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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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▪ plant family       family of flowering plants belonging to the order Sapindales and valuable as a source of edible fruit and as ornamentals. Known as the citrus, or ...
/rooh tay"sheuhs/, adj. Bot. 1. of or like rue. 2. belonging to the Rutaceae, the rue family of plants. Cf. rue family. [1820-30; < NL Rutace(ae) name of the family (Rut(a) the ...
Rutan, Burt
▪ 2006       In 2005 the possibility of an ordinary person's journeying to outer space was no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction. Leading the push toward ...
▪ French poet also spelled  Rutebuef , or  Rustebeuf  flourished 1245–85       French poet and jongleur whose pungent commentaries on the orders of society are ...
Rutgers University
the famous university of the US state of New Jersey. It was established as Queens College in 1766 at New Brunswick and changed its name in 1825. * * *
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
▪ university system, New Jersey, United States       coeducational state institution of higher learning in New Jersey, U.S. Rutgers was founded as private Queens ...
/roohth/, n. 1. pity or compassion. 2. sorrow or grief. 3. self-reproach; contrition; remorse. [1125-75; ME ruthe, reuthe. See RUE1, -TH1] Syn. 1. mercy, sympathy. Ant. 1. ...
/roohth/, n. 1. a Moabite woman who married Boaz and became an ancestor of David: the daughter-in-law of Naomi. 2. a book of the Bible bearing her name. 3. a female given ...
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
➡ Jhabvala * * *
Ruth Rendell
➡ Rendell * * *
Ruth, Babe
orig. George Herman Ruth born Feb. 6, 1895, Baltimore, Md., U.S. died Aug. 16, 1948, New York, N.Y. U.S. baseball player, one of the greatest hitters and most popular figures ...
Ruth, Book of
▪ Old Testament       Old Testament book belonging to the third section of the biblical canon, known as the Ketuvim, or Writings. In the Hebrew Bible, Ruth stands with ...
Ruth,George Herman
Ruth, George Herman. Called “Babe.” 1895-1948. American baseball player. A pitcher for the Boston Red Sox (1915-1919) and outfielder for the New York Yankees (1920-1935), he ...
/rooh thee"nee euh, -theen"yeuh/, n. a former province in E Czechoslovakia. Cf. Carpatho-Ukraine. * * *
/rooh thee"nee euhn, -theen"yeuhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the Little Russians, esp. a division of them dwelling in Galicia, Ruthenia, and neighboring regions. n. 2. one of ...
/rooh then"ik, -thee"nik/, adj. Chem. containing ruthenium in a higher valence state than the corresponding ruthenious compound. [1840-50; RUTHEN(IUM) + -IC] * * *
/rooh thee"nee euhs, -theen"yeuhs/, adj. Chem. containing bivalent ruthenium. [1865-70; RUTHENI(UM) + -OUS] * * *
/rooh thee"nee euhm, -theen"yeuhm/, n. Chem. a steel-gray, rare metallic element, belonging to the platinum group of metals. Symbol: Ru; at. wt.: 101.07; at. no.: 44; sp. gr.: ...
/rudh"euhr feuhrd, ruth"-/, n. 1. Daniel, 1749-1819, Scottish physician and chemist: discoverer of nitrogen. 2. Ernest (1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson), 1871-1937, English ...
Rutherford atom
Rutherford atom n. 〚after Ernest RUTHERFORD Ernest〛 the atom postulated as analogous to the solar system, with electrons revolving around a small, central, positive nucleus ...
Rutherford atomic model
 description of the structure of atoms proposed (1911) by the British physicist Ernest Rutherford (Rutherford, Ernest, Baron Rutherford of Nelson, of Cambridge). The model ...
Rutherford B Hayes
➡ Hayes * * *
Rutherford B. Hayes: Inaugural Address
▪ Primary Source       Monday, March 5, 1877       We have assembled to repeat the public ceremonial, begun by Washington, observed by all my predecessors, and ...
Rutherford B. Hayes: Wealth in the Hands of the Few
▪ Primary Source              Unlike most of his fellow Republicans, President Rutherford B. Hayes held an unsympathetic attitude toward the trusts. This was one ...
Rutherford of Nelson, Ernest Rutherford, Baron
born Aug. 30, 1871, Spring Grove, N.Z. died Oct. 19, 1937, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Eng. New Zealand-born British physicist. After studies at Canterbury College, he moved to ...
Rutherford scattering
Physics. the scattering of an alpha particle through a large angle with respect to the original direction of motion of the particle, caused by an atom (Rutherford atom) with most ...
Rutherford, Dame Margaret
▪ British actress born May 11, 1892, London, Eng. died May 22, 1972, Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire  actress who was popular on the British stage and screen from the ...
Rutherford, Ernest, Baron Rutherford of Nelson, of Cambridge
▪ British physicist Introduction born Aug. 30, 1871, Spring Grove, N.Z. died Oct. 19, 1937, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Eng.  New Zealand-born British physicist considered the ...
Rutherford, Mark
▪ British author pseudonym of  William Hale White   born Dec. 22, 1831, Bedford, Bedfordshire, Eng. died March 14, 1913, Groombridge, Sussex  English novelist noted for his ...
Rutherford, Paul William
▪ 2008       British trombonist born Feb. 29, 1940, London, Eng. died Aug. 6, 2007, London growled, blasted, slashed, and played outlandish sounds on his horn, as he ...
Ruth·er·ford (rŭthʹər-fərd), Daniel. 1749-1819. British chemist and physician who is credited with the discovery of nitrogen. * * *
Rutherford, Ernest. First Baron Rutherford of Nelson. 1871-1937. New Zealand-born British physicist who classified radiation into alpha, beta, and gamma types and discovered the ...
/rudh'euhr fawr"dee euhm, -fohr"-/, n. Chem. unnilquadium. [1969; named in honor of E. RUTHERFORD; see -IUM] * * * ▪ chemical element  an artificially produced radioactive ...
Rutherford scattering n. The scattering undergone by a stream of heavy charged particles fired at a sample of a heavy metal, caused by exposure to coulombic forces in the atomic ...
Rutherfurd, Lewis Morris
▪ American astrophysicist born Nov. 25, 1816, Morrisania, N.Y., U.S. died May 30, 1892, Tranquility, N.J.       American astrophysicist who made the first telescopes ...
—ruthfully, adv. —ruthfulness, n. /roohth"feuhl/, adj. 1. compassionate or sorrowful. 2. causing or apt to cause sorrow or pity. 3. feeling remorse or ...
See ruthful. * * *
See ruthfully. * * *
—ruthlessly, adv. —ruthlessness, n. /roohth"lis/, adj. without pity or compassion; cruel; merciless: a ruthless tyrant. [1300-50; ME; see RUTH, -LESS] Syn. unrelenting, ...
See ruthless. * * *
See ruthlessly. * * *
Ruthven family
Noble Scottish family prominent in the 16th century. Its members included Lord Patrick Ruthven (с 1520–1566), provost of Perth (1553–66) and Protestant privy councillor to ...
Ruthven, Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord
▪ Scottish intriguer born c. 1520 died June 13, 1566, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Eng.       Protestant who played an important role in the political intrigues ...
Ruthwell Cross
▪ Scottish artifact       cross bearing an important runic inscription in the Old English (English language) (Anglo-Saxon) language, from Ruthwell in the historic county ...
/rooht"l euhnt/, adj. glowing or glittering with ruddy or golden light. [1490-1500; < L rutilant- (s. of rutilans, prp. of rutilare to glow red), equiv. to rutil(us) red, reddish ...
/rooht"l ay'tid/, adj. Mineral. containing fine, embedded needles of rutile. [1885-90; < L rutilat(us) (ptp. of rutilare; see RUTILANT, -ATE1) + -ED2] * * *
/rooh"teel, -tuyl/, n. a common mineral, titanium dioxide, TiO2, usually reddish-brown in color with a brilliant metallic or adamantine luster, occurring in crystals: used to ...
Rutilius Claudius Namatianus
▪ Roman poet flourished AD 417       Roman poet who was the author of an elegiac (elegy) poem, De reditu suo, describing a journey from Rome to his native Gaul in the ...
/rooht"n/, n. Pharm. a bright yellow or greenish-yellow substance, C27H30O16, obtained chiefly from buckwheat, and used in the treatment of capillary fragility. [ < G Rutin ...
/rut"leuhnd/, n. 1. a city in W Vermont. 18,436. 2. Rutlandshire. * * * ▪ Vermont, United States       city, seat (1784) of Rutland county, south-central Vermont, U.S. ...
Rutland, John James Robert Manners, 7th Duke of, Marquess Of Granby, Earl Of Rutland, Lord Manners Of Haddon
▪ British politician born Dec. 13, 1818, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, Eng. died Aug. 4, 1906, Belvoir Castle  Conservative Party politician of reformist inclinations who ...
/rut"leuhnd shear', -sheuhr/, n. a former county, now part of Leicestershire, in central England. Also called Rutland. * * *
/rut"lij/, n. 1. Ann, 1816-35, fiancée of Abraham Lincoln. 2. Edward, 1749-1800, U.S. lawyer and statesman. 3. his brother, John, 1739-1800, U.S. jurist and statesman: associate ...
Rutledge, John
▪ American chief justice born September 1739, Charleston, S.C. [U.S.] died July 18, 1800, Charleston, S.C.  American legislator who, as a delegate to the Constitutional ...
Rutledge, Wiley B, Jr.
▪ United States jurist born July 20, 1894, Cloverport, Ky., U.S. died Sept. 10, 1949, York, Maine       associate justice of the United States Supreme Court ...
Rut·ledge (rŭtʹlĭj), John. 1739-1800. American politician and jurist. Governor of South Carolina (1779-1782) and a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention, he ...
/rut"euhr/, n. portolano. [1490-1500; var. of ruttier < MF routier, equiv. to route ROUTE + -ier -IER2] * * *
See rutty. * * *
—ruttishly, adv. —ruttishness, n. /rut"ish/, adj. salacious; lustful. [1595-1605; RUT2 + -ISH1] * * *
See ruttish. * * *
See ruttishly. * * *
—ruttily, adv. —ruttiness, n. /rut"ee/, adj., ruttier, ruttiest. full of or abounding in ruts, as a road. [1590-1600; RUT1 + -Y1] * * *
Ruud, Birger
▪ Norwegian ski jumper born August 23, 1911, Kongsberg, Norway died June 13, 1998, Kongsberg  Norwegian ski jumper, who was the only athlete to win both a jumping and a ...
Ruvo di Puglia
▪ Italy Latin  Rubi,         town, Puglia (Apulia) regione, southeastern Italy. It lies on the eastern slopes of the Murge plateau, west of Bari city. Ancient Rubi ...
ruvo kale
See broccoli rabe. [ < NL ruvo a specific epithet (in some systems) of the genus Brassica; of undetermined orig.] * * *
Ruvubu River
▪ river, Africa Ruvubu also spelled  Ruvuvu,         river that rises in several branches east of Bujumbura, Burundi. It flows first south and then north-northeast ...
/roo vooh"meuh/, n. a river in SE Africa, flowing E along the Tanzania-Mozambique border to the Indian Ocean. ab. 450 mi. (725 km) long. Also, Rovuma. * * *
Ruvuma River
▪ river, Tanzania Portuguese  Rio Rovuma,         perennial river rising in the Matagoro Mountains in southeastern Tanzania. Flowing eastward into the Indian Ocean at ...
Ruways, Al-
▪ United Arab Emirates also spelled  Al-Ruweis        site of a giant industrial complex in Abū Ẓaby emirate, United Arab Emirates. (United Arab Emirates) It lies ...
/rooh'weuhn zawr"ee, -zohr"ee/, n. a mountain group in central Africa between Lake Albert and Lake Edward: sometimes identified with Ptolemy's "Mountains of the Moon." Highest ...
Ruwenzori Range
▪ mountains, Africa       mountain range bordering Uganda and Congo (Kinshasa); the range is thought to be the “Mountains of the Moon” described by the ...
Ruysbroeck, Jan van
▪ Flemish mystic Jan also rendered  Johannes , Ruysbroeck also spelled  Ruusbroec  born 1293, Ruisbroek, near Brussels, Brabant [now in Belgium] died Dec. 2, 1381, ...
Ruysch, Rachel
▪ Dutch painter baptized June 3, 1664, Amsterdam, Neth. died Aug. 12, 1750, Amsterdam       Dutch painter who specialized in richly detailed still-life paintings that ...
/roys"dahl, -dayl, ruyz"-, ruys"-/; Du. /rddueis"dahl/, n. Ruisdael. * * *
Ruysdael, Salomon van
orig. Salomon de Goyer born с 1600, Naarden, United Provinces buried Nov. 1, 1670, Haarlem, Neth. Dutch landscape painter. Uncle of Jacob van Ruisdael, he entered the Haarlem ...
Ruysdael,Jacob van
Ruys·dael (rīzʹdäl', rīsʹ-, rousʹ-), Jacob van. See Ruisdael, Jacob van. * * *
/roy"teuhr/; Du. /rdduei"teuhrdd/, n. Michel Adriaanssoon de Du. /mi"kheuhl ah'drddee ahn"soohn deuh/, 1607-76, Dutch admiral. * * *
Serbo-Croatian /rddooh"zheech kah/; Eng. /rooh"zich keuh, rooh zich"-/, n. Leopold /lay"oh pawlt'/ 1887-1976, Swiss chemist, born in Yugoslavia: Nobel prize 1939. * * *
Ružička, Leopold
▪ Swiss chemist in full  Leopold Stephen Ružička  born Sept. 13, 1887, Vukovar, Croatia, Austria-Hungary [now in Croatia] died Sept. 26, 1976, Zürich, ...
1. recreational vehicle. 2. Revised Version (of the Bible). * * *
Rv. abbr. Bible Revelation. * * *
RW abbrev. 1. Right Worshipful 2. Right Worthy * * *
—Rwandan, adj., n. /rooh ahn"deuh/, n. a republic in central Africa, E of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly comprising the N part of the Belgian trust territory of ...
Rwanda language
Rwanda also spelled  Ruanda , also called  Kinyarwanda        a Bantu language spoken by some eight million people primarily in Rwanda and to a lesser extent in ...
Rwanda's Complex Ethnic History
▪ 1995   (See also Map—> and Chart—>.)       Historically, the geographic environment of the Great Lakes region of central Africa erected an effective barrier to ...
Rwanda, flag of
▪ Flag History       horizontally striped blue-yellow-green national flag. In its upper fly corner is a yellow sun with 24 rays. The flag's width-to-length ratio is ...
See Rwanda. * * *
/rooh ahn"deez, -dees/, adj., n., pl. Rwandese. Rwandan. [RWAND(A) + -ESE] * * *
West Semitic, to be(come) high, exalted. Abraham, from Hebrew ʾabrāhām, the (divine) father is exalted, from rāhām, alternate form of rām, exalted, participle of rām, to ...
Rwy or Ry abbrev. Railway * * * West Semitic, to drink one's fill. Ruth, from Hebrew or Moabite rût, meaning uncertain, perhaps akin to rāwâ, to drink one's fill. * * *
Railway. * * *
1. prescription. 2. (in prescriptions) take. 3. tens of rupees. * * *
Railway. * * *
/ree"euh, ruy"euh/, n., pl. ryas. 1. a handwoven Scandinavian rug with a thick pile and usually a strong, colorful design. 2. the weave used for this, comprising warp, weft, and ...
rya rug
rya rug [rē′ə] n. 〚Swed rya (matta) < ON ry, coarse woolen cover, akin to OE ryhe: for IE base see ROUGH〛 a decorative hand-woven area rug or tapestry of Scandinavian ...
Ryabushinsky Family
▪ Russian family Ryabushinsky also spelled  Riabushinskii,         family of wealthy Russian industrialists. Descended from peasants, they successfully invested in ...
/ruy"euhl/, n. 1. See rose noble. 2. a former gold coin of Scotland, equal to 60 shillings. 3. a former silver coin of Scotland, equal to 30 shillings. Also, rial. [1350-1400; ME ...
/ruy"euhn/, n. a male given name. * * * (as used in expressions) Ryan Lynn Nolan Jr. Ryan Robert Tillman Benjamin Ryan * * *
Ryan Giggs
➡ Giggs * * *
Ryan, (Lynn) Nolan, Jr.
born Jan. 31, 1947, Refugio, Tex., U.S. U.S. baseball pitcher. Ryan was signed to a New York Mets minor league team in 1965. He played for the Mets (1968–71), California ...
Ryan, Claude
▪ 2005       Canadian politician and journalist (b. Jan. 26, 1925, Montreal, Que.—d. Feb. 9, 2004, Montreal), led the Liberal Party in Quebec province from 1978 to ...
Ryan, Kay
▪ 2009 born Sept. 27, 1945, San Jose, Calif.  Quintessentially American poet Kay Ryan, who wrote punchy, wry verses about commonplace things with consummate craft, humour, ...
Ryan, Nolan
▪ American baseball player in full  Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr.  born January 31, 1947, Refugio, Texas, U.S.    American professional right-handed baseball pitcher who in 1983 ...
Ryan, Robert
born Nov. 11, 1909, Chicago, Ill., U.S. died July 11, 1973, New York, N.Y. U.S. film actor. He trained for the stage at Max Reinhardt's workshop in Hollywood, and after World ...
Ryan, T. Claude
▪ American aeronautical engineer in full  Tubal Claude Ryan   born Jan. 3, 1898, Parsons, Kan., U.S. died Sept. 11, 1982, San Diego, Calif.       American airline ...
Ryan, Thomas Fortune
▪ American financier born , Oct. 17, 1851, Lovingston, Va., U.S. died Nov. 23, 1928, New York, N.Y.       American financier who played a key role in numerous mergers ...
Ryan, Tony
▪ 2008 Thomas Anthony Ryan        Irish aviation entrepreneur born Feb. 2, 1936, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ire. died Oct. 3, 2007, Celbridge, County Kildare, ...
an Irish airline started in 1985 by an Irish businessman, Tony Ryan, which operates low-cost flights across Europe. Ryanair offers flights from many cities in Britain but ...
/ree'euh zahn", -zan"/; Russ. /rddyi zahn"/, n. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, SE of Moscow. 515,000. * * * ▪ Russia also spelled  Riazan, or ...
Rybakov, Anatoly
▪ 1997       In 1996 Russian novelist Anatoly Rybakov's gripping epic of life in the Soviet Union during the rule of Joseph Stalin came to a close with the publication ...
Rybakov, Anatoly Naumovich
▪ 1999       Russian author who was an acclaimed novelist and children's writer in the Soviet Union for many years before gaining international recognition when his ...
/rib"insk/; Russ. /rddi"byinsk/, n. 1. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, NNE of Moscow, on the Volga near the Rybinsk Reservoir. 254,000. Formerly, Andropov ...
Rybinsk Reservoir
Lake, on the upper Volga River, northwestern Russia. It was created by two dams on the Volga and its tributary, the Sheksna. When the project was completed in 1947, a lake of ...
Ryb·nik (rĭbʹnĭk) A town of southern Poland west-southwest of Katowice. It was chartered in the 14th century. Population: 144,627. * * * ▪ Poland       city, ...
/rid"berrg/, n. Physics. a unit of energy used in atomic physics, equal to 13.606 electron-volts. Abbr.: ry [named for Johannes Robert Rydberg (1854-1919), Swedish physicist] * * ...
Rydberg constant
▪ physics       (symbol R∞), fundamental constant of atomic physics that appears in the formulas developed (1890) by the Swedish physicist J. R. Rydberg (Rydberg, ...
Rydberg, Johannes Robert
▪ Swedish physicist born Nov. 8, 1854, Halmstad, Swed. died Dec. 28, 1919, Lund       Swedish physicist for whom the Rydberg constant in spectroscopy is ...
Rydberg, Viktor
▪ Swedish author in full  Abraham Viktor Rydberg   born Dec. 18, 1828, Jönköping, Swed. died Sept. 21, 1895, Djursholm       author of the Romantic school who, with ...
▪ Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom       town on the northeastern coast of the Isle of Wight (Wight, Isle of), historic county of Hampshire, England, opposite ...
/ruy"deuhr/, n. Albert Pinkham /ping"keuhm/, 1847-1917, U.S. painter. * * *
Ryder Cup
a professional golf competition for men held every two years between teams of US and European players. From 1927, when it was first held, to 1977 it was played between US and ...
Ryder Cup Table
▪ Table Ryder Cup year result 1927 United States 9 1/2, Great Britain 2 1/2 1929 Great Britain 7, United States 5 1931 United States 9, Great Britain 3 1933 Great ...
Ryder, Albert Pinkham
born March 19, 1847, New Bedford, Mass., U.S. died March 28, 1917, Elmhurst, N.Y. U.S. painter. Born in a fishing port, he never lost his obsession with the sea. He settled in ...
Ryder,Albert Pinkham
Ry·der (rīʹdər), Albert Pinkham. 1847-1917. American painter known for his rhythmic allegorical works, landscapes, and marine scenes, such as Toilers of the Sea (c. 1884). * ...
rye1 /ruy/, n. 1. a widely cultivated cereal grass, Secale cereale, having one-nerved glumes and two- or three-flowered spikelets. 2. the seeds or grain of this plant, used for ...
/ruy/, n. a city in SE New York, on Long Island Sound. 15,083. * * * Cereal grass (Secale cereale) and its edible grain, used to make rye bread and rye whiskey, as livestock ...
rye bread
bread that is made either entirely or partly from rye flour, often with caraway seeds. [1570-80] * * *
Rye House Plot
(1683) In English history, an alleged Whig conspiracy to assassinate Charles II because of his pro-Catholic policies. The plot drew its name from Rye House at Hoddeston, ...
rye whiskey
rye1 (defs. 4, 5). [1775-85, Amer.] * * *       whiskey that is distilled from a mash in which rye grain predominates. See whiskey. * * *
rye bread n. Bread made partially or entirely from rye flour. * * *
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative county of North Yorkshire, historic county of Yorkshire, England, named for a small dale and river ...
/ruy"gras', -grahs'/, n. any of several European grasses of the genus Lolium, as L. perenne (perennial ryegrass), grown for forage in the U.S. [1740-50; RYE1 + GRASS] * * * ▪ ...
/ruy"leuhnd/, n. one of an English breed of white-faced sheep, yielding wool of high quality. [1795-1805; named after Ryelands, a district in Herefordshire, England] * * *
Ryerson Polytechnic University
Privately endowed institution of higher learning in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1948 and named after the educator Egerton Ryerson (1803–82). It has faculties ...
Ryerson, Egerton
▪ Canadian educator byname  Adolphus Egerton Ryerson  born March 24, 1803, near Vittoria, Norfolk county, Upper Canada [Ontario] died December 19, 1882, ...
Rykov, Aleksey (Ivanovich)
born , Feb. 25, 1881, Saratov, Russia died March 14, 1938, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. Soviet official. Active in Bolshevik revolutionary activities from age 18, he became a party ...
Rykov, Aleksey Ivanovich
▪ Soviet statesman born , Feb. 25 [Feb. 13, Old Style], 1881, Saratov, Russia died March 14, 1938, Moscow       Bolshevik leader who became a prominent Soviet official ...
/ruyl/, n. Sir Martin, 1918-84, British astronomer: Nobel prize for physics 1974. * * *
Ryle, Gilbert
born Aug. 19, 1900, Brighton, Sussex, Eng. died Oct. 6, 1976, Whitby, North Yorkshire British philosopher, leading figure in the "ordinary language," or "Oxford" school of ...
Ryle, Sir Martin
born Sept. 27, 1918, Brighton, Sussex, Eng. died Oct. 14, 1984, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire British radio astronomer. After receiving a Ph.D. in physics from the University of ...
Ryleyev, Kondraty Fyodorovich
▪ Russian poet Ryleyev also spelled  Ryleev   born Sept. 18 [Sept. 29, New Style], 1795, Batovo, Russia died July 13 [July 25], 1826, St. Petersburg       Russian ...
East Semitic, to give. marionette, marry2, Mary, Miriam; marigold, from Hebrew miryām, Miriam, meaning uncertain, perhaps “gift” (akin to Akkadian riāmu, to give) or ...
Ryman, Robert
▪ American painter born May 30, 1930, Nashville, Tenn., U.S.       American painter whose lifelong production of white paintings reflects a connection to minimalism. ...
Rymer, Thomas
born 1643?, near Northallerton, Yorkshire, Eng. died Dec. 14, 1713, London English critic. Though called to the bar in 1673, Rymer almost immediately turned to literary ...
/ruynd, rind/, n. rind2. * * *
Ryōan Temple
Japanese Ryōan-ji Japanese Buddhist temple in Kyōto, famous for its abstract meditation garden (с 1500). An area approximately 30 by 70 ft (10 by 20 m) is covered with raked ...
Ryōbu Shintō
▪ Japanese religion (Japanese: “Dual Aspect Shintō”),also called  Shingon Shintō,         in Japanese religion, the syncretic school that combined Shintō with ...
/rddyaw"joohn kaw"/, n. former Japanese name of Lüshun. Also called Ryojun /rddyaw"joohn"/. * * *
/ree"oh kahn'/; Japn. /rddyaw"kahn"/, n., pl. ryokan, ryokans. a traditional Japanese inn or small hotel whose floors are covered with tatami. [1960-65; < Japn] * * * ▪ ...
/ruy"euht/, n. (in India) 1. a peasant. 2. a person who holds land as a cultivator of the soil. [1615-25; < Hindi raiyat < Pers < Ar ra'iyah subjects, lit., flock] * * *
/rddee"zah nek'/, n. Leonie /le"aw nee'/, 1926-98, Austrian soprano. * * *
Rysanek, Leonie
▪ 1999       Austrian operatic soprano whose nearly 50-year career, with over 2,100 performances, was distinguished by notable portrayals of Richard Strauss and Richard ...
Rysbrack, John Michael
▪ English sculptor Flemish Jan Michiel Rijsbrack baptized June 27, 1694, Antwerp, Spanish Netherlands [now in Belgium] died Jan. 8, 1770, London, Eng.       one of the ...
Rys·wick (rĭzʹwĭk) See Rijswijk. * * *
Ryu, Chishu
▪ 1994       Japanese actor (b. May 13, 1906, Tamamizu, Kumamoto prefecture, Japan—d. March 16, 1993, Yokohama, Japan), was one of Japan's most enduring character ...
Japn. /rddyooh"kyooh/; Eng. /ree ooh"kyooh/, n. a chain of Japanese islands in the W Pacific between Japan and Taiwan. 1,235,000; 3120 sq. mi. (1205 sq. km). * * *
Ryukyu Islands
Island chain (pop., 2000 prelim.: 1,329,000), Japan. It extends in an arc 600 mi (970 km) long from southern Japan to the northern tip of Taiwan. The 55 islands and islets have ...
Ryukyu Trench
▪ trench, Pacific Ocean also called  Nansei-Shotō Trench        deep ocean trench running north along the eastern edge of the Ryukyu Islands (Japan) in the ...
/ree ooh"kyooh euhn, ryooh"-/, n. 1. a native or inhabitant of Ryukyu. 2. the group of dialects spoken in the Ryukyu Islands, related to Japanese. adj. 3. of, pertaining to, or ...
Ryu·kyu Islands (rē-o͞oʹkyo͞o', ryo͞oʹkyo͞o) An island group of southwest Japan extending about 1,046 km (650 mi) between Kyushu and Taiwan. The archipelago was ...
/ruy"euhn/, n. James Ronald (Jim), born 1947, U.S. track-and-field athlete. * * *
Russ. /rddyooh"rddyik/, n. Rurik. * * *
Ryzhkov, Nikolay
▪ premier of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in full  Nikolay Ivanovich Ryzhkov   born Sept. 28, 1929       premier of the Soviet Union from 1985 to ...
Rze·szów (zhĕʹsho͝of') A city of southeast Poland east of Kraków. Chartered in the 14th century, it passed to Austria in 1772 and reverted to Poland after World War I. ...
▪ Russia also spelled  Ržev        city, Tver oblast (region), northwestern Russia. It lies along the upper Volga River at the crossing of the Moscow-Riga and St. ...
Arabic root, to bundle. ream, from Arabic rizma, bundle, from razama, to bundle. * * *
Arabic root, to fix, stick, insert. mortise, perhaps from Arabic murtazz, fastened, participle of irtazza, to be fixed (in place), derived stem of razza, to fix, stick, insert. * ...
Rølvaag, Ole (Edvart)
born April 22, 1876, Dönna Island, Helgeland, Nor. died Nov. 5, 1931, Northfield, Minn., U.S. Norwegian-born U.S. novelist and educator. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1896 and ...
Rømer, Ole
▪ Danish astronomer Rømer also spelled  Römer, or Roemer, Ole  also spelled  Olaus or Olaf  born Sept. 25, 1644, Århus, Jutland died Sept. 23, 1710, ...
To replace, rectify. Sennacherib, from Akkadian Sîn-aḫḫī-erība, Sin has replaced the (lost) brothers for me, from erība, he has replaced for me, from erīb, preterite of ...
Common Semitic noun *raʾš-, head, top. 1. resh, from Hebrew rêš, resh, from Aramaic rēš or dialectal Phoenician *rēš, head, twentieth letter of the alphabet. 2. rho, from ...
West Semitic, to see. rai, perhaps from dialectal Arabic (hā ar-)ray, (here is the) view, from raʾy, view, opinion, from raʾā, to see. * * *
To graze (of flocks), to pasture, tend (flocks). rayah, from Arabic raʿīya, flock, parish, subjects, a subject, from raʿā, to graze, pasture, tend. * * *
Bear. Oldest form *ə₂r̥tk̑o-, becoming *ər̥tko- in centum languages. 1. ursine, from Latin ursus, bear (< *orcsos). 2. arctic, Arcturus, from Greek arktos, ...
1. satisfactory. 2. Saxon. 3. sentence. 4. short. 5. Elect. siemens. 6. signature. 7. single. 8. small. 9. soft. 10. Music. soprano. 11. South. 12. Southern. 13. state ...
1. satisfactory. 2. signature. 3. small. 4. soft. 5. south. Symbol. second. * * *
S & H
S & H abbrev. shipping and handling * * *
S & L
S & L abbrev. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION * * * (in full savings and loan association) ➡ note at building societies. * * *
S & Ls
➡ building societies and savings and loan associations * * *
S &L
S & L abbr. savings and loan association. * * *
S &M
S & M abbr. sadomasochism. * * *
s a
s a abbrev. 〚L sine anno〛 without year or date * * *
S Afr
S Afr abbrev. 1. South Africa: also S Af 2. South African * * *
S and H
shipping and handling (charges). Also, S&H. * * *
S and M
sadomasochism; sadism and masochism. Also, S&M, s&m. [1965-70] * * *
S Doradus
▪ star       variable supergiant star in the Large Magellanic Cloud (the latter is one of two galactic companions to the Milky Way Galaxy). S Doradus (and the Large ...
S gauge
a model railroad gauge of 7/8 in. (2.2 cm). * * *
S of S
S of S abbrev. Song of Songs: see SONG OF SOLOMON * * *
S phase
Cell Biol. the period of the cell cycle prior to mitosis, during which the chromosomes are replicated. [1940-45] * * *
s quark
Physics. See strange quark. [1975-80] * * *
S sleep.
See slow-wave sleep. [1970-75] * * *
S star
Astron. a relatively cool red giant having a surface temperature of about 2500 K and an absorption spectrum with strong lines of zirconium oxide. Cf. spectral type. * * *
S twist
a direction of the twist in yarns, from top left to bottom right, resembling the long stroke of the letter S. Cf. Z twist. * * *
S wave
Geol. a transverse earthquake wave that travels through the interior of the earth and is usually the second conspicuous wave to reach a seismograph. Also called secondary wave. ...
Banking. See savings and loan association. Also, S and L. * * *
S&M abbrev. (sexual) sadism and masochism; sadomasochism: also s&m or S and M * * *
S&P 500
▪ stock market abbreviation of  Standard and Poor's 500         in the United States, a stock market index that tracks 500 publicly traded domestic companies. It is ...
s'il vous plaît
/seel vooh ple"/, French. if you please; please. * * *
☆ s'more [smôr ] n. 〚prob. contr. of some more〛 a dessert, made as at a campfire, consisting of a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between two graham ...
Pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of the sentence); further appearing in various forms referring to the social group as an entity, “(we ...
Six. Oldest form *s(w)ek̑s, becoming *s(w)eks in centum languages. I. Form *seks. 1. six; sixteen, sixty, from Old English s(i)ex, six, with derivatives sixtig, sixty, and ...
S, s
/es/, n., pl. S's or Ss, s's or ss. 1. the 19th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. 2. any spoken sound represented by the letter S or s, as in saw, sense, or goose. 3. ...
S-A node
S-A node [es′ā′] n. SINOATRIAL NODE * * *
S-A node (ĕsʹāʹ) n. The sinoatrial node. * * *
/es"kerrv'/, n. a curve shaped like an S. [1975-80] * * *
science fiction. * * *
1. Also, S and M. sadomasochism. 2. sadomasochistic. Also, s-m, S/M, s/m. * * *
/es"mayl'/, n. See snail mail. * * *
▪ quantum mechanics also called  scattering matrix        in quantum mechanics, array of mathematical quantities that predicts the probabilities of all possible ...
/es"skrohl'/, n. an ornamental motif in the form of the letter S. * * *
1. Sabbath. 2. Saint. 3. Saturday. 4. Saxon. 5. (in Austria) schilling; schillings. 6. School. 7. Sea. 8. Senate. 9. September. 10. shilling; shillings. 11. (in prescriptions) a. ...
1. saint. 2. school. 3. second. 4. section. 5. see. 6. series. 7. shilling; shillings. 8. sign. 9. signed. 10. silver. 11. singular. 12. sire. 13. small. 14. society. 15. ...
s. & s.c.
(of paper) sized and supercalendered. * * *
S. Afr.
1. South Africa. 2. South African. * * *
S. Afr. D.
South African Dutch. Also, SAfrD. * * *
S. Am.
1. South America. 2. South American. * * *
S. Amer.
1. South America. 2. South American. * * *
s. caps.
Print. small capitals. * * *
S. Con. Res.
Senate concurrent resolution. * * *
S. Dak.
South Dakota. * * *
S. Doc.
Senate document. * * *
S. Lat.
south latitude. * * *
S. of Sol.
Song of Solomon. * * *
S. Rept.
Senate report. * * *
S. Res.
Senate resolution. * * *
Insurance. stock and fixtures. * * *
Insurance. stock and machinery. * * *
1. Salvation Army. 2. seaman apprentice. 3. South Africa. 4. South America. 5. South Australia. 6. (used in French and Spanish as an abbreviation for corporation.) [ < F ...
1. semiannual. 2. sex appeal. 3. without year or date. [ < L sine anno] 4. subject to approval. * * *
Speech Association of America. * * *
1. self-addressed envelope. 2. Society of Automotive Engineers. 3. stamped addressed envelope. Also, SAE; s.a.e. (for defs. 1, 3). * * *
Sons of the American Revolution. * * *
S.Afr. abbr. South Africa. * * *
s.ap. abbr. apothecaries' scruple. * * *
1. Bachelor of Science. [ < L Scientiae Baccalaureus] 2. South Britain (England and Wales). * * *
Baseball. stolen base; stolen bases. * * *
1. Sanitary Corps. 2. Security Council (of the U.N.). 3. Signal Corps. 4. South Carolina. 5. Staff Corps. 6. Supreme Court. * * *
1. Print. small capitals. 2. supercalendered. * * *
1. doctor of science. [ < L Scientiae Doctor] 2. sea-damaged. 3. senior deacon. 4. South Dakota. 5. special delivery. 6. Statistics. standard deviation. * * *
1. sine die. 2. Statistics. standard deviation. * * *
Seventh Day Adventists. * * *
S.Dak. abbr. South Dakota. * * *
specific gravity. * * *
See simple harmonic motion. Also, s.h.m. * * *
1. Sandwich Islands. 2. Staten Island. * * *
Society of Jesus. * * *
S.J. Res.
Senate joint resolution. * * *
Doctor of Juridical Science. [ < L Scientiae Juridicae Doctor] * * *
1. Also, sl. salvage loss. 2. Bibliog. without place (of publication). [ < L sine loco] * * *
s.l.a.n. abbr. Latin sine loco, anno, vel nomine (without place, year, or name of publication). * * *
Socialist Labor Party. * * *
1. Master of Science. [ < NL Scientiae Magister] 2. sergeant major. 3. State Militia. * * *
Bachelor of Sacred Music. * * *
Doctor of Sacred Music. * * *
Master of Sacred Music. * * *
Sovereign and Military Order of Malta. * * *
s.n. abbr. Latin sine nomine (without name). * * *
1. Signal Officer. 2. Special Order. 3. Standing Order. * * *
1. seller's option. 2. shipping order. * * *
(sometimes l.c.) Slang. See son of a bitch. Also, SOB. * * *
Slang. 1. strictly out (of) luck. 2. Vulgar. shit out (of) luck. Also, SOL. * * *
(in prescriptions) if necessary. [ < L si opus sit] * * *
S.of Sol.
S. of Sol. abbr. Song of Solomon. * * *
1. Shore Patrol. 2. Socialist party. 3. Submarine Patrol. * * *

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