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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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truelove knot
a complicated ornamental knot, esp. a double knot having two interlacing bows, regarded as an emblem of true love or interwoven affections. Also called true lover's knot, ...
truelovers' knot
true lovers' knot n. See love knot. * * *
(1931– ) a famous English cricket player. He was a fast bowler who played for Yorkshire (1949–68) and for England (1952–65). He was known for his aggressive attitude as a ...
Trueman, Frederick Sewards
▪ 2007 “Fiery Fred”  British cricketer (b. Feb. 6, 1931, Stainton, Yorkshire, Eng.—d. July 1, 2006, Steeton, Keighley, West Yorkshire, Eng.), was one of the most ...
See true. * * *
/trooh"pen'ee/, n., pl. truepennies. a trusty, honest fellow. [1580-90; TRUE + PENNY] * * *
true rhyme n. See perfect rhyme. * * *
true rib n. Any of the ribs that are attached to the sternum by a costal cartilage, especially any of the seven upper ribs on either side of the thorax in humans. * * *
true seal n. See earless seal. * * *
/trooh foh"/; Fr. /trddyuu foh"/, n. François /fran swah"/; Fr. /frddahonn swann"/, 1932-84, French film director. * * *
Truffaut, François
Truf·faut (tro͞o-fōʹ), François. 1932-1984. French New Wave filmmaker whose works include The 400 Blows (1959) and Jules and Jim (1961). * * * born Feb. 6, 1932, Paris, ...
/trddyuuf/, n. French. 1. truffle. 2. Slang. peasant; boor. * * *
—truffled, adj. /truf"euhl, trooh"feuhl/, n. 1. any of several subterranean, edible, ascomycetous fungi of the genus Tuber. 2. any of various similar fungi of other genera. 3. ...
See truffle. * * *
/trug, troog/, n. Brit. 1. a shallow basket for carrying flowers, vegetables, etc., made from strips of wood. 2. a shallow wooden milk pan. 3. a wooden tray for holding ...
—truistic, truistical, adj. /trooh"iz euhm/, n. a self-evident, obvious truth. [1700-10; TRUE + -ISM] Syn. cliché, platitude. * * *
See truism. * * *
Truitte, James
▪ 1996       U.S. lead dancer with the companies of Lester Horton and Alvin Ailey who promoted and taught Horton's technique and choreography (b. 1923—d. Aug. 21, ...
/trooh hee"oh/; Sp. /trddooh hee"yaw/, n. 1. Rafael Leonidas /raf"ay el' lee on"i deuhs/; Sp. /rddah'fah el" le'aw nee"dhahs/, (Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina), 1891-1961, ...
Trujillo (Molina), Rafael (Leónidas)
born Oct. 24, 1891, San Cristóbal, Dom.Rep. died May 30, 1961, Ciudad Trujillo, near San Cristóbal Dictator of the Dominican Republic (1930–61). He entered the army in 1918 ...
Trujillo Alto
/trooh hee"oh ahl"toh/; Sp. /trddooh hee"yaw ahl"taw/ a city in NE Puerto Rico, SE of San Juan. 41,141. * * *
Trujillo Molina, Rafael Leónidas
Trujillo Mo·li·na (mō-lēʹnə, -nä), Rafael Leónidas. 1891-1961. Dominican soldier and dictator who ran unopposed for president in 1930 and controlled the country until ...
Trujillo, Rafael
▪ president of Dominican Republic born October 24, 1891, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic died May 30, 1961, Ciudad Trujillo, near San Cristóbal  dictator of the Dominican ...
Truk (trŭk, tro͝ok) See Chuuk. * * *
Truk Islands
/truk, trook/ a group of the Caroline Islands, in the N Pacific: part of the Federated States of Micronesia; an important Japanese naval base in World War II. 35,220; 50 sq. mi. ...
/trul/, n. a prostitute; strumpet. [1510-20; of uncert. orig.; cf. TROLLOP, G Trulle loose woman] * * *
/trooh"loh/, n., pl. trulli /-lee/. a dwelling of the Apulia region of Italy, roofed with conical constructions of corbeled dry masonry. [1905-10 < It < Apulian dial. truddu < ...
/trooh"lee/, adv. 1. in accordance with fact or truth; truthfully. 2. exactly; accurately; correctly. 3. rightly; properly; duly. 4. legitimately; by right. 5. really; genuinely; ...
/trooh"meuhn/, n. 1. Harry S, 1884-1972, 33rd president of the U.S. 1945-53. 2. a male given name. * * * (as used in expressions) Capote Truman Truman Streckfus Persons Truman ...
Truman Capote
➡ Capote * * *
Truman Doctrine
the policy of President Truman, as advocated in his address to Congress on March 12, 1947, to provide military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey and, by extension, to any ...
Truman State University
▪ university, Kirksville, Missouri, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Kirksville, Mo., U.S. It is designated the state's public ...
Truman, Bess
▪ American first lady née  Elizabeth Virginia Wallace  born February 13, 1885, Independence, Missouri, U.S. died October 18, 1982, Independence, Missouri  American first ...
Truman, Harry S.
born May 8, 1884, Lamar, Mo., U.S. died Dec. 26, 1972, Kansas City, Mo. 33rd president of the U.S. (1945–53). He worked at various jobs before serving with distinction in ...
Truman, Margaret
▪ 2009 Mary Margaret Truman Daniel        American writer born Feb. 17, 1924, Independence, Mo. died Jan. 29, 2008, Chicago, Ill. was the illustrious only daughter of ...
Tru·man (tro͞oʹmən), Elizabeth. Known as “Bess.” 1885-1982. First Lady of the United States (1945-1953) as the wife of President Harry S. Truman. She was a valued ...
Truman,Harry S.
Truman, Harry S. 1884-1972. The 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953). He authorized the use of the atomic bomb against Japan (1945), implemented the Marshall Plan ...
Trumbić, Ante
▪ Croatian political leader born May 27, 1864, Split, Dalmatia, Austria-Hungary died Nov. 18, 1938, Zagreb, Yugos.       Croatian nationalist from Dalmatia who played a ...
/trum"boh/, n. Dalton, 1905-76, U.S. novelist and screenwriter. * * *
Trumbo, Dalton
▪ American author born Dec. 9, 1905, Montrose, Colo., U.S. died Sept. 10, 1976, Los Angeles       screenwriter and novelist who was probably the most talented member of ...
Trum·bo (trŭmʹbō), Dalton. 1905-1976. American screenwriter who was blacklisted and imprisoned for his refusal to participate in Sen. Joseph McCarthy's anti-Communist ...
/trum"beuhl/, n. 1. John, 1756-1843, U.S. painter (son of Jonathan Trumbull). 2. Jonathan, 1710-85, U.S. statesman. 3. a town in SW Connecticut. 32,989. * * *
Trumbull, John
born June 6, 1756, Lebanon, Conn. died Nov. 10, 1843, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. painter, architect, and author. The son of Gov. Jonathan Trumbull (1710–85), he served as an ...
Trumbull, Lyman
born Oct. 12, 1813, Colchester, Conn., U.S. died June 25, 1896, Chicago, Ill. U.S. politician. He was elected to the U.S. Senate from Illinois in 1855. Originally a Democrat, ...
I. Trum·bull1 (trŭmʹbəl), John. 1750-1831. American poet noted for his satirical works, including The Progress of Dulness (1772-1773).   II. Trum·bull2 (trŭmʹbəl), ...
Trumbull, Jonathan. 1710-1785. American politician. As governor of Connecticut (1769-1784) he provided supplies and support for the Continental Army during the American ...
/trooh moh"/; Fr. /trddyuu moh"/, n., pl. trumeaux /-mohz"/; Fr. /-moh"/. 1. a mirror having a painted or carved panel above or below the glass in the same frame. 2. Archit. a ...
trump1 —trumpless, adj. /trump/, n. 1. Cards. a. any playing card of a suit that for the time outranks the other suits, such a card being able to take any card of another ...
trump card
/trump" kahrd'/ for 1; /trump" kahrd"/ for 2. 1. Cards. trump1 (def. 1a). 2. Informal. something that gives one person or group the advantage over another: The surprise witness ...
Trump, Donald
▪ 2005       A master of the lucrative business deal and of unabashed self-promotion, real-estate baron Donald Trump scored a media coup in 2004 when he starred in the ...
Trump, Donald J(ohn)
born 1946, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. real-estate developer. He joined his father's Trump Organization (1968) and expanded its holdings of rental housing. By the 1990s Trump's ...
Trump, Donald J.
▪ American real estate developer in full  Donald John Trump  born June 14, 1946, New York, N.Y., U.S.       American real-estate developer who amassed vast hotel, ...
Trump, Frederick Christ
▪ 2000 (“Fred”),        American builder who, after beginning his career at the age of 15 constructing automobile garages, amassed a fortune building single-family ...
trump card n. 1. Games. A card in the trump suit, held in reserve for winning a trick. 2. A key resource to be used at an opportune moment; a trump: “ [They] seem determined to ...
/trumpt"up"/, adj. spuriously devised; fraudulent; fabricated: He was arrested on some trumped-up charge. [1720-30; special use of TRUMP1; see -ED2] * * *
/trum"peuhl dawr'/, n. Joseph, 1880-1920, Zionist leader, born in Russia. * * *
Trumper, Victor Thomas
▪ Australian cricketer born Nov. 2, 1877, Sydney died June 28, 1915, Sydney       Australian cricketer who, as an outstanding batsman, is best remembered for his ...
/trum"peuh ree/, n., pl. trumperies, adj. n. 1. something without use or value; rubbish; trash; worthless stuff. 2. nonsense; twaddle: His usual conversation is pure trumpery. 3. ...
—trumpetless, adj. —trumpetlike, adj. /trum"pit/, n. 1. Music. a. any of a family of brass wind instruments with a powerful, penetrating tone, consisting of a tube commonly ...
trumpet creeper
any climbing plant belonging to the genus Campsis, of the bignonia family, esp. C. radicans, of the southern U.S., having elliptic leaves and large, red, trumpet-shaped ...
trumpet fish
      any of the three species of marine fishes (fish) that constitute the family Aulostomidae (order Gasterosteiformes (gasterosteiform)), found on coral reefs and reef ...
trumpet flower
1. any of various plants with pendent flowers shaped like a trumpet. 2. See trumpet creeper. 3. See trumpet honeysuckle. 4. the flower of any of these plants. [1720-30, Amer.] * ...
trumpet honeysuckle
an American honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens, having spikes of large, tubular flowers, deep-red outside and yellow within. Also called coral honeysuckle. [1725-35, Amer.] * * *
trumpet leg
Furniture. a turned leg that flares upward and outward from a narrow lower end. * * *
trumpet marine
an obsolete musical instrument having a long, wooden, pyramid-shaped body, characteristically with one string that is touched with the finger to produce harmonics and is bowed ...
trumpet vine
☆ trumpet vine n. any of various plants having trumpet-shaped flowers, as the trumpet creeper * * *
trumpet vine.
See trumpet creeper. [1700-10, Amer.] * * *
Trumpet Voluntary
a popular piece of music for the trumpet by Henry Wood which is often played at ceremonies. Wood adapted it from a piece originally written for the harpsichord by Jeremiah Clarke ...
/trum"pit leef'/, n., pl. trumpet-leaves. trumpets. [1860-65, Amer.] * * *
/trum"pit tree'/, n. a tropical American tree, Cecropia peltata, of the mulberry family, having hollow, jointed stems and branches used in making certain wind instruments. Also ...
trumpet creeper n. A deciduous woody vine (Campsis radicans) of the eastern United States, having opposite compound leaves and trumpet-shaped reddish-orange flowers. Also called ...
/trum"pi teuhr/, n. 1. a person who plays a trumpet; trumpet player. 2. a person who proclaims or announces something with a trumpet. 3. a soldier, usually in a mounted unit, ...
trumpeter swan
a large, pure-white, wild swan, Cygnus buccinator, of North America, having a sonorous cry: once near extinction, the species is now recovering. [1700-10] * * * Black-billed ...
trumpeter swan n. A large white swan (Olor buccinator) of western North America, having a loud buglelike call. * * *
/trum"pit fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) trumpetfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) trumpetfishes. any of several fishes of the family Aulostomidae, ...
trumpet honeysuckle n. A vine (Lonicera sempervirens) of the eastern United States, having tubular reddish flowers. * * *
/trum"pi tree/, n. 1. the manner of playing the trumpet: The character of modern trumpetry has changed. 2. the sound, esp. the blaring sound, of trumpets. 3. trumpets ...
/trum"pits/, n., pl. trumpets. a showy pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava, of the southeastern U.S., having prominently veined, crimson-throated, yellow-green leaves and yellow ...
trumpet vine n. See trumpet creeper. * * *
trumpetweed [trum′pit weed΄] n. any of several eupatoriums, as the joe-pye weed or boneset * * *
Trumpler, Robert Julius
▪ American astronomer born Oct. 2, 1886, Zürich died Sept. 10, 1956, Berkeley, Calif., U.S.       Swiss-born U.S. astronomer who, in his extensive studies of galactic ...
/troohm"shuyt/, n. See trumpet marine. [ < G Trummscheit, equiv. to Trumm- (OHG trumba trumpet; see TRUMP2) + Scheit piece of wood, board] * * *
—truncately, adv. /trung"kayt/, v., truncated, truncating, adj. v.t. 1. to shorten by cutting off a part; cut short: Truncate detailed explanations. 2. Math., Computers. to ...
/trung"kay tid/, adj. 1. shortened by or as if by having a part cut off; cut short: an unnecessarily truncated essay. 2. (of a geometric figure or solid) having the apex, vertex, ...
See truncate. * * *
/trung kay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act or process of truncating. 2. the quality or state of being truncated. 3. Pros. the omission of one or more unaccented syllables at the beginning ...
/trun"cheuhn/, n. 1. the club carried by a police officer; billy. 2. a staff representing an office or authority; baton. 3. the shattered shaft of a spear. 4. Obs. cudgel; ...
—trundler, n. /trun"dl/, v., trundled, trundling, n. v.t. 1. to cause (a circular object) to roll along; roll. 2. to convey or move in a wagon, cart, or other wheeled vehicle; ...
trundle bed
trundle bed n. a low bed on small wheels or casters, that can be rolled under another bed when not in use * * * ▪ furniture also called  truckle bed        a low ...
trundle bed.
See truckle bed. [1535-45] * * *
trundle bed n. A low bed on casters that can be rolled under another bed for storage. * * *
See trundle. * * *
/trun"dl tayl'/, n. Archaic. a dog with a curly tail. [1480-90; TRUNDLE + TAIL1] * * *
Trung Sisters
▪ Vietnamese rebel leaders byname of  Trung Trac and Trung Nhi  flourished AD 39–43       heroines of the first Vietnamese independence movement, who headed a ...
Trungpa, Chögyam Rinpoche
▪ Tibetan abbot born February 1940, Kahm, Tibet died April 4, 1987, Halifax, N.S., Can.       abbot of the Surmang Monastery in Tibet and founder of the Tibetan ...
—trunkless, adj. /trungk/, n. 1. the main stem of a tree, as distinct from the branches and roots. 2. a large, sturdy box or chest for holding or transporting clothes, personal ...
trunk cabin
a cabin of a yacht that presents a long, low profile with a relatively unbroken line fore and aft. Cf. doghouse (def. 2). [1885-90, Amer.] * * *
trunk call
Chiefly Brit. a long-distance phone call. [1905-10] * * *
trunk engine
1. an engine having a trunk piston or pistons. 2. a double-acting steam engine having a connecting rod passing through a trunk to the piston. [1860-65] * * *
trunk hose
full, baglike breeches covering the body from the waist to the middle of the thigh or lower, sometimes having the stockings attached in one piece, worn by men in the 16th and ...
trunk line
1. a major long-distance transportation line. 2. trunk (def. 8). [1850-55] * * *
trunk piston
Mach. a piston with a long skirt to take the side thrust, as in an automobile engine. * * *
/trungk"fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) trunkfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) trunkfishes. any plectognath fish of the family Ostraciontidae, of warm ...
/trungk"fool/, n., pl. trunkfuls. 1. the amount that a trunk will hold. 2. Informal. a full or abundant supply: a trunkful of hopes. [1700-10; TRUNK + -FUL] Usage. See -ful. * * *
trunk hose pl.n. Short ballooning breeches, extending from the waist to midthigh, worn by men in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.   [Perhaps from obsolete trunk, to cut ...
trunk line n. 1. A direct line between two telephone switchboards. 2. The main line of a communications or transportation system. * * *
➡ seaside and beach * * *
trunk show n. A traveling collection of designer clothing or jewelry, displayed in various stores. * * *
/trun"l/, n. treenail. [var. of TREENAIL, perh. by association with TRUNDLE] * * *
—trunnioned, adj. /trun"yeuhn/, n. 1. either of the two cylindrical projections on a cannon, one on each side for supporting the cannon on its carriage. 2. any of various ...
Truong Chinh
orig. Dang Xuan Khu born Feb. 9, 1907, Ha Nam Ninh province, Viet. died Sept. 30, 1988, Hanoi Vietnamese statesman, writer, and communist intellectual. He was an ...
/troor"oh/, n. a town in central Nova Scotia, in SE Canada. 12,552. * * * City (pop., 1995 est.: 25,000), county seat of Cornwall, southwestern England. It is located on the ...
—trusser, n. /trus/, v.t. 1. to tie, bind, or fasten. 2. to make fast with skewers, thread, or the like, as the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking. 3. to ...
truss bridge
a bridge in which the loads are supported by trusses. [1830-40, Amer.] * * *
truss hoop
a hoop placed around the staves of a barrel to secure them in place. Also, truss-hoop. [1645-55] * * *
truss rod
Building Trades. 1. a tie rod in a truss. 2. a diagonal iron or steel reinforcement in a wooden beam. 3. any iron or steel rod serving as a tension member. [1870-75] * * *
truss bridge n. A bridge supported by trusses. * * *
/trust/, adj. Heraldry. close (def. 59). [1400-50; late ME; TRUSS, -ED2] * * *
/trus"ing/, n. 1. the members that form a truss. 2. a structure consisting of trusses. 3. trusses collectively. [1300-50; ME trossinge; see TRUSS, -ING1] * * *
—trustable, adj. —trustability, n. —truster, n. /trust/, n. 1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. 2. confident ...
trust account
1. an account of property established with a trust company by a grantor, for distribution during or after the grantor's lifetime. 2. Also called trustee account. Banking a ...
trust company
a company or corporation organized to exercise the functions of a trustee, but usually engaging also in other banking and financial activities. [1825-35, Amer.] * * * Company, ...
trust deed
a written instrument legally conveying property to a trustee, such as a bank, often for the purpose of securing a mortgage or promissory note. Also called deed of ...
trust fund
1. money, securities, property, etc., held in trust. 2. a government fund administered separately from other funds and used for a specified purpose: a highway trust ...
trust inter vivos
Law. See living trust. * * *
trust territory
a territory under the administrative control of a country designated by the United Nations. * * *
/trust"bus'teuhr/, n. a federal official who seeks to dissolve business trusts, esp. through vigorous application of antitrust regulations. [1900-05, Amer.; TRUST + BUSTER] * * *
See trustbuster. * * *
trust company n. A commercial bank or other corporation that manages trusts. * * *
/tru stee"/, n., v. trusteed, trusteeing. Law. n. 1. a person, usually one of a body of persons, appointed to administer the affairs of a company, institution, etc. 2. a person ...
trustee in bankruptcy
Law. a person appointed by a court to administer the property of a bankrupt. * * *
trustee process
Law. (in New England) garnishment (def. 1). [1800-10, Amer.] * * *
▪ United States history       in Roman Catholicism, a controversy concerning lay control of parish administration in the late 18th and 19th centuries in the United ...
/tru stee"ship/, n. 1. Law. the office or function of a trustee. 2. the administrative control of a territory granted to a country by a body (Trusteeship Council) of the United ...
Trusteeship Council
▪ UN       one of the principal organs of the United Nations (UN), designed to supervise the government of trust territories and to lead them to self-government or ...
truster [trus′tər] n. var. of TRUSTOR * * * See trust. * * *
—trustfully, adv. —trustfulness, n. /trust"feuhl/, adj. full of trust; free of distrust, suspicion, or the like; confiding: a trustful friend. [1570-80; TRUST + -FUL] * * *
See trustful. * * *
See trustfully. * * *
trust fund n. Property, especially money and securities, held or settled in trust. * * *
/trus'teuh fi kay"sheuhn/, n. the practice or process of forming a monopolistic system or trusts: the trustification of the oil business. [1900-05; TRUST + -IFICATION] * * *
See trusty. * * *
See trustily. * * *
—trustingly, adv. —trustingness, n. /trus"ting/, adj. inclined to trust; confiding; trustful: a trusting child. [1400-50; late ME; see TRUST, -ING2] Syn. unsuspicious, ...
—trustlessly, adv. —trustlessness, n. /trust"lis/, adj. 1. not worthy of trust; faithless; unreliable; false: He was trustless when money was involved. 2. distrustful; ...
/trus"teuhr, tru stawr"/, n. Law. a person who creates a trust. [1530-40; TRUST + -OR2] * * *
trust territory n. Abbr. TT A colony or territory placed under the administration of one or more countries by commission of the United Nations. Also called trusteeship. * * *
See trustworthy. * * *
See trustworthily. * * *
—trustworthily, adv. —trustworthiness, n. /trust"werr'dhee/, adj. deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable: The treasurer was not entirely ...
—trustily, adv. —trustiness, n. /trus"tee/, adj., trustier, trustiest, n., pl. trusties. adj. 1. able to be trusted or relied on; trustworthy; reliable. 2. Archaic. ...
—truthless, adj. —truthlessness, n. /troohth/, n., pl. truths /troohdhz, troohths/. 1. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth. 2. conformity ...
/troohth/, n. Sojourner /soh"jerr neuhr, soh jerr"neuhr/, (Isabella Van Wagener), 1797?-1883, U.S. abolitionist, orator, and women's-rights advocate, born a slave. * * * I In ...
truth claim
Pragmatism. a hypothesis not yet verified by experience. * * *
truth commission
Introduction  an official body established to investigate a series of human rights violations, war crimes (war crime), or other serious abuses that took place over many years. ...
truth drug
☆ truth drug n. an anesthetic or hypnotic, as thiopental sodium, regarded as tending to make a subject responsive while being questioned: also ☆ truth serum * * *
truth or consequences
a game in which each contestant is asked a question and upon failure to answer or give a correct answer receives a penalty imposed by the leader or the group. * * * ▪ New ...
truth quark
Physics. See top quark. * * *
truth serum
a drug, as the barbiturate thiopental, that induces in the subject a desire to talk or a state of heightened suggestibility, used in psychotherapy and in interrogation to ...
truth table
Logic, Math., Computers. a table that gives the truth-values of a compound sentence formed from component sentences by means of logical connectives, as AND, NOT, or OR, for every ...
Truth, Sojourner
orig. Isabella Van Wagener born с 1797, Ulster county, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 26, 1883, Battle Creek, Mich. U.S. evangelist and social reformer. The daughter of slaves, she ...
Truth, Sojourner. 1797?-1883. photographed c. 1864 Library of Congress American abolitionist and feminist. Born into slavery, she escaped in 1827 and became a leading preacher ...
—truth-functional, adj. —truth-functionally, adv. /troohth"fungk'sheuhn/, n. Logic. a statement so constructed from other statements that its truth-value depends on the ...
/troohth"val'yooh/, n. Logic. the truth or falsehood of a proposition: The truth-value of "2 + 2 = 5" is falsehood. [1915-20] * * * ▪ logic       in logic, truth (T or ...
—truthfully, adv. —truthfulness, n. /troohth"feuhl/, adj. 1. telling the truth, esp. habitually: a truthful person. 2. conforming to truth: a truthful statement. 3. ...
See truthful. * * *
See truthfully. * * *
truth serum n. Any of various hypnotic or anesthetic drugs, such as scopolamine or thiopental sodium, used to induce a subject under questioning to talk without inhibition. * * *
truth table n. Logic A table listing the truth-values of a proposition that result from all the possible combinations of the truth-values of its components. * * *
TRW Inc.
U.S. manufacturer of advanced equipment and systems for industry and government. Founded in 1901 as a maker of cap screws, it was incorporated in 1916 as the Steel Products Co. ...
/truy/, v., tried, trying, n., pl. tries. v.t. 1. to attempt to do or accomplish: Try it before you say it's simple. 2. to test the effect or result of (often fol. by out): to ...
try square
a device for testing the squareness of carpentry work or the like, or for laying out right angles, consisting of a pair of straightedges fixed at right angles to one ...
/truy"pot'/, n. See under tryworks. [1830-40] * * *
—tryingly, adv. —tryingness, n. /truy"ing/, adj. extremely annoying, difficult, or the like; straining one's patience and goodwill to the limit: a trying day; a trying ...
See trying. * * *
/truy"meuh/, n., pl. trymata /-meuh teuh/. Bot. a nut having an outer shell that becomes tough and dry and eventually splits open, as in the walnut and hickory. [1855-60; < NL < ...
/truy"owt'/, n. 1. a trial or test to ascertain fitness for some purpose. 2. Theat. performances of a play in preparation for an official opening, often taking place away from a ...
/trip'euh flay"vin, -veen, truy'peuh-/, n. Chem. See acriflavine hydrochloride. [ < Gk trýpa hole + FLAVINE] * * *
trypaflavine neutral
Chem. acriflavine. * * *
/tri pan'euh soh"meuh, trip'euh neuh-/, n., pl. trypanosomata /-meuh teuh/. trypanosome. * * *
See trypanosome. * * *
—trypanosomal, trypanosomic /tri pan'euh som"ik, trip'euh neuh-/, adj. /tri pan"euh sohm', trip"euh neuh-/, n. any minute, flagellate protozoan of the genus Trypanosoma, ...
/tri pan'euh soh muy"euh sis, trip'euh neuh-/, n. Pathol. any infection caused by a trypanosome. [1900-05; TRYPANOSOME + -IASIS] * * * ▪ pathology  infectious disease in ...
See trypanosomal. * * *
/tri pahr"seuh muyd', -mid/, n. Pharm. a white, crystalline powder, C8H10O4N2AsNa·1/2H2O, used chiefly in treating African sleeping sickness. [1900-05; formerly a trademark] * * ...
Trypillya culture
▪ anthropology also called  Cucuteni-Trypillya,  Trypillya also spelled  Trypillia,  or  Tripillya,  Russian  Tripolye        Neolithic European culture that ...
—tryptic /trip"tik/, adj. /trip"sin/, n. Biochem. a proteolytic enzyme of the pancreatic juice, capable of converting proteins into peptone. [1875-80; irreg. < Gk trîps(is) ...
/trip sin"euh jeuhn, -jen'/, n. Biochem. a precursor of trypsin that is secreted by the pancreas and is activated to trypsin in the small intestine. [1885-90; TRYPSIN + -O- + ...
tryptamine [trip′tə mēn΄] n. Biochem. an amine, C10H12N2, derived from tryptophan and closely related to serotonin * * * tryp·ta·mine (trĭpʹtə-mēn') n. A crystalline ...
See trypsin. * * *
/trip"teuh fan'/, n. Biochem. an essential amino acid, (C8H6N)CH2CH(NH2)COOH, colorless, crystalline, and aromatic, released from proteins by tryptic digestion and a precursor of ...
/truy"sayl'/; Naut. /truy"seuhl/, n. Naut. a triangular or quadrilateral sail having its luff hooped or otherwise bent to a mast, used for lying to or keeping a vessel headed ...
trysail mast
Naut. a small auxiliary mast fastened just abaft the mainmast or foremast of a sailing vessel. [1760-70] * * *
try square © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A carpenter's tool consisting of a ruled metal straightedge set at right angles to a straight piece, used for ...
—tryster, n. /trist, truyst/, n. 1. an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, esp. one made somewhat secretly by lovers. 2. an appointed meeting. 3. an appointed ...
See tryst. * * *
trysting place
a place for a meeting, esp. a secret meeting of lovers; rendezvous. [1625-35] * * *
/truy"werrks'/, n.pl. (in whaling) a furnace in which a kettle (try-pot) is placed for rendering blubber. [1785-95; TRY + WORKS] * * *
▪ region, Norway       geographical region, central Norway, surrounding Trondheims Fjord. Its area of 15,978 square miles (41,383 square km) embraces the counties of ...
1. tool shed. 2. top secret. 3. Also, t.s. Slang (vulgar).tough shit. 4. Informal. transsexual. Also, T.S. * * *
Ts'ai Shen
▪ Chinese deity Pinyin  Cai Shen,  also called  (Wade-Giles romanization) Ts'ai Po Hsing Chün,         the popular Chinese god (or gods) of wealth, widely believed ...
Ts'ao Hsüeh-ch'in
/tsow" shyuue"chin"/, (Ts'ao Chan) c1717-63, Chinese novelist: author of The Dream of the Red Chamber. * * *
Ts'ao Kuo-chiu
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Cao Guojiu,         in Chinese mythology, one of the Pa Hsien, the Eight Immortals of Taoism. Ts'ao is sometimes depicted in official ...
Ts'ao Yü
Chin. /tsow" yyuu"/, Wade-Giles. (Wan Chia-pao). See Cao Yu. * * *
▪ people Chibchan  Tsatchela , also called  Colorado        Indian people of the Pacific coast of Ecuador. They live in the tropical lowlands of the northwest, ...
tsaddik [tsä′dik] n. pl. tsaddikim [tsä dē′kim] 〚Heb〛 alt. sp. of ZADDIK * * *
tsa·de (tsäʹdə, -dē) n. Variant of sadhe. * * *
/tsah"dee/, n. sadhe. * * *
/tseuh koh"nee euhn/, n. a modern Greek dialect spoken on the east coast of the Peloponnesus, descended from the Laconian dialect of ancient Sparta. * * *
/tsah"nah, -neuh/, n. Lake. See Tana, Lake. * * *
Tsa·na (tsäʹnə, -nä), Lake See Tana, Lake. * * *
Tsang, Donald
▪ 2008 born Oct. 7, 1944, Hong Kong  As widely expected, Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang on March 25, 2007, was overwhelmingly reelected to a second term in office, ...
Tsangpo [tsäŋ′pō′] a former transliteration of ZANGBO * * *
Tsankov, Aleksandŭr
▪ prime minister of Bulgaria born 1879, Oriakhova, Bulg. died July 17, 1959, Belgrano, Arg.       politician, prime minister of Bulgaria (1923–26) during years of ...
Tsao Chün
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Zao Jun,         in Chinese mythology, the Furnace Prince whose magical powers of alchemy produced gold dinnerware that conferred ...
Tsao Shen
▪ Chinese mythology Pinyin  Zao Shen,         in Chinese mythology, the god of the kitchen (god of the hearth), who is believed to report to the celestial gods on ...
/zahr, tsahr/, n. czar. * * * or czar Byzantine or Russian emperor. The title, derived from caesar, was used in the Middle Ages to refer to a supreme ruler, particularly the ...
Tsaratanana Massif
/tsahr"euh tah nah"neuh, tsahr'-/ a mountain range in N Madagascar. Highest peak, 9436 ft. (2876 m). * * *
/zahr"deuhm, tsahr"-/, n. czardom. * * *
/zahr"euh vich, tsahr"-/, n. czarevitch. * * *
/zah rev"neuh, tsah-/, n. czarevna. * * *
/zah ree"neuh, tsah-/, n. czarina. * * *
/zahr"iz euhm, tsahr"-/, n. czarism. * * *
/zahr"ist, tsahr"-/, adj., n. czarist. * * *
/zah ris"tik, tsah-/, adj. czarist. * * *
/tseuh reet"sin/; Russ. /tsu rddyee"tsin/, n. a former name of Volgograd. * * *
/zah rit"seuh, tsah-/, n. czaritza. * * *
/tsahts"keuh/, n. Slang. tchotchke. * * *
Tsavo National Park
Park, southeastern Kenya, east of Mount Kilimanjaro. Established in 1948, it covers 8,036 sq mi (20,812 sq km) and is Kenya's largest national park. It comprises semiarid plains ...
/tsah"veuh ruyt', sah"-/, n. a green variety of grossularite, found in Kenya in 1975 and used as a gem. [named after Tsavo National Park, Kenya, near where it was found; see ...
/chuy kawf"skee, -kof"-/; Russ. /chyee kawf"skyee/, n. Peter Ilyich /il"yich/. See Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich. Also, Tschaikowsky, Chaikovski. * * *
Tschaikowsky TCHAIKOVSKY Peter Ilich * * *
Tschermak von Seysenegg, Erich
born Nov. 15, 1871, Vienna, Austria died Oct. 11, 1962, Vienna Austrian botanist. He was one of the codiscoverers of Gregor Mendel's classic papers on heredity and the garden ...
Tscherning, Anton Frederik
▪ Danish politician born Dec. 12, 1795, Frederiksværk, Den. died June 29, 1874, Copenhagen       military reformer and radical champion of democracy in ...
/cher"neuh zem'/; Russ. /chyirdd nu zyawm"/, n. chernozem. Also, tschernozem, tshernosem. * * *
Tschichold, Jan
▪ German typographer and author born April 2, 1902, Leipzig, Germany died August 11, 1974, Locarno, Switzerland       German typographer and author who played a seminal ...
Tschudi, Gilg
▪ Swiss historian also called Aegidius born Feb. 5, 1505, Glarus, Switz. died Feb. 28, 1572, Glarus       Swiss humanist and scholar, the author of a chronicle of ...
See transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. * * * (as used in expressions) Hung tse Hu Lin Tse hsü Mao Tse tung * * *
Tsegaye, Gabre-Medhin
▪ 2007 Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin        Ethiopian poet and playwright (b. Aug. 17, 1936, Boda, near Ambo, Eth.—Feb. 25, 2006, New York, N.Y.), was Ethiopia's poet laureate ...
/tseuh lin"euh grad', -grahd', -lee"neuh-/, n. a former name of Akmola. * * *
Tseng Kuo-fan
/dzung" gwaw"fahn"/ 1811-72, Chinese general and statesman. * * * ▪ Chinese official Introduction Pinyin  Zeng Guofan,  canonized name  (Wade-Giles) Wen-cheng  born Nov. ...
tsetse fly
/tset"see, tet"-, tsee"tsee, tee"-/ any of several bloodsucking African flies of the genus Glossina, that act as a vector of sleeping sickness and other trypanosome infections of ...
tset·se disease (tsĕʹtsē, tsēʹ-) n. See nagana. * * *
tsetse fly n. Any of several two-winged bloodsucking African flies of the genus Glossina, often carrying and transmitting pathogenic trypanosomes to humans and ...
▪ Mongolia also spelled  Tsetserlik, or Tsetserlig,         town, central Mongolia. It lies on the northeastern slopes of the Hangayn Mountains, 250 miles (400 km) ...
▪ Togo       town, southern Togo, West Africa. It is located about 20 miles (32 km) north of Lomé, the national capital. The town constitutes an important centre for ...
TSgt abbrev. Technical Sergeant * * * TSgt abbr. technical sergeant. * * *
thyroid-stimulating hormone. Cf. thyrotropin. * * *
Tshangs-pa Dkar-po
      in Tibetan Buddhism, one of the eight fierce protection deities. See dharmapāla. * * *
/chwee, chee/, n. Twi. * * *
▪ Democratic Republic of the Congo       village, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo), on the Kasai River, about 30 miles (50 km) north of the Angolan border. A ...
/chi looh"beuh/, n. Luba (def. 2). * * *
/chom"bay/, n. Moise Kapenda /moh ees" keuh pen"deuh/, 1919-69, African political leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: prime minister 1964-65. * * *
Tshombe, Moise
▪ African politician in full  Moise-Kapenda Tshombe  born Nov. 10, 1919, Musumba, Belgian Congo [now Democratic Republic of the Congo] died June 29, 1969, Algiers, ...
Tshombe, Moise (-Kapenda)
born Nov. 10, 1919, Musumba, Belgian Congo died June 29, 1969, Algiers, Alg. President of the secessionist African state of Katanga (1960–63) and premier of the united Congo ...
Tshwete, Stephen Vukile
▪ 2003       South African activist and politician (b. Nov. 12, 1938, Springs, S.Af.—d. April 26, 2002, Pretoria, S.Af.), was political commissioner of Umkhonto we ...
tons per square inch. * * *
Tsiao·tso (jyouʹjōʹ) See Jiaozuo. * * *
Tsien, Roger Y.
▪ American chemist born Feb. 1, 1952, New York, N.Y., U.S.       American chemist who was a corecipient, with Osamu Shimomura (Shimomura, Osamu) and Martin Chalfie ...
▪ people       a Malagasy people living in mountainous north central Madagascar. The Tsimihety (“Those Who Never Cut Their Hair”) were originally sedentary mountain ...
Tsimlyansk Reservoir
▪ reservoir, Russia Russian  Tsimlyanskoye Vodokhranilishche,         reservoir created by a giant barrage (dam) at the great bend of the Don River, near the town of ...
/tsim"is/, n. tzimmes. * * *
/chim"shee euhn, tsim"-/, n., pl. Tsimshians, (esp. collectively) Tsimshian. 1. a member of an American Indian people of the coastal region of British Columbia. 2. the Penutian ...
Chin. /jin/, n. Chin (def. 1). * * *
Chin. /jee"nahn"/, n. Older Spelling. Jinan. * * *

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