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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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/truy goh"neuhm/, n., pl. trigona /-neuh/. Anat. trigone. [1720-30; < L trigonum triangle. See TRIGON] * * *
/truy"gram/, n. a sequence of three adjacent letters or symbols. [1600-10; TRI- + -GRAM1] * * *
See trigram. * * *
See trigrammatic. * * *
—trigraphic /truy graf"ik/, adj. /truy"graf, -grahf/, n. a group of three letters representing a single speech sound, as eau in beau. [1830-40; TRI- + -GRAPH] * * *
tri·graph·ic (trī-grăfʹĭk) adj. 1. Of, relating to, or being a trigraph. 2. Of, relating to, or being a substitution or procedure by groups of three characters or elements ...
See trigraphic. * * *
trihalomethane [trī hal΄ə meth′ān΄] n. any of a family of organic chemical compounds, including chloroform, that form as when water supplies are chlorinated * * ...
/truy hee"dreuhl/, adj. Geom. 1. having, or formed by, three planes meeting in a point: a trihedral angle. n. 2. a trihedron. [1780-90; TRI- + -HEDRAL] * * *
/truy hee"dreuhn/, n., pl. trihedrons, trihedra /-dreuh/. Geom. the figure determined by three planes meeting in a point. Also, trihedral. [1820-30; TRI- + -HEDRON] * * *
tri·hy·brid (trī-hīʹbrĭd) n. The hybrid of parents that differ at only three gene loci, for which each parent is homozygous. * * *
—trihydrated, adj. /truy huy"drayt/, n. Chem. a hydrate that contains three molecules of water, as potassium pyrophosphate, K4P2O7·3H2O. [1850-55; TRI- + HYDRATE] * * *
/truy huy"drik/, adj. Chem. (esp. of alcohols and phenols) trihydroxy. [1865-70; TRI- + -HYDRIC] * * *
/truy'huy drok"see/, adj. Chem. containing three hydroxyl groups. [1900-05; TRI- + hydroxy, independent use of HYDROXY-] * * *
/truy'uy oh'doh meth"ayn, -uy od'oh-/, n. Chem. iodoform. [TRI- + IODO- + METHANE] * * *
/truy'uy oh'doh thuy"reuh neen', -uy od'oh-/, n. 1. Biochem. a thyroid hormone, C15H12I3NO4, similar to thyroxine but several times more potent. 2. Pharm. a preparation of this ...
/truy"jet'/, n. an airplane powered by three jet engines. [1965-70; TRI- + JET1] * * *
/truy"joo gayt', truy jooh"git, -gayt/, adj. Bot. having three pairs of leaflets. Also, trijugous /truy"joo geuhs, truy jooh"-/. [1875-80; TRI- + JUGATE] * * *
In Mahayana Buddhism, the concept of the three bodies, or modes of being, of the Buddha: the dharmakaya ("body of essence"), the unmanifested mode; the sambhogakaya ("body of ...
/truyk/, n. Informal. tricycle. [by shortening and alter.; see BIKE1] * * *
/trddi kaw"rddah/, n. a mountain in central Irian Jaya, in Indonesia, in the Jajawijaja Range. 15,584 ft. (4750 m). Formerly, Mount Wilhelmina. * * *
Trikoúpis, Kharílaos
▪ Greek statesman born July 23, 1832, Návplion, Greece died April 11, 1896, Cannes, Fr.       statesman who sought with limited success to foster broad-scale national ...
/tril"euh fon'/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand of perphenazine. * * *
—trilaterality, n. —trilaterally, adv. /truy lat"euhr euhl/, adj. having three sides. [1650-60; < L trilater(us) three-sided + -AL1. See TRI-, LATERAL] * * *
Trilateral Commission
▪ international organization       private organization founded in 1973 by American banker David Rockefeller (Rockefeller, David) to confront the challenges posed by ...
tri·lat·er·al·ism (trī-lătʹər-ə-lĭz'əm) n. 1. The practice of engaging in three-party relations, agreements, or negotiations. 2. The political and economic policy of ...
See trilateralism. * * *
See trilateral. * * *
/truy lat"euh ray"sheuhn/, n. Survey. a method of determining the relative positions of three or more points by treating these points as vertices of a triangle or triangles of ...
/tril"bee/, n., pl. trilbies. Chiefly Brit. a hat of soft felt with an indented crown. Also called trilby hat. [1895-1900; short for Trilby hat, after the hat worn by a character ...
/truy lem"euh/, n. 1. a situation, analogous to a dilemma, in which there are three almost equally undesirable alternatives: His trilemma consisted in not knowing whether to ...
/truy lin"ee euhr/, adj. of, pertaining to, or bounded by three lines. [1705-15; TRI- + LINEAR] * * *
—trilingualism, n. —trilingually, adv. /truy ling"gweuhl/ or, Can., /-ling"gyooh euhl/, adj. using, speaking, or involving three languages. [1825-35; < L trilingu(is) ...
See trilingual. * * *
/truy lit"euhr euhl/, adj. 1. using or consisting of three letters. 2. (of Semitic roots) consisting of three consonants. n. 3. a triliteral word or root. [1745-55; TRI- + ...
/truy lit"euhr euh liz'euhm/, n. the characteristic presence of triliteral roots in a language, as in the Semitic languages. [1835-45; TRILITERAL + -ISM] * * *
/truy lith"on, truy"leuh thon"/, n. a prehistoric structure consisting of two upright stones supporting a horizontal stone. Also, trilith /truy"lith/. [1730-40; < Gk trílithon, ...
trill1 /tril/, v.t. 1. to sing or play with a vibratory or quavering effect. 2. Phonet. to produce (a sound) with a trill. 3. (of birds, insects, etc.) to sing or utter in a ...
/tril"ing/, n. Lionel, 1905-75, U.S. critic and author. * * *
Trilling, Diana Rubin
▪ 1997       U.S. writer (b. July 21, 1905, New York, N.Y.—d. Oct. 23, 1996, New York), was one of the last members of the circle of writers and critics in the 1930s ...
Trilling, Lionel
born July 4, 1905, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 5, 1975, New York, N.Y. U.S. literary critic and teacher. He taught at Columbia University from 1931 until his death. His ...
Trilling, Ossia
▪ 1995       Polish-born theatre critic (b. Sept. 22, 1913, Bialystok, Russian Empire [now Poland]—d. Sept. 13, 1994, London, England), as a London-based correspondent ...
Tril·ling (trĭlʹĭng), Lionel. 1905-1975. American literary critic whose works include Beyond Culture (1965) and Sincerity and Authenticity (1972). * * *
—trillionth, n., adj. /tril"yeuhn/, n., pl. trillions, (as after a numeral) trillion, adj. n. 1. a cardinal number represented in the U.S. by 1 followed by 12 zeros, and in ...
trillionth [tril′yənth] adj. 1. coming last in a series of a trillion 2. designating any of the trillion equal parts of something n. 1. the last in a series of a trillion 2. ...
/tril"ee euhm/, n. any of several plants belonging to the genus Trillium, of the lily family, having a whorl of three leaves from the center of which rises a solitary, ...
/truy loh"bayt, truy"leuh bayt'/, adj. having three lobes. Also, trilobated. [1765-75; TRI- + LOBATE] * * *
/truy"lohbd'/, adj. trilobate. [1820-30; TRI- + LOBED] * * *
—trilobitic /truy'leuh bit"ik/, adj. /truy"leuh buyt'/, n. any marine arthropod of the extinct class Trilobita, from the Paleozoic Era, having a flattened, oval body varying in ...
See trilobite. * * *
/truy lok"yeuh leuhr/, adj. Bot., Zool. having three loculi, chambers, or cells. [1745-55; TRI- + LOCULAR] * * *
/tril"euh jee/, n., pl. trilogies. 1. a series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the ...
—trimly, adv. —trimness, n. /trim/, v., trimmed, trimming, n., adj., trimmer, trimmest, adv. v.t. 1. to put into a neat or orderly condition by clipping, paring, pruning, ...
trim die
Metalworking. a die for trimming flash from a casting, forging, or stamping. Also, trimming die. * * *
trim rail
Theat. the lower row of pins or cleats on a pin rail, used for tying off or fastening lines after lowering scenery into position. Also called tie-off rail. * * *
trim size
the final size of a product after its unnecessary parts have been cut off or removed: The trim size of the book in 61/2 inches by 9 inches. [1925-30] * * *
trim tab
Aeron. an independently controlled tab set in the trailing edge of a control surface, as an elevator, aileron, or rudder, to hold it in a position suitable for stabilizing the ...
/truy"meuh ran'/, n. a vessel similar to a catamaran but having three separate hulls. [1950-55; TRI- + (CATA)MARAN] * * *       three-hulled variant of the catamaran ...
(1944–) a British politician who has been the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party since 1995. In 1998 he became First Minister of the new Northern Ireland Assembly, and later ...
Trimble, (William) David
born Oct. 15, 1944, Belfast, N.Ire. Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) in Northern Ireland and corecipient with John Hume of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1998. He was ...
Trimble, David
▪ Irish politician in full  William David Trimble  born Oct. 15, 1944, Belfast, N.Ire.       politician who served as first minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly ...
Trimble, Robert
▪ United States jurist born 1777, Augusta county, Va., U.S. died Aug. 25, 1828, Paris, Ky.       associate justice of the United States Supreme Court ...
Trim·ble (trĭmʹbəl), David. Born 1944. Politician of Northern Ireland. Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (since 1995), the largest political party in Northern Ireland, he ...
/truym/, n. a former silver three-cent coin of the U.S., issued from 1851 to 1873. [perh. TRI- + (DI)ME] * * *
—trimeric /truy mer"ik/, adj. /truy"meuhr/, n. Chem. 1. a molecule composed of three identical, simpler molecules. 2. a polymer derived from three identical monomers. Cf. ...
See trimer. * * *
See trimerous. * * *
/trim"euhr euhs/, adj. 1. Bot. (of flowers) having members in each whorl in groups of three. 2. Entomol. having three segments or parts. [1820-30; < NL trimerus, equiv. to ...
—trimestral /truy mes"treuhl/, trimestrial, adj. /truy mes"teuhr, truy"mes-/, n. 1. a term or period of three months. 2. one of the three approximately equal terms into which ...
See trimester. * * *
See trimestral. * * *
/truy'meuh tal"ik/, adj. 1. of three metals. 2. Engraving. (of an offset plate) consisting of a face layer of chromium, stainless steel, or chemically prepared aluminum over a ...
/trim"i teuhr/, Pros. n. 1. a verse of three measures or feet. adj. 2. consisting of three measures or feet. 3. Class. Pros. composed of six feet or three dipodies. [1560-70; < L ...
/truy meth'euh duy"ohn/, n. Pharm. a synthetic, white, crystalline powder, C6H9NO3, used as an anticonvulsant to control petit mal epileptic seizures. [trimeth(yl) + ...
/truy meth"euh prim/, n. Pharm. a synthetic crystalline compound, C11H18N4O3, usually combined with a sulfonamide as an antibiotic preparation in the treatment of urinary tract ...
/truy meth"euh leen'/, n. Chem., Biochem. cyclopropane. [TRI- + METHYLENE] * * *
/truy meth'euhl gluy"seen, -gluy seen"/, n. Chem. betaine. [TRI- + METHYL + GLYCINE] * * *
/truy me"trik/, adj. 1. pertaining to or consisting of a trimeter or trimeters. 2. Crystall. orthorhombic. Also, trimetrical. [1830-40; TRIMET(E)R + -IC] * * *
trimetric projection
Geom. a three-dimensional projection with three different linear scales at arbitrary angles. * * *
See trimetric. * * *
/truy me"treuh gon'/, adj. of or pertaining to a system of aerial photography using three cameras, one pointed directly downward and the others at 60° to it. [1940-45; TRI- + Gk ...
See trim. * * *
trimmer1 /trim"euhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that trims. 2. a tool or machine for trimming, clipping, paring, or pruning. 3. a machine for trimming lumber. 4. Building ...
trimmer arch
Building Trades. an arch, usually of brick and in the form of half of a segmental arch, between a chimney and a header in a floor structure to support a hearth. [1825-35] * * *
/trim"ing/, n. 1. anything used or serving to decorate or complete: the trimmings of a Christmas tree. 2. Usually, trimmings. an accompaniment or garnish to a main dish: roast ...
trimming die
Metalworking. See trim die. * * *
trimming tab
Aeron. See trim tab. * * *
See trimly. * * *
—trimodality, n. /truy mohd"l/, adj. Statistics. (of a distribution) having three modes. [TRI- + MODAL] * * *
/truy'meuh lek"yeuh leuhr/, adj. Chem. pertaining to or having three molecules. [TRI- + MOLECULAR] * * *
/truy munth"lee/, adj. occurring, taking place, done, or acted upon every three months. [1855-60; TRI- + MONTHLY] * * *
/truy"mawrf/, n. Crystall. 1. a substance existing in three structurally distinct forms; a trimorphous substance. 2. any of the three forms. [1905-10; < Gk trímorphos having ...
tri·mor·phic (trī-môrʹfĭk) also tri·mor·phous (-fəs) adj. 1. Biology. Having or occurring in three differing forms. 2. Chemistry. Crystallizing in three distinct ...
See trimorphic. * * *
—trimorphic, trimorphous, adj. /truy mawr"fiz euhm/, n. 1. Zool. the occurrence of three forms distinct in structure, coloration, etc., among animals of the same species. 2. ...
—trimotored, adj. /truy"moh'teuhr/, n. an airplane or other vehicle that has three motors. [1920-25; TRI- + MOTOR] * * *
/tri moor"tee/, n. (in later Hinduism) a trinity consisting of Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. [1800-10; < Skt trimurti, equiv. to tri THREE + ...
Trin abbrev. Trinidad and Tobago * * *
—Trinacrian, adj. /tri nay"kree euh, -nak"ree euh, truy-/, n. an ancient name of Sicily. * * *
/truyn"l/, adj. threefold; triple; trine. [1555-65; < LL trinalis. See TRINE, -AL1] * * *
/truy"neuh ree/, adj. consisting of three parts, or proceeding by three; ternary. [1425-75; late ME trynary < LL trinarius of three kinds, equiv. to L trin(i) by threes (alter. ...
/truy nay"sheuhn/, n. celebration of Mass three times on the same day by the same priest. [ < NL trinat(us) (ptp. of trinare to triple, perh. deriv. of L trini by threes) + ...
/tring'koh meuh lee"/, n. a seaport in E Sri Lanka. 39,000. Also, Trincomali. * * * ▪ Sri Lanka ancient  Gokanna        town and port, Sri Lanka, on the island's ...
/trin"dl, trin"l/, n., v., trindled, trindling. 1. Brit. Dial. a wheel, esp. of a wheelbarrow. v.t., v.i. 2. Dial. to roll; trundle. [bef. 1000; ME trindel, OE tryndel circle, ...
/truyn/, adj. 1. threefold; triple. 2. Astrol. of or pertaining to the trigon aspect of two planets distant from each other 120°, or the third part of the zodiac. n. 3. a set or ...
trine immersion
a form of baptism in which the candidate is immersed three times, once for each person of the Trinity. [1630-40] * * *
      genus of shorebirds in the family Scolopacidae (order Charadriiformes). Its members include the birds known as greenshank, redshank, sandpiper, and yellowlegs ...
/tring"geuhl/, n. a narrow, straight molding, as a fillet. [1690-1700; < F: curtain rod, rod, alter. of MF tingle; cf. MD tingel lathe] * * *
Trinh Cong Son
▪ 2002       Vietnamese singer and songwriter (b. 1939, Dac Lac province, Vietnam, French Indochina—d. April 1, 2001, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), composed more than ...
Trinh Family
▪ Vietnamese nobility       noble family that dominated northern Vietnam during much of the Later Le Dynasty (1428–1788); it gained control of the position of regent ...
—Trinidadian /trin'i day"dee euhn, -dad"ee-/, adj., n. /trin"i dad'/; for 2 also Sp. /trddee'nee dhahdh"/, n. 1. an island in the SE West Indies, off the NE coast of Venezuela: ...
Trinidad and Tobago
—Trinidadian and Tobagonian. an independent republic in the West Indies, comprising the islands of Trinidad and Tobago: member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 1,273,141; 1980 ...
Trinidad and Tobago, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag consisting of a red field (background) incorporating a diagonal black stripe with white fimbriations (narrow borders). The flag has ...
Trinidadand Tobago
Trinidad and To·ba·go (tə-bāʹgō) A country of the southeast West Indies in the Atlantic Ocean off northeast Venezuela. It comprises the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, ...
See Trinidad. * * *
➡ Trinidad and Tobago * * *
/trin'i tair"ee euhn/, adj. 1. believing in or adhering to the doctrine of the Trinity. 2. pertaining to Trinitarians, or believers in the doctrine of the Trinity. 3. belonging ...
/trin'i tair"ee euh niz'euhm/, n. the belief in, or doctrine of, the Trinity. [TRINITARIAN + -ISM] * * *
trin·i·tite (trĭnʹĭ-tīt') n. An olive green, glasslike substance formed from the sand melted by the heat that was generated by the first nuclear blast at the New Mexico ...
Chem. a combination of tri- and nitro-: trinitrotoluene. * * *
/truy nuy'troh ben"zeen, -ben zeen"/, n. Chem. any of three yellow crystalline compounds having the formula C9H3N3O6, capable of more explosive power and requiring more impact ...
/truy nuy'troh kree"sohl/, n. Chem. a yellow, crystalline compound, C7H5N3O7, used in high explosives. [TRINITRO- + CRESOL] * * *
/truy nuy'troh glis"euhr in/, n. Chem. nitroglycerin. [1860-65; TRINITRO- + GLYCERIN] * * *
/truy nuy'troh fee"nawl, -nol/, Chem. See picric acid. [TRINITRO- + PHENOL] * * *
/truy nuy"troh fen"l meth"euhl nuy'treuh meen", -nuy tram"in, -feen"-/, n. Chem. tetryl. [TRINITRO- + PHENYL + METHYL + NITRAMINE] * * *
/truy nuy'troh tol"yooh een'/, n. Chem. See TNT. Also, trinitrotoluol /truy nuy'troh tol"yooh ohl'/. [1895-1900; TRINITRO- + TOLUENE] * * * ▪ chemical compound       a ...
/trin"i tee/, n., pl. Trinities for 2, 4. 1. Also called Blessed Trinity, Holy Trinity. the union of three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) in one Godhead, or the threefold ...
Trinity College
Private liberal arts college in Hartford, Conn. , founded in 1823. It is historically affiliated with the Episcopal church, though its curriculum is nonsectarian. Bachelor's ...
Trinity House
the British organization responsible for lighthouses, buoys and beacons (= buildings and objects in the sea which warn ships of the danger of rocks) around the coasts of England ...
Trinity Sunday
the Sunday after Pentecost, observed as a festival in honor of the Trinity. [1400-50; late ME] * * *
Trinity term
the name given to the summer academic term in some British colleges and universities. * * *
Trinity, Holy
In Christian doctrine, the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as one God in three persons. The word Trinity does not appear in the Bible. It is a doctrine formulated in ...
Trinity River A river, about 821 km (510 mi) long, of eastern Texas formed near Dallas by the juncture of three forks and flowing generally southeast to Trinity Bay, an arm of ...
Trinity Sunday n. The first Sunday after Pentecost, celebrated by a feast in honor of the Trinity. * * *
/trin"i tee tuyd'/, n. the period between Trinity Sunday and Advent. [1505-15; TRINITY + TIDE1] * * *
/tring"kit/, n. 1. a small ornament, piece of jewelry, etc., usually of little value. 2. anything of trivial value. v.i. 3. to deal secretly or surreptitiously. [1525-35; orig. ...
/tring"ki teuhr/, n. a person who deals secretly or surreptitiously. [1645-55; TRINKET + -ER1] * * *
/tring"ki tree/, n. trinkets collectively. [1800-10; TRINKET + -RY] * * *
/truy nok"yeuh leuhr/, adj. Micros. of or pertaining to a binocular microscope equipped with a third lens system for photographic recording. [1955-60; TRI- + (BI)NOCULAR] * * *
/truy nohd"l/, adj. Bot. having three nodes or joints. [1650-60; < L trinod(is) having three knots (tri- TRI- + nod(us) NODE + -is adj. suffix) + -AL1] * * *
—trinomially, adv. /truy noh"mee euhl/, adj. 1. Algebra. consisting of or pertaining to three terms. 2. Biol. a. pertaining to a scientific name comprising three terms, as of ...
See trinomial. * * *
▪ ancient people also spelled  Trinobantes        ancient British tribe that inhabited the region that became Essex. In the mid-50s BC their prince, Mandubracius, was ...
Trintignant, Jean-Louis
born Dec. 11, 1930, Piolenc, France French film actor. After leaving law school to study acting, he made his stage debut in 1951 and his film debut in 1956. He won favourable ...
Trintignant, Marie
▪ 2004       French actress (b. Jan. 21, 1962, Boulogne-Billancourt, France—d. Aug. 1, 2003, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France), specialized in portraying damaged women in a ...
/truy nooh"klee euh tuyd', -nyooh"-/, n. Genetics. three linked nucleotides; triplet. [1915-20; TRI- + NUCLEOTIDE] * * *
/tree"oh/, n., pl. trios. 1. a musical composition for three voices or instruments. 2. a company of three singers or players. 3. any group of three persons or things. 4. a ...
trio sonata
Principal chamber music genre of the Baroque era. Despite its name, it requires four performers: two melody instruments and continuo (usually a keyboard instrument and a bass ...
/truy"ohd/, n. Electronics. a vacuum tube containing three elements, usually anode, cathode, and control grid. [1920-25; TRI- + (ELECTR)ODE] * * * ▪ electronics        ...
—trioeciously, adv. /truy ee"sheuhs/, adj. Bot. of or pertaining to a species having male, female, and hermaphrodite flowers on different plants. Also, triecious. [1855-60; < ...
/truy"awl, -ol/, n. Chem. a compound having three hydroxyl groups. [1935-40; TRI- + -OL1] * * *
/truy oh"lee in/, n. Chem. olein (def. 1). [1850-55; TRI- + OLEIN] * * *
/tree'euh lay", truy"euh lit/, n. a short poem of fixed form, having a rhyme scheme of ab, aa, abab, and having the first line repeated as the fourth and seventh lines, and the ...
/truy"ohs/, n. a monosaccharide that has three atoms of carbon. [1890-95; TRI- + -OSE2] * * *
/truy ok"suyd, -sid/, n. Chem. an oxide containing three oxygen atoms, as As2O3. [1865-70; TRI- + OXIDE] * * *
trip1 /trip/, n., v., tripped, tripping. n. 1. a journey or voyage: to win a trip to Paris. 2. a journey, voyage, or run made by a boat, train, bus, or the like, between two ...
trip line
1. (in lumbering) a line for freeing a dog hook from a log at a distance. 2. haulback. [1900-05] * * *
▪ music       genre of atmospheric down-tempo music, influenced by movie sound tracks, 1970s funk, and cool jazz and usually created using samples.       Coined ...
/truy pal"mi tin, -pahl"-, -pah"mi-/, n. Chem. palmitin. [1850-55; TRI- + PALMITIN] * * *
/truy pahr"tid/, adj. divided into three parts. Also, tripart. [1375-1425; late ME: alter. of TRIPARTITE; see -ED2] * * *
/truy pahr"tuyt/, adj. 1. divided into or consisting of three parts: the tripartite occupation of West Germany. 2. involving, participated in, or made by three parties: a ...
tripartite and fretty
Heraldry. (of a cross) having the limbs divided into three longitudinal strips each, intermingled in the manner of those in a cross parted and fretty. * * *
Tripartite form concept (jo-ha-kyu) in the Noh drama Yumi Yawata
▪ Table Tripartite form concept (jo-ha-kyū) in the Noh drama Yumi Yawata sections (dan) placement of musical styles jo (mae-dan) shidai na-nori michiyuki ...
/truy'pahr tish"euhn, -peuhr-/, n. division into three parts. [1645-55; TRI- + PARTITION] * * *
See tripartite. * * *
/truyp/, n. 1. the first and second divisions of the stomach of a ruminant, esp. oxen, sheep, or goats, used as food. Cf. honeycomb tripe, plain tripe. 2. Slang. something, esp. ...
/treep'deuh rawsh", -rohsh"/, n. See rock tripe. [1800-10; < F: rock tripe] * * *
/truy"ped'l, trip"i dl/, adj. having three feet. [1615-25; < L tripedalis. See TRI-, PEDAL] * * *
/truy'pe len"euh meen', -min/, n. Pharm. a white, crystalline, antihistamine, C16H21N3, used for the treatment of allergic disorders. [TRI- + P(YRIDINE) + E(THY)LENE + ...
tri·pep·tide (trī-pĕpʹtīd) n. A peptide containing three amino acids. * * *
/truy perr"seuh nl/, adj. (sometimes cap.) consisting of or existing in three persons, as the Godhead. [1635-45; TRI- + PERSONAL] * * *
/truy'perr seuh nal"i tee/, n. (sometimes cap.) the state or condition of being tripersonal; existence in three persons, as the Godhead. [1665-75; TRIPERSONAL + -ITY] * * *
/truy pet"l euhs/, adj. Bot. having three petals. [1680-90; TRI- + PETALOUS] * * *
/trip"ham'euhr/, n. 1. Mach. a heavy hammer raised and then let fall by means of some tripping device, as a cam. adj. 2. of, resembling, or characteristic of the repetitive and ...
/truy fay"zik/, adj. 1. having or existing in three phases. n. 2. a combination drug given in three phases and eliciting three physiological effects. [1900-05; TRI- + PHASE + ...
/truy fen'l meth"ayn, -feen'-/, n. Chem. a colorless, crystalline, solid compound containing three benzene rings, C19H16, from which many dyes are derived. [1880-85; TRI- + ...
triphenylmethane dye
Chem. any of a great number of dyes, as gentian violet, fuchsin, and rosaniline, produced from triphenylmethane by replacement of the ring hydrogen atoms with hydroxy, amino, ...
/truy fib"ee euhn/, Mil. adj. 1. skilled in combat equally on land, sea, and in the air. 2. (of an aircraft) equipped to take off from land, water, snow, or ice. 3. ...
/truy fib"ee euhs/, adj. employing or involving land, naval, and air forces in a combined operation. Also, triphibian. [1940-45; TRI- + (AM)PHIBIOUS] * * *
/truy fos"fayt/, n. Chem. a salt derived from triphosphoric acid. [1820-30; TRI- + PHOSPHATE] * * *
tri·phos·pho·py·ri·dine nucleotide (trī-fŏs'fō-pĭrʹĭ-dēn') n. NADP. * * *
triphosphoric acid
/truy"fos fawr"ik, -for"-, truy'-/, Chem. the hypothetical acid H5P3O10, known chiefly by its salts. [TRI- + PHOSPHORIC ACID] * * *
—triphthongal /trif thawng"geuhl, -thong"-, trip-/, adj. /trif"thawng, -thong, trip"-/, n. 1. Phonet. a monosyllabic speech-sound sequence perceived as being made up of three ...
See triphthong. * * *
/trif"euh luyt'/, n. a mineral, a rare phosphate of lithium, iron, and manganese, usually occurring in masses of a bluish or greenish color. Also called triphyline /trif"euh ...
/truy fil"euhs/, adj. Bot. having three leaves. [1750-60; TRI- + -PHYLLOUS] * * *
—tripinnately, adv. /truy pin"ayt/, adj. Bot. bipinnate, as a leaf, with the divisions also pinnate. Also, tripinnated. [1750-60; TRI- + PINNATE] * * *
See tripinnate. * * *
/tri pit"euh keuh/, n. Buddhism. See Pali Canon. [ < Skt, equiv. to tri- TRI- + pitaka basket] * * * Pali Tipitaka Collective term for the three major divisions of the Pali ...
/truy"playn'/ an airplane with three supporting wings, one above another: a design used mainly in the early history of the airplane. [1905-10; TRI- + PLANE1] * * *
/trip"euhl/, adj., n., v., tripled, tripling. adj. 1. threefold; consisting of three parts: a triple knot. 2. of three kinds; threefold in character or relationship. 3. three ...
Triple A
➡ AAA (II) * * *
Triple Alliance
1. the alliance (1882-1915) of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. 2. a league (1717) of France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands against Spain. 3. a league (1668) of England, ...
Triple Alliance, War of the
or Paraguayan War (1864/65–70) Bloodiest conflict in Latin American history, fought between Paraguay and the allied countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. The ...
triple bogey
Golf. a score of three strokes over par on a hole. * * *
triple bond
Chem. a chemical linkage consisting of three covalent bonds between two atoms of a molecule, represented in chemical formulas by three lines or six dots. * * * ▪ chemical ...
triple counterpoint
Music. invertible counterpoint involving three transposable voices. [1865-70] * * *
triple cream
a fresh, soft cheese of France, containing at least 72 percent fat, made from cow's milk enriched with cream. Also, triple crème. * * *
Triple Crown
1. an unofficial title held by a horse that wins the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. 2. a usually unofficial title held by someone who wins three major ...
Triple Crown championsBritish
▪ Table Triple Crown champions—British year winner 1853 West Australian 1865 Gladiateur 1866 Lord Lyon 1886 Ormonde 1891 Common 1893 Isinglass 1897 Galtee ...
Triple Crown championsU.S.
▪ Table Triple Crown champions—U.S. year horse 1919 Sir Barton 1930 Gallant Fox 1935 Omaha 1937 War Admiral 1941 Whirlaway 1943 Count ...
triple dresser
Furniture. a dresser having three drawers across for most of its height. * * *
Triple Entente
1. an informal understanding among Great Britain, France, and Russia based on a Franco-Russian military alliance (1894), an Anglo-French entente (1904), and an Anglo-Russian ...
triple fugue
Music. 1. a fugue with a subject and two countersubjects developed simultaneously. 2. a fugue with three subjects that are developed at first successively and finally ...
triple integral
Math. an integral in which the integrand involves a function of three variables and which requires three applications of the integration process to evaluate. Cf. double ...
triple jump
Track and Field. a jumping event for distance in which a participant leaps on one foot from a takeoff point, lands on the same foot, steps forward on the other foot, leaps, and ...
triple measure
Music. See triple time. * * *
triple play
Baseball. a play in which three put-outs are made. [1865-70, Amer.] * * *
triple point
Physics. the particular temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid, and gaseous phases of a given substance are all at equilibrium with one another. [1870-75] * * *
triple rhyme.
See under feminine rhyme. * * *
triple rhythm
Pros. a rhythmic pattern created by a succession of trisyllabic feet. [1720-30] * * *
triple scalar product
Math. See scalar triple product. * * *
triple sec
a type of curaçao liqueur. * * *
triple superphosphate
superphosphate (def. 2). * * *
triple threat
1. an expert in three different fields or in three different skills in the same field. 2. Football. a back who is proficient at running, passing, and punting: The triple threat ...
triple time
Music. time or rhythm characterized by three beats to the measure with an accent on the first beat. Also called triple measure, triplex. [1655-65] * * *
triple voile
a lightweight, sheer voile of silk or synthetic fibers constructed in plain or novelty weaves. Cf. ninon. * * *
triple witching hour
the last hour of trading on the New York Stock Exchange on the four Fridays each year when stock options, stock index futures, and options on such futures simultaneously expire: ...
/trip"euhl dek"euhr/, n. three-decker (defs. 3, 4). [1945-50] * * *
/trip"euhl dij"it/, adj. being in the hundreds or in a figure or amount from 100 through 999: triple-digit budget figures. [1975-80] * * *
/trip"euhl dub"euhl/, n. a score in a basketball game of at least ten points, ten rebounds, and ten assists by a single player. * * *
/trip'euhl ik span"sheuhn/, adj. noting a power source, esp. a steam engine, using the same fluid at three successive stages of expansion to do work in three or more cylinders. * ...
/trip"euhl hed"euhr/, n. Sports. a set of three games, as of basketball, each game being played in the same arena on the same day and often between different pairs of ...
/trip"euhl nerrvd"/, adj. Bot. noting a leaf in which two prominent nerves emerge from the middle nerve a little above its base. [1805-15] * * *
/trip"euhl spays"/, v.t., v.i., triple-spaced, triple-spacing. to type (text, copy, etc.) so as to have two blank lines after each typed line. [1935-40] * * *
See triple time. * * *
/trip"euhl tung'/, v.i., triple-tongued, triple-tonguing. Music. to interrupt the wind flow by moving the tongue as if pronouncing t and t and k successively, esp. in playing ...
triple bond n. A covalent bond in which three electron pairs are shared between two atoms. * * *
Tri·ple Crown (trĭpʹəl) n. 1. Sports. An unofficial championship title attained by a horse that wins the three traditional races for a specified category. 2. Baseball. An ...
triple figure n. A number consisting of three digits, between 100 and 999. * * *
triple jump n. A distance jump in track and field consisting of a hop landing on the take-off foot, a stride landing on the other foot, and a jump landing on both feet. * * *
triple measure n. See triple time. * * *
triple play n. Baseball A defensive play that suddenly ends an inning by executing three consecutive putouts. * * *
triple point n. The temperature and pressure at which a substance can exist in equilibrium in the liquid, solid, and gaseous states. The triple point of pure water is at 0.01 ...
triple rhyme n. A rhyme involving three syllables, as in vanity/humanity. * * *
/trip"lit/, n. 1. one of three children or offspring born at the same birth. 2. triplets, three offspring born at one birth. 3. any group or combination of three. 4. Pros. three ...
/trip"euhl tayl'/, n. 1. a large food fish, Lobotes surinamensis, inhabiting the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, having the lobes of its dorsal and ...
triple time n. Music A time or rhythm having three beats to the measure. Also called triple measure.   triʹple-time' (trĭpʹəl-tīm') adj. * * *
/trip"euhl teuhn/, n. (esp. in bridge) a set of three cards of the same suit in a hand as dealt. [TRIPLE + -TON. See DOUBLETON, SINGLETON] * * *
triplewitching hour
triple witching hour n. The hour before the stock market closing on the third Friday of March, June, September, or December, when both options and futures on stock indices ...
/trip"leks, truy"pleks/, adj. 1. threefold; triple. n. 2. something triple. 3. Music. See triple time. 4. an apartment having three floors. 5. a multiplex of three theaters or ...
—triplication, n. n., adj. /trip"li kit, -kayt'/; v. /trip"li kayt'/, n., v., triplicated, triplicating, adj. n. 1. one of three identical items, esp. copies of typewritten ...
See triplicate. * * *
See triplicately. * * *
/tri plis"i tee/, n., pl. triplicities. 1. the quality or state of being triple; threefold character or condition. 2. a group or combination of three; triad. 3. Astrol. the ...
/trip"luyt/, n. a dark-brown, massive mineral, fluorophosphate of iron and manganese. [1840-50; < G Triplit. See TRIPLE, -ITE1] * * * ▪ mineral       phosphate mineral, ...
/trip'loh blas"tik/, adj. Zool. having three primary germ layers, as the embryos of vertebrates. [1885-90; < Gk tripló(os) threefold + blastikós budding. See TRI-, -FOLD, ...
—triploidy, n. /trip"loyd/, Biol. adj. 1. having a chromosome number that is three times the basic or haploid number. n. 2. a triploid cell or organism. [1910-15; TRI- + ...
See triploid. * * *
/trip"lee/, adv. 1. to a triple number, measure, or degree. 2. in a triple manner; threefold. [1650-60; TRIPLE + -LY] * * *
/trip"mee'teuhr/, n. Auto. a type of odometer that can be set back to zero so that the distance of a particular trip can be measured. [TRIP1 + -METER] * * *
/truy"pod/, n. 1. a stool, table, pedestal, etc., with three legs. 2. a three-legged stand or support, as for a camera or telescope. 3. the oracular seat of the priestess of ...
/trip"euh dl, truy"pod l/, adj. 1. pertaining to or having the form of a tripod. 2. having three feet or legs. [1635-45; TRIPOD + -AL1] * * *
/truy pod"ik/, adj. having or using three feet or legs. [1890-95; TRIPOD + -IC] * * *
/trip"euh dee/, n., pl. tripodies. Pros. a measure of three feet. [1880-85; < Gk tripodía. See TRI-, -POD, -Y3] * * *
—Tripolitan /tri pol"i tn/, n., adj. /trip"euh lee/, n. 1. Also, Tripolitania /trip'euh li tay"nee euh, -tayn"yeuh/; It. /trddee'paw lee tah"nyah/. one of the former Barbary ...
City (pop., 2001: 28,976), southern Greece, the commercial centre of the central Peloponnese. It was founded in the 14th century AD as Drobolitza to replace the ancient cities ...
See Tripoli. * * *
Tripolitan War
a war (1801-05) that Tripoli declared on the United States because of American refusal to pay tribute for the safe passage of shipping in Barbary Coastal waters. Cf. Barbary ...
Tripolitania [trip΄ə lə tā′nē ə] historical region of NW Libya, on the Mediterranean * * * Tri·pol·i·ta·ni·a (trĭ-pŏl'ĭ-tāʹnē-ə, -tānʹyə, trĭp'ə-lĭ-) ...
See Tripolitania. * * *
/truy"pos/, n., pl. triposes. (at Cambridge University, England) any of various final honors examinations. [1580-90; pseudo-Hellenization of L tripus TRIPOD] * * *
tripotassium phosphate
/truy'peuh tas"ee euhm/, Chem. See under potassium phosphate. Also called tripotassium orthophosphate. [TRI- + POTASSIUM] * * *
/trip"euhnt/, adj. Heraldry. (of a deer or the like) represented in the act of walking: a stag trippant. [1650-60; alter. of TRIPPING; see -ANT] * * *
Trippe, Juan T(erry)
born June 27, 1899, Seabright, N.J., U.S. died April 3, 1981, New York, N.Y. U.S. airline founder. He served as a pilot in World War I. After graduating from Yale University in ...

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