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Слова на букву schw-stag (15990)

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See spontaneous. * * *
See spontaneously. * * *
Spontini, Gaspare
▪ Italian musician in full  Gaspare Luigi Pacifico Spontini  born Nov. 14, 1774, Maiolati, Papal States [Italy] died Jan. 24, 1851, Maiolati       Italian composer ...
/spon toohn"/, n. a shafted weapon having a pointed blade with crossbar at its base, used by infantry officers in the 17th and 18th centuries. Also called half-pike. [1590-1600; ...
/spoohf/, n. 1. a mocking imitation of someone or something, usually light and good-humored; lampoon or parody: The show was a spoof of college life. 2. a hoax; prank. v.t. 3. to ...
/spooh"feuh ree/, n. good-humored mockery or teasing. [1925-30; SPOOF + -ERY] * * *
—spookery, n. —spookish, adj. /spoohk/, n. 1. Informal. a ghost; specter. 2. Slang. a ghostwriter. 3. Slang. an eccentric person. 4. Slang (disparaging and offensive). a ...
▪ fish       any of about 11 species of small marine fishes constituting the family Opisthoproctidae (order Salmoniformes), with representatives in each of the major ...
See spooky. * * *
See spookily. * * *
—spookily, adv. —spookiness, n. /spooh"kee/, adj., spookier, spookiest. Informal. 1. like or befitting a spook or ghost; suggestive of spooks. 2. eerie; scary. 3. (esp. of ...
—spooler, n. —spoollike, adj. /spoohl/, n. 1. any cylindrical piece or device on which something is wound. 2. a small cylindrical piece of wood or other material on which ...
spool·er (spo͞oʹlər) n. A computer program that sequences print jobs by temporarily storing them in a buffer and sending each to the printer when the printer is able to ...
/spoohm/, n. a kind of sherbet made from fruit juice or wine, mixed after freezing with uncooked meringue. [ < It spuma foam, froth] * * *
—spoonless, adj. —spoonlike, adj. /spoohn/, n. 1. a utensil for use in eating, stirring, measuring, ladling, etc., consisting of a small, shallow bowl with a handle. 2. any ...
spoon back
a back of a chair or the like, having a splat curved outward at the bottom. * * *
spoon bow
—spoon-bowed, adj. /bow/, Naut. an overhanging bow having a convex, curved stem. [1900-05] * * *
spoon bread
1. Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a baked dish made with cornmeal, milk, eggs, and shortening, served as an accompaniment to meat. 2. Dial. any of various types of ...
spoon hook
Angling. a fishhook equipped with a spoon lure. [1855-60] * * *
spoon nail
Med. an abnormal condition in which the outer surfaces of the nails are concave; koilonychia. [1895-1900] * * *
Spoon River
▪ river, Illinois, United States  river in west-central Illinois, U.S. It rises at the confluence of the West Fork Spoon and East Fork Spoon rivers in Stark county and flows ...
Spoon, Mark
▪ 2007 Markus Löffel        German disc jockey and musician (b. Nov. 27, 1966, Frankfurt, W.Ger.—d. Jan. 11, 2006, Berlin, Ger.), helped pioneer the form of ...
/spoohn"fed'/, adj. 1. fed with a spoon. 2. treated with excessive solicitude; pampered. 3. given no opportunity to act or think for oneself: Having always been spoon-fed, I ...
/spoohn"feed", -feed'/, v.t., spoon-fed, spoon-feeding. to cause to be spoon-fed. [1605-15] * * *
See spoon. * * *
/spoohn"bil'/, n. 1. any of several wading birds of the family Plataleidae, related to the ibises, having a long, flat bill with a spoonlike tip. 2. any of various birds having a ...
spoonbill catfish.
See flathead catfish. [1880-85] * * *
spoon bread n. Chiefly Southern U.S. A soft light bread made with cornmeal, eggs, butter, and milk, baked in a bowl. * * *
/spoohn"drift'/, n. spindrift. [1760-70; spoon, var. of obs. spoom (of a ship) to run or scud before the wind + DRIFT] * * *
(1844–1930) an English clergyman and teacher at Oxford University. He was well known for his habit of accidentally changing round the first sounds of two or more words when he ...
Spooner Amendment
▪ United States [1901]       congressional amendment to the Army Appropriations Act of 1901 that called for the end of the U.S. military government in the Philippines. ...
Spooner, John
▪ United States senator born Jan. 6, 1843, Lawrenceburg, Ind., U.S. died June 11, 1919, New York City       U.S. senator from Wisconsin (1885–91; 1897–1907), a ...
/spooh"neuh riz'euhm/, n. the transposition of initial or other sounds of words, usually by accident, as in a blushing crow for a crushing blow. [1895-1900; after W. A. Spooner ...
/spooh"nee/, adj., spoonier, spooniest. spoony. * * *
/spoohn"fool/, n., pl. spoonfuls. 1. as much as a spoon can hold. 2. a small quantity. [1250-1300; ME sponeful. See SPOON, -FUL] Usage. See -ful. * * *
/spoohn"werrm'/, n. any of various unsegmented, burrowing marine worms of the phylum Echiura, of shallow waters worldwide, having a sausage-shaped body and a flattened ...
—spoonily, adv. —spooniness, n. /spooh"nee/, adj., spoonier, spooniest. Informal. 1. foolishly or sentimentally amorous. 2. foolish; silly. [1805-15; SPOON + -Y1] * * *
—spoorer, n. /spoor, spawr, spohr/, n. 1. a track or trail, esp. that of a wild animal pursued as game. v.t., v.i. 2. to track by or follow a spoor. [1815-25; < Afrik spoor < ...
var. of sporo- before a vowel: sporangium. * * *
See spore. * * *
/spawr"euh deez'/; Gk. /spaw rddah"dhes/, n.pl. two groups of Greek islands in the Aegean: the one (Northern Sporades) off the E coast of Greece; the other (Southern Sporades), ...
—sporadically, adv. —sporadicalness, n. —sporadicity /spawr'euh dis"i tee, spohr'-/, sporadism, n. /speuh rad"ik/, adj. 1. (of similar things or occurrences) appearing or ...
See sporadic. * * *
See sporadically. * * *
See sporangium. * * *
/speuh ran"jee euh fawr', -fohr'/, n. Bot., Mycol. a structure bearing sporangia. [1870-75; SPORANGI(UM) + -O- + -PHORE] * * *
/speuh ran"jee euh spawr', -spohr'/, n. Bot., Mycol. a spore that is produced within a sporangium. [1885-90; SPORANGI(UM) + -O- + SPORE] * * *
—sporangial, adj. /speuh ran"jee euhm/, n., pl. sporangia /-jee euh/. Bot., Mycol. the case or sac in which spores are produced. Also called spore case. [1815-25; < NL, equiv. ...
—sporal, adj. —sporoid, adj. /spawr, spohr/, n., v., spored, sporing. n. 1. Biol. a walled, single- to many-celled, reproductive body of an organism, capable of giving rise ...
spore case
spore case n. SPORANGIUM * * *
spore fruit
Bot., Mycol. a spore-bearing structure, as an ascoscarp; sporocarp. [1855-60] * * *
spore mother cell
spore mother cell n. a cell from which a spore is produced * * *
spore case n. See sporangium. * * *
/spawr"ling, spohr"-/ n. Bot., Mycol. the young individual developed from a spore. [1905-10; SPORE + -LING1, as in SEEDLING] * * *
sporemother cell
spore mother cell n. A cell that undergoes meiosis and usually produces four spores. * * *
var. of sporo- before elements of Latin origin: sporiferous. * * *
See sporicide. * * *
—sporicidal, adj. /spawr"euh suyd', spohr"-/, n. a substance or preparation for killing spores. [SPOR- + -I- + -CIDE] * * *
/speuh rif"euhr euhs/, adj. bearing spores. [1830-40; SPOR- + -I- + -FEROUS] * * *
/spawrk/, Trademark. an eating utensil combining features of a spoon and a fork. * * *
a combining form representing spore in compound words: sporophyte. Also, spor-, -spore, spori-. Cf. -sporous. * * *
/spawr"euh kahrp', spohr"-/, n. Bot., Mycol. (in higher fungi, lichens, and red algae) a multicellular structure in which spores form; a fruiting body. [1840-50; SPORO- + ...
—sporocystic /spawr'euh sis"tik, spohr'-/, adj. /spawr"euh sist', spohr"-/, n. Biol. 1. a walled body resulting from the multiple division of a sporozoan, which produces one or ...
/spawr"euh suyt', spohr"-/, n. Biol. a diploid cell in certain spore-bearing plants, as liverworts, that produces four haploid spores through meiosis; a spore mother ...
/spawr'euh jen"euh sis, spohr'-/, n. Biol. 1. the production of spores; sporogony. 2. reproduction by means of spores. [1885-90; SPORO- + -GENESIS] * * *
See sporogenesis. * * *
/speuh roj"euh neuhs/, adj. of or pertaining to spores or spore production. [1885-90; SPORO- + -GENOUS] * * *
See sporogony. * * *
—sporogonial, adj. /spawr'euh goh"nee euhm, spohr'-/, n., pl. sporogonia /-nee euh/. Bot. the sporangium of mosses and liverworts. [1870-75; SPORO- + -GONIUM] * * *
See sporogonic. * * *
/speuh rog"euh nee/, n. Biol. (in certain sporozoans) the multiple fission of an encysted zygote or oocyte, resulting in the formation of sporozoites. [1885-90; SPORO- + -GONY] * ...
/spawr"ont, spohr"-/, n. Biol. (in the sexual reproduction of certain sporozoans) an encysted spore developed from a zygote, which undergoes sporogony to form ...
—sporophoric /spawr'euh fawr"ik, -for"-, spohr'-/, sporophorous /speuh rof"euhr euhs/, adj. /spawr"euh fawr', spohr"euh fohr'/, n. Mycol. a fungus hypha specialized to bear ...
—sporophyllary /spawr'euh fil"euh ree, spohr'-/, adj. /spawr"euh fil, spohr"-/, n. Bot. a modified leaf that bears sporangia. Also, sporophyl. [1885-90; SPORO- + -PHYLL] * * *
—sporophytic /spawr'euh fit"ik, spohr'-/, adj. /spawr"euh fuyt', spohr"-/, n. Bot. the form of a plant in the alternation of generations that produces asexual spores. Cf. ...
See sporophyte. * * *
spo·ro·plasm (spôrʹə-plăz'əm, spōrʹ-) n. An infective mass of protoplasm within a spore that is injected into a host cell by various parasitic microorganisms. * * *
spo·ro·pol·len·in (spôr'ə-pŏlʹə-nĭn, spōr'-) n. A polymer that constitutes the outer wall of spores and pollen grains. * * *
—sporotrichotic /spawr'euh tri kot"ik, spohr'-/, adj. /spawr'euh tri koh"sis, spohr'-/, n. Pathol. a widespread infectious disease marked by nodules or ulcers of the skin, ...
/spawr'euh zoh"euh, spohr'-/, n. the protist phylum (or animal class) comprising the sporozoans. [ < NL; see SPORO-, -ZOA] * * *
/spawr'euh zoh"euhn, spohr'-/, n. 1. any parasitic spore-forming protozoan of the phylum (or class) Sporozoa, several species of which, as plasmodia, cause malaria. adj. 2. Also, ...
/spawr'euh zoh"uyt, spohr'-/, n. one of the minute, active bodies into which the spore of certain Sporozoa divides, each developing into an adult individual. [1885-90; SPOROZO(A) ...
/spor"euhn/, n. (in Scottish Highland costume) a large pouch for men, commonly of fur, worn, suspended from a belt, in front of the kilt. [1745-55; < ScotGael sporan; cf. Ir ...
—sportful, adj. —sportfully, adv. —sportfulness, n. —sportless, adj. /spawrt, spohrt/, n. 1. an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a ...
sport and fitness
The British are very fond of sport, but many people prefer to watch rather than take part. Many go to watch football, cricket, etc. at the ground, but many more sit at home and ...
sport car.
See sports car. * * *
sport fish
a type of fish that is prized for the sport it gives the angler in its capture rather than for its value as food. [1940-45] * * *
sport shirt
a long- or short-sleeved soft shirt for informal wear by men, having a squared-off shirttail that may be left outside the trousers, usually worn without a tie. Also, sports ...
sport utility vehicle
sport utility vehicle n. a passenger vehicle similar to a station wagon but with the chassis of a small truck and, usually, four-wheel drive * * *
sport-ute (spôrtʹyo͞ot', spōrtʹ-) n. Informal A sport-utility vehicle. * * *
sport-utility vehicle
/spawrt"yooh til'i tee, spohrt"-/ a rugged vehicle with a trucklike chassis and four-wheel drive, designed for occasional off-road use. Abbr.: SUV [1990-95] * * *
sport-u·til·i·ty vehicle (spôrtʹyo͞o-tĭl'ĭ-tē, spōrtʹ-) n. Abbr. SUV A four-wheel-drive vehicle with a roomy body, designed for off-road travel. * * *
/spawr"teuhr, spohr"-/, n. 1. a person or thing that sports, as a participant in a sport. 2. an animal or piece of equipment for use in a sport, as a hunting dog or ...
sport fish n. A fish prized for the sport involved in catching it. Also called game fish. * * *
/spawrt"fish'euhr meuhn, spohrt"-/, n. a motorboat fitted out for sportfishing. [1965-70; SPORT + FISHERMAN] * * *
/spawrt"fish'ing/ n. fishing with a rod and reel for sport, esp. for saltwater sport fish from a motorboat. [SPORT + FISHING] * * *
See sport. * * *
See sportful. * * *
See sportful. * * *
sportif [spō̂r tēf′] adj. 〚Fr〛 1. athletic or fond of sports 2. [also in roman type] of, having to do with, or characteristic of sportswear; casual * * *
See sporty. * * *
See sportily. * * *
—sportingly, adv. /spawr"ting, spohr"-/, adj. 1. engaging in, disposed to, or interested in open-air or athletic sports: a rugged, sporting man. 2. concerned with or suitable ...
sporting chance
an even or fair opportunity for a favorable outcome in an enterprise, as winning in a game of chance or in any kind of contest: They gave the less experienced players a sporting ...
sporting dog
one of any of several breeds of usually large dogs especially suited by size and training for hunting by pointing, flushing, and retrieving game and including the pointers, ...
sporting house
1. Older Use. a brothel. 2. Archaic. an establishment, as a tavern, inn, or the like, catering to gamblers or sportsmen. [1855-60] * * *
sporting lady
Older Use. a prostitute. * * *
Sporting Life
a British daily newspaper that consists mainly of articles and information about horse-racing and other sports that people bet on. It was first published in 1859. * * *
sporting chance n. Informal A fair chance for success. * * *
See sporting. * * *
—sportively, adv. —sportiveness; Archaic. sportability, n. /spawr"tiv, spohr"-/, adj. 1. playful or frolicsome; jesting, jocose, or merry: a sportive puppy. 2. done in sport, ...
See sportive. * * *
See sportively. * * *
sport kite n. See stunt kite. * * *
/spawrts, spohrts/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a sport or sports, esp. of the open-air or athletic kind: a sports festival. 2. (of garments, equipment, etc.) suitable for use in ...
sports and games
Recreational or competitive activities that involve physical skill, intellectual acumen, and often luck (especially in the case of games of chance). Play is an integral part of ...
sports bar
a bar featuring televised sporting events. * * *
sports car
a small, high-powered automobile with long, low lines, usually seating two persons. Also, sport car. [1920-25] * * *
sports centre
➡ sport and fitness * * *
sports club
➡ sport and fitness * * *
Sports Council
n each of four British government organizations that aim to encourage sport in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They advise the government on matters relating to ...
sports day
n (BrE) (AmE field day) one day each year when most of the children at a school take part in outdoor sports competitions. In Britain, it usually takes place in the summer. There ...
Sports Illustrated
a popular US sports magazine published each week by Time Inc. It first appeared in 1954, and is read mainly by men. The magazine also publishes the Sports Illustrated Sports ...
sports jacket
a jacket, often of textured wool or colorful pattern, with a collar, lapels, long sleeves, and buttons in the front, cut somewhat fuller than the jacket of a business suit, worn ...
sports medicine
a field of medicine concerned with the functioning of the human body during physical activity and with the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries. [1960-65] * * * Medical ...
Sports, Book of
▪ English law formally  Declaration of Sports        order issued by King James I of England for use in Lancashire to resolve a conflict, on the subject of Sunday ...
sports-car racing
Form of motor racing involving small, two-passenger automobiles. The cars are designed for quick response, easy maneuverability, and high-speed driving. Unlike the cars used in ...
sports bra n. A garment providing support and protection for the breasts, worn especially during athletics or other strenuous activity. * * *
sports car n. An automobile equipped for racing, especially an aerodynamically shaped one-passenger or two-passenger vehicle having a low center of gravity and steering and ...
—sportscaster, n. /spawrts"kast', -kahst', spohrts"-/, n. a radio or television program consisting of sports news or of a running description of a sports event. [1940-45; ...
See sportscast. * * *
/spawrts"kas'ting, -kah'sting, spohrts"-/, n. 1. the reporting of a sports event by radio or television broadcast. 2. the occupation of a sportscaster. [1965-70; SPORTSCAST + ...
/spawrts"deuhm, spohrts"-/, n. the world of professional and amateur competitive sports. [SPORTS + -DOM] * * *
—sportsmanlike, sportsmanly, adj. —sportsmanliness, n. /spawrts"meuhn, spohrts"-/, n., pl. sportsmen. 1. a man who engages in sports, esp. in some open-air sport, as hunting, ...
See sportsman. * * *
See sportsmanlike. * * *
/spawrts"meuhn ship', spohrts"-/, n. 1. the character, practice, or skill of a sportsman. 2. sportsmanlike conduct, as fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc. [1735-45; ...
sports medicine n. The branch of medicine that deals with injuries or illnesses resulting from participation in sports and athletic activities. * * *
/spawrt"steuhr, spohrt"-/, n. Informal. a sports car. [1960-65; SPORT(S CAR) + -STER, on the model of DRAGSTER, ROADSTER, etc.] * * *
/spawrts"wair', spohrts"-/, n. 1. clothing designed for wear while playing golf or tennis, hiking, bicycling, jogging, etc.; activewear. 2. men's or women's clothing consisting ...
/spawrts"woom'euhn, spohrts"-/, n., pl. sportswomen. a woman who engages in sports. [1745-55; SPORTS + -WOMAN] Usage. See -woman. * * *
—sportswriting, n. /spawrts"ruy'teuhr, spohrts"-/, n. a journalist who reports on sports and sporting events. [1900-05; SPORTS + WRITER] * * *
See sportswriter. * * *
—sportily, adv. —sportiness, n. /spawr"tee, spohr"-/, adj., sportier, sportiest. Informal. 1. flashy; showy. 2. smart in dress, behavior, etc. 3. like or befitting a ...
—sporulation, n. /spawr"yeuh layt', spor"-/, v.i., sporulated, sporulating. Biol. to produce spores. [1880-85; SPORULE + -ATE1] * * *
sporulation [spôr΄yo͞o lā′shən] n. 〚
—sporular /spawr"yeuh leuhr, spor"-/, adj. /spawr"yoohl, spor"-/, n. Biol. a spore, esp. a small one. [1810-20; < NL sporula. See SPORE, -ULE] * * *
—spotlike, adj. —spottable, adj. /spot/, n., v., spotted, spotting, adj. n. 1. a rounded mark or stain made by foreign matter, as mud, blood, paint, ink, etc.; a blot or ...
spot announcement
a brief radio or television announcement, usually an advertisement, made by an individual station during or after a network program. * * *
spot card
Cards. spot (def. 10b). * * *
spot check
a random sampling or quick sample investigation: A spot check showed that at least ten percent of the items were defective. [1940-45] * * *
spot height
1. the elevation of a certain point. 2. a figure on a map showing such an elevation. * * *
spot illustration
spot (def. 13). * * *
spot line
Theat. a rope or wire hung from a specific place on the gridiron for flying a piece of scenery that could not be flied by the existing battens. * * *
spot market
a market in which commodities, as grain, gold, or crude oil, are dealt in for cash and immediate delivery (distinguished from futures market). [1935-40] * * *
spot meter
Photog. an exposure meter that measures light reflected from only a small area of a subject or scene. [1950-55] * * *
spot news
Journalism. 1. the latest news, reported immediately. 2. news that occurs unexpectedly. * * *
spot on
spot on adj. [Brit. Informal] precisely accurate or thoroughly appropriate: also spot-on * * *
spot pass
Basketball, Football. a pass intentionally directed to a specific place in the court or field instead of a particular receiver, the receiver being expected to arrive at the place ...
spot plate
Chem. a flat ceramic or plastic plate containing small wells on which spot tests are made. * * *
spot price
the price of spot goods or of commodities on the spot market. * * *
spot reducing
the usually futile effort to exercise one part of the body, as the outer thighs, in hopes of reducing the amount of fat stored in that area. * * *
spot strike
a labor strike by a local branch of a union. * * *
spot test
1. an informal test run without elaborate preparation in order to obtain an immediate sample response. 2. Chem. a test for the identification of an element or compound by means ...
spot TV
Slang. the production or airing of television commercials. * * *
spot welding
spot welding n. a welding process in which overlapping metal pieces are held under great pressure between two electrodes, between which a brief, powerful current is passed, ...
—spot-checker, n. /spot"chek'/, v.t. 1. to examine or investigate by means of a spot check. v.i. 2. to conduct a spot check. [1940-45] * * *
/spot"weld'/, v.t. 1. to weld (two pieces of metal) together in a small area or spot by the application of heat and pressure. n. 2. a welded joint made by this process. * * *
See spot-weld. * * *
spot check n. An inspection or investigation that is carried out at random or limited to a few instances.   spotʹ-check' (spŏtʹchĕk') v. * * *
—spotlessly, adv. —spotlessness, n. /spot"lis/, adj. 1. free from any spot, stain, etc.; immaculately clean: a spotless kitchen. 2. irreproachable; pure; undefiled: a ...
See spotless. * * *
See spotlessly. * * *
—spotlighter, n. /spot"luyt'/, n., v., spotlighted or spotlit, spotlighting. n. 1. a strong, focused light thrown upon a particular spot, as on a small area of a stage or in a ...
Spotlight: Africa's Second Liberation
▪ 1995       The first three decades of postcolonialism in Africa were characterized by the rise of single-party states and military regimes, but only four were ...
Spotlight: Asian Values
▪ 1995       Is there such a thing as "Asian values"? If so, are they superior to Western values? For some time, Southeast Asian leaders, notably Lee Kuan Yew of ...
Spotlight: East Asia and the Transition in North Korea
▪ 1995       The kingdom of Koguryo, the 7th-century equivalent of North Korea, had a distinctive way of dealing with outside enemies: avoid direct confrontation and ...
Spotlight: Latin America's New Economic Strategy
▪ 1995       In the 1990s the great majority of Latin-American countries changed rapidly from the kind of economic strategy that many of them had been following since ...
Spotlight: Latin America's New Transportation Links
▪ 1999 by Ben Box       By 1998 the common market concept within Latin America, as exemplified by Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, with Chile and ...
Spotlight: Mexico, the Painful Changes
▪ 1996       Rarely had a country turned from a showcase into a basket case in such a short period of time. At the end of 1993, after signing the North American Free ...
Spotlight: Native American Cultural Ferment
▪ 1996       In the United States and Canada, tribal cultures exist in a delicate, somewhat precarious balance relative to the power and interests of the dominant ...
Spotlight: Perils of Postcommunism in Eastern Europe
▪ 1995       The pattern of postcommunist development may well have reached a kind of plateau in 1994. The high excitement associated with the collapse of communism and ...
Spotlight: Pollution in Eastern Europe
▪ 1996  In 1995 Eastern Europe pondered ways to clean itself up. Well it might, since it is arguably the most polluted region on Earth. (See Map—>.) From Poland to Romania ...
Spotlight: Secularism in South Asia
▪ 1996  The ideals of secularism have always been important, though precarious, in South Asia. Because of its diverse population, the region has long been a theatre of ...
Spotlight: Sub-Saharan Africa in a New Era
▪ 1996       The momentum for democratization continued to sweep sub-Saharan Africa, but with varying degrees of success. The outlook for economic recovery, however, ...
Spotlight: The Berbers of North Africa
▪ 1996 Introduction       The Berber revival and reassertion of cultural identity are integral parts of a larger quest for justice and political inclusion. Berbers ...
Spotlight: The New Caribbean Basin Identity
▪ 1995       Traditionally, the English-speaking islands in the Caribbean Sea, the Spanish-speaking countries in Central America and northern South America, and the ...
Spotlight: The New Middle East
▪ 1995       Does the normalization of relations between Israel and its Arab neighbours constitute the great change that will allow the Middle East—as the storybooks ...
Spotlight: The South Pacific Forum
▪ 1995       At the 25th South Pacific Forum meeting held in Brisbane, Australia, on July 31-Aug. 2, 1994, the designated theme was "managing our resources." This was ...
Spotlight: The Spat over the Spratlys
▪ 1996  Scattered over 388,000 sq km (150,000 sq mi) of the South China Sea midway between Vietnam and the Philippines, the 500-600 largely uninhabited islets, reefs, and ...
spot pass n. A pass directed to a predetermined place on a playing area so that the receiving player arrives at the same time as the pass. * * *
spot price n. The market price of a commodity. * * *
Spotswood, Alexander
▪ British colonial governor born 1676, Tangier, Morocco died June 7, 1740, Annapolis, Md.       one of the first British colonial governors of North America to ...
/spot'sil vay"nee euh, -vayn"yeuh/, n. a village in NE Virginia: the scene of Civil War battles between the armies of Grant and Lee, May 8-21, 1864. * * *
Spotsylvania Court House, Battle of
▪ United States history       (May 8–19, 1864), Union failure to smash or outflank Confederate forces defending Richmond, Virginia, during the American Civil War. ...
See spot. * * *
—spottedly, adv. —spottedness, n. /spot"id/, adj. 1. marked with or characterized by a spot or spots. 2. sullied; blemished. [1200-50; ME; see SPOT, -ED3] * * *
spotted adder
☆ spotted adder n. MILK SNAKE * * *
spotted adder.
See milk snake. * * *
spotted alfalfa aphid
a pale yellowish aphid, Therioaphis maculata, of the southern U.S., esp. west of the Mississippi River, that is marked with black spots and has fine spines on its back: a pest ...
spotted cavy
paca. [1775-85] * * *
spotted cowbane
a North American water hemlock, Cicuta maculata, of the parsley family, having a purple-mottled stem, white flowers, and deadly poisonous, tuberlike roots. Also called musquash ...
spotted crane's-bill
the American wild geranium, Geranium maculatum. * * *
spotted deer.
See axis deer. [1670-80] * * *
spotted dick
(also spotted dog) n [C, U] (BrE) a traditional British sweet dish. It consists of a pudding (= a dish made of flour and fat) in the shape of a roll, with fruit such as currants ...
spotted dog
➡ spotted dick * * *
spotted fever
Pathol. 1. any of several fevers characterized by spots on the skin, esp. as in cerebrospinal meningitis or typhus fever. 2. See tick fever. [1640-50] * * *
spotted hyena
an African hyena, Crocuta crocuta, having a yellowish-gray coat with brown or black spots, noted for its distinctive howl. Also called laughing hyena. See illus. under ...
spotted joe-pye weed.
See joe-pye weed (def. 2). * * *
spotted owl
spotted owl n. a dark-brown owl (Strix occidentalis, family Strigidae) with scattered white spots and dark eyes, sometimes seen in the forests of W North America: it is an ...
spotted sandpiper
a North American sandpiper, Actitis macularia, that has brownish-gray upper parts and white underparts, and is spotted with black in the summer. See illus. under ...
spotted skunk
either of two small, nocturnal skunks of the genus Spilogale, distinguished by a white forehead patch and a luxuriant coat of broken stripes and spots, including S. putorius of ...
spotted sunfish
a sunfish, Lepomis punctatus, inhabiting streams from South Carolina to Florida, having the body marked with longitudinal rows of spots. Also called stumpknocker. [1880-85] * * *
Spotted Tail
(Sinte-galeshka) 1833?-81, Brulé Sioux leader. * * * ▪ Sioux leader also called  Sinte-galeshka   born c. 1833, , Ft. Laramie [Wyoming], U.S. died Aug. 5, 1881, Rosebud ...
spotted turtle
▪ reptile  small freshwater turtle (family Emydidae) found from southern Canada to the southern and central United States. The spotted turtle has a shell about 10 centimetres ...
spotted wilt
Plant Pathol. a viral disease of plants, characterized by wilting and by brown, sunken spots and streaks on the stems and leaves. * * *
spotted wintergreen
an evergreen plant, Chimaphila maculata, of central North America, having leaves with mottled-white veins and white, fragrant flowers. Also called rheumatism-root. [1840-50, ...
spotted cranesbill n. See wild geranium. * * *
spotted fever n. 1. Any of various often fatal infectious diseases, such as typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, characterized by skin eruptions and caused by rickettsia that ...
spotted owl n. A large North American owl (Strix occidentalis) of old-growth forests from southwest British Columbia to central Mexico, having dark brown plumage with a heavily ...
spotted salamander n. A common salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) of North America, having a black and yellow body with two rows of yellow spots along the back. * * *
spotted sandpiper n. A small brownish-gray North American shore bird (Actitis macularia) that in summer acquires white underparts with many small black spots. Also called ...
/spot"euhr/, n. 1. a person employed to remove spots from clothing, esp. at a dry-cleaning establishment. 2. (in civil defense) a civilian who watches for enemy airplanes. 3. ...
See spotty. * * *
See spottily. * * *
—spottily, adv. —spottiness, n. /spot"ee/, adj. spottier, spottiest. 1. full of, having, or occurring in spots: spotty coloring. 2. irregular or uneven in quality or ...
spot welding n. Welding of overlapping pieces of metal at small points by application of great pressure and electric current.   spotʹ-weld' (spŏtʹwĕld') v. spotʹ-weld'er ...
—spousally, adv. /spow"zeuhl/, n. 1. Often, spousals. the ceremony of marriage; nuptials. adj. 2. nuptial; matrimonial. [1250-1300; ME spousaille, aph. var. of ESPOUSAILLE ...
spousal equivalency
See spousalequivalence. * * *
See spousal equivalent. * * *
spousal equivalent or spouse equivalent n. A domestic partner. See Usage Note at domestic partner.   spousal equivalence or spousal equivalency n. * * *
—spousehood, n. —spouseless, adj. n. /spows, spowz/; v. /spowz, spows/, n., v., spoused, spousing. n. 1. either member of a married pair in relation to the other; one's ...
—spouter, n. —spoutless, adj. —spoutlike, adj. /spowt/, v.t. 1. to emit or discharge forcibly (a liquid, granulated substance, etc.) in a stream or jet. 2. Informal. to ...
spout cup
a deep vessel used in feeding babies and invalids, having a long, curved, rising spout. Also called feeding cup. [1695-1705] * * *
/spow"tid/, adj. fitted with a spout: a spouted pitcher. [1825-35; SPOUT + -ED3] * * *
See spout. * * *
/spow"ting/, n. Midland U.S. guttering (defs. 1-3). [1870-75; SPOUT + -ING1] * * *
spp abbrev. species (pl. of SPECIES) * * * Also ṣpṣp and ṣwp. To press down, cover, overlay. a. sofa, from Arabic ṣuffa, sofa, from Aramaic ṣippā, absolute form of ...
species (pl. of specie1). * * *
SPQR abbrev. 〚L S(enatus) P(opulus)q(ue) R(omanus)〛 the Senate and the Roman people * * * SPQR abbr. Latin Senatus Populusque Romanus (the Senate and the people of Rome). * ...
West Semitic, to measure, count. sofer, from Hebrew sōpēr, scribe, active participle of sāpar, to count. * * *
To send a message, send on a journey. safari, from Arabic safarīya, journey, from safar, departure, journey, akin to the denominative verb sāfara, to travel. * * *
I. ṣpr1 Arabic root, to be(come) empty, vacant. a. cipher, zero; decipher, from Arabic ṣifr, empty (translation of Sanskrit śūnyam, cipher, dot), from ṣafira, to be(come) ...
/shprddahkh"geuh fyuul'/, n. German. a sensitivity to language, esp. for what is grammatically or idiomatically acceptable in a given language. * * *
/sprad"l/, v., spraddled, spraddling. v.t. 1. to straddle. v.i. 2. to sprawl. [1625-35; orig. uncert.; cf. Norw dial. spradla squirm, flail] * * *
/sprad"l leg'id, -legd'/, adj. 1. moving with or having the legs wide apart: a spraddle-legged walk. adv. 2. with the legs sprawled, spread apart, etc.: sitting spraddle-legged ...
sprag1 /sprag/, n., v., spragged, spragging. n. 1. a pole or bar hinged to the rear axle of a cart or the like in such a way that it can brace the vehicle against a road to ...
/sprayg/, n. Frank Julian, 1857-1934, U.S. electrical engineer and inventor. * * *
Sprague, Kate Chase
▪ American socialite original name  Katherine Jane Chase   born Aug. 13, 1840, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. died July 31, 1899, Washington, D.C.  daughter of Abraham Lincoln's ...
Sprague,Frank Julian
Sprague (sprāg), Frank Julian. 1857-1934. American engineer and inventor. He developed the first electric trolley system (1887) and made advances in electric elevator design. * ...
/sprayn/, v.t. 1. to overstrain or wrench (the ligaments of an ankle, wrist, or other joint) so as to injure without fracture or dislocation. n. 2. a violent straining or ...
sprang1 /sprang/, v. a pt. of spring. sprang2 /sprang/, n. a technique of weaving in which the warp is interwoven and there is no weft. [1950-55; perh. < Norw: lace, tatting] * * ...
Spranger, Bartholomaeus
▪ Dutch painter also spelled  Bartholomeus Sprangers, or Sprangerson   born March 21, 1546, Antwerp, Hapsburg Netherlands died August 1611, Prague       Antwerp ...
Spranger, Eduard
▪ German educator and philosopher born June 27, 1882, Berlin died September 17, 1963, Tübingen, West Germany       German educator and philosopher. He served as ...
/sprat/, n., pl. sprats, (esp. collectively) sprat for 1. 1. a species of herring, Clupea sprattus, of the eastern North Atlantic. 2. a small or inconsequential person or ...
Sprat, Thomas
▪ English bishop born 1635, Beaminster, Dorset, Eng. died May 20, 1713, Bromley, Kent       English man of letters, bishop of Rochester and dean of Westminster. A prose ...
Spratling, William
▪ American architect born Sept. 22, 1900, Sonyea, N.Y., U.S. died Aug. 8, 1967, near Taxco, Mex.       American designer and architect, who spent more than 30 years in ...
Spratly Islands
Spratly Islands Introduction Spratly Islands Background: This archipelago - surrounded by rich fishing grounds and potentially by gas and ...
/sprat"l/, n. Scot. a struggle; fight. [1815-25; metathetic var. of spartle to scatter, itself alter. of sparple (ME < OF esparpeiller < ?)] * * *
—sprawler, n. —sprawlingly, adv. /sprawl/, v.i. 1. to be stretched or spread out in an unnatural or ungraceful manner: The puppy's legs sprawled in all directions. 2. to sit ...
See sprawl. * * *
/spraw"lee/, adj., sprawlier, sprawliest. tending to sprawl; straggly: The colt's legs were long and sprawly. [1790-1800; SPRAWL + -Y1] * * *
spray1 —sprayable, adj. —sprayability, n. —sprayer, n. —sprayless, adj. —spraylike, adj. /spray/, n. 1. water or other liquid broken up into minute droplets and blown, ...
spray can
—spray-can, adj. 1. a small can whose contents are in aerosol form. Cf. aerosol bomb. 2. the contents of such a can or the amount it holds: She used two spray cans of white ...
spray gun
a device consisting of a container from which paint or other liquid is sprayed through a nozzle by air pressure from a pump. Also called squirt gun. [1925-30] * * *

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