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Слова на букву tils-unre (15990)

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Torroja, Eduardo
▪ Spanish architect and engineer in full  Eduardo Torroja y Miret  born Aug. 27, 1899, Madrid, Spain died June 15, 1961, Madrid       Spanish architect and engineer ...
/tawr sahd", -sayd"/, n. 1. a twisted cord. 2. any ornamental twist, as of velvet. [1880-85; < F: twisted fringe, equiv. to tors twisted (see TORSE) + -ade -ADE1] * * *
/tawrs/, n. Heraldry. a wreath of twisted silks of two alternating tinctures, usually a metal and a color, depicted supporting a crest or coronet, often upon a helmet. See diag. ...
/tawr"seuhl/, n. Building Trades. a beam or slab of wood, stone, iron, etc., laid on a masonry wall to receive and distribute the weight from one end of a beam. [alter. of ...
Tór·shavn (tôrʹshouɴ') The capital of the Faeroe Islands, on southeast Straymoy Island. It is a major port and shipping center. Population: 14,671. * * * Port town (pop., ...
/tawr"see/, n. a pl. of torso. * * *
/tawr'seuh bil"i tee/, n. resistance to torsion. [1860-65; < LL tors(us) (see TORSE) + -IBILITY] * * *
—torsional, adj. —torsionally, adv. /tawr"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of twisting. 2. the state of being twisted. 3. Mech. a. the twisting of a body by two equal and opposite ...
torsion balance
an instrument for measuring small forces, as electric attraction or repulsion, by determining the amount of torsion or twisting they cause in a slender wire or ...
torsion bar
a metal bar having elasticity when subjected to torsion: used as a spring in various machines and in automobile suspensions. [1945-50] * * * Rod or bar that resists twisting ...
torsion group
Math. a group in which every element has finite order. * * *
torsion modulus
Physics. See shear modulus. * * *
torsion pendulum
Horol. a pendulum the weight of which is rotated alternately in opposite directions through a horizontal plane by the torsion of the suspending rod or spring: used for clocks ...
torsion-free group
/tawr"sheuhn free'/, Math. a group in which every element other than the identity has infinite order. * * *
See torsion. * * *
See torsional. * * *
torsion balance n. An instrument with which small forces, as of electricity or magnetism, are measured by means of the torsion they produce in a wire or slender rod. * * *
torsion bar n. A part of an automotive suspension consisting of a bar that twists to maintain stability. * * *
/tawrsk/, n., pl. torsks, (esp. collectively) torsk. 1. a cod. 2. cusk (def. 1). [1700-10; < Norw; ON thorskr, akin to thurr dry. See THIRST] * * *
/tawr"soh/, n., pl. torsos, torsi /-see/. 1. the trunk of the human body. 2. a sculptured form representing the trunk of a nude female or male figure. 3. something mutilated or ...
torso murder
a murder in which the body of the victim is dismembered at the torso. * * *
Torstenson, Lennart
▪ Swedish military officer born Aug. 17, 1603, Forstena, Swed. died April 7, 1651, Stockholm  Swedish field marshal and artillerist who transformed the use of field ...
/tawrt/, n. Law. a wrongful act, not including a breach of contract or trust, that results in injury to another's person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the ...
tort-feasor [tôrt′fē′zər] n. 〚Fr tortfaiseur < MFr < tort, TORT + faiseur, one who does < fais-, stem of faire, to do < L facere: see DO1〛 Law a person who commits or ...
torta torta1 [tō̂r′tä; tôrt′ə] n. 〚It〛 [also in roman type] 1. cake, pie, or a similar, often elaborate, dessert 2. any of various layered savory dishes, often ...
/tawrt/; Ger. /tawrdd"teuh/, n., pl. tortes /tawrts/, Ger. torten /tawrdd"tn/. a rich cake, esp. one containing little or no flour, usually made with eggs and ground nuts or ...
/tawr'tl ee"nee/; It. /tawrdd'tel lee"nee/, n. pl. Italian Cookery. small rounds of pasta, filled, as with a meat or cheese stuffing, and then shaped into rings and boiled: often ...
/tawrt"fee"zeuhr, -zawr, -fee'-/, n. Law. a person who commits a tort. Also, tort-feasor. [1650-60; < AF tortfesor wrongdoer (F tortfaiseur). See TORT, FEASANCE, -OR2] * * *
/tawr'ti kol"is/, n. Pathol. a condition in which the neck is twisted and the head inclined to one side, caused by spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the neck. Also called ...
/tawr"til/, adj. twisted; coiled. [1650-60; < L tortilis, equiv. to tort(us) twisted (see TORT) + -ilis -ILE] * * *
/tawr tee"euh/; Sp. /tawrdd tee"yah/, n., pl. tortillas /-tee"euhz/; Sp. /-tee"yahs/. Mexican Cookery. a thin, round, unleavened bread prepared from cornmeal or sometimes wheat ...
Tortilla Flat
a novel (1935) by John Steinbeck. * * *
/tawr'tee on", -ohn"/; Fr. /tawrdd tee yawonn"/, n., pl. tortillions /-tee onz", -ohnz"/; Fr. /-tee yawonn"/. a stump made of paper twisted to a point, used in drawing. [1890-95; ...
—tortiously, adv. /tawr"sheuhs/, adj. Law. of the nature of or pertaining to a tort. [1350-1400; ME torcious < AF, equiv. to torci(on) TORSION + -ous -OUS; meaning influenced ...
/tawr"teuhs/, n. 1. a turtle, esp. a terrestrial turtle. 2. a very slow person or thing. 3. testudo (def. 1). [1350-1400; var. of earlier (15th-century) tortuse, tortose, ...
Tortoise and the Hare
one of the best known of Aesop’s Fables. It tells the story of a race between a tortoise (= a creature that moves very slowly) and a hare. The hare is very confident of ...
tortoise beetle
any of several turtle-shaped leaf beetles, as Chelymorpha cassidea (argus tortoise beetle or milkweed tortoise beetle), which resembles the ladybird beetle and feeds primarily on ...
tortoise brooch
a domed, oval brooch worn in pairs by Viking women. * * *
tortoise plant
elephant's-foot. [1865-70] * * *
/tawr"teuhs kawr', -kohr'/, n. Archaeol. a late Lower and Middle Paleolithic stone core characteristic of the Levalloisian tradition of toolmaking, having a rounded top and ...
tortoise beetle n. Any of several small beetles of the subfamily Cassidinae, shaped somewhat like a tortoise and having soft, fleshy larvae that eat the leaves of trees. * * *
/tawr"teuhs shel'/, n. Also, tortoise shell. 1. a horny substance of a mottled brown and yellow coloration, composing the laminae that cover the inner body plates of the carapace ...
tortoiseshell cat.
See calico cat. * * *
tortoiseshell turtle.
See hawksbill turtle. [1885-90] * * *
tortoiseshell ware
▪ pottery       earthenware with variegated, surface colour made in Staffordshire, England, in the 18th century. It was a subdivision of the “clouded” (agate) ware ...
/tawr toh"leuh/, n. the principal island of the British Virgin Islands, in the NE West Indies. 9730; 21 sq. mi. (54 sq. km). * * * ▪ island, British Virgin Islands  largest ...
▪ Italy Latin  Dertona,         town and episcopal see, Piemonte ( Piedmont) regione, northwestern Italy, on the Scrivia River, east of the city of Alessandria. ...
/tawr toh"nee/, n. 1. ice cream made with eggs and heavy cream, often containing chopped cherries or topped with minced almonds or crumbled macaroons. 2. See biscuit ...
Tortonian Stage
▪ paleontology       division of middle Miocene (Miocene Epoch) rocks, representing all rocks deposited worldwide during the Tortonian Age (11.6 million to 7.2 million ...
▪ Spain       city, Tarragona provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Catalonia, northeastern Spain, on the Ebro River, southwest ...
/tawr"treuh sid/, n. 1. Also called tortrix /tawr"triks/. any of numerous moths of the family Tortricidae, comprising the leaf rollers, having broad, squarish, slightly fringed ...
tor·trix (tôrʹtrĭks) n. A moth of the family Tortricidae; a tortricid.   [New Latin Tortrīx, genus name, from Latin *tortrīx, one that twists, from tortus, past ...
Tortue Island
▪ island, Haiti French  Île de la Tortue , Spanish  Isla de la Tortuga        Caribbean island off the northern coast of Haiti opposite Port-de-Paix. European ...
/tawr tooh"geuh/, n. an island off the N coast of and belonging to Haiti: formerly a pirate stronghold. 23 mi. (37 km) long; 70 sq. mi. (180 sq. km). French, La Tortue. * * *
/tawr'chooh os"i tee/, n., pl. tortuosities. 1. the state of being tortuous; twisted form or course; crookedness. 2. a twist, bend, or crook. 3. a twisting or crooked part, ...
—tortuously, adv. —tortuousness, n. /tawr"chooh euhs/, adj. 1. full of twists, turns, or bends; twisting, winding, or crooked: a tortuous path. 2. not direct or ...
See tortuous. * * *
See tortuously. * * *
—torturable, adj. —torturedly, adv. —torturer, n. —torturesome, adj. —torturingly, adv. /tawr"cheuhr/, n., v., tortured, torturing. n. 1. the act of inflicting ...
See torture. * * *
—torturously, adv. /tawr"cheuhr euhs/, adj. pertaining to, involving, or causing torture or suffering. [1490-1500; < AF; OF tortureus. See TORTURE, -OUS] Usage. TORTUROUS ...
See torturous. * * *
/tawr"yeuh leuh, -euh leuh, tawr"-/, n. a highly nutritious yeast produced commercially on a sugar recovered from the manufacture of wood products or from processed fruit. Also ...
/tawr'yeuh loh"sis, tawr'euh-, tor'-/, n. Pathol. cryptococcosis. [ < NL Torul(a) (see TORULA) + -OSIS] * * *
/taw"rddoon'yeu/, n. a city in N Poland, on the Vistula. 149,000. German, Thorn. * * * ▪ Poland German  Thorn   city, one of two capitals (with Bydgoszcz) of ...
/tawr"euhs, tohr"-/, n., pl. tori /tawr"uy, tohr"uy/. 1. Archit. a large convex molding, more or less semicircular in profile, commonly forming the lowest molding of the base of ...
Torvalds, Linus
▪ 2000       In 1991 Linus Torvalds, a 21-year-old computer science student at the University of Helsinki, Fin., having just purchased his first personal computer (PC), ...
Torvill and Dean
Jayne Torvill (1957– ) and Christopher Dean (1958– ), a pair of English ice dancers who together won many international competitions in the 1980s. They were the Olympic ...
/tawr"ee, tohr"ee/, n., pl. Tories, for 1-5, adj. n. 1. a member of the Conservative Party in Great Britain or Canada. 2. a member of a political party in Great Britain from the ...
Tory Party
➡ Conservative Party * * *
Tory, Geoffroy
▪ French printer born c. 1480, Bourges, Fr. died c. 1533, Paris       publisher, printer, author, orthographic reformer, and prolific engraver who was mainly ...
/tawr"ee ish, tohr"-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or resembling a Tory. [1675-85; TORY + -ISH] * * *
/tawr"ee iz'euhm, tohr"-/, n. 1. the act or fact of being a Tory. 2. the principles, beliefs, and practices of Tories. [TORY + -ISM] * * *
▪ Russia       city, Tver oblast (province), western Russia, on the Tvertsa River, 37 miles (60 km) west of Tver. The first recorded mention of Torzhok dates from 1139. ...
Historic region of the Japanese island of Shikoku. It dates at least to the Heian period, when Ki no Tsurayuki (868?–945?), editor of Japan's first imperially commissioned ...
Tosa Mitsunobu
▪ Japanese painter born 1434 died 1525, Kyōto       painter generally regarded as the founder of the Tosa school of Japanese painting.       A member of an ...
Tosa Mitsuoki
▪ Japanese painter original name  Tosa Fujimitsu , also called  Tsuneaki  born 1617, Sakai, Japan died Nov. 14, 1691, Kyōto       Japanese painter of the early Edo ...
Tosa school
▪ Japanese painting       hereditary school of Japanese artists, consisting of members of the Tosa clan and other artists adopted into the clan, forming an official ...
▪ Judaism also spelled  Tosaphoth        (Hebrew: “additions”), critical remarks and notes on selective passages of the Talmud that were written mostly by unknown ...
/tos"keuh/; It. /taws"kah/, n. an opera (1900) by Giacomo Puccini. * * *
/taws kah"nah/, n. Italian name of Tuscany. * * *
/tos'keuh nee"nee/; It. /taws'kah nee"nee/, n. Arturo /ahr toor"oh/; It. /ahrdd tooh"rddaw/, 1867-1957, Italian orchestra conductor, in the U.S. after 1928. * * *
Toscanini, Arturo
born March 25, 1867, Parma, Italy died Jan. 16, 1957, New York, N.Y., U.S. Italian conductor. Toscanini entered a conservatory at age nine, studying cello, piano, and ...
Tos·ca·ni·ni (tŏs'kə-nēʹnē, tōs'kä-), Arturo. 1867-1957. Italian conductor of the Metropolitan Opera (1908-1921), the New York Philharmonic (1928-1936), and many other ...
Supplements to the Mishna compiled с AD 300. The Tosefta consists of laws attributed to the authorities named in the Mishna and generally follows the topical program and ...
tosh1 /tosh/, n. Chiefly Brit. Informal. nonsense; bosh. [1890-95; perh. b. TRASH + BOSH1] tosh2 —toshly, adv. /tosh/, Scot. v.t. 1. to make neat or tidy. adj. 2. neat; ...
Tosh, Peter
▪ Jamaican musician original name  Winston Hubert MacIntosh  born Oct. 9/19?, 1944, Belmont, Jamaica died Sept. 11, 1987, Kingston       Jamaican singer-songwriter ...
Toshiba Corporation
▪ Japanese corporation       major Japanese manufacturer of computers (computer) and electronic devices for consumers and industry. Headquarters are in ...
Tōshūsai Sharaku
▪ Japanese artist original name  Saitō Jūrōbei , pseudonym  Sharaku   flourished 1794–95, , Japan       one of the most original Japanese artists of the ...
—tosser, n. —tossingly, adv. /taws, tos/, v., tossed or (Literary) tost; tossing; n. v.t. 1. to throw, pitch, or fling, esp. to throw lightly or carelessly: to toss a piece ...
tossed salad
a salad consisting of one or more greens, tomatoes, etc., tossed with a dressing. * * *
See toss. * * *
/taws"pot', tos"-/, n. a tippler; drunkard. [1560-70; TOSS + POT] * * *
/taws"up', tos"-/, n. 1. the tossing of a coin to decide something by its fall. 2. an even choice or chance: It's a tossup whether they'll come or not. [1740-50; n. use of v. ...
/tawst, tost/, v. Literary. a pt. and pp. of toss. * * *
/toh stah"deuh/; Sp. /taws tah"dhah/, n., pl. tostadas /-deuhz/; Sp. /-dhahs/. Mexican Cookery. a tortilla fried until crisp and usually topped with a variety of ingredients, as ...
died Sept. 25, 1066, Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire, Eng. Anglo-Saxon earl of Northumbria. He had strong ties with Norway and became earl of Northumbria in 1055; his severity in ...
▪ Japan       city, Saga ken (prefecture), Kyushu, Japan, in the Tsukushi Plain, on the Chikugo River. It was a post town for centuries, connecting northern Kyushu and ...
tot1 /tot/, n. 1. a small child. 2. Chiefly Brit. a small portion of a beverage, esp. a dram of liquor. 3. a small quantity of anything. [1680-90; perh. short for ...
total. * * *
See tote1. * * *
/toht"l/, adj., n., v., totaled, totaling or (esp. Brit.) totalled, totalling. adj. 1. constituting or comprising the whole; entire; whole: the total expenditure. 2. of or ...
total bases
/bay"siz/, Baseball. the number of bases reached by a batter as a result of base hits. * * *
total communication
(sometimes caps.) 1. the theory or practice of incorporating all means of communication, including speech, speechreading, auditory training, sign language, and writing, in the ...
total depravity
the Calvinist doctrine that humankind's entire nature, including its reason, is corrupt or sinful as a result of the Fall and that people are therefore completely dependent on ...
total eclipse
an eclipse in which the surface of the eclipsed body is completely obscured. Cf. annular eclipse. [1665-75] * * *
total heat
Thermodynam. enthalpy. * * *
total impulse
Rocketry. a measure of the maximum momentum that a given reaction engine and fuel supply can impart to a vehicle. * * *
total internal reflection
Optics. See total reflection. * * * Complete reflection of a ray of light in a medium such as water or glass, from the surrounding surfaces back into the medium. It occurs when ...
total parenteral nutrition
Med. intravenous administration of a solution of essential nutrients to patients unable to ingest food, esp. in cases of severe gastrointestinal or malabsorption disorders or ...
Total Quality Control (TQC)
System for optimizing production based on ideas developed by Japanese industries from the 1950s on. The system, which blends Western and Eastern ideas, began with the concept of ...
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Management practices designed to improve the performance of organizational processes in business and industry. Based on concepts developed by statistician and management ...
total quantum number
Physics. See principal quantum number. * * *
total recall
the ability to remember with complete, detailed accuracy. [1925-30] * * *
total reflection
Optics. the effect that occurs when light meets the interface between the medium in which it is traveling and a medium of smaller refractive index at an angle of incidence ...
Total SA
▪ French company formerly (1924–85)  Compagnie Française des Pétroles (French: “French Petroleum Company”) , or  CFP , (1985–91)  Total Compagnie Française des ...
total war
Military conflict in which the contenders mobilize all of their civilian and military resources in order to obtain a complete victory. It is distinguished from the partial ...
total eclipse n. An eclipse in which the entire surface of a celestial body is obscured. * * *
totalisator [tōt′'l i zāt΄ər] n. alt. sp. of TOTALIZATOR * * *
/toht"l iz'euhm/, n. totalitarianism. [1940-45; TOTAL + -ISM] * * *
/toht'l is"tik/, adj. totalitarian. [1930-35; TOTAL + -ISTIC] * * *
/toh tal'i tair"ee euhn/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over ...
—totalitarianist, n. /toh tal'i tair"ee euh niz'euhm/, n. 1. the practices and principles of a totalitarian regime. 2. absolute control by the state or a governing branch of a ...
/toh tal'i tair"ee euh nuyz'/, v.t., totalitarianized, totalitarianizing. to make totalitarian. Also, esp. Brit., totalitarianise. [1930-35; TOTALITARIAN + -IZE] * * *
/toh tal"i tee/, n., pl. totalities. 1. something that is total or constitutes a total; the total amount; a whole. 2. the state of being total; entirety. 3. Astron. total ...
See totalize. * * *
/toht"l euh zay'teuhr/, n. 1. an apparatus for registering and indicating the total of operations, measurements, etc. 2. a pari-mutuel machine. [1875-80; TOTALIZE + -ATOR] * * *
—totalization, n. /toht"l uyz'/, v.t., totalized, totalizing. to make total; combine into a total. Also, esp. Brit., totalise. [1810-20; TOTAL + -IZE] * * *
/toht"l uy'zeuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that totals. 2. a totalizator. 3. a machine for adding and subtracting. [1885-90; TOTALIZE + -ER1] * * *
/toht"l ee/, adv. wholly; entirely; completely. [1500-10; TOTAL + -LY] * * *
totally ordered set
Math. a set in which a relation, as "less than or equal to," holds for all pairs of elements of the set. Also called chain, linearly ordered set, simply ordered set. Cf. ...
a British oil company which also operates petrol/gasoline stations. * * *
totaquine [tō′tə kwēn΄, tō′təkwin; tō′təkēn΄, tō′təkin] n. 〚< ModL totaquina < LL totalis, TOTAL + Sp quina, cinchona bark (see QUININE): because it ...
tote1 —totable, toteable, adj. —toter, n. /toht/, v., toted, toting, n. v.t. 1. to carry, as on one's back or in one's arms: to tote a bundle. 2. to carry on one's person: to ...
tote bag
an open handbag or shopping bag used esp. for carrying packages or small items. Also called tote. [1895-1900, Amer.] * * *
tote board
Informal. a totalizator. [1945-50] * * *
tote box
a box for holding and carrying tools, machine parts, etc. * * *
tote road
an unpaved road for carrying supplies, as to a camp or clearing. [1855-60] * * *
tote bag n. A large handbag or shopping bag. * * *
tote board n. A large, usually electrically operated board that displays changing numerical information, such as betting payoffs or voting results. * * *
—totemic /toh tem"ik/, adj. —totemically, adv. /toh"teuhm/, n. 1. a natural object or an animate being, as an animal or bird, assumed as the emblem of a clan, family, or ...
totem pole
1. a pole or post carved and painted with totemic figures, erected by Indians of the northwest coast of North America, esp. in front of their houses. 2. a hierarchical system: ...
See totem. * * *
—totemistic, adj. /toh"teuh miz'euhm/, n. 1. the practice of having totems. 2. the system of tribal division according to totems. [1785-95, Amer.; TOTEM + -ISM] * * * Complex ...
/toh"teuh mist/, n. a member of a clan, family, or group distinguished by a totem. [1880-85; TOTEM + -IST] * * *
See totemist. * * *
/toh"teuh muyt'/, n. totemist. [1900-05; TOTEM + -ITE1] * * *
totem pole n. 1. A post carved and painted with a series of family or clan crests or with figures representing mythic beings and erected usually before a dwelling, as among ...
See totable. * * *
/tudh"euhr/, adj., pron. Older Use. that other; the other. Also, t'other. [1175-1225; ME the tother for thet other, var. of that other the other; see THAT, OTHER] * * *
Toti, Andrew
▪ 2006       American inventor (b. July 24, 1915, Visalia, Calif.—d. March 20, 2005, Modesto, Calif.), at age 16 developed the Mae West life vest, an innovation that ...
a combining form meaning "entire," "entirely," used in the formation of compound words: totipalmation. [comb. form repr. L totus] * * *
totidem verbis
/taw"ti dem' werdd"bees/; Eng. /tot"i dem' verr"bis/, Latin. with just so many words; in these words. * * *
▪ Ostrogoth king original name  Baduila   died 552       Ostrogoth king who recovered most of central and southern Italy, which had been conquered by the Eastern ...
/toh"ting/, n. Southern U.S. 1. the practice of taking home food from an employer by a person engaged in domestic service. 2. the food so taken. [1855-60, Amer.; TOTE1 + -ING1] * ...
/toh'teuh pal"mayt, -mit, -pahl"-, -pah"mayt/, adj. Ornith. having all four toes fully webbed. [1870-75; TOTI- + PALMATE] * * *
/toh'teuh pal may"sheuhn, -pahl-, -pah may"-/, n. totipalmate condition or formation. [1880-85; TOTI- + PALMATION] * * *
to·tip·o·ten·cy (tō-tĭpʹə-tən-sē, tō'tĭ-pōtʹn-sē) also to·tip·o·tence (tō-tĭpʹə-təns, tō'tĭ-pōtʹns) n. pl. to·tip·o·ten·cies, also ...
—totipotency, n. /toh tip"euh teuhnt/, adj. Biol. (of a cell or part) having the potential for developing in various specialized ways in response to external or internal ...
totis viribus
/toh"tis wee"rddi boos'/; Eng. /toh"tis vir"euh beuhs/, Latin. with all one's might. * * *
/tawt"le ben, tot leb"euhn/; Russ. /tut lye"byin/, n. Franz Eduard Ivanovich /frddahnts" e dooh ahrddt" ee vah"neuh vyich/, Count, 1818-84, Russian military engineer and ...
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (“parish”), South Hams district, administrative and historic county of Devon, England, on the River Dart. Totnes dates from ...
Totnes, George Carew, earl of
▪ English administrator also called (1586–1605) Sir George Carew, or (1605–26) Baron Carew Of Clopton born May 29, 1555 died March 27, 1629, London  English soldier, ...
▪ Italian actor byname of  Antonio De Curtis Gagliardi Griffo Focas   born Nov. 7, 1898, Naples, Italy died April 15, 1967, Rome       Italian comic, most popular for ...
toto caelo
/toh"toh kuy"loh/; Eng. /toh"toh see"loh/, Latin. by the entire extent of the heavens; diametrically. * * *
North American Indians of east-central Mexico. Some live on cool, rainy high mesas, others in the hot, humid lowlands. Both groups are farmers, but the highlanders sometimes ...
▪ Guatemala       city, west-central Guatemala, at 8,200 feet (2,500 metres) above sea level. The city has a population composed largely of Quiché Maya. Before the ...
/toh"teuh weuh/, n. a borough in N New Jersey. 11,448. * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       borough (town), Passaic county, northeastern New Jersey, U.S., west of ...
➡ Top of the Pops. * * *
tot·siens (tôtʹsēnsʹ) interj. South African Used to express farewell.   [Afrikaans : tot, until + siens, seeing.] * * *
Totten trust
/tot"n/, Law. a trust created by opening a savings account in which the depositor is trustee for another, such trust being revocable at any time during the depositor's ...
/tot"n euhm, tot"neuhm/, n. a former borough, now part of Haringey, in SE England, N of London. * * *
Tottenham Court Road
one of the main streets in central London. It is known for the large number of shops there selling radio, television and video equipment and home computers. The furniture shop ...
Tottenham Hotspur
(also infml Spurs) an English football club whose home ground is at White Hart Lane in the north London district of Tottenham. It was established in 1882 and has had many ...
Tottenham Three
the name given to three young men who in 1987 were sent to prison for life for having taken part in the murder of a policeman during violent events on the Broadwater Farm housing ...
—totterer, n. /tot"euhr/, v.i. 1. to walk or go with faltering steps, as if from extreme weakness. 2. to sway or rock on the base or ground, as if about to fall: The tower ...
See totter. * * *
—totteringly, adv. /tot"euhr ing/, adj. 1. walking unsteadily or shakily. 2. lacking security or stability; threatening to collapse; precarious: a tottering empire. [TOTTER + ...
/tot"euh ree/, adj. tottering; shaky. [1745-55; TOTTER + -Y1] * * *
▪ prefecture, Japan  ken (prefecture), western Honshu, Japan, occupying 1,348 square miles (3,492 square km) along the Sea of Japan. The coastal plain is bounded (south) by ...
▪ Taiwan formerly  Yün-lin-hsien        town and seat of Yün-lin hsien (county), west-central Taiwan. It is located 85 miles (137 km) northeast of Kao-hsiung city ...
▪ oasis group, Algeria also spelled  Tuat         oasis group, west-central Algeria. Situated along the Wadi Messaoud (called Wadi Saoura farther north), the Touat ...
▪ Senegal in full  Touba Mosquée    town, west-central Senegal. The town is the home of the Grand Mosquée of the Mourides (Murīdiyyah), a large and influential Muslim ...
Toubkal, Mount
▪ mountain, Morocco  mountain peak that is the highest point (13,665 feet [4,165 metres]) in Morocco and in the Atlas Mountains. The peak is situated 40 miles (60 km) south ...
/tooh"kan, -kahn, tooh kahn"/, n. 1. any of several usually brightly colored, fruit-eating birds of the family Ramphastidae, of tropical America, having a very large bill. 2. ...
/tooh'keuh net", tooh"keuh net'/, n. any of several small South and Central American toucans, esp. of the genus Aulacorhynchus. [1815-25; TOUCAN + -ET] * * * ▪ bird  any of ...
—touchable, adj. —touchableness, touchability, n. —toucher, n. —touchless, adj. /tuch/, v.t. 1. to put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel ...
touch and go
1. a precarious or delicate state of affairs: It was touch and go there for a while during the operation. 2. quick action or movement: the touch and go of city ...
touch football
an informal variety of football in which the touching, usually with both hands, of a ball-carrier by a member of the opposing team results in a down. [1930-35] * * *
touch paper
paper saturated with potassium nitrate to make it burn slowly, used for igniting explosives and fireworks. [1740-50] * * *
touch plate
a pewter plate belonging to a guild of pewterers and bearing samples of the touchmarks of all pewterers belonging to the guild. [1500-10] * * *
touch reception
▪ biology also called  Tangoreception,         perception by an animal when in contact with a solid object. Two types of receptors (receptor) are common: tactile ...
touch screen
touch screen n. Comput. a screen that enables a user to select an icon, menu option, etc. by touching that portion of the screen on which it appears * * *
touch system
a system of typing in which each finger is assigned to one or more keys, thereby enabling a person to type without looking at the keyboard. Cf. hunt and peck. [1915-20] * * *
/tuch"euhn goh"/, adj. 1. risky; precarious: a touch-and-go descent down the mountain. 2. hasty, sketchy, or desultory. [1805-15] * * *
/tuch"in gohl"/, n. Rugby. the area at each end of the field outside of a touch-in-goal line. * * *
touch-in-goal line
Rugby. either of the two touchlines at each end of the field between the goal line and the dead-ball line. * * *
/tuch"mee not'/, n. any of several plants belonging to the genus Impatiens, of the balsam family, esp. I. noli-tangere, bearing pods that, when ripe, burst on being touched, ...
/tuch"tak"euhl/, n. See touch football. [1955-60] * * *
/tuch"tohn'/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to a tone-dialing system or a push-button phone operating on tone dialing. n. 2. (sometimes cap.) a tone-dialing system. 3. a telephone ...
—touch-typist, n. /tuch"tuyp'/, v.i., touch-typed, touch-typing. to type by means of the touch system. [1940-45, Amer.] * * *
See touch-type. * * *
/tuch"up'/, n. an act or instance of touching up: Her makeup needed a touch-up. [1880-85; n. use of v. phrase touch up] * * *
See touch. * * *
See touchable. * * *
/tuch"bak'/, n. Football. a play in which the ball is downed after having been kicked into the end zone by the opposing team or having been recovered or intercepted there, or in ...
/tuch"down'/, n. 1. Football. an act or instance of scoring six points by being in possession of the ball on or behind the opponent's goal line. 2. Rugby. the act of a player who ...
/tooh shay"/, interj. 1. Fencing. (an expression used to indicate a hit or touch.) 2. (an expression used for acknowledging a telling remark or rejoinder.) [1920-25; < F: lit., ...
/tucht/, adj. 1. moved; stirred: They were very touched by your generosity. 2. slightly crazy; unbalanced: touched in the head. [1350-1400; ME; see TOUCH, -ED2] * * *
touched down
➡ Rugby * * *
See touchable. * * *
touch football n. A variety of football in which the advancement of the ball is stopped by touching rather than tackling the ball carrier. * * *
/tuch"hohl'/, n. the vent in the breech of an early firearm or cannon through which the charge was ignited. See diag. under flintlock. [1495-1505; TOUCH + HOLE] * * *
See touchy. * * *
See touchily. * * *
—touchingly, adv. —touchingness, n. /tuch"ing/, adj. 1. affecting; moving; pathetic: a touching scene of farewell. 2. that touches. prep. 3. in reference or relation to; ...
See touching. * * *
See touchingly. * * *
/tuch"luyn'/, n. Rugby, Soccer. any of the outer lines bordering the playing field. [1545-55; TOUCH + LINE1] * * *
/tuch"mahrk'/, n. touch (def. 60a, c). [1690-1700; TOUCH + MARK1] * * *
/tuch"pad'/, n. a computer input device for controlling the pointer on a display screen by sliding the finger along a special surface: used chiefly in notebook ...
/tuch"skreen'/, n. Computers. a touch-sensitive display screen: touching different portions of the screen with a finger will cause the computer to take actions determined by a ...
/tuch"stohn'/, n. 1. a test or criterion for the qualities of a thing. 2. a black siliceous stone formerly used to test the purity of gold and silver by the color of the streak ...
touch·up (tŭchʹŭp') n. The act or an instance of finishing or improving by small changes, corrections, or additions. * * *
/tuch"wood'/, n. 1. wood converted into an easily ignitible substance by the action of certain fungi, and used as tinder; punk. 2. Mycol. amadou. [1570-80; TOUCH + WOOD1] * * *
—touchily, adv. —touchiness, n. /tuch"ee/, adj., touchier, touchiest. 1. apt to take offense on slight provocation; irritable: He is very touchy when he's sick. 2. requiring ...
/tuch"ee fee"lee/, adj. Informal. emphasizing or marked by emotional openness and enthusiastic physicality: a touchy-feely encounter group. * * *
/too goort"/, n. a city in NE Algeria. 26,486. * * * ▪ Algeria       chief town of the Wadi RʾHir region, northeastern Algeria. It lies in the Wadi Igharghar Valley ...
—toughly, adv. —toughness, n. /tuf/, adj., tougher, toughest, adv., n., v. adj. 1. strong and durable; not easily broken or cut. 2. not brittle or tender. 3. difficult to ...
tough love
a mixture of toughness and warmth used in a relationship, esp. with an adolescent. [1977; after Toughlove, a network of support groups] * * *
tough pitch
Metall. the state of refined copper when it is soft, malleable, and flexible: tough pitch copper. [1880-85] * * *
—tough-mindedly, adv. —tough-mindedness, n. /tuf"muyn"did/, adj. 1. characterized by a practical, unsentimental attitude or point of view. 2. strong-willed; vigorous; not ...
See tough-minded. * * *
See tough-mindedly. * * *
—toughener, n. /tuf"euhn/, v.t., v.i. to make or become tough or tougher. [1575-85; TOUGH + -EN1] Syn. harden, firm, strengthen, stiffen. * * *
See toughen. * * *
/tuf"ee/, n. Informal. 1. a tough person, esp. one who is belligerent. 2. a difficult problem or situation: That math test was a real toughie! 3. a harsh or blunt book, movie, ...
/tuf"ish/, adj. somewhat tough. [1770-80; TOUGH + -ISH1] * * *
tough love n. The use of strict disciplinary measures and limitations on freedoms or privileges, as by a parent or guardian, as a means of fostering responsibility and expressing ...
See tough. * * *
See toughly. * * *
/tuf"ee/, n., pl. toughies. toughie. * * *
▪ Guinea also called  Tongué,         town, north-central Guinea, western Africa, on the Fouta Djallon plateau. It is a trading centre (rice, millet, oranges, ...
Touhy, Roger
▪ American crime boss byname  The Terrible   born 1898, Chicago died Dec. 17, 1959, Chicago       Chicago-area bootlegger, brewer, and gambling boss during the ...
toujours [to͞o zho͞or′] adv. 〚Fr〛 always; continually; forever * * *
toujours perdrix
/tooh zhoohrdd perdd drddee"/, French. too much of a good thing. [lit., always partridge] * * *
/toohl/, n. a fortress town in NE France, on the Moselle: siege 1870. 16,832. * * * ▪ France       town, Meurthe-et-Moselle département, Lorraine région, ...
Toulmin, Stephen Edelston
▪ British philosopher born March 25, 1922, London       English philosopher and educator noted for his study of the history of ideas. He was concerned with describing ...
/tooh lawonn"/, n. a seaport in SE France: naval base. 185,050. * * * ▪ France       town and port, capital of Var département, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur région, ...
Toulon, Siege of
(Aug. 28–Dec. 19, 1793) Military engagement in the French Revolutionary Wars. French royalists handed over the naval base and arsenal at Toulon, France, to an Anglo-Spanish ...
/tooh loohz"/, n. a city in and the capital of Haute-Garonne, in S France, on the Garonne River. 383,176. * * * ancient Tolosa City (pop., 1999: city, 390,350; metro. area, ...
Toulouse I, II, and III, Universities of
▪ university, Toulouse, France French  Universités De Toulouse I, Ii, Et Iii        three autonomous coeducational state institutions of higher learning founded at ...
Toulouse, Louis-Alexandre de Bourbon, comte de
▪ French admiral general (count of) born June 6, 1678, Versailles, Fr. died Dec. 1, 1737, Rambouillet       French admiral general, a son of Louis XIV and his mistress ...
/too loohs"loh trek", -leuh-/; Fr. /tooh loohz loh trddek"/, n. Henri Marie Raymond de /ahonn rddee" mann rddee" rdde mawonn" deuh/, 1864-1901, French painter and lithographer. * ...
Toulouse-Lautrec (-Monfa), Henri (-Marie-Raymond) de
born Nov. 24, 1864, Albi, France died Sept. 9, 1901, Malromé French painter and graphic artist. Born to an old aristocratic family, he developed his interest in art during ...
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
▪ French artist Introduction in full  Henri-Marie-Raymonde de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa  born Nov. 24, 1864, Albi, France died Sept. 9, 1901, Malromé       French ...
Toulouse-Lautrec,Henri de
Tou·louse-Lau·trec (to͝o-lo͞osʹlō-trĕkʹ, to͞o-lo͞ozʹ-), Henri de. 1864-1901. French artist who portrayed the music halls and cafés of Montmartre in his paintings, ...
Toumanova, Tamara Vladimirovna
▪ 1997       Russian-born U.S. ballerina and actress (b. March 2, 1919, near Tyumen, Siberia—d. May 29, 1996, Santa Monica, Calif.), was the most glamorous of the ...
▪ Myanmar       town, south-central Myanmar (Burma). Located on the right bank of the Sittang River, it was founded as Ketumadi in 1510 by King Minkyinyo and was capital ...
Toungoo dynasty
Ruling house in Myanmar (Burma) from the 15th or 16th century to the 18th century. The founder of the empire is considered to be either King Minkyinyo (r. 1486–1531) or his ...
/tooh pay"/, n. 1. a man's wig. 2. a patch of false hair for covering a bald spot. 3. (formerly) a curl or an artificial lock of hair on the top of the head, esp. as a crowning ...
/toor/, n. 1. a traveling around from place to place. 2. a long journey including the visiting of a number of places in sequence, esp. with an organized group led by a guide. 3. ...
tour d'horizon
/toohrdd daw rddee zawonn"/, French. a general survey; overview. * * *
tour de force
/toor' deuh fawrs", -fohrs"/; Fr. /toohrdd deuh fawrdds"/, pl. tours de force /toorz' deuh fawrs", -fohrs"/; Fr. /toohrdd deuh fawrdds"/. 1. an exceptional achievement by an ...
Tour de France
➡ Armstrong (I) * * * World's most prestigious and difficult bicycle race. Staged for three weeks each July usually in some 20 daylong stages the Tour typically comprises 20 ...

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