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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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topgallant sail
Naut. a sail or either of two sails set on the yard or yards of a topgallant mast. Also called topgallant. See diag. under ship. [1580-90] * * *
top gun n. Slang One who performs at the pinnacle of professional ability; one who is the best at what one does. * * *
/top"ham'peuhr/, n. Naut. 1. the light upper sails and their gear and spars, sometimes used to refer to all spars and gear above the deck. 2. any unnecessary weight, either aloft ...
top hat n. A man's hat having a narrow brim and a tall cylindrical crown, usually made of silk. Also called high hat. * * *
/toh"fit, -fet/, n. Bible. 1. a place in the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where, contrary to the law, children were offered as sacrifices, esp. to Moloch. It was later used ...
—tophaceous /teuh fay"sheuhs/, adj. /toh"feuhs/, n., pl. tophi /-fuy/. Pathol. a calcareous concretion formed in the soft tissue about a joint, in the pinna of the ear, etc., ...
topi1 /toh pee", toh"pee/, n., pl. topis. topee. topi2 /toh"pee/, n., pl. topis. an antelope, Damaliscus lunatus, of east-central Africa, having bluish-black and yellow ...
/toh"pee er'ee/, adj., n., pl. topiaries. Hort. adj. 1. (of a plant) clipped or trimmed into fantastic shapes. 2. of or pertaining to such trimming. n. 3. topiary work; the ...
/top"ik/, n. 1. a subject of conversation or discussion: to provide a topic for discussion. 2. the subject or theme of a discourse or of one of its parts. 3. Rhet., Logic. a ...
topic sentence
a sentence that expresses the essential idea of a paragraph or larger section, usually appearing at the beginning. Also, topical sentence. [1915-20] * * *
—topically, adv. /top"i keuhl/, adj. 1. pertaining to or dealing with matters of current or local interest: a topical reference. 2. pertaining to the subject of a discourse, ...
topical anesthesia n. Superficial loss of sensation in the mucous membranes or the skin, produced by direct application of a local anesthetic. Also called surface analgesia. * * *
topical anesthetic n. Any of various drugs that are applied directly to the surface of a part of the body and produce topical anesthesia. * * *
/top'i kal"i tee/, n., pl. topicalities for 2. 1. the state or quality of being topical. 2. a detail or matter of current or local interest. [1900-05; TOPICAL + -ITY] * * *
top·i·cal·i·za·tion (tŏp'ĭ-kə-lĭ-zāʹshən) n. Linguistics The placement of the topic at the beginning of a sentence, as in That movie, you couldn't pay me to ...
—topicalization, n. /top"i keuh luyz'/, v.t., topicalized, topicalizing. Ling. to introduce as, convert into, or mark as the topic of a sentence. Also, esp. Brit., ...
See topicality. * * *
topic sentence n. The sentence within a paragraph or discourse that states the main thought, often placed at the beginning. * * *
Topkapı Palace Museum
▪ museum, Istanbul, Turkey Turkish  Topkapi Sarayi Müzesi,         in Istanbul, collection of classical antiquities, manuscripts, ceramics, armour, textiles, and ...
/tohp"kah neuh/, n. Anglo-Indian. a building where artillery, ammunition, etc., are made, repaired, and stored. [1660-70; < Hindi, Urdu topkhana < Turk top cannon + Pers khanah ...
/top"not'/, n. 1. a tuft of hair growing on the top of the head. 2. hair fashioned into a knob or ball on top of the head. 3. a tuft or crest of feathers on the head of a ...
—toplessness, n. /top"lis/, adj. 1. lacking a top: a topless bathing suit. 2. nude above the waist or hips: topless dancers. 3. featuring entertainers, waitresses, etc., who ...
—topliner, n. /top"luyn"/, adj. 1. so important as to be named at or near the top of a newspaper item, advertisement, or the like: a topline actress; topline news. 2. of the ...
See toplofty. * * *
—toploftily, adv. —toploftiness, n. /top"lawf"tee, -lof"-/, adj. condescending; haughty. Also, toploftical. [1815-25; TOP1 + LOFTY] * * *
/top"meuhn/, n., pl. topmen. Naut. a person stationed for duty in a top. [1505-15; TOP1 + -MAN] * * *
/top"mast', -mahst'/; Naut. /top"meuhst/, n. Naut. the mast next above a lower mast, usually formed as a separate spar from the lower mast and used to support the yards or ...
/top"mawl'/, n. a heavy hammer with a steel or wooden head, used in shipbuilding. [TOP1 + MAUL] * * *
/top"min'oh/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) topminnow, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) topminnows. any of several small, surface-swimming fishes of the egg-laying ...
/top"mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. highest; uppermost. [1690-1700; TOP1 + -MOST] * * *
/top"nek'/, n. the quahog clam, Venus mercenaria, when larger than a cherrystone but still immature. [of undetermined orig.] * * *
/top"noch"/, adj. first-rate: a topnotch job. Also, top-notch. [1820-30; TOP1 + NOTCH] Syn. outstanding, notable, superior. * * *
topo [tō′pō] adj. short for TOPOGRAPHIC or TOPOGRAPHICAL * * *
a combining form meaning "place," "local," used in the formation of compound words: topography; topology. Also, esp. before a vowel, top-. [comb. form of Gk tópos place, ...
topog or topo abbrev. topography * * *
1. topographical. 2. topography. * * *
See topography. * * *
/teuh pog"reuh feuhr/, n. 1. a specialist in topography. 2. a person who describes the surface features of a place or region. [1595-1605; < Gk topográph(os) topographer (see ...
See topograph. * * *
topographic map
a map showing topographic features, usually by means of contour lines. Cf. contour map. * * * ▪ cartography       cartographic representation of the Earth's surface at ...
See topograph. * * *
topographical poetry
      verse genre characterized by the description of a particular landscape. A subgenre, the prospect poem, details the view from a height. The form was established by ...
See topograph. * * *
—topographic /top'euh graf"ik/, —topographical, adj. —topographically, adv. /teuh pog"reuh fee/, n., pl. topographies. 1. the detailed mapping or charting of the features ...
to·poi (tōʹpoi) n. Plural of topos. * * *
top·o·lect (tŏpʹə-lĕkt') n. A set of similar dialects constituting any of the larger distinct regional varieties of a language. For example, Mandarin Chinese is a topolect ...
See topology. * * *
See topologic. * * *
topological equivalence
Math. the property of two topological spaces such that there is a homeomorphism from one to the other. * * *
topological group
Math. a set that is a group and a topological space and for which the group operation and the map of an element to its inverse are continuous functions. [1945-50] * * *
topological invariant
Math. a property of a topological space that is a property of every space related to the given space by a homeomorphism. * * *
topological space
Math. a set with a collection of subsets or open sets satisfying the properties that the union of open sets is an open set, the intersection of two open sets is an open set, and ...
topological transformation
Math. homeomorphism (def. 2). [1945-50] * * *
See topologic. * * *
See topologic. * * *
—topologic /top'euh loj"ik/, —topological, adj. —topologically, adv. —topologist, n. /teuh pol"euh jee/, n., pl. topologies for 3. Math. 1. the study of those properties ...
/top"euh nim/, n. 1. a place name. 2. a name derived from the name of a place. [1890-95; TOP- + -ONYM, or by back formation from TOPONOMY] * * *
toponymic [täp΄ə nim′ik] adj. 1. of toponyms 2. having to do with toponymy: Also toponymical * * * See toponym. * * *
See toponymic. * * *
—toponymic /top'euh nim"ik/, —toponymical, adj. /teuh pon"euh mee/, n. 1. the study of toponyms. 2. Anat. the nomenclature of the regions of the body. [1875-80; TOP- + ...
/toh"pohs, -pos/, n., pl. topoi /-poy/. a convention or motif, esp. in a literary work; a rhetorical convention. [1935-40; < Gk (koinós) tópos (common) place] * * *
—topotypic /top'euh tip"ik/, —topotypical, adj. /top"euh tuyp'/, n. Biol. a specimen from the locality at which the type was first collected. [1890-95; TOPO- + -TYPE] * * *
/top"euhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that tops. 2. a woman's loose, usually lightweight topcoat, esp. one that is knee-length or shorter. 3. Informal. See top hat. 4. capper (def. ...
/top"ee/, n. topknot (def. 3). [1895-1900; TOP(KNOT) + -IE] * * *
/top"ing/, n. 1. the act of a person or thing that tops. 2. a distinct part forming a top to something. 3. something put on a thing at the top to complete it, as a sauce or ...
topping lift
Naut. a line for raising and supporting a spar, as a yard or boom. Also called lift. [1735-45] * * *
/top"euhl/, v., toppled, toppling. v.i. 1. to fall forward, as from having too heavy a top; pitch; tumble down. 2. to lean over or jut, as if threatening to fall. v.t. 3. to ...
top quark n. Abbr. t A hypothetical quark with a charge of + 2/3 and a mass of 360,000 times that of the electron. * * *
/top"rayl'/, n. the uppermost rail of the back of a chair or the like; a crest rail. [1670-80; TOP1 + RAIL1] * * *
▪ Uzbekistan also spelled  Topraq-qalʿah, or Toprak Kale,         site of a Khwārezmian (Khwārezm) walled city near modern Dashhowuz in Uzbekistan. The city was ...
▪ ancient fortress, Turkey also spelled  Topra Kaleh,         ancient Urartian fortress located near modern Van in southeastern Turkey. The walls of Toprakkale, ...
top round n. A cut of meat, such as a steak or roast, taken from the inner section of a round of beef. * * *
/tops/, adj. 1. ranked among the highest, as in ability, performance, comprehensiveness, or quality: His work is tops. That car is tops. adv. 2. at a maximum; at most: It'll take ...
/top"sayl'/; Naut. /top"seuhl/, n. Naut. a sail, or either of a pair of sails, set immediately above the lowermost sail of a mast and supported by a topmast. See diag. under ...
topsail schooner
a sailing vessel fore-and-aft rigged on all of two or more masts with square sails above the foresail, and often with a square sail before the foresail. Cf. main-topsail ...
topsail schooner n. A schooner carrying two or more square topsails on its foremast. * * *
a chain of shops in Britain selling fashionable clothes for girls and young women. They are owned by the company that also owns Topman. * * *
/top"suyd'/, n. 1. the upper side. 2. Usually, topsides. Naut. the outer surface of a hull above the water. 3. the most authoritative position or level. 4. Chiefly Brit. a cut of ...
Topsider [täp′sīd΄ər] n. 〚
/top"smelt'/, n., pl. topsmelts, (esp. collectively) topsmelt. a silversides, Atherinops affinis, of waters along the Pacific coast of North America: valued as a food fish. Also ...
/top"soyl'/, n. 1. the fertile, upper part of the soil. v.t. 2. to cover (land) with topsoil. [1860-65; TOP1 + SOIL1] * * *
/top"spin'/, n. a spinning motion imparted to a ball that causes it to rotate forward. [1900-05; TOP1 + SPIN] * * *
/top"stich'/, v.t. 1. to sew a line of stitches on the face side of (a garment or the like) alongside a seam. n. 2. a line of such stitches. [1945-50; TOP1 + STITCH] * * *
topstitching [täp′stich΄iŋ] n. decorative stitching, usually near and parallel to a seam, sewn so as to be visible on the right side of a garment, shoe, belt, ...
the character of a young black slave girl in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Topsy has no parents and, when asked to explain this, she answers, ‘I ...
See topsy-turvy. * * *
See topsy-turvily. * * *
—topsy-turvily, adv. —topsyturviness, n. /top"see terr"vee/, adv., adj., n., pl. topsy-turvies. adv. 1. with the top where the bottom should be; upside down. 2. in or into a ...
/top"see terr"vee deuhm/, n. a state of affairs or a region in which everything is topsy-turvy. [1875-80; TOPSY-TURVY + -DOM] * * *
/tohk/, n. 1. a brimless and close-fitting hat for women, in any of several shapes. 2. a velvet hat with a narrow, sometimes turned-up brim, a full crown, and usually a plume, ...
toque blanche
toque blanche [tōk blänsh′] n. pl. toques blanches [tōk blänsh′] the tall white hat traditionally worn by a chef * * *
/tawr/, n. a rocky pinnacle; a peak of a bare or rocky mountain or hill. [bef. 900; ME; OE torr < Celtic; cf. Ir tor rocky height, Welsh twr heap, pile] * * * ▪ ...
/toh"reuh, tawr"euh/; Seph. Heb. /toh rddah"/; Ashk. Heb. /toh"rddeuh, toy"rddeuh/, n. (sometimes l.c.) 1. the Pentateuch, being the first of the three Jewish divisions of the ...
▪ people       group of peoples of central Celebes (Sulawesi), Indonesia. They are believed to be descendants of the invading Austronesian-speaking people that overran ...
/tawr"euhn, tohr"-/, n. (in Indian Buddhist and Hindu architecture) a gateway having two or three lintels between two posts. Also, torana /tawr"euh neuh, tohr"-/. [1885-90; < ...
Indian gateway, usually of stone, marking the entrance to a Buddhist shrine or stupa or to a Hindu temple. Toranas typically consist of two pillars carrying two or three ...
/tawr"beuh nuyt'/, n. Petrol. a dark-brown oil shale containing a large amount of carbonaceous matter. [1855-60; named after Torbane (Hill), in Linlithgowshire, Scotland; see ...
/tawr"bay", -bay'/, n. a borough in S Devonshire, in SW England: seaside resort. 109,800. * * * ▪ unitary authority, England, United Kingdom       unitary authority, ...
/tawr"beuhr nuyt'/, n. a mineral, hydrated copper uranium phosphate, CuU2P2O12·12H2O, occurring in square tabular crystals of a bright-green color: a minor ore of uranium; ...
/tawrk/, n. torque (def. 4). * * *
▪ Italy  island-village in the Laguna Veneta (Venice Lagoon) and an eastern environ of Venice, Italy. Founded in AD 452 by refugees from Altino on the mainland, the bishopric ...
torch1 —torchable, adj. —torchless, adj. —torchlike, adj. /tawrch/, n. 1. a light to be carried in the hand, consisting of some combustible substance, as resinous wood, or ...
torch cactus
▪ plant       any of several ribbed, cylindrical cacti, in the family Cactaceae, native to South America. Echinopsis spachianus has erect columnar stems, branching at ...
torch lily
tritoma. [1880-85] * * *
torch singer
a singer, esp. a woman, who specializes in singing torch songs. [1930-35] * * *
torch song
a popular song concerned with unhappiness or failure in love. [1925-30] * * *
/tawrch"bair'euhr/, n. 1. a person who carries a torch. 2. a leader in a movement, campaign, etc.: a torchbearer of democracy. [1530-40; TORCH1 + BEARER] * * *
/tawr shair"/, n. 1. a tall stand for a candelabrum. 2. torchiere. [1905-10; < F, equiv. to torche TORCH1 + -ère, var. of -ière, fem. of -ier -IER2] * * *
torchier or torchiere [tôr chir′, tôrshir′] n. 〚< Fr torchère, small, high candle stand < OFr torche: see TORCH〛 a floor lamp with a reflector bowl and no shade, for ...
/tawr chear"/, n. a floor lamp for indirect lighting, having its source of light within a reflecting bowl that directs the light upward. Also, torchère, torchier. [var. of ...
/tawrch"luyt'/, n. the light of a torch or torches. [1375-1425; late ME; see TORCH1, LIGHT1] * * *
torchon lace
/tawr"shon/; Fr. /tawrdd shawonn"/ 1. a bobbin-made linen or cotton lace with loosely twisted threads in simple, open patterns. 2. a machine-made imitation of this. [1875-80; ...
tor·chon lace (tôrʹshŏn') n. Lace made of coarse linen or cotton thread twisted in simple geometric patterns.   [French torchon, duster, from Old French, from torche, ...
See torch song. * * *
torch song n. A sentimental love song, typically one in which the singer laments an unrequited love.   torch singer n. * * *
/tawrch"wood'/, n. 1. any of various resinous woods suitable for making torches, as the wood of the tree Amyris balsamifera, of the rue family, native to Florida and the West ...
/tawr"chee/, adj., torchier, torchiest. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a torch song or a torch singer. [1620-30, in sense "full of torches"; 1940-45 for this sense; ...
Torcy, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de
▪ French diplomat born Sept. 14, 1665, Paris died Sept. 2, 1746, Paris       French diplomat and foreign minister who negotiated some of the most important treaties of ...
/tawrdd'dhe see"lyahs/, n. a town in NW Spain, SW of Valladolid: treaty (1494) defining the colonial spheres of Spain and Portugal. 6604. * * *
Tordesillas, Treaty of
(June 7, 1494) Agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands explored by voyagers of the late 15th century. In 1493 Pope Alexander VI had granted ...
tore1 /tawr, tohr/, v. 1. pt. of tear2. 2. Nonstandard. a pp. of tear2. tore2 /tawr, tohr/, n. a torus. [ < F < L torus] * * *
/tawr"ee euh dawr'/; Sp. /taw'rdde ah dhawrdd"/, n. a bullfighter; torero. [1610-20; < Sp, equiv. to torea(r) to bait a bull (deriv. of toro bull < L taurus) + -dor -TOR] * * *
Toreador Fresco, The
a mural (c1500 B.C.) from Minoan Crete. * * *
toreador pants
women's close-fitting slacks that extend to or slightly above the calf, styled after the pants traditionally worn by Spanish bullfighters. * * *
/taw rel"ee/; It. /taw rddel"lee/, n. Giuseppe /jooh zep"pe/, 1650?-1708, Italian composer and violinist. * * *
Torelli, Giacomo
▪ Italian stage designer and engineer also called  Jacopo   born Sept. 1, 1608, Fano, Papal States [Italy] died June 17, 1678, Fano       Italian stage designer and ...
Torelli, Salinguerra
▪ Ghibelline ruler of Ferrara born c. 1160 died c. 1244, , Venice [Italy]       13th-century Italian ruler of Ferrara and brother-in-law and chief supporter of ...
/teuh ree"nee euh, -reen"yeuh/, n. any of several plants belonging to the genus Torenia, of the figwort family, native to Africa and Asia, having two-lipped, usually blue or ...
/teuh rair"oh/; Sp. /taw rdde"rddaw/, n., pl. toreros /-rair"ohz/; Sp. /-rdde"rddaws/. a bullfighter, esp. a matador. [1720-30; < Sp, equiv. to tor(o) bull ( < L taurus) + -ero < ...
/teuh rooh"tik/, adj. of or pertaining to toreutics or the objects produced by this technique. [1830-40; < Gk toreutikós, equiv. to toreú(ein) to bore, chase, emboss (v. deriv. ...
/teuh rooh"tiks/, n. (used with a singular v.) the art or technique of decorating metal or other material, esp. by embossing or chasing. [1655-65; see TOREUTIC, -ICS] * * *
toreva block
      landslide product consisting of a very large block of undisturbed material that has been tilted backward toward the parent cliff during movement down a gentle slope. ...
▪ Ukraine formerly  (until 1964) Chystyakove        city, southeastern Ukraine. The settlement was established as Oleksiyivka by runaway serfs in the 1770s and ...
▪ county, Wales, United Kingdom       county borough, historic county of Monmouthshire, southeastern Wales. Torfaen is centred on the urbanized and industrialized ...
Torga, Miguel
▪ 1996       (ADOLFO CORREIA DA ROCHA), Portuguese poet and diarist (b. Aug. 12, 1907, São Matinho de Anta, Port.—d. Jan. 17, 1995, Coimbra, Port.), wrote poetry and ...
▪ Germany  city, Saxony Land (state), eastern Germany. It is a port on the Elbe River, northeast of Leipzig. First mentioned in 973, Torgau was chartered in 1255–67. ...
/tawr"uy, tohr"uy/, n. pl. of torus. * * *
Tori style
In Japanese art, a style of sculpture that emerged during the Asuka period (552–645) and lasted into the Nara period (710–784). Derived from the style of the Chinese ...
/tawr"ik, tor"-/, adj. 1. noting or pertaining to a lens with a surface forming a portion of a torus, used for eyeglasses and contact lenses that correct astigmatism. 2. a toric ...
➡ Conservative Party * * *
/tawr"ee ee', tohr"-/, n., pl. torii. (in Japan) a form of decorative gateway or portal, consisting of two upright wooden posts connected at the top by two horizontal ...
Torii Kiyomasu
▪ Japanese painter also called Shōjirō born c. 1694, , Japan died 1716, Japan  painter of Ukiyo-e (scenes from Japanese daily life).       He is thought to have ...
Torii Kiyonaga
▪ Japanese painter original name Sekiguchi Shinsuke born 1752, Sagami Province, Japan died June 28, 1815, Edo [Tokyo]  one of the most important Japanese artists of the ...
Torii Kiyonobu
▪ Japanese painter also called  Shōbei   born 1664, Ōsaka died , Aug, 22, 1729, Edo [Tokyo]  Japanese painter who founded the Torii school, the only Ukiyo-e school to ...
/taw rddee"naw/, n. Turin. * * *
Torlonia Museum
▪ museum, Rome, Italy Italian  Museo Torlonia        private archaeological museum in Rome founded in the 18th century by Giovanni Torlonia with sculptures from Roman ...
Torme, Mel
▪ 2000 (Melvin Howard Torme),         American singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, pianist, drummer, actor, and author (b. Sept. 13, 1925, Chicago, Ill.—d. June 5, ...
Tormé, Mel(vin Howard)
born Sept. 13, 1925, Chicago, Ill., U.S. died June 5, 1999, Los Angeles, Calif. U.S. singer, composer, and actor. Tormé began his career playing drums and singing with Chico ...
Tormé,Melvin Howard
Tor·mé (tôr-māʹ), Melvin Howard. Known as “Mel.” 1925-1999. American jazz singer, songwriter, and actor. Known for his superb vocal control and sophisticated style, his ...
—tormentedly, adv. —tormentingly, adv. —tormentingness, n. v. /tawr ment", tawr"ment/; n. /tawr"ment/, v.t. 1. to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering; pain: to be ...
/tawr"men til/, n. a low European plant, Potentilla erecta, of the rose family, having small, bright-yellow flowers, and a strongly astringent root used in medicine and in ...
See torment. * * *
/tawr men"teuhr, tawr"men-/, n. 1. a person or thing that torments. 2. Theat. a curtain or framed structure behind the proscenium at both sides of the stage, for screening the ...
/tawrn, tohrn/, v. pp. of tear2. * * *
See tornado. * * *
—tornadic /tawr nad"ik, -nay"dik/, adj. —tornadolike, adj. /tawr nay"doh/, n., pl. tornadoes, tornados. 1. a localized, violently destructive windstorm occurring over land, ...
tornado belt
the part of the U.S. in which tornadoes occur most frequently, roughly the area within a 500-mi. (805-km) radius of southern Missouri. [1895-1900] * * *
tornado cloud.
See funnel cloud. * * *
/tawr nair"ee euh/, n., pl. tornarias, tornariae /-nair"ee ee'/. the ciliated, free-swimming larva of certain hemichordates. [1885-90; < NL, equiv. to L torn(us) lathe ( < Gk ...
Tor·ne (tôrʹnə) also Tor·ni·o (tôrʹnē-ō') A river of northern Sweden rising near the Norwegian border in Lake Torne and flowing about 402 km (250 mi) generally ...
Torne River
Swedish Torneälv Northernmost river of Sweden. Issuing from Torne Lake near the Norwegian border, it flows southeast and south for 354 mi (570 km) to the Gulf of Bothnia. The ...
Törnebohm, Alfred Elis
▪ Swedish geologist born , Oct. 16, 1838, Stockholm died April 21, 1911, Strängnäs, Swed.       Swedish geologist and pioneer in the study and analysis of mountain ...
Torngat Mountains
/tawrn"gat/ a mountain range in N Labrador, Newfoundland, in E Canada, running N to S along the Atlantic coast. * * * ▪ mountains, Labrador, Newfoundland, ...
/tawr nil"oh, -nee"oh/; Sp. /tawrdd nee"lyaw, -nee"yaw/, n., pl. tornillos /-nil"ohz, -nee"ohz/; Sp. /-nee"lyaws, -nee"yaws/. See screw bean. [1835-45, Amer.; < Sp: screw, clamp, ...
Tor·ni·o (tôrʹnē-ō') See Torne. * * *
/taw"rddaw/, n., pl. toros /-rddaws/. Spanish. a bull. * * * ▪ Spain       town, Zamora provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of ...
/tawr"oyd, tohr"-/, n. Geom. 1. a surface generated by the revolution of any closed plane curve or contour about an axis lying in its plane. 2. the solid enclosed by such a ...
—toroidally, adv. /taw royd"l, toh-, tawr"oy dl, tohr"-/, adj. Geom. of or pertaining to a torus. [1885-90; TOROID + -AL1] * * *
—Torontonian /tawr'euhn toh"nee euhn, tor'-, teuh ron-/, adj., n. /teuh ron"toh/, n. a city in and the capital of Ontario, in SE Canada, on Lake Ontario. 633,318. * * * City ...
Toronto Maple Leafs
▪ Canadian hockey team       Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Toronto that plays in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The ...
Toronto Star, The
Canadian newspaper, generally ranked as the country's largest. Established in 1892 by 25 printers who had lost their jobs in a labour dispute, it became prosperous after its ...
Toronto Stock Exchange
▪ stock exchange, Toronto, Canada       the largest stock exchange in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The TSE opened in 1861 with 18 stock listings and ...
Toronto, Theatre's Third City
▪ 1995       By the 1990s Toronto had quietly become the third-largest theatre centre in the English-speaking world, after New York City and London. With a population ...
Toronto, University of
Public university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1843 and reorganized in 1853 and 1887. It comprises nine undergraduate colleges, three formerly independent but ...
/tawr"ohs, tohr"-, taw rohs", toh-/, adj. 1. Bot. cylindrical, with swellings or constrictions at intervals; knobbed. 2. Zool. bulging. Also, torous /tohr"euhs, ...
—torpedolike, adj. /tawr pee"doh/, n., pl. torpedoes, v., torpedoed, torpedoing. n. 1. a self-propelled, cigar-shaped missile containing explosives and often equipped with a ...
torpedo boat
a small, fast, highly maneuverable boat used for torpedoing enemy shipping. [1800-10, Amer.] * * *
torpedo plane
▪ military weaponry also called  torpedo bomber        aircraft designed to launch torpedoes (torpedo). In about 1910 the navies of several countries began to ...
torpedo tube
a tube through which a self-propelled torpedo is launched, usually by the explosion of a charge of powder. [1895-1900] * * *
torpedo-boat destroyer
/tawr pee"doh boht'/ a vessel somewhat larger than the ordinary torpedo boat, designed for destroying torpedo boats or as a more powerful form of torpedo boat. [1890-95] * * *
tor·pe·do-boat destroyer (tôr-pēʹdō-bōt') n. A large, heavily armed torpedo boat used in combat especially against other torpedo boats until the early part of the 20th ...
torpedo boat n. A small, fast warship equipped for firing torpedoes. * * *
/tawr pee"doh man', -meuhn/, n., pl. torpedomen /-men', -meuhn/. a petty officer or warrant officer responsible for the maintenance, use, and repair of underwater weapons and ...
torpedo tube n. A tube in the hull of a submarine or another naval vessel or mounted on the deck of a surface warship, through which torpedoes are launched. * * *
/tawr"peks/, n. (sometimes l.c.) a high explosive made of TNT, cyclonite, and aluminum powder and used esp. in torpedoes, mines, and depth bombs. [1945-50; TORP(EDO) + ...
torpid1 —torpidity, torpidness, n. —torpidly, adv. /tawr"pid/, adj. 1. inactive or sluggish. 2. slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic. 3. dormant, as a hibernating or estivating ...
tor·pid·i·ty (tôr-pĭdʹĭ-tē) n. The quality or state of being torpid. See Synonyms at lethargy. * * *
See torpid. * * *
/tawr"peuhr/, n. 1. sluggish inactivity or inertia. 2. lethargic indifference; apathy. 3. a state of suspended physical powers and activities. 4. dormancy, as of a hibernating ...
/tawr'peuh rif"ik/, adj. causing torpor. [1760-70; TORPOR + -I- + -FIC] * * *
/tawr"kwit, -kwayt/, adj. Zool. ringed about the neck, as with feathers or a color; collared. [1655-65; < L torquatus adorned with a necklace, equiv. to torqu(es) twisted ...
/tawr kee"/, n. formerly a borough in SW England: incorporated 1968 with Torbay. * * *
/tawrk/, n., v., torqued, torquing. n. 1. Mech. something that produces or tends to produce torsion or rotation; the moment of a force or system of forces tending to cause ...
torque converter
Mach. a fluid coupling in which three or more rotors are used, one of which can be checked so that output torque is augmented and output speed diminished. [1925-30] * * *
torque wrench
a wrench having a dial or other indicator showing the amount of torque being applied. [1945-50] * * *
torque converter n. A mechanical or hydraulic device for changing the ratio of torque to speed between the input and output shafts of a mechanism. * * *
/tawr'keuh mah"deuh/; Sp. /tawrdd'ke mah"dhah/, n. Tomás de /taw mahs" dhe/, 1420-98, Spanish inquisitor general. * * *
Torquemada, Tomás de
born 1420, Valladolid, Castile died Sept. 16, 1498, Ávila, Castile First grand inquisitor in Spain (1487–98). A Dominican prior, he became confessor and adviser to Ferdinand ...
Torquemada, Tomásde
Tor·que·ma·da (tôr'kə-mäʹdə, tôr'kĕ-mäʹthä), Tomás de. 1420-1498. Spanish Dominican friar who was appointed grand inquisitor by Pope Innocent VIII (1487). Under ...
See torque1. * * *
/tawr"kweez/, n. Zool. a ringlike band or formation about the neck, as of feathers, hair, or integument of distinctive color or appearance; a collar. [1560-70; < L torques ...
See torquer. * * *
/tawr/, n. a unit of pressure, being the pressure necessary to support a column of mercury one millimeter high at 0°C and standard gravity, equal to 1333.2 microbars. [1945-50; ...
/taw rahl"beuh/; Sp. /tawrdd rddahl"vah/, n. the site of a Lower Paleolithic hunting and butchering station east of Madrid, in the province of Soria, Spain, characterized by ...
/tawr"euhns, tor"-/, n. a city in SW California, SW of Los Angeles. 131,497. * * * ▪ California, United States       city, Los Angeles county, southern California, ...
Torrance, Jack
▪ American athlete byname  Baby Jack, or Baby Elephant   born June 20, 1912, Weathersby, Miss., U.S. died Nov. 11, 1969, Baton Rouge, La.       American world-record ...
Torre Annunziata
▪ Italy city, Campania regione (region), southern Italy. It is a southeastern suburb of Naples on the Bay of Naples (Naples, Bay of) at the southern foot of Mount Vesuvius ...
Torre del Greco
/tawrdd"rdde del grdde"kaw/ a city in SW Italy, near Naples. 98,939. * * * ▪ Italy       city, western Campania regione (region), southern Italy. It lies at the ...
Torrede Cerredo
Tor·re de Cer·re·do (tôrʹā də sə-rāʹdō, tôrʹrĕ thĕ thĕ-rĕʹthō) A mountain, 2,649.8 m (8,688 ft) high, of the Cantabrian Mountains in northwest Spain. It is ...
Torredel Greco
Torre del Gre·co (dĕl grĕkʹō) A city of southern Italy on the Bay of Naples near Mount Vesuvius. It is a fishing port and tourist resort. Population: 101,456. * * *
—torrefaction /tawr'euh fak"sheuhn, tor'-/, n. /tawr"euh fuy', tor"-/, v.t., torrefied, torrefying. 1. to subject to fire or intense heat; parch, roast, or scorch. 2. Pharm. to ...
▪ Spain       city, Cantabria provincia (province), in the Cantabria comunidad autónoma (autonomous community), northern Spain. It lies southwest of Santander city, ...
/tawrdd'rdde maw lee"naws/, n. a seaport in S Spain, on the Mediterranean, SW of Málaga: resort. 7980. * * *
/tawr"euhns, tor"-/, n. (Frederic) Ridgely /rij"lee/, 1875-1950, U.S. poet, playwright, and editor. * * *
Torrence, Ridgely
▪ American poet and playwright in full  Frederic Ridgely Torrence  born Nov. 27, 1874, Xenia, Ohio, U.S. died Dec. 25, 1950, New York City       U.S. poet and ...
Torrenize [tôr′ə nīz΄, tär′ə nīz΄] vt. Torrenized, Torrenizing to register (property) under a Torrens law * * *
/tawr"euhnz, tor"-/, n. Lake, a salt lake in Australia, in E South Australia. 130 mi. (210 km) long; 2400 sq. mi. (6220 sq. km); 25 ft. (8 m) below sea level. * * *
Torrens law
Torrens law [tôr′ənz, tär′ənz] n. 〚after Sir Robert Torrens (1814-84), Austral statesman〛 any of various statutes that provide for the registration of the title to ...
Torrens system
(in Australia, England, Canada, certain states of the U.S., etc.) a system of registration of land titles in which the titles are settled consequent to establishment and ...
Torrens, Lake
▪ lake, South Australia, Australia       salt lake, lying west of the Flinders Ranges, east-central South Australia, 215 miles (345 km) northwest of Adelaide. About 150 ...
Torrens, Robert
▪ British economist and politician born 1780, Hervey Hill, County Derry, Ireland died May 27, 1864, London, England       British economist, soldier, politician, and ...
Torrens, Sir Robert Richard
▪ Australian statesman born 1814, Cork, County Cork, Ire. died Aug. 31, 1884, Falmouth, Cornwall, Eng.       Australian statesman who introduced a simplified system of ...
/tawr"euhnt, tor"-/, n. 1. a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence. 2. a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream of anything: a torrent of lava. 3. ...
torrent duck
▪ bird       (species Merganetta armata), long-bodied duck, found along rushing mountain streams in the Andes. It is usually classified as an aberrant dabbling duck ...
Torrente Ballester, Gonzalo
▪ 2000       Spanish writer and literary critic (b. June 13, 1910, Serantes, near El Ferrol, Spain—d. Jan. 27, 1999, Salamanca, Spain), was inducted into the Real ...
—torrentially, adv. /taw ren"sheuhl, toh-, teuh-/, adj. 1. pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent. 2. resembling a torrent in rapidity or violence. 3. falling in ...
See torrential. * * *
/tawrdd'rdde awn"/, n. a city in N Mexico. 257,000. * * * ▪ Mexico       city, southwestern Coahuila estado (state), northeastern Mexico. It lies along the Nazas ...
(as used in expressions) Torres Bodet Jaime Torres Strait Torres Strait Islands * * *
Torres Bodet
/tawrdd"rddes baw dhet"/ Jaime /huy"me/, 1902-74, Mexican poet, statesman, and diplomat. * * *
Torres Bodet, Jaime
born April 17, 1902, Mexico City, Mex. died May 13, 1974, Mexico City Mexican poet, novelist, educator, and statesman. He held various diplomatic and government posts, ...
Torres Islands
▪ islands, Vanuatu       northernmost group of Vanuatu, southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 60 miles (100 km) north of Espiritu Santo. They extend for 35 miles (56 km) ...
Torres Naharro, Bartolomé de
▪ Spanish dramatist born 1484?, La Torre de Miguel Sesmero, Spain died 1525?, Sevilla?       playwright and theorist, the most important Spanish dramatist before Lope ...
Torres Strait
/tawr"iz, tor"-/ a strait between NE Australia and S New Guinea. 80 mi. (130 km) wide. * * * Passage between the island of New Guinea and Australia's Cape York Peninsula. It ...
Torres Strait Islands
Island group (pop., 1981: 6,000), in the Torres Strait. They are inhabited by a mixture of Polynesians, Melanesians, and Aborigines. They comprise three clusters: Western (high, ...
Torres Villarroel, Diego de
▪ Spanish writer born c. 1693, , Salamanca, Spain died June 19, 1770, Salamanca       mathematician and writer, famous in his own time as the great maker of almanacs ...
Torres, Beatriz Mariana
▪ 2003 “Lolita”        Argentine actress (b. March 26, 1930, Avellaneda, Arg.—d. Sept. 14, 2002, Buenos Aires, Arg.), gained renown and the admiration of ...
Torres, José
▪ Puerto Rican boxer byname  Chegui  born May 3, 1936, Ponce, Puerto Rico died Jan. 19, 2009, Ponce  Puerto Rican professional boxer, world light heavyweight (175 pounds) ...
Tor·res Strait (tôrʹĭs) A strait between New Guinea and Cape York Peninsula of northeast Australia. It connects the Arafura Sea with the Coral Sea. * * *
/tawr"ee, tor"ee/, n. John, 1796-1873, U.S. botanist and chemist. * * *
Torrey pine
/tawr"ee, tor"ee/ a rare pine tree, Pinus torreyana, having a rounded crown of branches, growing in a limited area on the southern coast of California. [1885-90, Amer.; after J. ...
Torrey, Charles Cutler
▪ American biblical scholar born Dec. 20, 1863, East Hardwick, Vt., U.S. died Nov. 12, 1956, Chicago       U.S. Semitic scholar who held independent and stimulating ...
Torrey, John
▪ American botanist and chemist born Aug. 15, 1796, New York City died March 10, 1873, New York City  botanist and chemist known for his extensive studies of North American ...
▪ plant genus       a genus of approximately six species of ornamental trees and shrubs in the yew family (Taxaceae), distributed in localized areas of the western and ...
Tor·reys Peak (tôrʹēz, tŏrʹ-) A mountain, 4,351.4 m (14,267 ft) high, in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado. * * *
—Torricellian, adj. /tawr'i chel"ee/; It. /tawrdd'rddee chel"lee/, n. Evangelista /e vahn'je lee"stah/, 1608-47, Italian physicist. * * *
Torricelli's law
Physics. the law that states that the speed of flow of a liquid from an orifice is equal to the speed that it would attain if falling freely a distance equal to the height of the ...
Torricelli's theorem
▪ physics also called  Torricelli's law,  Torricelli's principle , or  Torricelli's equation        statement that the speed, v, of a liquid flowing under the ...
Torricelli, Evangelista
born Oct. 15, 1608, Faenza, Romagna died Oct. 25, 1647, Florence Italian physicist and mathematician, inventor of the barometer. He served as secretary to Galileo during the ...
Tor·ri·cel·li (tôr'ə-chĕlʹē, tôr'ē-), Evangelista. 1608-1647. Italian mathematician and physicist who invented the mercury barometer. * * *
—torridity, torridness, n. —torridly, adv. /tawr"id, tor"-/, adj. 1. subject to parching or burning heat, esp. of the sun, as a geographical area: the torrid sands of the ...
Torrid Zone
the part of the earth's surface between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. See diag. under zone. * * *
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district in the northwestern part of the administrative and historic county of Devon, southwestern England, with its eastern ...
See torrid. * * *
See torridity. * * *
See torridity. * * *
Tor·rid Zone (tôrʹĭd, tŏrʹ-) The central latitude zone of the earth, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. * * *
/tawr"euh fuy', tor"-/, v.t., torrified, torrifying. torrefy. * * *
Torrigiani, Pietro
▪ Florentine artist in full  Pedro Florentin y Torrigiano   born Nov. 24, 1472, Florence died 1528, Sevilla, Spain       Florentine sculptor and painter who became ...
Torrijos (Herrera), Omar
born Feb. 13, 1929, Santiago de Veragua, Pan. died Aug. 1, 1981, near Penonomé Virtual dictator of Panama (1968–78). He entered the national guard in 1952 after military ...
Torrijos Herrera
/tawrdd rddee"haws erdd rdde"rddah/ Omar /aw mahrdd"/, 1929-81, Panamanian military and political leader: chief of state 1972-78. * * *
Torrijos Herrera,Omar
Tor·ri·jos Her·re·ra (tôr-rēʹhōs ĕr-rĕʹrä), Omar. 1929-1981. Panamanian military and political leader who seized power in a coup d'état and ruled as a virtual ...
Torrijos, Omar
▪ dictator of Panama in full  Omar Torrijos Herrera  born February 13, 1929, Santiago de Veragua, Panama died July 31, 1981, near Penonomé       dictator-like leader ...
/tawr"ing teuhn, tor"-/, n. a city in NW Connecticut. 30,987. * * * ▪ Connecticut, United States       city, coextensive with the town (township) of Torrington, ...
Torrio, Johnny
▪ American gangster byname of  John Torrio,  Italian  Giovanni Torrio  born February 1882, Orsara, Italy died April 16, 1957, New York, N.Y., U.S.       American ...

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