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Слова на букву schw-stag (15990)

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sq. ft.
square foot; square feet. * * *
sq. in.
square inch; square inches. * * *
sq. km
square kilometer; square kilometers. * * *
sq. m
square meter; square meters. * * *
sq. mi.
square mile; square miles. * * *
sq. mm
square millimeter; square millimeters. * * *
sq. r.
square rod; square rods. * * *
sq. yd.
square yard; square yards. * * *
squad. * * *
in full Structured Query Language. Computer programming language used for retrieving records or parts of records in databases and performing various calculations before ...
Northwest Semitic noun *šiqm-, a tree, perhaps the mulberry. 1. sycamine, from Greek sūkamīnos, mulberry tree, from a Semitic source akin to Aramaic šiqmin, plural of ...
Common Semitic noun *śaqq-, sack. sac, saccade, sachet, sack1, sack2, satchel; cul-de-sac, haversack, knapsack, rucksack, from Greek sakkos, coarse cloth, article made from ...
the following; the following ones. [ < L sequentia] * * *
To be(come) wild, detestable. Exact preform uncertain; other possible reconstructions are *šqṣ́, *šqt̞, *ṯqṣ, and *ṯqṣ́. shegetz, shiksa, from Hebrew šeqeṣ, ...
/skwob/, n. pl. squabs, (esp. collectively for 1) squab, adj. n. 1. a nestling pigeon, marketed when fully grown but still unfledged. 2. a short, stout person. 3. a thickly ...
—squabbler, n. —squabblingly, adv. /skwob"euhl/, v., squabbled, squabbling, n. v.i. 1. to engage in a petty quarrel. v.t. 2. Print. to disarrange and mix (composed ...
See squabble. * * *
/skwob"ee/, adj., squabbier, squabbiest. short and stout; squat. [1745-55; SQUAB + -Y1] * * *
/skwod/, n., v., squadded, squadding. n. 1. a small number of soldiers, commonly 10 privates, a staff sergeant, and a corporal; the smallest military unit. 2. a group of police ...
squad car
an automobile used by police officers, equipped with a radiotelephone for communicating with police headquarters. Also called cruise car, patrol car, police car. [1930-35, ...
squad room
1. a room in a police station where police officers assemble, as for inspection, roll call, or duty assignments. 2. a room in a barracks in which a number of soldiers ...
squad car n. A police automobile connected by radio with headquarters. Also called cruiser, patrol car, prowl car. * * *
/skwod"euhr/, n. a member of a squad: riot squadder; fire squadder. [1580-90; SQUAD + -ER1] * * *
/skwod"reuhn/, n. 1. a portion of a naval fleet or a detachment of warships; a subdivision of a fleet. 2. an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops, a ...
squad room n. 1. A room in a police station where officers assemble, as for assignment or briefing. 2. A room in a barracks in which a number of troops are lodged. * * *
/skwodz"meuhn/, n., pl. squadsmen. a member of a squad or team. [SQUAD + -'S1 + -MAN] * * *
/skway"leen/, n. Biochem. an oil, C30H50, intermediate in the synthesis of cholesterol, obtained for use in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. [1925-30; < NL Squal(us) name of a ...
—squalidly, adv. —squalidness, squalidity /skwo lid"i tee/, n. /skwol"id, skwaw"lid/, adj. 1. foul and repulsive, as from lack of care or cleanliness; neglected and ...
See squalidly. * * *
See squalid. * * *
See squalidly. * * *
squall1 —squallish, adj. /skwawl/, n. 1. a sudden, violent gust of wind, often accompanied by rain, snow, or sleet. 2. a sudden disturbance or commotion. v.i. 3. to blow as a ...
squall line
Meteorol. a line or extended narrow region within which squalls or thunderstorms occur, often several hundred miles long. * * *
See squall1. * * *
squall line n. A line of thunderstorms preceding a cold front. * * *
/skwaw"lee/, adj., squallier, squalliest. 1. characterized by squalls. 2. stormy; threatening. [1710-20; SQUALL1 + -Y1] * * *
/skwol"euhr, skwaw"leuhr/, n. the condition of being squalid; filth and misery. [1615-25; < L squalor dirtiness, equiv. to squal(ere) to be dirty, encrusted + -or -OR1] Syn. ...
var. of squamo- before a vowel: squamation. * * *
/skway"meuh/, n., pl. squamae /-mee/. a scale or scalelike part, as of epidermis or bone. [1700-10; < L squama scale] * * *
/skway"mayt/, adj. provided or covered with squamae or scales; scaly. [1820-30; < LL squamatus. See SQUAMA, -ATE1] * * *
/skway may"sheuhn/, n. 1. the state of being squamate. 2. the arrangement of the squamae or scales of an animal. [1880-85; SQUAM- + -ATION] * * *
/skway"meuh fawrm'/, adj. shaped like a scale. [1820-30; SQUAM- + -I- + -FORM] * * *
/skwom"ish, skwaw"mish/, n., pl. Squamishes, (esp. collectively) Squamish for 1. 1. a member of a North American Indian people of the southwestern coast of British Columbia. 2. ...
a combining form of squama: squamocellular. Also, esp. before a vowel, squam-. * * *
/skweuh moh"seuhl/, adj. 1. Anat. of or pertaining to the thin, scalelike portion of the temporal bone that is situated on the side of the skull above and behind the ear. 2. ...
—squamously, squamosely, adv. —squamousness, squamoseness, n. /skway"meuhs/, adj. 1. covered with or formed of squamae or scales. 2. scalelike. Also, squamosal, squamose ...
squamous epithelium
Biol. epithelium consisting of one or more layers of scalelike cells. * * *
squamouscell carcinoma
squamous cell carcinoma n. A carcinoma that arises from squamous epithelium and is the most common form of skin cancer. Also called cancroid. * * *
squamous epithelium n. Epithelium consisting of one or more cell layers, the most superficial of which is composed of flat, scalelike or platelike cells. * * *
See squamous. * * *
See squamously. * * *
squa·mule (skwāʹmyo͞ol, skwäʹ-) n. A small, loosely attached thallus lobe of certain lichens.   [Latin squāmula, diminutive of squāma, scale.] * * *
/skwam"yeuh lohs', skway"myeuh-/, adj. furnished or covered with tiny scales. [1840-50; < L squamula small scale (squam(a) scale + -ula -ULE) + -OSE1] * * *
—squanderer, n. —squanderingly, adv. /skwon"deuhr/, v.t. 1. to spend or use (money, time, etc.) extravagantly or wastefully (often fol. by away). 2. to scatter. n. 3. ...
See squander. * * *
See squanderer. * * *
/skwon"toh/, n. died 1622, North American Indian of the Narragansett tribe: interpreter for the Pilgrims. Also called Tisquantum. * * * died November 1622, Chatham Harbor, ...
Squarcione, Francesco
▪ Italian painter born 1397, Padua [Italy] died c. 1468, Padua       early Renaissance painter who founded the Paduan school.       Squarcione was associated in ...
—squarable, adj. —squarelike, adj. —squareness, n. —squarer, n. /skwair/, n., v., squared, squaring, adj., squarer, squarest, adv. n. 1. a rectangle having all four sides ...
square and rabbet
annulet (def. 1). * * *
square bracket
bracket (def. 3). [1885-90] * * *
square centimeter
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one centimeter on each side. Abbr.: cm2, sq. cm * * *
square dance
—square dancer. —square dancing. 1. a dance by a set of four couples arranged in a square or in some set form. 2. hoedown (def. 1). [1865-70] * * * Dance for sets of four ...
square dancer
See square-dance. * * *
square dancing
➡ folk dancing * * *
square deal
a fair and honest arrangement or transaction. [1880-85, Amer.] * * * Term used by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt to describe his approach to social problems. It embraced his ...
Square Deal
U.S. Hist. the stated policy of President Theodore Roosevelt, originally promising fairness in all dealings with labor and management and later extended to include other ...
square foot
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one foot on each side; 0.0929 square meters. Abbr.: ft2, sq. ft. * * *
square inch
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one inch on each side; 6.452 square centimeters. Abbr.: in2, sq. in. * * *
square kilometer
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one kilometer on each side. Abbr.: km2, sq. km * * *
square knot
a common knot in which the ends come out alongside of the standing parts. See illus. under knot. [1865-70] * * *
square leg
Cricket. 1. the position of a fielder on the left of the batsman and almost on the opposite side of the wicket. 2. the fielder occupying this position. Also, ...
square matrix
Math. a matrix in which the number of rows is equal to the number of columns. [1930-35] * * *
square meal
a nourishing or filling meal: You'll feel better after you've had a square meal. [1830-40] * * *
square measure
a system of units for the measurement of surfaces or areas. [1720-30] * * *
square meter
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one meter on each side. Abbr.: m2, sq. m * * *
square mile
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one mile on each side; 2.59 square kilometers. Abbr.: mi2, sq. mi. * * *
square millimeter
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one millimeter on each side. Abbr.: mm2, sq. mm * * *
square number
a number that is the square of another integer, as 1 of 1, 4 of 2, 9 of 3, etc. [1550-60] * * *
square of opposition
Logic. a diagrammatic representation of the opposition of categorical propositions. [1860-65] * * *
square one
a starting point; initial stage or step: If this plan fails, we'll have to go back to square one. [1955-60; alluding to board games in which a player is penalized by being forced ...
square piano
a piano with a rectangular, horizontal body. * * * ▪ musical instrument  musical instrument that was popular for domestic music-making from the time of its invention in the ...
square rod
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one rod on each side. * * *
square root
a quantity of which a given quantity is the square: The quantities +6 and -6 are square roots of 36 since (+6)×(+6)=36 and (-6)×(-6)=36. [1550-60] * * * ▪ ...
square sail
Naut. a sail set beneath a horizontal yard, the normal position of which, when not trimmed to the wind, is directly athwartships. See diag. under sail. [1590-1600] * * ...
square serif
Typography. a font of type having serifs with a weight equal to or greater than that of the main strokes. Cf. Egyptian (def. 5). * * *
square set
Mining. a set having 12 timbers joined to form eight 90° solid angles. [1815-25, Amer.] * * *
square shake.
See square deal. * * *
square shooter
—square shooting. Informal. an honest, fair person. [1915-20] * * *
square splice
Carpentry. a scarf joint between two pieces, having the form of a half-lap joint with a thicker and a thinner section for each piece, the thicker one being at the end: used to ...
square wave
Math., Physics. a graph, function, vibration, etc., that is periodic and equal to one constant on one half of the period and a different constant, which may be zero, on the other ...
square yard
a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one yard on each side; 0.8361 square meters. Abbr.: yd2, sq. yd. * * *
/skwair"dans', -dahns'/, v.i., square-danced, square-dancing. 1. to perform or participate in a square dance. 2. to participate in a hoedown. [1955-60] * * *
/skwair"law'/, adj. Electronics. of or pertaining to an electronic circuit or device that produces an output voltage proportional to the square of its input voltage over the ...
—square-rigger, n. /skwair"rigd"/, adj. Naut. having square sails as the principal sails. [1760-70] * * *
square-rigger [skwer′rig′ər] n. a square-rigged ship * * * square-rig·ger (skwârʹrĭgʹər) n. A square-rigged vessel. * * *
/skwair"shohl"deuhrd/, adj. having the shoulders held back, giving a straight form to the upper part of the back. [1815-25] * * *
square-toed [skwer′tōd΄] adj. 1. having a broad, square toe: said of a shoe 2. Now Rare old-fashioned; conservative * * *
/skwair"tohz'/, n. (used with a sing. v.) an old-fashioned or strait-laced person. [1765-75] * * *
square bracket n. One of a pair of marks, [], used to enclose written or printed material or to indicate a mathematical expression considered in some sense a single quantity. * * ...
squared paper
graph paper with a pattern of squares formed by lines crossing at right angles. [1900-05] * * *
squared ring
Informal. See boxing ring. Also called squared circle. * * *
squared splice.
See square splice. * * *
square dance n. 1. A dance in which sets of four couples form squares. 2. Any of various similar group dances of rural origin.   squareʹ-dance' (skwârʹdăns') v. square ...
/skwair"hed'/, n. Slang. 1. a stupid person. 2. Disparaging and Offensive. a. a German or Dutch person. b. a Scandinavian, esp. a Swede. [1905-10, Amer.; SQUARE + HEAD] * * *
square knot © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A common double knot in which the loose ends are parallel to the standing parts, most often used to join the ends of ...
/skwair"lee/, adv. 1. in a square shape, form, or manner. 2. directly; without evasion; in a straight or straightforward manner: to face a problem squarely. 3. in an honest or ...
square matrix n. Mathematics A matrix with equal numbers of rows and columns. * * *
square meal n. A substantial, nourishing meal. * * *
square measure n. A system of units used in measuring area. * * *
See square. * * *
square one n. Informal The starting point.   [Alluding to board games with numbered squares in which a penalized player may have to return to the starting point.] * * *
See squareness. * * *
square root n. A divisor of a quantity that when squared gives the quantity. For example, the square roots of 25 are 5 and -5 because 5 × 5 = 25 and (-5) × (-5) = 25. * * *
square sail n. Nautical A four-sided sail extended by a yard suspended horizontally across the mast. * * *
square shooter n. Informal One who is honest, forthright, and fair. * * *
/skwairz"vil/, n. Slang. a thing, place, etc., regarded as conventional, unfashionable, or conservative. [1955-60, Amer.; SQUARE + -s- + -ville, formed by analogy with placenames ...
/skwair"tayl'/, n. any of several fishes of the genus Tetragonurus, inhabiting deep waters of tropical and temperate seas, having a squarish tail and an armor of tough, bony ...
—square-toedness, n. /skwair"tohd"/, adj. 1. having a broad, square toe, as a shoe. 2. old-fashioned or conservative in habits, ideas, etc.; prim. [1775-85; SQUARE + TOED] * * *
▪ art       in painting, simple technique for transferring an image from one surface to another (and sometimes converting the image from one scale to another) by ...
squaring the circle.
See quadrature of the circle. * * *
—squarishly, adv. —squarishness, n. /skwair"ish/, adj. approximately square. [1735-45; SQUARE + -ISH1] * * *
See squarish. * * *
See squarishly. * * *
—squarrosely, adv. /skwar"ohs, skwo rohs"/, adj. Biol. denoting any rough or ragged surface. [1750-60; < L squarrosus scurfy, scaly] * * *
squash1 —squasher, n. /skwosh, skwawsh/, v.t. 1. to press into a flat mass or pulp; crush: She squashed the flower under her heel. 2. to suppress or put down; quash. 3. to ...
squash (rackets)
Singles or doubles game played in a four-walled court with a long-handled racket and a rubber ball. A descendant of rackets, it probably originated in the mid-19th century at ...
squash bug
a dark-brown bug, Anasa tristis, that sucks the sap from the leaves of squash, pumpkin, and other plants of the gourd family. [1840-50, Amer.] * * * or leaf-footed bug Any of ...
squash rackets
➡ squash * * * ▪ 1995       The dominance of Jansher Khan of Pakistan and Michelle Martin of Australia continued throughout 1994. Both retained their British Open ...
squash tennis
Singles racket game resembling squash rackets, played with an inflated ball the size of a tennis ball. Played in virtually the same court as squash rackets, squash tennis makes ...
squash vine borer
the larva of a clearwing moth, Melittia satyriniformis, that bores into the stems of squash and related plants. * * *
/skwosh"blos'euhm, skwawsh"-/, adj. indicating or pertaining to a design or configuration resembling the flower of the squash plant, esp. as found in jewelry made by various ...
squash bug n. A blackish North American insect (Anasa tristis) that is destructive to squash, pumpkins, and other crops. * * *
squashed fly biscuit
n (BrE humor) ➡ Garibaldi. * * *
See squash2. * * *
See squashy. * * *
See squashily. * * *
—squashily, adv. —squashiness, n. /skwosh"ee, skwaw"shee/, adj., squashier, squashiest. 1. easily squashed; pulpy. 2. soft and wet, as the ground after rain. 3. having a ...
/skwo say"sheuhn/, n. a form of strappado in which the victim, with arms bound behind and feet heavily weighted, was jerked up and down at the end of a rope passed under the ...
—squatly, adv. —squatness, n. /skwot/, v., squatted or squat, squatting, adj., squatter, squattest, n. v.i. 1. to sit in a low or crouching position with the legs drawn up ...
—squatterdom, n. /skwot"euhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that squats. 2. a person who settles on land or occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent. 3. a person ...
squatter sovereignty
U.S. Hist. (used contemptuously by its opponents) See popular sovereignty (def. 2). [1850-55, Amer.] * * *
squatter's right
Law Informal. a claim to real property, esp. public land, that may be granted to a person who has openly possessed and continuously occupied it without legal authority for a ...
➡ homelessness * * *
—squattily, adv. —squattiness, n. /skwot"ee/, adj., squattier, squattiest. short and thick; low and broad. [1880-85; SQUAT + -Y1] * * *
/skwaw"mish/, n., pl., Squauwmishes, (esp. collectively) Squauwmish. Squamish. * * *
/skwaw/, n. 1. Often Offensive. a North American Indian woman, esp. a wife. 2. Slang (disparaging and offensive). a. a wife. b. any woman or girl. [1625-35, Amer.; < Massachusett ...
squaw huckleberry
deerberry. [1855-60] * * *
squaw man
Offensive. a white or other non-Indian man married to a North American Indian woman. [1865-70, Amer.] * * *
Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley 〚?〛 valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, E Calif., near Lake Tahoe: a ski resort * * * Valley, eastern California, U.S. Squaw Valley is located in the Sierra ...
/skwaw"boosh'/, n. a rank-smelling, sprawling shrub, Rhus trilobata malacophylla, of the cashew family, native to California, having spikes of greenish flowers. [1825-35, Amer.; ...
/skwaw"fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) squawfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) squawfishes. 1. any of several large, voracious cyprinid fishes of the ...
—squawker, n. /skwawk/, v.i. 1. to utter a loud, harsh cry, as a duck or other fowl when frightened. 2. Informal. to complain loudly and vehemently. v.t. 3. to utter or give ...
squawk box
Informal. 1. the speaker of a public-address system or an intercom system; loudspeaker. 2. an intercom system. [1940-45] * * *
squawk box n. Informal The loudspeaker of an intercom or public-address system. * * *
See squawk. * * *
/skwaw"kee/, adj., squawkier, squawkiest. unpleasantly discordant or harsh in sound; cacophonous. [1895-1900; SQUAWK + -Y1] * * *
squaw man n. Offensive A white or other non-Native American man having a Native American wife and usually living with her people. * * *
/skwaw"rooht', -root'/, n. 1. a fleshy, leafless plant, Conopholis americana, of the broomrape family, native to eastern North America, having a stout, yellowish, conelike stalk ...
Squaw Valley (skwô) A valley of northeast California in the Sierra Nevada west of Lake Tahoe. A popular ski resort, it was the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. * * *
—squeakingly, adv. /skweek/, n. 1. a short, sharp, shrill cry; a sharp, high-pitched sound. 2. Informal. opportunity; chance: their last squeak to correct the manuscript. 3. an ...
/skwee"keuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that squeaks. 2. Informal. a contest or game won by a very small margin. 3. Informal. a dangerous situation. [1635-45; SQUEAK + -ER1] * * *
See squeaky. * * *
See squeakily. * * *
—squeakily, adv. —squeakiness, n. /skwee"kee/, adj., squeakier, squeakiest. squeaking; tending to squeak: His squeaky shoes could be heard across the lobby. [1860-65; SQUEAK ...
/skwee"kee kleen"/, adj. Informal. 1. scrupulously clean. 2. virtuous, wholesome, and above reproach: a squeaky-clean reputation. * * *
—squealer, n. /skweel/, n. 1. a somewhat prolonged, sharp, shrill cry, as of pain, fear, or surprise. 2. Slang. a. an instance of informing against someone. b. a protest or ...
See squeal. * * *
—squeamishly, adv. —squeamishness, n. /skwee"mish/, adj. 1. fastidious or dainty. 2. easily shocked by anything slightly immodest; prudish. 3. excessively particular or ...
See squeamish. * * *
See squeamishly. * * *
/skwee"jee, skwee jee"/, n., v., squeegeed, squeegeeing. n. 1. an implement edged with rubber or the like, for removing water from windows after washing, sweeping water from wet ...
—squeezability, squeezableness, n. —squeezably, adv. /skwee"zeuh beuhl/, adj. 1. easily squeezed, compressed, or the like. 2. (of a person) susceptible to intimidation or ...
—squeezer, n. —squeezingly, adv. /skweez/, v., squeezed, squeezing, n. v.t. 1. to press forcibly together; compress. 2. to apply pressure to in order to extract juice, sap, ...
squeeze bottle
a flexible plastic bottle the contents of which can be forced out by squeezing. [1945-50] * * *
squeeze play
1. Baseball. a. Also called suicide squeeze, suicide squeeze play. a play executed when there is a runner on third base and usually not more than one out, in which the runner ...
/skweez"boks'/, n. Informal. a concertina or accordion. [1905-10; SQUEEZE + BOX1] * * *
squeezed joint
Building Trades. a joint between two members cemented or glued together under pressure. Also, squeeze joint. * * *
squeeze play n. 1. Baseball. A play in which the batter attempts to bunt so that a runner on third base may score. 2. Informal. Pressure exerted to obtain a concession or achieve ...
See squeezable. * * *
/skweg/, v.i., squegged, squegging. (of an electronic circuit or component) to produce an output that oscillates between a certain maximum and zero, esp. when due to the effect ...
—squelcher, n. —squelchingly, adv. —squelchingness, n. /skwelch/, v.t. 1. to strike or press with crushing force; crush down; squash. 2. to put down, suppress, or silence, ...
squelch circuit
squelch circuit n. a circuit which disconnects a receiver in order to eliminate output noise when no signal or an extremely weak signal is received * * *
See squelch. * * *
/skwee teeg"/, n., pl. squeteagues, (esp. collectively) squeteague. 1. an Atlantic food fish, Cynoscion regalis, of the croaker family. 2. any of several other Atlantic fishes of ...
—squibbish, adj. /skwib/, n., v., squibbed, squibbing. n. 1. a short and witty or sarcastic saying or writing. 2. Journalism. a short news story, often used as a filler. 3. a ...
/skwib/, n. Edward Robinson, 1819-1900, U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer and medical reformer. * * *
Squibb, E R
▪ American chemist born July 4, 1819, Wilmington, Del., U.S. died Oct. 25, 1900, Brooklyn, N.Y.       U.S. chemist and pharmaceutical manufacturer who developed methods ...
Squibb, E(dward) R(obinson)
born July 4, 1819, Wilmington, Del., U.S. died Oct. 25, 1900, Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer. He earned a medical degree and later worked on U.S. Navy ships; ...
squib kick n. Football A kickoff in which the ball is kicked low so that it will bounce along the ground, making it difficult to field and return. * * *
/skwid/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) squid, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) squids. any of several ten-armed cephalopods, as of the genera Loligo and ...
/skwid/, n. superconducting quantum interference device: a device that senses minute changes in magnetic fields, used to indicate neural activity in the brain. [1965-70] * * ...
Squier, E G
▪ American archaeologist born June 17, 1821, Bethlehem, N.Y., U.S. died April 17, 1888, Brooklyn, N.Y.       U.S. newspaper editor, diplomat, and archaeologist who, ...
/skwift/, adj. Slang. intoxicated. [1870-75; orig. uncert.] * * *
squiffy [skwiftskwif′ē] adj. squiffier, squiffiest 〚< dial. skew-whiff, askew, tipsy + -Y3〛 [Informal, Chiefly Brit.] drunk; intoxicated: also squiffed [skwift] * * *
—squiggly, adj. /skwig"euhl/, n., v., squiggled, squiggling. n. 1. a short, irregular curve or twist, as in writing or drawing. v.i. 2. to move in or appear as squiggles: His ...
See squiggle. * * *
/skwil"jee, skwil jee"/, n., v.t., squilgeed, squilgeeing. squeegee. * * *
—squill-like, adj. /skwil/, n. 1. the bulb of the sea onion, Urginea maritima, of the lily family, cut into thin slices and dried, and used in medicine chiefly as an ...
/skwil"euh/, n., pl. squillas, squillae /skwil"ee/. See mantis shrimp. [1650-60; < L; see SQUILL] * * *
/skwil"euh jee'/, n., v.t., squillageed, squillageeing. squeegee. * * *
/skwin"euhn see, -euh see/, n. a prostrate Eurasian plant, Asperula cynanchica, of the madder family, having smooth, weak stems and sparse white or pink flowers, formerly ...
squinch1 /skwinch/, n. Archit. a small arch, corbeling, or the like, built across the interior angle between two walls, as in a square tower for supporting the side of a ...
/skwin"ee/, v., squinnied, squinnying, n., pl. squinnies. v.i. 1. to squint. n. 2. a squint. [1595-1605; perh. equiv. to squin- ( < D schuin oblique, aslant) + -y EYE] * * *
—squinter, n. —squintingly, adv. —squintingness, n. /skwint/, v.i. 1. to look with the eyes partly closed. 2. Ophthalm. to be affected with strabismus; be cross-eyed. 3. to ...
/skwint"uyd'/, adj. 1. affected with or characterized by strabismus. 2. looking obliquely or askance. 3. manifesting a malicious, envious, or spiteful attitude or disposition: ...
See squint. * * *
squinteyed [skwint′īd΄] adj. squinting; specif., a) cross-eyed b) looking askance; malicious; prejudiced; spiteful * * *
☆ squinting [skwintiŋ ] adj. Gram. designating a modifier, as an adverb, that can be interpreted as modifying either the preceding or the following part of the construction in ...
squinting modifier
Gram. a word or phrase that can modify either the words that precede it or those that follow, as frequently in the sentence Studying frequently is tedious. Also called squinting ...
—squintiness, n. /skwin"tee/, adj. characterized by or having a squint. [1590-1600; SQUINT + -Y1] * * *
—squirarchal, squirarchical, adj. /skwuyeur"ahr kee/, n., pl. squirarchies. squirearchy. * * *
—squireless, adj. —squirelike, adj. /skwuyeur/, n., v., squired, squiring. n. 1. (in England) a country gentleman, esp. the chief landed proprietor in a district. 2. (in the ...
Squire, Sir J C
▪ British journalist and author born April 2, 1882, Plymouth, Devon, Eng. died Dec. 20, 1958, Rushlake Green, Sussex       English journalist, playwright, a leading ...
/skwuyeur"ahrk/, n. a member of the squirearchy. Also, squirarch. [1825-35; back formation from SQUIREARCHY] * * *
—squirearchal, squirearchical, adj. /skwuyeur"ahr kee/, n., pl. squirearchies. 1. the collective body of squires or landed gentry of a country. 2. the social, economic, and ...
/skwuyeur"deuhm/, n. 1. the squirearchy. 2. the position or status of a squire. [1640-50; SQUIRE + -DOM] * * *
/skwuy reen"/, n. Chiefly Irish Eng. the landowner of a small estate; a squire of a small domain. [1800-10; SQUIRE + -een dim. suffix < Ir -ín] * * *
/skwuyeur"ling/, n. 1. a landowner of a small estate. 2. a petty squire. [1675-85; SQUIRE + -LING1] * * *
Squires, Dorothy
▪ 1999       British popular singer who was considered one of the best in the 1940s and early '50s; a series of emotional and legal setbacks following her divorce from ...
Squires, Sir Richard Anderson
▪ prime minister of colonial Newfoundland born Jan. 18, 1880, Harbour Grace, Nfd. died March 26, 1940, St. John's       controversial prime minister of Newfoundland ...
—squirmer, n. —squirmingly, adv. /skwerrm/, v.i. 1. to wriggle or writhe. 2. to feel or display discomfort or distress, as from reproof, embarrassment, pain, etc.: He ...
See squirm. * * *
—squirminess, n. /skwerr"mee/, adj., squirmier, squirmiest. characterized by squirming. [1830-40; SQUIRM + -Y1] * * *
—squirrelish, squirrellike, adj. /skwerr"euhl, skwur"-/ or, esp. Brit., /skwir"euhl/, n., pl. squirrels, (esp. collectively) squirrel, v., squirreled, squirreling or (esp. ...
squirrel cage
1. a cage containing a cylindrical framework that is rotated by a squirrel or other small animal running inside of it. 2. any situation that seems to be endlessly without goal or ...
squirrel corn
an American plant, Dicentra canadensis, of the fumitory family, having yellow roots resembling kernels of corn, finely dissected leaves, and clusters of drooping, heart-shaped, ...
squirrel monkey
either of two small, long-tailed monkeys, Saimiri oerstedii of Central America and S. sciureus of South America, having a small white face with black muzzle and gold, brown, or ...
squirrel's-foot fern
/skwerr"euhlz foot', skwur"-/ or, esp. Brit., /skwir"-/. See ball fern. * * *
squirrel-tail grass
/skwerr"euhl tayl', skwur"-/ or, esp. Brit., /skwir"-/ any of various grasses having long fruiting stalks. [1770-80] * * *
squirrel corn n. A low-growing North American plant (Dicentra canadensis) having finely divided basal leaves, fragrant whitish flowers tinged with purple, and small yellow tubers ...
/skwerr"euhl fish', skwur"-/ or, esp. Brit., /skwir"-/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) squirrelfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) squirrelfishes. any of several ...
☆ squirrelly or squirrely [skwʉr′ə lē, skwʉr′lē ] adj. 〚in allusion to a squirrel's diet of nuts: see NUT, n. 8a〛 Slang odd, crazy, etc. * * * squir·rel·ly ...
squirrel monkey n. Any of several small, brightly colored arboreal monkeys of the genus Saimiri, widely distributed in South and Central American tropical forest regions, having ...
/skwerr"euh lee, skwur"-/ or, esp. Brit., /skwir"-/, adj. Slang. eccentric; flighty. Also, squirrelly. [1930-35; SQUIRREL + -Y1] * * *
—squirter, n. —squirtingly, adv. /skwerrt/, v.i. 1. to eject liquid in a jet from a narrow orifice: The hose squirted all over us. 2. to eject a spurt of liquid: The lemon ...
squirt can
an oilcan with a flexible body that ejects oil when compressed. * * *
squirt gun
1. See spray gun. 2. See water pistol. [1795-1805, Amer.] * * *
See squirt. * * *
squirt gun n. A toy gun designed to squirt a stream of water. Also called water gun, water pistol. * * *
squirting cucumber
a Mediterranean plant, Ecballium elaterium, of the gourd family, whose ripened fruit forcibly ejects the seeds and juice. [1795-1805] * * * ▪ plant       (Ecballium ...
squirt·ing cucumber (skwûrʹtĭng) n. A hairy Mediterranean vine (Ecballium elaterium) having fruit that when ripe discharges its seeds and juice explosively. * * *
/skwish/, v.t. 1. to squeeze or squash. v.i. 2. (of water, soft mud, etc.) to make a gushing or splashing sound when walked in or on: The soaking wet sneakers squished as he ...
—squishiness, n. /skwish"ee/, adj., squishier, squishiest. 1. soft and wet: The ground was squishy from the rain. 2. softly gurgling or splashing: The sponge made a squishy ...
/skwiz/, v., squizzed, squizzing, n. Australian Informal. v.t. 1. to peer at quickly and closely. n. 2. a quick, close look. [1905-10; expressive formation, perh. b. SQUINT and ...
squoosh [skwoosh] vt. 〚altered
/skwush"ee, skwoosh"ee/, adj., squshier, squshiest. squishy. * * *
/skwush, skwoosh/, v.t., v.i., n. squish. Also, sqush. * * *
/skwush"ee, skwoosh"ee/, adj., squushier, squushiest. squishy. * * *
To water, give to drink. acequia, from Arabic as-sāqiya, the irrigation ditch, feminine active participle of saqā, to water, give to drink. * * *
see ṣqʿ. * * *
see ṣqʿ. * * *
Arabic root, to be(come) white, covered with frost. moussaka, from colloquial Egyptian Arabic musaqqaʿa, chilled, moussaka, feminine passive participle of Egyptian colloquial ...
Symbol, Chem. strontium. * * *
steradian. * * *
1. Senhor. 2. Senior. 3. Señor. 4. Sir. 5. Eccles. Sister. [ < L Soror] * * *
Sra abbrev. 1. 〚Port〛 Senhora 2. 〚Sp〛 Señora * * * SrA abbr. senior airman. * * *
1. Senhora. 2. Señora. * * *
▪ Hindu rite Sanskrit  Śrāddha,  also spelled  Shraddha,         in Hinduism, a ceremony performed in honour of a dead ancestor. The rite is both a social and a ...
SRAM (ĕsʹrăm') n. Static RAM. * * *
/srah"neuhn/, n. an English-based creole widely spoken in Suriname. Also called Sranan Tongo, Taki-Taki. [1950-55; < Sranan: lit., Suriname (tongue)] * * * ▪ language also ...
Sranan Tongo
/tong"goh/ Sranan. * * *
Sra·nan·ton·go (sräʹnən-tŏngʹgō) n. A creole based on English, spoken in coastal Suriname and widely used as a lingua franca. Also called Sranan, ...
In Zoroastrianism and Parsiism, the divine being who is the messenger of Ahura Mazda and the embodiment of the divine word. He serves as the mediator between the human and the ...
▪ Hindu text       any of a number of Hindu ritual manuals used by priests engaged in the performance of the grander Vedic sacrifices, those requiring three fires and ...

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