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Слова на букву boom-chri (15990)

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Chor·ril·los (chō-rēʹōs) A city of west-central Peru, a residential suburb of Lima. Population: 141,881. * * * ▪ Peru       city, Peru, located in the southern ...
/chawr"ten/, n. (in Tibet) a monument to a distinguished Buddhist, esp. a lama. [1890-95; < Tibetan chörten (sp. mchod rten)] * * *
▪ people       Mayan Indians of eastern Guatemala and Honduras and formerly of adjoining parts of El Salvador. The Chortí are linguistically related to the Chol and ...
—chortler, n. /chawr"tl/, v., chortled, chortling, n. v.i. 1. to chuckle gleefully. v.t. 2. to express with a gleeful chuckle: to chortle one's joy. n. 3. a gleeful ...
See chortle. * * *
/kawr"euhs, kohr"-/, n., pl. choruses, v., chorused, chorusing. n. 1. Music. a. a group of persons singing in unison. b. (in an opera, oratorio, etc.) such a group singing choral ...
chorus boy
a male singer or dancer of the chorus of a musical comedy, vaudeville show, etc. [1940-45] * * *
chorus frog
any of several small North American frogs of the genus Pseudacris, having a loud call commonly heard in the early spring. * * * ▪ amphibian also called  swamp tree frog, or ...
chorus girl
a female singer or dancer of the chorus of a musical comedy, vaudeville show, etc. [1890-95] * * *
Chorus Line
a very successful US musical play (1975) and film (1985) about dancers trying to get a part in a Broadway show. The play won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award. The music was ...
chorus girl n. A female dancer in a theatrical chorus. * * *
/haw"zhoof/, n. a city in S Poland. 156,000. German, Königshütte. Formerly, Królewska Huta. * * * ▪ Poland       city, Śląskie województwo (province), southern ...
chose1 /chohz/, v. 1. pt. of choose. 2. Obs. pp. of choose. chose2 /shohz/, n. Law. a thing; an article of personal property. [1350-1400 for earlier senses; 1660-70 for current ...
—chosenness, n. /choh"zeuhn/, v. 1. a pp. of choose. adj. 2. selected from several; preferred: my chosen profession. 3. Theol. elect (def. 9). n. 4. elect. * * *
/choh"sen"/, n. Japanese name of Korea. * * *
chosen people
(often caps.) the Israelites. Ex. 19. [1525-35] * * * ▪ Judaism       the Jewish people, as expressed in the idea that they have been chosen by God as his special ...
Chosen Women
▪ Inca religion Quechua  Aclla Cuna , or  Aklya Kona (“Virgins of the Sun”)        in Inca religion, women who lived in temple convents under a vow of chastity. ...
▪ Japan  city, northeastern Chiba ken (prefecture), east-central Honshu, Japan. Chōshi is situated at the mouth of the Tone River, near Cape Inubō. In the late 17th century ...
Japanese han (domain) that, along with the han of Satsuma, supported the overthrow of the Tokugawa shogunate (see Tokugawa period) and the creation of a new government headed by ...
/shaw zeez"meuh/, n. a writing style in which plot and characterization are de-emphasized and people, events, and setting are recorded as though seen by the author through the ...
Chosŏn dynasty
or Yi dynasty (1392–1910) Last and longest-lived of Korea's dynasties. Chinese cultural influences were intense in this period, when Neo-Confucianism was adopted as the ...
Chota Nagpur
▪ plateau, India       plateau in eastern India, in Bihar state. The plateau is composed of Precambrian rocks (i.e., rocks more than about 540 million years old). ...
/chahch"keuh/, n. Slang. tchotchke. * * *
/shot/, n. a shallow brackish or saline marsh or lake in N Africa, usually dry during the summer. Also, shott. [1970-75; < F < Ar shatt] * * *
/shooh/, n., pl. choux /shoohz/ for 1; /shooh/ for 2. 1. a cabbage-shaped decoration, as a rosette or knot on a woman's dress, hat, etc. 2. See cream puff. [1700-10; < F: cabbage ...
/joh/, n. a dynasty in China, 1122?-256 B.C., marked by the division of China into separate feudal states and the emergence of important philosophical schools, esp. Confucianism ...
Chou En-lai
/joh" en"luy"/, Wade-Giles. See Zhou Enlai. * * *
chou pastry.
See cream puff paste. [1950-55] * * *
▪ French history       member of any of the bands of peasants, chiefly smugglers and dealers in contraband salt, who rose in revolt in the west of France in 1793 and ...
/shooh krddooht"/, n. French. sauerkraut. * * *
Chou En-lai (jōʹ ĕn-līʹ) See Zhou Enlai. * * *
/shooh et"/, n. a variation of a two-handed game, as backgammon, allowing the participation of three or more persons, in which one player accepts the bets of all the others on ...
/chuf/, n. any of several crowlike Old World birds, esp. Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, of Europe. [1275-1325; ME choghe; akin to OE ceo, D kauw, Dan kaa] * * * ▪ bird  any of ...
/joh"koh"tyen"/, n. Wade-Giles. Zhoukoudian. * * *
Choukoutienian industry
      tool assemblage discovered along with cultural remains at the Chou-k'ou-tien (Pinyin Zhoukoudian) caves near Peking, site of Homo erectus finds. See Chopper ...
—chouser, n. /chows/, v., choused, chousing, n. v.t. 1. to swindle; cheat (often fol. by of or out of). n. 2. a swindle. 3. Archaic. a swindler. 4. Archaic. a dupe. [1600-10; ...
Chouteau, (René) Auguste
(baptized Sept. 7, 1749, New Orelans died Feb. 24, 1829, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.) American fur trader and cofounder of St. Louis. He moved to Missouri Territory with his mother and ...
Chouteau, Auguste
▪ American fur trader baptized Sept. 7, 1749, New Orleans [now in Louisiana, U.S.] died Feb. 24, 1829, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.       wealthy fur trader, cofounder of St. ...
Chouteau, Pierre, Jr.
▪ American entrepreneur born Jan. 19, 1789, St. Louis [U.S.] died Sept. 6, 1865, St. Louis, Mo.       American western entrepreneur who started in the Indian trade and ...
choux pastry
choux pastry or choux paste [sho͞o] n. a rich dough of hot water, melted butter, flour, and eggs, pressed from a pastry bag through a wide tip to form cream puffs, éclairs, ...
chow1 /chow/, Informal. n. 1. food, esp. hearty dishes or a meal. v.i. 2. chow down, to eat; eat a meal, esp. the main meal of the day: In the army we usually chow down at 6 ...
/chow/; Chin. /joh/, n. Chou. /chow/, n. Australian Disparaging. a Chinese. [1870-75; special use of CHOW1] * * *
chow chow
/chow" chow'/, (often caps.) one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized dogs having a thick black, blue, red, or cream coat and a blue-black tongue. Also, chow. [1785-95; said to be ...
chow mein
/chow' mayn"/ a Chinese-style dish of steamed or stir-fried vegetables, topped with shredded chicken, shrimp, etc., and served with fried noodles. [1900-05, Amer.; < Chin chao ...
Chow Yun-Fat
▪ 1999       After having conquered the Asian film world, Chinese actor Chow Yun-Fat set his sights on the U.S. in 1998, making his Hollywood debut in The Replacement ...
/chow"chow'/, n. 1. a Chinese mixed fruit preserve. 2. a relish of chopped mixed pickles in mustard sauce. [1785-95; < Chin Pidgin English] * * *
chowchow [chou′chou΄] n. 〚PidE < Chin 〛 ☆ 1. pickled vegetables in a highly seasoned mustard sauce 2. a preserve of fruits, peels, and ginger, orig. Chinese * * * chow ...
/chow"deuhr/, n. a thick soup or stew made of clams, fish, or vegetables, with potatoes, onions, and other ingredients and seasonings. [1735-45, Amer.; < F chaudière pot, kettle ...
—chowderheaded, adj. /chow"deuhr hed'/, n. Slang. a stupid person; blockhead. [1825-35; cf. Brit. dial. (Lancashire) chowterhead, phon. var. of CHOLTERHEAD, dial. var. of ...
See chowderhead. * * *
/chow"hownd'/, n. Slang. a person who eats food in large quantities or with great gusto; glutton. [1940-45; CHOW1 + HOUND1] * * *
chow line n. Slang A line of people waiting for food, as in a cafeteria. * * *
chow mein (chouʹ mānʹ) n. A Chinese-American dish consisting of a combination of stewed vegetables and meat served over fried noodles.   [Chinese (Mandarin) chǎo miàn: ...
/chow"tuym'/, n. Slang. mealtime. [1910-15; CHOW1 + TIME] * * *
▪ Mongolia also spelled  Choibalsan,  or  Čojbalsan,  also called  Bayan Tumen         town, eastern Mongolia, on the Kerulen River. First a monastic centre and ...
/choy oh"tee/, n. chayote. * * *
/khah'zeuh rdduy"/; Eng. /hah'zeuh ruy"/, n. Yiddish. chazerei. * * *
Corps Headquarters. * * *
Chr abbrev. 1. Christian 2. Bible Chronicles * * *
1. Christ. 2. Christian. * * *
Chraïbi, Driss
▪ Moroccan writer born July 15, 1926, Mazagan [now el-Jadida], Mor. died April 1, 2007, Crest, France       Moroccan novelist, dramatist, and radio producer and ...
/kris/, n. 1. a male given name, form of Christopher. 2. a female given name, form of Christine. * * *
Chris Boardman
➡ Boardman * * *
Chris Bonington
➡ Bonington * * *
Chris Evans
➡ Evans (I) * * *
Chris Evert
➡ Evert * * *
Chris Martin
➡ Martin (I) * * *
Chris McManus
➡ McManus * * *
—chrismal, adj. /kriz"euhm/, n. a consecrated oil, usually mixed with balsam or balsam and spices, used by certainchurches in various rites, as in baptism, confirmation, and ...
See chrism. * * *
▪ Eastern Orthodoxy       (from Greek chriein, “to anoint”), in Eastern Christianity, sacrament that, together with baptism, introduces new members into the church. ...
/kriz"meuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, n., pl. chrismatories a receptacle for chrism. [1375-1425; late ME crismatorie < ML chrismatorium, equiv. to chrismat- (s. of chrisma) CHRISM + ...
/kriz"mon/, n. Chi-Rho. [ < L Chris(tus) CHRIST + LL mon(ogramma) MONOGRAM] * * *
/kriz"euhm/, n. 1. chrism. 2. a white cloth or robe put on a person at baptism to signify innocence. [1400-50; late ME krysom, crysum, var. of CHRISM] * * *
chrisom child
a baptized child that dies in its first month. [1535-45] * * *
chrisom child n. Archaic An infant that dies before one month of age. * * *
Chrissie, Lake
▪ lake, South Africa Afrikaans  Chrissiesmeer,         shallow freshwater lake, Mpumalanga province, South Africa. The largest natural body of freshwater in the ...
/kruyst/, n. 1. Jesus of Nazareth, held by Christians to be the fulfillment of prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the eventual coming of a Messiah. 2. the Messiah ...
Christ Jesus
Jesus (def. 1). * * *
Christ the King, Feast of
▪ Roman Catholic festival       festival celebrated in the Roman Catholic church in honour of Jesus Christ as lord over all creation. Essentially a magnification of the ...
Christ Within.
See Inner Light. * * *
Christ's thorn
▪ plant       any of several prickly or thorny shrubs, particularly Paliurus spina-christi, of the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae). P. spina-christi is native to southern ...
/kruysts"thawrn'/, n. any of certain Old World thorny shrubs or small trees supposed to have been used for Christ's crown of thorns, as the Jerusalem thorn, Paliurus ...
Christ's thorn (krīsts) also Christ-thorn (krīstʹthôrn') n. 1. Either of two similar and related Old World spiny shrubs (Ziziphus spina-christi or Paliurus spina-christi) ...
Christ, Church of
Any of various conservative Protestant churches found mainly in the U.S. Each congregation is autonomous in government, with elders, deacons, and a minister or ministers; there ...
▪ Protestant religious group Greek“Brother of Christ”       member of a Christian group founded about 1848 by John Thomas, who, after studying medicine in London, ...
/kruyst"cherrch'/, n. a city on E South Island, in New Zealand. 325,710. * * * City (pop., 1999 est.: 324,200), South Island, New Zealand. Founded in 1850 as a model Church of ...
Christchurch Mansion
▪ museum, Ipswich, England, United Kingdom       in Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng., Tudor mansion built between 1548 and 1550 by Edmund Withipoll and now maintained as an art ...
/kris"kraws', -kros'/, n. the figure or mark of a cross. [1350-1400; ME Crist cross] * * *
/kris"kraws'roh", -kros'-/, n. the alphabet. [1555-65] * * *

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