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Слова на букву stag-tils (15990)

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tent caterpillar moth
 any of a group of moths in the family Lasiocampidae (order Lepidoptera) in which the larvae (caterpillars) spin huge, tent-shaped communal webs in trees, are often brightly ...
tent circus
a circus performed in tents rather than in an arena. [1945-50, Amer.] * * *
tent city
an area set up with tents, esp. as to house homeless or displaced persons. * * *
tent dress
a loose-fitting dress that gradually flares outward or grows fuller from the shoulder to the hem and has no waistline. Also called tent. * * *
tent fly
fly1 (def. 28). [1840-50, Amer.] * * *
tent meeting.
—tent-meeting, adj. See camp meeting. [1865-70, Amer.] * * *
tent show
an exhibition or performance, esp. a circus, presented in a tent. * * *
tent stitch
a short, slanting stitch used in embroidery. Cf. gros point (def. 1), petit point (def. 1). [1630-40] * * *
tent structure
Building that uses masts or poles and tensile membrane (e.g., fabric or animal skin) enclosures. Tent structures are prestressed by externally applied forces so that they are ...
tent trailer
an automobile-drawn recreational trailer with a folding canvas or other fabric shelter that makes the vehicle suitable for outdoor camping. Cf. camper (def. 3), trailer (def. ...
—tentacular /ten tak"yeuh leuhr/, adj. —tentaclelike, tentaculoid, adj. /ten"teuh keuhl/, n. 1. Zool. any of various slender, flexible processes or appendages in animals, ...
tentacle worm
▪ polychaete genus also called  Tentacled Tube Worm        (Thelepus), any of a genus of tube-dwelling segmented worms of the class Polychaeta (phylum Annelida). They ...
/ten"teuh keuhld/, adj. having tentacles. Also, tentaculated /ten tak"yeuh lay'tid/. [1855-60; TENTACLE + -ED3] * * *
See tentacle. * * *
/ten"tij/, n. tents collectively; equipment or supply of tents. [1595-1605; TENT1 + -AGE] * * *
/ten tay"sheuhn/, n. a method of making mechanical adjustments or the like by a succession of trials. [1875-80; < L tentation- (s. of tentatio) trial, var. of TEMPTATIO. See ...
—tentatively, adv. —tentativeness, n. /ten"teuh tiv/, adj. 1. of the nature of or made or done as a trial, experiment, or attempt; experimental: a tentative report on her ...
Tentative list of antipopes
▪ Table Tentative list of antipopes Hippolytus (Hippolytus of Rome, Saint) (217/218–235) Novatian (251) Felix ( (355–365) Ursinus (366–367) ...
See tentative. * * *
See tentatively. * * *
tent caterpillar n. Any of several destructive caterpillars of the family Lasiocampidae, especially of the genus Malacosoma, whose colonies construct silken tentlike webs in the ...
/ten"tid/, adj. 1. covered with or living in a tent or tents. 2. shaped like a tent. [1595-1605; TENT1 + -ED3] * * *
/ten"teuhr/, n. 1. a framework on which cloth in the process of manufacture is stretched so it may set or dry evenly. 2. Obs. a tenterhook. v.t. 3. to stretch (cloth) on a tenter ...
▪ New South Wales, Australia       town, northeastern New South Wales, Australia, in the Northern Tablelands (New England district) of the Eastern Highlands. Founded in ...
/ten"teuhr hook'/, n. 1. one of the hooks or bent nails that hold cloth stretched on a tenter. 2. on tenterhooks, in a state of uneasy suspense or painful anxiety: The movie ...
/tenth/, adj. 1. next after ninth; being the ordinal number for ten. 2. being one of ten equal parts. n. 3. one of ten equal parts, esp. of one (1/10). 4. the member of a series ...
Tenth Amendment
an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, guaranteeing to the states and the people those rights that are not delegated to the ...
Tenth Commandment
"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is ...
/tenth"lee/, adv. in the tenth place; tenth. [TENTH + -LY] * * *
/ten"tee/, adj., tentier, tentiest. Scot. tenty. * * *
/tent"may'keuhr/, n. a person who makes tents. [1555-65; TENT1 + MAKER] * * *
—tentorial, adj. /ten tawr"ee euhm, -tohr"-/, n., pl. tentoria /-tawr"ee euh, -tohr"-/. 1. Anat. an extension of one of the membranes covering the cerebrum which, with the ...
tent stitch n. A short diagonal embroidery stitch that forms close, even, parallel rows to fill in a pattern or background. * * *
/ten"tee/, adj., tentier, tentiest. Scot. watchful; attentive. Also, tentie. [1545-55; TENT2 + -Y1] * * *
/ten"yooh is/, n., pl. tenues /ten"yooh eez'/. an unaspirated, voiceless plosive. [1640-50; < L: thin, fine, slender; akin to THIN] * * *
/teuh nooh"i tee, -nyooh"-, te-/, n. 1. the state of being tenuous. 2. slenderness. 3. thinness of consistency; rarefied condition. [1525-35; < L tenuitas thinness, equiv. to ...
—tenuously, adv. —tenuousness, n. /ten"yooh euhs/, adj. 1. thin or slender in form, as a thread. 2. lacking a sound basis, as reasoning; unsubstantiated; weak: a tenuous ...
See tenuous. * * *
See tenuously. * * *
—tenurial /ten yoor"ee euhl/, adj. —tenurially, adv. /ten"yeuhr/, n. 1. the holding or possessing of anything: the tenure of an office. 2. the holding of property, esp. real ...
adj. of or relating to a college- or university-teaching job that can lead to a tenured position. * * *
/ten"yeuhrd/, adj. 1. of, having, or eligible for tenure, esp. in a college or university: There are three tenured professors in the history department. 2. granting, allowing, or ...
See tenure. * * *
See tenurial. * * *
/teuh nooh"toh/; It. /te nooh"taw/ adj. Music. (of a note, chord, or rest) held to the full time value. [1890-95; < It: held (ptp. of tenere) < VL *tenutus, for L tentus] * * *
/ten"zing/, n. (Norgay) 1913?-86, Nepalese mountain climber who scaled Mt. Everest 1953. * * *
Tenzing Norgay
born May 15, 1914, Tshechu, Tibet [now Tibet Autonomous Region, China] died May 9, 1986, Darjeeling [now Darjiling], India Tibetan Sherpa mountaineer. Tenzing served on ...
/tee'euh kal"ee, tay'euh kah"lee/; Sp. /te'aw kah"yee/, n., pl. teocallis /-kal"eez, -kah"leez/; Sp. /-kah"yees/. a ceremonial structure of the Aztecs, consisting of a truncated ...
▪ 2008 Toader Arapasu  Romanian prelate born Feb. 7, 1915 , Tocileni, Rom. died July 30, 2007, Bucharest, Rom. was patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church from 1986; he ...
Teófilo Otoni
/ti aw"fi loo oo taw"nee/ a city in E central Brazil. 134,476. Also, Theophilo Ottoni. * * * ▪ Brazil       city, east-central Minas Gerais estado (state), ...
/tee'euh sin"tee, tay'-/, n. a tall grass, Zea mexicana, of Mexico and Central America, closely related to corn, and sometimes cultivated as a fodder plant. [1875-80; < MexSp < ...
/te"aw tee'wah kahn"/, n. the ruins of an ancient Mesoamerican city in central Mexico, near Mexico City, that flourished A.D. c200-c750 and is the site of the pyramids of the Sun ...
To be hot. 1. Suffixed (stative) form *tep-ē-. tepid, from Latin tepēre, to be warm. 2. Probably suffixed form *tep-n-. Beltane, from Old Irish tene, fire (Bel, Celtic deity; ...
te·pa (tēʹpə) n. A crystalline organophosphorus compound, C6H12N3OP, used as an insect sterilant and in the treatment of certain forms of cancer.   [tri- + ethylene + ...
/tee"peuhl, tep"euhl/, n. Bot. one of the divisions of a flower perianth, esp. one that is not clearly differentiated into petals and sepals, as in lilies and tulips. [ < F ...
tepary bean
/tep"euh ree/ a twining or bushy plant, Phaseolus acutifolius latifolius, of the legume family, native to Mexico and Arizona, having white or violet-colored flowers, grown as a ...
tep·a·ry bean (tĕpʹə-rē) n. 1. An annual twining plant (Phaseolus acutifolius var. latifolius) of the southwest United States and adjacent Mexico, bearing edible beans. 2. ...
/tep"ee/; Turk. /te"pe/, n. (in Turkey, Iran, and Iraq) tell2. [ < Turk: hill] * * *
Tepe Gawra
Turk. /te"pe gow rddah"/ an archaeological site in N Iraq, near Mosul: excavations have revealed that numerous settlements have occupied this site since c5000 B.C. * * * Ancient ...
Tepe Yahya
Ancient trading city, southeastern Iran. Almost continuously occupied in the 5th–3rd millennia BC, it flourished as a centre for the production and distribution of soapstone ...
/tee"pee/, n. a tent of the American Indians, made usually from animal skins laid on a conical frame of long poles and having an opening at the top for ventilation and a flap ...
tepefy [tep′ə fī΄] vt., vi. tepefied, tepefying 〚L tepefacere < tepere (see TEPID) + facere, to make, DO1〛 to make or become tepid tepefaction [tep′əfak′ ...
▪ people       Middle American Indians of southern Chihuahua, southern Durango, and northwestern Jalisco states in northwestern Mexico. The Tepehuan are divided into the ...
Tepexpán man
/tep"euh spahn', tep'euh spahn"/ an early human known from skeletal remains found near Tepexpán, Mexico, and dating c10,000-8000 B.C. * * *
Ashk. Heb., Eng. /teuh fil"in/; Seph. Heb. /teuh fee leen"/, n.pl. Judaism. tefillin. * * *
/tef"reuh/, n. (used with a pl. v.) clastic volcanic material, as scoria, dust, etc., ejected during an eruption. [1960-65; < Gk téphra (sing.) ashes] * * *
—tephritic /tef rit"ik/, adj. /tef"ruyt/, n. Petrog. a basaltic rock consisting essentially of pyroxene and plagioclase with nepheline or leucite. [1875-80; < Gk tephr(ós) ...
—tephrochronological /tef'roh kron'l oj"i keuhl/, adj. /tef'roh kreuh nol"euh jee/, n. Geol. a geochronologic technique based on the dating of layers of volcanic ash. Cf. ...
/tef"roh uyt'/, n. a mineral, silicate of manganese, Mn2SiO4, occurring in orthorhombic crystals. [1865-70; < G Tephroit < Gk tephró(s) ash gray + G -it -ITE1] * * * ▪ ...
/te peek"/, n. a city in and the capital of Nayarit, W central Mexico. 114,512. * * * City (pop., 2000: 265,817), capital of Nayarit state, west-central Mexico. It lies along ...
—tepidity, tepidness, n. —tepidly, adv. /tep"id/, adj. 1. moderately warm; lukewarm: tepid water. 2. characterized by a lack of force or enthusiasm: tepid prose; the critics' ...
See tepid. * * *
See tepidity. * * *
See tepidity. * * *
▪ Czech Republic formerly  Teplice-Šanov,  German  Teplitz-Schönau,         city, northwestern Czech Republic, on a rocky spur below the Ore Mountains (Krušné ...
tepoy [tē′poi΄] n. alt. sp. of TEAPOY * * *
Chem. See tetraethyl pyrophosphate. * * *
Tequendama Falls
▪ falls, Colombia Spanish  Salto De Tequendama,         waterfalls on the Bogotá (Funza) River, which is a tributary of the Magdalena River, in the Andean Cordillera ...
Te·quen·da·ma Falls (tā'kən-däʹmə, tĕ'kĕn-däʹmä) A waterfall, 129.6 m (425 ft) high, in central Colombia south of Bogotá. * * *
/teuh kee"leuh/, n. 1. a strong liquor from Mexico, distilled from fermented mash of an agave. 2. the plant itself, Agave tequilana. [1840-50; after Tequila, a town in Jalisco, ...
tequila sunrise
☆ tequila sunrise n. 〚from the colorful appearance of the unstirred ingredients in a glass〛 a cocktail made of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine * * *
▪ people       Indian people centred in the Sierra Madre del Sur of Oaxaca estado (“state”), Mexico. Their subsistence is based on agriculture (staples are corn ...
/terr/, adv. (in prescriptions) three times. [ < L] * * *
Ter Borch
/teuhrdd bawrddkh"/, n. Gerard /kh ay"rddahrddt/, 1617-81, Dutch painter. Also, Terborch, Terburg /teuhrdd boorddkh"/. * * *
a combining form meaning "thrice," used in the formation of compound words: tercentennial. [ < L, comb. form of ter; akin to tres THREE] * * *
1. (in prescriptions) rub. [ < L tere] 2. terrace. 3. territorial. 4. territory. * * *
1. a combining form used in the names of units of measure equal to one trillion of a given base unit: terahertz. 2. Computers. a combining form of like function with the value ...
ter·a·byte (tĕrʹə-bīt') n. 1. A unit of computer memory or data storage capacity equal to 1,024 gigabytes (240 bytes). 2. One trillion bytes. * * *
ter·a·flop (tĕrʹə-flŏp') n. A measure of computing speed equal to one trillion floating-point operations per second.   [tera- + FLOP.] * * *
/ter"euh flops'/, n. a measure of computer speed, equal to one trillion floating-point operations per second. [1985-90; see FLOPS] * * *
/tear"euh, ter"ah/, n. the father of Abraham. Gen. 11:25-32. * * *
/ter"euh herrts'/, n., pl. terahertz, terahertzes. one trillion (1012) hertz. Abbr: THz [TERA- + HERTZ] * * *
/teuh ruy"/, n. 1. a marshy lowland area in N India and S Nepal, between the Ganges and the foothills of the Himalayas. 2. (l.c.) See terai hat. Also, Tarai. * * * or ...
terai hat
a felt sun helmet with a high crown and wide brim, worn esp. in the subtropics. [1895-1900; named after TERAI] * * *
Teraina Island
▪ island, Kiribati formerly called  Washington Island  or  Prospect Island   coral atoll of the Northern Line Islands, part of Kiribati, in the west-central Pacific ...
▪ Italy       city, Abruzzi regione, central Italy. It lies at the confluence of the Tordino and Vezzola rivers, between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso d'Italia ...
ter·aph (tĕrʹəf) n. pl. ter·a·phim (-ə-fĭm) A small image or idol representing an ancient Semitic household god.   [Back-formation from teraphim, teraphim, from Hebrew ...
/ter"euh fim/, n.pl., sing. teraph /ter"euhf/. idols or images reverenced by the ancient Hebrews and kindred peoples, apparently as household gods. [1350-1400; < Heb taraphim; r. ...
var. of terato- before a vowel: teratoid. * * *
/ter"euh tiz'euhm/, n. 1. love or worship of the monstrous. 2. Biol. a monstrosity. [1900-05; TERAT- + -ISM] * * *
a combining form meaning "monster," used in the formation of compound words: teratology. Also, esp. before a vowel, terat-. [ < Gk terat- (s. of téras) monster, marvel + -O-] * ...
ter·a·to·car·ci·no·ma (tĕr'ə-tō-kär'sə-nōʹmə) n. pl. ter·a·to·car·ci·no·mas or ter·a·to·car·ci·no·ma·ta (-mə-tə) A malignant teratoma, most often of ...
—teratogenic, adj. /teuh rat"euh jeuhn, -jen', ter"euh teuh-/, n. Biol. a drug or other substance capable of interfering with the development of a fetus, causing birth ...
—teratogenetic /teuh rat'oh jeuh net"ik, ter'euh toh-/, adj. /teuh rat'euh jen"euh sis, ter"euh teuh-/, n. Biol. the production or induction of malformations or monstrosities, ...
ter·a·to·gen·ic (tĕr'ə-tə-jĕnʹĭk) adj. Of, relating to, or causing malformations of an embryo or fetus.   ter'a·to·ge·nicʹi·ty (-jə-nĭsʹĭ-tē) ...
See teratogenic. * * *
/ter"euh toyd'/, adj. Biol. resembling a monster. [1875-80; TERAT- + -OID] * * *
See teratology. * * *
See teratological. * * *
—teratological /ter'euh tl oj"i keuhl/, adj. —teratologist, n. /ter'euh tol"euh jee/, n. Biol. the science or study of monstrosities or abnormal formations in ...
/ter'euh toh"meuh/, n., pl., teratomas, teratomata /-meuh teuh/. Pathol. a tumor made up of different types of tissue. [1885-90; TERAT- + -OMA] * * *
See teratoma. * * *
/ter'euh toh"sis/, n. Biol. teratism (def. 2). [ < NL; see TERAT-, -OSIS] * * *
Terauchi Masatake, Count
▪ prime minister of Japan born July 12, 1852, Yamaguchi, Nagato province, Japan died Nov. 7, 1919, Ōiso  Japanese soldier and politician who served as Japanese prime ...
/terr"bee euh/, n. Chem. an amorphous white powder, Tb2O3. Also called terbium oxide. [1905-10; < NL; see TERBIUM, -IA] * * *
—terbic, adj. /terr"bee euhm/, n. Chem. a rare-earth, metallic element present in certain minerals and yielding colorless salts. Symbol: Tb; at. no.: 65; at. wt.: 158.924; sp. ...
terbium metal
Chem. any of a subgroup of rare-earth metals, of which the cerium and yttrium metals comprise the other two subgroups. * * *
terbium metals
terbium metals n. a series of closely related rare-earth elements, including terbium, gadolinium, europium, and, sometimes, dysprosium * * *
terbium metal n. Any of several rare-earth metals separable from other metals as a group and including europium, terbium, and gadolinium. * * *
Terborch, Gerard
or Gerard ter Borch born 1617, Zwolle, Neth. died Dec. 8, 1681, Deventer Dutch painter. After travels in England, Italy, Westphalia, and Spain, he returned home in 1648 and ...
Ter·borch or Ter Borch (tər-bôrkʹ, -bôrKHʹ), Gerard. 1617-1681. Dutch painter of portraits and genre scenes noted for their subtle light and color, including The Concert ...
Terbrugghen, Hendrik
or Hendrick ter Brugghen born с 1588, Deventer?, Neth. buried Nov. 9, 1629, Utrecht Dutch painter. He reportedly spent 10 years in Italy, and on his return to Utrecht in 1615 ...
/teuhr byooht"l een'/, n. Pharm. a selective beta-adrenergic receptor agonist substance, C12H19NO3, used in the treatment of asthma. [TER- + BUT(YL) + -AL3 + -INE2] * * *
/terrs/, n. Eccles. tierce (def. 3). * * *
/terdd say"rddeuh/, n. an island in the Azores, in the N Atlantic. 153 sq. mi. (395 sq. km). Cap.: Angra do Heroismo. * * *
Terceira Island
▪ island, Portugal Portuguese  Ilha Terceira        island, part of the Portuguese Azores archipelago, in the North Atlantic Ocean. It occupies an area of 153 square ...
/terr"seuhl/, n. Falconry. the male of a hawk, esp. of a gyrfalcon or peregrine. Also, tercelet /terrs"lit/, tiercel. [1350-1400; ME < MF terçuel < VL *tertiolus, equiv. to L ...
/terr'sen ten"euh ree, terr sen"tn er'ee/; esp. Brit. /terr'sen tee"neuh ree/, adj., n., pl. tercentenaries. tricentennial. Also, tercentennial. [1835-45; TER- + CENTENARY] * * *
ter·cen·ten·ni·al (tûr'sĕn-tĕnʹē-əl) n. A tercentenary. adj. Tercentenary. * * *
/terr"sit, terr set"/, n. 1. Pros. a group of three lines rhyming together or connected by rhyme with the adjacent group or groups of three lines. 2. Music. triplet (def. ...
/ter"euh been'/, n. Pharm. a mixture of terpenes that occurs as a colorless liquid, used in medicine chiefly as an expectorant. [1855-60; TEREB(INTH) + -ENE] * * *
/teuh reb"ik, -ree"bik/, adj. Chem. of or derived from terebic acid. Also, terebinic /ter'euh bin"ik/. [1855-60; TEREB(INTH) + -IC] * * *
terebic acid
Chem. an acid, C7H10O4, formed by the oxidation of certain terpenes and historically important in the discovery of the structures of many terpenes. Also, terebinic ...
te·reb·ic acid (tə-rĕbʹĭk, -rēʹbĭk) n. A white crystalline compound, C7H10O4, resulting from the action of nitric acid on oil of turpentine.   [terebinth + -ic.] * * *
/ter"euh binth/, n. a Mediterranean tree, Pistacia terebinthus, of the cashew family, yielding Chian turpentine. [1350-1400; < L terebinthus < Gk terébinthos turpentine tree; r. ...
/ter'euh bin"theuh nayt'/, adj. of, pertaining to, or resembling turpentine. [1670-80; TEREBINTHINE + -ATE1] * * *
/ter'euh bin"thin, -thuyn/, adj. 1. terebinthinate. 2. of or pertaining to the terebinth. [1505-15; TEREBINTH + -INE1] * * *
/teuh ree"doh/, n., pl. teredos, teredines /-reed"n eez'/. a shipworm of the genus Teredo. [1350-1400; ME < L teredo < Gk teredón wood-boring worm] * * *
/teuh ray"feuh, tray"-/, n. Judaism. tref. * * * ▪ Judaism also spelled  terefa,  tref , or  trefa (from Hebrew ṭaraf, “to tear”) , plural  terefoth,  terefot , ...
Terek River
▪ river, Georgia-Russia       river that rises in northern Georgia and flows north and then east through Russia to empty into the Caspian Sea. It is one of the main ...
/ter"euhns/, n. 1. (Publius Terentius Afer) c190-159? B.C., Roman playwright. 2. a male given name: taken from a Roman family name. * * * I orig. Publius Terentius Afer born с ...
Terence Conran
➡ Conran (II) * * *
Terence Rattigan
➡ Rattigan * * *
/teuh reng gah"nooh/, n. Trengganu. * * * ▪ region, Malaysia formerly  Trengganu,         traditional region of northeastern West Malaysia (Malaya), bounded by those ...
/ter'ef thal"ayt, -it, teuh ref"theuh layt'/, n. Chem. a salt or ester of terephthalic acid. [1865-70; TEREPHTHAL(IC ACID) + -ATE2] * * *
terephthalic acid
/ter"ef thal"ik, ter'-/, Chem. a white, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C8H6O2, the para isomer of phthalic acid: used chiefly in the manufacture of resins and textile ...
/teuh ree"seuh, -zeuh, -ray"-/; for 2 also Sp. /te rdde"sah/, n. 1. Mother (Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu), 1910-97, Albanian nun: Nobel peace prize 1979 for work in the slums of ...
Teresa (of Calcutta), Blessed Mother
orig. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu born Aug. 27, 1910, Skopje, Maced., Ottoman Empire died Sept. 5, 1997, Calcutta, India; beatified Oct. 19, 2003 Roman Catholic nun, founder of the ...
Teresa of Ávila, Saint
orig. Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada born March 28, 1515, Ávila, Spain died Oct. 4, 1582, Alba de Tormes; canonized 1622; feast day October 15 Spanish Carmelite nun, mystic, and ...
Teresa, Blessed Mother
▪ Roman Catholic nun in full  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta , also known as  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta , original name  Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu  baptized August 27, ...
Teresa, Mother
▪ 1998       Albanian-born Indian nun (baptized Aug. 27, 1910, Shkup, Albania, Ottoman Empire [now Skopje, Macedonia]—d. Sept. 5, 1997, Calcutta, India), was the ...
Te·re·sa (tə-rēʹsə, -zə, -rāʹ-), Mother. 1910-1997. Albanian-born Indian nun. Dedicated to relieving the suffering of India's desperately poor and dying people, she ...
Teresa,Saint. See Theresa, Saint. * * *
/ter'euhsh koh"veuh/; Russ. /tyi rddyi shkaw"veuh/, n. Valentina Vladimirovna /veuh lyin tyee"neuh vleuh dyi myee"rddeuhv neuh/, born 1937, Soviet cosmonaut: first woman in space ...
Tereshkova, Valentina
▪ Soviet cosmonaut in full  Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova   born March 6, 1937, Maslennikovo, Russia, U.S.S.R.    Soviet cosmonaut, the first woman to travel into ...
Tereshkova, Valentina (Vladimirovna)
born March 6, 1937, Maslennikovo, Russia, U.S.S.R. Russian cosmonaut. An accomplished parachutist, she was accepted for the cosmonaut program in 1961. In 1963 she became the ...
Tereshkova,Valentina Vladmirovna
Te·resh·ko·va (tĕr'ĕ-shkōʹvə, tyĭ-ryĭ-), Valentina Vladmirovna. Born 1937. Soviet cosmonaut who orbited the earth 48 times aboard Vostok 6 in June 1963, thereby ...
/teuh ree"zheuhn/, n. 1. a member of the reformed order of barefooted Carmelites, founded in Spain in 1562. adj. 2. of or pertaining to St. Theresa or the Teresians. [1620-30; ...
/ti rddi zee"nah/, n. a port in NE Brazil, on the Parnahiba River. 388,922. Formerly, Therezina. * * * ▪ Brazil       city, capital of Piauí estado (state), ...
▪ Brazil       city, central Rio de Janeiro estado (state), southwestern Brazil. It lies in the Órgãos Mountains at 2,959 feet (902 metres) above sea level, about 35 ...
/teuh reet", ter"eet/, adj. 1. slender and smooth, with a circular transverse section. 2. cylindrical or slightly tapering. [1610-20; earlier teret < L teret- (s. of teres) ...
/tear"ee euhs, tear"yoohs/, n. Class. Myth. a Thracian prince, the husband of Procne, who raped his sister-in-law Philomela and was changed into a hoopoe as a punishment. * * ...
(1965– ) a Welsh opera singer, a baritone (= a male singer with a voice between tenor and bass), who has sung with opera companies around the world. * * *
Terfel, Bryn
▪ 1998       The recording Something Wonderful, an album of the music of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II as sung by the Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel, won ...
/terr"geuhl/, adj. of or pertaining to the tergum. [1855-60; TERG(UM) + -AL1] * * *
/terr"juyt/, n. the dorsal sclerite of an abdominal segment of an insect. [1880-85; TERG(UM) + -ITE1] * * *
—tergiversation, n. —tergiversator, tergiversant /terr'ji verr"seuhnt/, n. —tergiversatory /terr'ji verr"seuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. /terr"ji veuhr sayt'/, v.i., ...
See tergiversate. * * *
See tergiversation. * * *
/terr"geuhm/, n., pl. terga /-geuh/. Zool. the dorsal surface of a body segment of an arthropod. [1820-30; < L: the back] * * *
/teuhr hyoohn"/, n. Albert Payson /pay"seuhn/, 1872-1942, U.S. novelist and short-story writer. * * *
Terhune, Albert Payson
▪ American author born Dec. 21, 1872, Newark, N.J., U.S. died Feb. 18, 1942, near Pompton Lakes, N.J.  American novelist and short-story writer who became famous for his ...
Terhune, Mary Virginia Hawes
▪ American author née  Mary Virginia Hawes,  pseudonym  Marion Harland   born Dec. 21, 1830, Dennisville, Va., U.S. died June 3, 1922, New York, ...
/ter'euh yah"kee/, n. Japanese Cookery. 1. a dish of grilled slices of beef, chicken, or fish that have been marinated in soy sauce seasoned with sake, ginger, and sugar. adj. 2. ...
Terkel, Studs
orig. Louis Turkel born May 16, 1912, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. radio personality and author. He moved with his family to Chicago when he was eight. Terkel gave up a legal ...
To twist. 1. Possible variant (metathesized) form *twerk-. a. queer, from Middle Low German dwer, oblique; b. thwart, from Old Norse thverr, transverse. Both a and b from ...
—termly, adv. /terrm/, n. 1. a word or group of words designating something, esp. in a particular field, as atom in physics, quietism in theology, adze in carpentry, or ...
term day
a fixed or appointed day, as for the payment of money due; a quarter day. [1250-1300; ME] * * *
term days
➡ quarter days * * *
term insurance
term insurance n. life insurance which expires at the end of a specified period of time * * *
term insurance.
an insurance policy that provides coverage for a limited period, the value payable only if a loss occurs within the term, with nothing payable upon its expiration. [1895-1900] * ...
term life insurance
life insurance for which premiums are paid over a limited time and that covers a specific term, the face value payable only if death occurs within that term. Cf. ordinary life ...
term paper
a long essay, report, or the like, written by a student as an assignment over the course of a term or semester. [1925-30] * * *
term policy
Insurance. a policy whose period of coverage is in excess of one year, usually paying a reduced premium rate, as in fire insurance. [1895-1900] * * *
1. terminal. 2. termination. * * *
—termagantly, adv. /terr"meuh geuhnt/, n. 1. a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman. 2. (cap.) a mythical deity popularly believed in the Middle Ages to be worshiped by the ...
Terman, Frederick Emmons
▪ American engineer born June 7, 1900, English, Indiana, U.S. died December 19, 1982, Palo Alto, California       American electrical engineer known for his ...
Terman, Lewis M(adison)
born Jan. 15, 1877, Johnson county, Ind., U.S. died Dec. 21, 1956, Palo Alto, Calif. U.S. psychologist. After joining the faculty of Stanford University in 1910, he revised the ...
Terman, Lewis Madison
▪ American psychologist born January 15, 1877, Johnson county, Indiana, U.S. died December 21, 1956, Palo Alto, California  American psychologist who published the individual ...
/terr"meuhr/, n. a person who is serving a term, esp. in prison (usually used in combination): a first-termer. [1625-35; TERM + -ER1] * * *
▪ Uzbekistan       city, Uzbekistan, and a port of the Amu Darya (river) on the frontier of Afghanistan. The ancient town of Termez, a little to the north, flourished ...
Termier, Henri-François-Émile
▪ French geologist born Dec. 13, 1897, Lyon, France died Aug. 12, 1989, Gif sur Yvette, France       French geologist known for his studies of the stratigraphy (study ...
Termier, Pierre-Marie
▪ French geologist born July 3, 1859, Lyons, Fr. died Oct. 23, 1930, Grenoble       geologist known for his studies of the Eastern Alps. Termier was a professor at the ...
See terminable. * * *
—terminability, terminableness, n. —terminably, adv. /terr"meuh neuh beuhl/, adj. 1. capable of being terminated. 2. (of an annuity) coming to an end after a certain ...
See terminability. * * *
See terminability. * * *
—terminally, adv. /terr"meuh nl/, adj. 1. situated at or forming the end or extremity of something: a terminal feature of a vista. 2. occurring at or forming the end of a ...
terminal juncture
Phonet. a form of juncture consisting of a change in pitch before a pause, marking the end of an utterance or a break between utterances, as between clauses. Cf. close juncture, ...
terminal leave
the final leave granted to a member of the armed forces just before discharge, equal to the total unused leave accumulated during active service. [1940-45] * * *
terminal market
an organized market in a city into which large quantities of agricultural produce, livestock, etc., are shipped for distribution and sale. [1890-95] * * *
terminal moraine
Geol. a moraine marking the farthest advance of a glacier or ice sheet. [1855-60] * * *
terminal velocity
1. Physics. a. the velocity at which a falling body moves through a medium, as air, when the force of resistance of the medium is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to ...
▪ plant  genus of about 200 species of trees of the family Combretaceae. Some species are commercially important for products such as gums, resins, and tanning extracts. T. ...
See terminal. * * *
—terminative, adj. —terminatively, adv. /terr"meuh nayt'/, v., terminated, terminating. v.t. 1. to bring to an end; put an end to: to terminate a contract. 2. to occur at or ...
terminating decimal
Math. a decimal numeral in which, after a finite number of decimal places, all succeeding place values are 0, as 1/8 = 0.125 (contrasted with nonterminating decimal). Also called ...
—terminational, adj. /terr'meuh nay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of terminating 2. the fact of being terminated. 3. the place or part where anything terminates; bound or limit. 4. an ...
See termination. * * *
ter·mi·na·tive (tûrʹmə-nā'tĭv) adj. Serving, designed, or tending to terminate; conclusive.   terʹmi·na'tive·ly adv. * * *
See terminative. * * *
/terr"meuh nay'teuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that terminates. 2. Astron. the dividing line between the illuminated and the unilluminated part of a satellite or planet, esp. the ...
/terr"meuh neuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. pertaining to or forming the extremity or boundary; terminal; terminating. [1750-60; TERMINATE + -ORY1] * * *
Termini Imerese
▪ Italy Latin  Thermae Himerenses,         town, northern Sicily, Italy, on the Golfo (gulf) di Termini Imerese (an inlet of the Tyrrhenian Sea), southeast of ...
See terminology. * * *
See terminological. * * *
See terminological. * * *
—terminological /terr'meuh nl oj"i keuhl/, adj. —terminologically, adv. —terminologist, n. /terr'meuh nol"euh jee/, n., pl. terminologies. 1. the system of terms belonging ...
Términos Lagoon
▪ lagoon, Mexico Spanish  Laguna de Términos        lagoon in southwestern Campeche state, at the base of the Yucatán Peninsula, eastern Mexico. An inlet of the ...
term insurance n. Insurance providing coverage for losses to the insured during a stated period but becoming void upon its expiration. * * *
/terr"meuh neuhs/, n., pl. termini /-nuy'/, terminuses. 1. the end or extremity of anything. 2. either end of a railroad line. 3. Brit. the station or the town at the end of a ...
terminus a quo
/terdd"mi noos' ah kwoh"/; Eng. /terr"meuh neuhs ay kwoh"/, Latin. the end from which; beginning; starting point; earliest limiting point. * * *
terminus ad quem
/terdd"mi noos' ahd kwem"/; Eng. /terr"meuh neuhs ad kwem"/, Latin. the end to which; aim; goal; final or latest limiting point. * * *
terminusa quo
ter·mi·nus a quo (tĕrʹmĭ-no͝os' ä kwōʹ, tûrʹmə-nəsā) n. 1. A starting point or origin. 2. A first point in time: The terminus a quo for the Middle Ages is often ...
terminusad quem
ter·mi·nus ad quem (tĕrʹmĭ-no͝os' äd kwĕmʹ, tûrʹmə-nəs ăd) n. 1. A goal or finishing point. 2. A final limiting point in time: The date of the author's death was ...
/terr'mi tair"ee euhm/, n., pl. termitaria /-tair"ee euh/. a termites' nest. [1860-65; < NL termit(es), pl. of termes TERMITE + -ARIUM] * * *
/terr"mi ter'ee/, n., pl. termitaries. termitarium. [1900-05; TERMITE + -ARY] * * *
/terr"muyt/, n. any of numerous pale-colored, soft-bodied, chiefly tropical social insects, of the order Isoptera, that feed on wood, some being highly destructive to buildings, ...
/teuhr mit"ik/, adj. of, pertaining to, produced by, or infested with termites. [1880-85; TERMITE + -IC] * * *
/terr"muy ting/, n. the poking of a twig down the opening of a termite's nest, performed by certain chimpanzees to collect termites for food. [TERMITE + -ING1] * * *
/terrm"lis/, adj. 1. not limited; unconditional. 2. boundless; endless. [1530-40; TERM + -LESS] * * *
term limit n. A statutory restriction on the number of terms an official or officeholder may serve. Often used in the plural. * * *
/terr"meuhr/, n. Law. a person who has an estate for a term of years or for life. [1250-1300; TERM + -OR2; r. ME termur < AF termer (see -ER2)] * * *
term paper n. A lengthy piece of written work required of a student on a topic drawn from the subject matter of a course of study. * * *
➡ higher education * * *
Terms designating composition and physical characteristics
▪ Table Terms designating composition and physical characteristics Detrital rocks Rudites (coarse) conglomerates (rounded clasts) breccias (angular clasts)   basal, or ...
terms of trade
      relationship between the prices at which a country sells its exports and the prices paid for its imports. If the prices of a country's exports rise relative to the ...
/terrm"wuyz'/, adv. Math. term by term: The series can be integrated termwise. Two series are added termwise. [1910-15; TERM + -WISE] * * *
tern1 /terrn/, n. any of numerous aquatic birds of the subfamily Sterninae of the family Laridae, related to the gulls but usually having a more slender body and bill, smaller ...
tern foot
Furniture. a foot ending in three scrolls. * * *
/ter"neuh, terr"-/, n. Rom. Cath. Ch. a list of three names submitted to the pope as recommended to fill a vacant bishopric or benefice. [1880-85; short for NL terna nomina three ...
/terr"neuh ree/, adj., n., pl. ternaries. adj. 1. consisting of or involving three; threefold; triple. 2. third in order or rank. 3. based on the number three. 4. Chem. a. ...
ternary form
a musical form in three sections, with the third usually an exact repetition of the first. [1895-1900] * * * ▪ music       in music, a form consisting of three ...
ternary operation
an operation in a mathematical system by which three elements are combined to yield a single result. Cf. binary operation, unary operation. * * *
—ternately, adv. /terr"nit, -nayt/, adj. 1. consisting of three; arranged in threes. 2. Bot. a. consisting of three leaflets, as a compound leaf. b. having leaves arranged in ...
/terdd nah"te/; Eng. /teuhr nah"tee/, n. an island in E Indonesia, W of Halmahera: important source of spices. 53 sq. mi. (137 sq. km). * * *
Ternate Island
▪ island, Indonesia Indonesian  Pulau Ternate        one of the northernmost of a line of Indonesian islands stretching southward along the western coast of the ...
See ternate. * * *
terne (tûrn) n. Terneplate. * * *
terne metal
/terrn/ an alloy of lead and tin used for plating. [see TERNEPLATE] * * *
/terrn"playt'/, n. steel plate coated with terne metal. [1855-60; obs. terne ( < F: dull; see TARNISH) + PLATE1] * * * Steel sheet with a coating of terne metal, an alloy of ...
/terdd"nee/, n. a city in central Italy. 112,534. * * * ▪ Italy       city, capital of Terni provincia, Umbria regione, central Italy. It lies along the Nera River, ...
▪ anthropological and archaeological site, Algeria also called  Tighenif        site of paleoanthropological excavations located about 20 km (12 miles) east of ...
/terr"nee euhn/, n. a set or group of three; triad. [1580-90; < L ternion- (s. of ternio) triad. See TERN2, -ION] * * *
▪ Ukraine Russian  Ternopol,  Polish  Tarnopol        city, western Ukraine. It lies along the upper Seret River, 70 miles (115 km) east of Lviv. Although its date ...
Ter·no·pil' (tĕr-nōʹpēl) or Ter·no·pol (-pəl) A city of western Ukraine west-southwest of Kiev. Founded in 1540, it passed to Austria in 1772 and was held by Poland ...
/teuhr noh"peuhl/; Russ. /tyirdd naw"peuhl/, n. a city in W Ukraine: formerly in Poland. 175,000. Polish, Tarnopol. * * *
▪ Greek musician flourished c. 647 BC, , Lesbos, Asia Minor [Greece]       Greek poet and musician of the Aegean island of Lesbos.       Terpander was ...
—terpeneless, adj. —terpenic /terr pee"nik/, adj. /terr"peen/, n. Chem. 1. (originally) any of a class of monocyclic hydrocarbons of the formula C10H16, obtained from ...
See terpene. * * *
See terpenic. * * *
terpin hydrate
/terr"pin/, Pharm. a white, crystalline powder, C10H20O2·H2O, usually used in combination with codeine, as an expectorant. [1865-70; TERP(ENE) + -IN2] * * *
/terr pin"ee awl', -ol'/, n. Chem. any of several unsaturated, cyclic, tertiary alcohols having the formula C10H18O, occurring in nature in many essential oils or prepared ...
/teuhr pol"euh meuhr/, n. Chem. a polymer consisting of three different monomers, as ABS resin. [1945-50; TER- + POLYMER] * * *

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