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Слова на букву arti-boom (15990)

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See bellyache. * * *
/bel"ee band'/, n. 1. a band worn about the belly, as of a harnessed horse or of an infant to protect the navel. See illus. under harness. 2. a band of paper around a new book, ...
/bel"ee bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. a small surfboard, usually 3-4 ft. (0.9-1.2 m) long, for riding waves on one's belly, sometimes used in conjunction with swim fins. [1960-65; BELLY + ...
/bel"ee but'n/, n. Informal. the navel. Also, belly button. [1875-80, Amer.; BELLY + BUTTON] * * *
bellybutton surgery.
Informal. laparoscopy. * * *
belly dance n. A solo dance performed by a woman and characterized by sinuous hip and abdominal movements.   belʹly-dance' (bĕlʹē-dăns') v. belly dancer n. * * *
belly flop n. Informal A dive in which the front of the body hits flat against a surface, especially of water.   belʹly-flop' (bĕlʹē-flŏp') v. * * *
/bel"ee fool'/, n., pl. bellyfuls. Informal. all that a person can tolerate: I've had a bellyful of your whining. [1525-35; BELLY + -FUL] * * *
See belly-land. * * *
belly laugh n. A deep laugh. * * *
belly pack n. A waist pack, especially as worn with the pouch over the stomach. * * *
Belmondo, Jean-Paul
born April 9, 1933, Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, France French film actor. After studying in Paris and performing with provincial stage companies, he appeared in minor film ...
/bel"mont/, n. 1. Alva Ertskin Smith Vanderbilt /errt"skin/, 1853-1933, U.S. women's-rights activist and socialite. 2. August, 1816-90, U.S. financier, diplomat, and horse-racing ...
Belmont family
U.S. family prominent in banking and finance, politics, and patronage of the arts. Its founder in the U.S. was August Belmont (1816–90), a Prussian-born Jewish banker and ...
Belmont Stakes
/bel"mont/ a horse race for three-year-olds run annually at Elmont, N.Y., three weeks after the Preakness. * * * Oldest of the three U.S. horse races that constitute the Triple ...
Belmont Stakes Table
▪ Table The Belmont Stakes year horse jockey 1867 Ruthless J. Gilpatrick 1868 General Duke B. Swim 1869 Fenian C. Miller 1870 Kingfisher W. Dick 1871 Harry Bassett W. ...
Belmont, Alva
▪ American suffragist in full  Alva Ertskin Smith Vanderbilt Belmont , née  Alva Ertskin Smith , also called (1875–96)  Alva Vanderbilt  born Jan. 17, 1853, Mobile, ...
Belmont, August
▪ American banker original name  August Schönberg   born Dec. 8, 1816, Alzey, Rhenish Prussia [now Germany] died Nov. 24, 1890, New York City       U.S. banker and ...
/bel mawn"te/, n. Juan /hwahn/, 1893-1962, Spanish matador. * * *
Belmonte, Juan
▪ Spanish bullfighter in full  Juan Belmonte y García  born April 14, 1892, Triana, near Sevilla, Spain died April 8, 1962, Utrera  Spanish bullfighter, one of the ...
/bel'moh pan"/, n. a city in and the capital of Belize, in the central part. 2700. * * * City (pop., 2000: 8,130), capital of Belize. It lies in the Belize River valley, 50 mi ...
Belo Horizonte
/be"loo aw'rddi zawonn"ti/ a city in SE Brazil. 1,814,990. Also, Bello Horizonte. * * * City (pop., 200 prelim.: city, 2,229,697; metro. area, 4,208,508), eastern ...
Belo, Carlos Filipe Ximenes
▪ bishop of East Timor born February 3, 1948, Wailacama, East Timor       Roman Catholic bishop of Dili who, with José Ramos-Horta (Ramos-Horta, José), received the ...
Belo,Carlos Felipe Ximenes
Be·lo (bĕlʹō, bĕʹlo͝o), Carlos Felipe Ximenes. Born 1948. East Timorese Roman Catholic bishop. An outspoken critic of Indonesia's invasion and colonization of East Timor, ...
/beuh luyl"/; Fr. /be lue"yeu/, n. a town in S Quebec, in E Canada. 17,540. * * * ▪ Quebec, Canada       town, Montréal (Montreal) region, southern Quebec province, ...
Beloglazov, Sergey
▪ Soviet athlete born Sept. 16, 1956, Kaliningrad, Russia, U.S.S.R.       Soviet freestyle wrestler who won two Olympic gold medals.       At the age of 21, ...
▪ Russia formerly (1860–1935)  Aleksandrovka , or (1935–57)  Kuybyshevka-Vostochnaya        city, Amur oblast (region), far eastern Russia. Situated in the ...
Belo Ho·ri·zon·te (hôr'ĭ-zônʹtē, ô'rĭ-zôɴʹthĭ) A city of eastern Brazil north of Rio de Janeiro. An important manufacturing and marketing center, it was built ...
/beuh loyt"/, n. a city in S Wisconsin. 35,207. * * * ▪ Wisconsin, United States       city, Rock county, southern Wisconsin, U.S. It lies along the Illinois state ...
Beloit College
▪ college, Beloit, Wisonsin, United States       private coeducational liberal arts college in Beloit, Wisconsin, U.S. Beloit College is Wisconsin's oldest college, ...
/bel"euh man'see/, n. divination using arrows drawn at random from a quiver or other holder. [1640-50; < Gk bélo(s) arrow, dart + -MANCY] * * *
Belon, Pierre
▪ French naturalist born 1517, near Le Mans, France died April 1564, Paris  French naturalist whose discussion of dolphin embryos and systematic comparisons of the skeletons ...
bel·o·ne·pho·bi·a (bĕl'ə-nə-fōʹbē-ə) n. An abnormal fear of sharply pointed objects, especially needles.   [Greek belonē, needle; See gʷelə- in Indo-European ...
/bi lawng", -long"/, v.i. 1. to be in the relation of a member, adherent, inhabitant, etc. (usually fol. by to): He belongs to the Knights of Columbus. 2. to have the proper ...
Be·long·er (bĭ-lôngʹər, -lŏngʹ-) n. Caribbean A native-born island resident or a person who has been granted the status of a native-born resident: “Resentment for what ...
See Belonger. * * *
/bi lawng"ing, -long"-/, n. 1. something that belongs. 2. belongings, possessions; goods; personal effects. [1595-1605; BELONG + -ING1] * * *
/bi lawng"ing nis, -long"-/, n. the quality or state of being an essential or important part of something: The company has developed social programs to give employees a sense of ...
/bel"euh noyd'/, adj. needlelike; styloid. [ < Gk belonoeidés, equiv. to belón(e) needle (akin to bélos arrow, dart) + -oeides -OID] * * *
▪ Russia       city, Bashkortostan, west-central Russia. It lies near the headwaters of the Belaya River, a tributary of the Kama. It was founded as a mining ...
—Belorussian, adj., n. /byel'euh rush"euh, bel'euh-/, n. Byelorussia. * * *
Belorussian [bye΄lō rush′ən, bel΄ō rush′ən] adj. of Belarus or its people, language, or culture n. 1. a person born or living in Belarus 2. the East Slavic language ...
Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic
Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic a republic of the U.S.S.R.: now BELARUS * * *
Russ. /byi lu stawk"/, n. Bialystok. * * *
/beuh lot"/, n. a card game for two players, using 32 cards and following the same basic rules as klabberjass, popular in France. Also, belotte. [1940-45; < F, of uncert. orig.; ...
Belote melds
▪ Table Belote melds meld definition score quartet (carré) four jacks (or aces, at no trump) 200 four nines (or tens, at no trump) 150 four aces (except at no ...
Belousov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
▪ Soviet geologist born Oct. 17 [Oct. 30, New Style], 1907, Moscow, Russia died Dec. 25, 1990       Soviet geologist and geophysicist who in 1942 advanced the theory ...
/bi luv"id, -luvd"/, adj. 1. greatly loved; dear to the heart. n. 2. a person who is greatly loved. [1350-1400; ME biloved, ptp. of biloven to like, love; see BE-, LOVE, ...
Belovezhskaya Forest
▪ forest, Eastern Europe also called  Belovezh Forest  and  Białowieża Forest , Belarusian  Belovezhskaya Pushcha , Polish  Puszcza Białowieska        forest ...
/byi law"veuh/, n. a city in the S Russian Federation in Asia. 112,000. * * * ▪ Russia       city, Kemerovo oblast (province), south-central Russia, on the small ...
/bi loh"/, adv. 1. in or toward a lower place: Look out below! 2. on, in, or toward a lower level, as a lower deck of a ship: The captain of the ship went below. 3. beneath the ...
below stairs
Chiefly Brit. (formerly) the basement rooms usually used by servants, as servants' quarters, kitchen, and laundry room. * * *
below the line
Bridge. See under line1 (def. 31). * * *
/bi loh"deks'/, adv. Naut. within the hull of a vessel: Fire raged belowdecks. [BELOW + DECK + -S1] * * *
/bi loh"grownd'/, adj. 1. situated beneath the surface of the earth; subterranean. 2. no longer living; buried, as in a cemetery (usually used predicatively): All those who might ...
▪ England, United Kingdom       town (parish), Amber Valley district, administrative and historic county of Derbyshire, England. It lies on the east bank of the River ...
/bel"zeuhn/, n. locality in NW Germany: site of Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Also called Bergen-Belsen. * * *
/bel shaz"euhr/, n. a prince of Babylon, son of Nabonidus and co-regent with him, referred to in the Bible as a king of Babylon and son of Nebuchadnezzar. Dan. 5. [ < Heb ...
—beltless, adj. /belt/, n. 1. a band of flexible material, as leather or cord, for encircling the waist. 2. any encircling or transverse band, strip, or stripe. 3. an elongated ...
belt bag
n. See fanny pack. [1985-90] * * *
belt course
Archit. stringcourse. * * *
belt drive
Pair of pulleys attached to usually parallel shafts and connected by an encircling flexible belt (band) that can serve to transmit and modify rotary motion from one shaft to the ...
belt highway
beltway (def. 1). [1940-45] * * *
belt line
1. a transportation system partially or wholly surrounding a city, terminal, district, or port. 2. (in automotive styling) a horizontal boundary dividing the upper and lower ...
Belt Mountains.
See Big Belt Mountains, Little Belt Mountains. * * *
belt sander
a sander that uses an endless abrasive belt driven by an electric motor. Cf. disk sander, orbital sander. * * *
Belt Series
▪ geology       major division of late Precambrian rocks in North America (the Precambrian lasted from 3.8 billion to 540 million years ago). The series was named for ...
/belt"tuyt'n ing/, n. a curtailment in spending; period of economizing: The mayor ordered a belt-tightening for all city offices. [1935-40] * * *
/bel"tayn, -tin/, n. an ancient Celtic festival observed on May Day in Scotland and Ireland to mark the beginning of summer. [1375-1425; late ME (Scots) < ScotGael bealltainn, ...
belt bag n. See waist pack. * * *
/bel"tid/, adj. 1. having or made with a belt: a belted dress. 2. wearing or girded with a belt, esp. as a mark of distinction: the belted lords and emissaries. 3. marked with a ...
belted kingfisher
a grayish-blue, North American kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon, having a white breast marked with a grayish-blue band. See illus. under kingfisher. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
belted sandfish
a sea bass, Serranus subligarius, inhabiting warm, shallow waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. * * *
belted tire
Auto. See under belt (def. 11). * * *
belted-bias tire
/bel"tid buy'euhs/ a motor-vehicle tire of the same construction as a bias-ply tire but with an added belt of steel or a strong synthetic material under the tread. Also called ...
Belter, John Henry
orig. Johann Heinrich Belter born 1804, Germany died 1863, New York, N.Y., U.S. German-born U.S. cabinetmaker and designer. Trained in Germany, he settled in New York City in ...
/bel'teuh shaz"euhr/, n. the Babylonian name given to Daniel. Dan. 1:7. * * *
belt highway n. See beltway. * * *
/bel"ting/, n. 1. material for belts. 2. belts collectively. 3. Informal. a beating or thrashing. 4. Obs. belt. [1560-70; BELT + -ING1] * * *
/belt"luyn'/, n. the waistline. [BELT + LINE1] * * *
/belt"meuhn, -man'/, n., pl. beltmen /-meuhn, -men'/. 1. a worker responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of machine belts. 2. Australian. lifeguard. [BELT + ...
/bel"tn/, n. 1. a town in W Missouri. 12,708. 2. a town in central Texas. 10,660. * * *
/bel trah"mee/; It. /bel trddah"mee/, n. Eugenio /e'ooh je"nyaw/, 1835-1900, Italian mathematician. * * *
Beltrami, Eugenio
▪ Italian mathematician born November 16, 1835, Cremona, Lombardy, Austrian Empire [now in Italy] died February 18, 1900, Rome, Italy       Italian mathematician known ...
Beltran, Lola
▪ 1997       (MARÍA LUCIA BELTRÁN ALCAYAGA), Mexican singer (b. 1931?, Sinaloa, Mexico—d. March 24, 1996, Mexico City, Mexico), infused mariachi ballads with such ...
Beltrán, Pedro Gerado
▪ Peruvian economist, diplomat, and publisher born Feb. 17, 1897, Lima, Peru died Feb. 16, 1979, Lima       Peruvian economist, diplomat, and publisher whose brief term ...
belt sander n. An electric sander fitted with a revolving abrasive belt. * * *
/belts"vil/, n. 1. a town in central Maryland, near Washington, D.C. 12,760. 2. See Beltsville small white. * * *
Beltsville small white
a small domestic turkey developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fit small ovens when being cooked. Also called Beltsville. [1965-70; after Beltsville, Md., location of ...
/bel"tsee/; Russ. /byel"tsi/, n. a city in NW Moldavia, NW of Kishinev. 125,000. * * *
/belt"way'/, n. 1. Also called belt highway. a highway around the perimeter of an urban area. 2. the Beltway, the Washington, D.C., area within the highway that encircles ...
/beuh looh"geuh/, n. 1. Also called hausen. a white sturgeon, Huso huso, of the Black and Caspian seas, valued as a source of caviar and isinglass. 2. Also called white whale. a ...
Be·lu·kha (bə-lo͞oʹkə, byĕ-lo͞oʹKHə) A peak, 4,508.8 m (14,783 ft) high, of the Altai Mountains in south-central Russia near the border of Kazakhstan. It is the ...
Belukha, Mount
▪ mountain, Russia also spelled  Belucha , Russian  Gora Belukha        one of the Katun Mountains, a series of snowcapped peaks in Russia. The highest mountain in ...
/bel"vi dear', bel'vi dear"/; for 3 also It. /bel've de"rdde/, n. 1. a building, or architectural feature of a building, designed and situated to look out upon a pleasing ...
Belvedere Torso
Hellenistic marble torso of a male figure 5 ft 3 in. (1.6 m) high seated on a rock. It is named after the Belvedere court in Vatican City, where it once stood; it is now in the ...
/bel"vi dear'/, n. a city in N Illinois. 15,176. * * * ▪ Illinois, United States       city, seat (1837) of Boone county, northern Illinois, U.S. It lies on the ...
/bye"lee/, n. Andrei /un drddyay"/, (Boris Nikolayevich Bugayev), 1880-1934, Russian writer. * * *
Bely Gorod
▪ fort, Moscow, Russia also spelled  Belyi Gorod (Russian: “White City”)        fortress and settlement comprising the third defense belt around Moscow, which ...
Bely, Andrey
▪ Russian poet pseudonym of  Boris Nikolayevich Bugayev , Bugayev also spelled  Bugaev   born Oct. 14 [Oct. 26, New Style], 1880, Moscow, Russia died Jan. 7, 1934, Moscow, ...
Belyayev, Pavel
▪ Soviet cosmonaut in full  Pavel Ivanovich Belyayev   born June 26, 1925, Chelishchevo, Russia, U.S.S.R. died Jan. 10, 1970, Moscow  cosmonaut who served as the pilot of ...
▪ concentration camp, Poland Polish  Bełżec        Nazi (Nazi Party) German complex of concentration camps (concentration camp) and an extermination camp in and ...
Belzoni, Giovanni Battista
▪ Italian archaeologist born Nov. 5, 1778, Padua, Republic of Venice died Dec. 3, 1823, Gwato, Benin  excavator of Egyptian archaeological sites.       Originally ...
sometimes /bem/ (in esp. pulp science fiction) bug-eyed monster: an extraterrestrial being, esp. one having a grotesque appearance. [1955-60] * * *
Bem, Józef Zachariasz
▪ Polish general also called  Murad Pasha   born March 14, 1794, Tarnów, Galicia [now in Poland] died Dec. 10, 1850, Aleppo, Syria       Polish army general whose ...
/bee"meuh/, n., pl. bemata /-meuh teuh/, bemas. 1. Eastern Ch. the enclosed space surrounding the altar; the sanctuary or chancel. 2. (in a Christian basilica) an open space ...
/bi mawl"/, v.t. to maul severely. [1610-20; BE- + MAUL] * * *
/bi mayzd"/, adj. Archaic. muddled; confused; dazed. [1175-1225; ME bemazen. See BE-, MAZE, -ED2] * * *
/bem"beuh/, n., pl. Bembas, (esp. collectively) Bemba. for 1. 1. a member of a numerous agricultural people of Zambia. 2. the Bantu language spoken by the Bemba, widely used as a ...
Bemberg, Maria Luisa
▪ 1996       Argentine motion-picture director (b. April 14, 1922, Buenos Aires, Arg.—d. May 7, 1995, Buenos Aires), challenged tradition when she embarked on a ...
Bembo, Pietro
born May 20, 1470, Venice died Jan. 18, 1547, Rome Italian prelate and linguist. Born into an aristocratic family, he became librarian of St. Mark's Cathedral and was created a ...
/bi meen"/, v.t., bemeaned, bemeaning. Archaic. to make mean; demean; debase (usually used reflexively). [1645-55; BE- + MEAN2] * * *
/bi med"ld/, adj. wearing or adorned with many medals: a bemedaled general; wearing a bemedaled military blouse. Also, esp. Brit., bemedalled. [1875-80; BE- + MEDAL + -ED2] * * *
/bee"meuhl meuhnz, bem"euhl-/, n. Ludwig /lud"wig, lood"-/, 1898-1962, U.S. humorous satirist and painter; born in Austria: author and illustrator of children's books. * * *
Be·mel·mans (bēʹməl-mənz, bĕmʹəl-), Ludwig. 1898-1962. Austrian-born American illustrator and writer of children's books, such as Madeleine (1939), and adult fiction, ...
Bement, Arden
▪ 2005       The head of the National Science Foundation (NSF) for most of 2004 was Arden Bement, a metallurgical engineer and science administrator whose career ...
Bemer, Robert William
▪ 2005       American computer programmer (b. Feb. 8, 1920, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.—d. June 22, 2004, Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas), was instrumental in helping to ...
/beuh mij"ee/, n. a town in central Minnesota. 10,949. * * * ▪ Minnesota, United States       city, seat (1897) of Beltrami county, north-central Minnesota, U.S. It ...
Bemidji State University
▪ university, Bemidji, Minnesota, United States       coeducational institution of higher learning, situated on Lake Bemidji in Bemidji, Minnesota, U.S. It is one of ...
—bemirement, n. /bi muyeur"/, v.t., bemired, bemiring. 1. to soil with mire; dirty or muddy: bemired clothing. 2. to cause (an object or person) to sink in mire: a bemired ...
—bemoaningly, adv. /bi mohn"/, v.t. 1. to express distress or grief over; lament: to bemoan one's fate. 2. to regard with regret or disapproval. [bef. 1000; BE- + MOAN; r. ...
/bi mok"/, v.t. to mock or jeer at (something or someone): to bemock a trusting heart. [1600-10; BE- + MOCK] * * *
/bi mud"l/, v.t., bemuddled, bemuddling. to muddle or confuse (someone). [1860-65; BE- + MUDDLE] * * *
—bemusement, n. /bi myoohz"/, v.t., bemused, bemusing. to bewilder or confuse (someone). [1695-1705; BE- + MUSE] * * *
—bemusedly /bi myooh"zid lee/, adv. /bi myoohzd"/, adj. 1. bewildered or confused. 2. lost in thought; preoccupied. [1695-1705; BEMUSE + -ED2] * * *
See bemuse. * * *
See bemusedly. * * *
ben1 /ben/, Scot. n. 1. the inner or back room of a two-room cottage, esp. when used as a combined parlor and bedroom. adv., prep. 2. within; inside. adj. 3. inside; ...
/ben/, n. a male given name, form of Benjamin. * * * (as used in expressions) Akiba ben Joseph Alfasi Isaac ben Jacob Alkalai Judah ben Solomon Hai Abba Mari ben Moses ben ...
Ben & Jerry’s{™}
a US make of ice cream made by the company started in 1978 by Ben Cohen (1951– ) and Jerry Greenfield (1951– ). It became popular because of its new and unusual flavours and ...
Ben Ali, Zine al-Abidine
▪ president of Tunisia born September 3, 1936, near Sousse, Tunisia       army officer and politician who became president of Tunisia in 1987.       Ben Ali was ...
Ben Ali, Zine el-Abidine
born Sept. 3, 1938, near Sousse, Tun. President of Tunisia (from 1987). Trained as a soldier, he headed the defense ministry's military intelligence section for 10 years ...
Ben Barka, Mehdi
▪ Moroccan politician born 1920, Morocco died October 1965?, Paris, Fr.?       Moroccan revolutionary politician exiled to Paris whose abduction and presumed murder in ...
Ben Bella
/ben bel"lah, bel"euh/ Ahmed /ah"med/, born 1916, Algerian statesman: premier 1962-65; president 1963-65. * * *
Ben Bella, Ahmed
born Dec. 25, 1918?, Maghnia, Alg. First elected president of Algeria. After a French education, he entered the French army and was decorated during World War II (1939–45). ...
Ben Bella,Ahmed
Ben Bel·la (bĕn bĕlʹə), Ahmed. Born 1919. Algerian revolutionary leader. Active in the Algerian nationalist movement after World War II, he became independent Algeria's ...
Ben Cohen
➡ Ben & Jerry’s * * *
Ben Day process
/ben" day"/, Photoengraving. a technique for producing shading, texture, or tone in line drawings and photographs by overlaying a fine screen or a pattern of dots on the original ...
Ben Elton
➡ Elton * * *
Ben Gurion,David
Ben Gur·i·on (bĕn go͝orʹē-ən), David. Originally David Grün. 1886-1973. Polish-born Israeli political leader. Active in the Zionist movement, he founded the Mapai Party ...
Ben Hogan
➡ Hogan * * *
Ben Hur
/ben" herr"/ a historical novel (1880) by Lew Wallace. * * *
Ben Jelloun, Tahar
▪ Moroccan author born Dec. 21, 1944, Fès, Mor.       Moroccan poet, novelist, and dramatist.       Ben Jelloun began his studies in philosophy and later earned ...
Ben Jonson
➡ Jonson * * *
Ben Khedda, Benyoussef
▪ 2004       Algerian independence leader (b. Feb. 23, 1920, Berrouaghia, Alg.—d. Feb. 4, 2003, Algiers, Alg.), negotiated Algeria's independence from France in 1962, ...
Ben Lomond
/ben loh"meuhnd/ a mountain in central Scotland, in Stirlingshire, on the E shore of Loch Lomond. 3192 ft. (975 m). * * * ▪ plateau, Tasmania, Australia       mountain ...
Ben Nevis
/ben nee"vis, nev"is/ a mountain in NW Scotland, in the Grampians: highest peak in Great Britain. 4406 ft. (1345 m). * * * Highest mountain, British Isles. It is located in the ...
Ben Nicholson
➡ Nicholson (I) * * *
ben oil.
See under ben2. [1585-95] * * *
Ben Rinnes
▪ mountain, Scotland, United Kingdom       mountain in the Moray council area, Scotland, situated 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Keith and about 5 miles (8 km) east of ...
Ben Slimane
▪ Morocco formerly  Boulhaut        town, north-central Morocco. The town, a local market centre, is situated 12 miles (20 km) inland from the Atlantic Ocean ...
Ben Thuy
▪ Vietnam       town, northern Vietnam, on the Ca River, just southeast of the urban centre of Vinh. Just upstream from where the Ca River enters the Gulf of Tonkin ...
Ben Travers
➡ Travers * * *
Ben Tre
▪ Vietnam formerly  True Giang,         city on the flat Mekong River delta, southern Vietnam. Ben Tre is linked by highway and ferry boat to Ho Chi Minh City ...
Ben Wyvis
▪ mountain, Scotland, United Kingdom       mountain in the northern Highlands, Highland council area, Scotland, whose summit stands some 9 miles (14 km) northwest of ...
Ben Yehudah
/ben' yeuh hooh"deuh/ Eliezer /el'ee ez"euhr/, 1858-1922, Jewish scholar, born in Lithuania. * * *
Ben-Aharon, Yitzhak
▪ 2007 Yitzhak Nussboim        Israeli politician (b. July 17, 1906, Bukovina territory, Austria-Hungary [now in Romania]—d. May 19, 2006, Kibbutz Givat Haim, Israel), ...
/ben goor"ee euhn/; Seph. Heb. /ben'goo rddyawn"/, n. David, 1886-1973, Israeli statesman, born in Poland: prime minister of Israel 1948-53, 1955-63. * * *
Ben-Gurion, David
orig. David Gruen born Oct. 16, 1886, Płońsk, Pol., Russian Empire died Dec. 1, 1973, Tel Aviv–Yafo, Israel First prime minister of Israel (1948–53, ...
Ben-hadad I
▪ king of Damascus Assyrian  Adad-idri   died c. 841 BC       king of Damascus who led a coalition against the invading forces of the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III, ...
a novel (1880) by Lew Wallace about the early days of Christianity. It has twice been made into a film. The second of these, made in 1959 with Charlton Heston, won 11 Oscars. The ...
/ben tsvee"/, n. Itzhak /yits"hok/, 1884?-1963, Israeli statesman, born in Russia: president of Israel 1952-63. * * *
Ben-Zvi, Itzhak
▪ president of Israel original name  Isaac Shimshelevich  born Nov. 24, 1884, Poltava, Ukraine died April 23, 1963, Jerusalem [Israel]  second president of Israel ...
Benacerraf, Baruj
▪ American immunologist born Oct. 29, 1920, Caracas, Venezuela    Venezuelan-born American pathologist and immunologist who shared (with George Snell (Snell, George Davis) ...
benactyzine [bən ak′tə zēn΄, bən ak′təzin΄] n. 〚arbitrary coinage〛 a crystalline drug, C20H25NO3, used to make tranquilizers * * *
▪ region, Somalia       traditional coastal region, southern Somalia, on the Horn of Africa. The name, from Persian bandar, “port,” refers to the voyages of Persian ...
/ben"euh dril/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand of diphenhydramine. * * *
Benalcázar, Sebastián de
▪ Spanish conqueror Benalcázar also spelled  Belalcázar, or Belaicázar,  also called  Sebastián Moyano  born c. 1495, Benalcázar, Spain died 1551, Cartagena, New ...
▪ Victoria, Australia       city, central Victoria, Australia, on the Broken River. Founded in 1848 on an overland stock route after Sir Thomas Mitchell's exploration ...
/bi naym"/, v.t., benamed; benamed, benempt, or benempted; benaming. Obs. to name; call by name. [bef. 1000; ME; see BE-, NAME; r. OE benemnan; akin to G benennen, Sw benämna] * ...
/beuh nahr"is, -eez/, n. a former name of Varanasi. * * *
Benaud, Richie
▪ Australian cricketer byname of  Richard Benaud  born Oct. 6, 1930, Penrith, N.S.W., Australia    cricketer who is best remembered as one of Australia's most imaginative ...
Benavente (y Martínez)
Benavente (y Martínez) [be΄nä ven′te ē mär tē′neth] Jacinto [hä thēn′tō̂] 1866-1954; Sp. playwright * * *
Benavente y Martínez
/be'nah ven"te ee mahrdd tee"neth/, Jacinto /hah theen"taw/, (Jacinto Benavente y Martínez) 1866-1954, Spanish dramatist: Nobel prize 1922. * * *
Benavente y Martínez, Jacinto
born Aug. 12, 1866, Madrid, Spain died July 14, 1954, Madrid Spanish dramatist. His most celebrated work, The Bonds of Interest (1907), was based on the Italian commedia ...
Benavente y Martínez,Jacinto
Be·na·ven·te y Mar·tí·nez (bĕn'ə-vĕnʹtē ēmär-tēʹnəs, bĕ'nä-vĕnʹtĕ ēmär-tēʹnĕth), Jacinto. 1866-1954. Spanish playwright. He won the 1922 Nobel Prize ...
▪ island, Scotland, United Kingdom Gaelic  Beinn na Faoghla        island of the Outer Hebrides, Western Isles council area, historic county of Inverness-shire, ...
/ben"boh'/, n. John, 1653-1702, English admiral. * * *
Benbow, John
▪ English admiral born March 10, 1653 died Nov. 4, 1702, Port Royal, Jamaica  English admiral who became a popular hero through his exploits against the French and his death ...
/ben"brook'/, n. a town in N Texas. 13,579. * * *
Bence-Jones protein (bĕnsʹjōnzʹ) n. A protein occurring in the serum and urine of patients with certain diseases, especially multiple myeloma.   [After Henry Bence-Jones ...
—benchless, adj. /bench/, n. 1. a long seat for several persons: a bench in the park. 2. a seat occupied by an official, esp. a judge. 3. such a seat as a symbol of the office ...
/bench/, n. Johnny, born 1947, U.S. baseball player. * * * ▪ furniture  long seat that may be freestanding, fixed to the wall, or placed against the wall. Paneled benches ...
bench check
a test made on an engine or other machine or device in a workshop rather than under field conditions. Also called bench test. * * *
bench dog
a dog on exhibit at a dog show before and after competition in the show ring. * * *
bench hook
Carpentry. a device with a hooklike part fitting over the front edge of a workbench as a means of preventing an object from slipping toward the rear of the bench. [1815-25] * * *
bench jockey
Chiefly Baseball. a vociferous player, coach, or manager who makes a specialty of baiting or harassing the umpires or opposing players, usually from the bench. [1935-40] * * *
bench mark
1. Survey. a marked point of known or assumed elevation from which other elevations may be established. Abbr.: BM 2. benchmark. [1835-45] * * *
bench press
1. a weightlifting exercise in which one lies supine on a bench and with both hands pushes a barbell or fixed weight upward from chest level to arm's length and then lowers it ...
bench screw
Carpentry. a wooden or metal screw rotated by a handle fixed to one end within a threaded block fixed to a workbench: used with various jaws to form a vise. [1815-25] * * *
bench show
a dog show in which the animals of each breed are judged and awarded prizes on the basis of standards established for that breed. [1870-75, Amer.] * * *
bench stop
Carpentry. a metal device set flush with the top of a workbench and having a portion able to be raised to stop longitudinal movement of an object placed against it. [1880-85] * * ...
bench strength
depth of talent, as on a sports team. * * *
bench table
Archit. a course of masonry forming a bench at the foot of a wall. [1665-75] * * *
bench test.
See bench check. * * *
bench warrant
Law. a warrant issued or ordered by a judge or court for the apprehension of an offender. [1690-1700] * * *
bench work
work done at a workbench, worktable, etc., as in a factory or laboratory. * * *
Bench, Johnny
▪ American athlete in full  Johnny Lee Bench  born December 7, 1947, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.       American professional baseball player who, in 17 seasons ...
Bench, Johnny (Lee)
born December 7, 1947, Oklahoma City, Okla., U.S. U.S. baseball player. Bench joined the Cincinnati Reds in 1967. During his 17 seasons catching for them (1967–83), he helped ...
Bench,Johnny Lee
Bench (bĕnch), Johnny Lee. Born 1947. American baseball player considered among the greatest catchers in history. In 16 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds (1967-1983), he was the ...
/bench"mayd"/, adj. (of articles made of leather, wood, etc.) individually produced and finished, as on a carpenter's bench; custom-made. * * *
/bench"pres'/, v.t., v.i. to perform a bench press with (a weight): He is small but can bench-press more than 400 pounds. * * *
/ben"cheuhr/, n. (in England) 1. a senior member of an Inn of Court. 2. a member of the House of Commons. 3. a person who handles an oar; rower. [1525-35; BENCH + -ER1] * * *
➡ parks * * *
benching iron
Survey. a triangular, pronged plate driven into the ground to provide a temporary bench mark or turning point. * * *
benchland [bench′land΄] n. BENCH (sense 9) * * *
/bench"lee/, n. Robert (Charles), 1889-1945, U.S. humorist, drama critic, and actor. * * *
Benchley, Peter Bradford
▪ 2007       American writer (b. May 8, 1940, New York, N.Y.—d. Feb. 11, 2006, Princeton, N.J.), was the author of the novel Jaws (1974), which sold more than 20 ...
Benchley, Robert
▪ American actor and writer in full  Robert Charles Benchley  born September 15, 1889, Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S. died November 21, 1945, New York, New York  American ...
Benchley, Robert (Charles)
born Sept. 15, 1889, Worcester, Mass., U.S. died Nov. 21, 1945, New York, N.Y., U.S. U.S. drama critic, actor, and humorist. Benchley graduated from Harvard University and ...
Benchley,Robert Charles
Bench·ley (bĕnchʹlē), Robert Charles. 1889-1945. American humorist, critic, and actor whose works, including the film How to Sleep (1935) and the book My Ten Years in a ...
/bench"meuhn/, n., pl. benchmen. a person whose job requires sitting at a workbench: The TV repair shop employs five benchmen. [1900-05; BENCH + -MAN] * * *
/bench"mahrk'/, n. 1. a standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar things must be measured or judged: The new hotel is a benchmark in opulence and ...
bench press n. Sports A lift that is executed from a horizontal position on a bench, in which the weight is lifted from the chest to arm's length and then lowered back to the ...
/bench"rest'/, n. a tablelike support for a target rifle used in target practice. [BENCH + REST1] * * *
bench show n. An indoor exhibition of small animals, especially a competitive dog show.   [From the benches or platforms on which the dogs are displayed.] * * *
/bench"wawr'meuhr/, n. Sports. a substitute who rarely gets to play in a game. Also, bench warmer, bench-warmer. [1890-95; BENCH + WARMER] * * *
bench warrant n. A warrant issued by a judge or court ordering the apprehension of an offender. * * *
Benckendorff, Aleksandr Khristoforovich, Count
▪ Russian general and statesman (Graf) born 1783, Tallinn, Russia [now in Estonia] died Sept. 23 [Oct. 5, New Style], 1844, St. Petersburg       general and statesman ...
bend1 —bendable, adj. /bend/, v., bent or (Archaic) bended; bending, n. v.t. 1. to force (an object, esp. a long or thin one) from a straight form into a curved or angular one, ...
/bend/, n. a city in central Oregon. 17,263. * * * ▪ Oregon, United States       city, seat (1916) of Deschutes county, central Oregon, U.S. It lies along the ...
bend dexter
Heraldry. the ordinary bend, extending from the dexter chief to the sinister base. [1615-25] * * *
bend sinister
n. Heraldry. a diagonal band extending from the sinister chief of an escutcheon to the dexter base: a supposed mark of bastardy. [1615-25] * * *
Benda, František
▪ German musician German  Franz Benda   baptized Nov. 22, 1709, Staré Benátky, Bohemia [now in Czech Republic] died March 7, 1786, Potsdam [Germany]       an ...
Benda, Georg
▪ German composer in full  Georg Anton Benda , Czech  Jiří Antonín Benda  baptized June 30, 1722, Staré Benátky, Bohemia [now in Czech Republic] died Nov. 6, 1795, ...
Benda, Julien
▪ French philosopher and author born Dec. 26, 1867, Paris, France died June 7, 1956, Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris  novelist and philosopher, leader of the anti-Romantic ...
Benda, Vaclav
▪ 2000       Czech philosopher, mathematician, writer, and politician who was a prominent member of the dissident group Charter 77, which played a leading role in the ...
Benda, Wladyslaw Theodor
▪ American painter born Jan. 15, 1873, Poznań, Pol. died Nov. 30, 1948, Newark, N.J., U.S.       Polish-American painter, illustrator, and designer.       Benda ...
▪ Malayan official       in the traditional Malay states, the chief minister, second only to the sultan in rank, power, and authority; the office of bendahara (a ...
Ben Day also ben·day or Ben·day (bĕn-dāʹ) n. A method of adding a tone to a printed image by imposing a transparent sheet of dots or other patterns on the image at some ...
Benday process
☆ Benday process [ben′dā′ ] n. 〚after Benjamin Day (1838-1916), N.Y. printer〛 [often b- p-] Photoengraving a process for adding tone or shading, as in reproducing ...
/ben dek"tin/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand name for a preparation containing the antihistamine doxylamine succinate and a vitamin supplement, formerly prescribed as an antiemetic ...
/ben"did/, v. Archaic. pt. and pp. of bend. * * *
/ben"deuhr/, n. 1. a person or thing that bends, as a pair of pliers or a powered machine. 2. Slang. a drinking spree. 3. Baseball Slang. curve (def. 6a). [1200-50; ME (in ...
Bender, Charles Albert
▪ American athlete byname  Chief   born May 5, 1883, Brainerd, Minnesota, U.S. died May 22, 1954, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  American professional baseball player, a ...
/ben"deuhr bawrd', -bohrd'/, n. pliable, lightweight board used for making concrete patios, in gardens, and as woven fencing: often 4 to 6 in. (10 to 15 cm) wide and 1/4 to 1/2 ...
/ben der"ee/; Russ. /byin dye"rddi/, n. a city in E central Moldavia, SE of Kishinev. 101,000. * * *
/ben"di goh'/, n. a city in central Victoria in SE Australia: gold mining. 52,741. * * * ▪ British boxer byname of  William Thompson   born October 11, 1811, Nottingham, ...
bending moment
Physics. the algebraic sum of the moments about the neutral axis of any cross section of a beam. [1855-60] * * *
▪ Thracian goddess       Thracian goddess of the moon; the Greeks usually identified her with the goddess Artemis. She is often represented holding two ...
Bendix Corporation
▪ American company       former American corporation founded in 1924 to manufacture automobile brake systems. In 1983 it became a subsidiary of Allied Corporation ...
Bendix, Vincent
▪ American inventor and industrialist born Aug. 12, 1882, Moline, Ill., U.S. died March 27, 1945, New York, N.Y.       American inventor and industrialist who ...
bends [bendz] pl.n. [with sing. or pl. v.] the severe pain in the limbs, joints, and abdomen during decompression sickness: preceded by the * * *
bend sinister Precision Graphics n. Heraldry A band passing from the upper sinister corner of an escutcheon to the lower dexter corner. * * *
/ben"dee/, adj., bendier, bendiest. tending to bend; flexible or resilient. [1975-80; BEND1 + -Y1] * * *
Bene Beraq
▪ Israel       city, northeastern suburb of Tel Aviv–Yafo, west central Israel, in the southern Plain of Sharon. In Assyrian texts, Bene Beraq is listed as a city ...
Bene Israel
▪ people Hebrew“Sons of Israel”       the largest and oldest of several groups of Jews of India. Believed by tradition to have shipwrecked on the Konkan coast of ...
a combining form occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant "well": benediction. [comb. form of bene (adv.) well ( < *dwene), akin to bonus good ( < *dwenos)] * * *
(Hebrew: "Sons of Israel") one of three groups of Jews in India. The origins of the Bene-Israel are uncertain, but because of their observance of certain traditions and lack of ...
/bi neeth", -needh"/, adv. 1. below; in or to a lower place, position, state, or the like. 2. underneath: heaven above and the earth beneath. prep. 3. below; under: beneath the ...
/bay"neuh bah'/, n. a female day name for Tuesday. See under day name. * * *
Benedek, Ludwig August, Ritter von
▪ Austrian field marshal (knight of) born , July 14, 1804, Ödenburg, Austrian Empire [now Sopron, Hung.] died April 27, 1881, Graz, Austria       Austrian field ...
Beneden, Edouard van
▪ Belgian scientist in full  Edouard-Joseph-Louis-Marie van Beneden  born , March 5, 1846, Leuven, Belg. died April 28, 1910, Liège       Belgian embryologist and ...
Beneden, Pierre-Joseph van
▪ Belgian scientist born , Dec. 19, 1809, Mechelen, Belg. died Jan. 8, 1894, Louvain [Leuven]       parasitologist and paleontologist best known for his discovery of ...
Benedetti, Mario
▪ Uruguayan writer born September 14, 1920, Paso de los Toros, Uruguay       Uruguayan writer who is best known for his short stories.       Benedetti was born ...
Benedetti, Vincent, Comte
▪ French diplomat (Count) born April 29, 1817, Bastia, Corsica died March 28, 1900, Paris       French diplomat remembered chiefly for his role in the events leading ...
(as used in expressions) Antelami Benedetto Benedetto da Maiano Anthony Dominick Benedetto Benedetto Craxi Croce Benedetto * * *
Benedetto da Maiano
born 1442, Majano, Republic of Venice died May 24, 1497, Florence Italian sculptor active in Florence. He was influenced by Bernardo Rossellino; his marble tomb designs are ...
/ben'i dis"i tee/, n. Eccles. the canticle beginning in Latin Benedicite, omnia opera Domini, and in English "O all ye works of the Lord." [1150-1200; ME < L, impv. 2nd person ...
/ben"i dik/, n. 1. (in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing) the confident bachelor who courts and finally marries Beatrice. 2. (l.c.) benedict. * * *
/ben"i dikt/, n. a newly married man, esp. one who has been long a bachelor. [1820-25; erroneous assimilation of BENEDICK to a more familiar name] * * * (as used in ...
/ben"i dikt/, n. 1. Ruth (Fulton), 1887-1948, U.S. writer and anthropologist. 2. Saint, A.D. 480?-543?, Italian monk: founded Benedictine order. 3. Stanley Rossiter /ros"i ...
Benedict (X)
▪ antipope original name  Giovanni Mincio , Latin  Johannes Mincius  died after 1073, Sant'Agnese, Italy       antipope from April 1058 to January 1059. His ...
Benedict (XIII)
▪ antipope original name  Pedro de Luna  born c. 1328, Illueca, Kingdom of Aragon died 1423, Peñíscola, in Valencia       antipope from 1394 to 1417. He reigned in ...
Benedict (XIV)
▪ antipope original name  Bernard Garnier   died c. 1433       counter-antipope from 1425 to c. 1430.       In 1417 the Council of Constance (Constance, ...

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