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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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/shmah"teuh/, n. Slang. 1. an old ragged garment; tattered article of clothing. 2. any garment. Also, shmatte. [1965-70, Amer.; < Yiddish shmate rag < Pol szmata] * * *
/shmear/, Slang. n. 1. a dab, as of cream cheese, spread on a roll, bagel, or the like. 2. a number of related things, ideas, etc., resulting in a unified appearance, attitude, ...
schmeer also schmear or shmear (shmîr) n. Slang A number of things that go together; an aggregate: bought the whole schmeer.   [Yiddish shmir, smear, smudge, from shmirn, to ...
Schmeis·ser (shmīʹsər) n. Any of various German automatic weapons designed for use by individual troops during World War II, especially either of two types of submachine ...
/shmel"ing/; Ger. /shmay"ling/, n. Max /maks/; Ger, /mahks/ born 1905, German boxer: world heavyweight champion 1930-32. * * *
Schmeling, Max
▪ 2006 Maximilian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling  German heavyweight boxer (b. Sept. 28, 1905, Klein Luckow, Ger.—d. Feb. 2, 2005, Hollenstedt, Ger.), became the first ...
Schmerling, Anton, Ritter (knight) von
▪ Austrian statesman born Aug. 23, 1805, Vienna died May 23, 1893, Vienna       Austrian statesman who served as imperial minister of the interior; he was the principal ...
/shmit/, n. Helmut (Heinrich Waldemar) /hel"moot huyn"rik vahl"deuh mahr'/; Ger. /hel"mooht huyn"rddikh vahl"deuh mahrdd'/, born 1918, West German political leader: chancellor ...
Schmidt system
Schmidt system [shmit] n. 〚after B. Schmidt (1879-1935), Ger astronomer〛 a wide-angle optical system having a concave, spherical mirror whose aberration is neutralized by a ...
Schmidt telescope
a wide-angle reflecting telescope used primarily for astronomical photography, in which spherical aberration and coma are reduced to a minimum by means of a spherical mirror with ...
Schmidt, Arno
▪ German author in full  Arno Otto Schmidt  born January 18, 1914, Hamburg-Hamm, Germany died June 3, 1979, Celle       novelist, translator, and critic, whose ...
Schmidt, Bernhard Voldemar
▪ German optician born March 30, 1879, Naissaar, Estonia died December 1, 1935, Hamburg, Germany       optical (optics) instrument maker who invented the telescope ...
Schmidt, Helmut
born Dec. 23, 1918, Hamburg, Ger. German politician, chancellor of West Germany (1974–82). A member of the Social Democratic Party, he served in the Bundestag (1953–61, ...
Schmidt, Karl P.
▪ American zoologist born June 19, 1890, Lake Forest, Ill., U.S. died Sept. 26, 1957, Chicago       U.S. zoologist whose international reputation derived from the ...
Schmidt, Maarten
▪ Dutch-American astronomer born Dec. 28, 1929, Groningen, Neth.       Dutch-born American astronomer whose identification of the wavelengths of the radiation emitted ...
Schmidt, Mike
▪ American baseball player byname of  Michael Jack Schmidt  born September 27, 1949, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.       American professional baseball player, one of the ...
Schmidt, Wilhelm
▪ German-Austrian anthropologist and linguist born Feb. 16, 1868, Hörde, Ger. died Feb. 10, 1954, Fribourg, Switz.       German anthropologist and Roman Catholic ...
Schmidt (shmĭt), Helmut. Born 1918. German politician who served as West German minister of defense (1969-1972), minister of finance (1972-1974), and chancellor (1974-1982). * ...
Schmidt,Michael Jack
Schmidt, Michael Jack. Known as “Mike.” Born 1949. American baseball player. In 17 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies (1972-1989), Schmidt hit 548 home runs and was the ...
Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl
orig. Karl Schmidt born Dec. 1, 1884, Rottluff, Ger. died Aug. 9, 1976, West Berlin, W.Ger. German painter and printmaker. As an architecture student in Dresden, he helped ...
Schmidt system n. A system consisting of a concave spherical mirror and a transparent plate of glass at its center of curvature, used in reflecting telescopes to offset spherical ...
/shmear"kayz', -kay'zeuh/, n. See cottage cheese. [1900-05; < G: lit., smear-cheese] * * *
Schmirler, Sandra
▪ 2001       Canadian curler (b. June 11, 1963, Biggar, Sask.—d. March 2, 2000, Regina, Sask.), was captain of the Canadian women's curling team that won a gold medal ...
/shmit/, n. 1. Bernadotte Everly /berr"neuh dot' ev"euhr lee/, 1886-1969, U.S. historian. 2. Harrison (Hagan) /hay"geuhn/, ("Jack"), born 1935, U.S. astronaut, geologist, and ...
Schmitt, Florent
▪ French composer born Sept. 28, 1870, Blamont, Fr. died Aug. 17, 1958, Neuilly-sur-Seine       composer known for his orchestral works. He studied at Nancy and under ...
/shmoh/, n., pl. schmoes. Slang. a foolish, boring, or stupid person; a jerk. Also, schmoe. [1945-50, Amer.; of obscure orig.] * * *
/shmoohz, shmoohs/, v.i., schmoosed, schmoosing., n. schmooze. Also, schmoos. * * *
—schmoozer, n. /shmoohz/, v., schmoozed, schmoozing, n. Slang. v.i. 1. to chat idly; gossip. n. 2. idle conversation; chatter. Also, schmoose, schmoos. [1895-1900, Amer.; < ...
See schmooze. * * *
See schmoozer. * * *
/shmuk/, n. Slang. an obnoxious or contemptible person. [1890-95; < Yiddish shmok (vulgar) lit., penis (of uncert. orig.)] * * *
Schmucker, S.S.
▪ American theologian in full  Samuel Simon Schmucker  born February 28, 1799, Hagerstown, Maryland, U.S. died July 26, 1873, Gettysburg, ...
/shmoots/, n. Slang. dirt; filth; garbage. [1965-70; < Yiddish shmuts or G Schmutz, MHG smuz; cf. SMUDGE, SMUT, ME bismotered bespattered, soiled (all presumably expressive vars. ...
/shmoot"see/, adj., schmutzier, schmutziest. Slang. dirty; grimy. Also, schmutzig /shmoot"sik, -sig/. [1965-70; SCHMUTZ + -Y1, as trans. of Yiddish shmutsik or G schmutzig] * * *
/shnah"beuhl/, n. Artur /ahrdd"toordd/, 1882-1951, Austrian pianist. * * *
Schnabel, Artur
born April 17, 1882, Lipnik, Austria died Aug. 15, 1951, Axenstein, Switz. Austrian pianist and composer. When he was seven years old, his family moved to Vienna. There he ...
Schnabel, Julian
born Oct. 26, 1951, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. painter. He studied at the University of Houston and the Whitney Museum of American Art. In the 1980s he was a leading exponent of ...
Schna·bel (shnäʹbəl), Artur. 1882-1951. Austrian-born American pianist and composer noted for his interpretations of Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert. * * *
/shnap"euhr, snap"-/, n. a food fish, Pagrosomus auratus, occurring in large numbers off the shores of Australia and New Zealand. [1820-30; var. of SNAPPER; sch < G] * * *
/shnahps, shnaps/, n. 1. (in Europe) any strong, dry spirit, as slivovitz, aquavit, or kirsch. 2. a drink of schnapps. Also, schnaps. [1810-20; < G, < D or LG snaps lit., gulp, ...
/shnow"zeuhr/; Ger. /shnow"tseuhrdd/, n. one of a German breed of sturdy medium-sized dogs having a tight, wiry, pepper-and-salt or pure black coat, bristly eyebrows and ...
/shnek"euhn/, n.pl., sing. schnecke /shnek"euh/. sweet, spiral, snail-shaped rolls made from raised dough with chopped nuts, butter, and cinnamon. [ < G: lit., snail, OHG snecko. ...
Schneerson, Menachem Mendel
▪ 1995       Russian-born rabbi (b. April 14, 1902, Nikolayev, Russia [now in Ukraine]—d. June 12, 1994, New York, N.Y.), was a towering figure in Orthodox Judaism and ...
/shnuy"deuhr/, (in gin rummy) v.t. 1. to prevent (an opponent) from scoring a point in a game or match. n. 2. an act of schneidering or the fact of being schneidered. [1930-35; < ...
Schneider, Alexander
▪ 1994       Russian-born U.S. violinist and conductor (b. Oct. 21, 1908, Vilna, Russian Empire [now Vilnius, Lithuania]—d. Feb. 2, 1993, New York, N.Y.), for many ...
Schneider, Eugène
▪ French industrialist in full  Joseph Eugène Schneider   born March 29, 1805, Bidestroff, France died Nov. 27, 1875, Paris       one of the great industrialists of ...
Schneider, Hannes
▪ Austrian skier born 1890, Stuben am Arlberg, Austria died April 26, 1955, North Conway, N.H., U.S.       Austrian-born ski instructor who developed what came to be ...
Schneider, Romy
▪ German actress original name  Rosemarie Albach-Retty   born Sept. 23, 1938, Vienna died May 29, 1982, Paris       German motion-picture actress.       The ...
Schneider, Vreni
▪ 1996       The French called her "La Legende." To the Germans she was "wunderbar." For the Italians, "Vreni, vidi, vici" said it all. In any language Vreni Schneider, ...
Schnei·der (shnīʹdər), Vreni. Born 1964. Swiss alpine skier. She won the overall World Cup in 1989, 1994, and 1995, was a four-time world champion, and earned five Olympic ...
/shnuy"deuhr meuhn/, n. Rose, 1884-1972, U.S. labor leader, born in Poland. * * *
Schneirla, Theodore Christian
▪ American animal psychologist born July 23, 1902, Bay City, Mich., U.S. died Aug. 20, 1968, New York, N.Y.       American animal psychologist who performed some of the ...
Schnitger, Arp
▪ German organ maker born , July 9, 1648, Schmalenfleth, in Oldenburg [Germany] died July 24 or 25, 1719, Neuenfelde, Imperial Free City of Hamburg       one of the ...
/shnit"keuh/, n. Alfred, born 1934, Russian composer. * * *
Schnittke, Alfred
▪ 1999       Russian composer (b. Nov. 24, 1934, Engels, Volga German Autonomous S.S.R. [now in Saratov oblast, Russia]—d. Aug. 3, 1998, Hamburg, Ger.), created ...
Schnittke, Alfred (Garriyevich)
born Nov. 24, 1934, Engels, Volga German Autonomous S.S.R. died Aug. 3, 1998, Hamburg, Ger. Russian composer. He began musical training in Vienna and continued in Moscow, then ...
/shnit"seuhl/, n. a cutlet, esp. of veal. [1850-55, Amer.; < G: a shaving, deriv. of schnitzeln to whittle] * * *
/shnits"leuhr/; Ger. /shnits"leuhrdd/, n. Arthur /ahr"theuhr/; Ger. /ahrdd"toordd/, 1862-1931, Austrian dramatist and novelist. * * *
Schnitzler, Arthur
born May 15, 1862, Vienna, Austria died Oct. 21, 1931, Vienna Austrian playwright and novelist. Schnitzler practiced medicine in Vienna most of his life, and he also studied ...
Schnitzler, Karl-Eduard von
▪ 2002       East German broadcaster and propagandist (b. April 28, 1918, Berlin, Ger.—d. Sept. 20, 2001, Berlin), produced Der schwarze Kanal (“The Black ...
Schnitz·ler (shnĭtsʹlər), Arthur. 1862-1931. Austrian writer known for his psychologically penetrating and sometimes erotic novels and plays, particularly La Ronde (1896). * ...
/shnook/, n. Slang. an unimportant or stupid person; dope. [1945-50, Amer.; of uncert. orig.] * * *
/shnawr"keuhl/, n. (formerly) snorkel (def. 1). Also, schnorkel. * * *
Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius
▪ German painter born March 26, 1794, Leipzig, Saxony [Germany] died May 24, 1872, Dresden, Ger.       painter and designer who figured importantly in the German ...
Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Ludwig
▪ German opera singer born July 2, 1836, Munich, Bavaria [Germany] died July 21, 1865, Dresden, Saxony       German tenor, known for his Wagnerian ...
/shnawr"euhr, shnohr"-/, n. Slang. a person who habitually borrows or lives at the expense of others with no intention of repaying; sponger; moocher; beggar. Also, ...
/shnoz/, n. Slang. a nose, esp. one of unusually large size. Also, schnozz, schnozzle /shnoz"euhl/, schnozzola /schno zoh"leuh/. [1935-40, Amer.; prob. expressive alter. of NOSE, ...
schnozzle [shnäz′əl] n. 〚via Yiddish < Ger schnauze, akin to SNOUT〛 Slang the nose: also schnoz * * *
Schober, Johann
▪ prime minister of Austria born Nov. 14, 1874, Perg, Austria died Aug. 19, 1932, Baden, near Vienna  police official who was twice prime minister of Austria (1921–22 and ...
Schoeck, Othmar
▪ Swiss composer born Sept. 1, 1886, Brunnen, Switz. died March 8, 1957, Zürich       Swiss musician, one of the principal composers of lieder of his ...
Schoelcher, Victor
▪ French journalist born July 22, 1804, Paris, France died Dec. 26, 1893, Houilles       French journalist and politician who was France's greatest advocate of ending ...
Schoenberg, Arnold
▪ American composer Introduction Schoenberg also spelled  Schönberg  born September 13, 1874, Vienna died July 13, 1951, Los Angeles  Austrian-American composer who ...
Schoenberg, Arnold (Franz Walter)
born Sept. 13, 1874, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire died July 13, 1951, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. Austrian-born U.S. composer. He was raised as a Catholic by his Jewish-born ...
Schoenfeld, Gerald
▪ 2009       American producer and theatre owner born Sept. 22, 1924, New York, N.Y. died Nov. 25, 2008, New York City led a revitalization of commercial theatre in ...
/shohn"huy'meuhr/; Ger. /shuen"huy'meuhrdd/, n. Rudolf /rooh"dolf/; Ger. /rddooh"dawlf/, 1898-1941, U.S. biochemist, born in Germany. * * *
Schoenheimer, Rudolf
▪ German biochemist born May 10, 1898, Berlin, Ger. died Sept. 11, 1941, New York, N.Y., U.S.       German-born American biochemist whose technique of “tagging” ...
Schoening, Peter K.
▪ 2005       American mountaineer (b. July 30, 1927, Seattle, Wash.—d. Sept. 22, 2004, Kenmore, Wash.), single-handedly averted the loss in 1953 of an entire ...
Schoff, Hannah Kent
▪ American social worker and reformer née  Hannah Kent   born June 3, 1853, Upper Darby, Pa., U.S. died Dec. 10, 1940, Philadelphia, Pa.       American welfare ...
▪ German law       in Germany, a lay jurist or assessor assigned primarily to a lower criminal court to make decisions both on points of law and on fact jointly with ...
Schöffer, Nicolas
▪ French sculptor born September 6, 1912, Kalocsa, Austria-Hungary [now in Hungary] died January 8, 1992, Paris, France       Hungarian-born French artist best known ...
Schöffer, Peter
▪ German printer born 1425?, Gernsheim, Hesse [Germany] died 1502, Mainz [Germany]       German printer who assisted Johannes Gutenberg (Gutenberg, Johannes) and later ...
/skoh"feeld'/, n. John McAllister /meuh kal"i steuhr/, 1831-1906, U.S. general. * * *
Schofield Barracks
a town on central Oahu, in central Hawaii. 18,851. * * *
▪ county, New York, United States       county, east-central New York state, U.S., comprising a mountainous region. The principal streams are Schoharie, Cobleskill, and ...
schola cantorum
/skoh"leuh kan tawr"euhm, -tohr"-/, pl. scholae cantorum /skoh"lee kan tawr"euhm, -tohr"-/. 1. an ecclesiastical choir or choir school. 2. a section of a church, cathedral, or ...
—scholarless, adj. /skol"euhr/, n. 1. a learned or erudite person, esp. one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject. 2. a student; pupil. 3. a student who has been ...
/skol"ahrk/, n. 1. the head of a school. 2. the head of a school of philosophy in ancient Athens. [1860-65; < Gk scholárches. See SCHOOL1, -ARCH] * * *
See scholarly. * * *
—scholarliness, n. /skol"euhr lee/, adj. 1. of, like, or befitting a scholar: scholarly habits. 2. having the qualities of a scholar: a scholarly person. 3. concerned with ...
/skol"euhr ship'/, n. 1. learning; knowledge acquired by study; the academic attainments of a scholar. 2. a sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit, ...
➡ Ivy League * * *
—scholastically, adv. /skeuh las"tik/, adj. Also, scholastical. 1. of or pertaining to schools, scholars, or education: scholastic attainments. 2. of or pertaining to secondary ...
Scholastic Assessment Tests
Trademark. a college-admissions-test program sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board and consisting of the SAT I and SAT II. See SAT. * * *
See scholastic. * * *
/skeuh las"ti kayt', -kit/, n. Rom. Cath. Ch. 1. a course of study for seminarians, taken prior to their theological studies. 2. a school for this course of study. [1870-75; < NL ...
/skeuh las"teuh siz'euhm/, n. 1. (sometimes cap.) the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the ...
Scholes, Myron S.
▪ Canadian-American economist in full  Myron Samuel Scholes  born January 7, 1941, Timmins, Ontario, Canada       Canadian-born American economist best known for his ...
—scholiastic, adj. /skoh"lee ast'/, n. 1. an ancient commentator on the classics. 2. a person who writes scholia. [1575-85; < Gk scholiastés. See SCHOLIUM, -IST] * * *
/skoh"lee euhm/, n., pl. scholia /-lee euh/. 1. Often, scholia. a. an explanatory note or comment. b. an ancient annotation upon a passage in a Greek or Latin text. 2. a note ...
Scholl, William Howard
▪ 2003       British businessman and shoe designer (b. Sept. 24, 1920, London, Eng.—d. March 15, 2002, Douglas, Isle of Man), developed an orthopedic wooden sandal in ...
Schollander, Don
▪ American athlete byname of  Donald Arthur Schollander   born April 30, 1946, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.    American athlete who was the first swimmer to win four ...
Schol·land·er (shōʹlăn-dər), Donald. Born 1946. American swimmer who set 13 world records and won 6 Olympic medals, including 4 gold medals at the 1964 games. * * *
Schomberg, Frederick Herman, duke of
▪ German soldier original name  Friedrich Hermann Von Schönberg   born Dec. 16, 1615, Heidelberg, Palatinate died July 1, 1690, Boyne, Ire.       German soldier of ...
/shom"berrg/, n. Arthur Alfonso, 1874-1938, U.S. scholar and collector of books on black literature and history, born in Puerto Rico. * * *
Schomburgk, Sir Robert Hermann
▪ British explorer born June 5, 1804, Freyburg am der Unstrut, Saxe-Albertine died March 11, 1865, Schöneberg, near Berlin  German-born British explorer and surveyor whose ...
Schon, Helmut
▪ 1997       German association football (soccer) player and coach who, during 14 years, 1964-78, as coach of the West German national team, guided West Germany to the ...
Schon, Mila
▪ 2009 Maria Carmen Nutrizio        Italian fashion designer born 1917?, Trogir, Dalmatia, Austria-Hungary [now in Croatia] died Sept. 4, 2008, near Alessandria, ...
/shuen"buyn/, n. Christian Friedrich /krddis"tee ahn' frddee"drddikh/, 1799-1868, Swiss chemist. * * *
Schönbein, Christian Friedrich
▪ German chemist born Oct. 18, 1799, Metzingen, Swabia died Aug. 29, 1868, Sauersberg, near Baden-Baden       German chemist who discovered and named ozone (1840) and ...
/shuen"berrg/; Ger. /shuen"berddk/, n. Arnold /ahr"neuhld/; Ger. /ahrdd"neuhlt/, 1874-1951, Austrian composer in the U.S. * * *
Schonberg, Harold Charles
▪ 2004       American music critic (b. Nov. 29, 1915, New York, N.Y.—d. July 26, 2003, New York City), considered that he wrote for himself—not for any particular ...
Schön·berg (shœnʹbûrg, shûrnʹ-, shœnʹbĕrk'), Arnold. 1874-1951. Austrian composer who developed atonal composition. His works include operas, chamber music, ...
Schönborn, Friedrich Karl, Graf (count) von
▪ vice chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire born March 3, 1674, Mainz, Ger. died July 27, 1746, Würzburg       prince-prelate, bishop of Bamberg and Würzburg ...
Schönbrunn, Schloss
▪ palace, Vienna, Austria   Rococo-style 1,440-room summer palace of the Habsburgs in Vienna. Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach's first design for the building, meant to ...
Schönbrunn, Treaty of
▪ Europe [1809]       (Oct. 14, 1809), agreement signed at the Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna after Austria's premature war of liberation against Napoleon (Napoleon I) ...
Schöne Müllerin, Die
Ger. /dee shue"neuh myuu"lerdd in/ a song cycle (1823), by Franz Schubert, consisting of 20 songs set to poems by Wilhelm Müller. * * *
Schönemann, Johann Friedrich
▪ German actor and manager born October 21, 1704, Crossen, Prussia [now in Germany] died March 16, 1782, Schwerin, Mecklenburg [Germany]       actor-manager who was ...
Schönerer, Georg, knight von
born July 17, 1842, Vienna, Austria died Aug. 14, 1921, Rosenau bei Zwettl Austrian political extremist. In 1873 he was elected to the federal parliament as a left-wing ...
Schönerer, Georg, Ritter von
▪ Austrian politician born July 17, 1842, Vienna, Austria died Aug. 14, 1921, Rosenau bei Zwettl       Austrian political extremist, founder of the Pan-German Party ...
/shohn"gow euhr/; Ger. /shohn"gow euhrdd/, n. Martin /mahr"tn/; Ger. /mahrdd"teen/, c1430-91, German engraver and painter. * * *
Schongauer, Martin
born 1445/50, Colmar, Alsace died Feb. 2, 1491, Breisach, Baden German painter and printmaker. Though a prolific painter whose panels were sought in many countries, it was as ...
Schönherr, Karl
▪ Austrian writer born Feb. 24, 1867, Axams, Austria died March 15, 1943, Vienna       Austrian writer known for his simple, robust plays dealing with the political and ...
Schönlein, Johann Lukas
▪ German physician born Nov. 30, 1793, Bamberg [Germany] died Jan. 23, 1864, Bamberg  German physician whose attempts to establish medicine as a natural science helped ...
Schonthal, Ruth
▪ 2007 Ruth Schönthal        German-born American composer and pianist (b. June 27, 1924, Hamburg, Ger.—d. July 11, 2006, Scarsdale, N.Y.), was a child prodigy who ...
school1 —schoolable, adj. —schoolless, adj. —schoollike, adj. /skoohl/, n. 1. an institution where instruction is given, esp. to persons under college age: The children are ...
school (crossing) guard
school (crossing) guard or School guard n. a person, either an adult or an older student, whose duty it is to help children cross streets near schools safely * * *
school age
—school-age, adj. 1. the age set by law for children to start school attendance. 2. the period of school attendance required by law. [1735-45] * * *
school board
a local board or committee in charge of public education. [1820-30] * * *
school bus
a vehicle used to transport students to and from school or used for other related purposes. [1905-10, Amer.] * * *
school day
1. any day on which school is conducted. 2. the daily hours during which school is conducted: The school day here is from nine to three. [1580-90] * * *
school dinner
➡ meals * * *
school district
☆ school district n. a geographical division, with specified limits, whose school or schools are administered by a local board of education * * * n (in US education) an area ...
school drama
▪ literature       any play performed by students in schools and colleges throughout Europe during the Renaissance. At first these plays were written by scholars in ...
school edition.
See text edition. * * *
school figure
(in ice skating) any one of a group of sixty-nine different figures, skated in two- or three-circle figure-eight patterns, used to test various skating movements, a skater ...
School for Scandal
a comedy play (1777) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan about two brothers who both want to marry the same young woman. * * *
School for Scandal, The
a comedy of manners (1777) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. * * *
school league tables
➡ National Curriculum * * *
school lunch
➡ meals * * *
school of hard knocks
the experience gained from living, esp. from disappointment and hard work, regarded as a means of education: The only school he ever attended was the school of hard ...
School of Law
(in Chinese philosophy) a Neo-Confucian school asserting the existence of transcendent universals, which form individual objects from a primal matter otherwise formless. Also ...
School of Mind
(in Chinese philosophy) a Neo-Confucian school asserting the original unity of all things, to be grasped through the perfect attainment of jen. Also called Hsin Hsüeh, Lu-Wang ...
school of the soldier.
See under school (def. 16). * * *
school of the squad.
See under school (def. 16). * * *
school psychology
Branch of applied psychology that deals largely with educational assessment, psychological testing, and student consultation in elementary and secondary schools. School ...
school ship
a vessel used in training students for nautical careers. [1835-45, Amer.] * * *
school system
☆ school system n. all the schools and support services under the jurisdiction of a board of education * * *
school tie
school tie n. OLD SCHOOL TIE * * *
school tie.
See old school tie. [1930-35] * * *
school voucher
a government cash grant or tax credit for parents, equal to all or part of the cost of educating their child at a school of their choice. [1970-75] * * *
school without walls
a nontraditional educational program that uses community facilities as learning resources. * * *
school year
1. the months of the year during which school is open and attendance at school is required. 2. See academic year. [1855-60] * * *
See school age. * * *
school age n. The age at which a child is considered old enough to attend school.   schoolʹ-age' (sko͞olʹāj') adj. * * *
/skoohl"bag'/, n. a bag used for carrying books, school supplies, etc. [1890-95; SCHOOL1 + BAG] * * *
school board n. A local board that oversees public schools. * * *
/skoohl"book'/, n. a book for study in schools. [1735-45; SCHOOL1 + BOOK] * * *
—schoolboyish, adj. /skoohl"boy'/, n. a boy attending school. [1580-90; SCHOOL1 + BOY] * * *
school bus n. A publicly or privately owned vehicle that is used for taking schoolchildren to and from school or school-related activities. * * *
/skoohl"chuyld'/, n., pl. schoolchildren. a child attending school. [1830-40; SCHOOL1 + CHILD] * * *
school choice n. A public school program that allows students to choose to attend any of various participating private and public schools, usually based on a system of vouchers ...
/skoohl"kraft', -krahft'/, n. Henry Rowe /roh/, 1793-1864, U.S. explorer, ethnologist, and author. * * *
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe
born March 28, 1793, Albany county, N.Y., U.S. died Dec. 10, 1864, Washington, D.C. U.S. explorer and ethnologist. He served as topographer on an expedition to the Lake ...
Schoolcraft,Henry Rowe
School·craft (sko͞olʹkrăft'), Henry Rowe. 1793-1864. American geologist, ethnologist, and explorer who discovered the source of the Mississippi River (1832). * * *
school day n. 1. A day on which school is in session. 2. The part of a day during which school is in session. * * *
school district n. A geographic district, the public schools of which are administered together. * * *
/skooh"leuhr/, n. a person who attends school, esp. a child (usually used in combination): a new course for junior-high-schoolers. [from parasynthetic derivatives with SCHOOL1 ...
/skoohl"fel'oh/, n. a schoolmate. [1400-50; late ME; see SCHOOL1, FELLOW] * * *
school figure n. Any of various patterns, such as a figure eight, formerly traced by skaters in figure skating competition. Often used in the plural. * * *
—schoolgirlish, adj. /skoohl"gerrl'/, n. a girl attending school. [1770-80; SCHOOL1 + GIRL] * * *
/skoohl"hows'/, n., pl. schoolhouses /-how'ziz/. a building in which a school is conducted. [1400-50; late ME scolehous. See SCHOOL1, HOUSE] * * *
school·ie (sko͞oʹlē) n. A fish, especially a young fish, that swims in a school. * * *
/skooh"ling/, n. 1. the process of being taught in a school. 2. instruction, education, or training, esp. when received in a school. 3. the act of teaching. 4. Archaic. a ...
schooling behaviour
Activity characteristic of clupeiform fish (herrings, anchovies, and allies) in which many fish swim together, appearing to act as a single organism. A school of herring may ...
/skoohl"mam', -mahm'/, n. schoolmarm. [1825-35, Amer.; SCHOOL1 + MA'AM] * * *
/skoohl"meuhn, -man'/, n., pl. schoolmen /-meuhn, -men'/ 1. a person versed in scholastic learning or engaged in scholastic pursuits. 2. (sometimes cap.) a master in one of the ...
—schoolmarmish, adj. /skoohl"mahrm'/, n. Older Use. a female schoolteacher, esp. of the old-time country school type, popularly held to be strict and priggish. Also, ...
See schoolmarm. * * *
—schoolmastership, n. /skoohl"mas'teuhr, -mah'steuhr/, n. 1. a man who presides over or teaches in a school. 2. anything that teaches or directs: Life can be a harsh ...
See schoolmaster. * * *
/skoohl"mayt'/, n. a companion or associate at school. [1555-65; SCHOOL1 + MATE1] * * *
/skoohl"mis'tris/, n. a woman who presides over or teaches in a school. [1490-1500; SCHOOL1 + MISTRESS] Usage. See -ess. * * *
schoolof thought
school of thought n. pl. schools of thought The point of view held by a particular group: “We have many schools of thought in the intelligence services” (Tom Clancy). * * *
/skoohl"roohm', -room'/, n. a room in which a class is conducted or pupils are taught. [1765-75; SCHOOL1 + ROOM] * * *
➡ Oxbridge * * *
/skoohl"tee'cheuhr/, n. a teacher in a school, esp. in one below the college level. [1840-50; SCHOOL1 + TEACHER] * * *
/skoohl"tee'cheuhr ish/, adj. Disparaging. showing characteristics thought to be typical of a schoolteacher, as strictness and primness. [1925-30; SCHOOLTEACHER + -ISH1] * * *
/skoohl"tee'ching/, n. the profession of a schoolteacher. [1840-50, Amer.; SCHOOL1 + TEACHING] * * *
/skoohl"werrk'/, n. the material studied in or for school, comprising homework and work done in class. [1855-60; SCHOOL1 + WORK] * * *
/skoohl"yahrd'/, n. a playground or sports field near a school. [1865-70; SCHOOL1 + YARD2] * * *
school year n. The part of the year during which school is in session, typically from September to June. * * *
/skooh"neuhr/, n. 1. Naut. any of various types of sailing vessel having a foremast and mainmast, with or without other masts, and having fore-and-aft sails on all lower masts. ...
/skooh"neuhr rigd'/, adj. rigged as a schooner, esp. with gaff sails and staysails only. [1760-70] * * *
—Schopenhauerian /shoh"peuhn howeur'ee euhn, -how'euhr-, shoh'peuhn how ear"ee euhn/, adj. /shoh"peuhn how'euhr/; Ger. /shoh"peuhn how'euhrdd/, n. Arthur /ahrdd"toordd/, ...
Schopenhauer, Arthur
born Feb. 22, 1788, Danzig, Prussia died Sept. 21, 1860, Frankfurt am Main German philosopher. His father was a banker and his mother a novelist. He studied in several fields ...
Scho·pen·hau·er (shōʹpən-hou'ər), Arthur. 1788-1860. German philosopher who believed that the will is the fundamental reality to which all knowledge and reason are ...
/shoh"peuhn how'euh riz'euhm/, n. the philosophy of Schopenhauer, who taught that only the cessation of desire can solve the problems arising from the universal impulse of the ...
/shawrl/, n. Mineral. a black tourmaline. Also called schorlite /shawr"luyt/. [1755-65; < G Schörl] * * *
See schorl. * * *
Schott, Marge
▪ 2005 Margaret Unnewehr        American sports executive (b. Aug. 18, 1928, Cincinnati, Ohio—d. March 2, 2004, Cincinnati), became notorious for making outrageous and ...
/shot"ish/, n. 1. a round dance resembling the polka. 2. the music for this dance. [1840-50; < G: SCOTTISH (dance)] * * *
Schottky defect
/shot"kee/, Crystall. an unoccupied position in a crystal lattice caused by the relocation of an atom or ion from the interior to the surface of the crystal. [named after Walter ...
Schottky effect
▪ physics       increase in the discharge of electrons from the surface of a heated material by application of an electric field that reduces the value of the energy ...
Schottky noise
Electronics. See shot effect. [see SCHOTTKY DEFECT] * * *
Schottky, Walter
▪ German physicist born July 23, 1886, Zürich, Switz. died March 4, 1976, Pretzfeld, W.Ger.       German physicist whose research in solid-state physics and ...
Schouten Islands
Archipelago, across the entrance to Cenderawasih Bay of the Pacific Ocean, off the northern coast of Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia. The islands cover an area of 1,231 sq mi ...
Schouten, Willem
▪ Dutch explorer in full  Willem Corneliszoon Schouten   born 1567?, Hoorn, Neth. died 1625, Antongil Bay, Madagascar       Dutch explorer whose 1615–16 expedition ...
Schou·ten Islands (skoutʹn) An island group of eastern Indonesia in the southern Pacific Ocean off the northern coast of New Guinea. * * *
▪ theatre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands       first permanent theatre in Amsterdam, built along the Keizergracht (“Emperor's Canal”) in 1637 by Dutch architect Jacob ...
Schramm, David N.
▪ 1998       American theoretical astrophysicist who was an international leader in the field of cosmology and a distinguished professor (1974-97) at the University of ...
/shrangk/, n. (in Pennsylvania Dutch furniture) a two-door clothes cabinet one side of which has drawers and shelves and the other side an open space for hanging clothes. [ < ...
Schreckengost, Viktor Sebring
▪ 2009       American industrial designer born June 26, 1906, Sebring, Ohio died Jan. 26, 2008, Tallahassee, Fla. was perhaps best remembered for his Art Deco ...
/shrddek"likh kuyt'/, n. German. frightfulness; horror. * * *
Schreiber, R E
▪ 1999       American experimental physicist who during World War II was one of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, N.M., to develop the ...
/shruy"beuhr suyt', -zuyt'/, n. a mineral, iron-nickel phosphide, (Fe, Ni)3P, found only in meteorites. [1840-50; < G Schreibersit, named after Carl von Schreibers, Viennese ...
/shruy"neuhr/, n. Olive ("Ralph Iron"), c1862-1920, English author and feminist. * * *
schreiner finish
a lustrous surface imparted to a fabric by schreinerizing. [1900-05; after Ludwig Schreiner (fl. 1900), German textile manufacturer] * * *
Schreiner, Olive
▪ South African writer in full  Olive Emilie Albertina Schreiner,  pseudonym  Ralph Iron   born March 24, 1855, Wittebergen, Cape Colony [now in South Africa] died Dec. ...
Schreiner, Olive (Emilie Albertina)
born March 24, 1855, Wittebergen, Cape Colony died Dec. 11, 1920, Cape Town, S.Af. South African writer. She had no formal education but read widely, developing a powerful ...
Schreiner, William Philip
▪ South African politician born Aug. 30, 1857, Wittebergen, Cape Colony [now in South Africa] died June 28, 1919, Llandrindod Wells, Radnor, Wales       South African ...
/shruy"neuh ruyz'/, v.t., schreinerized, schreinerizing. to produce a lustrous finish on (a fabric) by subjecting it to pressure exerted by rollers engraved with many fine ...
Schrempp, Jurgen
▪ 1999       When two stars collided in May 1998, the news piqued the interest of the business community rather than the scientific world. This was because the astral ...
Schrieck, Sister Louise Van der
▪ Roman Catholic nun original name  Josephine Van der Schrieck   born Nov. 14, 1813, Bergen-op-Zoom, Neth. died Dec. 3, 1886, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.       Roman ...
/shree"feuhr/, n. John Robert, born 1931, U.S. physicist: Nobel prize 1972. * * *
Schrieffer, John Robert
▪ American physicist born May 31, 1931, Oak Park, Ill., U.S.       American physicist and winner, with John Bardeen (Bardeen, John) and Leon N. Cooper (Cooper, Leon ...
Schrieke, Bertram
▪ Dutch social anthropologist born 1890 died September 1945, London       Dutch social anthropologist known for his critical analyses of early Indonesian economic and ...
Schriever, Bernard Adolph
▪ 2006       general (ret.), U.S. Air Force (b. Sept. 14, 1910, Bremen, Ger.—d. June 20, 2005, Washington, D.C.), led intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and ...
Schrock, Richard R.
▪ American chemist born Jan. 4, 1945, Berne, Ind., U.S.       American chemist who, with Robert H. Grubbs (Grubbs, Robert H.) and Yves Chauvin (Chauvin, Yves), was ...
/skrod/, n. scrod. * * *
Schröder, Friedrich Ludwig
▪ German actor and theatrical manager born November 3, 1744, Schwerin, Mecklenburg [now in Germany] died September 3, 1816, Rellingen       German actor, theatrical ...
Schröder, Gerhard
born April 7, 1944, Mossenberg, near Detmold, Ger. Chancellor of Germany. In his youth he joined the Social Democratic Party and the Young Socialists, and, as a law student at ...
Schröder-Bernstein theorem
/shroh"deuhr berrn"steen, -stuyn, shray"-/, Math. the theorem of set theory that if two sets are so related that each can be placed in one-to-one correspondence with a subset of ...
Schröder-Devrient, Wilhelmine
born Dec. 6, 1804, Hamburg died Jan. 26, 1860, Coburg, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German soprano. Daughter of a baritone, she achieved international renown with her 1822 performance as ...
/shroh"ding euhr, shray"-/; Ger. /shrddue"ding euhrdd/, n. Erwin /erdd"vin/ 1887-1961, German physicist: Nobel prize 1933. * * *
Schrödinger equation
Physics. the wave equation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. Also called Schrödinger wave equation. Cf. wave equation (def. 2). [1950-55; after E. SCHRÖDINGER] * * ...
Schrödinger, Erwin
born Aug. 12, 1887, Vienna, Austria died Jan. 4, 1961, Vienna Austrian physicist. He taught physics in Zürich (1921–27) and Berlin (1927–33), then left Germany, objecting ...
Schrö·ding·er (shrōʹdĭng-ər, shrāʹ-, shrœʹ-), Erwin. 1887-1961. Austrian physicist. He shared a 1933 Nobel Prize for new formulations of the atomic theory. * * *
Schroeder [shrö′dər] Gerhard [ger′härt] 1944- ; Ger. politican: chancellor of Germany (1998- ) * * *
Schroeder, Patricia
▪ American politician née  Patricia Nell Scott  born July 30, 1940, Portland, Ore., U.S.       U.S. congresswoman, known for her outspoken liberal positions on ...
▪ Austria       town, western Austria, on the Ill River at the mouth of the Litz Bach; it adjoins the village of Tschagguns and is the main town of the Montafontal ...
/shruy"euh ruy'/, n. a musical woodwind instrument of the 16th and 17th centuries having a double reed concealed in a cylinder and producing a shrill tone. [1935-40; < MLG ...
/shtik/, n. Slang. shtick. Also, schtik. * * *
/shtoop/, v., schtupped, schtupping. Slang (vulgar). v.t. 1. to have sexual intercourse with. v.i. 2. to engage in sexual intercourse. Also, shtup. [ < Yiddish shtupn lit., to ...
Schubart, Christian Friedrich Daniel
▪ German poet born March 24, 1739, Obersontheim, Swabia died Oct. 10, 1791, Stuttgart, Württemberg       German poet of the Sturm und Drang period, known for his ...
/shooh"beuhrt/; Ger. /shooh"berddt/, n. Franz /frddahnts/, 1797-1828, Austrian composer. * * *
Schubert, Franz
▪ Austrian composer Introduction in full  Franz Peter Schubert  born , Jan. 31, 1797, Himmelpfortgrund, near Vienna died Nov. 19, 1828, Vienna  Austrian composer who ...
Schubert, Franz (Peter)
born Jan. 31, 1797, Himmelpfortgrund, near Vienna died Nov. 19, 1828, Vienna Austrian composer. He learned violin from his schoolteacher father and piano from his brother. He ...
Schubert, Max Edmund
▪ 1995       Australian enologist (b. Feb. 9, 1915, Moculta, near Adelaide, Australia—d. March 6?, 1994, Adelaide), created Grange Hermitage, Australia's most ...
Schubert,Franz Peter
Schu·bert (sho͞oʹbərt, -bĕrt'), Franz Peter. 1797-1828. Austrian composer who perfected the form of the German art song in his more than 600 compositions for voice and ...
Schuch, Franz
▪ German actor born c. 1716, Vienna [Austria] died 1763, Hamburg [Germany]       German comic actor and theatre manager who popularized a vernacular version of the ...
Schuchert, Charles
▪ American paleontologist born , July 3, 1858, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. died Nov. 20, 1942, New Haven, Conn.       American paleontologist who was a leader in the ...
Schücking, Levin
▪ German writer born Sept. 6, 1814, Clemenswerth, W.Ger. [now Germany] died Aug. 31, 1883, Pyrmont, near Münster       writer, author of many popular novels, most of ...
/shoohl, shool/, n., pl. schuln /shoohln, shooln/, Yiddish. shul. * * *
/shool"beuhrg/, n. Budd /bud/, born 1914, U.S. novelist, short-story writer, and scenarist. * * *
Schulberg, Budd
▪ American screenwriter, novelist, journalist in full  Budd Wilson Schulberg  born March 27, 1914, New York City, N.Y., U.S.       American novelist, screenwriter, ...
Schulhofer, Scotty
▪ 2007 Flint Schulhofer        American horse trainer (b. May 30, 1926, Aiken, S.C.—d. Dec. 14, 2006, Aventura, Fla.), rode (1950–62) as a steeplechase jockey before ...
/shooh"leuhr/, n. Gunther, born 1925, U.S. composer and French horn player. * * *
Schuller, Gunther
▪ 1995       Of Reminiscences and Reflections by Gunther Schuller is a work filled with unique, changing sound colours, "a hazy exercise in luxuriant orchestration," ...
Schuller, Gunther (Alexander)
born Nov. 22, 1925, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. composer, conductor, and educator. Son of a violinist, he trained at the Manhattan School of Music. He played French horn with the ...
Schulmeister, Karl
▪ French general born , Aug. 5, 1770, Neu-Freistett, Alsace, Fr. died May 8, 1853, Strasbourg       chief of espionage for Napoleon I.       Throughout his life ...
Schulte, Dieter
▪ 1997       During 1996 German postal and public-sector workers held a series of "warning" strikes and protests opposing Chancellor Helmut Kohl's plans to cut social ...
Schultes, Richard Evans
▪ 2002       American scientist (b. Jan. 12, 1915, Boston, Mass.—d. April 10, 2001, Boston), pioneered the field of ethnobotany, the study of indigenous peoples and ...
/shoolts/, n. Dutch, nickname of Arthur Flegenheimer. * * *
Schultz, Dutch
orig. Arthur Flegenheimer born Aug. 6, 1902, Bronx, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 23, 1935, Newark, N.J. U.S. gangster. Schultz advanced from burglaries to bootlegging, ownership of ...

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