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Слова на букву unre-work (15990)

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West New York
a town in NE New Jersey, across the Hudson from New York City. 39,194. * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       town, Hudson county, northeastern New Jersey, U.S. It ...
West Nile virus
West Nile virus n. 〚after West Nile District of Uganda, where it was discovered〛 a virus transmitted from infected birds by the common culex mosquito and causing a form of ...
West Nipissing
▪ Ontario, Canada French  Nipissing Ouest , formerly  Sturgeon Falls        municipality, east-central Ontario, Canada. It was formed in 1999 when the town of ...
West Norriton
/nawr"i tn, nor"-/ a town in SE Pennsylvania. 14,034. * * *
West Orange
a town in NE New Jersey, near Newark. 39,510. * * * ▪ New Jersey, United States       township (town), Essex county, northeastern New Jersey, U.S., about 4 miles (6 ...
West Oxfordshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Oxfordshire, south-central England, encompassing a mainly rural area in the ...
West Pakistan
a former province of British Pakistan, separated from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) by N India: declared independence as Republic of Pakistan 1956. * * *
West Palm Beach
a city in SE Florida: winter resort. 62,530. * * * ▪ city, Florida, United States       city, seat (1909) of Palm Beach county, southeastern Florida, U.S. It is ...
West Paterson
a town in NE New Jersey. 11,293. * * *
West Plains
▪ Missouri, United States       city, seat (1858) of Howell county, south-central Missouri, U.S. It is situated in the Ozark Mountains, near the Arkansas state line, ...
West Point
a military reservation in SE New York, on the Hudson: U.S. Military Academy. * * * ▪ Mississippi, United States       city, seat (1874) of Clay county, eastern ...
West Prussia
—West Prussian. a former province of Prussia: since 1945 part of Poland. German, Westpreussen /vest'prddoy"seuhn/. * * *
West Puente Valley
/pwen"tee, -tay/ a town in SW California. 20,445. * * *
West Riding
/ruy"ding/ a former administrative division of Yorkshire, England. * * *
West Saxon
1. the Old English dialect of the West Saxon kingdom, dominant after A.D. c850 and the medium of nearly all the literary remains of Old English. 2. any of the English of the ...
West Scotia Basin
▪ submarine trough, Atlantic Ocean       submarine trough of the Scotia Sea, an arm of the South Atlantic Ocean, about 500 miles (800 km) southeast of Tierra del Fuego, ...
West Seneca
a city in NW New York, near Buffalo. 51,210. * * * ▪ New York, United States       town (township), Erie county, western New York, U.S. It lies immediately southeast ...
West Siberian Plain
▪ region, Russia Russian  Zapadno-sibirskaya Ravnina,         one of the world's largest regions of continuous flatland, central Russia. It occupies an area of nearly ...
West Side
the western part of Manhattan(1) in New York City, from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River. It contains Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Macy’s, Carnegie ...
West Side Story
a Broadway musical play (1957) with music by Leonard Bernstein and words by Stephen Sondheim. The film version (1961) won several Oscars, including Best Picture. The story is a ...
West Somerset
▪ district, England, United Kingdom  district, administrative and historic county of Somerset, southwestern England, on the southern shore of the Bristol Channel. West ...
West Springfield
a city in SW Massachusetts, near Springfield. 27,042. * * * ▪ Massachusetts, United States       town (township), Hampden county, southwestern Massachusetts, U.S. It ...
West St. Paul
a city in SE Minnesota, near St. Paul. 18,527. * * *
West Suffolk
a former administrative division of Suffolk, in E England. * * *
West Sussex
a county in SE England. 623,100; 778 sq. mi. (2015 sq. km). * * * Administrative county (pop., 2001: 753,612), southeastern England. It borders the English Channel, and its ...
West Three Rivers
a town in S Quebec, in E Canada. 13,107. French, Trois-Rivières-Ouest. * * *
West Timor
West Timor province of Indonesia, consisting primarily of the W half of Timor * * *
West University Place
a city in SE Texas. 12,010. * * *
West Valley City
West Valley City city in NC Utah, near Salt Lake City: pop. 109,000 * * *
West Vancouver
▪ British Columbia, Canada       district municipality forming a suburb of Vancouver, southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It lies on the north side of the entrance ...
West Virginia
—West Virginian. a state in the E United States. 1,949,644; 24,181 sq. mi. (62,629 sq. km). Cap.: Charleston. Abbr.: WV (for use with zip code), W.Va. * * * State (pop., 2000: ...
West Virginia University
▪ university, West Virginia, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning, one of the two state universities of West Virginia, U.S.; the ...
West Virginia, flag of
▪ Flag History U.S. state flag consisting of a white field (background) bordered in blue and featuring a coat of arms (arms, coat of) in the centre.       Around the ...
West Virginian
West Virginian adj. of West Virginia: usually used in the predicate n. a person born or living in West Virginia * * *
West Warwick
/wawr"ik, -wik, wor"-/ a town in E Rhode Island, near Providence. 27,026. * * *
West Wiltshire
▪ district, England, United Kingdom       district, administrative and historic county of Wiltshire, southern England, in the west-central part of the county, some 15 ...
West Wind Drift
/wind/. See Antarctic Circumpolar Current. * * *
West Wing
a popular US television drama series on NBC which started in 1999 about a US President, played by Martin Sheen, and his staff. It often deals with current political issues and ...
West Wyalong
▪ New South Wales, Australia       town, south-central New South Wales, Australia, in the fertile Riverina district. Founded as a gold-mining settlement in 1895, it ...
West Yorkshire
a metropolitan county in N England. 2,082,600; 787 sq. mi. (2039 sq. km). * * * Metropolitan county (pop., 2001: 2,079,217), northern England. Its main cities are Wakefield and ...
West, Benjamin
born Oct. 10, 1738, near Springfield, Pa. died March 11, 1820, London, Eng. U.S.-British painter. After studying painting in his native Philadelphia, he established himself as ...
West, Cornel
▪ 2003       In April 2002 American intellectual Cornel West created even more media speculation as to the status of Harvard University's top-ranked African American ...
West, Dame Rebecca
orig. Cicily Isabel Fairfield born Dec. 21, 1892, London, Eng. died March 15, 1983, London British journalist, novelist, and critic. Trained as an actress, from 1911 West ...
West, Dorothy
▪ 1999       American writer (b. June 2, 1907, Boston, Mass.—d. Aug. 16, 1998, Boston), explored the aspirations and conflicts of middle-class African-Americans in ...
West, Jerry
in full Jerome Alan West born May 28, 1938, Cheylan, W.Va., U.S. U.S. basketball player, coach, and manager. As a sharp-shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers (1960–74), ...
West, Jessamyn
▪ American writer in full  Mary Jessamyn West   born July 18, 1902, Jennings county, Indiana, U.S. died Feb. 23, 1984, Napa, Calif.       American writer, a master of ...
West, Kanye
▪ 2008 born June 8, 1977, Atlanta, Ga.  At a time when hip-hop music sales were in decline, rapper and producer Kanye West continued to thrive in the upper echelons of the ...
West, Mae
born Aug. 17, 1892/93, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. died Nov. 22, 1980, Los Angeles, Calif. U.S. film actress. She performed with a Brooklyn stock company around 1901, and by 1907 she ...
West, Morris
▪ Australian writer in full  Morris Langlo West  born April 26, 1916, Melbourne, Vic., Australia died Oct. 9, 1999, Sydney       Australian novelist noted for such ...
West, Morris Langlo
▪ 2000       Australian writer (b. April 26, 1916, Melbourne, Australia—d. Oct. 9, 1999, Sydney, Australia), was the internationally known author of some 30 ...
West, Nathanael
orig. Nathan Weinstein born Oct. 17, 1903, New York, N.Y., U.S. died Dec. 22, 1940, near El Centro, Calif. U.S. writer. He attended Brown University and was supporting himself ...
West, Peter
▪ 2004       British sports commentator (b. Aug. 12, 1920, Addiscombe, Surrey, Eng.—d. Sept. 2, 2003, Bath, Eng.), long led BBC's coverage of a number of sports, most ...
West, Sandy
▪ 2007 Sandy Pesavento        American musician (b. 1959, Los Angeles, Calif.—d. Oct. 21, 2006, San Dimas, Calif.), used her powerful drumming to ignite the ...
West, The
▪ region, United States       region, western U.S., mostly west of the Great Plains and including, by federal-government definition, Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, ...
West, Benjamin. 1738-1820. American painter. The first American to study art in Italy (1760-1763), he settled in England and quickly became a prominent artist. The Death of ...
West,Dame Rebecca
West, Dame Rebecca. Pen name of Cicily Isabel Fairfield Andrews. 1892-1983. British writer and critic whose works include psychological novels, such as The Judge (1922), critical ...
West,Jerome Alan
West, Jerome Alan. Known as “Jerry.” Born 1938. American basketball player, coach, and general manager. As guard for the Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1973), he became one of the ...
West, Mae. 1892?-1980. American actress known for her sultry stage persona. Her films include I'm No Angel (1933) and My Little Chickadee (1940). * * *
West, Nathanael. Pen name of Nathan Weinstein. 1903-1940. American writer known for his novels of dark comedy, such as Miss Lonelyhearts (1933) and The Day of the Locust ...
/west"nawrth'west"/; Naut. /west"nawr'west"/, Navig., Survey. n. 1. a point on the compass midway between west and northwest. adj. 2. coming from this point: a west-northwest ...
/west"nawrth'west"weuhrd/; Naut. /west"nawr'west"weuhrd/, Naut. adj. 1. moving, bearing, facing, or situated toward the west-northwest. adv. 2. toward the west-northwest. Also, ...
/west"sowth'west"/; Naut. /west"sow'west"/, Navig., Survey. n. 1. a point on the compass midway between west and southwest. adj. 2. coming from this point: a west-southwest ...
/west"sowth'west"weuhrd/; Naut. /west"sow'west"weuhrd/, Naut. adj. 1. moving, bearing, facing, or situated toward the west-southwest. adv. 2. toward the west-southwest. Also, ...
western. Also, west. * * *
West Africa A region of western Africa between the Sahara Desert and the Gulf of Guinea. It was largely controlled by colonial powers until the 20th century.   West African ...
See West Africa. * * *
West Al·lis (ălʹĭs) A city of southeast Wisconsin, a residential and industrial suburb of Milwaukee. Population: 63,221. * * *
/wes"tahr/, n. one of a series of privately owned geostationary communications satellites that service commercial users in the U.S. [West(ern Union st)ar] * * *
West Atlantic n. The westernmost branch of the Niger-Congo language family. * * *
West Bank A disputed territory of southwest Asia between Israel and Jordan west of the Jordan River. Part of Jordan after 1949, it was occupied by Israel in the 1967 ...
West Berlin See Berlin.   West Berliner n. * * *
See West Berlin. * * *
/west"berr'oh, -bur'oh/, n. a town in central Massachusetts. 13,619. * * *
/west"bownd'/, adj. proceeding or headed west. [1880-85, Amer.; WEST + -BOUND2] * * *
See West Briton. * * *
West Briton n. Offensive A native Irishman or Irishwoman whose sympathies lie toward England: “To say you'd write for a rag like that. I didn't think you were a West Briton” ...
/west"brook'/, n. a city in SW Maine. 14,976. * * *
Westbrook, Peter
▪ American fencer born April 16, 1952, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.       American fencer (fencing). Westbrook began taking fencing lessons at the urging of his Japanese mother ...
/west"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n. a town on W Long Island, in SE New York. 14,644. * * * ▪ England, United Kingdom       town (“parish”), West Wiltshire district, ...
westby north
west by north n. Abbr. WbN The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due west and west-northwest, or 78°45' west of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
westby south
west by south n. Abbr. WbS The direction or point on the mariner's compass halfway between due west and west-southwest, or 101°15' west of due north. adv. & adj. Toward or from ...
/west"ches teuhr/, n. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago. 17,730. * * * ▪ county, New York, United States       county, southeastern New York state, U.S., lying just ...
West Coast A region of the western United States bordering on the Pacific Ocean and including Washington, Oregon, and California. * * *
Westcott, Brooke Foss
▪ British bishop and scholar born Jan. 12, 1825, near Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng. died July 27, 1901, Auckland Castle, Durham       Anglican bishop of Durham, Eng., ...
Westcott, Edward Noyes
▪ American banker and writer born Sept. 27, 1846, Syracuse, N.Y., U.S. died March 31, 1898, Syracuse       American novelist and banker whose posthumously published ...
West Co·vi·na (kō-vēʹnə) A city of southern California east of Los Angeles. It is mainly residential. Population: 96,086. * * *
West End The western section of central London, England, noted for its fashionable districts and its shops and theaters. It includes Mayfair and Hyde Park. * * *
wester1 /wes"teuhr/, n. a wind or storm coming from the west. Cf. northwester, southwester. [1920-25; WEST + -ER1] wester2 /wes"teuhr/, v.i. 1. (of heavenly bodies) to move or ...
▪ transit camp, The Netherlands       small Jewish transit camp in World War II, located near the village of Westerbork in the rural northeastern Netherlands. The Dutch ...
/wes"teuhr ing/, adj. moving or shifting toward the west: the westering sun; a westering wind. [1375-1425; late ME; see WESTER2, -ING2] * * *
—westerliness, n. /wes"teuhr lee/, adj., adv., n., pl. westerlies. adj. 1. moving, directed, or situated toward the west: the westerly end of the field. 2. (esp. of a wind) ...
/wes"teuhr lee/, n. a town in SW Rhode Island. 18,580. * * * ▪ Rhode Island, United States       town (township), Washington county, southwestern Rhode Island, U.S. It ...
Westermann, Diedrich
▪ German scholar in full  Diedrich Hermann Westermann   born June 24, 1875, Baden, Ger. died May 31, 1956, Baden, W.Ger.       German scholar of African languages and ...
/wes"teuhr mahrk'/; Fin. /ves"teuhrdd mahrddk'/, n. Edward Alexander /ed"weuhrd al'ig zan"deuhr, -zahn"-/; Fin. /ed"vahrddd ah'lek sahn"deuhrdd/, 1862-1939, Finnish ...
Westermarck, Edward
▪ Finnish sociologist in full  Edward Alexander Westermarck   born Nov. 20, 1862, Helsinki, Fin. died Sept. 3, 1939, Lapinlahti       Finnish sociologist, ...
/wes"teuhrn/, adj. 1. lying toward or situated in the west: our company's western office. 2. directed or proceeding toward the west: a western migration. 3. coming or originating ...
Western Africa
▪ region, Africa Introduction       region lying south of the Sahara and east and north of the Atlantic Ocean. It is latitudinally divided into two parallel belts of ...
western Africa, history of
Introduction       history of the region from the 11th century to the present.       A reasonable body of sources for the writing of western African history begins ...
Western Air Lines, Inc.
▪ American company       former American airline that was first incorporated in 1925 as Western Air Express, Inc., reincorporated in 1928 as Western Air Express Corp., ...
Western architecture
Introduction       history of Western architecture from prehistoric Mediterranean cultures to the present.       The history of Western architecture is marked by a ...
Western Australia
—Western Australian. a state in W Australia. 1,273,624; 975,920 sq. mi. (2,527,635 sq. km). Cap.: Perth. * * * State (pop., 2001: 1,906,114), western Australia. Covering ...
Western Australia, flag of
▪ Flag History       Australian flag consisting of a blue field (background) with the Union Jack (United Kingdom, flag of the) in the canton and, at the fly end, a ...
Western blot
Biol., Med. a highly sensitive procedure for identifying and measuring the amount of a specific protein in a mixed extract, as in testing for AIDS virus protein in a blood ...
Western Cape
Western Cape province of SW South Africa: 49,950 sq mi (129,370 sq km); pop. 3,633,000; cap. Cape Town * * * ▪ province, South Africa  province, South Africa, situated in ...
Western Church
the Roman Catholic Church, sometimes with the Anglican Church, or, more broadly, the Christian churches of the West. [1620-30] * * *
Western Conference
➡ basketball * * *
western diamondback rattlesnake
an extremely venomous diamondback rattlesnake, Crotalus atrox, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. * * *
Western Dvina River
Russian Zapadnaya Dvina Latvian Daugava River, north-central Europe. It rises in Russia's Valdai Hills and flows 632 mi (1,020 km) in a great arc south through Russia and ...
Western Electric Co. Inc.
Former U.S. telecommunications company. Founded in 1869 by Elisha Gray and Enos N. Barton, the firm was incorporated in Chicago, Ill., in 1872 as the Western Electric ...
Western Electric Company Inc.
▪ American company       American telecommunications manufacturer that throughout most of its history was under the control of the American Telephone and Telegraph ...
Western Empire.
See Western Roman Empire. * * *
Western European Union
▪ European defense organization       association of 10 countries ( Belgium, France, Germany, Greece (Greece, history of), Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands ...
Western European Union (WEU)
Association of 10 European countries to coordinate matters of European security and defense. The WEU was formed in 1955 as an outgrowth of the Brussels Treaty of 1948. Composed ...
western frame.
See platform frame. * * *
Western Ghats
a low mountain range in W India, along the W margin of the Deccan plateau and bordering on the Arabian Sea. ab. 1000 mi. (1600 km) long. * * *
Western Han.
See Earlier Han. * * *
Western Hemisphere
1. the western part of the terrestrial globe, including North and South America, their islands, and the surrounding waters. 2. that half of the earth traversed in passing ...
western hemlock
a tall, narrow hemlock, Tsuga heterophylla, of western North America: the state tree of Washington. * * *
Western Hindi
the vernacular of the western half of the Hindi-speaking area in India: the basis of Hindustani and of literary Hindi and Urdu. * * *
Western Illinois University
▪ university, Macomb, Illinois, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Macomb, Illinois, U.S. It was established in 1899 as ...
Western India States
a former association of states in W India, largely on Kathiawar peninsula. * * *
Western Indian bronze
Style of metal sculpture that flourished in India from the 6th to the 12th century and later, mainly in the area of modern Gujarat and Rajasthan states. Most of the bronzes are ...
Western Indian painting
▪ Indian art also called  Jaina Painting,         a highly conservative style of Indian miniature painting largely devoted to the illustration of Jaina religious ...
Western Islands
Hebrides. * * *
Western Isles
Western Isles administration division of W Scotland comprising the Outer Hebrides: 1,119 sq mi (2,898 sq km); pop. 30,000 * * * a council area of north-west Scotland, often ...
western juniper
a round-headed tree, Juniperus occidentalis, of the western coast of the U.S., having scalelike leaves with a gland on the back and oval, blue-black fruit. * * *
Western Kentucky University
▪ university, Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S. It comprises five ...
Western literature
Introduction       history of literatures in the languages of the Indo-European family, along with a small number of other languages whose cultures became closely ...
western lowland gorilla.
See under gorilla. * * *
western meadowlark.
See under meadowlark. * * *
Western Michigan University
▪ university, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Kalamazoo, Mich., U.S. It comprises Haworth College of ...
western mountain ash
a mountain ash, Sorbus sitchensis, of western North America. * * *
Western Ocean
Naut. the North Atlantic Ocean. * * *
western omelet
an omelet prepared with diced green peppers, onions, and ham. [1935-40] * * *
Western Ontario, University of
Public university in London, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1878. It has faculties of applied health sciences, arts, business administration, dentistry, education, engineering, ...
Western Port
▪ bay, Victoria, Australia       circular bay, about 20 miles (32 km) across, indenting the south coast of Victoria, Australia, southeast of Melbourne. An inlet of Bass ...
western red cedar
1. an arborvitae, Thuja plicata, of western North America, grown as an ornamental. 2. the soft, fragrant, reddish wood of this tree, used in the construction of houses, in ...
Western Reserve
a tract of land in NE Ohio reserved by Connecticut (1786) when its rights to other land in the western U.S. were ceded to the federal government; relinquished in 1800. * * ...
Western Rift Valley
      (Africa), branch of the East African Rift System (q.v.). * * *
Western Roman Empire
the western portion of the Roman Empire after its division, A.D. 395, which became extinct A.D. 476. Also called Western Empire. * * *
Western saddle
a heavy saddle having a deep seat, high cantle and pommel, pommel horn, wide leather flaps for protecting the rider's legs, and little padding. Also called stock saddle. See ...
Western Sahara
a region in NW Africa on the Atlantic coast, bounded by Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania: a former Spanish province comprising Río de Oro and Saguia el Hamra 1884-1976; divided ...
Western Samoa
—Western Samoan. an independent country comprising the W part of Samoa: formerly a trust territory of New Zealand. 219,509; 1133 sq. mi. (2935 sq. km). Cap.: Apia. Cf. Samoa, ...
western sandwich
a sandwich with a western omelet for a filling. * * *
Western Scheldt
or Westerschelde Estuary, southwestern Netherlands. An inlet of the North Sea at the mouth of the Schelde River, it flows west for about 30 mi (50 km) through the Delta Islands ...
Western Schism
▪ Roman Catholic history also called  Great Schism, or Great Western Schism,         in the history of the Roman Catholic church, the period from 1378 to 1417, when ...
Western sculpture
▪ art Introduction       three-dimensional artistic forms produced in what is now Europe and later in non-European areas dominated by European culture (such as North ...
Western Slavs.
See under Slav (def. 1). * * *
Western Springs
a city in NE Illinois. 12,876. * * *
Western State College of Colorado
▪ college, Gunnison, Colorado, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Gunnison, Colorado, U.S. A liberal arts college, Western ...
western tanager
a tanager, Piranga ludoviciana, of western North America, the male of which is black, yellow, and orange-red. * * *
Western Thrace.
See under Thrace (def. 2). * * *
Western Union
a US telegraph company (= one offering a service of sending people’s messages by the use of electric current along wires). It was established in 1851 and used during the ...
Western Union Corporation
▪ American company       former telecommunications company that was the largest provider of telegraphic services in the United States.       The company was ...
Western Wall
a wall in Jerusalem where Jews, on certain occasions, assemble for prayer and lamentation: traditionally believed to be the remains of the western wall of Herod's temple, ...
Western Washington University
▪ university, Bellingham, Washington, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Bellingham, Washington, U.S. It comprises Fairhaven ...
western wool.
See territory wool. * * *
western yellow pine.
See ponderosa pine. [1900-05, Amer.] * * *
Westernblot analysis
Western blot analysis n. A technique for identifying specific antibodies or proteins in which proteins are separated by electrophoresis, transferred to nitrocellulose, and ...
Western Bug (bo͞og, bo͞ok) See Bug. * * *
Western Dvina See Dvina. * * *
Western Empire or Western Roman Empire The western section of the Roman Empire, first set apart in A.D. 286 by Emperor Diocletian and later (395) formalized after the death of ...
/wes"teuhr neuhr/, n. (sometimes l.c.) a native or inhabitant of the West, esp. of the western U.S. [1830-40, Amer.; WESTERN + -ER1] * * *
Western Europe The countries of western Europe, especially those that are allied with the United States and Canada in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (established 1949 ...
Western Ghats See Ghats. * * *
Western Hemisphere The half of the earth comprising North America, Central America, and South America. * * *
westernhoney mesquite
western honey mesquite n. See mesquite.   [From the high sugar content of its pods.] * * *
Western Isles See Hebrides. * * *
/wes"teuhr niz'euhm/, n. (often cap.) a word, idiom, or practice characteristic of people of the Occident or of the western U.S. [1830-40, Amer.; WESTERN + -ISM] * * *
See westernize. * * *
—westernization, n. /wes"teuhr nuyz'/, v.t., westernized, westernizing. to influence with ideas, customs, practices, etc., characteristic of the Occident or of the western ...
▪ Russian intellectual Russian  Zapadnik,        in 19th-century Russia, especially in the 1840s and '50s, one of the intellectuals who emphasized Russia's common ...
/wes"teuhrn mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. most western or westerly; farthest west. [1695-1705; WESTERN + -MOST] * * *
See western. * * *
western omelet n. An omelet cooked with diced ham, chopped green pepper, and onion. * * *
westernred cedar
western red cedar n. See red cedar. * * *
Western Reserve A region of northeast Ohio bordering on Lake Erie. It was retained by Connecticut after other western claims were ceded to the U.S. Congress in 1786. Much of the ...
WesternRoman Empire
Western Roman Empire See Western Empire. * * *
western saddle n. See stock saddle. * * *
Western Sahara also Spanish Sahara A region of northwest Africa on the Atlantic coast. Sparsely settled primarily by Berbers, the region was first visited by Portuguese ...
Western Samoa See Samoa2. * * *
western sandwich n. A sandwich having a western omelet as a filling. * * *
Western Shoshone n. See Shoshone. * * *
western tanager n. A tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) of western North America, the male of which is yellow with a red head and a black back. * * *
Western Wall n. A remnant of the western wall of the second Temple in Jerusalem and a site of pilgrimage, lamentation, and prayer by Jews. Also called Wailing Wall. * * *
/wes"teuhr vil'/, n. a town in central Ohio. 23,414. * * *
▪ region, Germany       mountainous region in western Germany lying northeast of Koblenz and east-southeast of Bonn. It is on the right (east) bank of the Rhine and ...
Westerwald stoneware
      salt-glazed stoneware produced in German towns such as Höhr, Grenzau, and Grenzhausen in the area known as the Westerwald. Their products (jugs, tankards, and the ...
/vest fah"leuhn/, n. German name of Westphalia. * * *
/west"feeld'/, n. 1. a city in S Massachusetts. 36,465. 2. a city in NE New Jersey. 30,447. * * * ▪ Massachusetts, United States       city, Hampden county, ...
Westfield State College
▪ college, Westfield, Massachusetts, United States       public, coeducational institution of higher learning in Westfield, Massachusetts, U.S. It is part of the ...
/west"feuhrd/, n. a city in NE Massachusetts. 13,434. * * *
WestFrisian Islands
West Frisian Islands See Frisian Islands. * * *
See West Germany. * * *
West Germanic n. A subdivision of the Germanic languages that includes High German, Low German, Yiddish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish, Frisian, and English. * * *
West Germany Officially Federal Republic of Germany. A former country of central Europe bordering on the North Sea. It was part of Germany until 1945, when the country was ...
West Hartford A town of central Connecticut, a residential suburb of Hartford. Population: 60,110. * * *
West Haven A city of southern Connecticut, a residential suburb of New Haven. Population: 54,021. * * *
WestHighland white terrier
West Highland white terrier n. A small white terrier with upright ears and tail, developed in Scotland from Cairn, Scottish, and Skye terriers. * * *
West Hollywood A community of southern California northeast of Beverly Hills. It is mainly residential. Population: 36,118. * * *
/wes"tee/, n. See West Highland white terrier. * * *
See West Indies. * * *
West In·dies (ĭnʹdēz) An archipelago between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and including the ...
WestIndies Federation
West Indies Federation A group of ten former British colonies in the West Indies, including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. It was established in 1958 and slated for ...
/wes"ting/, n. 1. Navig. the distance due west made good on any course tending westward; westerly departure. 2. Survey. a distance west from a north-south reference ...
/wes"ting hows'/, n. George, 1846-1914, U.S. inventor and manufacturer. * * *
Westinghouse brake
a railroad air brake operated by compressed air. [named after G. WESTINGHOUSE, its inventor] * * *
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
U.S. television and radio broadcasting company, formerly an electrical equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 1886 as the Westinghouse Electric Co. by George Westinghouse to ...
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
▪ American company       major American company that was a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment.       It was founded as the Westinghouse Electric Company ...
Westinghouse, George
born Oct. 6, 1846, Central Bridge, N.Y., U.S. died March 12, 1914, New York, N.Y. U.S. inventor and industrialist. He served in the American Civil War. His first major ...
West·ing·house (wĕsʹtĭng-hous'), George. 1846-1914. American engineer and manufacturer who received more than 400 patents for his many inventions, including the air brake ...
West Jordan A city of northern Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Population: 42,892. * * *
/west"layk'/, n. a city in N Ohio. 19,483. * * *
Westlake, Donald Edwin
▪ 2009       American writer born July 12, 1933, New York, N.Y. died Dec. 31, 2008, San Tancho, Mex. attracted a wide readership as well as great critical acclaim with ...
Westlake, John
▪ British lawyer born Feb. 4, 1828, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Eng. died April 14, 1913, London  English lawyer and social reformer who was influential in the field of law ...
/west"leuhnd/, n. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 84,603. * * *
Westland National Park
▪ park, New Zealand       park in west-central South Island, New Zealand. Established in 1960, it shares a common boundary with Mount Cook National Park along the main ...
Westminster. * * *
/west"meeth', -meedh'/, n. a county in Leinster in the N central Republic of Ireland. 61,300; 681 sq. mi. (1765 sq. km). Co. seat: Mullingar. * * * ▪ county, Ireland Irish ...
/west"min'steuhr/, n. 1. a central borough (officially a city) of Greater London, England: Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace. 214,000. 2. a city in SW ...
Westminster Abbey
a Gothic church in London, England. * * * Church in London. It was originally a Benedictine monastery. Edward the Confessor built a Norman-style church (consecrated 1065) on ...
Westminster Assembly
a convocation that met at Westminster, London, 1643-49, and formulated the articles of faith (Westminster Confession of Faith) that are accepted as authoritative by most ...
Westminster Bridge
one of the best-known bridges over the River Thames in central London. The Houses of Parliament are close to the north end of the bridge, and the south side leads to County Hall ...
Westminster Catechism
▪ religion       either of two works, the Larger Westminster Catechism and the Shorter Westminster Catechism, used by English-speaking Presbyterians and by some ...
Westminster Cathedral
the main Roman Catholic church in England. It was built in neo-Byzantine style (= like the architecture of ancient Turkey) at the end of the 19th century near Victoria Station in ...
Westminster Confession
Confession of faith of English-speaking Presbyterians, representing a theological consensus of international Calvinism. Produced by the Westminster Assembly, it was completed in ...
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
the oldest and most important dog show in the US. It began in 1877 and is now held every February in Madison Square Garden with more than 150 breeds of dogs competing. Compare ...
Westminster School
a well-known British public school near Westminster Abbey. It began as a Roman Catholic school in the 12th century, and became a Church of England school at the Reformation. ...
Westminster, City of
▪ borough, London, United Kingdom   inner borough of London, lying on the north bank of the River Thames (Thames, River) at the heart of London's West End. The City of ...
Westminster, Statute of
(1931) Parliamentary statute that effected the equality of Britain and the then-dominions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and Newfoundland. It ...
Westminster, Statutes of
▪ England [1275, 1285, 1290]       (1275, 1285, 1290), three statutes important in medieval English history, issued in “parliaments” held by Edward I at Westminster. ...
/west"mont/, n. a town in NE Illinois. 16,718. * * *
Westmore Family
▪ American family       family of Hollywood makeup artists credited with having introduced the art of makeup to the motion-picture industry.       Born in Great ...
/west"mawr'leuhnd, -mohr'-/, n. William Childs /chuyldz/, born 1914, U.S. army officer: commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam and Thailand 1964-68. * * * ▪ county, ...
Westmoreland, William Childs
▪ 2006       general (ret.), U.S. Army (b. March 26, 1914, Spartanburg county, S.C.—d. July 18, 2005, Charleston, S.C.), commanded U.S. forces in the Vietnam War from ...
Westmoreland,William Childs
West·more·land (wĕst-môrʹlənd, -mōrʹ-), William Childs. Born 1914. American general who was the senior commander of American troops in Vietnam (1964-1968). * * *
/west"mawr'leuhnd, -mohr'-/; Brit. /west"meuhr leuhnd/, n. a former county in NW England, now part of Cumbria, partially in the Lake District. * * * ▪ historical county, ...
Westmorland, Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of, 4th Baron Neville Of Raby
▪ English noble Neville also spelled  Nevill   born c. 1364 died Oct. 21, 1425, Raby Castle, Durham, Eng.       English noble who, though created earl by King ...
/west"mohst'/ or, esp. Brit., /-meuhst/, adj. westernmost. [bef. 900; ME; r. ME, OE westmest; see WEST, -MOST] * * *
/west"mownt'/, n. a city in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal. 20,480. * * *
/wes"teuhn/, n. 1. Edward, 1886-1958, U.S. photographer. 2. a city in NE Massachusetts. 11,169. * * * (as used in expressions) Chapman Maria Weston Maria Weston Fuller Melville ...
Weston cell
Trademark. a brand of cadmium cell. Also called Weston standard cell. * * *
Weston, Edward
born March 24, 1886, Highland Park, Ill., U.S. died Jan. 1, 1958, Carmel, Calif. U.S. photographer. A camera enthusiast from boyhood, Weston began his professional career by ...
Weston, Garfield Howard
▪ 2003 “Garry”        Canadian-born entrepreneur and philanthropist (b. April 28, 1927, Canada—d. Feb. 15, 2002, London, Eng.), took control of his family's ...
Weston, Jack
▪ 1997       (JACK WEINSTEIN), U.S. stage, motion picture, and television actor who for four decades proved adept at portraying characters that ranged from menacing, in ...
Weston, Randy
▪ 1997       At 205 cm (6 ft 8 in) tall, with hands so big that they covered an octave and a half on the piano, Randy Weston was a hard man to overlook. Even more ...
Wes·ton (wĕsʹtən), Edward. 1886-1958. American photographer whose stark, realistic images of landscapes and nudes influenced photographic art. * * *
▪ England, United Kingdom       town, North Somerset unitary authority, historic county of Somerset, England, on the Bristol Channel. It is situated on a sandy bay ...
West Orange A town of northeast New Jersey, a residential suburb of Newark. Population: 39,103. * * *
West Pakistan A former region of Pakistan (after 1947) separated by about 1,609 km (1,000 mi) from East Pakistan, formerly East Bengal. In 1971 East Pakistan declared its ...
WestPalm Beach
West Palm Beach A city of southeast Florida opposite Palm Beach. It is a winter resort and research center. Henry M. Flagler developed the city as a commercial center for Palm ...
—Westphalian, adj., n. /west fay"lee euh, -fayl"yeuh/, n. a former province in NW Germany, now a part of North Rhine-Westphalia: treaty ending the Thirty Years' War 1648. ...
Westphalia, Peace of
(1648) European settlements that ended the Thirty Years' War, negotiated in the Westphalian towns of Münster and Osnabrück. The deliberations began in 1644 and ended in 1648 ...
See Westphalia. * * *
Westphalian ham
a hard German ham with a distinctive flavor derived from being smoked over beechwood and juniper. [1655-65] * * *
West Point A U.S. military installation in southeast New York on the western bank of the Hudson River north of New York City. It has been a military post since 1778 and the seat ...
/vest"poh li teek'/, n. a policy of a Communist country of adopting trade and diplomatic relations with non-Communist nations. Cf. Ostpolitik. [1965-70; < G: Western policy] * * *
/west"pawrt', -pohrt'/, n. 1. a town in SW Connecticut. 25,290. 2. a city in SE Massachusetts. 13,763. * * * ▪ Connecticut, United States       urban town (township), ...
West Prussia A historical region of northeast Germany between Pomerania and East Prussia south of the Baltic Sea. Most of the territory was awarded to Poland in 1919 but ...
West Saxon n. 1. The dialect of Old English used in southern England that was the chief literary dialect of England before the Norman Conquest. 2. One of the Saxons inhabiting ...
West Seneca An unincorporated community of northwest New York, a suburb of Buffalo. Population: 47,866. * * *
West Side The western part of Manhattan Island in New York City bordering on the Hudson River. It includes a theater and entertainment district and many residential areas. * * *
West Slavic n. A subdivision of the Slavic languages that includes Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Sorbian. * * *
West Virginia Abbr. WV or W.Va. A state of the east-central United States. It was admitted as the 35th state in 1863. West Virginia was part of Virginia until the area refused ...
See West Virginia. * * *

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