustabout (def. 1). [1880-85; Amer.; ROUST + -ER1] * * *
rout1 /rowt/, n. 1. a defeat attended with disorderly flight; dispersal of a defeated force in complete disorder: to put an army to rout; to put reason to rout. 2. any ...
/rooht, rowt/, n., v., routed, routing. n. 1. a course, way, or road for passage or travel: What's the shortest route to Boston? 2. a customary or regular line of passage or ...
Route 128
a circular road around Boston and Cambridge in the US state of Massachusetts. Its name has become a symbol for information technology because the technical research done at the ...
Route 66
the main road from Chicago to Los Angeles between 1926 and the 1960s. Its popular name was the ‘Mother Road’. It was 2 448 miles/3 940 kilometres long, passing through ...
route march
march in which a unit retains its column formation but individuals are allowed to break step. * * *
route survey
a survey for determining the route, grades, etc., of a railroad, highway, or power line. * * *
/rooht"meuhn, rowt"-/, n., pl. routemen. 1. a person who works in a specified area or covers a specific route, as a mail carrier or truckdriver. 2. a supervisor who establishes a ...
router1 /row"teuhr/, n. 1. any of various tools or machines for routing, hollowing out, or furrowing. 2. Also called router plane. Carpentry. a plane for cutting interior angles, ...
router patch
/row"teuhr/ a plywood panel patch with parallel sides and rounded ends. * * *
/roohth, rowth/, n. Scot. and North Eng. abundance; plenty. [1710-20; orig. uncert.] * * *
—routinely, adv. —routineness, n. /rooh teen"/, n. 1. a customary or regular course of procedure. 2. commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at ...
/rooht'n ear"/, n. a person who follows or adheres to routine or a routine. [1870-75; ROUTINE + -EER] * * *
See routine. * * *
/rooh"ting, row"-/, n. 1. the scheduling of the route or itinerary of people, freight, etc. 2. the arranging and scheduling of mail for delivery. 3. delivery according to ...
routinier [ro͞o tē nyā′] n. 〚Fr〛 a person who adheres to a routine; esp., a competent but uninspired orchestra conductor * * *
—routinist /rooh tee"nist/, n. /rooh tee"niz euhm/, n. adherence to routine. [ROUTINE + -ISM] * * *
See routinely. * * *
See routinize. * * *
—routinization, n. —routinizer, n. /rooh tee"nuyz, rooht"n uyz'/, v.t., routinized, routinizing. 1. to develop into a regular procedure. 2. to reduce to a customary ...
Rouvier, Maurice
▪ premier of France born April 17, 1842, Aix-en-Provence, France died June 7, 1911, Neuilly  French statesman who had some success in balancing the budget during periods of ...
/rooh/, n. a cooked mixture of butter or other fat and flour used to thicken sauces, soups, etc. [1805-15; < F (beurre) roux brown (butter) < L russus red-brown, red-haired, akin ...
Roux, Émile
▪ French bacteriologist in full  Pierre-Paul-Émile Roux  born Dec. 17, 1853, Confolens, Charente, France died Nov. 3, 1933, Paris  French bacteriologist noted for his work ...
Roux, Jacques
▪ French priest died January 20, 1794, near Paris, France       French priest who became the leader of the democratic extremists known as the Enragés (Enragé) ...
Roux, Wilhelm
▪ German zoologist born June 9, 1850, Jena, Saxony [Germany] died Sept. 15, 1924, Halle, Ger.       German zoologist whose attempts to discover how organs and tissues ...
/rooh"in/; Fr. /rddwaonn/, n. a city in SW Quebec, in E Canada: gold and copper mining. 17,224. * * *
▪ Quebec, Canada  city, Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, western Quebec province, Canada, on the western shore of Lake Osisko. It is located 315 miles (507 km) northwest of ...
/rddaw"vah nye mee/, n. a city in N Finland, near the Arctic Circle. 30,800. * * * ▪ Finland       city, northern Finland, at the junction of the Kemi (Kemi River) and ...
rove1 /rohv/, v., roved, roving, n. v.i. 1. to wander about without definite destination; move hither and thither at random, esp. over a wide area. v.t. 2. to wander over or ...
rove beetle
any of numerous beetles of the family Staphylinidae, having a slender, elongated body and very short front wings, and capable of running swiftly. Also called ...
Rove, Karl
▪ 2004       Right-wing political operative Karl Rove, chief strategist for U.S. Pres. George W. Bush, might have gloated in 2003 over the Republican gains of the ...
/rohv"oh'veuhr/, adj. Pros. (in sprung rhythm) of or pertaining to the completion of a metrical foot, incomplete at the end of one line, with a syllable or syllables from the ...
rove beetle n. Any of numerous beetles of the family Staphylinidae, often found in decaying matter and having slender bodies and short wing covers. Also called ...
roven [rō′vən] vt. alt. pp. of REEVE2 * * *
▪ Ukraine Russian  Rovenki        city, southeastern Ukraine. Rovenky is 37 miles (60 km) south of the city of Luhansk on the Debaltseve-Likhovsky rail line. It was ...
rover1 /roh"veuhr/, n. 1. a person who roves; wanderer. 2. Archery. a. a mark selected at random, as in a competition between two archers wandering over a specified area. b. one ...
/roh"veuhr/, n. a familiar name for a dog. * * *
Rover Boy
a courageous and principled person who is somewhat naïve and inexperienced. [after the heroes of the Rover Boys series, American children's books by Edward Stratemeyer ...
▪ Italy       town, Trentino–Alto Adige regione, northern Italy. Rovereto lies in the Lagarina valley, on the Leno River near its junction with the Adige, south of ...
Rovers Return
a pub in the British television soap opera Coronation Street where the characters often meet. * * *
▪ Italy       city, Veneto regione, northeastern Italy. Rovigo lies along the Adigetto Canal, south of Padua. Mentioned as Rodigo in a document of 838, it was ruled by ...
roving1 —rovingly, adv. —rovingness, n. /roh"ving/, adj. 1. roaming or wandering. 2. not assigned or restricted to any particular location, area, topic, etc.: a roving ...
/rddaw"vneuh/, n. a city in NW Ukraine, NE of Lvov. 233,000. * * *
/roo vooh"meuh/, n. Ruvuma. * * *
row1 /roh/, n. 1. a number of persons or things arranged in a line, esp. a straight line: a row of apple trees. 2. a line of persons or things so arranged: The petitioners waited ...
row house
/roh/ 1. one of a row of houses having uniform, or nearly uniform, plans and fenestration and usually having a uniform architectural treatment, as in certain housing ...
row vector
/roh/, Math. a collection of numbers, as the components of a vector, written horizontally. Cf. column vector. [1925-30] * * *
/roh"euhn, row"-/, n. 1. the European mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia, having pinnate leaves and clusters of bright red berries. 2. either of two American mountain ashes, Sorbus ...
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in
▪ American television program       American television comedy and variety show that aired on the National Broadcasting Company (National Broadcasting Co., Inc.) (NBC) ...
Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In
(also infml Laugh-In) a popular US comedy television series (1968–73) on NBC. It was presented by Dan Rowan (1922–87) and Dick Martin (1923– ), with a regular team of ...
Rowan Atkinson
➡ Atkinson * * *
Rowan College of New Jersey
▪ college, Glassboro, New Jersey, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Glassboro, New Jersey, U.S. It includes the schools of ...
Rowan Williams
➡ Williams (VIII) * * *
Rowan, Andrew Summers
▪ United States officer born April 23, 1857, Gap Mills, Va. [now in W.Va.], U.S. died Jan. 10, 1943, San Francisco, Calif.       U.S. Army officer, bearer of the ...
Rowan, Carl
▪ American journalist in full  Carl Thomas Rowan  born August 11, 1925, Ravenscroft, Tennessee, U.S.—d. September 23, 2000, Washington, D.C.       American ...
Rowan, Carl Thomas
▪ 2001       American journalist, writer, and radio and television commentator (b. Aug. 11, 1925, Ravenscroft, Tenn.—d. Sept. 23, 2000, Washington, D.C.), was one of ...
/roh"boht'/, n. a small boat designed for rowing. [1530-40; ROW2 + BOAT] * * *       boat propelled by oars alone, probably the most common type of boat found around ...
See rowdy. * * *
See rowdily. * * *
—rowdily, adv. —rowdiness, n. /row"dee/, n., pl. rowdies, adj., rowdier, rowdiest. n. 1. a rough, disorderly person. adj. 2. rough and disorderly: rowdy behavior at ...
—rowdyishly, adv. —rowdyishness, n. /row"dee ish/, adj. 1. like or characteristic of a rowdy. 2. disposed to or characterized by rowdyism. [1835-45, Amer.; ROWDY + -ISH1] * * ...
/row"dee iz'euhm/, n. rough, disorderly behavior. [1835-45, Amer.; ROWDY + -ISM] * * *
/roh/, n. Nicholas, 1674-1718, British poet and dramatist, poet laureate 1715-18. * * *
Rowe, Nicholas
born June 20, 1674, Little Barford, Bedfordshire, Eng. died Dec. 6, 1718, London English writer. His plays, which did much to assist the rise of domestic tragedy (in which the ...
Rowe (rō), Nicholas. 1674-1718. English writer whose works include drama, poetry, and an edition of Shakespeare. He was appointed poet laureate in 1715. * * *
/row"euhl/, n., v., roweled, roweling or (esp. Brit.) rowelled, rowelling. n. 1. a small wheel with radiating points, forming the extremity of a spur. See illus. under spur1. 2. ...
Rowell, Galen
▪ 2003       American landscape photographer (b. Aug. 23, 1940, Berkeley, Calif.—d. Aug. 11, 2002, Bishop, Calif.), captured breathtaking images of some of the ...
Rowell, Newton Wesley
▪ Canadian politician and jurist born Nov. 1, 1867, Middlesex county, Ont., Can. died Nov. 22, 1941, Toronto, Ont.  Canadian politician and jurist who served as chief ...
/row"euhn/, n. Chiefly Northern U.S. the second crop of grass or hay in a season; aftermath. [1300-50; ME reywayn < ONF *rewain; c. F regain] * * *
/roh wee"neuh/, n. a female given name. * * *
See row2. * * *
row house (rō) n. One of a series of houses, often of similar or identical design, situated side by side and joined by common walls. * * *
Propulsion of a boat by means of oars. As a sport, it involves one of two kinds of boat: (1) the shell, a narrow, light racing boat propelled by eight rowers pulling single oars ...
rowing boat
/roh"ing/, Brit. rowboat. [1810-20] * * *
rowing machine
/roh"ing/ an exercise machine having a mechanism with two oarlike handles, foot braces, and a sliding seat, allowing the user to go through the motions of rowing in a racing ...
row·ing machine (rōʹĭng) n. A fitness device that has oarlike handles or a movable bar and a sliding seat, used to simulate rowing a racing shell. * * *
Rowland [rō′lənd] n. a masculine name: see ROLAND * * * Row·land (rōʹlənd), F(rank) Sherwood. Born 1927. American chemist who shared a 1995 Nobel Prize for his work on ...
Rowland Heights
/roh"leuhnd/ a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 28,252. * * *
Rowland Hill
➡ Hill (III) * * *
Rowland, F. Sherwood
▪ American chemist in full  Frank Sherwood Rowland   born June 28, 1927, Delaware, Ohio, U.S.       American chemist who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize for Chemistry ...
Rowland, Henry Augustus
▪ American physicist born Nov. 27, 1848, Honesdale, Pa., U.S. died April 16, 1901, Baltimore, Md.       American physicist who invented the concave diffraction grating, ...
Rowland, Roland Walter
▪ 1999       British business tycoon (b. Nov. 27, 1917, Belgaum, India—d. July 24, 1998, London, Eng.), was labeled "the unacceptable face of capitalism" by British ...
Rowlands, Patsy
▪ 2006 Patricia Rowlands        British actress (b. Jan. 19, 1934, London, Eng.—d. Jan. 22, 2005, Hove, East Sussex, Eng.), was a successful stage and film character ...
/roh"leuhnd seuhn/, n. Thomas, 1756-1827, English caricaturist. * * *
Rowlandson, Mary
orig. Mary White born с 1637, England died Jan. 5, 1710/11, Wethersfield, Conn. British-American colonial author. She was the daughter of the original proprietor of ...
Rowlandson, Thomas
born July 1756, London, Eng. died April 22, 1827, London British caricaturist. The son of a merchant, he studied at the Royal Academy and in Paris. After establishing a ...
Row·land·son (rōʹlənd-sən), Thomas. 1756-1827. British caricaturist and illustrator of works by Laurence Sterne, Jonathan Swift, and others. * * *
Rowlatt Acts
▪ 1919, India       (February 1919), legislation passed by the government of India over the unanimous opposition of all nonofficial Indians of the Imperial Legislative ...
Rowley, William
▪ English dramatist and actor born 1585?, London, Eng.   buried February 1626, London       English dramatist and actor who collaborated with several Jacobean ...
(1965– ) a British writer famous for the very successful series of Harry Potter books. The books include Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997) (given the title ...
Rowling, J(oanne) K(athleen)
born July 31, 1965, Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, Eng. British author, creator of the popular and critically acclaimed Harry Potter series. The first book in the proposed ...
Rowling, J.K.
▪ 2000       In 1999 Welsh-born author J.K. Rowling practiced her own brand of magic, casting a spell on readers around the world with her adventures of Harry Potter, a ...
Rowling, Sir Wallace Edward
▪ 1996       ("BILL"), New Zealand politician (b. Nov. 15, 1927, Motueka, N.Z.—d. Oct. 31, 1995, Motueka), led the New Zealand Labour Party throughout the 1970s and ...
/roh"lok'/; for 3 also Naut. /rol"euhk, rul"-/, n. 1. Archit. one of several concentric rings of masonry forming an arch. 2. a brick laid on edge, esp. as a header. Cf. soldier ...
Rowntree Mackintosh
a British company that makes many well-known types of sweets, including KitKat, Smarties and Black Magic. It is now owned by Nestlé. * * *
Rowntree, B Seebohm
▪ British sociologist born July 7, 1871, York, Yorkshire, Eng. died Oct. 7, 1954, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire       English sociologist and philanthropist known for ...
Rowse, A. L.
▪ 1998       British historian and author (b. Dec. 4, 1903, Tregonissey, Cornwall, Eng.—d. Oct. 3, 1997, St. Austell, Cornwall), was widely respected for his scholarly ...
Rowse, A.L.
▪ British historian and writer in full  Alfred Leslie Rowse   born Dec. 4, 1903, Tregonissey, Cornwall, Eng. died Oct. 3, 1997, St. Austell, Cornwall       English ...
Rowson, Susanna
▪ American author and actress née  Susanna Haswell  born c. 1762, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Eng. died March 2, 1824, Boston, Mass., U.S.       English-born American ...
▪ wife of Alexander the Great also spelled  Roxane   died c. 310 BC, Amphipolis, Thrace       wife of Alexander the Great. The daughter of the Bactrian chief ...
/rok san"/, n. Slang. crack (def. 41). [orig. uncert.] * * *
/rok san"/, n. a female given name. * * *
/roh"hahs/; Sp. /rddaw"hahs/, n. Manuel /mah nwel"/, 1892-1948, Philippine statesman: 1st president of the Philippines 1946-48. * * * ▪ Philippines       city, northern ...
Roxas (y Acuna), Manuel
born Jan. 1, 1892, Capiz, Phil. died April 15, 1948, Clark Field, Pampanga First president (1946–48) of the Republic of the Philippines. A lawyer, he began his political ...
Roxas y Acuña,Manuel
Ro·xas y A·cu·ña (rōʹhäs ēä-ko͞onʹyə, -yä), Manuel. 1892-1948. Philippine politician who was the first president of the Republic of the Philippines (1946-1948). * * ...
Roxas, Manuel
▪ president of Philippines born Jan. 1, 1892, Capiz, Phil. died April 15, 1948, Clark Field, Pampanga       political leader and first president (1946–48) of the ...
/roks"berr oh, -bur oh/ or, esp. Brit., /-breuh/, n. a historic county in SE Scotland. Also called Roxburghshire /roks"berr oh shear', -sheuhr, -bur-, -breuh-/. * * *
▪ former county, Scotland, United Kingdom also called  Roxburgh        historic county, southeastern Scotland, along the English border. It covers an area stretching ...
▪ Massachusetts, United States       southern residential section of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Prior to becoming part of the city of Boston in 1868, it was a town ...
Roxy Music
▪ British rock group       British art rock band of the 1970s whose influential style was an amalgam of glam rock campiness, sophisticated, often experimental ...
/roh"ee/, n. Rammohun /rah moh"hon/, 1774-1833, Indian religious leader: founder of Brahmo Samaj. /roy/, n. 1. a town in N Utah. 19,694. 2. Rollo (def. 1). 3. a male given name: ...
Roy Boulting
➡ Boulting brothers * * *
Roy Jenkins
➡ Jenkins * * *
Roy Lichtenstein
➡ Lichtenstein * * *
Roy Orbison
➡ Orbison * * *
Roy Rogers
a nonalcoholic cocktail of ginger ale and grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry: a child's drink, served esp. to a boy. Cf. Shirley Temple. * * *

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