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Слова на букву schw-stag (15990)

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Şevket Paşa, Mahmud
▪ Turkish statesman Şevket also spelled  Shevket   born 1858, Baghdad [Iraq] died June 11, 1913, Constantinople [now Istanbul, Tur.]       Ottoman soldier and ...
/se"vrddeu/; Eng. /sev"reuh, sev/, n. 1. a suburb of Paris in N France. 21,296. 2. Also, Sèvres ware. the porcelain made in this suburb since 1756. * * * ▪ ...
Sèvres porcelain
French hard-paste, or true, porcelain, as well as soft-paste porcelain, made at the royal (now national) factory of Sèvres from 1756 until the present. After the decline of ...
Sèvres, Treaty of
(Aug. 10, 1920) Pact at the end of World War I between the Allied Powers and the government of Ottoman Turkey, signed at Sèvres, France. It abolished the Ottoman Empire, ...
sev·ru·ga (sə-vro͞oʹgə) n. 1. A sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) of the Caspian Sea, whose small gray roe is used for caviar. 2. Caviar made from the roe of the ...
sevruga (caviar)
sevruga (caviar) [sev ro͞o′gə] n. caviar prepared from the small, grayish or black roe of a sturgeon chiefly from the Caspian Sea * * *
sew1 —sewable, adj., n. /soh/, v., sewed, sewn or sewed, sewing. v.t. 1. to join or attach by stitches. 2. to make, repair, etc., (a garment) by such means. 3. to enclose or ...
Sewa River
River, Sierra Leone. Formed by the junction of the Bagbe and Bafi rivers, it flows 150 mi (240 km) to join the Waanje River and form the Kittam, which empties into the Atlantic ...
See sew. * * *
/sooh"ij/, n. the waste matter that passes through sewers. Also, sewerage. [1825-35; SEW(ER)1 (as if the ending was -ER1) + -AGE] * * *
sewage system
Collection of pipes and mains, treatment works, and discharge lines (sewers) for the wastewater of a community. Early civilizations often built drainage systems in urban areas ...
/sooh"euhl/, n. Samuel, 1652-1730, American jurist, born in England. * * *
Sewall, May Eliza Wright
▪ American educator and reformer née  May Eliza Wright  born May 27, 1844, Greenfield, Wis. [U.S.] died July 23, 1920, Indianapolis, Ind.  American educator and reformer, ...
Sewall, Samuel
born March 28, 1652, Bishopstoke, Hampshire, Eng. died Jan. 1, 1730, Boston, Mass. British-American colonial merchant and jurist. He immigrated to America as a boy and became ...
Sew·all (so͞oʹəl), Samuel. 1652-1730. English-born American jurist who presided over the witchcraft trials at Salem, Massachusetts (1692). * * *
/see"weuhn/, n. seawan. * * *
/sooh"euhrd/, n. William Henry, 1801-72, U.S. statesman: Secretary of State 1861-69. * * * (as used in expressions) Burroughs William Seward Darrow Clarence Seward Seward ...
Seward Peninsula
a peninsula in W Alaska, on Bering Strait. * * * Peninsula, western Alaska, U.S. Its tip, Cape Prince of Wales, on the Bering Strait, is the most westerly point of North ...
Seward's Folly
U.S. Hist. the purchase of Alaska in 1867, through the negotiations of Secretary of State W. H. Seward. Cf. Alaska Purchase. [so called because Alaska was regarded as worthless ...
Seward, Anna
▪ British writer born Dec. 12, 1747, Eyam, Derbyshire, Eng. died March 25, 1809, Lichfield, Staffordshire       English poet and author of a sentimental and poetical ...
Seward, William H
▪ United States government official born May 16, 1801, Florida, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 10, 1872, Auburn, N.Y.  U.S. politician, an antislavery activist in the Whig and ...
Seward, William H(enry)
born May 16, 1801, Florida, N.Y., U.S. died Oct. 10, 1872, Auburn, N.Y. U.S. politician. He served in the New York state senate (1830–34) and as governor (1839–43). In the ...
Seward,William Henry
Sew·ard (so͞oʹərd), William Henry. 1801-1872. American politician who as U.S. secretary of state (1861-1869) arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia (1867), a ...
Seward Peninsula A peninsula of western Alaska projecting into the Bering Sea just below the Arctic Circle. * * *
Seward’s Folly
➡ Seward * * *
Sewell, Anna
born March 30, 1820, Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng. died April 25, 1878, Old Catton, Norfolk British writer. She was introduced to writing by her mother, an author of juvenile ...
Sewell, Henry
▪ prime minister of New Zealand born Sept. 14, 1807, Newport, Isle of Wight, Eng. died May 5, 1879, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire       British colonizer and politician who ...
Sew·ell (so͞oʹəl), Anna. 1820-1878. British writer of the children's classic Black Beauty (1877). * * *
/seuh wel"euhl/, n. See mountain beaver. [1806, Amer.; < Lower Chinook š-walál robe of mountain beaver skins, understood as the animal itself] * * *
sewer1 —sewerless, adj. —sewerlike, adj. /sooh"euhr/, n. 1. an artificial conduit, usually underground, for carrying off waste water and refuse, as in a town or city. v.t. 2. ...
sewer pill
/sooh"euhr/ a ribbed wooden ball for scraping the walls of a sewer through which it floats. * * *
/sooh"euhr ij/, n. 1. the removal of waste water and refuse by means of sewers. 2. a system of sewers. 3. sewage. [1825-35; SEWER1 + -AGE] * * *
/soh"ing/, n. 1. the act or work of one who sews. 2. something sewn or to be sewn. [1250-1300; ME; see SEW1, -ING1] * * *
sewing circle
a group, esp. of women, meeting regularly to sew. [1840-50, Amer.] * * *
sewing cotton
cotton thread used for sewing, embroidery, etc. [1805-15] * * *
sewing machine
any of various foot-operated or electric machines for sewing or making stitches, ranging from machines with a shuttle for a spool of thread and a needle for sewing garments to ...
sewing needle
Northern U.S. a dragonfly. Regional Variation. See dragonfly. * * *
sewing silk
finely twisted silk thread used for sewing, embroidery, etc. [1470-80] * * *
sewing table
a worktable for holding sewing materials, often supplied with a bag or pouch for needlework. Cf. bag table. [1870-75] * * *
sewing circle n. A group of people, especially women, who meet regularly for the purpose of sewing, often for charitable causes. * * *
sewing machine n. A machine for sewing, often having additional attachments for special stitching. * * *
/sohn/, v. a pp. of sew1. * * *
/seks/, n. 1. either the male or female division of a species, esp. as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions. 2. the sum of the structural and functional ...
sex abuse.
See sexual abuse. * * *
sex act
sexual intercourse; copulation. * * *
Sex and the City
a US comedy television series about four female friends in their 30s who are all single and live in New York. The main character, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, ...
sex appeal
1. the ability to excite people sexually. 2. immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm: a house with no sex ...
sex cell
a spermatozoon or an ovum; gamete. [1885-90] * * *
sex change
the alteration, by surgery and hormone treatments, of a person's morphological sex characteristics to approximate those of the opposite sex. [1975-80] * * *
sex chromatin
Genetics. See Barr body. [1950-55] * * *
sex chromosome
Genetics. a chromosome, differing in shape or function from other chromosomes, that determines the sex of an individual. [1910-15] * * * Either of a pair of chromosomes that ...
Sex Discrimination Act
a British Act of Parliament which became a law in 1975. Under the Act, people of both sexes have the right to equal opportunities in education and employment, and to be paid the ...
sex hormone
Biochem. any of a class of steroid hormones that regulate the growth and function of the reproductive organs or stimulate the development of the secondary sexual ...
sex hygiene
a branch of hygiene concerned with sex and sexual behavior as they relate to individual and community well-being. * * *
sex kitten
Informal. a young woman who is sexy and coquettish. [1955-60] * * *
sex linkage
sex linkage n. Genetics the phenomenon by which inherited characters are determined by genes carried on one of the sex chromosomes and are consequently linked with the sex of an ...
sex object
a person viewed as being of little interest or merit beyond the potential for providing sexual gratification. [1925-30] * * *
Sex Pistols
a British punk(1) group. They were one of the first groups to play punk music in Britain, and became famous in the 1970s for their lack of respect for anybody. Some people were ...
Sex Pistols, the
▪ British rock group Introduction   rock group who created the British punk movement of the late 1970s and who, with the song “God Save the Queen,” became a symbol of ...
sex play
erotic caressing, esp. as a prelude to sexual intercourse; foreplay. [1915-20] * * *
sex ratio
Sociol. the proportional distribution of the sexes in a population aggregate, expressed as the number of males per 100 females. [1905-10] * * *
sex shop
a store that sells products relating to sexual interests or activities. [1970-75] * * *
sex symbol
a celebrity who is held to possess abundant sex appeal. [1960-65] * * *
sex therapy
Psychiatry. treatment of sexual disorders that have psychological causes, employing psychiatric counseling, behavior modification, and education. [1970-75] * * ...
sex tourist
See sextourism. * * *
sex work
—sex worker. prostitution. * * *
sex worker
sex worker n. any person paid to sexually gratify or arouse a customer, as a model or performer in pornographic magazines, films, or nightclub acts or, esp., a prostitute * * *
a combining form, occurring in loanwords from Latin, meaning "six" (sexagenary); on this model used in the formation of compound words: sexpartite. Also, sexi-. [ < L, comb. form ...
/seks"lim'i tid/, adj. Genetics. (of a gene character) expressed in one sex only. [1905-10] * * *
/seks"ling'kij/, n. Genetics. an association between genes in sex chromosomes such that the characteristics determined by these genes appear more frequently in one sex than in ...
/seks"lingkt'/, adj. Genetics. 1. (of a gene) located in a sex chromosome. 2. (of a character) determined by a gene located in a sex chromosome. [1910-15] * * *
/sek'seuh jeuh nair"ee euhn/, adj. 1. of the age of 60 years or between 60 and 70 years old. n. 2. a sexagenarian person. [1730-40; < L sexagenari(us) SEXAGENARY + -AN] * * *
/sek saj"euh ner'ee/, adj., n., pl. sexagenaries. adj. 1. of or pertaining to the number 60. 2. composed of or proceeding by sixties. 3. sexagenarian. n. 4. a ...
/sek'seuh jes"euh meuh, -jay"zeuh-/, n. the second Sunday before Lent. Also called Sexagesima Sunday. [1350-1400; ME < L sexagesima (dies) sixtieth (day), fem. of sexagesimus, ...
/sek'seuh jes"euh meuhl/, adj. 1. pertaining to or based upon the number 60. n. 2. a fraction whose denominator is 60 or a power of 60. [1675-85; < ML sexagesimalis. See ...
sex appeal n. 1. Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually. 2. Slang. General appeal; power to interest or attract. * * *
/sek'seuh vay"leuhnt/, adj. Chem. hexavalent. Also, sexivalent. [1875-80] * * *
sex cell n. A germ cell or gamete. * * *
/seks'sen ten"euh ree, seks sen"tn er'ee/ or, esp. Brit. /-sen tee"neuh ree/, adj., n., pl. sexcentenaries. adj. 1. pertaining to 600 or a period of 600 years; marking the ...
sex change n. The modification of a person's biological sex characteristics, by surgery and hormone treatment, to approximate those of the opposite sex. * * *
sex chromatin n. See Barr body. * * *
sex chromosome n. Either of a pair of chromosomes, usually designated X or Y, in the germ cells of most animals and some plants, that combine to determine the sex and sex-linked ...
sex crime n. A crime, such as rape, molestation, or sexual abuse, involving illegal or coerced sexual activity.   sex criminal n. * * *
See sex crime. * * *
/seks'di sil"yeuhn/, n., pl. sexdecillions, (as after a numeral) sexdecillion, adj. n. 1. a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 51 zeros, and in Great ...
See sexdecillion. * * *
sex·duc·tion (sĕks-dŭkʹshən) n. The process by which genetic material is transferred from one bacterium to another by a sex factor.   [sex + transduction.] * * *
/sekst/, adj. 1. being of a particular sex or having sexual characteristics. 2. characterized by sexuality; having sex appeal. [1590-1600; SEX + -ED3] * * *
/sekst"up"/, adj. Informal. 1. sexually aroused. 2. made sexually attractive or more titillating: The movie was a sexed-up version of the book. 3. made more attractive or ...
/sek"seuh ner'ee/, adj. 1. senary. 2. sextuple (def. 1). 3. (of a numerical system) with a base of six. [1805-15; irreg. < L sex SIX + -enary, as in SEPTENARY] * * *
—sexennially, adv. /sek sen"ee euhl/, adj. 1. of or for six years. 2. occurring every six years. [1640-50; < L sexenni(s) six years old (sex SIX + -enn-, comb. form of annus ...
See sexennial. * * *
sex factor n. A bacterial plasmid that enables one bacterium to donate its genetic material to another bacterium by conjugation, resulting in genetic recombination. Also called ...
/seks"foyl'/, n. a round ornament consisting of six lobes divided by cusps. [1680-90; SEX- + -foil, as in trefoil] * * *
sex gland n. A testis or ovary; a gonad. * * *
sex hormone n. Any of various hormones, such as estrogen and androgen, affecting the growth or function of the reproductive organs, the development of secondary sex ...
var. of sex-: sexivalent. * * *
sexily [sek′sə lē] adv. Informal in a sexy manner * * * See sexy. * * *
sexiness [sek′sē nis] n. Informal a sexy state or quality * * * See sexily. * * *
/sek"siz euhm/, n. 1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles. 2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex, as in restricted job ...
/sek"sist/, adj. 1. pertaining to, involving, or fostering sexism: a sexist remark; sexist advertising. n. 2. a person with sexist attitudes or behavior. [1965-70; SEX + -IST, on ...
/sek'seuh vay"leuhnt/, adj. Chem. hexavalent. Also, sexavalent. [1870-75; SEXI- + -VALENT] * * *
sex kitten n. Informal A young woman considered to have sex appeal. * * *
—sexlessly, adv. —sexlessness, n. /seks"lis/, adj. 1. having or seeming to have no sex; neuter. 2. having or seeming to have no sexual desires. 3. having no sex appeal; ...
See sexless. * * *
See sexlessly. * * *
sex linkage n. The condition in which a gene responsible for a specific trait is located on a sex chromosome, resulting in sexually dependent inheritance of the trait. * * *
sex object n. A person regarded primarily as the focus of sexual attraction. * * *
sex offender n. One who is convicted of a sex crime. * * *
sex offense n. A sex crime. * * *
See sexology. * * *
See sexologic. * * *
See sexologic. * * *
—sexological /sek'seuh loj"i keuhl/, adj. —sexologist, n. /sek sol"euh jee/, n. the study of sexual behavior. [1900-05; SEX + -O- + -LOGY] * * *
/seks pahr"tuyt/, adj. 1. divided into or consisting of six parts. 2. Archit. (of a vault) divided into six compartments by two ogives and three transverse arches, one of which ...
/sek'sploy tay"sheuhn/, n. Informal. the exploitation of sex in films, magazines, etc. [1940-45; b. SEX and EXPLOITATION] * * *
/seks"pot'/, n. Informal. a sexually attractive person. [1955-60, Amer.; SEX + POT1] * * *
sex ratio n. The proportion of males to females in a given population, usually expressed as the number of males per 100 females. * * *
sex symbol n. A person, especially an entertainer or celebrity, who is widely acknowledged to have sex appeal. * * *
/sekst/, n. Eccles. the fourth of the seven canonical hours, or the service for it, originally fixed for the sixth hour of the day taken as noon. [1375-1425; late ME sexte, syxt ...
/sek"stayn/, n. Pros. 1. a stanza of six lines. 2. sestina. [1630-40; b. two obs. F words: sixain six-line stanza and sestine SESTINA] * * *
/sek"steuhn/, adj. 1. (of a fever) characterized by paroxysms that recurevery sixth day. n. 2. a sextan fever. [1650-60; < NL sextan(a) (febris) sixth day (fever), equiv. to L ...
/sek"steuhnz/, n., gen. Sextantis /sek stan"tis/ for 1. 1. Astron. the Sextant, an equatorial constellation between Hydra and Leo. 2. (l.c.) a bronze coin of ancient Rome, the ...
/sek"steuhnt/, n. 1. an astronomical instrument used to determine latitude and longitude at sea by measuring angular distances, esp. the altitudes of sun, moon, and stars. 2. ...
/sek"steuhrn/, n. Bookbinding. six gathered sheets folded in two for binding together. [1880-85; < ML sexternum, equiv. to L sex SIX + -ternum, as in VL *quaternum (see ...
/seks tet"/, n. 1. any group or set of six. 2. Also, sestet. Music. a. a company of six singers or players. b. a musical composition for six voices or instruments. Also, ...
See sex therapy. * * *
sex therapy n. The treatment of sexual dysfunction, such as impotence or frigidity, by methods involving counseling, psychotherapy, or behavior modification.   sex therapist ...
/sek"stik/, Math. adj. 1. of the sixth degree. n. 2. a quantity of the sixth degree. 3. an equation of the sixth degree. [1850-55; < L sext(us) SIXTH + -IC] * * *
/sek"stil, -stuyl/, adj. 1. Astron. noting or pertaining to the aspect or position of two heavenly bodies when 60° distant from each other. n. 2. Astron. a sextile position or ...
—sextillionth, adj., n. /seks til"yeuhn/, n., pl. sextillions, (as after a numeral) sextillion, adj. n. 1. a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 21 zeros, ...
sex·til·lionth (sĕk-stĭlʹyənth) n. 1. The ordinal number matching the number sextillion in a series. 2. One of sextillion equal parts.   sex·tilʹlionth adv. & adj. * * *
/sek'stoh des"euh moh'/, n., pl. sextodecimos, adj. Print. n. 1. sixteenmo (def. 1). adj. 2. sixteenmo (def. 3). [1680-90; < L sextodecimo, abl. sing. of sextusdecimus ...
—sextonship, n. /sek"steuhn/, n. 1. an official of a church charged with taking care of the edifice and its contents, ringing the bell, etc., and sometimes with burying the ...
/sek"steuhn/, n. Anne (Harvey), 1928-74, U.S. poet. * * * ▪ religion       church custodian charged with keeping the church and parish buildings prepared for meetings, ...
Sexton, Anne
orig. Anne Gray Harvey born Nov. 9, 1928, Newton, Mass., U.S. died Oct. 4, 1974, Weston, Mass. U.S. poet. She worked as a model, librarian, and teacher. Her first book of ...
Sex·ton (sĕkʹstən), Anne. 1928-1974. American poet whose works, including the collections Live or Die (1966) and The Death Notebooks (1974), document her struggle with ...
sexton beetle n. See burying beetle. * * *
sex tour n. A tour to a destination where sexual services are available to tourists.   sex tourism n. sex tourist n. * * *
See sex tour. * * *
/seks tooh"peuhl, -tyooh"-, -tup"euhl, seks"too peuhl, -tyoo-/, adj., v., sextupled, sextupling. adj. 1. consisting of six parts; sexpartite. 2. six times as great or as many. 3. ...
/seks tup"lit, -tooh"plit, -tyooh"-, seks"too plit, -tyoo-/, n. 1. a group or combination of six things. 2. one of six offspring born at one birth. 3. sextuplets, six children or ...
/seks"too pleks', -tyoo-, seks tooh"pleks, -tyooh"-, -tup"leks/, adj. sixfold; sextuple. [1850-55; SEXTU(PLE) + -PLEX] * * *
n., adj. /seks tooh"pli kit, -tyooh"-, -tup"li-/; v. /seks tooh"pli kayt', -tyooh"-, -tup"li-/, n., adj., v., sextuplicated, sextuplicating. n. 1. a group, series, or set of six ...
See sextuplicate. * * *
See sextuplicately. * * *
See sextuple. * * *
(as used in expressions) Frontinus Sextus Julius Pompeius Magnus Pius Sextus Propertius Sextus * * *
Sextus Empiricus
▪ Greek philosopher flourished 3rd century       ancient Greek philosopher-historian who produced the only extant comprehensive account of Greek Skepticism in his ...
—sexually, adv. /sek"shooh euhl/ or, esp. Brit., /seks"yooh-/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or for sex: sexual matters; sexual aids. 2. occurring between or involving the sexes: ...
sexual abuse
rape, sexual assault, or sexual molestation. Also called sex abuse. * * *
sexual behaviour, human
Introduction       any activity—solitary, between two persons, or in a group—that induces sexual arousal. There are two major determinants of human sexual behaviour: ...
sexual deviation
paraphilia. * * *
sexual dimorphism
—sexually dimorphic. the condition in which the males and females in a species are morphologically different, as with many birds. [1885-90] * * *
sexual dysfunction
Inability to experience arousal or achieve sexual satisfaction under ordinary circumstances, as a result of psychological or physiological problems. The most common sexual ...
sexual generation
the gametophyte generation in the alternation of generations in plants that produces a zygote from male and female gametes. [1875-80] * * *
sexual harassment
unwelcome sexual advances made by an employer or superior, esp. when compliance is made a condition of continued employment or advancement. [1975-80] * * * Unsolicited verbal or ...
sexual intercourse
genital contact, esp. the insertion of the penis into the vagina followed by orgasm; coitus; copulation. [1790-1800] * * * or coitus or copulation Act in which the male ...
sexual orientation
one's natural preference in sexual partners; predilection for homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality. [1990-95] * * *
sexual relations
1. sexual intercourse; coitus. 2. any sexual activity between individuals. [1945-50] * * *
sexual reproduction
Biol. reproduction involving the union of gametes. [1880-85] * * *
sexual response
Four-stage series of physiological reactions to sexual stimulation. Persons do not necessarily progress through all four stages, nor need two persons pass through them ...
sexual selection
Biol. a special type of natural selection in which the sexes acquire distinct forms either because the members of one sex choose mates with particular features or because in the ...
sexual-predator law
▪ law       statute that mandates lengthy periods of preventive detention for habitual sexual offenders and sexual psychopaths beyond their criminal sentences. ...
sexual abuse n. 1. The forcing of unwanted sexual activity by one person on another, as by the use of threats or coercion. 2. Sexual activity that is deemed improper or harmful, ...
sexual assault n. Conduct of a sexual or indecent nature toward another person that is accompanied by actual or threatened physical force or that induces fear, shame, or mental ...
sexual deviation n. See paraphilia. * * *
sexual harassment n. The making of unwanted and offensive sexual advances or of sexually offensive remarks or acts, especially by one in a superior or supervisory position or ...
sexual intercourse n. 1. Coitus between humans. 2. Sexual union between humans involving genital contact other than vaginal penetration by the penis. * * *
/sek'shooh al"i tee/ or, esp. Brit., /seks'yooh-/, n. 1. sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex. 2. recognition of or emphasis upon sexual ...
sexuality, human
Tendencies and behaviour of human beings with regard to any activity that causes or is otherwise associated with sexual arousal. It is strongly influenced by the genetically ...
See sexualize. * * *
—sexualization, n. /sek"shooh euh luyz'/ or, esp. Brit., /seks"yooh-/, v.t., sexualized, sexualizing. to render sexual; endow with sexual characteristics. Also, esp. Brit., ...
See sexual. * * *
sexually transmitted disease
any disease characteristically transmitted by sexual contact, as gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, and chlamydia. Abbr.: STD Also called venereal disease. * * ...
sexually transmitted disease (STD)
Disease transmitted primarily by direct sexual contact. STDs usually affect the reproductive system and urinary system but can be spread to the mouth or rectum by oral or anal ...
sexuallytransmitted disease
sexually transmitted disease n. Abbr. STD Any of various diseases, including chancroid, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, that are usually contracted through sexual intercourse ...
sexual orientation n. The direction of one's sexual interest toward members of the same, opposite, or both sexes. * * *
sexual relations pl.n. 1. Sexual intercourse. 2. Sexual activity between individuals. * * *
sexual selection n. Selection driven by the competition for mates, considered an adjunct to natural selection. * * *
sex work n. The performance of sex acts for hire; prostitution.   sex worker n. * * *
See sex work. * * *
—sexily, adv. —sexiness, n. /sek"see/, adj., sexier, sexiest. 1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué: a sexy novel. 2. sexually interesting or exciting; ...
Seybold, John Warren
▪ 2005       American printing innovator and electronic publishing pioneer (b. March 8, 1916, Newburgh, Ind.—d. March 14, 2004, Haverford, Pa.), revolutionized the ...
Seybouse River
River, northeastern Algeria. It rises at the eastern edge of the Sétif plains, rushes through a narrow gorge in Mount Nador, and flows through a tree-lined valley to the ...
Seybouse, Wadi
▪ river, Algeria       river of northeastern Algeria, rising as the Wadi Cherf at the eastern edge of the Sétif plains just east of Aïn Beïda. Meandering north to ...
/say shel", -shelz"/, n. (used with a pl. v.) a republic consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, NE of Madagascar: a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 78,142; 175 sq. ...
Seychelles, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of blue, yellow, red, white, and green rays extending from the lower hoist corner of the flag to its upper and fly edges. ...
Seychelles-Mauritius Plateau
▪ submarine plateau, Indian Ocean also called  Mascarene Plateau         submarine plateau, made up of a very shallow, extensive ridge in the Indian Ocean that forms ...
/say'shel wah", -sheuhl-/, n., pl. Seychellois /-shel wahz", -wah", -sheuhl-/, adj. n. 1. a native or inhabitant of Seychelles. adj. 2. of or noting Seychelles. [ < F, equiv. to ...
Seydlitz, Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von
▪ Prussian general born Feb. 3, 1721, Kalkar, near Kleve, Brandenburg [Germany] died Nov. 8, 1773, Ohlau, Lower Silesia [now Oława, Pol.]  Prussian cavalry commander who ...
Seyfeddin, Omer
▪ Turkish author Seyfeddin also spelled  Seyfettin  born 1884, Göhen, Bandirma, Ottoman Empire [now in Turkey] died March 6, 1920, Constantinople [now ...
Seyfert galaxy
/suy"feuhrt, see"-/, Astron. one of a group of spiral galaxies with compact, bright nuclei having characteristically broad emission lines suggestive of very hot gases in violent ...
Sey·fert galaxy (sēʹfərt, sīʹ-) n. A spiral galaxy with a small, compact, bright nucleus that exhibits variable light intensity and radio-wave emission.   [After Carl ...
Seyfried, Ignaz Xaver, Ritter (knight) von
▪ Austrian musician and composer born Aug. 15, 1776, Vienna, Austria died Aug. 27, 1841, Vienna       Austrian musician who composed more than 100 stage works and much ...
/say hahn"/, n. 1. Adana. 2. a river in S central Turkey, flowing S from the Anatolia plateau to the Mediterranean Sea. 748 mi. (1204 km) long. * * *
Şeyhi, Sinan
▪ Turkish poet Şeyhi also spelled  Sheykih   died 1428, Kütahya, Ottoman Empire [now in Turkey]       poet who was one of the most important figures in early ...
▪ Somalia also called  Zeila,         town and port, extreme northwest Somalia, on the Gulf of Aden; Seylac also falls under the jurisdiction of the Republic of ...
/see"mawr, -mohr/, n. 1. Jane, c1510-37, third wife of Henry VIII of England and mother of Edward VI. 2. a city in S Indiana. 15,050. 3. a town in S Connecticut. 13,434. 4. a ...
Seymour Island
▪ island, Pacific Ocean       one of the smaller (area 1 sq mi [3 sq km]) of the Galapagos Islands, in the eastern Pacific Ocean directly north of Baltra Island, about ...
Seymour, David
▪ American photographer original name  David Szymin  pseudonym  Chim   born November 20, 1911, Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire [now in Poland] died November 10, 1956, near ...
Seymour, Horatio
▪ American politician born May 31, 1810, Onondaga county, N.Y., U.S. died Feb. 12, 1886, Utica, N.Y.  governor of New York and Democratic candidate for president in ...
Seymour, Lynn
▪ Canadian ballerina original name  Lynn Springbett   born Mar. 8, 1939, Wainwright, Alta., Can.       Canadian prima ballerina.       In 1954 Seymour went to ...
Seymour, Thomas Seymour, Baron
▪ English admiral born c. 1508 died March 20, 1549, London, England       lord high admiral of England from 1547 to 1549. His political intrigues led to his execution ...
Sey·mour (sēʹmôr', -mōr'), Jane. 1509?-1537. Queen of England (1536-1537) as the third wife of Henry VIII. She died after giving birth to Henry's heir, Edward VI. * * *
▪ paleontology       extinct genus of terrestrial tetrapod found as fossils in Permian rocks (251 million to 299 million years old) in North America and named for fossil ...
Seyne-sur-Mer, La
▪ France       town, southwestern industrial suburb of Toulon, Var département, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) région, southeastern ...
Seyrig, Delphine
▪ French actress in full  Delphine Claire Beltiane Seyrig   born April 10, 1932, Beirut, Lebanon died Oct. 15, 1990, Paris, Fr.  French actress celebrated for her ...
Seyss-Inquart, Arthur
born July 22, 1892, Stannern, near Iglau, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary died Oct. 16, 1946, Nürnberg, Ger. Austrian Nazi leader. He served in the Austro-Hungarian army during World ...
Name for several groups of progressive artists that broke away from established and conservative artists' organizations in Austria and Germany. The first secession group was ...
1. science fiction. 2. sinking fund. * * *
1. science fiction. 2. Music. sforzando. * * *
Sfântu Gheorghe
▪ Romania also spelled  Sfîntu Gheorghe,  Hungarian  Sepsiszentgyörgy,         town, capital of Covasna județ (county), east-central Romania, on the Olt River. ...
/sfahks/, n. a seaport in E Tunisia, in N Africa. 75,000. * * * or Ṣafāqis Port city (pop., 1994: 230,900), east-central Tunisia. Built on the site of two ancient ...
Mil. sergeant first class. * * *
/sfear"iks, sfer"-/, n. 1. (used with a sing. v.) electronic equipment for determining the position of storms by locating their accompanying atmospherics. 2. (used with a pl. v.) ...
surface feet per minute. * * *
➡ Serious Fraud Office. * * *
/sfawrt"seuh/; It. /sfawrdd"tsah/, n. 1. Count Carlo /kahrdd"law/, 1873-1952, Italian statesman: anti-Fascist leader. 2. Francesco /frddahn ches"kaw/, 1401-66, Italian ...
Sforza family
Italian family that ruled Milan (1450–1535). The family began with the prosperous farmer and later condottiere leader Muzio Attendolo (1369–1424), who was given the nickname ...
Sforza, Carlo, Conte
▪ Italian statesman born September 25, 1873, Montignoso di Lunigiana, Italy died September 4, 1952, Rome       Italian diplomat and statesman, an exile during the ...
Sforza, Carlo, Count
born Sept. 25, 1873, Montignoso di Lunigiana, Italy died Sept. 4, 1952, Rome Italian diplomat. He entered the diplomatic service in 1896 and served in embassies worldwide. He ...
Sforza, Francesco
born July 23, 1401, San Miniato, Tuscany died March 8, 1466, Milan Italian mercenary and duke of Milan (1450–66). He became condottiere of Florence in 1434 and defeated Milan ...
Sforza, Ludovico
born July 27, 1452, Vigevano, Pavia, duchy of Milan died May 27, 1508, Loches, Toubrenne, France Regent (1480–94) and duke of Milan (1494–98). The second son of Francesco ...
Sforza, Muzio Attendolo
▪ Italian condottiere born May 8, 1369, Cotignola [Italy] died Jan. 4, 1424, Pescara       soldier of fortune who played an important role in the wars of his period and ...
/sfawrt sahn"doh/; It. /sfawrdd tsahn"daw/, adj., adv. Music. with force; emphatically. Also, forzando. [1795-1805; < It, ger. of sforzare to show strength < VL *exfortiare; see ...
Sforzesco Castle
▪ museum, Milan, Italy Italian  Castello Sforzesco,         in Milan, castle built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza and now home of a fine art collection. ...
(in Switzerland) franc; francs. Also, Sfr. * * *
SFSR abbr. Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. * * *
/sfooh mah"toh/, n. Fine Arts. the subtle and minute gradation of tone and color used to blur or veil the contours of a form in painting. [1840-50; < It, ptp. of sfumare to ...
sforzando. * * *
1. senior grade. 2. Secretary General. 3. Solicitor General. 4. Surgeon General. * * *
Gram. singular. Also, sg. * * *
/skah bel"oh/; It. /zgah bel"law/, n., pl. sgabellos, It. sgabelli /-lee/. Ital. Furniture. a side chair of the Renaissance, consisting of a small seat, usually octagonal, often ...
Sgambati, Giovanni
▪ Italian musician born May 28, 1841, Rome died Dec. 14, 1914, Rome  pianist, conductor, and composer who promoted a revival of instrumental and symphonic music in Italy ...
sgd abbrev. signed * * * (or śgd). Aramaic root, to bow down, worship. masjid, mosque, from Arabic masjid, mosque, from Aramaic *masgid, place of worship, from səged, to bow ...
signed. * * *
See šgḥ. * * *
(or šgḫ). Hebrew root of uncertain meaning. mashgiah, from Hebrew mašgîaḥ, overseer, inspector, from hišgîaḥ, to gaze, look, inspect, derived stem of *šāgaḥ. * * *
▪ American company Introduction abbreviation of  Silicon Graphics, Inc.        American manufacturer of high-performance computer workstations, supercomputers, and ...
SGM abbrev. Sergeant Major * * * SGM abbr. sergeant major. * * *
Standard Generalized Markup Language: a set of standards, approved by the ISO, enabling a user to create an appropriate markup scheme for tagging the elements of an electronic ...
/skrah fee"toh/; It. /zgrddahf fee"taw/, n., pl. sgraffiti /-tee/. 1. a technique of ornamentation in which a surface layer of paint, plaster, slip, etc., is incised to reveal a ...
Sgs abbrev. Bible Song of Solomon * * *
Sgt abbrev. Sergeant * * *
Sgt Maj
Sgt Maj abbrev. Sergeant Major * * *
Sergeant. * * *
Sgt. Maj.
Sergeant Major. * * *
SgtMaj abbr. sergeant major. * * *
To rage, be(come) mad. meshuga, meshugaas, from Hebrew məšuggaʿ, mad, participle of šuggaʿ, to be(come) mad. * * *
/sh/, interj. (used to urge silence.) Also, shh. [1840-50] * * *
1. sheep. 2. Bookbinding. sheet. 3. shilling; shillings. * * *
Navig. sidereal hour angle. * * * (as used in expressions) Ch'ang sha Chin sha River Sha t'o Turk Hsi sha Ch'ün tao T'a k'o la ma kan Sha mo * * *
Sha‘·ban also Shaa·ban (shə-bänʹ, shä-, shô-) n. The eighth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See table at calendar.   [Arabic ša‘bān, perhaps from ...
/shah ear"/, n. Islam. a person, esp. a poet, endowed with unique perception or insight. [ < Ar sha'ir] * * *
Sha‘·ban also Shaa·ban (shə-bänʹ, shä-, shô-) n. The eighth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See table at calendar.   [Arabic ša‘bān, perhaps from ...
/shahn"shee"/, n. Pinyin. a province in N central China. 20,770,000; 75,598 sq. mi. (195,799 sq. km). Cap.: Xian. Also, Shensi. * * * or Shen-hsi conventional Shensi Province ...
Shaanxi province earthquake of 1556
▪ Chinese history       (Jan. 23, 1556), massive earthquake in Shaanxi (Shensi) province in northern China, believed to be the deadliest earthquake ever ...
/shah"beuh/, n. a province in the SE Democratic Republic of the Congo: important mining area. 3,072,591; 191,878 sq. mi. (496,964 sq. km). Cap.: Lubumbashi. * * *
▪ king of Egypt also called  Sabacon  flourished 8th century BCE       Kushite king who conquered Egypt and founded its 25th (Kushite) dynasty (see ancient Egypt: The ...
/sheuh bahn", shah-, shaw-/, n. the eighth month of the Muslim calendar. Cf. Muslim calendar. [1760-70; < Ar sha'ban] * * *
Shabazz, Betty
▪ 1998       American educator and civil rights activist who was the widow of assassinated black nationalist leader Malcolm X and from 1976 served on the faculty of ...
/shah"beuhs/, n. Yiddish. Sabbath (def. 1). Also, Shabbos, Shabbes. * * *
Shabbas goy
/shah"beuhs goy'/, Yiddish. a gentile who performs tasks for Jews in the home or synagogue on the Sabbath or on a holy day that are forbidden Jews on such occasions, as turning ...
Seph. /shah baht"/, n. Hebrew. Sabbath (def. 1). * * *

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