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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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See tolerability. * * *
See tolerability. * * *
/tol"euhr euhns/, n. 1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from ...
—tolerantly, adv. /tol"euhr euhnt/, adj. 1. inclined or disposed to tolerate; showing tolerance; forbearing: tolerant of errors. 2. favoring toleration: a tolerant church. 3. ...
See tolerant. * * *
—tolerative, adj. —tolerator, n. /tol"euh rayt'/, v.t., tolerated, tolerating. 1. to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; ...
—tolerationism, n. —tolerationist, n. /tol'euh ray"sheuhn/, n. 1. an act or instance of tolerating, esp. of what is not actually approved; forbearance: to show toleration ...
Toleration Act
Eng. Hist. See Act of Toleration. * * * (1689) Act of the British Parliament that granted freedom of worship to Nonconformists, allowing them their own places of worship and ...
Toleration, Edict of
▪ Holy Roman Empire German  Toleranzpatent        (Oct. 19, 1781), law promulgated by the Holy Roman emperor Joseph II granting limited freedom of worship to ...
See tolerate. * * *
See tolerative. * * *
/tohl"wair'/, n. articles made of tole. [TOLE1 + WARE1] * * * ▪ metalwork  any object of japanned (varnished) tinplate and pewter. The term is derived from the French name ...
▪ Madagascar also spelled  Toliary , formerly  Tuléar    town, southwestern Madagascar. The town is a port on Saint-Augustin Bay of the Mozambique Channel and serves ...
/tol"i deen', -din/, n. Chem. any of several isomeric derivatives of biphenyl containing two methyl and two amino groups, esp. the ortho isomer that is used as a reagent and in ...
/taw lee"mah/, n. a volcano in W Colombia, in the Andes. 18,438 ft. (5620 m). * * * ▪ department, Colombia  departamento, central Colombia, extending from the Andean ...
/tohl"keen, tol"-/, n. J(ohn) R(onald) R(euel) /rooh"euhl/, 1892-1973, English novelist, philologist, and teacher, born in South Africa. * * *
Tolkien, J(ohn) R(onald) R(euel)
Tol·kien (tōlʹkēn', tŏlʹ-), J(ohn) R(onald) R(euel). 1892-1973. British philologist and writer of the fantasies The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955). * ...
Tolkien, J.R.R.
▪ English author in full  John Ronald Reuel Tolkien  born January 3, 1892, Bloemfontein, South Africa died September 2, 1973, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England  English ...
To speak. Metathesized form *tlokʷ-. locution, loquacious; allocution, circumlocution, colloquium, colloquy, elocution, grandiloquence, interlocution, magniloquent, obloquy, ...
toll1 /tohl/, n. 1. a payment or fee exacted by the state, the local authorities, etc., for some right or privilege, as for passage along a road or over a bridge. 2. the extent ...
toll bar
a barrier, esp. a gate, across a road or bridge, where toll is collected. [1805-15] * * *
toll bridge
a bridge at which a toll is charged. [1765-75] * * *
toll call
any telephone call involving a higher base rate than that fixed for a local message. [1925-30] * * *
toll collector
a person or device collecting or registering tolls. [1815-25] * * *
toll line
a telephone line for long-distance calls. * * *
toll road
a road or highway on which a toll is exacted. [1815-25] * * *
toll road,
➡ tollroad * * *
toll thorough
Brit. a payment exacted by a municipal government for the right to use a highway, bridge, or the like; toll. [1660-70] * * *
toll traverse
Brit. a payment made for the right to cross privately owned property. * * *
/tohl"free"/, adj. 1. made, used, provided, etc., without tolls or a charge: a toll-free highway; a toll-free phone number. adv. 2. free of charge: to call toll-free. [1965-70] * ...
/toh"lij/, n. 1. toll; tax. 2. exaction or payment of toll. [1485-95; TOLL1 + -AGE] * * *
▪ county, Connecticut, United States       county, north-central Connecticut, U.S. It is bordered to the north by Massachusetts and consists of an upland region ...
/tohl"boohth', -boohdh'/, n., pl. tollbooths /-boohdhz', -boohths'/. 1. a booth, as at a bridge or the entrance to a toll road, where a toll is collected. 2. Chiefly Scot. ...
toll bridge n. A bridge at which a toll is charged for crossing. * * *
toll call n. A telephone call for which a higher rate is charged than that standard for a local call. * * *
toller1 /toh"leuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that tolls. 2. Also called tolling dog. a small dog trained to entice ducks into shooting range or a trap. 3. a person who tolls a ...
/taw"leuhr, tol"euhr/; Ger. /taw"leuhrdd/, n. Ernst /errnst/; Ger. /erddnst/, 1893-1939, German dramatist. * * *
Toller, Ernst
▪ German writer born Dec. 1, 1893, Samotschin, Ger. died May 22, 1939, New York, N.Y., U.S.  dramatist, poet, and political activist, who was a prominent exponent of Marxism ...
/tohl"gayt'/, n. a gate where toll is collected. [1765-75; TOLL1 + GATE] * * *
/tohl"gadh'euhr euhr/, n. a person who collects tolls, taxes, or other imposts. [1350-1400; ME tol gaderer. See TOLL1, GATHERER] * * *
/tohl"hows'/, n., pl. tollhouses /-how'ziz/. a house or booth at a tollgate, occupied by a tollkeeper. [1400-50; late ME tolhowse. See TOLL1, HOUSE] * * *
tollhouse cookie
a crisp cookie containing bits of chocolate and sometimes chopped nuts. [1970-75] * * *
tolling dog
toller1 (def. 2). [1865-70] * * *
/tohl"kee'peuhr/, n. the collector at a tollgate. [1815-25; TOLL1 + KEEPER] * * *
/tohl"meuhn/, n., pl. tollmen. a tollkeeper. [1735-45; TOLL1 + -MAN] * * *
(also toll road, AmE tollway, turnpike) n a road that drivers must pay to use. In the US such roads are now mostly motorways/freeways. The money may be collected from drivers as ...
Tollund man
/toh"leuhnd/ the perfectly preserved remains of an Iron Age man, hanged and thrown into a bog at Tollund, in Jutland, Denmark: discovered in 1950. * * *
/tohl"way'/, n. toll road. [1945-50; TOLL1 + WAY1] * * *
➡ roads and road signs * * *
/tol"ee/, n., pl. tollies. Brit. Slang. candle (def. 1). [1850-55; alter. of TALLOW] * * *
Tolman, Edward C(hace)
born April 14, 1886, West Newton, Mass., U.S. died Nov. 19, 1959, Berkeley, Calif. U.S. psychologist. He taught at the University of California at Berkeley (1918–54). ...
Tolman, Edward C.
▪ American psychologist in full  Edward Chace Tolman  born April 14, 1886, West Newton, Massachusetts, U.S. died November 19, 1959, Berkeley, ...
Tolman, Richard C
▪ American physicist born March 4, 1881, West Newton, Mass., U.S. died Sept. 5, 1948, Pasadena, Calif.       U.S. physical chemist and physicist who demonstrated the ...
▪ county, Hungary       megye (county), south-central Hungary. It lies in the southern part of Transdanubia and borders the counties of Fejér to the north, ...
/tawl naf"tayt, tol-/, n. Pharm. an antifungal substance, C19H17NOS, used topically in the treatment of certain superficial fungal skin infections, as athlete's foot. [TOL(UYL) + ...
Tolpuddle Martyrs
the name given to six farm workers from the village of Tolpuddle in Dorset, England, when they were found guilty in 1834 of illegal trade union activity. They were punished by ...
Tolson, Melvin
▪ American poet in full  Melvin Beaunorus Tolson   born Feb. 6, 1898, Moberly, Mo., U.S. died Aug. 29, 1966, Dallas, Texas?       African-American poet who worked ...
See Tolstoyan. * * *
—Tolstoyan, Tolstoian, adj., n. —Tolstoyism, n. —Tolstoyist, n. /tohl"stoy, tol"-/; Russ. /tul stoy"/, n. Leo or Lev Nikolaevich /lev nik'euh luy"euh vich'/; Russ. /lyef" ...
Tolstoy, Aleksey (Konstantinovich), Count
born Sept. 5, 1817, St. Petersburg, Russia died Oct. 10, 1875, Krasny Rog Russian poet, novelist, and dramatist. A distant relative of Leo Tolstoy, he held various court posts. ...
Tolstoy, Aleksey (Nikolayevich), Count
born Jan. 10, 1883, Nikolayevsk, Russia died Feb. 23, 1945, Moscow Russian writer. Distantly related to the great novelist Leo Tolstoy, he supported the anti-Bolshevik White ...
Tolstoy, Aleksey Konstantinovich, Graf
▪ Russian writer (Count) born Sept. 5 [Aug. 24, old style], 1817, St. Petersburg died Oct. 10 [Sept. 28, O.S.], 1875, Krasny Rog, Russia  Russian poet, novelist, and ...
Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich, Graf
▪ Soviet writer (Count) born Jan. 10, [Dec. 29, 1882, old style], 1883, Nikolayevsk, Russia died Feb. 23, 1945, Moscow       novelist and short-story writer, a former ...
Tolstoy, Dmitry Andreyevich, Graf
▪ Russian statesman (Count) born March 13 [March 1, old style], 1823, Moscow died May 7 [April 25, O.S.], 1889, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire       tsarist Russian ...
Tolstoy, Leo
Russian Lev Nikolayevich, Count Tolstoy born Sept. 9, 1828, Yasnaya Polyana, Tula province, Russian Empire died Nov. 20, 1910, Astapovo, Ryazan province Russian writer, one of ...
Tolstoy, Pyotr Andreyevich, Count
▪ Russian statesman (Graf) born 1645, Russia died 1729, Solovetsky Monastery, Solovetsky Island, in the White Sea, Russian Empire       diplomat and statesman who was ...
Tolstoy,Count Leo
Tol·stoy or Tol·stoi (tōlʹstoi, tŏlʹ-, təl-stoiʹ), Count Leo or Lev Nikolayevich 1828-1910. Russian writer and philosopher whose great novels War and Peace (1864-1869) ...
See Tolstoy, Count Leo. * * *
/tohl"tek, tol"-/, n., pl. Toltecs, (esp. collectively) Toltec, adj. n. 1. a member of an Indian people living in central Mexico before the advent of the Aztecs and traditionally ...
/taw looh", teuh-/, n. 1. Also called tolu balsam, balsam of tolu, tolu resin. a fragrant, yellowish-brown balsam or resin obtained from a South American leguminous tree, ...
tolu resin
tolu. * * *
tolu tree
tolu tree n. the tree that yields tolu * * *
/tol"yooh ayt'/, n. Chem. a salt or ester of any of the four isomeric toluic acids. [1855-60; TOLU(IC ACID) + -ATE2] * * *
/taw looh"kah/, n. 1. a city in and the capital of Mexico state, in S central Mexico. 141,726. 2. an extinct volcano in central Mexico, in Mexico state. 15,026 ft. (4580 m). * * ...
/tol"yooh een'/, n. Chem. a colorless, water-insoluble, flammable liquid, C7H8, having a benzenelike odor, obtained chiefly from coal tar and petroleum: used as a solvent in the ...
toluene trichloride
Chem. benzotrichloride. * * *
toluene trifluoride
Chem. benzotrifluoride. * * *
/teuh looh"ik, tol"yooh ik/, adj. Chem. of or derived from toluic acid. [1855-60; TOLU(ENE) + -IC] * * *
toluic acid
Chem. any of four isomeric acids having the formula CH3C6H4COOH: derivatives of toluene. [1870-75] * * *
to·lu·ic acid (tə-lo͞oʹĭk) n. Any of three isomeric acids, C8H8O2, derived from toluene.   [toluene + -ic.] * * *
toluide [tə lo͞o′i dīd΄täl′yo͞o īd΄] n. any of a class of chemical compounds having the general formula RCONHC6H4CH3, derived from the toluidines by the substitution ...
/teuh looh"i deen', -din/, n. Chem. any of three isomeric amines having the formula C7H9N, derived from toluene: used in the dye and drug industries. Cf. metatoluidine, ...
toluidine blue
toluidine blue n. a dark green powder, C15H16N3SCl·ZnCl2, used in dyeing textiles, as a biological stain, as a coagulant in medicine, etc. * * *
/tol"yooh ohl', -awl'/, n. Chem. 1. toluene. 2. the commercial form of toluene. [1835-45; TOLU + -OL2] * * *
toluyl [täl′yo͞o il] n. 〚 TOLU( + -YL〛 the monovalent radical CH3C6H5CO * * *
/tawl yah"tee/; Russ. /tu lyaht"tyi/, n. a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, on the Volga River. 630,000. Formerly, Stavropol. * * * ▪ Russia formerly (until 1964) ...
/tol"il/, adj. Chem. containing a tolyl group; cresyl. [1865-70; TOL(UENE) + -YL] * * *
tolyl group
Chem. any of three univalent, isomeric groups having the formula C7H7-, derived from toluene. Also called tolyl radical. * * *
/tom/, n. 1. the male of various animals, as the turkey. 2. a tomcat. [1755-65; generic use of TOM] * * * (as used in expressions) Clancy Tom Clark Tom Cruise Tom Hanks ...
/tom/, n., v., Tommed, Tomming. n. 1. See Uncle Tom. 2. a male given name, form of Thomas. v.i. 3. (often l.c.) to act like an Uncle Tom. * * * (as used in expressions) Clancy ...
Tom and Jerry
a hot drink made of rum and water or milk, beaten eggs, spices, and sugar. [1820-30; named after the principal characters in Life in London (1821) by Pierce Egan (d. 1849), ...
Tom Brokaw
➡ Brokaw * * *
Tom Brown’s Schooldays
a novel (1857) by the English author Thomas Hughes (1822–96) about a young boy growing up at Rugby School, where Hughes himself was a pupil. A real headmaster of Rugby, Dr ...
Tom Clancy
➡ Clancy * * *
Tom Collins
a tall drink containing gin, lemon or lime juice, and carbonated water, sweetened and served with ice. [1905-10; said to have been named after its inventor] * * *
Tom Cruise
➡ Cruise * * *
Tom Finney
➡ Finney (II) * * *
Tom Hanks
➡ Hanks * * *
Tom Jones
a novel (1749) by Henry Fielding. * * *
Tom Mix
➡ Mix * * *
Tom o'Bedlam
/tom" euh bed"leuhm/, pl. o'Bedlams. a roving beggar afflicted with or feigning madness. [1595-1605] * * *
Tom Price
▪ Western Australia, Australia       mining town, northwestern Western Australia, in the Hamersley Range area near Mount Tom Price, the site of major high-grade ...
Tom Sawyer
(The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)a novel (1876) by Mark Twain. * * *
Tom Sharpe
➡ Sharpe * * *
Tom Smothers
➡ Smothers Brothers * * *
Tom Stoppard
➡ Stoppard * * *
Tom Thumb
1. a diminutive hero of folk tales. 2. an extremely small person; dwarf. 3. General, nickname of Charles Sherwood Stratton. * * *
Tom Waits
➡ Waits * * *
Tom Wolfe
➡ Wolfe (IV) * * *
Tom, Dick, and Harry
the ordinary person; people generally; everyone: They invited every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party. [1805-15] * * *
Tom, Dick,and Harry
Tom, Dick, and Harry n. Informal Anybody at all; a member of the public at large: It's not a smart idea to admit every Tom, Dick, and Harry to the party. * * *
/tom"tom'/, n. 1. a drum of American Indian or Asian origin, commonly played with the hands. 2. a dully repetitious drumbeat or similar sound. Also, tam-tam. [1685-95; < Hindi ...
—tomahawker, n. /tom"euh hawk'/, n. 1. a light ax used by the North American Indians as a weapon and tool. 2. any of various similar weapons or implements. 3. (in Australia) a ...
▪ Japan       city, southern Hokkaido, Japan, facing the Pacific Ocean. The city was a regional transport and commerce centre in the early 19th century. A pulp and paper ...
/tom"al'ee/, n., pl. tomalleys. Cookery. the liver of a lobster. [1660-70; earlier taumali < Carib] * * *
/teuh mahn"/, n. a coin of Iran, equal to 10 rials. [1560-70; < Pers toman, tuman < Turkic tümen ten thousand] * * *
Tomand Jerry
Tom and Jerry n. pl. Tom and Jerries A hot drink consisting of rum or another liquor, a beaten egg, milk or water, sugar, and spices.   [After Corinthian Tom and Jerry ...
▪ Portugal  city and concelho (municipality), central Portugal, on the Nabão River, a tributary of the Zêzere, northeast of Lisbon. The city contains the 12th-century ...
Tomara Dynasty
▪ Indian dynasty       one of the minor early medieval ruling houses of northern India. The family is known from scattered sources, and it is impossible to reconstruct ...
(as used in expressions) Alea Tomás Gutiérrez Masaryk Tomás Garrigue Torquemada Tomás de Victoria Tomás Luis de * * *
Tomasek, Frantisek
▪ Roman Catholic cardinal born June 30, 1899, Studénka, Moravia, Austrian Empire [now in Czech Republic] died Aug. 4, 1992, Prague, Czech.       Roman Catholic ...
Tomasi di Lampedusa, Giuseppe
▪ Italian author born Dec. 23, 1896, Palermo, Sicily, Italy died July 23, 1957, Rome       Italian author, duke of Palma, and prince of Lampedusa, internationally ...
Tomasi Kulimoetoke II
▪ 2008       Wallisian monarch born July 26, 1918 , Mata-Utu, Wallis [Uvea] Island died May 7, 2007 , Mata-Utu as the 50th lavelua (paramount chief, or king, of ...
Tomaszów Mazowiecki
▪ Poland       city, Łódzkie województwo (province), central Poland, on the Pilica River. A textile centre, the city contains synthetic-silk factories as well as ...
/toh'meuh tee"oh, -teel"yoh/, n., pl. tomatilloes, tomatillos. a plant, Physalis ixocarpa, of the nightshade family, native to Mexico, having yellow flowers with five blackish ...
/teuh may"toh, -mah"-/, n., pl. tomatoes. 1. any of several plants belonging to the genus Lycopersicon, of the nightshade family, native to Mexico and Central and South America, ...
tomato aspic
aspic1 (def. 2). * * *
tomato eggplant.
See scarlet eggplant. * * *
tomato fruitworm
/frooht"werrm'/. See corn earworm. [1890-95] * * *
tomato hornworm
the larva of a hawk moth, Manduca quinquemaculata, having a black, hornlike structure at the rear, that feeds on the leaves of tomato, potato, and other plants of the nightshade ...
tomato ketchup
➡ ketchup. * * *
tomato ketchup,
➡ ketchup * * *
tomato psyllid.
See potato psyllid. * * *
tomato sauce
➡ ketchup. * * *
See tomato. * * *
tomato fruit·worm (fro͞otʹwûrm') n. The destructive larva of a noctuid moth (Heliothis zea) of the United States that burrows into the fruit of tomato plants. * * *
tomato hornworm n. The destructive larva of a North American hawk moth (Manduca quinquemaculata) that feeds on the leaves of tomato plants. * * *
—tombal, adj. —tombless, adj. —tomblike, adj. /toohm/, n. 1. an excavation in earth or rock for the burial of a corpse; grave. 2. a mausoleum, burial chamber, or the ...
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
➡ Tomb of the Unknown Warrior * * *
Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
(also the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) ➡ Unknown Warrior. * * *
Tomb of the Unknowns
➡ Unknown Warrior * * *
Tomb of the Unknowns.
See under Unknown Soldier. * * *
Tomb Raider
➡ PlayStation * * * ▪ electronic game       action game created in 1996 by British electronic game developers Core Design in partnership with Eidos Interactive Ltd. ...
Tomba, Alberto
born Dec. 19, 1966, San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy Italian Alpine skier. Tomba was born near Bologna and learned to ski there. He won three Olympic gold medals (1988, slalom and ...
Tom·ba (tōmʹbä), Alberto. Born 1966. Italian alpine skier who won five medals in three Olympic games. He was the first to win consecutive gold medals in the giant slalom ...
/tom"bak/, n. an alloy, used to imitate gold, containing from 70 to 92 percent copper with zinc and sometimes tin and other materials forming the remainder. Also, ...
/tawm'bahl bah"ye/, n. François Fr. /frddahonn swann"/ 1918-75, African statesman: president of the Republic of Chad 1960-75. * * *
▪ region, Guinea-Bissau       region located in southern Guinea-Bissau. The Tombali River flows east-west in the western part of the region, while the Cumbijã River ...
/tom"baw/, n. Clyde William, 1906-97, U.S. astronomer: discovered the planet Pluto 1930. * * *
Tombaugh, Clyde W.
▪ American astronomer in full  Clyde William Tombaugh   born Feb. 4, 1906, Streator, Ill., U.S. died Jan. 17, 1997, Las Cruces, N.M.       American astronomer who ...
Tombaugh, Clyde William
▪ 1998       American astronomer (b. Feb. 4, 1906, Streator, Ill.—d. Jan. 17, 1997, Las Cruces, N.M.), discovered the planet Pluto, the ninth planet in the solar ...
Tombaugh,Clyde William
Tom·baugh (tŏmʹbô'), Clyde William. 1906-1997. American astronomer who discovered the planet Pluto (1930). * * *
/tom bay"/; Fr. /tawonn bay"/, n., pl. tombés /-bayz"/; Fr. /-bay"/. Ballet. a step in which a dancer falls from one leg to the other, landing with all the weight on the foot ...
/tom big"bee/, n. a river flowing S through NE Mississippi and SW Alabama to the Mobile River. 525 mi. (845 km) long. * * *
Tombigbee River
River, Alabama, U.S. Formed by the confluence of the river's eastern and western forks near Amory, Miss. , it crosses the Alabama border western of Carrollton and flows south ...
▪ land register       (Portuguese: “register of grants”), register of landholdings in Ceylon, compiled in the early 17th century under the Portuguese, and in the ...
/tom"beuh leuh/, n. Brit. house (def. 19). [1875-80; < It, deriv. of tombolare to tumble, itself deriv. of tombare to fall] * * *
/tom"beuh loh'/, n., pl. tombolos. a sand bar connecting an island to the mainland or to another island. [1899; < It < L tumulus mound. See TUMULUS] * * * ▪ ...
/tawonn boohk tooh"/, n. Timbuktu. * * *
—tomboyish, adj. —tomboyishly, adv. —tomboyishness, n. /tom"boy'/, n. an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, esp. in games and sports, are ...
/toohm"stohn'/, n. a stone marker, usually inscribed, on a tomb or grave. [1555-65; TOMB + STONE] * * * City (pop., 2000: 1,504), southeastern Arizona, U.S. The site was named ...
tombstone ad
a boxed advertisement without artwork or illustrations, esp. one announcing an issue of a stock or bond. * * *
/tom"kat'/, n., v., tomcatted, tomcatting. n. 1. a male cat. 2. Slang. a woman-chaser. v.i. 3. Slang. (of a man) to pursue women in order to make sexual conquests (often fol. by ...
/tom"kod'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) tomcod, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) tomcods. 1. either of two small cods, Microgadus tomcod, of the Atlantic Ocean, ...
Tom Collins n. A drink consisting of gin, lemon or lime juice, carbonated water, and sugar.   [From the name Tom Collins.] * * *
/tohm/, n. 1. a book, esp. a very heavy, large, or learned book. 2. a volume forming a part of a larger work. [1510-20; < F < L tomus < Gk tómos slice, piece, roll of paper, ...
/teuh men"tohs, toh"meuhn tohs'/, adj. Bot., Entomol. closely covered with down or matted hair. [1690-1700; < NL tomentosus. See TOMENTUM, -OSE1] * * *
/teuh men"teuhm/, n., pl. tomenta /-teuh/. Bot., Entomol. pubescence consisting of longish, soft, entangled hairs pressed close to the surface. [1690-1700; < NL tomentum, L: ...
—tomfoolish, adj. —tomfoolishness, n. /tom"foohl"/, n. 1. a grossly foolish or stupid person; a silly fool. adj. 2. being or characteristic of a tomfool. [1325-75; ME Thome ...
/tom'fooh"leuh ree/, n., pl. tomfooleries. 1. foolish or silly behavior; tomfoolishness. 2. a silly act, matter, or thing. [1805-15; TOMFOOL + -ERY] Syn. 1. foolishness, ...
▪ Japan       city, south-central Gumma ken (prefecture), central Honshu, Japan, on the Kabura River, west of Takasaki. Situated on a local railway between Takasaki and ...
Tomioka Tessai
▪ Japanese artist original name  Tomioka Dōsetsu , also called  Tomioka Yūsuke , or  Hyakuren  born Jan. 25, 1837, Kyōto died Dec. 31, 1924, Kyōto  Japanese artist ...
/tom"iz euhm/, n. See Uncle Tomism. * * *
—tomial, adj. /toh"mee euhm/, n., pl. tomia /-mee euh/. the cutting edge of a bird's bill. [1825-35; < NL, equiv. to Gk tóm(os) a cutting (see TOME) + NL -ium -IUM] * * *
Tomkins, Thomas
▪ English composer and organist born 1572, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales—buried June 9, 1656, Martin Hussingtree, Worcester, Eng.       English composer and ...
Tomlin, Bradley Walker
▪ American painter born August 19, 1899, Syracuse, New York, U.S. died May 11, 1953, New York City       American artist whose paintings introduced an elegiac tone to ...
/tom"lin seuhn/, n. Henry Major, 1873-1958, English journalist and novelist. * * *
Tomlinson, Charles
▪ English poet in full  Alfred Charles Tomlinson  born Jan. 8, 1927, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Eng.       English poet whose best work expresses his perceptions ...
Tomlinson, H M
▪ English writer born June 21, 1873, London died Feb. 5, 1958, London       English novelist and essayist who wrote naturally and with feeling about London, the sea, ...
Tomlinson, Jane
▪ 2008 Jane Emily Goward        British cancer activist and fund-raiser born Feb. 21, 1964 , Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Eng. died Sept. 3, 2007, Leeds, West ...
Tomlinson, LaDainian
▪ 2007       On Dec. 10, 2006, San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson romped into the National Football League (NFL) record books with his 29th touchdown of ...
/tom'euh see"nee/; It. /tawm'mah zee"nee/, n. Vicenzo /vee chen"dzaw/, 1880-1950, Italian composer. * * *
(as used in expressions) Tommaso Di Giovanni Di Simone Guidi Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini Domenico di Tommaso Bigordi Marinetti Filippo Tommaso Emilio Tommaso Parentucelli * * *
/tom"ee/, n., pl. tommies. Brit. 1. (sometimes cap.) See Tommy Atkins. 2. Slang. bread, esp. brown bread, or rations, as formerly distributed to troops and workers. [1775-85; by ...
/tom"ee/, n. 1. a male given name, form of Thomas. 2. Also, Tommie, Tommye. a female given name, form of Thomasina. * * *
Tommy (Thomas) Atkins
➡ Tommy (I) * * *
Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
➡ Dorsey * * *
Tommy Atkins
pl. Tommy Atkins. Brit. 1. any private of the British army. 2. one of the rank and file of any organization or group. * * *
Tommy Cooper
➡ Cooper (V) * * *
Tommy gun
1. See Thompson submachine gun. 2. any submachine gun. [1920-25; by shortening] * * *
Tommy Steele
➡ Steele (II) * * *
/tom"e aks'/, Australia and New Zealand. a tomahawk. [1895-1900; prob. by false analysis as tommy-hawk] * * *
/tom"ee kod'/, n. tomcod. [1875-80; TOMMY (see TOMCOD) + COD1] * * *
Tommy gun n. Informal A Thompson submachine gun. * * *
/tom"ee rot'/, n. nonsense; utter foolishness. [1880-85; tommy simpleton (see TOMFOOL) + ROT] Syn. bosh, rot, rubbish, balderdash. * * *
/tom"ee toh'/, n. Chiefly Tennessee and Georgia. a cherry tomato. [appar. dial. form of TOMATO] * * *
a combining form meaning "a cut, section," used in the formation of compound words: tomography. [comb. form repr. Gk tómos a cut, section; cf. -TOME] * * *
/toh"meuh gram'/, n. Med. the visual record produced by tomography. [1935-40; TOMO- + -GRAM1] * * *
—tomographic /toh'meuh graf"ik/, adj. —tomographically, adv. —tomography /teuh mog"reuh fee/, n. /toh"meuh graf', -grahf'/, n. a machine for making an x-ray of a selected ...
See tomogram. * * *
tomography [tə mäg′rə fē] n. 〚< Gr tomos, a piece cut off (see -TOMY) + -GRAPHY〛 a process for producing an image of a single plane of an object excluding all other ...
/taw'maw nah"gah/, n. Shinichiro /shee"nee chee rddaw"/, 1906-79, Japanese physicist: Nobel prize 1965. * * *
Tomonaga Shin'ichirō
▪ Japanese physicist Shin'ichirō also spelled  Sin-itiro  born March 31, 1906, Kyōto, Japan died July 8, 1979, Tokyo  Japanese physicist, joint winner, with Richard P. ...
/teuh mawr"oh, -mor"oh/, n. 1. the day following today: Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. 2. a future period or time: the stars of tomorrow. adv. 3. on the morrow; on the day ...
/tom"pee euhn/, n. tampion. * * *
Tompion, Thomas
(baptized July 25, 1639, Northill, Bedfordshire, Eng. died Nov. 20, 1713, London) British clockmaker. Working closely with Robert Hooke and Edward Barlow, he made one of the ...
/tomp"kinz/, n. Daniel D., 1774-1825, U.S. politician and jurist: vice president of the U.S. 1817-25. * * * ▪ county, New York, United States       county, west-central ...
Tompkins, Daniel D.
born June 21, 1774, Scarsdale, N.Y., U.S. died June 11, 1825, Staten Island, N.Y. U.S. politician. He served on the state supreme court (1804–07). As governor (1807–17), he ...
/tomsk/; Russ. /tawmsk/, n. a city in the central Russian Federation in Asia, E of the Ob River. 502,000. * * * ▪ Russia       city and administrative centre of Tomsk ...
/tom"tayt/, n. a grunt, Haemulon aurolineatum, inhabiting waters off the West Indies and Florida. [1890-95, Amer.; orig. uncert.] * * *       any of certain fishes of the ...
Tom Thumb n. 1. A hero of English folklore, who was no bigger than his father's thumb. 2. A person of very small physical stature. * * *
/tom"tit'/, n. Brit. Dial. 1. a titmouse. 2. any of various other small birds, as the wren. [1700-10; TOM (THUMB) + TIT1] * * *
ton1 /tun/, n. 1. a unit of weight, equivalent to 2000 pounds (0.907 metric ton) avoirdupois (short ton) in the U.S. and 2240 pounds (1.016 metric tons) avoirdupois (long ton) in ...
Ton Duc Thang
▪ president of Vietnam born Aug. 19, 1888, Long Xuyen province, Vietnam died March 30, 1980, Hanoi       Communist leader who succeeded Ho Chi Minh as president of the ...
/tun"fawrs", -fohrs"/, n. two thousand pound-force. Abbr.: tonf * * *
—ton-mileage, n. /tun"muyl"/, n. a unit of freight transportation measurement equivalent to a ton of freight transported one mile. [1900-05] * * *
      (diminutive of Spanish tonada, a type of solo song), genre of short, satirical musical comedy highly popular in 18th-century Spain. It originated as a song that was ...
—tonally, adv. /tohn"l/, adj. Music. pertaining to or having tonality. [1770-80; < ML tonalis. See TONE, -AL1] * * *
/tohn"l ist/, n. a person who works with or uses tonality, esp. one who uses traditional tonality rather than atonality in composing music. [1900-05; TONAL + -IST] * * *
—tonalitive, adj. /toh nal"i tee/, n., pl. tonalities. 1. Music. a. the sum of relations, melodic and harmonic, existing between the tones of a scale or musical system. b. a ...
See tonal. * * *
▪ Mesoamerican almanac       260-day sacred almanac of many ancient Mesoamerican cultures (Mesoamerican civilization), including the Maya, Mixtec, and Aztec. Used as ...
Sun deity of the Aztecs and Nahuas. According to most myths, there were four eras that preceded the era of Tonatiuh, each of which ended by cataclysm. He was viewed as a god ...
/ton'euh won"deuh/, n. a city in NW New York, near Buffalo. 18,693. * * *
Tonawanda–North Tonawanda
▪ New York, United States       twin industrial cities, in Erie and Niagara counties, western New York, U.S. They lie at the junction of the New York State Canal ...
Tonbridge and Malling
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       borough (district), administrative and historic county of Kent, England, on the River Medway southeast of London. It lies to ...
Tondern lace
      lace made at Tønder (German: Tondern), Den., in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Bobbin-made laces with flower designs similar to those of Mechlin lace were ...
/ton"doh/; It. /tawn"daw/, n., pl. tondi /-dee/. a round painting or relief. [1885-90; < It: plate, circle, round painting, deriv. of the adj.: round, by aphesis for rotondo, < L ...
Tondou Massif
▪ plateau region, Central African Republic French  Massif du Tondou,         plateau region in the eastern Central African Republic, near the border with The Sudan. ...
—toneless, adj. —tonelessly, adv. —tonelessness, n. /tohn/, n., v., toned, toning. n. 1. any sound considered with reference to its quality, pitch, strength, source, etc.: ...
tone arm
the free-swinging bracket of a phonograph containing the pickup. Also, tonearm. Also called pickup arm. [1910-15] * * *
tone cluster
Music. a group of adjacent notes played on a keyboard instrument typically with the fist, forearm, or elbow, similar groupings also occurring in orchestral music. * * *
tone color
Music. tone quality; timbre. [1880-85] * * *
tone control
a manual control used to adjust the relative responses of an amplifier to high, low, and intermediate audio frequencies. * * *
tone dialing
—tone-dialing, adj. a system of calling telephone numbers wherein tones of differing pitch corresponding to the digits in the number called are electronically generated by ...
tone language
a language, as Swedish, Chinese, Yoruba, or Serbo-Croatian, in which words that are otherwise phonologically identical are distinguished by having different pitches or pitch ...
tone painting
musical description, by harmonic, melodic, or rhythmic means, of the words of a text or the story elements in program music. [1900-05] * * *
tone poem
Music. an instrumental composition intended to portray a particular story, scene, mood, etc. Cf. program music, symphonic poem. [1900-05] * * *
Tone River
River, central Honshu, Japan. It rises in the volcanic area of northwestern Kantō region and flows 200 mi (320 km) southeast to enter the Pacific Ocean at Chōshi. No other ...
tone row
Music. a series of tones in which no tone is duplicated, and in which the tones generally recur in fixed sequence, with variations in rhythm and pitch, throughout a composition. ...
Tone, (Theobald) Wolfe
born Jan. 20, 1763, Dublin, Ire. died Nov. 19, 1798, Dublin Irish republican and rebel. In 1791 he cofounded the Society of United Irishmen to work for parliamentary reform. He ...
Tone, (Theobold)Wolfe
Tone (tōn), (Theobold) Wolfe. 1763-1798. Irish nationalist who helped secure Parliament's passage of the Catholic Relief Act of 1793 and planned a French invasion of Ireland ...
Tone, Wolfe
▪ Irish leader born Jan. 20, 1763, Dublin died Nov. 19, 1798, Dublin       Irish republican and rebel who sought to overthrow English rule in Ireland and who led a ...
—tone deafness. /tohn"def'/, adj. unable to distinguish differences in pitch in musical sounds when producing or hearing them. [1890-95] * * *
/tohn"up'/, n. an exercise for toning up one's body. [n. use of the v. phrase tone up] * * *
tonearm [tōn′ärm΄] n. 1. PICKUP (n. 7b) 2. the pivoted arm on a phonograph turntable, holding the CARTRIDGE (n. 4) * * * tone arm n. The arm of a phonograph turntable that ...
tone cluster n. A dissonant group of closely spaced notes played at the same time. * * *
tone color n. The timbre of a singing voice or an instrument. * * *
tone control n. A circuit or device in an amplifier designed to increase or decrease the amplification in a specific frequency range without affecting other frequencies. * * *
Tonegawa Susumu
▪ Japanese biologist born Sept. 5, 1939, Nagoya, Japan       Japanese molecular biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1987 for his ...
To·ne·ga·wa Su·su·mu (tô-nĕʹgä-wä so͞o-so͞oʹmo͞o), Born 1939. Japanese molecular biologist. He won a 1987 Nobel Prize for discovering how certain cells of the ...
tone language n. A language, as Mandarin or Somali, in which pitch or the pitch contour distinguishes the meanings of words that are otherwise the same phonologically. * * *
tone·less (tōnʹlĭs) adj. 1. Lacking tone. 2. Lacking vitality; listless.   toneʹless·ly adv. toneʹless·ness n. * * *
See toneless. * * *
See tonelessly. * * *
/toh"neem/, n. a phoneme consisting of a contrastive feature of tone in a tone language: Swedish has two tonemes. [1920-25; TONE + -EME] * * *
tone poem n. See symphonic poem. * * *
/toh"neuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that tones. 2. a highly concentrated organic pigment containing little or no inert matter. 3. a powder, either dry or dispersed in an organic ...
tone row (rō) n. Music An ordering of notes employing all 12 pitches of the chromatic scale. * * *
tonetic [tō net′ik] adj. 〚
—tonetic, adj. —tonetically, adv. —tonetician /toh'ni tish"euhn/, n. /toh net"iks/, n. (used with a singular v.) the phonetic study of tone in language. [1920-25; TONE + ...
/toh net"/, n. a small end-blown flute of simple construction and narrow range. [1935-40; TONE + -ETTE] * * *
toney [tō′nē] adj. alt. sp. of TONY * * * ton·ey (tōʹnē) adj. Variant of tony. * * *
tong1 —tonger, n. /tawng, tong/, n. 1. tongs. v.t. 2. to lift, seize, gather, hold, or handle with tongs, as logs or oysters. v.i. 3. to use, or work with, tongs. [bef. 900; ...
tong war
▪ United States history       any of several feuds carried on in U.S. cities (e.g., San Francisco and Los Angeles) between gangs of Chinese immigrants or their ...

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