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Слова на букву unre-work (15990)

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Vila Velha
▪ Brazil also called  Espírito Santo         coastal city, east-central Espírito Santo estado (state), eastern Brazil. It lies along Espírito Santo Bay, just ...
Vilakazi, Benedict Wallet
▪ Zulu author born Jan. 6, 1906, Groutville, Natal [now in South Africa] died Oct. 26, 1947, Johannesburg, S.Af.       Zulu poet, novelist, and educator who devoted his ...
Vilanova i la Geltrú
▪ Spain Spanish  Villanueva y la Geltru        city, Barcelona provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Catalonia, northeastern ...
Vilar, Jean
▪ French actor and director born March 25, 1912, Sète, France died May 28, 1971, Sète  French actor and director who revitalized the Théâtre National Populaire as a ...
Vilas, William F.
▪ American politician in full  William Freeman Vilas   born July 9, 1840, Chelsea, Vt., U.S. died August 27, 1908, Madison, Wis.       a leader of the U.S. Democratic ...
/vee'lah yet"/, n. a province or main administrative division of Turkey. Also, eyalet. [1865-70; < Turk < Ar wilayah] * * *
Vilcabamba, Cordillera de
▪ mountain range, Peru       small range of the Andes Mountains in south-central Peru, extending about 160 miles (260 km) northwestward from the city of Cuzco. The ...
Vildrac, Charles
▪ French author pseudonym of  Charles Messager   born Nov. 22, 1882, Paris, France died June 25, 1971, Saint-Tropez       French poet, playwright, and essayist whose ...
—vilely, adv. —vileness, n. /vuyl/, adj., viler, vilest. 1. wretchedly bad: a vile humor. 2. highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable: vile slander. 3. repulsive or ...
Vile, William
▪ English cabinetmaker born c. 1700 died September 1767       English cabinetmaker of the 18th century.       Vile was long overshadowed by his business ...
See vile. * * *
See vilely. * * *
See vilify. * * *
See vilification. * * *
—vilification, n. —vilifier, n. —vilifyingly, adv. /vil"euh fuy'/, v.t., vilified, vilifying. 1. to speak ill of; defame; slander. 2. Obs. to make vile. [1400-50; late ME < ...
—vilipender, n. /vil"euh pend'/, v.t. 1. to regard or treat as of little value or account. 2. to vilify; depreciate. [1425-75; late ME < LL vilipendere, equiv. to L vili(s) ...
Viljoen, Marais
▪ 2008       South African politician born Dec. 2, 1915 , Robertson, S.Af. died Jan. 4, 2007, Pretoria, S.Af. was the fifth president (1979–84) of South Africa and ...
/vil/, n. 1. a territorial division under the feudal system; township. 2. village. [1590-1600; < AF; OF vile, vylle, ville farm, village; see VILLA] * * *
—villalike, adj. /vil"euh/, n. 1. a country residence or estate. 2. any imposing or pretentious residence, esp. one in the country or suburbs maintained as a retreat by a ...
/vee"euh/; Sp. /bee"yah/, n. Francisco /frddahn sees"kaw/, (Doroteo Arango, "Pancho Villa"), 1877-1923, Mexican general and revolutionist. * * * I Country estate, complete with ...
Villa Cisneros
/bee"lyah thees ne"rddaws, bee"yah sees ne"rddaws/ former name of Dakhla (def. 2). * * *
Villa d'Este
▪ estate, Tivoli, Italy  estate in Tivoli, near Rome, with buildings, fountains, and terraced gardens designed (1550) by the Mannerist (Mannerism) architect Pirro Ligorio ...
Villa Giulia, Museo Nazionale di
▪ museum, Rome, Italy       (Italian: National Museum of Villa Giulia), museum in Rome principally devoted to antiquities of the pre-Roman period from ancient Umbria, ...
Villa María
▪ Argentina       city, east central Córdoba provincia (province), north-central Argentina, on the Tercero River at the northwestern limits of the Pampa. Founded in ...
Villa Nueva
▪ Argentina also called  Guaymallén        suburb east of the city of Mendoza, in north Mendoza provincia (province), western Argentina. It lies in the intensively ...
Villa Obregón
▪ legation, Mexico       delegación (legation), north-central Distrito Federal (Federal District), central Mexico, in the Valley of Mexico. Formerly known as San Angel ...
Villa Park
/vil"euh/ a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago. 23,185. * * *
Villa, Pancho
orig. Doroteo Arango born June 5, 1878, Hacienda de Río Grande, San Juan del Río, Mex. died June 20, 1923, Parral Mexican guerrilla leader. He was orphaned at a young age ...
Vil·la (vēʹə, bēʹyä), Francisco. Known as “Pancho.” 1877?-1923. Mexican revolutionary leader who ran unsuccessfully for the presidency after the Mexican Revolution ...
/vee"lah loh"baws, -bohs, vil"euh-/; Port. /vee"lyah law"boosh, -boos/, n. Heitor /ay"toordd/, 1881-1959, Brazilian composer. * * *
Villa-Lobos, Heitor
born March 5, 1887, Rio de Janeiro, Braz. died Nov. 17, 1959, Rio de Janeiro Brazilian composer. He was exposed to folk music as a child, and his later extensive ...
Vil·la-Lo·bos (vē'lə-lōʹbōs, vē'lä-lôʹbo͝os), Heitor. 1887-1959. Brazilian composer whose works, including symphonies, operas, and songs, were influenced by ...
▪ Austria       city, southern Austria, on the Drava (Drau) River at the eastern foot of the Villacher Alps, west of Klagenfurt. It originated as the Roman town of ...
/vil"euh deuhm/, n. Brit. 1. villas collectively. 2. suburban life and society; suburbia. [1875-80; VILLA + -DOM] * * *
Villafranca, Conference of
▪ France-Austria [1859]       meeting between French emperor Napoleon III and Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria that resulted in a preliminary peace (July 11, 1859) ...
Villafranca, Peace of
(1859) Preliminary peace treaty between France's Napoleon III and Austria's emperor Francis Joseph that ended the Franco-Piedmontese war against Austria. Napoleon III made peace ...
Villafranchian [vil΄ə fraŋ′kē ən] adj. 〚after Villafranca, town in NW Italy〛 designating or of a European geologic stage of the Lower Pleistocene and the Upper ...
—villageless, adj. —villagey, villagy, adj. /vil"ij/, n. 1. a small community or group of houses in a rural area, larger than a hamlet and usually smaller than a town, and ...
/vil"ij/, n. The, a city in central Oklahoma. 11,049. * * *
Village Blacksmith
a popular poem by the US poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about the simple, healthy life of a country blacksmith (= a person whose job is making things out of iron, especially ...
village community
an early form of community organization in which land belonged to the village, the arable land being allotted to the members or households of the community by more or less ...
village green
n (in Britain) an area of grass in the centre of a village. It is one of the traditional centres of village life, used for games, fêtes and other public events: Traditional ...
Village Voice
(also The Voice) a US newspaper published each week in Greenwich Village in New York, known especially for its articles on entertainment and the arts. It first appeared in 1955 ...
Village, The
▪ Oklahoma, United States       city, Oklahoma county, central Oklahoma, U.S. The Village was founded by local store owners in 1949 to prevent the then-rural area from ...
/vil"i jeuhr/, n. an inhabitant of a village. [1560-70; VILLAGE + -ER1] * * *
/vil"ij ree/, n. villages. [1580-90; VILLAGE + -RY] * * *
/vil'i jeuh zay"sheuhn/, n. the transfer of land to village control. [1965-70; VILLAGE + -IZATION] * * *
/bee'yah erdd maw"sah/, n. a city in and the capital of Tabasco, in E Mexico. 142,384. * * * City (pop., 2000: 330,846), capital of Tabasco state, southeastern Mexico. Founded ...
/vil"euhn/, n. 1. a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel. 2. a character in a play, novel, or the like, who constitutes an ...
/vil"euh nij/, n. villeinage. Also, villanage. * * *
/vil"euh nis/, n. a villainous woman. [1580-90; VILLAIN + -ESS] Usage. See -ess. * * *
—villainously, adv. —villainousness, n. /vil"euh neuhs/, adj. 1. having a cruel, wicked, malicious nature or character. 2. of, pertaining to, or befitting a villain: ...
See villainous. * * *
See villainously. * * *
/vil"euh nee/, n., pl. villainies. 1. the actions or conduct of a villain; outrageous wickedness. 2. a villainous act or deed. 3. Obs. villeinage. [1175-1225; ME vile(i)nie, ...
Villamizar, Alberto
▪ 2008       Colombian politician and diplomat born 1944, Cúcuta, Colom. died July 26, 2007, Bogotá, Colom. crusaded alongside the Liberal Party presidential ...
▪ Spanish music       genre of Spanish song, most prevalent in the Renaissance but found also in earlier and later periods. It is a poetic and musical form and was sung ...
▪ France       village, Indre-et-Loire département, Centre région, central France. It is situated along the Cher River southwest of Tours and is the site of a ...
/vil'euh nel"euh/; It. /veel'lah nel"lah/, n., pl. villanelle /-nel"ee/; It. /-nel"le/. a rustic Italian part song without accompaniment. [1590-1600; < It, fem. of villanello ...
/vil'euh nel"/, n. Pros. a short poem of fixed form, written in tercets, usually five in number, followed by a final quatrain, all being based on two rhymes. [1580-90; < F < It; ...
Villani, Giovanni
▪ Italian historian born c. 1275, , Florence died 1348, Florence       Italian chronicler whose European attitude to history foreshadowed Humanism.       In 1300 ...
Villanova University
▪ university, Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States       private, coeducational institution of higher learning in Villanova, Pennsylvania, U.S. It is affiliated with ...
/vil'euh noh"veuhn/, adj. 1. Also, Villanova. of or pertaining to the early Iron Age culture of northern Italy, characterized by lake dwellings. n. 2. a member of this ...
Villanovan culture
Early Iron Age culture in Italy, named after the village where the first site was found in 1853. It appeared in the 10th or 9th century BC as a branch of the Urnfield cultures. ...
Villanueva, Carlos Raúl
▪ Venezuelan architect born May 30, 1900, Croydon, Surrey, Eng. died Aug. 16, 1975, Caracas       Venezuelan architect often credited with being the father of modern ...
/vi lahr", -lahrd"/, n. 1. Henry (Ferdinand Heinrich Gustav Hilgard) 1835-1900, U.S. railroad executive and publisher, born in Bavaria. 2. Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949, U.S. ...
Villard de Honnecourt
born с 1225, Picardy, France died с 1250 French architect. He is remembered mainly for the sketchbook he compiled while traveling in search of work as a master mason. The ...
Villard, Henry
orig. Ferdinand Heinrich Gustav Hilgard born April 10, 1835, Speyer, Bavaria died Nov. 12, 1900, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., U.S. German-born U.S. journalist and financier. In 1853 he ...
Vil·lard (vĭ-lärʹ, -lärdʹ), Henry. 1835-1900. German-born American journalist and railroad magnate. He was president of the Northern Pacific Railroad (1881-1884) and ...
Villari effect
/vi lahr"ee/, Physics. the change in magnetic induction that takes place in certain substances when subjected to longitudinal stress. [named after E. Villari, 19th-century ...
▪ Spain Valencian  Vila-real , in full  Vila-real de los Infantes        city, Castellón provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) ...
/bee'yahrdd rddee"kah/; Eng. /vee'euh ree"keuh/, n. a city in S central Paraguay. 18,300. * * * ▪ Paraguay       town, southern Paraguay. Founded in 1576 on the ...
/vee lannrdd"/, n. Claude Louis Hector de /klohd lwee ek tawrdd" deuh/, 1653-1734, marshal of France. * * *
Villars, Claude-Louis-Hector, duc de
▪ French general (duke of) born May 8, 1653, Moulins, Fr. died June 17, 1734, Turin, Italy       French soldier, King Louis XIV's most successful commander in the War ...
Villars, Claude-Louis-Hector, duke de
born May 8, 1653, Moulins, France died June 17, 1734, Turin, Sardinia French soldier. He distinguished himself in France's war against the Dutch (1672–78) and in the War of ...
Villas Boas, Claudio
▪ 1999       Brazilian anthropologist and activist whose life was dedicated to the search for and protection of the country's indigenous people as their lands were taken ...
Villas Boas, Orlando
▪ 2003       Brazilian explorer and Indian rights activist (b. Jan. 12, 1914, near Botucatu, Braz.—d. Dec. 12, 2002, São Paulo, Braz.), was a leading advocate of the ...
/vi lat"ik/, adj. of or pertaining to the country or to a farm; rural. [1665-75; < L villaticus. See VILLA, -ATE1, -IC] * * *
/bee'yah vee sen"syaw/, n. a city in central Colombia. 80,700. * * * ▪ Colombia       capital of Meta departamento, central Colombia, situated on the eastern slopes ...
▪ Spain       port town, Asturias provincia (province) and comunidad autónoma (autonomous community), northwestern Spain, in the Costa Verde resort area. The town is ...
/veel deuh pann rddee"/, n. a department in N France. 2,299,830; 41 sq. mi. (106 sq. km). Cap.: Paris. * * *
Villeda Morales
/bee ye"dhah maw rddah"les/ Ramón /rddah mawn"/, 1909?-71, Honduran diplomat and statesman: president 1957-63. * * *
▪ France       harbour town and Mediterranean resort, Alpes-Maritimes département, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur région, southeastern France. Situated on the wooded ...
▪ France       town, Rhône département, Rhône-Alpes région, east-central France, located 1 mile (1.6 km) west of the Saône River. Founded in the 12th century, the ...
Villegagnon Island
▪ island, Brazil Portuguese  Ilha De Villegagnon,         island in Guanabara Bay, southeastern Brazil, connected by a causeway to Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont ...
Villegas, Esteban Manuel de
▪ Spanish poet born 1589, Matute, near Nájera, Spain died Sept. 3, 1669, Matute       Spanish lyric poet who achieved great popularity with an early book of poems, ...
Villehardouin, Geoffrey of
▪ French general French  Geoffroi de Villehardouin   born c. 1150, near Bar-sur-Aube, Burgundy [France] died c. 1213, Greece?       French soldier, chronicler, ...
/vil"euhn, -ayn, vi layn"/, n. a member of a class of partially free persons under the feudal system, who were serfs with respect to their lord but had the rights and privileges ...
villein socage
Medieval Hist. land held by a tenant who rendered to a lord specified duties of a servile nature. Cf. free socage. [1760-70] * * *
/vil"euh nij/, n. 1. the tenure by which a villein held land and tenements from a lord. 2. the condition or status of a villein. Also, villainage, villanage, ...
➡ feudalism * * *
▪ France       town, Val-de-Marne département, Paris région, southern suburb of Paris, France. It has a psychiatric hospital and a cancer research institute and ...
Villèle, Joseph, comte de
▪ French politician born April 14, 1773, Toulouse, Fr. died March 13, 1854, Toulouse       French conservative politician and prime minister during the reign of Charles ...
Villella, Edward
born Oct. 1, 1936, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. ballet dancer, choreographer, and director. He trained at the School of American Ballet and joined the New York City Ballet in ...
Vil·lel·la (və-lĕlʹə), Edward. Born 1936. American ballet dancer. He joined the New York City Ballet in 1957 and won acclaim for his roles in Prodigal Son (1965) and ...
Villemin, Jean Antoine
born Jan. 28, 1827, Prey, Vosges, France died Oct. 6, 1892, Paris French physician. As an army doctor, he observed that healthy young men often developed tuberculosis (TB) ...
▪ Spain       city, Alicante provincia (province), in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Valencia, southeastern Spain. It lies about 45 miles (70 km) ...
/veel nuev"/, n. Pierre Charles Jean Baptiste Silvestre de /pyerdd shannrddl zhahonn bann teest" seel ves"trddeu deuh/, 1763-1806, French admiral. * * *
Villeneuve, Jacques
▪ 1996       In 1994, his first year as a driver on the IndyCar racing circuit, Jacques Villeneuve placed second in the Indianapolis 500 race. He finished the season in ...
Villeneuve, Pierre-Charles-Jean-Baptiste-Silvestre de
▪ French admiral born Dec. 31, 1763, Valensole, Fr. died April 22, 1806, Rennes       French admiral who commanded the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar ...
▪ town, France       town, a southeastern suburb of Paris, Val-de-Marne département, Île-de-France région, north-central France. It is situated at the confluence ...
Villeroi, François de Neufville, duc de (duke of)
▪ French marshal Villeroi also spelled  Villeroy   born April 7, 1644, Lyon, Fr. died July 18, 1730, Paris       French courtier, a lifelong favourite of King Louis ...
/veel yuurdd bannn"/, n. a city in E France, near Lyons. 119,438. * * * ▪ France       city, a suburb of Lyon, Rhône département, Rhône-Alpes région, east-central ...
villi [vil′ī΄] n. pl. of VILLUS * * * vil·li (vĭlʹī) n. Plural of villus. * * *
/vil"euhrz, vil"yeuhrz/, n. 1. Frederic, 1852-1922, English artist and war correspondent. 2. George. See Buckingham, 1st Duke of. 3. George. See Buckingham, 2nd Duke of. * * *
Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, Auguste, comte de
▪ French author in full  Auguste-Jean-Marie-Mathias-Philippe, comte de (count of) Villiers de L'Isle-Adam  born November 7, 1838, Saint-Brieuc, France died August 19, 1889, ...
Vil·liers (vĭlʹərz, -yərz), George. See Buckingham, Second Duke of. * * *
/vil"euh fawrm'/, adj. 1. having the form of a villus. 2. shaped and set so as to resemble the pile of velvet, as the teeth of certain fishes. [1840-50; < NL villiformis. See ...
Vil·ling·en-Schwen·ning·en (fĭlʹĭng-ən-shvĕnʹĭng-ən) A city of southwest Germany south-southwest of Stuttgart. Founded in 999, it is a manufacturing center. ...
/vee yawonn"/, n. 1. François /frddahonn swann"/, 1431-63?, French poet. 2. Jacques /zhahk/, (Gaston Duchamp), 1875-1963, French painter. * * *
Villon, François
Vil·lon (vē-yōɴʹ), François. 1431-1463?. French poet. His satirical lyrics are contained in Le Petit Testament (c. 1456) and Le Testament (c. 1461). * * * orig. François ...
Villon, Jacques
▪ French painter pseudonym of  Gaston Émile Duchamp   born July 31, 1875, Damville, Normandy, France died June 9, 1963, Puteaux, near Paris       French painter and ...
Villoresi, Luigi
▪ 1998       Italian race-car driver for Maserati, Ferrari, and Lancia teams during the 1930s, '40s, and '50s who was considered the most elegant racer of his time (b. ...
/vil"ohs/, adj. villous. [1720-30; < L villosus shaggy. See VILLUS, -OSE1] * * *
/vi los"i tee/, n., pl. villosities. 1. a villous surface or coating. 2. a number of villi together. 3. a villus. [1770-80; VILLOSE + -ITY] * * *
▪ song plural  villote         type of 16th-century Italian secular song similar to the villanella but having its origins in folk music. The villota has no ...
—villously, adv. /vil"euhs/, adj. 1. covered with or of the nature of villi. 2. having villiform processes. 3. Bot. pubescent with long and soft hairs that are not ...
See villous. * * *
/vil"euhs/, n., pl. villi /vil"uy/. 1. Anat., Zool. one of the minute, wormlike processes on certain membranes, esp. on the mucous membrane of the small intestine, where they ...
/vil"meuh/, n. a female given name, form of Wilhelmina. * * *
Vilner, Meir
▪ 2004 Meir Vilner-Kovner; Ber Kovner        Lithanian-born Israeli politician (b. Oct. 23, 1918, Vilnius, Lithuania—d. June 5, 2003, Tel Aviv, Israel), was a member ...
/vil"nee oos'/, n. a city in and the capital of Lithuania, in the SE part: formerly in the Soviet Union and earlier in Poland. 582,000. Polish, Wilno. Russian, Vilna ...
Vilnius dispute
Conflict between Poland and Lithuania over possession of the city of Vilnius. After World War I, the new Lithuanian government established itself at Vilnius. It was forced out ...
Vilsack, Tom
▪ American politician in full  Thomas James Vilsack  born Dec. 13, 1950, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.    American politician who served as governor of Iowa (1999–2007) and as ...
Vil·yu·i (vĭl-yo͞oʹē) A river of eastern Russia flowing about 2,446 km (1,520 mi) eastward to the Lena River. * * *
Vilyuy River
or Viliui River River, east-central Siberia. The longest tributary of the Lena River, it is 1,647 mi (2,650 km) long. It joins the Lena about 200 mi (320 km) northwest of ...
/vim/, n. lively or energetic spirit; enthusiasm; vitality. [1835-45, Amer.; < L, acc. of vis energy, force] Syn. vigor, pep, energy, dash. * * *
/vi mah"neuh/, n. a sanctuary of a Brahman temple. [1860-65; < Skt vimana] * * *
—viminal /vim"euh nl/, adj. /vuy"meuhn/, n., pl. vimina /vim"euh neuh/. Bot. a long, flexible shoot of a plant. [ < L vimen osier, withe, twig] * * *
/vim"euh nl/, n. one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built. * * *
/vi min"ee euhs/, adj. Bot. 1. of, like, or producing long, flexible shoots. 2. of or made of twigs. [1645-55; < L vimineus made of osiers, equiv. to vimin- (s. of vimen) osier + ...
/vim"peuh/, n. Rom. Cath. Ch. a silk veil falling over the shoulders and extending down the arms and over the hands, worn by acolytes who carry the miter and crosier at a ...
/vim"ee, vee"mee/; Fr. /vee mee"/, n. a town in N France, N of Arras: battle 1917. * * *
/vin/, n. a male given name, form of Vincent. * * *
/vaonn/, n., pl. vins /vaonn/. French. wine. * * *
vehicle identification number. * * *
vin blanc
/vaonn blahonn"/, pl. vins blancs /vaonn blahonn"/. French. See white wine. * * *
vin de pays
/vaonn deuh pay ee"/, pl. vins de pays /vaonn deuh pay ee"/. French. the wine of a particular region, usually available only in the region where the wine is made; local ...
vin du pays
/vaonn dyuu pay ee"/, pl. vins du pays /vaonn dyuu pay ee"/. French. See vin de pays. * * *
vin ordinaire
/vaonn nawrdd dee nerdd"/, pl. vins ordinaires /vaonn zawrdd dee nerdd"/. French. inexpensive table wine, usually of unspecified origin. [lit., ordinary wine] * * *
vin rosé
vin rosé [van rō̂ zā′; ] E [ vin′ rō zā′] n. 〚Fr, pink wine〛 ROSÉ * * *
vin rouge
/vaonn rddoohzh"/, pl. vins rouges /vaonn rddoohzh"/. French. See red wine. * * *
var. of vini-, esp. before a vowel. * * *
(in prescriptions) wine. [ < L vinum] * * *
/vee"nah, -neuh/, n. a musical stringed instrument of India, made of rosewood or ebony, consisting of a long, hollow, fretted stick to which one, two, or three gourds are ...
Viña del Mar
/bee"nyah dhel mahrdd"/ a city in central Chile, near Valparaiso: seaside resort. 229,020. * * * City (pop., 2002 prelim: 330,000), central Chile. It is a residential suburb of ...
/vuy nay"sheuhs/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or resembling wine or grapes. 2. of the color of red wine. [1680-90; < L vinaceus. See WINE, -ACEOUS] * * *
Viñadel Mar
Vi·ña del Mar (vēn'yə dĕl märʹ, bēʹnyä) A city of central Chile, a resort and residential suburb of Valparaíso on the Pacific Ocean. Population: 281,063. * * *
/vin'euh gret"/, n. 1. Also, vinegarette. a small, ornamental bottle or box for holding aromatic vinegar, smelling salts, or the like. 2. See vinaigrette sauce. adj. 3. (of a ...
vinaigrette sauce
a tart sauce of oil, vinegar, and seasonings, sometimes including chopped capers, pickles, etc., usually served cold with salads. * * *
/vi nas"/, n. Distilling. the residuum in a still after distillation; slop. [ < F < Pr vinassa < L vinacea, fem. of vinaceus VINACEOUS] * * *
Vinay, Ramon
▪ 1997       Chilean opera singer (b. Aug. 31, 1912, Chillán, Chile—d. Jan. 4, 1996, Puebla, Mexico), achieved his greatest recognition as a heroic tenor, most ...
Vinaya Pitaka
/vin"euh yeuh/, Buddhism. See under Pali Canon. * * * Oldest and smallest division of the Tripitaka. It lays out the 227 rules of monastic life for bhiksus, along with an ...
/vin blas"teen/, n. Pharm. an alkaloid, C46H58N4O9, derived from the periwinkle Vinca rosea, used in the treatment of various malignant conditions, esp. in the management of ...
/ving"keuh/, n. periwinkle2. [1865-70; < NL Vinca type genus < LL pervinca PERIWINKLE2] * * *
/vins/, n. a male given name, form of Vincent. * * *
Vince Lombardi
➡ Lombardi * * *
/vin senz"/; for 2 also Fr. /vaonn sen"/, n. 1. a city in SW Indiana, on the Wabash: the first permanent settlement in Indiana, 1702. 20,857. 2. a city in N France, near Paris. ...
Vincennes ware
Pottery made at Vincennes, France, from 1740 until 1756 (three years after it had become the royal manufactory), when the enterprise moved to Sèvres, near Versailles. Typical ...
/vin"seuhnt/, n. 1. Saint, died A.D. 304, Spanish martyr: patron saint of winegrowers. 2. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning "conquering." * * * (as used in ...
Vincent de Paul
/vin"seuhnt deuh pawl"/; Fr. /vaonn sahonn" deuh pawl"/ Saint, 1576-1660, French Roman Catholic priest noted for his work to aid the poor. * * *
Vincent de Paul, Saint
born April 24, 1581, Pouy, France died Sept. 27, 1660, Paris; canonized 1737; feast day September 27 French religious leader. Educated by the Franciscans at Dax, he was ...
Vincent de Paul,Saint
Vin·cent de Paul (vĭnʹsənt də pôl), Saint. 1581-1660. French ecclesiastic who founded the Congregation of the Mission (1625) and the Daughters of Charity (1633). * * *
Vincent Ferrer, Saint
▪ French friar born c. 1350, , Valencia, Aragon died April 5, 1419, Vannes, Fr.; canonized 1455; feast day April 5       Aragonese friar and renowned preacher who ...
Vincent gingivitis
▪ pathology also called  Vincent infection,  Vincent stomatitis,  acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis,  Vincent angina,  or  trench mouth        acute and ...
Vincent of Beauvais
born 1190, Beauvais?, France died 1264, Paris French scholar and encyclopaedist. A Dominican priest (с 1220), he became lector and chaplain to the court of King Louis IX. By ...
Vincent of Lérins, Saint
▪ ancient theologian pseudonym  Peregrinus   born , possibly Toul, Belgica [now in France] died c. 450, ; feast day May 24       Gallo-Roman saint, the chief ...
Vincent's angina
Pathol. a disease characterized by ulceration of the mucosa of the tonsils, pharynx, and mouth, by the presence of abundant bacilli and spirochetes, and by the development of a ...
Vin·cent's angina (vĭnʹsənts) n. See trench mouth.   [After Jean HyacintheVincent (1862-1950), French physician.] * * *
Vincent's infection n. See trench mouth.   [After Jean HyacintheVincent (1862-1950), French physician.] * * *
Vincent, Gene
▪ American singer original name  Vincent Eugene Craddock  born Feb. 11, 1935, Norfolk, Va., U.S. died Oct. 12, 1971, Newhall, Calif.       American rockabilly singer ...
/vin sen"sheuhn/, Rom. Cath. Ch. n. 1. Also called Lazarist. a member of the "Congregation of the Mission," founded in France in 1625, engaged chiefly in conducting missions and ...
(as used in expressions) Bellini Vincenzo Gioberti Vincenzo Vincenzo Gioacchino Pecci * * *
/vin"chee/; It. /veen"chee/, n. Leonardo da /lee'euh nahr"doh deuh, lay'-/; It. /le'aw nahrdd"daw dah/. See Leonardo da Vinci. * * *
Vinci, Charles T.
▪ American athlete born February 28, 1933, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.       American weightlifter who won two Olympic gold medals.       Vinci, who stood just 4 feet ...
Vinci, Leonardo
▪ Italian composer born 1690, Strongoli, Kingdom of Naples [Italy] died May 27, 1730, Naples       Italian composer who was one of the originators of the Neapolitan ...
See vincible. * * *
—vincibility, vincibleness, n. /vin"seuh beuhl/, adj. capable of being conquered or overcome: vincible fears. [1540-50; < L vincibilis, equiv. to vinc(ere) to overcome + ...
See vincibility. * * *
VinciLeonardo da
VinciLeonardo da see DA VINCI Leonardo * * *
vincit omnia veritas
/wing"kit awm"ni ah' way"rddi tahs'/; Eng. /vin"sit om"nee euh ver"i tas', -tahs'/, Latin. truth conquers all things. * * *
/vin kris"teen/, n. Pharm. an alkaloid, C46H56N4O10, derived from the periwinkle, Vinca rosea, used in the management of leukemias and lymphomas. [1960-65; < NL Vin(ca) a ...
/ving"kyeuh leuhm/, n., pl. vincula /-leuh/. 1. a bond signifying union or unity; tie. 2. Math. a stroke or brace drawn over a quantity consisting of several members or terms, in ...
vinculum matrimonii
/wing"koo loom' mah'trddi moh"ni ee'/; Eng. /ving"kyeuh leuhm ma'tri moh"nee uy'/, Latin. the bond of matrimony. * * *
vindaloo [vin′də lo͞o΄] n. a highly spiced curry originating in Goa, India, and usually containing vinegar adj. of or relating to this curry or to the hottest or spiciest ...
Vindex, Gaius Julius
▪ Roman provincial governor died AD 68, , Vesontio, Germania Superior [now Besançon, Fr.]       governor of the Roman province of Lugdunensis (east-central and ...
Vindhya Hills
/vind"yeuh/ a mountain range in central India, N of the Narbada River. * * *
Vindhya Pradesh
/preuh daysh", -desh"/ a former state in central India: now part of Madhya Pradesh. * * *
Vindhya Range
Vindhya Range [vin′dyə] chain of hills across central India, north of the Narbada River, marking the N edge of the Deccan Plateau: also called Vindhya Mountains (or Hills) * * ...
Vin·dhya Range (vĭnʹdyə) A chain of hills in central India extending east-northeast for about 965 km (600 mi) and rising to approximately 915 m (3,000 ft). * * *
—vindicability, n. /vin"di keuh beuhl/, adj. capable of being vindicated: a vindicable expedient. [1625-35; < ML vindicabilis, equiv. to L vindica(re) (see VINDICATE) + -bilis ...
—vindicator, n. /vin"di kayt'/, v.t., vindicated, vindicating. 1. to clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like: to vindicate someone's honor. 2. to ...
/vin'di kay"sheuhn/, n. 1. the act of vindicating. 2. the state of being vindicated. 3. defense; excuse; justification: Poverty was a vindication for his thievery. 4. something ...
See vindicate. * * *
/vin"di keuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj. 1. tending or serving to vindicate. 2. punitive; retributive: vindicatory killings. Also, vindicative /vin dik"euh tiv, vin"di ...
—vindictively, adv. —vindictiveness, n. /vin dik"tiv/, adj. 1. disposed or inclined to revenge; vengeful: a vindictive person. 2. proceeding from or showing a revengeful ...
See vindictive. * * *
See vindictively. * * *
▪ anthropological and archaeological site, Croatia       site of paleoanthropological excavations in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region of Croatia, known for Neanderthal ...
—vineless, adj. —vinelike, adj. /vuyn/, n. 1. any plant having a long, slender stem that trails or creeps on the ground or climbs by winding itself about a support or holding ...
vine cactus
the ocotillo, Fouquieria splendens. * * *
vine maple
a maple, Acer circinatum, of the western coast of North America, often having vinelike or prostrate stems that form dense thickets. [1870-75, Amer.] * * *
vine snake
any of several slender, arboreal colubrid snakes of the genus Oxybelis, ranging from southern Arizona to Bolivia. * * * ▪ snake group  any of several venomous, rear-fanged ...
/vin"ee euhl/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to grapes or grapevines. 2. of or pertaining to wine or winemaking. [1650-60; < L vinealis, equiv. to vine(a) VINE + -alis -AL1] * * *
Vineberg, Arthur Martin
▪ Canadian surgeon born May 24, 1903, Montreal died March 26, 1988, Montreal       Canadian heart surgeon, noted chiefly for his development, in 1950, of a surgical ...
/vuynd/, adj. covered or decorated with vines or representations of vines: a vined brick wall; vined wallpaper. [1570-80; VINE + -ED3] * * *
/vuyn"dres'euhr/, n. a person who tends or cultivates vines, esp. grapevines. [1550-60; VINE + DRESSER1] * * *
—vinegarlike, adj. /vin"i geuhr/, n. 1. a sour liquid consisting of dilute and impure acetic acid, obtained by acetous fermentation from wine, cider, beer, ale, or the like: ...
vinegar eel
a minute nematode worm, Anguillula aceti, common in vinegar, fermenting paste, etc. Also called vinegar worm. [1830-40] * * *
vinegar fly
any fly of the family Drosophilidae, the larvae of which feed on decaying fruit and vegetation. Also called fruit fly, pomace fly. [1900-05] * * * ▪ insect also called ...
vinegar eel n. A minute nematode worm (Anguillula aceti) that feeds on the organisms causing fermentation in vinegar. Also called vinegar worm. * * *
/vin'i geuh ret"/, n. vinaigrette (def. 1). [1850-55] * * *
vinegar fly n. See fruit fly. * * *
/vin"i geuhr ish/, adj. resembling vinegar, as in sourness or acidity: a vinegarish odor; a vinegarish disposition. [1640-50; VINEGAR + -ISH1] * * *
/vin'i geuh roohn"/, n. a large, nonpoisonous whipscorpion, Mastigoproctus giganteus, of the southern U.S. and Mexico, which, when disturbed, emits a volatile fluid having a ...
/vin"i geuhr weed'/, n. a plant, Trichostema lanceolatum, of the mint family, native to the western coast of the U.S., having clusters of blue flowers with long, protruding ...
vinegar worm n. See vinegar eel. * * *
/vin"i geuh ree/, adj. 1. of the nature of or resembling vinegar; sour; acid: a vinegary taste. 2. having a disagreeable character or manner; crabbed; ill-tempered: a vinegary ...
/vuyn"land'/, n. land particularly suited to the growing of vines. [VINE + LAND] * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       city, Cumberland county, southern New Jersey, ...
/vuyn"leuhnd/, n. 1. a city in S New Jersey. 53,753. 2. Vinland. * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       city, Cumberland county, southern New Jersey, U.S, about 35 ...
Viner, Jacob
▪ American economist born May 3, 1892, Montreal died Sept. 12, 1970, Princeton, N.J., U.S.       Canadian-born American economist who made major contributions to the ...
/vuy"neuh ree/, n., pl. vineries. 1. a place or enclosure in which vines, esp. grapevines, are grown. 2. vines collectively. [1375-1425; VINE + -ERY, r. late ME vinary < ML ...
Vines, Ellsworth, Jr.
▪ 1995       U.S. tennis player and golfer (b. Sept. 28/29, 1911, Los Angeles, Calif.—d. March 17, 1994, La Quinta, Calif.), delivered blinding service aces and ...
Vines, H. Ellsworth, Jr.
▪ American athlete in full  Henry Ellsworth Vines, Jr.  born Sept. 28, 1911, Los Angeles died March 17, 1994, La Quinta, Calif.       U.S. tennis player of the 1930s ...
Vinet, Alexandre-Rodolphe
▪ Swiss theologian born June 17, 1797, Ouchy, Switz. died May 4, 1847, Clarens       French-Swiss theologian, moralist, and literary critic who was instrumental in ...
/vin"yeuhrd/, n. 1. a plantation of grapevines, esp. one producing grapes for winemaking. 2. a sphere of activity, esp. on a high spiritual plane. [1300-50; ME (see VINE, YARD2); ...
/vin"yeuhr dist/, n. a person who owns or operates a vineyard. [1840-50; VINEYARD + -IST] * * *
Vingt, Les
or Les XX (French; The Twenty) Group of Symbolist artists, including James Ensor, Fernand Khnopff, and Henry van de Velde, who exhibited in Belgium during 1891–93. Belgian ...
Fr. /vaonn tay ueonn"/, n. Cards. twenty-one (def. 4). [1775-85; < F: lit., twenty-one] * * *
▪ Vietnam       city, north-central Vietnam, located on the Ca River delta, 160 miles (260 km) south of Hanoi. The Ca River enters the Gulf of Tonkin just northeast of ...
Vinh Long
▪ Vietnam       town, Mekong delta region, southern Vietnam. It is a river port on the right bank of the Tien River; it has a hospital and commercial airport. It also ...
a combining form meaning "wine," used in the formation of compound words: viniculture. Also, vin-, vino-. [ < L vini-, comb. form of vinum] * * *
/vuy"nik, vin"ik/, adj. of, pertaining to, found in, or derived from wine: a vinic odor. [1825-35; < L vin(um) WINE + -IC] * * *
See viniculture. * * *
—vinicultural, adj. —viniculturist, n. /vin"i kul'cheuhr, vuy"ni-/, n. the science or study of making wines. [1870-75; VINI- + CULTURE] * * *
See vinicultural. * * *
/vuy nif"euhr euh, vi-/, adj. 1. of, pertaining to, or derived from a European grape, Vitis vinifera, widely cultivated for making wine and raisins and for table use. n. 2. a ...
/vuy nif"euhr euhs, vi-/, adj. suitable for or used in winemaking: a viniferous variety of grape. [1825-35; < L vinifer (see VINI-, -FER) + -OUS] * * *
/vin'euh fi kay"sheuhn/, n. the process of making wine. [1875-80; VINI- + -FICATION] * * *
/vin"euh fi kay'teuhr/, n. a condenser for alcohol vapors escaping from fermenting wine. [VINI- + L -ficator maker (see -FIC, -ATE1, -OR2)] * * *
/vin"euh fuy'/, v., vinified, vinifying. v.t. 1. to produce (a type of wine) by vinification: to vinify champagne entirely from white grapes. 2. to convert (grapes or other ...
▪ Oklahoma, United States       city, seat (1907) of Craig county, northeastern Oklahoma, U.S. It lies northeast of Tulsa along the old Osage Trace (later Texas Road), ...
Vinje, Aasmund Olafson
▪ Norwegian writer born April 6, 1818, Vinje, Norway died July 30, 1870, Gran       poet and journalist who wrote some of the finest lyric poems in Norwegian ...
/vin"leuhnd/, n. a region in E North America variously identified as a place between Newfoundland and Virginia: visited and described by Norsemen ab. A.D. 1000. Also, Vineland. * ...
      (Pāli), in the Buddhist chain of dependent origination, thought or knowledge giving rise to name and form. See pratītya-samutpāda. * * *
/vin"it seuh/; Russ. /vyee"nyi tseuh/, n. a city in central Ukraine, on the Bug River. 383,000. * * *
/vin"ee/, n. a male given name, form of Vincent. Also, Vinnie. * * *
Vin·ny·tsya or Vin·ni·tsa (vĭnʹĭ-tsə, vēʹnĭ-) A city of west-central Ukraine southwest of Kiev. Founded in the 14th century, it passed to Russia in 1793 and is now a ...
/vee"noh/, n., pl. vinos. Informal. wine; specifically, red Italian wine, as chianti. [1895-1900; < It: WINE] * * *
vino de pasto
/vee"noh deuh pah"stoh/; Sp. /bee"naw de pahs"taw/ a pale, dry sherry of Spain. [1860-65; < Sp: lit., everyday (table) wine] * * *
var. of vini-. * * *
Vinogradoff, Sir Paul Gavrilovitch
▪ British legal scholar Russian  Pavel Gavrilovich Vinogradov   born Nov. 18 [Nov. 30, New Style], 1854, Kostroma, near Moscow, Russia died Dec. 19, 1925, Paris, ...
Vinogradov, Ivan Matveyevich
▪ Soviet mathematician born September 2 [September 14, New Style], 1891, Milolyub, Russia died March 20, 1983, Moscow       Russian mathematician known for his ...
/vi nom"i teuhr, vuy-/, n. a hydrometer for measuring the percentage of alcohol in wine. [1860-65; VINO- + -METER] * * *
vin or·di·naire (văɴ' ôr-dē-nârʹ) n. pl. vins or·di·naires (văɴz' ôr-dē-nârʹ) An inexpensive red table wine.   [French : vin, wine + ordinaire, ordinary.] * * *
/vuy nos"i tee/, n. the collective characteristics of a wine, esp. its distinctive taste. [1615-25; < LL vinositas taste of wine, equiv. to L vinos(us) VINOUS + -itas -ITY] * * *
/vuy"neuhs/, adj. 1. of, resembling, or containing wine. 2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of wine: a vinous fragrance. 3. produced by, indicative of, or given to ...
See vinous. * * *
/vin"seuhn/, n. Frederick Moore, 1890-1953, U.S. jurist: Chief Justice of the U.S. 1946-53. * * *
Vinson Massif
a mountain in Antarctica, near the Ronne Ice Shelf: highest point on Antarctica; discovered 1935. ab. 16,864 ft. (5140 m). * * * Mountain, Sentinel Range, central Ellsworth ...
Vinson, Fred M.
▪ United States jurist in full  Frederick Moore Vinson   born Jan. 22, 1890, Louisa, Ky., U.S. died Sept. 8, 1953, Washington, D.C.  American lawyer and 13th chief justice ...
Vinson, Fred(erick Moore)
born Jan. 22, 1890, Louisa, Ky., U.S. died Sept. 8, 1953, Washington, D.C. U.S. jurist. He served in Congress for all but two years during the period 1923 to 1938. After ...
Vinson,Frederick Moore
Vin·son (vĭnʹsən), Frederick Moore. 1890-1953. American jurist who served as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1946-1953). * * *
Vinson Mas·sif (mă-sēfʹ) A peak, 5,142.3 m (16,860 ft) high, in the Ellsworth Mountains of western Antarctica. It is the highest elevation in the range. * * *

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