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Слова на букву ramp-schw (15990)

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red tai.
See under tai. * * *
red tape
—redtapism, n. excessive formality and routine required before official action can be taken. [1730-40; after the red tape used to tie official documents] * * *
Red Thunder Cloud
▪ 1997       (CARLOS WESTEZ), U.S. Native American storyteller who was believed to have been the last speaker of the Catawba language, which was not his mother tongue. ...
red tide
a brownish-red discoloration of marine waters caused by the presence of enormous numbers of certain microscopic flagellates, esp. the dinoflagellates, that often produce a potent ...
red trillium
a hardy plant, Trillium sessile, common from New York to Georgia and westward, having stalkless, purple or green flowers. Also called bloody butchers, nosebleed. [1930-35, ...
Red Turbans
Peasant rebel movement of the mid-14th century that flourished in northern China at the end of the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368). The Red Turbans, whose leader was regarded as an ...
red valerian
a bushy valerian, Centranthus ruber, of Europe and southwestern Asia, having many fragrant red, crimson, or white flowers. Also called Jupiter's-beard, scarlet ...
Red Volta River
▪ river, Africa French  Volta Rouge,         river in West Africa, rising in Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) northwest of Ouagadougou. It flows about 200 mi (320 ...
red water
red water n. TEXAS FEVER * * *
red wine
wine having a predominantly red color derived from the skin pigment in the red or other dark-colored grapes used in making it. [1745-55] * * *
Red Wing
1. (Tantangamini), c1750-c1825, Sioux leader. 2. a city in SE Minnesota. 13,736. * * * ▪ Minnesota, United States       city, seat (1853) of Goodhue county, ...
red wolf
a small, reddish-gray American wolf, Canis rufus, similar to the coyote: once abundant in the southeastern U.S., it is now near extinction in the wild. [1940-45] * * *
red worm
North Central, South Midland, and Southern U.S. an earthworm. Also, redworm. [1400-50; late ME] Regional Variation. See earthworm. * * *
var. of re- before a vowel or h in some words: redintegrate. * * *
red-back spider
/red"bak'/ a venomous spider, Latrodectus hasselti, of Australia and New Zealand, related to the black widow spider and having a bright red stripe on the back. [1940-45] * * *
red-bellied turtle
/red"bel'eed/ any of several freshwater turtles of the genus Pseudemys, of the eastern and southern U.S., having red markings on the lower shell. * * *
red-billed quelea
/red"bild'/. See under quelea. [1955-60] * * *
—red-bloodedness, n. /red"blud"id/, adj. vigorous; virile. [1795-1805] Syn. robust, sturdy, lusty, hearty. * * *
See red card. * * *
—red-dogger, n. /red"dawg', -dog'/, v., red-dogged, red-dogging. Football. (esp. of linebackers) v.t. 1. to charge directly for (the passer) as soon as the ball is ...
/red"uy'/, n. 1. the condition of having bloodshot eyes, as from eyestrain or lack of sleep. 2. Also, red eye, redeye. Informal. a commercial airline flight between two distant ...
red-eye gravy
Southern Cookery. a gravy made from the pan juices of fried country ham, thickened with flour and sometimes containing coffee for color and flavor. [1945-50] * * *
red-eyed vireo
/red"uyd'/ an American vireo, Vireo olivaceus, having olive-green and white plumage and red irises. Also called redeye, preacher bird. See illus. under vireo. [1830-40, Amer.] * ...
—red-facedly /red"fay"sid lee, -fayst"lee/, adv. /red"fayst"/, adj. 1. having a red face. 2. blushing or flushed with embarrassment, anger, resentment, or the like. [1570-80] * ...
/red"fig'yeuhr/, adj. pertaining to or designating a style of vase painting developed in Greece in the latter part of the 6th and the 5th centuries B.C., characterized chiefly by ...
red-figure pottery
Type of Greek pottery that flourished from the late 6th to the late 4th century BC. Developed in Athens с 530 BC, the red-figure pottery quickly overtook the older black-figure ...
/red"flag"/, v., red-flagged, red-flagging, adj. v.t. 1. to mark or draw attention to for a particular purpose: The department has red-flagged the most urgent repair work to be ...
red-flannel hash
☆ red-flannel hash [red′flan΄əl ] n. Dial. hash made of ground corned beef, potatoes, and beets * * *
—red-handedness, n. /red"han"did/, adj., adv. in the very act of a crime, wrongdoing, etc., or in possession of self-incriminating evidence: They caught him red-handed dipping ...
See red-handed. * * *
/red"hed'id/ for 1; /red"hed"id/ for 2, adj. 1. having red hair, as a person. 2. having a red head, as an animal, esp. a bird. Also, redheaded. [1555-65] * * *
red-headed woodpecker
a black and white North American woodpecker, Melanerpes erythrocephalus, having a red head and neck. [1720-30, Amer.] * * *
adj. /red"hot"/; n. /red"hot'/, adj. 1. red with heat; very hot. 2. creating much excitement, demand, or discussion: The new toy robot is a red-hot item this Christmas. 3. ...
red-hot poker
tritoma. [1885-90; so called from the fiery red blossoms at the end of the flower spike] * * *
red-lead putty
/red"led'/ a compound for caulking pipe joints, made of red lead, white lead, and boiled linseed oil. * * *
/red"let"euhr/, adj. 1. marked by red letters, as festival days in the church calendar. 2. memorable; especially important or happy: a red-letter day in his life. [1400-50; late ...
/red"luyt"/, v.t., red-lighted, red-lighting. Informal. to stop or deter by means of or as if with a red light. [1895-1900] * * *
red-light district
an area or district in a city in which many houses of prostitution are located. [1890-95; allegedly so called because brothels displayed red lights] * * *
red-light district (rĕdʹlīt') n. A neighborhood containing many brothels. * * *
/red"pen"seuhl/, v.t., red-penciled, red-penciling or (esp. Brit.) red-pencilled, red-pencilling. to delete, censor, correct, or abridge (written material) with or as if with a ...
red-shifted adj. * * *
/red"shawrt"/, adj. Metall. brittle when at red heat, as iron or steel containing too much sulfur. [1720-30; < Sw rödskört, neut. of rödskör, equiv. to röd red + skör ...
red-shouldered hawk
/red"shohl'deuhrd/ a North American hawk, Buteo lineatus, having rufous shoulders. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
red-spotted purple
/red"spot'id/. See under purple (def. 7). [1765-75, Amer.] * * *
/red"tag"/, v., red-tagged, red-tagging, adj. v.t. 1. to attach a red tag to, as merchandise for special sale. 2. to identify for a specific purpose; earmark: The inspector ...
red-tailed black shark
      fish of the carp family, Cyprinidae; a species of labeo (q.v.). * * *
red-tailed hawk
/red"tayld'/ a North American hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, dark brown above, whitish with black streaking below, and having a reddish-brown tail. See illus. under hawk. [1795-1805, ...
red-tailed hawk (rĕdʹtāld') n. A heavy-bodied North American hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) that feeds primarily on rodents and has a conspicuous reddish-brown tail in the male. * ...
/red"wat', -wot'/, adj. Scot. stained with blood; bloody. [RED1 + wat, Scots var. of WET] * * *
red-winged blackbird
/red"wingd'/ a North American blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus, the male of which is black with scarlet patches, usually bordered with buff or yellow, on the bend of the ...
red-winged blackbird (rĕdʹwĭngd') n. A North American blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus), the male of which has scarlet patches on the wings. Also called redwing. * * *
—redaction, n. —redactional, adj. —redactor, n. /ri dakt"/, v.t. 1. to put into suitable literary form; revise; edit. 2. to draw up or frame (a statement, proclamation, ...
redaction [ri dak′shən] n. 〚Fr rédaction < LL redactio: see REDACT〛 1. the preparation of written work for publication; editing, reediting, or revision 2. an edited work; ...
See redact. * * *
red alga n. Any of various predominantly marine algae of the division Rhodophyta, characteristically red or reddish in color. * * *
v.t., redamaged, redamaging. * * *
/ri dan"/, n. Fort. a V-shaped work, usually projecting from a fortified line. [1680-90; < F, var. of redent a double notching or jagging, equiv. to re- RE- + dent TOOTH < L ...
v.t., redared, redaring. * * *
—redargution, n. /ri dahr"gyooh/, v.t., redargued, redarguing. Archaic. to prove wrong or invalid; disprove; refute. [1350-1400; ME redarguen to rebuke ( < OF redargüer) < L ...
v.t. * * *
v., redated, redating. * * *
      name in Australia for the black widow (q.v.) spider. * * *
—redbaiter, n. /red"bayt'/, v.i. to denounce or deprecate as a political radical, esp. to accuse of being communist. [1935-40; back formation from redbaiter, redbaiting. See ...
See redbait. * * *
See redbaiter. * * *
Redbank Whiteoak
/red"bank' hwuyt"ohk', wuyt"-/ a city in S Tennessee. 13,297. * * *
redbelly dace
/red"bel'ee/, Ichthyol. any of the small, brightly colored North American freshwater cyprinids, esp. Phoxinus oreas (northern redbelly dace) and P. erythrogaster (southern ...
/red"berrd'/, n. 1. the cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis. 2. any of various other birds having red plumage, as the scarlet tanager. [1660-70; RED1 + BIRD] * * *
redbird cactus
▪ plant also called  Devil's Backbone or Shoe Flower        (Pedilanthus tithymaloides), succulent plant, of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), native from Florida to ...
redblood cell
red blood cell n. Abbr. RBC A cell in the blood of vertebrates that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues. In mammals, the red blood cell is disk-shaped ...
/red"bohn'/, n. an American hound having a red coat, used in hunting raccoons, bears, cougars, and wildcats. Also, red bone. [1915-20, Amer.; RED1 + BONE] * * *
/red"brest'/, n. 1. the European robin, Erithacus rubecula. 2. the North American robin, Turdus migratorius. 3. any of various other birds, as a dowitcher or knot. 4. a ...
/red"brik'/, adj. Brit. Informal. (sometimes cap.) of, pertaining to, or associated with a redbrick university. Also, red-brick. [1705-15; RED1 + BRICK] * * *
redbrick university
(sometimes caps.) Brit. Informal. 1. any new or little-known university, esp. one built since World War II to educate students in industrial regions, emphasizing technical ...
/red"brij'/, n. a borough of Greater London, England. 231,400. * * * ▪ borough, London, United Kingdom       outer borough of London, on the northeastern perimeter of ...
/red"bud'/, n. 1. an American tree, Cercis canadensis, of the legume family, resembling the Eurasian Judas tree and having small, budlike, pink flowers: the state tree of ...
/red"bug'/, n. Chiefly South Atlantic States. chigger (def. 1). [1795-1805; RED1 + BUG1] * * *
/red"kap'/, n. 1. a baggage porter at a railroad station. 2. Brit. Informal. a member of the military police. [1530-40; RED1 + CAP1] * * *
Red·car (rĕdʹkär') A municipal borough of northeast England on the North Sea northeast of Middlesbrough. It is a seaside resort and has iron and steel industries. ...
Redcar and Cleveland
▪ unitary authority, England, United Kingdom formerly  Langbaurgh-on-Tees        unitary authority, geographic county of North Yorkshire, historic county of ...
red card n. A red-colored card shown by a referee to a player, especially in soccer, to indicate that the player is being ejected from the game.   redʹ-card' (rĕdʹkärd') ...
red carpet n. A carpet laid down for important visitors. Idiom: roll out the red carpet To welcome with great hospitality or ceremony. * * *
red cedar n. 1. An evergreen, coniferous, eastern North American tree (Juniperus virginiana) having fleshy, purplish-black seed cones. Also called eastern red cedar. 2. A tall, ...
red cell n. See red blood cell. * * *
red cent n. Informal Insignificant value: not worth a red cent. * * *
▪ Queensland, Australia       residential and resort city, southeastern Queensland, Australia, on Redcliffe Peninsula, a 15-square-mile (39-square-km) promontory ...
Red Cloud, Originally Makhpyia-luta. 1822-1909. Oglala Sioux leader of the resistance against the development of a trail through Wyoming and Montana by the U.S. government ...
Red·cloud Peak (rĕdʹkloud') A mountain, 4,280.4 m (14,034 ft) high, in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. * * *
red clover n. A Eurasian plant (Trifolium pratense) having trifoliate leaves and globular heads of fragrant rose-purple flowers, widely naturalized in North America and ...
/red"koht'/, n. (esp. during the American Revolution) a British soldier. [1510-20; RED1 + COAT] * * *
red corpuscle n. See red blood cell. * * *
Red Crescent n. 1. A branch of the Red Cross organization operating in a Muslim country. 2. The crescent-shaped emblem of such a branch. * * *
Red Cross n. 1. Abbr. RC a. An international organization that cares for the wounded, sick, and homeless in wartime, according to the terms of the Geneva Convention of 1864, and ...
redd1 /red/, v.t., redd or redded, redding. Northern and Midland U.S. 1. to put in order; tidy: to redd a room for company. 2. to clear: to redd the way. Also, red. [bef. 900; ...
red deer n. 1. A common deer (Cervus elaphus) of Europe and Asia, having a reddish-brown coat. 2. The summer morph of the white-tailed deer, having a reddish coat. * * *
Red Deer A city of south-central Alberta, Canada, on the Red Deer River north of Calgary. It is a trade center in a farm and dairy region. Population: 46,393. * * *
RedDeer River
Red Deer River A river rising in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Alberta, Canada, and flowing about 619 km (385 mi) generally east across the province into the South ...
/red"n/, v.t. 1. to make or cause to become red. v.i. 2. to become red. 3. to blush; flush. [1605-15; RED1 + -EN1] * * *
Reddie, Cecil
▪ British educator born Oct. 10, 1858, London died May 1932, England       educational reformer, important in the development of progressive education in ...
/red"ing/, n. a city in N California. 41,995. * * * ▪ California, United States       city, seat (1888) of Shasta county, northern California, U.S. It lies in the ...
Redding, Otis
▪ American singer Introduction born Sept. 9, 1941, Dawson, Ga., U.S. died Dec. 10, 1967, near Madison, Wis.       American singer-songwriter, one of the great soul ...
See reddish. * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town and borough (district), administrative and historic county of Worcestershire, west-central England, in the valley of the River ...
/red"l/, n., v.t., reddled, reddling. ruddle. * * *
/red"l meuhn/, n., pl. reddlemen. ruddleman. * * *
red drum n. A large food fish (Sciaenops ocellata) of the Atlantic coastal waters of North America. Also called channel bass. * * *
Reddy, Neelam Sanjiva
▪ 1997       Indian politician who was the sixth president of India (1977-82) and a member of the Janata Party; he was first nominated for the presidency in 1969 by the ...
/reed/, v., reded, reding, n. Chiefly Brit. Dial. v.t. 1. to counsel; advise. 2. to explain. n. 3. counsel; advice. 4. a plan; scheme. 5. a tale; story. [bef. 900; (v.) ME reden, ...
n., v., redealt, redealing. * * *
☆ redear [red′ir΄ ] n. a sunfish (Lepomis microlophus) of the central and SE U.S., with bright red gill covers * * *
redear sunfish
/red"ear'/ a freshwater sunfish, Lepomis microlophos, of the lower Mississippi valley and southeastern states, having the gill cover margined with scarlet. Also called redear ...
n., v., redebated, redebating. * * *
v.t. * * *
v. * * *
v.t., redeceived, redeceiving. * * *
v., redecided, redeciding. * * *
n. * * *
v.t., redeclared, redeclaring. * * *
v., redeclined, redeclining, n. * * *
v., redecorated, redecorating. * * *
n. * * *
See redecoration. * * *
v.t., rededicated, rededicating. * * *
n. * * *
v.t. * * *
/ri deem"/, v.t. 1. to buy or pay off; clear by payment: to redeem a mortgage. 2. to buy back, as after a tax sale or a mortgage foreclosure. 3. to recover (something pledged or ...
—redeemability, redeemableness, n. —redeemably, adv. /ri dee"meuh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being redeemed. 2. that will be redeemed: bonds redeemable in 10 years. Also, ...
/ri dee"meuhr/, n. 1. a person who redeems. 2. (cap.) Jesus Christ. [1400-50; late ME; see REDEEM, -ER1] * * *
/ri dee"ming/, adj. offsetting or counterbalancing some fault, defect, or the like: a redeeming quality. [1745-55; REDEEM + -ING2] * * *
v., n. * * *
v.i. * * *
n. * * *
n. * * *
v.t., redefined, redefining. * * *
Redefining Art
▪ 2003 by Karen J. Sparks       Though French artist Marcel Duchamp was credited early in the 20th century with having broken down the boundaries between works of art and ...
Redefining the Library in the Digital Age
▪ 2008 Introduction George M. Eberhart   By 2007 most libraries in the developed world had an online catalog, a Web site, dozens of public-access computers, and electronic ...
n. * * *
red eft n. The bright red terrestrial stage in the life cycle of a newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) of the eastern United States. * * *
v.t., redefied, redefying. * * *
v.t., redelegated, redelegating. * * *
n. * * *
v.t., redeleted, redeleting. * * *
v., redeliberated, redeliberating. * * *
—redeliverer, n. /ree'di liv"euhr/, v.t. 1. to deliver again. 2. to deliver back; return. [1485-95; RE- + DELIVER] * * *
n., pl. redeliveries. * * *
—redemandable, adj. /ree'di mand", -mahnd"/, v.t. 1. to demand again. 2. to demand back; demand the return of. [1565-75; RE- + DEMAND] * * *
v., redemocratized, tizing. * * *
v., redemonstrated, redemonstrating. * * *
—redemptional, adj. —redemptionless, adj. /ri demp"sheuhn/, n. 1. an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed. 2. deliverance; rescue. 3. Theol. deliverance from sin; ...
redemption center
a commercial establishment at which trading stamps of a specific brand may be exchanged for merchandise. * * *
See redemption. * * *
/ri demp"sheuh neuhr/, n. Amer. Hist. an emigrant from Europe to America who obtained passage by becoming an indentured servant for a specified period of time. [1765-75; ...
—redemptively, adv. /ri demp"tiv/, adj. 1. serving to redeem. 2. of, pertaining to, or centering on redemption or salvation: redemptive religions. [1640-50; REDEMPT(ION) + ...
/ri demp"teuhr ist/, n. Rom. Cath. Ch. a member of the "Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer," founded by St. Alphonsus Liguori in 1732. [1825-35; < F rédemptoriste < LL ...
/ri demp"teuh ree/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to redemption; redemptive. 2. redeeming; saving: a redemptory act. [1590-1600; REDEMPT(ION) + -ORY1] * * *
Redenbacher, Orville
▪ 1996       U.S. agricultural scientist and cocreator of a new hybrid of popcorn, "snowflake," which was lighter and fluffier than traditional popped kernels; he ...
n. * * *
v.t., redenied, redenying. * * *
v.i. * * *
—redeployment, n. /ree'di ploy"/, Mil. v.t. 1. to transfer (a unit, a person, supplies, etc.) from one theater of operations to another. 2. to move or allocate to a different ...
See redeploy. * * *
v., n. * * *
v., redepreciated, redepreciating. * * *
▪ Dutch dramatic society       (Dutch: “chamber of rhetoric”), medieval Dutch dramatic society. Modelled after contemporary French dramatic societies (puys), such ...
v. * * *
n. * * *
v.t., redescribed, redescribing. * * *
v. * * *
v.t., redesignated, redesignating. * * *
v., redetermined, redetermining. * * *
—redeveloper, n. /ree'di vel"euhp/, v.t. 1. to develop (something) again. 2. Photog. to submit (a film or the like) to a second development, as to intensify or tone it. v.i. 3. ...
See redevelop. * * *
/ree'di vel"euhp meuhnt/, n. 1. the act or process of redeveloping. 2. an often publicly financed rebuilding of an urban residential or commercial section in decline. [1870-75; ...
redevelopment company
a private corporation or a public agency that stimulates the improvement of land, as through a building project subject to certain designs and controls, by financing, selling, or ...
v.t. * * *
/red"uy'/, n., pl. redeyes, (esp. collectively) redeye for 1, 2; adj. n. 1. any of several fishes having red eyes, as the rock bass. 2. See red-eyed vireo. 3. Also, red-eye, red ...
redeye gravy n. Gravy made from the juices of a cooked ham, thickened with flour and often containing black coffee. * * *
/red"feeld'/, n. Robert, 1897-1958, American anthropologist. * * *
Redfield, Robert
▪ American anthropologist born Dec. 4, 1897, Chicago died Oct. 16, 1958, Chicago       U.S. cultural anthropologist who was the pioneer and, for a number of years, the ...
/red"fin'/, n. any of various small freshwater minnows with red fins, esp. a shiner, Notropis umbratilis, of streams in central North America. [1785-95; RED1 + FIN] * * *
redfin pickerel.
See under pickerel (def. 1). * * *
red fir n. 1. An evergreen tree (Abies magnifica) of California and Oregon, having reddish wood valued as timber. 2. The wood of this tree. * * *
red fire n. Any of various combustible compounds, especially salts of lithium or strontium, that burn bright red and are used in flares and fireworks. * * *
/red"fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) redfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) redfishes. 1. Also called ocean perch, rosefish. a North Atlantic rockfish, ...
red flag n. 1. A warning signal. 2. Something that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction. * * *
Red·ford (rĕdʹfərd) A community of southeast Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Population: 58,441. * * * (1936– ) a US actor who also directs and produces films. His acting ...
Redford (Jr.), (Charles) Robert
born Aug. 18, 1937, Santa Monica, Calif., U.S. U.S. film actor and director. He made his Broadway debut in 1959 and won acclaim in Barefoot in the Park (1963; film, 1967). The ...
Redford, Robert
▪ American actor and director in full  Charles Robert Redford, Jr.  born Aug. 18, 1937, Santa Monica, Calif., U.S.       American motion-picture actor and director ...
red fox n. A fox of the genus Vulpes, characteristically having reddish fur, especially V. fulva of North America and V. vulpes of Europe. * * *
red giant n. A star of great size and brightness that has a relatively low surface temperature. * * *
/red"grayv/, n. Sir Michael (Scudamore) /skud"euh mawr', -mohr', skooh"deuh-/, 1908-85, English actor. * * *
Redgrave, Sir Michael
▪ British actor born March 20, 1908, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England died March 21, 1985, Denham, Buckinghamshire       premier British stage and film actor, noted ...
Redgrave, Sir Michael (Scudamore)
born March 20, 1908, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Eng. died March 21, 1985, Denham, Buckinghamshire British actor. He made his stage debut in 1934 and acted with the Old Vic and ...
Redgrave, Sir Steven
▪ British athlete in full  Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave  born March 23, 1962, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England    English rower, who was the first in his sport to win gold ...
Redgrave, Steven Geoffrey
▪ 1997       In Atlanta, Ga., on July 27, 1996, British oarsman Steve Redgrave joined an exclusive club; he had won a gold medal in four consecutive Olympic Games. Only ...
Redgrave, Vanessa
born Jan. 30, 1937, London, Eng. British actress. The daughter of actor Michael Redgrave, she made her London stage debut in 1958 and won praise as Rosalind in As You Like It ...
Redgrave,Sir Michael
Red·grave (rĕdʹgrāv'), Sir Michael. 1908-1985. British actor noted for his Shakespearean and motion-picture roles. His daughters Vanessa (born 1937) and Lynn (born 1943) are ...
red grouse n. A grouse (Lagopus lagopus subsp. scoticus) of the British Isles that has chestnut plumage and inhabits open fields. Also called moorfowl. * * *
Red Guard n. 1. A member of an activist youth movement in China, prominent during the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s, that espoused Maoist principles. 2. A member ...
I. red gum1 n. Any of several Australian evergreen trees of the genus Eucalyptus, especially E. camaldulensis or E. calophylla, having lance-shaped, aromatic leaves.   II. red ...
/red"hed'/, n. 1. a person having red hair. 2. an American diving duck, Aythya americana, the male of which has a bright chestnut-red head. [1655-65; RED1 + HEAD] * * * ▪ ...
Redhead, Brian
▪ 1995       British journalist and broadcaster (b. Dec. 28, 1929, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England—d. Jan. 23, 1994, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England), as ...
redheaded [red′hed΄id] adj. having red hair, as a person, or a red head, as a bird * * * red·head·ed (rĕdʹhĕd'ĭd) adj. 1. Having red hair. 2. Having a red head: a ...
redheaded woodpecker
☆ redheaded woodpecker n. a North American woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus), with a bright-red head and neck, black back, and white underparts * * *
red heat n. 1. The temperature of a red-hot substance. 2. The physical condition of a red-hot substance. * * *
red herring n. 1. A smoked herring having a reddish color. 2. Something that draws attention away from the central issue.   [From its use to distract hunting dogs from the ...
—redhibitory /red hib"i tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. /red'i bish"euhn, red'hi-/, n. Civil Law. the nullification of a sale because of a defect in the article sold of such nature as ...
red hind n. A reddish-brown grouper (Epinephelus guttatus) of the West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico, having dark red-brown spots. * * *
/red"hawrs'/, n. any of several suckers of the genus Moxostoma, found in the fresh waters of North America, often having reddish fins. Also called redhorse sucker. [1790-1800, ...
/rdde"dee/, n. Francesco /frddahn ches"kaw/, 1626?-98, Italian biologist. * * *
Redi, Francesco
born Feb. 19, 1626, Arezzo, Italy died March 1, 1697, Pisa Italian physician and poet. While working as physician to the dukes of Tuscany, he demonstrated in 1668, in one of ...
/ree"dee euh/, n., pl. rediae /-dee ee'/. Zool. a cylindrical larval stage of some trematodes, produced by a sporocyst and giving rise to daughter rediae or to ...
v. /ree duy"euhl, -duyl"/; n. /ree"duy'euhl, -duyl'/, Telecommunications. v.t. 1. Also, re-dial. to dial again. n. 2. See automatic redial. [1960-65; RE- + DIAL] * * *
v., redictated, redictating. * * *
re·did (rē-dĭdʹ) v. Past tense of redo. * * *
v., redifferentiated, redifferentiating. * * *
v., rediffused, rediffusing. * * *
n. * * *
v., redug, redigging. * * *
v.t. * * *
n. * * *
v.i. * * *
v., redilated, redilating. * * *
Reding, Aloys
▪ Swiss politician born 1765 died 1818, Schwyz, Switz.       Swiss politician and military hero who was for a time (1801–02) head of state of the short-lived ...
Reding, Ital
▪ Swiss politician died 1447       Swiss politician who led hostilities against Zürich during the first civil wars of the Swiss Confederation (1439–40; ...
/red"ing goht'/, n. 1. a dress or lightweight coat, usually belted, open along the entire front to reveal a dress or petticoat worn underneath it. 2. a coatdress with a ...
Redington, Joe
▪ 2000       American dogsledding enthusiast who in 1973 cofounded the annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska; a frequent participant in the ...
red ink n. 1. A financial loss in business. 2. The condition of showing a fiscal deficit: a firm drowning in red ink.   [From the use of red ink to record debits and losses in ...
—redintegrative, adj. /red in"ti grayt', ri din"-/, v.t., redintegrated, redintegrating. to make whole again; restore to a perfect state; renew; reestablish. [1400-50; late ME ...
/red in'ti gray"sheuhn, ri din'/, n. 1. the act or process of redintegrating. 2. Psychol. reintegration (def. 3b). [1425-75; < L redintegration- (s. of redintegratio), equiv. to ...
See redintegration. * * *
See redintegrative. * * *
v., redipped, redipping. * * *
—redirection, n. /ree'di rekt", -duy-/, v.t. 1. to direct again. 2. to change the direction or focus of: He redirected the children's energies toward building a sand castle ...
redirect examination n. Further examination of a witness after cross-examination, carried out by the party that first called the witness. * * *
See redirect. * * *
v.t., redisbursed, redisbursing. * * *
v., redischarged, redischarging. * * *
v.t., redisciplined, redisciplining. * * *
/ree dis"kownt/, v.t. 1. to discount again. n. 2. an act of rediscounting. 3. Usually, rediscounts. commercial paper discounted a second time. [1865-70; RE- + DISCOUNT] * * *
rediscount rate
the rate charged by the Federal Reserve Bank to member banks for rediscounting commercial paper. * * *
v.t. * * *
n., pl. rediscoveries. * * *
v.t. * * *
n. * * *
v.t. * * *
v.t. * * *
n. * * *
v.t. * * *
n. * * *
v., redispersed, redispersing. * * *
v.t. * * *
v.t., redisposed, redisposing. * * *

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