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Слова на букву unre-work (15990)

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—upbearer, n. /up bair"/, v.t., upbore, upborne, upbearing. to bear up; raise aloft; sustain or support. [1250-1300; ME upberen. See UP-, BEAR1] * * *
/up"beet'/, n. Music. 1. an unaccented beat, esp. immediately preceding a downbeat. 2. the upward stroke with which a conductor indicates such a beat. adj. 3. optimistic; happy; ...
/up"bownd"/, adj. traveling or affording passage toward the north or in a direction regarded as up: an upbound freighter; the upbound lane of a highway. [1880-85; UP- + BOUND4] * ...
—upbraider, n. /up brayd"/, v.t. 1. to find fault with or reproach severely; censure: The military tribunal upbraided the soldier for his cowardice. 2. (of things) to bring ...
See upbraid. * * *
—upbraidingly, adv. /up bray"ding/, n. 1. the act or words of a person who upbraids; severe reproof or censure: an upbraiding from one's superiors. adj. 2. severely reproachful ...
See upbraider. * * *
/up"bring'ing/, n. the care and training of young children or a particular type of such care and training: His religious upbringing fitted him to be a missionary. [1475-85; UP- + ...
—upbuilder, n. /up bild"/, v.t., upbuilt, upbuilding. to build up, as with the result of establishing, increasing, enlarging, or fortifying. [1505-15; UP- + BUILD] * * *
See upbuild. * * *
/up"berrst'/, n. a burst upward. [1835-45; UP- + BURST] * * *
See Universal Product Code. * * * ▪ retailing in full  universal product code        a standard machine-readable bar code used to identify products purchased in ...
/up"kahrd'/, n. 1. Stud Poker. a card properly dealt face up. Cf. hole card. 2. Cards. the first card turned up from the stock after the deal. [1935-40; UP- + CARD1] * * *
/up"kast', -kahst'/, n., adj., v., upcast, upcasting. n. 1. an act of casting upward. 2. the state of being cast upward. 3. something that is cast or thrown up, as soil or earth ...
/up"chahrj'/, n. an additional charge: How much is the upcharge for white sidewall tires? [UP- + CHARGE] * * *
/up"chuk'/, v.i., v.t. Informal. to vomit. [1920-25; UP- + CHUCK1] * * *
See up-close. * * *
/up"kum'ing/, adj. coming up; about to take place, appear, or be presented: the upcoming spring fashions. [1300-50; ME; see UP-, COMING] Syn. impending, prospective, imminent, ...
adj., n. /up"kun'tree/; adv. /up kun"tree/, adj. Chiefly Southern U.S. 1. of, relating to, residing in, or situated in the interior of a region or country; inland. 2. ...
☆ upcourt [up′kôrt΄, up kôrt′] adv., adj. Basketball into, toward, or in the opposite half of the court; downcourt * * *
/up"krop'ing/, n. an act of cropping up; appearance; growth: an upcropping of corn. [1895-1900; UP- + CROPPING, after v. phrase crop up] * * *
—updatable, adj. —updater, n. v. /up dayt", up"dayt'/; n. /up"dayt'/, v., updated, updating, n. v.t. 1. to bring (a book, figures, or the like) up to date, as by adding new ...
/up"duyk'/, n. John, born 1932, U.S. novelist and short-story writer. * * *
Updike, Daniel Berkeley
▪ American printer and publisher born Feb. 24, 1860, Providence, R.I., U.S. died Dec. 28, 1941, Boston, Mass.       American printer and scholar, founder in 1893 of the ...
Updike, John
▪ American author in full  John Hoyer Updike  born March 18, 1932, Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S. died January 27, 2009, Danvers, Mass.  American writer of novels, short ...
Updike, John (Hoyer)
born March 18, 1932, Shillington, Pa., U.S. U.S. writer. He attended Harvard University and in 1955 began a long association with The New Yorker. His works are known for ...
Updike,John Hoyer
Up·dike (ŭpʹdīk'), John Hoyer. Born 1932. American writer particularly known for his tragicomic novels, such as Rabbit, Run (1960) and Rabbit at Rest (1990), concerning the ...
/up"dooh'/, n., pl. updos. an upswept hairdo. [UP(SWEPT) + (HAIR)DO] * * *
/up"draft', -drahft'/, n. the movement upward of air or other gas. [1400-50; late ME; see UP-, DRAFT] * * *
updraft and downdraft
▪ meteorology       in meteorology, upward-moving and downward-moving air currents, respectively, that are due to several causes. Local daytime heating of the ground ...
/up"drift'/, n. a slow, upward movement: an updrift in housing starts and home mortgages. [UP- + DRIFT] * * *
(Sanskrit), Pāli  upekkhā        in Buddhism, the perfect virtue of equanimity. It is one of the four practices known as brahmavihāra (q.v.). * * *
Upemba National Park
▪ park, Democratic Republic of the Congo       park in southeastern Congo (Kinshasa). It was created in 1939 and has an area of 4,529 square miles (11,730 square km). ...
/up end"/, v.t. 1. to set on end, as a barrel or ship. 2. to affect drastically or radically, as tastes, opinions, reputations, or systems. 3. to defeat in competition, as in ...
Over. Derivatives include over, sovereign, sirloin, soprano, and somersault. 1. Extended form *uperi. a. over, over-, from Old English ofer, over; b. orlop, from Middle Low ...
▪ Greenland       town, western Greenland, situated on a small island in Baffin Bay, about 100 miles (160 km) north of Nordost Bay. It was founded by Danes as a whaling ...
upfield [up′fēld΄, up fēld′] adv., adj. Football Soccer etc. into, toward, or in the opposite end of the field, esp. the offensive end * * *
Upfield, Arthur William
▪ Australian writer born Sept. 1, 1888, Gosport, Hampshire, Eng. died Feb. 13, 1964, Bowral, N.S.W., Australia       English-born Australian popular novelist who wrote ...
/up fohld"/, v.t. to fold up or together: Some morning-glories upfold their flowers by noon. [1300-50; ME upfolden. See UP-, FOLD1] * * *
upfront [up′frunt′] Informal adj. 1. very honest or forthright; open; candid 2. in or into the public eye; conspicuous [an upfront position] 3. invested, paid, etc., ahead of ...
/up gadh"euhr/, v.t. to gather up or together: to upgather information. [1580-90; UP- + GATHER] * * *
See upgrade. * * *
—upgradable, upgradeable, adj. —upgradability, upgradeability, n. —upgrader, n. n. /up"grayd'/; adj., adv. /up"grayd"/; v. /up grayd", up"grayd'/, n., adj., adv., v., ...
/up"grohth'/, n. 1. the process of growing up; development: the upgrowth of nuclear science. 2. something that grows or has grown in an upward direction: Part of the pituitary ...
/up hee"veuhl/, n. 1. strong or violent change or disturbance, as in a society: the upheaval of war. 2. an act of upheaving, esp. of a part of the earth's crust. 3. the state of ...
—upheaver, n. /up heev"/, v., upheaved or uphove, upheaving. v.t. 1. to heave or lift up; raise up or aloft. 2. to force or throw up violently or with much power, as an ...
/up held"/, v. pt. and pp. of uphold. * * *
adv., adj. /up"hil"/; n. /up"hil'/, adv. 1. up or as if up the slope of a hill or other incline; upward: The soldiers marched uphill. Water does not run uphill without ...
—upholder, n. /up hohld"/, v.t., upheld, upholding. 1. to support or defend, as against opposition or criticism: He fought the duel to uphold his family's honor. 2. to keep up ...
See uphold. * * *
/up hohl"steuhr, euh pohl"-/, v.t. 1. to provide (chairs, sofas, etc.) with coverings, cushions, stuffing, springs, etc. 2. to furnish (an interior) with hangings, curtains, ...
/up hohl"steuhr euhr, euh pohl"-/, n. a person whose business it is to upholster furniture and, sometimes, to furnish and put in place hangings, curtains, carpets, etc. [1605-15; ...
/up hohl"steuh ree, -stree, euh pohl"-/, n., pl. upholsteries. 1. the materials used to cushion and cover furniture. 2. the business of an upholsterer. [1640-50; UPHOLSTER(ER) + ...
See United Press International. Also, U.P.I. * * *
/up"ing teuhn/, n. a city in the N Cape of Good Hope province, in the N Republic of South Africa. 28,000. * * *
/up"jon'/, n. Richard, 1802-78, and his son, Richard Michell /mi shel"/, 1828-1903, U.S. architects, born in England. * * *
Upjohn, Richard
▪ American architect born Jan. 22, 1802, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Eng. died Aug. 17, 1878, Garrison, N.Y., U.S.  British-American architect who was the most active exponent in ...
Up·john (ŭpʹjŏn'), Richard. 1802-1878. British-born American architect who was a leader of the Gothic revival. His designs include Trinity Church in New York City (1846). * ...
/up"keep'/, n. 1. the process or activity of providing an establishment, machine, person, etc., with necessary or proper maintenance, repairs, support, or the like: The machine's ...
—uplander, n. /up"leuhnd, -land'/, n. 1. land elevated above other land. 2. the higher ground of a region or district; an elevated region. 3. land or an area of land lying ...
/up"leuhnd/, n. a city in S California. 47,647. * * *
upland cotton
a plant, Gossypium hirsutum, of warm regions of the New World, that is the chief commercial cotton crop in the U.S. Also called American cotton. [1810-20, Amer.] * * *
upland sandpiper
a large, field-inhabiting sandpiper, Bartramia longicauda, of eastern North America, resembling a plover: now protected and increasing in numbers. Also called upland plover, ...
upland cotton n. A tropical American plant (Gossypium hirsutum) widely cultivated for the woolly lint that surrounds its seeds. * * *
upland sandpiper n. A large brownish sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda) inhabiting the fields and uplands of southern Canada and the northern United States east of the Rocky ...
—upliftment, n. v. /up lift"/; n. /up"lift'/, v.t. 1. to lift up; raise; elevate. 2. to improve socially, culturally, morally, or the like: to uplift downtrodden and deprived ...
/up lif"tid/, adj. 1. improved, as in mood or spirit. 2. raised or elevated, as a beam. [1250-1300; ME: orig., ptp. of UPLIFT] * * *
/up lif"teuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that uplifts. 2. a person engaged in or devoted to social or moral uplift. [1575-85; UPLIFT + -ER1] * * *
/up lif"ting/, adj. inspirational; offering or providing hope, encouragement, salvation, etc.: an uplifting sermon. [1810-20; UPLIFT + -ING2] * * *
/up"luyt'/, n. a lamp, often a light bulb set in a cylinder or other container, placed on the floor so that a beam of light is directed upward. [1980-85; UP- + LIGHT1] * * *
/up"lingk'/, n. 1. a transmission path for transmitting data or other signals from an earth station to a communications satellite or an airborne platform. adj. 2. of or ...
/up"lohd'/, v.t. Computers. to transfer (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a smaller to a larger computer. [UP- + LOAD] * * *
/up"meuhn ship'/, n. one-upmanship. Also, upsmanship /ups"meuhn ship'/. [1960-65; shortening of ONE-UPMANSHIP] * * *
/up"mahr'kit/, adj. 1. appealing or catering to high-income consumers; of high quality; not easily affordable or accessible: upmarket fashions. adv. 2. in an upmarket ...
/up"mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. uppermost. [1550-60; UP- + -MOST] * * *
Under, up from under, over. Derivatives include uproar, open, eavesdrop, supple, valet, vassal, and opal. 1. a. up, from Old English up, uppe, up; b. up-, from Old English ūp-, ...
/ooh poh"looh/, n. an island in Western Samoa, in the S Pacific: the home of Robert Louis Stevenson for the last five years of his life. 108,000; 430 sq. mi. (1113 sq. km). Cap.: ...
/euh pon", euh pawn"/, prep. 1. up and on; upward so as to get or be on: He climbed upon his horse and rode off. 2. in an elevated position on: There is a television antenna upon ...
▪ Buddhism       fortnightly meetings of the Buddhist monastic assembly, at the times of the full moon and the new moon, to reaffirm the rules of discipline. The ...
Uppdal, Kristofer Oliver
▪ Norwegian novelist born February 19, 1878, Beitstad, Norway died December 26, 1961, Oppdal       working-class Norwegian novelist whose major work is the 10-volume ...
upper1 /up"euhr/, adj. 1. higher, as in place, position, pitch, or in a scale: the upper stories of a house; the upper register of a singer's voice. 2. superior, as in rank, ...
upper air
Meteorol. the atmosphere above the lower portion of the troposphere. Cf. upper atmosphere. [1875-80] * * *
Upper Arlington
a city in central Ohio, near Columbus. 35,648. * * *
upper arm
the part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow. [1875-80] * * *
upper atmosphere
Meteorol. the portion of the atmosphere above the troposphere. Cf. upper air. [1890-95] * * *
Upper Austria
a province in N Austria. 1,270,426; 4631 sq. mi. (11,995 sq. km). Cap.: Linz. * * *
upper bound
Math. an element greater than or equal to all the elements in a given set: 3 and 4 are upper bounds of the set consisting of 1, 2, and 3. Cf. bound3 (def. 4), greatest lower ...
Upper Burma
▪ region, Myanmar       geographic and historical division of Burma (Myanmar), referring to the central and northern portion of the country. The division between Upper ...
Upper Canada
a former British province in Canada 1791-1840: now the S part of Ontario province. * * *       from 1791 to 1841, the region in Canada now known as Ontario. With the Act ...
Upper Canadian
Canadian (chiefly the Maritime Provinces). 1. a native or inhabitant of Ontario. 2. of or pertaining to Ontario. * * *
Upper Carboniferous
Geol. Pennsylvanian (defs. 2, 4). * * *
upper case
Print. See under case2 (def. 8). [1675-85] * * *
upper chamber.
See upper house. * * *
Upper Chinook
a Chinookan language of the Columbia River valley from the Deschutes River to the estuary. * * *
upper class
—upper-class, adj. a class of people above the middle class, having the highest social rank or standing based on wealth, family connections, and the like. [1830-40] * * *
upper classes
➡ upper class * * *
upper crust
—upper-crust, adj. 1. the topmost layer of crust, as of a pie. 2. Informal. the highest social class. [1425-75; 1830-35 for def. 2; late ME] * * *
Upper Darby
a town in SE Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. 84,054. * * *
upper deck
Naut. the uppermost continuous deck that is capable of being made watertight; freeboard deck. [1585-95] * * *
Upper Egypt
▪ region, Egypt Arabic  Qiblī Miṣr , also called  Aṣ-ṣaʿīd (“The Upland”)        geographic and cultural division of Egypt, generally consisting of the ...
Upper Egypt.
See under Egypt. * * *
upper hand
the dominating or controlling position; advantage: to have the upper hand in the fight. [1475-85] * * *
upper house
one of two branches of a legislature generally smaller and less representative than the lower branch, as the Senate of the U.S. Congress. [1525-35] * * *
Upper Hutt
▪ New Zealand       city, southern North Island, New Zealand. It lies in the Hutt River valley near Wellington. Founded in 1848, it is part of the larger Hutt area ...
Upper Klamath Lake.
See under Klamath Lakes. * * *
Upper Michigan.
See Upper Peninsula. * * *
upper middle class
n [sing + sing/pl v] (also the upper middle classes [pl]) the class of people in British society between the middle class and the upper class. Its members include people such as ...
upper middle classes
➡ upper middle class * * *
Upper Palatinate.
See under Palatinate (def. 1). * * *
Upper Paleolithic.
See under Paleolithic. * * *
upper partial tone
Music. overtone (def. 1). [1875-80] * * *
Upper Peninsula
the peninsula between lakes Superior and Michigan constituting the N part of Michigan. Abbr.: U.P. Also called Upper Michigan, Northern Michigan. * * *
upper school
a scholastic division, esp. in a private school, including the terminal secondary grades. [1620-30] * * *
Upper Silesia
a highly industrialized region divided between Germany and Poland after World War I. * * *
upper sixth
➡ sixth form * * *
Upper Tunguska
the lower course of the Angara River. Cf. Angara. * * *
Upper Volta
—Upper Voltan, adj., n. former name of Burkina Faso. * * *
Upper Yosemite Fall
▪ waterfall, California, United States       cataract on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada in Yosemite National Park, east-central California, U.S. It lies 150 miles ...
See upper class. * * * ➡ upper class * * *
See upper crust. * * *
➡ upper middle class * * *
upper atmosphere n. The part of the atmosphere above the troposphere. * * *
Upper Avon See Avon. * * *
upper bound n. A number that is greater than or equal to every number in a given set of real numbers. * * *
Upper California See Alta California. * * *
Upper Canada A historical region and province of British North America. Roughly coextensive with southern Ontario, Canada, it was formed in 1791 and joined Lower Canada in ...
Upper Carboniferous n. See Pennsylvanian. * * *
/up"euhr kays"/, adj., v., uppercased, uppercasing, n. adj. 1. (of an alphabetical character) capital. 2. Print. pertaining to or belonging in the upper case. v.t. 3. to print or ...
upper class n. The highest socioeconomic class in a society.   up'per-classʹ (ŭp'ər-klăsʹ) adj. * * *
/up"euhr klas"meuhn, -klahs"-/, n., pl. upperclassmen. a junior or senior in a secondary school or college. [1870-75, Amer.; UPPER1 + CLASS + -MAN] * * *
upper crust n. Informal The highest social class or group.   upʹper-crustʹ (ŭpʹər-krŭstʹ) adj. * * *
/up"euhr kut'/, n., v., uppercut, uppercutting. n. 1. a swinging blow directed upward, as to an adversary's chin. 2. Bridge. a play of a higher trump than necessary knowing it ...
Upper Dar·by (därʹbē) An unincorporated community of southeast Pennsylvania, a residential and manufacturing suburb of Philadelphia. Population: 84,054. * * *
UpperEast Side
Upper East Side See East Side. * * *
Upper Egypt A region of ancient Egypt in the valley of the Nile River south of the delta area, which was known as Lower Egypt. The two regions were united c. 3100 B.C. * * *
upper hand n. A position of control or advantage. * * *
UpperKlamath Lake
Upper Klamath Lake A lake of south-central Oregon east of Medford. It is in a popular resort area. * * *
/up"euhr mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. Also, upmost. 1. highest in place, order, rank, power, etc.: the uppermost peaks of the mountain; the uppermost class of ...
Upper Palatinate See Palatinate. * * *
Upper Peninsula Abbr. UP The northern part of Michigan between Lakes Superior and Michigan. It is separated from the Lower Peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac. * * *
➡ drugs * * *
Upper Silesia See Silesia. * * *
Upper Tunguska See Tunguska. * * *
Upper Vol·ta (vŏlʹtə, vōlʹ-) See Burkina Faso.   Upper Volʹtan adj. & n. * * *
See Upper Volta. * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (parish) in the unitary authority and historic county of Rutland, England, noted for its 16th-century houses and its public ...
—uppishly, adv. —uppishness, n. /up"ish/, adj. Informal. arrogant; condescending; uppity. [1670-80; UP + -ISH1] * * *
See uppish. * * *
—uppityness, n. /up"i tee/, adj. Informal. 1. affecting an attitude of inflated self-esteem; haughty; snobbish. 2. rebelliously self-assertive; not inclined to be tractable or ...
See uppity. * * *
▪ province, Sweden       landskap (province), east-central Sweden. It is bounded by the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea on the east and by the traditional landskap ...
Uppman, Theodor
▪ 2006       American baritone (b. Jan. 12, 1920, San Jose, Calif.—d. March 17, 2005, New York, N.Y.), originated the title role of Benjamin Britten's opera Billy Budd ...
/up"sah leuh, -seuh-/; Swed. /oop"sah'lah/, n. a city in SE Sweden. 146,192. Also, Upsala. * * * City (pop., 2001 est.: 191,110), Sweden. Located north of Stockholm, it lies ...
Uppsala University
▪ university, Uppsala, Sweden Swedish  Uppsala Universitet   state-sponsored coeducational university at Uppsala, the oldest institution of higher learning in Sweden. It ...
up quark n. Abbr. u A quark with a charge of + 2/3 and a mass about 607 times that of the electron. It is a component of protons and neutrons. * * *
—upraiser, n. /up rayz"/, v.t., upraised, upraising. 1. to raise up; lift or elevate. 2. to raise from a depressed or dejected humor; cheer. [1250-1300; ME upreisen. See UP-, ...
/up rayt"/, v.t., uprated, uprating. to raise in rate, power, size, classification, etc.; upgrade: to uprate a rocket engine. [1965-70; UP- + RATE1] * * *
/up rear"/, v.t. 1. to raise up; lift: The horse upreared its head and whinnied. 2. to build; erect: to uprear a monument in stone. 3. to elevate the dignity of; exalt: God ...
—uprightly, adv. —uprightness, n. /up"ruyt', up ruyt"/, adj. 1. erect or vertical, as in position or posture. 2. raised or directed vertically or upward. 3. adhering to ...
upright bass
upright bass n. DOUBLE BASS * * *
upright piano
a piano with an upright rectangular body and with its strings running vertically. Cf. spinet (def. 1). * * * ▪ musical instrument  musical instrument in which the soundboard ...
See upright. * * *
See uprightly. * * *
upright piano n. A piano having the strings mounted vertically in a rectangular case with the keyboard at a right angle to the case. * * *
—upriser, n. v. /up ruyz"/; n. /up"ruyz'/, v., uprose, uprisen, uprising, n. v.i. 1. to rise up; get up, as from a lying or sitting posture. 2. to rise into view: As we ...
/up"ruy'zing, up ruy"zing/, n. 1. an insurrection or revolt. 2. an act of rising up. 3. an ascent or acclivity. [1200-50; ME; see UP-, RISING] Syn. 1. rebellion. * * * (as used ...
/up"riv"euhr/, adv., adj. in the direction of or nearer the source of a river: It's hard to paddle a canoe upriver; an upriver settlement of tribes. [1830-40, Amer.; UP- + ...
/up"rawr', -rohr'/, n. 1. a state of violent and noisy disturbance, as of a multitude; turmoil. 2. an instance of this. [1520-30; < D oproer revolt, tumult, trans. of G Aufruhr; ...
—uproariously, adv. —uproariousness, n. /up rawr"ee euhs, -rohr"-/, adj. 1. characterized by or in a state of uproar; tumultuous. 2. making an uproar; confused and noisy, as ...
See uproarious. * * *
See uproariously. * * *
—uprootedness, n. —uprooter, n. /up rooht", -root"/, v.t. 1. to pull out by or as if by the roots: The hurricane uprooted many trees and telephone poles. 2. to remove ...
See uproot. * * *
See uprootedness. * * *
/up rohz"/, v. pt. of uprise. * * *
/up rowz"/, v.t., uproused, uprousing. to rouse up; arouse; awake. [1805-15; UP- + ROUSE1] * * *
/up"rush'/, n. 1. an upward rush, as of water or air. 2. an abrupt increase: an uprush of business during the noon hour. [1870-75; UP- + RUSH1] * * *
Trademark. United Parcel Service. * * *
ups and downs
rises and falls of fortune; good and bad times: Every business has its ups and downs. [1650-60] * * *
/up"seuh day"zee/, interj. upsy-daisy. * * *
upsadaisy [up′sə dā΄zē] interj. var. of UPSY-DAISY * * *
/up"sah leuh, -seuh-/; Swed. /oop"sah'lah'/, n. Uppsala. * * *
upsand downs
ups and downs (ŭpsʹ ən dounzʹ) pl.n. Alternating periods of good and bad fortune or spirits. * * *
adj. /up"skayl"/; v. /up skayl"/; n. /up"skayl'/, adj., v., upscaled, upscaling, n. Informal. adj. 1. located at, moving toward, or of or for the upper end of a social or ...
—upsettable, adj. —upsetter, n. —upsettingly, adv. v., adj. /up set"/; n. /up"set'/, v., upset, upsetting, n., adj. v.t. 1. to overturn: to upset a pitcher of milk. 2. to ...
upset price
the lowest price at which a person is permitted to bid for something being sold at auction. [1805-15] * * *
upset price n. The lowest price at which an item of property may be auctioned or sold at public sale.   [Past participle of upset, to establish (obsolete).] * * *
See upset. * * *
/up set"ing/, adj. tending to disturb or upset: an upsetting experience. [1870-75; UPSET + -ING2] * * *
upsetting lever
Naval Archit. the horizontal distance between the center of gravity, acting downward, and the center of buoyancy, acting upward, when they are so placed as to form a couple ...
upsetting moment
Naval Archit. the moment of an upsetting couple. Also called capsizing moment. * * *
See upsetter. * * *
Upshaw, Dawn
▪ 2008 born July 17, 1960, Nashville, Tenn.       American soprano Dawn Upshaw, known for her exquisite voice and for her meticulous attention to texts in many ...
Upshaw, Gene
▪ 2009       American football player born Aug. 15, 1945, Robstown, Texas died Aug. 20, 2008, near Lake Tahoe, California was a standout offensive lineman for ...
/up"shift'/, v.i. 1. to shift an automotive transmission or vehicle into a higher gear. v.t. 2. to shift (an automotive transmission or vehicle) into a higher gear. n. 3. an act ...
/up"shot'/, n. 1. the final issue, the conclusion, or the result: The upshot of the disagreement was a new bylaw. 2. the gist, as of an argument or thesis. [1525-35; UP- + ...
/up"suyd'/, n. 1. the upper side or part. 2. that part of a chart or graph that shows a higher level, esp. in price. 3. an upward trend, as in stock prices. 4. a positive ...
upside down
—upside-down, adj. —upside-downness, n. 1. with the upper part undermost. 2. in or into complete disorder; topsy-turvy: The burglars turned the house upside down. [1300-50; ...
See upside down. * * *
upside-down cake
a cake that is baked on a layer of fruit, then turned before serving so that the fruit is on top. [1920-25, Amer.] * * *
upside-down cake n. A single-layer cake baked with sliced fruit at the bottom, then served with the fruit side up. * * *
upside down adv. 1. So that the upper or right side is down: turned upside down. 2. In great disorder.   [Alteration of Middle English up so doun, up as if down : up, up; see up ...
/yoohp"seuh lon', -leuhn, up"-/; esp. Brit. /yoohp suy"leuhn/, n. 1. the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet (Y). 2. the vowel sound represented by this letter. 3. Also called ...
upsilon particle n. An electrically neutral meson having a mass 18,513 times that of the electron and a mean lifetime of approximately 8.0 × 10-20 seconds. * * *
/up"suyz'/, v.i., v.t., upsized, upsizing. to increase in size, as by hiring additional employees; expand: to upsize a business. [1985-90] * * *
/up"spin'/, n. a sudden, upward, spiraling movement, trend, etc.: another upspin in construction costs. [UP- + SPIN] * * *
v. /up spring"/, n. /up"spring'/, v., upsprang or upsprung, upsprung, upspringing, n. v.i. 1. to spring up. 2. to come into being or existence; arise: Prosperity began to ...
/up"stayj"/, adv., adj., v., upstaged, upstaging, n. adv. 1. on or toward the back of the stage. adj. 2. of, pertaining to, or located at the back of the stage. 3. haughtily ...
See upstage. * * *
/up"stairz"/, adv., adj., n., pl. upstairs. adv. 1. up the stairs; to or on an upper floor. 2. Informal. in the mind: to be a little weak upstairs. 3. to or at a higher level of ...
Upstairs, Downstairs
a very successful British television series (1971–5) about the life of a rich London family and their servants in the early years of the 20th century. It was common in the ...
—upstandingness, n. /up stan"ding/, adj. 1. upright; honorable; straightforward. 2. of a fine, vigorous type. 3. erect; erect and tall. [bef. 1000; ME; OE upstandende; see UP-, ...
See upstanding. * * *
—upstartness, n. n., adj. /up"stahrt'/; v. /up stahrt"/, n. 1. a person who has risen suddenly from a humble position to wealth, power, or a position of consequence. 2. a ...
—upstater, n. /up"stayt"/, n. 1. the part of a state that is farther north or farther from the chief city, esp. the northerly part of New York State. adj. 2. of or coming from ...
See upstate. * * *
/up"streem"/, adv. 1. toward or in the higher part of a stream; against the current. adj. 2. directed upstream; situated upstream: an upstream journey; an upstream hideout. 3. ...
/up strecht"/, adj. stretched upward, as the arms. [1555-65; UP- + STRETCH + -ED2] * * *
/up"strohk'/, n. an upward stroke, esp. of a pen or pencil, or of a piston in a vertical cylinder. [1820-30; UP- + STROKE1] * * *
v. /up serrj"/; n. /up"serrj'/, v., upsurged, upsurging, n. v.i. 1. to surge up; increase; rise: Water upsurged. Crime upsurged. n. 2. the act of surging up; a large or rapid ...
v. /up sweep"/; n. /up"sweep'/, v., upswept, upsweeping, n. v.t. 1. to sweep upward. v.i. 2. to be arranged in an upsweep. n. 3. a sweeping upward, as an increase in elevation or ...
/up swel"/, v.i., v.t., upswelled, upswelled or upswollen, upswelling. to swell up. [1350-1400; ME; see UP-, SWELL] * * *
/up"swept'/, adj. 1. curved or sloped upward: upswept automobile fenders. 2. combed or brushed upward to the top of the head. [1785-95; ptp. of UPSWEEP] * * *
n. /up"swing'/; v. /up swing"/, n., v., upswung, upswinging. n. 1. an upward swing or swinging movement, as of a pendulum. 2. a marked increase or improvement: an upswing in ...
/up"see day"zee/, interj. (used, as for reassurance, at the moment of lifting a baby up.) Also, upsa-daisy. [1860-65; cf. earlier up-a-daisy, dial. up-a-day, perh. UP + ...
/up"tayk'/, n. 1. apprehension; understanding or comprehension; mental grasp: quick on the uptake. 2. an act or instance of taking up; a lifting: the uptake of fertilizer by ...
/up"tawk'/, n. a rise in pitch at the end usually of a declarative sentence, esp. if habitual: often represented in writing by a question mark as in Hi, I'm here to read the ...
/up tair"/, v.t., uptore, uptorn, uptearing. to wrench or tear out by or as if by the roots or foundations; destroy. [1585-95; UP- + TEAR2] * * *
n. /up"throh'/; v. /up throh"/, n., v., upthrew, upthrown, upthrowing. n. 1. an upheaval, as of the earth's surface. 2. Geol. an upward displacement of rock on one side of a ...
/up"thrust'/, n. 1. a thrust in an upward direction. 2. a sudden and forceful upward movement, as of a nation's economy or the stock market: Market observers are hoping the ...
/up"tik'/, n. 1. a rise or improvement in business activity, in mood, etc. 2. Stock Exchange. a. a selling price that is higher than the last price. b. a slight upward trend in ...
—uptightness, n. /up"tuyt"/, adj. Slang. 1. tense, nervous, or jittery. 2. annoyed or angry. 3. stiffly conventional in manner or attitudes. [1960-65, Amer.; UP (perh. as ...
See uptight. * * *
/up tilt"/, v.t. to tilt up. [1900-05; UP- + TILT1] * * *
/up"tuym'/, n. 1. the time during which a machine or piece of equipment, as a computer, is operating or can be operated. 2. the time during which an employee is actually working. ...
/up"teuhn/, n. a male given name: from an Old English word meaning "upper town." * * *
Upton Sinclair
➡ Sinclair (II) * * *
Upton, Francis Robbins
▪ American mathematician and physicist born 1852, Peabody, Mass., U.S. died March 10, 1921, Orange, N.J.       American mathematician and physicist who, as assistant to ...
/up tawrn", -tohrn"/, v. pp. of uptear. * * *
—uptowner, n. adv., n. /up"town"/; adj. /up"town'/, adv. 1. to, toward, or in the upper part of a town or city: He rode uptown on the bus. adj. 2. moving toward, situated in, ...
See uptown. * * *
/up trayd"/, v.t., uptraded, uptrading. to trade (a piece of equipment, car, etc.) for something similar but of greater value or quality: to uptrade one's stereo components. [UP- ...
/up"trend'/, n. a tendency upward or toward growth, esp. in economic development. [1940-45; UP- + TREND] * * *
v. /up terrn", up"terrn'/; n. /up"terrn'/, v.t. 1. to turn up or over: The farmer upturned clumps of sod with his spade. 2. to cause disorder; upheave: The storm upturned the ...
/up terrnd", up"terrnd'/, adj. 1. turned or directed upward: upturned eyes. 2. turned over; upside down: an upturned canoe. 3. having a turned-up end: an upturned nose. [1585-95; ...
See Universal Postal Union. * * *
—upvaluation, n. /up"val'yooh/, v.t., upvalued, upvaluing. 1. to raise the value of: to upvalue inventories. 2. to increase the exchange value of (a currency). [1965-70; UP- + ...
—upwardly, adv. —upwardness, n. /up"weuhrd/, adv. Also, upwards. 1. toward a higher place or position: The birds flew upward. 2. toward a higher or more distinguished ...
upward mobility
☆ upward mobility n. movement from a lower to a higher social and economic status * * *
upward mobility.
—upwardly mobile. See under vertical mobility (def. 1). [1945-50] * * *
See upward. * * *
upwardly mobile adj. Advancing or likely to advance in economic and social standing: “They had considered her suitor unambitious, not sufficiently upwardly mobile” (Maggie ...
upward mobility n. The state of being upwardly mobile. * * *
/up"wawrp'/, n. a geologic structure, usually of relatively large dimensions, whose flanks slope gradually away from the center. Also called dome. [1915-20; UP- + WARP] * * *
/up wel"/, v.i. to well up, as water from a spring. [1880-85; UP- + WELL2] * * *
/up wel"ing/, n. 1. an act or instance of welling up: an upwelling of public support; an upwelling of emotion in his voice. 2. Oceanog. the process by which warm, less-dense ...
/up hwerrl", -werrl"/, v.t. 1. to cause (something) to whirl upward. v.i. 2. to be whirled upward. [1835-45; UP- + WHIRL] * * *
adv., adj. /up"wind"/; n. /up"wind'/, adv. 1. toward or against the wind or the direction from which it is blowing: The hunters stalked upwind. adj. 2. moving or situated toward ...
Uqaylid Dynastyʿ
▪ Muslim Arab dynasty       Muslim Arab dynasty whose various branches ruled Mosul (c. 992–1096) and Takrīt (1036–c. 1057), in what is now Iraq.       The ...
▪ Druze initiate (Arabic: “the wise”),singular  ʿāqil,         in the Druze religion, an elite of initiates who alone know Druze doctrine (ḥikmah, literally ...
/err, oor/, n. an ancient Sumerian city on the Euphrates, in S Iraq: extensive excavations, esp. of royal tombs. * * * Ancient city and district, Sumer, southern Babylonia. It ...
Ur of the Chaldees
/kal deez", kal"deez/, the city where Abraham was born, sometimes identified with the Sumerian city of Ur. Gen. 11:28, 31; 15:7; Neh. 9:7. * * *
ur-1 var. of uro-1: uranalysis. ur-2 var. of uro-2 before a vowel: urite. ur-3 (sometimes cap.) a combining form meaning "earliest, original," used in words denoting the primal ...
/oor"nah"mooh/, n. king of the Sumerian city-state of Ur c2000 B.C. * * *
▪ Tajikistan also spelled  Ura-tiube, or Ura-t'ube,         city, Khudzhand oblast (province), Tajikistan, in the northern foothills of the Turkistan Range. One of ...

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