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Слова на букву schw-stag (15990)

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See sociologic. * * *
—sociologistically, adv. /soh'see ol'euh jis"tik, soh'shee-/, adj. making reference only to the concepts of sociology, esp. emphasizing social factors to the exclusion of ...
—sociologizer, n. /soh'see ol"euh juyz', soh'shee-/, v.t., v.i., sociologized, sociologizing. to explain, study, or interpret in sociological or social terms. Also, esp. Brit., ...
—sociologist, n. /soh'see ol"euh jee, soh'shee-/, n. the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the ...
See sociometry. * * *
—sociometric /soh'see euh me"trik, soh'shee-/, adj. —sociometrist, n. /soh'see om"i tree, soh'shee-/, n. the measurement of attitudes of social acceptance or rejection ...
—sociopathic, adj. —sociopathy /soh'see op"euh thee, soh'shee-/, n. /soh"see euh path', soh"shee-/, n. Psychiatry. a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is ...
See sociopath. * * *
/soh'see oh peuh lit"i keuhl, soh'shee-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or signifying the combination or interaction of social and political factors: the sociopolitical environment in ...
/soh'see oh suy'keuh loj"i keuhl, soh'shee-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or characterized by interrelated social and psychological factors. [1920-25; SOCIO- + PSYCHOLOGICAL] * * *
/soh'see oh ri lij"euhs, soh'shee-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or signifying the combination or interaction of religious and social factors. [1885-90; SOCIO- + RELIGIOUS] * * *
/soh'see oh sek"shooh euhl, soh'shee-/, adj. of or pertaining to relationships between persons that involve sexuality. [1935-40; SOCIO- + SEXUAL] * * *
/soh'see oh tek'neuh loj"i keuhl, soh'shee-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or signifying the combination or interaction of social and technological factors. [1965-70; SOCIO- + ...
sock1 —sockless, adj. —socklessness, n. /sok/, n., pl. socks or, for 1, also sox. 1. a short stocking usually reaching to the calf or just above the ankle. 2. a lightweight ...
sock cymbal
sock cymbal n. HIGH-HAT * * *
sock hop
sock hop n. Informal an informal dance where participants dance in their socks, popular esp. in the 1950s among high-school students * * *
sock lining
a thin piece of material, as leather, that is laid on top of the insole of a shoe, boot, or other footwear. Also called sock liner. * * *
sock suspender
Brit. garter (def. 1). [1915-20] * * *
/sok dol"euh jeuhr/, n. Older Slang. 1. something unusually large, heavy, etc. 2. a decisive reply, argument, etc. 3. a heavy, finishing blow: His right jab is a real ...
/sok'euh rooh"/, n., pl. sockeroos. Slang. a notable success: Her performance was a sockeroo. [1940-45, Amer.; SOCK2 + -EROO] * * *
—socketless, adj. /sok"it/, n. 1. a hollow part or piece for receiving and holding some part or thing. 2. Elect. a. a device intended to hold an electric light bulb ...
socket wrench
a box wrench with a socket that is an extension of the shank. See illus. under wrench. [1885-90] * * *
socket wrench © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A wrench with a usually interchangeable socket to fit over a nut or bolt. * * *
sockeye salmon
/sok"uy'/ an important food fish, Oncorhynchus nerka, inhabiting the North Pacific. Also called blueback salmon, red salmon, sockeye. [1865-70; sockeye, alter. (by folk etym.) of ...
sock·eye salmon (sŏkʹī') n. A salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) of northern Pacific coastal waters that is a commercially valuable food fish. Also called blueback salmon, red ...
/sok"oh/, adj. Slang. extremely impressive or successful: a socko performance. [1935-40; SOCK2 + -O] * * *
/sok"euhl, soh"keuhl/, n. Archit. a low, plain part forming a base for a column, pedestal, or the like; plinth. [1695-1705; < F < It zoccolo wooden shoe, base of a pedestal < L ...
/sok"meuhn, sohk"-/, n., pl. socmen. sokeman. * * *
▪ geographical region, Mexico       region, southwestern Chiapas state, southeastern Mexico, extending northwest from the border of Guatemala. Much of the fertile area ...
▪ New Mexico, United States       city, seat (1852) of Socorro county, central New Mexico, U.S. It lies along the Rio Grande. The site, originally occupied by a Piro ...
—Socotran, n., adj. /soh koh"treuh, sok"euh treuh/, n. an island in the Indian Ocean, S of Arabia: a part of the Republic of Yemen; 1382 sq. mi. (3579 sq. km). Also, Sokotra. * ...
/sok"reuh teez'/, n. 469?-399 B.C., Athenian philosopher. * * * born с 470, Athens died 399 BC, Athens Greek philosopher whose way of life, character, and thought exerted a ...
—Socratically, adv. /seuh krat"ik, soh-/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to Socrates or his philosophy, followers, etc., or to the Socratic method. n. 2. a follower of Socrates. 3. ...
Socratic irony
pretended ignorance in discussion. [1870-75] * * *
Socratic method
the use of questions, as employed by Socrates, to develop a latent idea, as in the mind of a pupil, or to elicit admissions, as from an opponent, tending to establish a ...
Socratic irony n. Profession of ignorance and of willingness to learn as one interrogates another on the meaning of a term. * * *
Socratic method n. A pedagogical technique in which a teacher does not give information directly but instead asks a series of questions, with the result that the student comes ...
sod1 —sodless, adj. /sod/, n., v., sodded, sodding. n. 1. a section cut or torn from the surface of grassland, containing the matted roots of grass. 2. the surface of the ...
sod house
a house built of strips of sod, laid like brickwork, and used esp. by settlers on the Great Plains, when timber was scarce. Also called soddie, soddy. [1825-35] * * *
Sod's law
Sod's law [sädz] n. [Brit. Informal] MURPHY'S LAW * * *
—sodaless, adj. /soh"deuh/, n. 1. See sodium hydroxide. 2. See sodium monoxide. 3. See sodium carbonate (def. 2). 4. sodium, as in carbonate of soda. 5. See soda water. 6. a ...
soda ash
Chem. See sodium carbonate (def. 1). [1830-40] * * *       sodium carbonate, a widely occurring white or transparent sodium salt of carbonic acid (see sodium). * * *
soda biscuit
1. a biscuit having soda and sour milk or buttermilk as leavening agents. 2. See soda cracker. [1820-30, Amer.] * * *
soda bread
an Irish quick bread leavened with baking soda, usually made with buttermilk. [1850-55] * * *
soda cracker
a thin, crisp cracker or wafer prepared from a yeast dough that has been neutralized by baking soda. [1820-30] * * *
soda fountain
1. a counter, as in a restaurant or drugstore, at which sodas, ice cream, light meals, etc., are served. 2. a container from which soda water is dispensed, usually through ...
soda jerk
Informal. a person who prepares and serves sodas and ice cream at a soda fountain. Also, soda jerker. [1910-15, Amer.; shortened form of soda jerker] * * *
Soda Lake
▪ lake, California, United States also called  Soda Dry Lake        dry lake in San Bernardino county, southern California, U.S. Situated in the Mojave Desert, Soda ...
soda lime
—soda-lime, adj. a mixture of sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. [1860-65] * * * ▪ chemistry       white or grayish white granular mixture of calcium hydroxide ...
soda niter
a white or transparent mineral, sodium nitrate, NaNO3, used chiefly as a fertilizer and in the manufacture of sulfuric and nitric acids and potassium nitrate. Also called Chile ...
soda pop
a carbonated, flavored, and sweetened soft drink. [1905-10] Regional Variation. The terms SODA POP, SODA, and POP are widely used throughout the U.S., although POP is mainly ...
soda water
1. an effervescent beverage consisting of water charged with carbon dioxide. 2. See soda pop. 3. a weak solution of sodium bicarbonate, taken as a stomachic. [1795-1805] * * *
soda-lime feldspar
plagioclase. [1865-70] * * *
soda-lime glass
      most common form of glass produced. It is composed of about 70 percent silica (silicon dioxide), 15 percent soda (sodium oxide), and 9 percent lime (calcium oxide), ...
soda ash n. Sodium carbonate in powdery white form, used especially as an industrial chemical. * * *
soda biscuit n. 1. A breadlike biscuit leavened with baking soda. 2. See soda cracker. * * *
soda bread n. A quick bread leavened with baking soda and buttermilk or sour milk. * * *
soda cracker n. A thin, usually square cracker leavened slightly with baking soda. Also called soda biscuit. * * *
soda fountain n. 1. An apparatus with faucets for dispensing soda water. 2. A counter equipped for preparing and serving soft drinks, ice-cream dishes, or sandwiches. Also called ...
soda jerk n. Informal One who works at a soda fountain.   [Short for soda jerker.] * * *
soda lime n. A mixture of calcium oxide and sodium or potassium hydroxide, used as a drying agent and carbon dioxide absorbent. * * *
/sohd"l ist/, n. a member of a sodality. [1785-95; SODAL(ITY) + -IST] * * *
/sohd"l uyt'/, n. a mineral, sodium aluminum silicate, Na4Al3Si3O12Cl, occurring massive and in crystals, usually blue in color and found in certain alkali-rich igneous ...
/soh dal"i tee, seuh-/, n., pl. sodalities. 1. fellowship; comradeship. 2. an association or society. 3. Rom. Cath. Ch. a lay society for religious and charitable ...
/soh"deuh muyd'/, n. Chem. See sodium amide. [1830-40; SOD(IUM) + AMIDE] * * *
soda niter n. See sodium nitrate. * * *
soda pop n. See soft drink. * * *
soda water n. 1. a. See carbonated water. b. See soft drink. 2. A solution of water, sodium bicarbonate, and acid. * * *
/sod"bus'teuhr/, n. a farmer who works the soil. [1885-90; SOD1 + BUSTER] * * *
—soddenly, adv. —soddenness, n. /sod"n/, adj. 1. soaked with liquid or moisture; saturated. 2. heavy, lumpy, or soggy, as food that is poorly cooked. 3. having a soaked ...
See sodden. * * *
See soddenly. * * *
/sod"ee/, adj., soddier, soddiest, n., pl. soddies. adj. 1. of or pertaining to sod. 2. consisting of sod. n. 3. Also, soddie. Western U.S. See sod house. [1605-15; SOD1 + -Y1, ...
/sod"ee/, n. Frederick, 1877-1956, English chemist: Nobel prize 1921. * * *
Soddy, Frederick
born Sept. 2, 1877, Eastbourne, Sussex, Eng. died Sept. 22, 1956, Brighton, Sussex British chemist. He worked with Ernest Rutherford to develop a theory of the disintegration ...
Sod·dy (sŏdʹē), Frederick. 1877-1956. British chemist. He won a 1921 Nobel Prize for investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes. * * *
Soden, Hermann, Freiherr (baron) von
▪ German biblical scholar born Aug. 16, 1852, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. died Jan. 15, 1914, Berlin, Ger.       German biblical scholar who established a new theory of ...
Soderbaum, Kristina
▪ 2002       Swedish-born German film actress (b. Sept. 5, 1912, Stockholm, Swed.—d. Feb. 12, 2001, Hitzacker, Ger.), portrayed the Aryan ideal heroine in a series of ...
Söderberg, Hjalmar Erik Fredrik
▪ Swedish author born , June/July 2, 1869, Stockholm, Sweden died Oct. 14, 1941, Copenhagen, Den.       Swedish novelist, critic, and short-story writer, noted for his ...
Soderbergh, Steven
▪ 2002       Onetime independent film prodigy Steven Soderbergh had two films competing against one another in two categories at the 2001 Academy Awards. Both his ...
/sue"deuhrdd bloom'/, n. Nathan 1866-1931, Swedish theologian: Nobel peace prize 1930. * * *
Söderblom, Nathan
▪ Swedish archbishop born Jan. 15, 1866, Trönö, Sweden died July 12, 1931, Uppsala  Swedish Lutheran archbishop and theologian who in 1930 received the Nobel Prize for ...
Södergran, Edith
▪ Swedish-Finnish poet born April 4, 1892, St. Petersburg, Russia died June 24, 1923, Raivola, Fin.       Swedish-Finnish poet whose expressionistic work influenced a ...
Soderini, Piero di Tommaso
▪ Italian statesman born May 18, 1452, Florence [Italy] died June 13, 1522, Rome, Papal States [Italy]       Florentine statesman during the late 15th and early 16th ...
▪ county, Sweden       län (county) of east-central Sweden. It lies along the Baltic Sea near Stockholm and is bounded by Lake Mälar and Lake Hjälmar. Its area ...
Sö·der·täl·je (sœ'dər-tĕlʹyə) A city of southeast Sweden, an industrial suburb of Stockholm. Population: 79,429. * * * ▪ Sweden       town, in the län ...
/soh"dik/, adj. pertaining to or containing sodium: sodic soil. [1855-60; SOD(IUM) + -IC] * * *
(in organic chemistry) a combining form representing sodium in compound words: sodio-cupric chloride. * * *
/soh"dee euhm/, n. 1. Chem. a soft, silver-white, metallic element that oxidizes rapidly in moist air, occurring in nature only in the combined state, and used in the synthesis ...
sodium amide
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-insoluble, flammable powder, NaNH2, used chiefly in the manufacture of sodium cyanide and in organic synthesis. Also called sodamide. * * *
sodium ammonium phosphate
Chem. a colorless, odorless, crystalline, water-soluble solid, NaNH4HPO4·4H2O, originally obtained from human urine: used as a blowpipe flux in testing metallic oxides. Also ...
sodium arsenite
Chem. a white or grayish-white, water-soluble, poisonous powder, NaAsO2, used chiefly in arsenical soaps for hides, as an insecticide, and as a weed-killer. Also called sodium ...
sodium benzoate
Chem., Pharm. a white, crystalline or granular, water-soluble powder, C7H5NaO2, used chiefly as a food preservative and antifungal agent, and in diagnostic tests of liver ...
sodium bicarbonate
Chem., Pharm. a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, in powder or granules, NaHCO3, usually prepared by the reaction of soda ash with carbon dioxide or obtained from the ...
sodium bichromate
Chem. See sodium dichromate. * * *
sodium bisulfate
Chem. a colorless crystalline compound, NaHSO4, soluble in water: used in dyeing, in the manufacture of cement, paper, soap, and an acid-type cleaner. Also called sodium hydrogen ...
sodium borate
Chem. borax1. [1895-1900] * * *
sodium bromide
Chem. a white, crystalline, hygroscopic, water-soluble solid, NaBr, used chiefly in photography as a developer, and in medicine as a sedative. * * *
sodium butabarbital
Pharm. See butabarbital sodium. * * *
sodium carbonate
Chem. 1. Also called soda ash. an anhydrous, grayish-white, odorless, water-soluble powder, Na2CO3, usually obtained by the Solvay process and containing about 1 percent of ...
sodium chlorate
Chem. a colorless, water-soluble solid, NaClO3, cool and salty to the taste, used chiefly in the manufacture of explosives and matches, as a textile mordant, and as an oxidizing ...
sodium chloride
Chem. salt1 (def. 1). [1865-70] * * * or table salt Inorganic compound of sodium and chlorine, a salt in which ionic bonds hold the two components in the familiar white ...
sodium citrate
Chem. a white, crystalline or granular, water-soluble, odorless solid, Na3C6H5O7·2H2O, having a cool, saline taste: used in photography, in soft drinks, and in medicine chiefly ...
sodium cyanide
Chem. a white, crystalline, deliquescent, water-soluble, poisonous powder, NaCN, prepared by heating sodium amide with charcoal: used chiefly in casehardening alloys, in the ...
sodium cyclamate
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, NaC6NH12SO3, that has been used as a sweetening agent: banned by the FDA in 1970. Also called sodium cyclohexylsulfamate ...
sodium deficiency
▪ pathology       condition in which sodium is insufficient or is not utilized properly. Sodium is an element that functions with chlorine and bicarbonate to maintain ...
sodium dichromate
Chem. a red or orange crystalline, water-soluble solid, Na2Cr2O7·2H2O, used as an oxidizing agent in the manufacture of dyes and inks, as a corrosion inhibitor, a mordant, a ...
sodium ethylate
Chem. a white, hygroscopic powder, C2H5ONa, that is decomposed by water into sodium hydroxide and alcohol: used chiefly in organic synthesis. Also called caustic alcohol, sodium ...
sodium fluoride
a colorless, crystalline, water-soluble, poisonous solid, NaF, used chiefly in the fluoridation of water, as an insecticide, and as a rodenticide. [1900-05] * * *
sodium fluoroacetate
/floor'oh as"i tayt', flawr'oh-, flohr'oh-/, Chem. a white, amorphous, water-soluble, poisonous powder, C2H2FO2Na, used as a rodenticide. Also called 1080. [1940-45; FLUORO- + ...
sodium glutamate
Chem. See monosodium glutamate. * * *
sodium hexametaphosphate
/hek'seuh met'euh fos"fayt/. See under Calgon. [HEXA- + METAPHOSPHATE] * * *
sodium hydrogen sulfate
Chem. See sodium bisulfate. * * *
sodium hydrosulfite
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, Na2S2O4, used as a reducing agent, esp. in dyeing, and as a bleach. Also called hydrosulfite, sodium dithionite /duy thuy"euh ...
sodium hydroxide
Chem. a white, deliquescent, water-soluble solid, NaOH, usually in the form of lumps, sticks, chips, or pellets, that upon solution in water generates heat: used chiefly in the ...
sodium hypochlorite
Chem. a pale-green, crystalline compound, NaOCl, unstable in air, soluble in cold water, decomposes in hot water: used as a bleaching agent for paper and textiles, in water ...
sodium hyposulfite
Chem. See sodium thiosulfate. [1865-70] * * *
sodium iodide
Chem. a colorless or white, crystalline, deliquescent, water-soluble solid, NaI, used chiefly in the manufacture of photographic emulsions, in organic synthesis, and as a ...
sodium lactate
Chem. a water-soluble, hygroscopic salt, C3H5NaO3, used in solution in medicine to treat metabolic acidosis, usually by injection. * * *
sodium lamp
Elect. See sodium-vapor lamp. * * *
sodium meta-arsenite
/met'euh ahr"seuh nuyt'/, Chem. See sodium arsenite. * * *
sodium metasilicate
/met'euh sil"i kit, -kayt'/, Chem. a white, granular sodium silicate, Na2SiO3, soluble in water: used in detergents and in bleaching and cleaning products. [1925-30; META- + ...
sodium methylate
Chem. a white, free-flowing, flammable powder, CH3ONa, decomposed by water to sodium hydroxide and methyl alcohol: used chiefly in organic synthesis. Also called sodium ...
sodium monoxide
Chem. a white powder, Na2O, that reacts violently with water to produce sodium hydroxide. Also called soda, sodium oxide. * * *
sodium nitrate
Chem. a crystalline, water-soluble compound, NaNO3, that occurs naturally as soda niter: used in fertilizers, explosives, and glass, and as a color fixative in processed meats. * ...
sodium nitrite
1. Chem. a yellowish or white crystalline compound, NaNO2, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and ether: used in the manufacture of dyes and as a color fixative. 2. ...
sodium pentothal
Pharm. the sodium salt of thiopental sodium. Also called sodium thiopental. [Pentothal a trademark] * * *
sodium perborate
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, NaBO2·3H2O or NaBO3·4H2O, used chiefly as a bleaching agent and antiseptic. Also called perborax. * * *
sodium peroxide
Chem. a yellowish-white, hygroscopic, water-soluble powder, Na2O2, used chiefly as a bleaching agent and as an oxidizing agent. * * *
sodium phosphate
Chem. 1. Also called monobasic sodium phosphate. a white, crystalline, slightly hygroscopic, water-soluble powder, NaH2PO4, used chiefly in dyeing and in electroplating. 2. Also ...
sodium polysulfide
Chem. a yellow-brown, water-soluble, granular powder, Na2Sn, used chiefly in the manufacture of sulfur dyes, insecticides, and synthetic rubber. * * *
sodium propionate
Chem. a transparent, crystalline, water-soluble powder, C3H5NaO2, used in foodstuffs to prevent mold growth, and in medicine as a fungicide. * * *
sodium pump
an energy-consuming mechanism in cell membranes that transports sodium ions across the membrane, in exchange for potassium ions or other substances. [1960-65] * * *
sodium pyroborate
Chem. borax1. [PYRO- + BORATE] * * *
sodium salicylate
Chem. a white, crystalline compound, C7H5NaO3, soluble in water, alcohol, and glycerol: used in medicine as an analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory, and as a ...
sodium silicate
Chem. any of several clear, white, or greenish water-soluble compounds of formulas varying in ratio from Na2O·3.75SiO2 to 2Na2O·SiO2: used chiefly in dyeing, printing, and ...
sodium sulfate
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, Na2SO4, used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes, soaps, detergents, glass, and ceramic glazes. [1880-85] * * *
sodium sulfide
Chem. a yellow or brick-red, crystalline, deliquescent, water-soluble solid, Na2S, used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes, soaps, and rubber, as a depilatory for leather, and in ...
sodium sulfite
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, Na2SO3, used chiefly as a food preservative, as a bleaching agent, and as a developer in photography. * * *
sodium tetraborate
Chem. borax1. [TETRA- + BORATE] * * *
sodium thiocyanate
Chem., Pharm. a white powder or colorless, deliquescent crystals, NaSCN, used chiefly in organic synthesis and in medicine in the treatment of hypertension. * * *
sodium thiopental
Pharm. See sodium pentothal. * * *
sodium thiosulfate
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, Na2S2O3·5H2O, used as a bleach and in photography as a fixing agent. Also called hypo, hyposulfite, sodium ...
sodium tripolyphosphate
/truy'pol ee fos"fayt/, Chem. a white powder, Na5P3O10, used as a water softener, sequestering agent, and food additive. Also called sodium triphosphate. [1940-45; TRI- + POLY- + ...
sodium-potassium pump
▪ biology       in cellular physiology, a protein that has been identified in many cells that maintains the internal concentration of potassium ions [K+] higher than ...
so·di·um-po·tas·si·um pump (sōʹdē-əm-pə-tăsʹē-əm) n. A mechanism of active transport that moves potassium ions into and sodium ions out of a cell. * * *
sodium-vapor lamp
/soh"dee euhm vay'peuhr/, Elect. an electric lamp in which sodium vapor is activated by current passing between two electrodes, producing a yellow, glareless light: used on ...
so·di·um-va·por lamp (sōʹdē-əm-vāʹpər) n. An electric lamp containing a small amount of sodium and neon gas, used in generating yellow light for lighting streets and ...
sodium-vapour lamp
▪ instrument       electric discharge lamp using ionized sodium, used for street lighting and other illumination. A low-pressure sodium-vapour lamp consists of a glass ...
sodium alginate n. A colorless or light yellow powdery or crystalline compound, C6H7O6Na, used as a food thickener and stabilizer and in medicines, paint, and paper coating. * * *
sodiumammonium phosphate
sodium ammonium phosphate n. A colorless, odorless crystalline compound, NaNH4HPO4·4H2O, used in the blowpipe analysis of minerals. * * *
sodium barbital n. A white powder, C8H11N2NaO3, the soluble sodium salt of barbital, used as a hypnotic and sedative. * * *
sodium benzoate n. The sodium salt of benzoic acid, NaC7H5O2, used as a food preservative, an antiseptic, and an intermediate in dye manufacture and in the production of ...
sodium bicarbonate n. See baking soda. * * *
sodium borate n. A crystalline compound, Na2B4O7·10H2O, used in the manufacture of glass, detergents, and pharmaceuticals. * * *
sodium carbonate n. A white powdery compound, Na2CO3, used in the manufacture of baking soda, sodium nitrate, glass, ceramics, detergents, and soap. * * *
sodium chlorate n. A colorless crystalline compound, NaClO3, used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent and in explosives. * * *
sodium chloride n. A colorless or white crystalline compound, NaCl, used in the manufacture of chemicals and as a food preservative and seasoning. * * *
sodium citrate n. A white crystalline or granular compound, Na3C6H5O7·2H2O, used in photography and in medicine especially as an anticoagulant of blood stored for transfusion. * ...
sodium cyanide n. A poisonous white crystalline compound, NaCN, used in extracting gold and silver from ores and in dye manufacture. * * *
sodium cyclamate n. An artificially prepared salt of cyclamic acid, C6H12NO3SNa, formerly used as a low-calorie sweetener but now banned because of the possible carcinogenic ...
sodium dichromate n. A poisonous red-orange crystalline compound, Na2Cr2O7·2H2O, used as an oxidizing agent. * * *
sodium fluoride n. A colorless crystalline salt, NaF, used in fluoridation of water, in treatment of tooth decay, and as an insecticide and a disinfectant. * * *
sodium fluor·o·ac·e·tate (flo͝or'ō-ăsʹĭ-tāt', -flôr'-, -flōr'-) n. A poisonous white powdery compound, C2H2FO2Na, used as a rodenticide and in wildlife control. * * *
sodium glu·ta·mate (glo͞oʹtə-māt') n. Monosodium glutamate. * * *
sodium hydrosulfite n. A yellowish powder, Na2S2O4, used as a bleaching and reducing agent. Also called hydrosulfite, sodium hyposulfite. * * *
sodium hydroxide n. A strongly alkaline compound, NaOH, used in the manufacture of chemicals and soaps and in petroleum refining. Also called caustic soda, lye. * * *
sodium hypochlorite n. An unstable salt, NaOCl, usually stored in solution and used as a fungicide and an oxidizing bleach. * * *
sodium hyposulfite n. 1. See sodium hydrosulfite. 2. See sodium thiosulfate. * * *
sodium nitrate n. A white crystalline compound, NaNO3, used in solid rocket propellants, in the manufacture of explosives and glass and pottery enamel, and as fertilizer. Also ...
sodium pentothal n. Thiopental sodium. * * *
sodium perborate n. A white odorless crystalline compound, NaBO2·H2O2·3H2O, used as a mild alkaline oxidizing agent in dentifrices, as a topical antiseptic and deodorant, and ...
sodium peroxide n. A yellowish-white powder, Na2O2, used industrially as an oxidizing and bleaching agent and medically as a germicide, antiseptic, and disinfectant. * * *
sodium phosphate n. Any of various sodium salts of phosphoric acid, especially NaH2PO4, Na2HPO4, and Na3PO4, widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, medicine, and ...
sodium propionate n. A clear, synthetic, crystalline compound, CH3CH2COONa, used as a fungicide and bactericide, especially to prevent food spoilage. * * *
sodium silicate n. Any of various water-soluble silicate glass compounds used as a preservative for eggs, in plaster and cement, and in various purification and refining ...
sodium sulfate n. A white crystalline compound, Na2SO4, used to manufacture paper, glass, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. * * *
sodium sulfide n. A hygroscopic yellow compound, Na2S, used as a metal ore reagent and in photography, engraving, and printing. * * *
sodium sulfite n. A white crystalline or powdered compound, Na2SO3, used in preserving foods, silvering mirrors, developing photographs, and making dyes. * * *
sodium thiosulfate n. A white, translucent crystalline compound, Na2S2O3·5H2O, used as a photographic fixing agent and as a bleach. Also called hypo1, hyposulfite, sodium ...
sodium tri·pol·y·phos·phate (trī-pŏl'ē-fŏsʹfāt') n. A white powder, Na5O10P3, used as a water softener and as a food preservative and texturizer. * * *
/sod"euhm/, n. 1. an ancient city destroyed, with Gomorrah, because of its wickedness. Gen. 18-19. 2. any very sinful, corrupt, vice-ridden place. * * *
Sodom and Gomorrah
Legendary cities of ancient Palestine. According to the Old Testament book of Genesis, the notorious cities were destroyed by "brimstone and fire" because of their wickedness. ...
Sodoma, Il
/eel saw"daw mah/, (Giovanni Antonio de Bazzi) /jaw vahn"nee ahn taw"nyaw de baht"tsee/ 1477-1549, Italian painter. * * * ▪ Italian painter byname of  Giovanni Antonio Bazzi ...
/sod"euh muyt'/, n. 1. an inhabitant of Sodom. 2. (l.c.) a person who engages in sodomy. [1250-1300; ME < MF < LL Sodomita < Gk Sodomítes. See SODOM, -ITE1] * * *
—sodomist, n. /sod"euh muyz'/, v.t., sodomized, sodomizing. to subject to sodomy; commit sodomy upon. Also, esp. Brit., sodomise. [1950-55; SODOM(Y) + -IZE] * * *
—sodomitical /sod'euh mit"i keuhl/, sodomitic, adj. —sodomitically, adv. /sod"euh mee/, n. 1. anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex. 2. copulation with a ...
Soe Win
▪ 2008  Myanmar military leader born 1948, Burma died Oct. 12, 2007, Yangon [Rangoon], Myanmar [Burma] was prime minister of Myanmar from 2004 and was associated with two ...
/sooh hahr"toh/, n. Suharto. * * *
/sooh kahr"noh/, n. Sukarno. * * *
/soohm"bah/, n. Dutch name of Sumba. * * *
/soohm bah"wah/, n. Dutch name of Sumbawa. * * *
Soenda Islands
/soohn"dah/. See Sunda Islands. * * *
/sooh'rddah bah"yah/, n. Dutch name of Surabaya. * * *
▪ Germany       city, North Rhine–Westphalia Land (state), northwestern Germany. It lies on the fertile Soester Plain (Soester Börde) in the Hellweg region, which ...
/soh ev"euhr/, adv. at all; in any case; of any kind; in any way (used with generalizing force after who, what, when, where, how, any, all, etc., sometimes separated by ...
sound on a film. * * *
/soh"feuh/, n. a long, upholstered couch with a back and two arms or raised ends. [1615-25; < Turk < Ar suffah platform used as a seat] * * *
sofa bed
a sofa that can be converted into a bed, either by folding out the seat or by lowering the back to be flush with the seat. Also, sofa-bed, sofabed. Also called sofa-sleeper, ...
sofa table
a table with drawers, having drop leaves at both ends, often placed in front of or behind a sofa. Also called davenport table. * * *
sofa bed n. A sofa whose seat unfolds to form a bed. * * *
▪ Mozambique modern  Nova Sofala        historic seaport situated at the mouth of the Sofala River on the coast of what was Portuguese East Africa, now Mozambique. ...
/soh"fahr/, n. a system for determining a position at sea by exploding a charge under water and measuring the time the shock waves take to reach three widely separated shore ...
sofar as
so far as conj. Insofar as: So far as I am concerned, the project is over. * * *
/soh"feuhr/; Seph. Heb. /saw ferdd"/; Ashk. Heb. /soh"ferdd/, n., pl. soferim /-feuhr im/; Seph. Heb. /-fe rddeem"/; Ashk. Heb. /-fe rddim/. (often cap.) Judaism. scribe1 (def. ...
Soffen, Gerald Alan
▪ 2001       American biologist (b. Feb. 7, 1926, Cleveland, Ohio—d. Nov. 22, 2000, Washington, D.C.), was the chief scientist for the Viking 1 and 2 missions to Mars. ...
/sof"it/, n. Archit. the underside of an architectural feature, as a beam, arch, ceiling, vault, or cornice. [1605-15; < F soffite < It soffitto < VL *suffictus, for L suffixus; ...
/soh free"toh/; It. /sawf frddeet"taw/, n. 1. Also called battuto. Italian Cookery. a base for stews and soups, consisting of hot oil, butter, or fat in which a chopped onion or ...
/soh"fee euh, soh fee"euh/ or, for 2, /soh fuy"euh/, n. 1. Also Sofiya Bulg. /saw"fee yeuh/. a city in and the capital of Bulgaria, in the W part. 965,728. 2. a female given ...
Sofia Coppola
➡ Coppola (II) * * *
/soh free"toh/, n. 1. soffritto. 2. Caribbean Cookery. a sauce of tomatoes, onion, garlic, peppers, coriander, etc. * * *
—softly, adv. —softness, n. /sawft, soft/, adj., softer, softest, n., adv., interj. adj. 1. yielding readily to touch or pressure; easily penetrated, divided, or changed in ...
soft armor
quilted fabric used as armor. * * *
soft chancre
Pathol. chancroid. [1855-60] * * *
soft clam.
See soft-shell clam. [1850-55, Amer.] * * *
soft coal
soft coal n. BITUMINOUS COAL * * *       in the United States, bituminous coal (q.v.), as opposed to hard coal, or anthracite. In Europe the designation soft coal is ...
soft coal.
See bituminous coal. [1780-90] * * *
soft copy
Computers. computer output displayed on the screen of a VDT (opposed to hard copy). * * *
soft drink
a beverage that is not alcoholic or intoxicating and is usually carbonated, as root beer or ginger ale. [1875-80] * * * Nonalcoholic beverage, usually carbonated, consisting of ...
soft drug
a drug, usually illicit, that does not produce significant psychological or physical dependence. * * *
soft drugs
➡ drugs * * *
soft energy.
See renewable energy. * * *
soft focus
—soft-focus, adj. Photog. an image, often created by a special lens, that is recognizable but somewhat blurred or diffused. [1915-20] * * *
soft goods
the subclass of nondurable goods as represented esp. by textile products, as clothing, fabrics, and bedding. Also, softgoods. [1890-95] * * *
soft ground
1. an etching ground usually mixed with tallow. Cf. hard ground. 2. a technique of etching in which a design is drawn on paper placed on a plate covered with a soft ground, ...
soft hail.
See snow pellets. [1890-95] * * *
soft hyphen
a hyphen that is used only in breaking a word at the end of a line of text. * * *
soft landing
Econ. a slowing down of economic growth at a manageable rate relative to inflation and unemployment. [1960-65] * * *
soft lens
a nonrigid contact lens made of porous plastic, having a high water content that is replenished from eye surface moisture. Also called hydrophilic. Cf. hard lens. * * *
soft line
—soft-line, adj. —soft-liner, n. a position or policy, as in politics, that is moderate and flexible. [1965-70] * * *
soft money
money contributed to a political candidate or party that is not subject to federal regulations. * * * In the U.S., paper money as contrasted with coins, or hard money; also, ...
soft palate
soft palate n. the soft part at the rear of the roof of the mouth; velum * * *
soft palate.
See under palate (def. 1). [1805-15] * * *
soft paste
any of a variety of artificial porcelains, usually incorporating glass or glass ingredients. French, pâte tendre. Cf. hard paste. * * *
soft pedal
1. Also called una corda pedal. a pedal, as on a piano, for reducing tonal volume. 2. Informal. something that restrains or dampens: to put a soft pedal on one's ...
soft porn
soft-core pornography. [1970-75] * * *
soft pornography
soft-core pornography. * * *
soft rock
a comparatively unaggressive, melodic style of rock-'n'-roll in which the arrangement and lyrics are emphasized more than the beat. [1965-70] * * *
soft roe
milt (def. 2). [1790-1800] * * *
soft rot
Plant Pathol. a disease of fruits and vegetables, characterized by a soft, watery decay of affected parts, caused by any of several bacteria or fungi. [1900-05] * * *
soft scale
any of numerous homopterous insect pests of the family Coccidae, as leafhoppers, aphids, and whiteflies, that are destructive to crops, shade and fruit trees, and various ...
soft science
any of the specialized fields or disciplines, as psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science, that interpret human behavior, institutions, society, etc., on the ...
soft sculpture
—soft-sculpture, adj. sculpture principally in vinyl, canvas, or other flexible material reproducing objects of characteristically rigid construction, as an electric fan, a ...
soft sell
a method of advertising or selling that is quietly persuasive, subtle, and indirect (opposed to hard sell). [1950-55] * * *
soft serve
soft serve n. FROZEN CUSTARD * * *
soft shoulder
the unpaved edge of a road. * * *
soft sign
1. the Cyrillic letter as used in Russian to indicate that the preceding consonant is palatalized, or to represent /y/ between a palatalized consonant and a vowel. 2. front jer. ...
soft soap
1. Informal. persuasive talk; flattery: to use soft soap to get one's way. 2. the semifluid soap produced when potassium hydroxide is used in the saponification of a fat or an ...
soft solder
a solder fusible at temperatures below 700°F (370°C), generally an alloy of lead and tin. Cf. hard solder. [1835-45] * * *
soft spot
1. a weak or vulnerable position, place, condition, etc.: a soft spot in their fortifications; a soft spot in the economy. 2. emotional susceptibility: a soft spot for dogs and ...
soft steel.
See mild steel. [1865-70] * * *
soft tick
any of numerous ticks of the family Argasidae, lacking a dorsal shield and having the mouthparts on the underside of the head. Cf. hard tick. * * *
soft touch
Informal. 1. a person who is easily convinced, esp. to give or lend money: a soft touch for charities. 2. a person who is easily influenced, duped, or imposed upon: a soft touch ...
soft water
▪ chemistry       water that is free from dissolved salts of such metals as calcium, iron, or magnesium, which form insoluble deposits such as appear as scale in boilers ...
soft wheat
a wheat characterized by soft, starchy kernels that yield a flour used in making pastry, breakfast cereals, etc. [1805-15] * * *
/sawft"bil', soft"-/, n. any of numerous birds, as thrushes or tanagers, having relatively weak bills suited for eating insects, soft-bodied animals, and fruit rather than hard ...
soft-boil (sôftʹboilʹ, sŏftʹ-) tr.v. soft-·boiled, soft-·boil·ing, soft-·boils To boil (an egg) in the shell to a soft consistency. * * *
/sawft"boyld", soft"-/, adj. (of an egg) boiled in the shell just long enough for the yolk and white to partially solidify, usually three or four minutes. [1900-05] * * *
soft-coated wheaten terrier
/sawft"koh'tid, soft"-/ one of an Irish breed of medium-sized sporting terriers having an abundant, soft, medium-length coat, any shade of wheat in color, with its head and face ...
soft-coatedwheaten terrier
soft-coat·ed wheaten terrier (sôftʹkō'tĭd, sŏftʹ-) n. A medium-sized terrier of a breed that originated in Ireland, having a wheat-colored coat of soft, wavy hair. * * *
/sawft"kawr", -kohr", soft"-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or containing sexually arousing depictions that are not fully explicit: soft-core pornography. Cf. hard-core (def. ...
/sawft"kuv'euhr, soft"-/, n., adj. paperback (defs. 1, 2). [1950-55] * * *
/sawft"find", soft"-/, adj. Ichthyol. having fins supported by articulated rays rather than by spines, as a malacopterygian. [1765-75] * * *
—softhead, n. —soft-headedness, n. /sawft"hed"id, soft"-/, adj. foolish; stupid. [1660-70] * * *
—soft-heartedly, adv. —soft-heartedness, n. /sawft"hahr"tid, soft"-/, adj. very sympathetic or responsive; generous in spirit: a soft-hearted judge. [1570-80] Syn. tender, ...

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