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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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—tin-plater, n. /tin"playt'/, v.t., tin-plated, tin-plating. to coat (iron or steel sheet) with tin. [1885-90] * * *
See tin-plate. * * *
/tin"pot"/, adj. inferior; paltry; shoddy. [1765-75; from the believed inferior quality of a tin pot] * * *
/tin"hwuyt", -wuyt"/, adj. white, as the color of tin; bluish-white. [1790-1800; TIN + WHITE] * * *
/tee"neuh/, n. a female given name. * * *
Tina Turner
➡ Turner (V) * * *
/ti nak"tin/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand of tolnaftate. * * *
/tin"euh mooh'/, n. any of several birds of the family Tinamidae, of South and Central America, related to the ratite birds but superficially resembling the gallinaceous ...
/tin"berr geuhn/; Du. /tin"berdd'kheuhn, -kheuh/, n. 1. Jan /yahn/, 1903-94, Dutch economist: Nobel prize 1969. 2. his brother Nikolaas /nik"euh leuhs/; Du. /nee"koh lahs'/, born ...
Tinbergen, Jan
born April 12, 1903, The Hague, Neth. died June 9, 1994, The Netherlands Dutch economist noted for his development of econometric models. For 40 years (1933–73) he taught at ...
Tinbergen, Nikolaas
born April 15, 1907, The Hague, Neth. died Dec. 21, 1988, Oxford, Eng. Dutch-born British zoologist, a founder (with Konrad Lorenz) of the science of ethology. Brother of Jan ...
Tin·ber·gen (tĭnʹbər-gən, -bĕr'KHən), Jan. 1903-1994. Dutch economist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for the application of mathematics and statistical methods to ...
/ting"kahl, -kawl/, n. a former name for crude native borax. [1625-35; < Malay tingkal] * * *
▪ mineral also called  jewelers' borax        a borate mineral, hydrated sodium tetraborate (Na2B4O5(OH)4·3H2O), that is found in nature only as a dull, white, ...
tin can n. 1. A container of tin-coated sheet metal used especially for preserving food. 2. Informal. A naval destroyer. * * *
/tingkt/, v.t. 1. to tinge or tint, as with color. 2. Obs. to imbue. adj. 3. tinged; colored; flavored. n. 4. tint; tinge; coloring. [1425-75 for earlier alchemical sense; ...
tincture. * * *
—tinctorially, adv. /tingk tawr"ee euhl, -tohr"-/, adj. pertaining to coloring or dyeing. [1645-55; < L tinctori(us) of or related to dipping, dyeing (see TINCT, -TORY1) + ...
See tinctorial. * * *
Tinctoris, Johannes
▪ Belgian composer born 1436, Nivelles?, duchy of Brabant [now in Belgium] died October 1511, Nivelles       Flemish music theorist, composer, and author of the ...
/tingk"cheuhr/, n., v., tinctured, tincturing. n. 1. Pharm. a solution of alcohol or of alcohol and water, containing animal, vegetable, or chemical drugs. 2. a slight infusion, ...
/tin"dl/, n. 1. Matthew, c1655-1733, English deist. 2. Also, Tindale, William. See Tyndale, William. * * *
Tin·dal or Tin·dale (tĭnʹdl), William. See Tyndale, William. * * *
Tindale or Tindal [tin′dəl] William alt. sp. of TYNDALE * * *
/tin"deuhr/, n. 1. a highly flammable material or preparation formerly used for catching the spark from a flint and steel struck together for fire or light. 2. any dry substance ...
/tin"deuhr boks'/, n. 1. a box for holding tinder, usually fitted with a flint and steel. 2. a person or thing that is highly excitable, explosive, inflammable, etc.; a potential ...
/tin"deuh ree/, adj. resembling tinder; highly inflammable or inflammatory. [1745-55; TINDER + -Y1] * * *
▪ Algeria       town and Saharan oasis in westernmost Algeria. Rich deposits of iron ore are at Gara Djebilet, 93 miles (150 km) southeast. The town has a large ...
—tined, adj. /tuyn/, n. a sharp, projecting point or prong, as of a fork. Also, esp. Brit., tyne. [bef. 900; late ME tyne, ME tind, OE; c. OHG zint, ON tindr] * * *
tine test
a screening test for tuberculosis in which an instrument having four sharp prongs dipped in tuberculin antigen is pressed into the skin of the forearm. * * *
—tineal, adj. /tin"ee euh/, n. Pathol. any of several skin diseases caused by fungi; ringworm. [1350-1400; ME < ML; L: larva of a moth or beetle that devours books, clothes, ...
tinea barbae
/bahr"bee/, Pathol. See barber's itch. [ < NL: tinea of the beard] * * *
tinea cruris
/kroor"is/, Pathol. See jock itch. [1920-25; < NL: tinea of the leg] * * *
tinea bar·bae (bärʹbē) n. See barber's itch.   [New Latin : Medieval Latin tinea, tinea + Latin barbae, genitive of barba, beard.] * * *
tinea cap·i·tis (kăpʹĭ-tĭs) n. An infection of the scalp caused by fungi of the genera Microsporum or Trichophyton, characterized by itchy, scaly patches and sometimes ...
tinea cor·po·ris (kôrʹpər-ĭs) n. A fungal infection involving areas of the skin not covered by hair, characterized by a pink to red rash and often considerable itching, ...
tinea cru·ris (kro͝orʹĭs) n. See jock itch.   [New Latin : Medieval Latin tinea, tinea + Latin crūris, genitive of crūs, leg.] * * *
See tinea. * * *
tinea ped·is (pĕdʹĭs) n. See athlete's foot.   [New Latin : Medieval Latin tinea, tinea + Latin pedis, genitive of pēs, foot.] * * *
tin ear n. Informal An insensitivity to music or to sounds of a given kind: a writer with a tin ear for dialogue. * * *
See tine. * * *
/tin"ee id/, n. 1. a moth of the family Tineidae, comprising the clothes moths. adj. 2. belonging or pertaining to the family Tineidae. [ < NL Tineidae. See TINEA, -ID2] * * *
tineid moth
▪ insect       any of a group of moths (order Lepidoptera) that includes several economically important clothes-moth species. Tineid moths generally have slender, ...
/tin"foyl'/, n. tin, or an alloy of tin and lead, in the form of a thin sheet, much used as a wrapping for drugs, foods, tobacco, etc. Also called, Brit., silver paper. [1425-75; ...
ting1 /ting/, v.i., v.t. 1. to make or cause to make a high, clear, ringing sound. n. 2. a tinging sound. [1485-95; imit.; see TANG2] ting2 /ting/, n. thing2. [ < Dan, Norw, Sw; ...
/ting/, n. Samuel C(hao) C(hung) /chow choong/, born 1936, U.S. physicist: Nobel prize 1976. * * *
Ting Ling
/ding" ling"/, Wade-Giles. (Chiang Ping-chih) See Ding Ling. * * *
Ting, Samuel C.C.
▪ American physicist in full  Samuel Chad Chung Ting   born Jan. 27, 1936, Ann Arbor, Mich., U.S.    American physicist who shared in the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1976 ...
/ting"euh ling'/, n. a repeated tinkling sound, as of a telephone bell. [1860-65; imit. rhyming compound] * * *
/tinj/, v., tinged, tingeing or tinging, n. v.t. 1. to impart a trace or slight degree of some color to; tint. 2. to impart a slight taste or smell to. n. 3. a slight degree of ...
—tingler, n. —tinglingly, adv. /ting"geuhl/, v., tingled, tingling, n. v.i. 1. to have a sensation of slight prickles, stings, or tremors, as from cold, a sharp blow, ...
See tingle. * * *
/ting"lee/, n. Katherine Augusta Westcott /wes"keuht/, 1847-1929, U.S. theosophist leader. * * *
Tingley, Katherine Augusta Westcott
▪ American theosophist née  Katherine Augusta Westcott  born July 6, 1847, Newbury, Mass., U.S. died July 11, 1929, Visingsö, Swed.  American theosophist (theosophy), a ...
/ting"glee/, adj., tinglier, tingliest. tingling or causing a tingling sensation. [1895-1900; TINGLE + -Y1] * * *
Tingo María
▪ Peru also called  Rupa-Rupa        city, central Peru. The city lies at an elevation of 2,133 feet (650 metres) on the right bank of the Huallaga River. It is ...
Tingsten, Herbert Lars Gustaf
▪ Swedish political scientist born , March 17, 1896, Jarfalla, Sweden died December 26, 1973, Stockholm       Swedish political scientist and journalist known for his ...
▪ rock       pale- to dark-green, very fine-grained igneous rock that may be considered the dike (tabular body injected in fissures) equivalent of phonolite. It contains ...
Tinguely, Jean
born May 22, 1925, Fribourg, Switz. died Aug. 30, 1991, Bern Swiss sculptor and experimental artist. As a student of painting and sculpture in Basel, he showed interest in ...
/tin"hawrn'/, Slang. n. 1. someone, esp. a gambler, who pretends to be important but actually has little money, influence, or skill. adj. 2. cheap and insignificant; small-time: ...
/tin"ee euh/, n. the chief god of the Etruscans, with powers similar to those of Zeus. * * * ▪ Etruscan deity also called  Tin, or Tina,         principal Etruscan ...
Ti·ni·an (tĭn'ē-ănʹ, tē'nē-änʹ) An island of the Northern Marianas in the western Pacific Ocean. The planes that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) ...
▪ dance       popular Philippine folk dance. Its appeal has spread worldwide, and it is generally included in the folk-dance curricula in the schools of many ...
tinily [tī′nə lē] adv. to a tiny degree; minutely * * *
tininess [tī′nē nis] n. the quality or condition of being tiny * * * See tiny. * * *
—tinkerer, n. /ting"keuhr/, n. 1. a mender of pots, kettles, pans, etc., usually an itinerant. 2. an unskillful or clumsy worker; bungler. 3. a person skilled in various minor ...
tinker's cuss
Brit. See tinker's damn (def. 1). [1815-25] * * *
tinker's dam
1. See tinker's damn. 2. (in plumbing) a barrier for retaining molten solder within a certain area until it has cooled. [1875-80] * * *
tinker's damn
1. the least value or merit; nothing or anything at all: It's not worth a tinker's damn. 2. care or give a tinker's damn, to have or feel little or no concern; be unaffected or ...
tinker's weed.
See horse gentian. * * *
tin·ker's damn also tin·ker's dam (tĭngʹkərz) n. Slang The smallest degree or amount: property that is not worth a tinker's damn.   [Probably from the reputation of tinkers ...
Tinker, tailor, …
the first words of an old children’s rhyme. It is usually said when counting things, such as the stones from fruit that has just been eaten, in order to see what the child will ...
▪ bird       any of several species of tiny barbets, which, at 9 cm (3.5 inches), are the smallest of the family Capitonidae (order Piciformes). Tinkerbirds constitute ...
See tinker. * * *
/ting"keuhr toy'/, Trademark. a brand of children's building toy. * * *
a US make of children’s toy which consists of a set of small wooden wheels and coloured wooden sticks which fit together to build models. Tinkertoys were first made in 1914 and ...
Tinkisso River
▪ river, Guinea       river, rising in the southern outliers of the Fouta Djallon mountains of Guinea, northeast of Mamou. It flows 250 miles (400 km) north-northeast ...
/ting"keuhl/, v., tinkled, tinkling, n. v.i. 1. to give forth or make a succession of short, light, ringing sounds, as a small bell. 2. to run one's fingers lightly over a ...
/ting"klee/, adj., tinklier, tinkliest. tinkling or producing a tinkling sound. [1890-95; TINKLE + -Y1] * * *
Tinley Park
/tin"lee/ a town in NE Illinois. 26,171. * * *
Tin·ley Park (tĭnʹlē) A city of northeast Illinois, a residential suburb of Chicago. Population: 37,121. * * *
tin liz·zie (lĭzʹē) n. Slang A dilapidated or cheap car.   [After Tin Lizzie, nickname for the Ford Model T automobile, perhaps from Lizzie, name commonly given to horses, ...
/tin"meuhn/, n., pl. tinmen. a tinsmith. [1605-15; TIN + -MAN] * * *
Tinné, Alexandrine-Pieternella-Françoise
▪ Dutch explorer born October 17, 1835, The Hague, Netherlands died August 1, 1869, near Ghāt, Libya       Dutch explorer best known for her investigations of the ...
/tind/, adj. 1. coated or plated with tin. 2. Chiefly Brit. preserved or packed in a can; canned. [1350-1400; ME; see TIN, -ED2, -ED3] * * *
/tin"euhr/, n. a tinsmith. [1505-15; TIN + -ER1] * * *
/tin"euh ree/, n., pl. tinneries. tinworks. [1760-70; TIN + -ERY] * * *
Tinnevelly senna
/ti nev"euh lee, tin"euh vel'ee/. See under senna (def. 2). [after Tinnevelly (Tirunelveli), town and district in Tamil Nadu state, India] * * *
/tin"ee euhnt/, adj. having a ringing or clinking sound. [1660-70; < L tinnient- (s. of tinniens), prp. of tinnire to ring; prob. of imit. orig.] * * *
See tinny. * * *
See tinnily. * * *
/tin"ing/, n. 1. the act or technique of coating with tin. 2. the act or technique of coating with soft solder. 3. Chiefly Brit. the process, technique, or business of preserving ...
/ti nuy"teuhs, tin"i-/, n. Pathol. a ringing or similar sensation of sound in the ears. [1685-95; < L tinnitus a tinkling, equiv. to tinni(re) to tinkle + -tus suffix of v. ...
—tinnily, adv. —tinniness, n. /tin"ee/, adj., tinnier, tinniest. 1. of or like tin. 2. containing tin. 3. lacking in timbre or resonance; sounding thin or twangy: a tinny ...
Tino Di Camaino
▪ Italian sculptor born 1280/85, Siena, republic of Siena [Italy] died 1337, Naples       Sienese sculptor significant for his numerous sepulchral ...
Tí·nos (tēʹnôs') also Te·nos (tēʹnŏs', -nôs') An island of southeast Greece in the Cyclades Islands east-southeast of Athens. * * * ▪ island, ...
TinPan Alley
Tin Pan Alley (tĭn) n. 1. A district associated with musicians, composers, and publishers of popular music. 2. The publishers and composers of popular music considered as a ...
tin parachute n. Slang An employment agreement that guarantees a severance payment to employees who are dismissed after a company has had a change in ownership.   [tin + golden ...
tin plate n. Thin sheet iron or steel coated with tin to prevent rusting, used especially to make cans and pots. * * * ▪ metallurgy       thin steel sheet with a ...
Applying a coating of tin to thin steel sheet either by dipping in molten metal or by electrolytic deposition (electroplating); almost all tinplate is now produced by the latter ...
tin pyrites n. See stannite. * * *
—tinsellike, adj. /tin"seuhl/, n., adj., v., tinseled, tinseling or (esp. Brit.) tinselled, tinselling. n. 1. a glittering metallic substance, as copper or brass, in thin ...
/tin"seuh lee/, adj. 1. decorated with or abounding in tinsel. 2. cheap and gaudy. [1805-15; TINSEL + -Y1] * * *
/tin"seuhl ree/, n. cheap and pretentious display. [1820-30; TINSEL + -RY] * * *
/tin"seuhl town'/, n. Informal. Hollywood, California, as a center of the movie industry. * * *
Tinsley, Marion
▪ 1996       U.S. world checkers champion, 1955-58 and 1975-92 (b. Feb. 3, 1927—d. April 3, 1995). * * *
/tin"smith'/, n. a person who makes or repairs tinware or items of other light metals. [1805-15; TIN + SMITH] * * *
tinsnips [tin′snips΄] n. snips for cutting sheet metal: see SNIP (n. 4) * * *
/tin"stohn'/, n. Mineral. cassiterite. [1595-1605; TIN + STONE] * * *
▪ India       town, northeastern Assam state, far northeastern India. It is located in the Brahmaputra River valley at a rail junction, about 25 miles (40 km) east of ...
/tint/, n. 1. a color or a variety of a color; hue. 2. a color diluted with white; a color of less than maximum purity, chromo, or saturation. 3. a delicate or pale color. 4. any ...
/tin"tak'/, n. Brit. a short nail made of tin-plated iron. [1830-40; TIN + TACK1] * * *
a ruined castle and a village on the north coast of Cornwall in south-west England. It is supposed to be the place where King Arthur was born and is very popular with tourists. ...
Tintagel Head
/tin taj"euhl/ a cape in SW England, on the W coast of Cornwall. * * *
Tin·tag·el Head (tĭn-tăjʹəl) A promontory in southwest England northwest of Plymouth. The site of the ruins of a 12th century castle, it is said to be the birthplace of ...
tinter1 /tin"teuhr/, n. a person who specializes in applying tints or dyes. [1815-25; TINT + -ER1] tinter2 /tin"teuhr/, n. Western New Eng. seesaw. Also, teenter. [orig. ...
Tintern Abbey
a beautiful ruined abbey by the River Wye, near the border between England and Wales. It was originally built in the 12th century. It has been painted by many artists, including ...
▪ cartoon character       cartoon character, an intrepid young investigative reporter who stars in a series of popular Belgian comic book albums. Accompanied by his ...
/tin'ti nab"yeuh leuhr/, adj. of or pertaining to bells or bell ringing. Also, tintinnabulary /tin'ti nab"yeuh ler'ee/, tintinnabulous. [1760-70; < L tintinnabul(um) bell ...
tintinnabulary [tin΄ti nab′yo͞olərtin΄ti nab′yo͞o ler΄ē] adj. 〚< L tintinnabulum, little bell, dim. of tintinnare, to jingle, ring < tinnire, to jingle + -ARY〛 of ...
/tin'ti nab'yeuh lay"sheuhn/, n. the ringing or sound of bells. [1825-35, Amer.; < L tintinnabul(um) bell (see TINTINNABULAR) + -ATION] * * *
tin·tin·nab·u·lum (tĭn'tĭ-năbʹyə-ləm) n. pl. tin·tin·nab·u·la (-lə) A small, tinkling bell.   [Middle English, from Latin tintinnābulum, from tintinnāre, to ...
      any protozoan of the ciliate order Tintinnida, characteristically conical or trumpet-shaped. Although most are marine, some forms are found in fresh and brackish ...
—tintlessness, n. /tint"lis/, adj. without tint or tints; colorless. [1780-90; TINT + -LESS] * * *
—tintometric /tin'teuh me"trik/, adj. —tintometry, n. /tin tom"i teuhr/, n. a precision instrument for comparing tints or colors with those used as arbitrary ...
/tin'teuh ret"oh/; It. /teen'taw rddet"taw/, n. Il /eel/, (Jacopo Robusti), 1518-94, Venetian painter. * * * orig. Jacopo Robusti born с 1518, Venice, Republic of Venice died ...
/tin"tuyp'/, n. 1. Photog. ferrotype (def. 2). 2. not on your tintype, Slang. absolutely not: Ask her again? Not on your tintype! [1860-65, Amer.; TIN + -TYPE] * * * ▪ ...
/tin"wair'/, n. articles made of tin plate. [1750-60; TIN + WARE1] * * *       utilitarian and decorative objects made of tinplate and, more rarely, of pure tin. Tin was ...
/tin"werrk'/, n. 1. something made of tin. 2. such things collectively. [1490-1500; TIN + WORK] * * *
/tin"werrks'/, n., pl. tinworks. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) an establishment for the mining or processing of tin or for the making of tinware. [1425-75; late ME; see TIN, ...
—tinily, adv. —tininess, n. /tuy"nee/, adj., tinier, tiniest. very small; minute; wee. [1590-1600; late ME tine very small ( < ?) + -Y1] Syn. little, diminutive, teeny. * * *
Tiny Tim
a character in the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He is a disabled little boy, the son of Bob Cratchit who works for Scrooge. Tiny Tim speaks the famous last words ...
▪ county, New York, United States       county, southern New York state, U.S., bordered by Pennsylvania to the south. It consists of a hilly upland region drained ...
Tioga Pass
▪ mountain roadway, California, United States  highest (9,945 feet [3,031 metres]) roadway across the Sierra Nevada, central California, U.S. Originally the pass served the ...
Tioman Island
▪ island, Malaysia Malay  Pulau Tioman , Tioman also spelled  Tiuman        island in the South China Sea, about 40 miles (65 km) off Kuala Rompin, Peninsular ...
(1894–1979) a US composer of film music. He was born in Russia and moved to the US in 1925. He won Oscars for High Noon, The High and the Mighty (1954) and The Old Man and the ...
▪ people also called  Tobacco Nation, or Tobacco Indians,         Iroquoian-speaking Indians formerly living in the mountains south of Nottawasaga Bay, in what are ...
tip1 —tipless, adj. /tip/, n., v., tipped, tipping. n. 1. a slender or pointed end or extremity, esp. of anything long or tapered: the tips of the fingers. 2. the top, summit, ...
tip cart
tip cart n. a cart with a body that can be tipped for dumping its contents * * *
tip sheet
a publication containing the latest information, tips on betting or investing, and predictions for a particular business, stock-market conditions, horse racing results, etc. * * *
▪ game also called  One-a-cat,         outdoor game dating back at least to the 17th century and introduced to North America and elsewhere by English colonists. The ...
tip-in1 /tip"in'/, n. Basketball. tap-in. tip-in2 /tip"in'/, n. tip1 (def. 4). * * *
/tip"awf', -of'/, n. Informal. 1. the act of tipping off. 2. a hint or warning: They got a tip-off on the raid. [1910-15; n. use of v. phrase tip off] * * *
/tip"on', -awn'/, n. tip1 (def. 4). * * *
tip-up table
/tip"up'/ a pedestal table having a top folding downward in two leaves. [tip-up, adj. use of v. phrase tip up] * * *
▪ Algeria also spelled  Tipaza   village, northern Algeria, noted for its ruins. It is located on the Mediterranean coast 42 miles (68 km) west of Algiers. It was a ...
/tip"berrn'/, n. Plant Pathol. a disease of lettuce, potatoes, and other plants, characterized by browning of the tips and edges of the leaves, resulting from any of several ...
/tip"kahrt'/, n. a cart with a body that can be tipped or tilted to empty it of its contents. [1875-80; TIP2 + CART] * * *
/tip"kat'/, n. 1. a game in which a short piece of wood, tapered at both ends, is struck lightly at one end with a bat, causing the wood to spring into the air so that it can be ...
/tee"pee/, n., pl. tipis. tepee. * * *
▪ Buddhist canon (Pāli: “Triple Basket”),Sanskrit  Tripiṭaka,         the total canon of the southern schools of Buddhism, somewhat pejoratively dubbed ...
tipof the iceberg
tip of the iceberg n. pl. tips of the iceberg A small evident part or aspect of something largely hidden: afraid that these few reported cases of the disease might only be the ...
/tip"awf', -of'/, n. Basketball. a jump ball that begins each period. [1910-15; TIP4 + (KICK)OFF] * * *
n [U] a liquid used for painting over written or typed mistakes on paper. It dries quickly and the correction can then be written or typed over it. ► Tipp-Ex v [T] to remove a ...
/tip'ee keuh nooh"/, n. a river in N Indiana, flowing SW to the Wabash: battle 1811. 200 mi. (320 km) long. * * *
Tippecanoe River
▪ river, Indiana, United States       river rising in Tippecanoe Lake in Kosciusko county, northern Indiana, U.S. The river flows 166 miles (267 km) generally southwest ...
Tippecanoe, Battle of
(Nov. 7, 1811) Victory by U.S. troops over the Shawnee. Gen. William H. Harrison led a U.S. force in pursuit of the Shawnee to destroy an intertribal alliance promoted by ...
/ti pee"/, n. a person who receives a tip, as of money or information. [1895-1900; TIPP(ER) + -EE] * * *
/tip"euhr/, n. a person or thing that tips: The waiters liked him for being a big tipper. [1810-20; TIP3 + -ER1] * * *
/tip'euh rair"ee/, n. 1. a county in Munster province, in the S Republic of Ireland. 135,204; 1643 sq. mi. (4255 sq. km). Co. seat: Clonmel. 2. a town in this county. 4592. * * ...
/tip"it/, n. 1. a scarf, usually of fur or wool, for covering the neck, or the neck and shoulders, and usually having ends hanging down in front. Cf. stole2 (def. 2). 2. Eccles. ...
/tip"it/, n. Sir Michael (Kemp), 1905-98, British composer. * * *
Tippett, Sir Michael
▪ British composer in full  Michael Kemp Tippett  born Jan. 2, 1905, London, Eng. died Jan. 8, 1998, London  one of the leading English composers of the 20th ...
Tippett, Sir Michael (Kemp)
born Jan. 2, 1905, London, Eng. died Jan. 8, 1998, London British composer. Tippett studied composition (1923–28) at the Royal College of Music. His early music was ...
Tippett, Sir Michael Kemp
▪ 1999       British composer (b. Jan. 2, 1905, London, Eng.—d. Jan. 8, 1998, London), created a unique musical idiom with works over a long career that fused many ...
tipple1 /tip"euhl/, v., tippled, tippling, n. v.i. 1. to drink intoxicating liquor, esp. habitually or to some excess. v.t. 2. to drink (intoxicating liquor), esp. repeatedly, in ...
tippler1 /tip"leuhr/, n. a person who tipples intoxicating liquor. [1350-1400; ME; see TIPPLE1, -ER1] tippler2 /tip"leuhr/, n. a person who works at a tipple, esp. at a ...
Tip·poo Sa·hib (tĭpʹo͞o säʹĭb, -ēb, -hĭb) See Tipu Sahib. * * *
Tippu Sultan
▪ sultan of Mysore also spelled  Tipu Sultan,  also called  Tippu Sahib, or Fateh Ali Tipu,  byname  Tiger Of Mysore  born 1749, –53?, Devanhalli, India died May 4, ...
Tippu Tib
▪ Arab trader also called  Muhammed Bin Hamid   born 1837 died June 14, 1905, Zanzibar [now in Tanzania]       the most famous late 19th-century Arab trader in ...
/tip"ee/, adj., tippier, tippiest. (of an object) liable to tip over. [1885-90; TIP2 + -Y1] * * *
tippy-toe or tippytoe [tip′ē tō΄] n., adj., adv. informal var. of TIPTOE vi. tippy-toed, tippy-toeing * * *
/tip"ee toh'/, n., v.i., tippytoed, tippytoeing, adj., adv. Informal. tiptoe. Also, tippy-toe. [1935-40; by alter.] * * *
☆ tipsheet [tip′shēt΄ ] n. a publication providing up-to-date information and tips for use as in betting on horse races or investing in stocks * * *
See tipsy. * * *
See tipsily. * * *
/tip"staf', -stahf'/, n., pl. tipstaves /-stayvz'/, tipstaffs. 1. an attendant or crier in a court of law. 2. a staff tipped with metal, formerly carried as a badge of office, as ...
/tip"steuhr/, n. a person who makes a business of furnishing tips, as for betting or speculation. [1860-65; TIP3 + -STER] * * *
—tipsily, adv. —tipsiness, n. /tip"see/, adj., tipsier, tipsiest. 1. slightly intoxicated or drunk. 2. characterized by or due to intoxication: a tipsy lurch. 3. tipping, ...
/tip"toh'/, n., v., tiptoed, tiptoeing, adj., adv. n. 1. the tip or end of a toe. 2. on tiptoe, a. on the tips of one's toes. b. expectant; eager: With Christmas coming, the ...
n. /tip"top'/; adj. /tip"top", -top'/; adv. /tip"top"/, n. 1. the extreme top or summit. 2. Informal. the highest point or degree: the very tiptop of physical condition. 3. ...
/tee"pooh/, n. a South American tree, Tipuana tipu, having pinnate leaves and showy, golden-yellow flowers, cultivated in warm climates as an ornamental. [ < NL, perh. < Pg; ...
Tipu Sahib
/tip"ooh sah"ib, -eeb/ 1750-99, sultan of Mysore 1782-99. * * *
Ti·pu Sa·hib (tēʹpo͞o säʹĭb, -ēb, -hĭb) or Tip·poo Sahib (tĭpʹo͞o), 1750?-1799. Sultan of Mysore (1782-1799) who resisted the increasing British military influence ...
/tuy"rayd, tuy rayd"/, n. 1. a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation: a tirade against smoking. 2. a long, vehement speech: a tirade in the Senate. 3. a passage ...
Tiradentes Conspiracy
▪ Brazilian history       (1789), plot organized in the captaincy of Minas Gerais, Brazil, against the Portuguese colonial regime by the Brazilian patriot Joaquim José ...
/tee rddannzh"/, n., pl. tirages /-rddannzh"/. French. 1. the withdrawing of wine from a barrel, as for testing or tasting. 2. a drawing, as in a lottery. * * *
▪ mountainous region, Pakistan       mountainous tract in west-central North-West Frontier province, Pakistan. It lies on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border between the ...
/tir'euh mee"sooh, -mee sooh"/, n. an Italian dessert with coffee and liquor-soaked layers of sponge cake alternating with mascarpone cheese and chocolate. Also, tiramisù. [ < ...
/ti rahn"/, n. 1. Strait of, a navigable waterway between the N Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. 2. an island in this strait, belonging to Saudi Arabia. * * *
Tirana [ti rä′nə] capital of Albania, in the central part: pop. 251,000: also written Tiranë * * * ▪ Albania Albanian  Tiranë    city, capital of Albania. It lies ...
/ti rah"neuh/; Albanian. /tee rddah"neuh/, n. a city in and the capital of Albania, in the central part. 192,300. Italian, Tirana /tee rddah"nah/. * * * or Tirana City (pop., ...
/ti ras"peuhl/; Russ. /tyi rddah"speuhl/, n. a city in E Moldavia (Moldova), NW of Odessa. 158,000. * * * ▪ Moldova       city, eastern Moldova. It lies along the ...
tire1 /tuyeur/, v., tired, tiring, n. v.t. 1. to reduce or exhaust the strength of, as by exertion; make weary; fatigue: The long walk tired him. 2. to exhaust the interest, ...
tire chain
a chain fitting over the tire of a car, truck, or other vehicle, to increase traction and prevent skidding on roads covered with ice or snow. Also called skid chain. * * *
tire iron
a short length of steel with one end flattened to form a blade, used as a crowbar for removing tires from wheel rims. [1850-55] * * *
tired1 /tuyeurd/, adj. 1. exhausted, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy: a tired runner. 2. weary or bored (usually fol. by of): tired of the same food every day. 3. hackneyed; ...
See tired. * * *
See tiredly. * * *
tire iron n. A metal bar having one end shaped like a chisel and often the other in the form of a socket wrench, used for changing tires on metal rims. * * *
—tirelessly, adv. —tirelessness, n. /tuyeur"lis/, adj. untiring; indefatigable: a tireless worker. [1585-95; TIRE1 + -LESS] Syn. unwearied, industrious, hardworking, ...
See tireless. * * *
See tirelessly. * * *
/tuy ree"see euhs/, n. Class. Myth. a blind prophet, usually said to have been blinded because he saw Athena bathing, and then to have been awarded the gift of prophecy as a ...
—tiresomely, adv. —tiresomeness, n. /tuyeur"seuhm/, adj. 1. causing or liable to cause a person to tire; wearisome: a tiresome job. 2. annoying or vexatious. [1490-1500; ...
See tiresome. * * *
See tiresomely. * * *
/tuyeur"woom'euhn/, n., pl. tirewomen. Archaic. a lady's maid. [1605-15; TIRE3 + -WOMAN] * * *
Tîr·gu-Mu·reş (tîr'go͝o-mo͝orʹĕsh) A city of north-central Romania east-southeast of Cluj-Napoca. It was ceded to Romania by Hungary in 1918. Population: 165,502. * * *
Tîr·gu-Mu·reş (tîr'go͝o-mo͝orʹĕsh) A city of north-central Romania east-southeast of Cluj-Napoca. It was ceded to Romania by Hungary in 1918. Population: 165,502. * * *
Tirich Mir
/tee"rich mear"/ a mountain in N Pakistan, on the border of Afghanistan: highest peak of the Hindu Kush Mountains. 25,230 ft. (7690 m). * * * ▪ mountain peak, ...
Ti·rich Mir (tîr'ĭch mîrʹ) A mountain, 7,695.2 m (25,230 ft) high, of the Hindu Kush in northern Pakistan. It is the highest elevation in the range. * * *
Tiridates II
▪ king of Parthia flourished 1st century BC       Arsacid prince of the Parthian Empire who revolted against King Phraates IV and drove him into exile (32 BC) among ...
Tiridates III
▪ king of Parthia flourished 1st century AD       grandson of the Parthian king Phraates IV and an unsuccessful contender for the Parthian throne. He was captured by ...
tiring room
Archaic. a dressing room, esp. in a theater. [1615-25; aph. var. of ATTIRING ROOM] * * *
/terrl/, Scot. n. 1. a wheel, cam, or any revolving mechanism or piece of machinery. 2. an allotted time for action that comes in rotation to each member of a group; ...
Tirmidhī, at-
▪ Muslim scholar in full Abū ʿĪsā Muḥammad ibn ʿĪsā ibn Sawrah ibn Shaddād at-Tirmidhī died c. 892       Arab scholar and author of one of the six canonical ...
/tuy"roh/, n., pl. tiros. tyro. * * *
/ti rohl", tuy-, tuy"rohl/; Ger. /tee rddohl"/, n. Tyrol. * * * or Tyrol State (pop., 2001: 673,504), western Austria. Covering 4,883 sq mi (12,647 sq km), it consists of ...
Tirol avalanches of 1916
      series of massive avalanches (avalanche) in December 1916 that killed as many as 10,000 troops in the mountainous Tirol region, an area now occupying the northern ...
/ti roh"lee euhn, tuy-/, adj., n. Tyrolean. * * *
/tir'euh leez", -lees", tuy'reuh-/, adj., n., pl. Tirolese. Tyrolese. * * *
/tuy"rohs/, n. U.S. Aerospace. one of a series of satellites for transmitting television pictures of the earth's cloud cover. [t(elevision) i(nfra)r(ed) o(bservational) ...
/tirdd"pits/, n. Alfred von /ahl"frddayt feuhn/, 1849-1930, German admiral and statesman. * * *
Tirpitz, Alfred von
born March 19, 1849, Küstrin, Prussia died March 6, 1930, Ebenhausen, near Munich, Ger. German naval commander. The son of a Prussian civil servant, he enlisted in the ...
/terr"euh vee'/, n. Scot. a tantrum. [1805-15; orig. uncert.] * * *
Tirso de Molina
/teerdd"saw dhe maw lee"nah/, (Gabriel Téllez) 1571?-1648, Spanish dramatist. * * * orig. Gabriel Téllez born March 9?, 1584, Madrid, Spain died March 12, 1648, ...
Tirsode Molina
Tir·so de Mo·li·na (tîrʹsō dā mə-lēʹnə, thĕ mō-lēʹnä), Pen name of Gabriel Téllez. 1584?-1648. Spanish playwright whose popular works include The Seducer of ...
In Hinduism, a holy river, mountain, or other place made sacred through association with a deity or saint. Such sites are often the destination of pilgrims and the venue for ...
/tir tung"keuhr euh/, n. Jainism. one of 24 persons who have attained personal immortality through enlightenment. [ < Skt tirthankara lit., passage-making] * * * or Jina In ...
Ti·ruch·chi·rap·pal·li (tîr'ə-chə-räʹpə-lē) A city of southeast India south-southwest of the Madras River. It is the site of a famous shrine to the Hindu god Shiva. ...
Tiruchelvam, Neelan
▪ 2000       Sri Lankan lawyer and politician who was a reform-minded member of parliament for the moderate Tamil United Liberation Front, a Harvard ...
/tir'oo chi rop"euh lee/, n. a city in central Tamil Nadu, in S India, on the Cauvery River. 306,247. Also, Tiruchchirappalli. Formerly, Trichinopoly. * * *
▪ work by Tiruvalluvar Tamil“Sacred Couplets”also spelled  Tirukural  or  Thirukkural , also called  Kural        the most celebrated of the ...
/tear'oo nel"veuh lee/, n. a city in S Tamil Nadu, in S India. 108,498. * * * ▪ India also called  Tinnevelly        city, southern Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nādu) state, ...
▪ India       city, southeastern Andhra Pradesh state, southern India. It lies about 67 miles (108 km) northwest of Chennai (Madras) in the Palkonda Hills. Tirupati ...
▪ India       city, western Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nādu) state, south-central India, on the Noyil River. It is an active cotton-ginning and distribution centre with rail ...
▪ Indian poet also spelled  Thiruvalluvar , also called  Valluvar  flourished c. 1st century BC or 6th century AD, India       Tamil poet-saint known as the author ...
/tir"inz/, n. an ancient city in Greece, in Peloponnesus: destroyed in 486 B.C. by the Argives; excavated ruins include Cyclopean walls forming part of a great fortress. * * ...
Ti·sa (tēʹsə) See Tisza. * * *
/ti zan", -zahn"/; Fr. /tee zannn"/, n., pl. tisanes /-zanz", -zahnz"/; Fr. /-zannn"/. 1. (italics) French. aromatic or herb-flavored tea. 2. Obs. a ptisan. [1930-35; < F] * * *
Tisch, Harry
▪ 1996       East German chairman of the Free German Trade Union Federation, 1975-89, and the first member of the East German Politboro to be tried for corruption in ...
Tisch, Laurence Alan
▪ 2004 “Larry”        American entrepreneur, investor, and media executive (b. March 5, 1923, Brooklyn, N.Y.—d. Nov. 15, 2003, New York, N.Y.), bought the Loews ...
Tisch, Preston Robert
▪ 2006       American financier and philanthropist (b. April 29, 1926, Brooklyn, N.Y.—d. Nov. 15, 2005, New York, N.Y.), owned, with his brother, the Loews Hotel chain ...
Tischbein, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm
▪ German painter born Feb. 15, 1751, Haina, Hesse [Germany] died June 26, 1829, Eutin, Oldenburg  German portraitist and friend of the writer J.W. von Goethe (Goethe, Johann ...
/tish"euhn dawrddf'/, n. Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin von /loh"beuh gawt' frddee"drddikh kawn'stahn teen" feuhn/, 1815-74, German Biblical critic. * * *
Tischendorf, Konstantin von
▪ German scholar in full  Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin Von Tischendorf   born Jan. 18, 1815, Lengefeld, Saxony [Germany] died Dec. 7, 1874, Leipzig       German ...
/tee say"lee oos'/, n. Arne /ahrdd"neuh/, 1902-71, Swedish biochemist: Nobel prize 1948. * * *
Tiselius, Arne
▪ Swedish biochemist in full  Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Tiselius   born Aug. 10, 1902, Stockholm, Sweden died Oct. 29, 1971, Uppsala  Swedish biochemist who won the Nobel Prize ...
Tisha be-Av
▪ Jewish fast English  Ninth of Av        in Judaism, traditional day of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Temples. According to the Talmud, other ...
Tishah b'Ab
Tishah b'Ab [tē shä′ bə äb′, tish′ə böb΄] n. 〚Heb tisha beab, ninth (day) of Ab〛 a Jewish fast day commemorating the destruction of the Temple, observed on the ...
Tishah b'Av
Seph. Heb. /tee shah" beuh ahv"/; Ashk. Heb. /tish"euh bawv'/ a Jewish fast day observed on the ninth day of the month of Av in memory of the destruction in Jerusalem of the ...
/tish"ree, -ray/, n. the first month of the Jewish calendar. Cf. Jewish calendar. [ < Heb tishri] * * *
Ancient Iranian god identified with the star Sirius. His principal myth involves a battle with a demonic star named Apausha over rainfall and water. As one of the stars that ...
/ti sif"euh nee'/, n. Class. Myth. one of the Furies. * * *
/tee"soh/, n. Josef /yaw"sef/, 1887-1947, Slovak Roman Catholic clergyman and politician. * * *
Tiso, Jozef
▪ Slovak priest and statesman born Oct. 13, 1887, Velká Bytča, Austria-Hungary [now in Slovakia] died April 18, 1947, Bratislava, Czech.       Slovak priest and ...
/ti skwon"teuhm/, n. Squanto. * * *
▪ Persian satrap Old Persian  Chithrafarna   died 395 BC, Colossae, Phrygia [now in Turkey]       Persian satrap (governor) who played a leading part in Persia's ...
Tisserand, Félix
▪ French astronomer in full  François-félix Tisserand   born Jan. 13, 1845, Nuits-St.-Georges, Côte-d'Or, Fr. died Oct. 20, 1896, Paris       French astronomer ...
/tee soh"/, n. James Joseph Jacques /zhannm zhaw zef" zhahk, zhaymz/, 1836-1902, French painter. * * *
Tissot, James
▪ French artist in full  James-joseph-jacques Tissot   born Oct. 15, 1836, Nantes, Fr. died Aug. 8, 1902, Buillon Abbey, near Besançon       French painter, ...
—tissual, adj. —tissuey, adj. /tish"ooh/ or, esp. Brit., /tis"yooh/, n., v., tissued, tissuing. n. 1. Biol. an aggregate of similar cells and cell products forming a definite ...
Tissue Affected by Phosphoinositide Second
▪ Table Tissue affected by phosphoinositide second-messenger system extracellular signal target tissue cellular response acetylcholine pancreas pancreas (islet cells) ...
tissue culture
1. the technique of cultivating living tissue in a prepared medium outside the body. 2. the tissue so cultivated. [1920-25] * * * Biological research method in which tissue ...

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