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Слова на букву chri-de k (15990)

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See chromonema. * * *
See chromonematic. * * *
/kroh"meuh fil/, Histol. adj. 1. Also, chromophilic, chromophilous /kroh mof"euh leuhs/, chromatophilic, chromatophilous. staining readily. n. 2. a chromophil cell, tissue, or ...
/kroh'meuh fil"ee euh, -feel"yeuh/, n. Histol. the property of staining readily. Also, chromatophilia. [CHROMO- + -PHILIA] * * *
/kroh"meuh fohb'/, adj. 1. Also, chromophobic. Histol. not staining readily. n. 2. Cell Biol. a chromophobe cell in the pituitary gland. [1895-1900; CHROMO- + -PHOBE] * * *
—chromophoric /kroh'meuh fawr"ik, -for"ik/, adj. /kroh"meuh fawr', -fohr'/, n. any chemical group that produces color in a compound, as the azo group -N=N-. [1875-80; CHROMO- + ...
See chromophore. * * *
—chromoplasmic, adj. /kroh"meuh plaz'euhm/, n. Cell Biol. chromatin. [CHROMO- + -PLASM] * * *
/kroh"meuh plast'/, n. Bot. a plastid containing coloring matter other than chlorophyll. [1880-85; CHROMO- + -PLAST] * * *
/kroh'meuh proh"teen, -tee in/, n. Biochem. a protein, as hemoglobin or rhodopsin, containing a pigmented nonprotein group, such as heme, riboflavin, or retinal. [1920-25; ...
See chromosome. * * *
chromosomal aberration
Genetics. any irregularity or abnormality of chromosome distribution, number, structure, or arrangement. Cf. deletion, duplication, inversion, translocation. * * *
chromosomal disorder
Syndrome caused by chromosome abnormality. Normally, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, including one pair of sex chromosomes. Any variation from this pattern causes ...
See chromosomal. * * *
—chromosomal, adj. —chromosomally, adv. /kroh"meuh sohm'/, n. Genetics. any of several threadlike bodies, consisting of chromatin, that carry the genes in a linear order: the ...
Chromosome location, gene linkage, and disease associated with genes for blood group systems
▪ Table Chromosome location, gene linkage, and disease associated with genes for blood group systems chromosome gene known linkage associated ...
chromosome number
Genetics. the characteristic number of chromosomes contained in the cell nucleus of a given species. [1905-10] * * * ▪ genetics       precise number of chromosomes ...
See chromosomal. * * *
—chromospheric /kroh'meuh sfer"ik, -sfear"-/, adj. /kroh"meuh sfear'/, n. Astron. 1. a scarlet, gaseous envelope surrounding the sun outside the photosphere, from which ...
See chromosphere. * * *
/kroh"meuhs/, adj. containing chromium in the divalent state, as chromous carbonate, CrCO3. [1830-40; CHROM(IUM) + -OUS] * * *
—chrominess, n. /kroh"mee/, adj., chromier, chromiest. decorated with or abounding in chrome: a chromy car. [1880-85; CHROME + -Y1] * * *
/kroh"meuhl/, adj. containing chromium in the hexavalent state, as chromyl chloride, CrO2Cl2. [CHROM(IUM) + -YL] * * *
chron abbrev. 1. chronicle 2. chronological 3. chronology * * *
Chron abbrev. Bible Chronicles * * *
var. of chrono- before a vowel: chronaxie. * * *
Bible. Chronicles. * * *
1. chronicle. 2. chronograph. 3. chronological. 4. chronology. * * *
/kroh"nak see, kron"ak-/, n. Physiol. the minimum time that an electric current of twice the threshold strength must flow in order to excite a tissue. Also, chronaxy. [1915-20; < ...
—chronically, adv. —chronicity /kro nis"i tee/, n. /kron"ik/, adj. 1. constant; habitual; inveterate: a chronic liar. 2. continuing a long time or recurring frequently: a ...
chronic fatigue syndrome
a viral disease of the immune system, usu. characterized by debilitating fatigue and flu-like symptoms. [1988] * * * also called  myalgic ...
chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Sudden debilitating fatigue of unknown cause. It may follow a nonspecific illness with mild fever, tender lymph nodes, sore throat, headaches, weakness, muscle and joint pain, ...
chronic glaucoma
Opthalm. See under glaucoma. * * *
chronic granulomatous disease
▪ pathology       a group of rare inherited diseases characterized by the inability of certain white blood cells called phagocytes to destroy invading ...
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Pathol. any of various lung diseases leading to poor pulmonary aeration, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Abbr.: COPD * * *
Chronica Hungarorum
▪ historical work Latin“Chronicle of the Hungarians”also called  Budai Krónika (Hungarian: “Buda Chronicles”)        the first book printed in Hungary, ...
See chronic. * * *
chronicfatigue syndrome
chronic fatigue syndrome n. Abbr. CFS A syndrome characterized by debilitating fatigue and a combination of flulike symptoms such as sore throat, swollen lymph glands, low-grade ...
See chronically. * * *
—chronicler, n. /kron"i keuhl/, n., v., chronicled, chronicling. n. 1. a chronological record of events; a history. v.t. 2. to record in or as in a chronicle. [1275-1325; ME ...
chronicle play
a drama based on historical material, usually consisting of a series of short episodes or scenes arranged chronologically. Also called chronicle history. [1900-05] * * * or ...
chronicle play n. A dramatization of historical material, especially the Elizabethan dramas based on the chronicle histories of England. * * *
See chronicle. * * *
/kron"i keuhlz/, n. (used with a sing. v.) either of two books of the Old Testament, I Chronicles or II Chronicles. Abbr.: I Chron., II Chron. * * *
Chronicles, books of the
▪ Old Testament also called  (in early Roman Catholic translation into English) Paralipomenon I And Ii,         two Old Testament books that were originally part of a ...
chronicobstructive pulmonary disease
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease n. Abbr. COPD A chronic lung disease, such as asthma or emphysema, in which breathing becomes slowed or forced. * * *
/kron"oh/, n., pl. chronos. chronometer. [by shortening; see -O] * * *
a combining form meaning "time," used in the formation of compound words: chronometer. Also, esp. before a vowel, chron-. [ < Gk, comb. form of chrónos] * * *
See chronobiology. * * *
See chronobiologic. * * *
See chronobiologic. * * *
See chronobiologic. * * *
—chronobiological /kron'oh buy'euh loj"i keuhl/, adj. —chronobiologist, n. /kron'oh buy ol"euh jee/, n. the science or study of the effect of time, esp. rhythms, on living ...
—chronogrammatic /kron'oh greuh mat"ik/, chronogrammatical, adj. —chronogrammatically, adv. —chronogrammatist, n. /kron"euh gram'/, n. 1. an inscription in which certain ...
See chronogram. * * *
See chronogrammatic. * * *
—chronographer /kreuh nog"reuh feuhr/, n. —chronographic /kron'euh graf"ik/, adj. —chronographically, adv. —chronography, n. /kron"euh graf', -grahf'/, n. 1. a timepiece ...
See chronograph. * * *
See chronographic. * * *
1. chronological. 2. chronology. * * *
See chronologist. * * *
—chronologically, adv. /kron'l oj"i keuhl/, adj. 1. arranged in the order of time: a chronological list of events. 2. pertaining to or in accordance with chronology: a ...
chronological age
Psychol. the number of years a person has lived, esp. when used as a standard against which to measure behavior, intelligence, etc. * * *
Chronological systems of Noldeke, Henning, and Taqizadeh
▪ Table Chronological systems of Nöldeke, Henning, and Taqizadeh event Nöldeke Henning Taqizadeh Ardashir's first year begins Sept. 27, 223 Sept. 26, 226 Ardashir's ...
chronological age n. Abbr. CA The number of years a person has lived, used especially in psychometrics as a standard against which certain variables, such as behavior and ...
See chronological. * * *
Chronologies of the Toltec empire
▪ Table Chronologies of the Toltec empire Ixtlilxóchitl Anales de Cuauhtitlán Codex ...
/kreuh nol"euh jist/, n. a person versed in chronology. Also, chronologer. [1605-15; CHRONOLOG(Y) + -IST] * * *
/kreuh nol"euh juyz'/, v.t., chronologized, chronologizing. to arrange in chronological order. Also, esp. Brit., chronologise. [1610-20; CHRONOLOG(Y) + -IZE] * * *
/kreuh nol"euh jee/, n., pl. chronologies. 1. the sequential order in which past events occur. 2. a statement of this order. 3. the science of arranging time in periods and ...
Chronology of notable astronauts
▪ Table Chronology of notable astronauts name mission date accomplishment Yury Gagarin (Gagarin, Yury Alekseyevich) Vostok 1 (Vostok) April 12, 1961 first man in space Alan ...
—chronometric /kron'euh me"trik/, chronometrical, adj. —chronometrically, adv. /kreuh nom"i teuhr/, n. 1. a timepiece or timing device with a special mechanism for ensuring ...
chronometric [krän΄ə me′trik] adj. of a chronometer or chronometry: also chronometrical chronometrically adv. * * * See chronometer. * * *
See chronometric. * * *
See chronometric. * * *
/kreuh nom"i tree/, n. 1. the art of measuring time accurately. 2. measurement of time by periods or divisions. [1825-35; CHRONO- + -METRY] * * *
/kroh"non/, n. a hypothetical unit of time, taken as a ratio between the diameter of the electron and the velocity of light, equivalent to approximately 10-24 second. [1975-80; < ...
/kron"euh feuhr, kroh"neuh-/, n. an instrument for transmitting time signals electronically. [1865-70; CHRONO- + -pher, for -FER, with ph from -PHORE] * * *
—chronoscopic /kron'euh skop"ik/, adj. —chronoscopically, adv. —chronoscopy /kreuh nos"keuh pee/, n. /kron"euh skohp', kroh"neuh-/, n. an electronic instrument for ...
See chronoscope. * * *
chron·o·ther·a·peu·tics (krŏn'ō-thĕr'ə-pyo͞oʹtĭks, krō'nə-) n. (used with sing. verb) In both senses also called chronotherapy. 1. Medical treatment administered ...
/kron'euh ther"euh pee, kroh'neuh-/, n. Med. a treatment for insomnia in which a person's normal cycle of waking and sleeping is altered. [1975-80; CHRONO- + THERAPY] * * *
/kron"euh tron', kroh"neuh-/, Trademark. a brand name for a device for measuring extremely brief time intervals by comparing electric pulses. * * *
/kron'euh trop"ik, -troh"pik/, adj. affecting the rate or timing of a physiologic process, as the heart rate. [CHRONO- + -TROPIC] * * *
var. of chryso- before a vowel: chryselephantine. * * *
/kris"euh lid/, Entomol. n. 1. a chrysalis. adj. 2. of a chrysalis. [1770-80; repr. s. of Gk chrysallís CHRYSALIS] * * *
/kris"euh lis/, n., pl. chrysalises, chrysalides /kri sal"i deez'/. the hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly; an obtect pupa. [1650-60; < L chrysalis < Gk chrysallís, equiv. ...
Chrysander, (Karl Franz) Friedrich
born July 8, 1826, Lübtheen, Mecklenburg died Sept. 3, 1901, Hamburg German musicologist. Trained as a schoolteacher, he soon became involved in music scholarship and ...
Chrysander, Friedrich
▪ German musician in full  Karl Franz Friedrich Chrysander  born July 8, 1826, Lübtheen, Mecklenburg, Ger. died Sept. 3, 1901, Hamburg       German music historian ...
/kri san"theuh meuhm/, n. 1. any of several composite plants of the genus Chrysanthemum, as C. leucanthemum, the oxeye daisy, having white ray flowers with a yellow center. 2. ...
Chrysanthemum, Order of the
▪ Japanese order Japanese  Dai-kun-i Kikka-shō Kubikazari,         Japan's highest and most exclusive order, established in 1877 by the Meiji emperor, awarded mainly ...
▪ jellyfish genus       genus of marine jellyfish of the class Scyphozoa (phylum Cnidaria) that is found in all temperate and tropical seas around the ...
/kris'euh roh"bin/, n. Pharm. a mixture of compounds obtained from Goa powder, used in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions. [1885-90; CHRYS- + (AR)AROB(A) + ...
Chryse Planitia
/kruy"see pleuh nish"euh/, Astron. a plain on Mars, the landing site of the Viking I spacecraft. * * * ▪ region, Mars  flat lowland region in the northern hemisphere of the ...
/kris'el euh fan"tin, -tuyn/, adj. made of or overlaid with gold and ivory, as certain objects made in ancient Greece. [1820-30; < Gk chryselephántinos, equiv. to chrys- CHRYS- ...
/kruy sip"euhs, kri-/, n. 280-209? B.C., Greek Stoic philosopher. * * * ▪ Greek philosopher born c. 280 BC died c. 206       Greek philosopher from Soli (Soloi) who ...
/kruys"leuhr/, n. Walter Percy, 1875-1940, U.S. automobile manufacturer. * * *
Chrysler Building
a skyscraper (= very tall building) on East 42nd Street in New York. It was completed in 1930 and was then the tallest building in the world. Its design has been greatly admired. ...
Chrysler Corp.
Former U.S. automotive company first incorporated in 1925; now part of Daimler-Benz. It was founded by Walter P. Chrysler (1875–1940), who built it into the country's second ...
Chrysler LLC
▪ American company       American automotive company first incorporated in 1925 and reorganized as Chrysler LLC in 2007. It was for many years the third largest (after ...
Chrysler, Walter P
▪ American industrialist born April 2, 1875, Wamego, Kan., U.S. died Aug. 18, 1940, Great Neck, N.Y.  founder of Chrysler Corporation (Chrysler LLC).       Starting ...
Chrysler,Walter Percy
Chrys·ler (krīsʹlər), Walter Percy. 1875-1940. American automobile manufacturer who founded the Chrysler Corporation (1925). * * *
a combining form meaning "gold," used in the formation of compound words: chrysolite. Also, esp. before a vowel, chrys-. [comb. form of Gk chrysós] * * *
/kris"euh ber'euhl/, n. a mineral, beryllium aluminate, BeAl2O4, occurring in green or yellow crystals, sometimes used as a gem. Also called cymophane. [1350-1400; ME < L ...
/kris"euh kayl'/, n. a copper alloy containing zinc and lead. [appar. alter. of L chrysocolla CHRYSOCOLLA] * * *
/kris'euh kahr"peuhs/, adj. Bot. bearing golden-yellow fruit. [CHRYSO- + -CARPOUS] * * *
/kris'euh kol"euh/, n. a mineral, hydrous copper silicate, CuSiO3·2H2O, occurring in compact, green or blue masses, sometimes used in ornaments. [1590-1600; < L chrysocolla < Gk ...
—chrysographer /kri sog"reuh feuhr/, n. /kris"euh graf', -grahf'/, n. 1. a manuscript, esp. of the Middle Ages, written in gold or gold and silver ink. v.t. 2. to write with ...
/kri sog"reuh fee/, n. 1. the art of writing in ink made of powdered gold suspended in a small amount of glair or gum. 2. the gold writing produced by this art. [1850-55; < Gk ...
/kri soh"i din, -deen'/, n. Chem. a red-brown or greenish-black, crystalline solid, C12H13N4Cl, that yields orange colors in aqueous or alcohol solution: used chiefly in dyeing ...
—chrysolitic /kris'euh lit"ik/, adj. /kris"euh luyt'/, n. Mineral. olivine. [1250-1300; ME < L chrysolithus < Gk chrysólithos, equiv. to chryso- CHRYSO- + líthos stone; see ...
Chrysoloras, Manuel
▪ Greek scholar born c. 1350, Constantinople died April 15, 1415  Greek scholar who was a pioneer in spreading Greek literature in the West.       The Byzantine ...
/kris'euh mel"id, -mee"lid/, n. 1. any beetle of the family Chrysomelidae, comprising the leaf beetles. adj. 2. belonging or pertaining to the family Chrysomelidae. [1920-25; < ...
/kri som"euh nad'/, n. Biol. any golden-yellow to brown freshwater algae of the class Chrysomonadales (phylum Chrysophyta), living singly or in colonies; blooms may color the ...
/kri sof"euh neen', -nin/, n. Chem. a bright yellow dye derived from stilbene, used chiefly for dyeing leather and textiles. [CHRYSO- + PHEN- + -INE2] * * *
      class of algae commonly known as golden algae (q.v.). * * *
/kris"euh fuyt'/, n. any algae of the phylum Chrysophyta, comprising the yellow-green algae, golden-brown algae, and diatoms, distinguished by having in various proportions the ...
/kris"euh prayz'/, n. Mineral. a green variety of chalcedony, sometimes used as a gem. [1250-1300; ME < L chrysoprasus < Gk chrysóprasos, equiv. to chryso- CHRYSO- + prás(on) ...
/kris"euh steuhm, kri sos"teuhm/, n. Saint John, A.D. 347?-407, ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople. * * *
Chrysostom, Saint John
born 347, Antioch, Syria died Sept. 14, 407, Comana, Helenopontus; Western feast day September 13; Eastern feast day November 13 Early Church Father, biblical interpreter, and ...
Chrysostom,Saint John
Chry·sos·tom (krĭsʹəs-təm, krĭ-sŏsʹ-), Saint John. A.D. 347?-407. Antioch-born Greek prelate whose eloquent sermons earned him the name Chrysostom, ...
/kris'euh ther"euh pee/, n. See gold therapy. [CHRYSO- + THERAPY] * * *
/kris"euh til/, n. Mineral. a fibrous variety of serpentine; asbestos. [1840-50; CHRYSO- + Gk tílos something plucked] * * * Fibrous variety of the magnesium silicate mineral ...
▪ Poland       city, Małopolskie województwo (province), south-central Poland. Chrzanów forms part of the highly developed Upper Silesian industrial and mining area. ...
chapters. * * *
/thoh"nee euhn/, adj. Class. Myth. of or pertaining to the deities, spirits, and other beings dwelling under the earth. Also, chthonic /thon"ik/. [1840-50; < Gk chthóni(os) ...
chthonic [thän′ik] adj. 1. CHTHONIAN 2. dark, primitive, and mysterious * * * chthon·ic (thŏnʹĭk) also chtho·ni·an (thōʹnē-ən) adj. Greek Mythology Of or relating ...
Chu (cho͞o) A river of southeast Kazakhstan flowing about 1,126 km (700 mi) from the Tian Shan generally northeastward into the desert. * * * I or Ch'u One of the states ...
Chu Hsi
/jooh" shee"/ 1130-1200, Chinese philosopher. * * *
Chu Ki-chol
▪ Korean clergyman born 1897, Korea died April 21, 1944, Korea       Korean Presbyterian minister who suffered martyrdom because of his opposition to Japanese demands ...
Chu Kiang
Chin. /jooh" gyahng"/. Older Spelling. See Zhu Jiang. * * *
Chu River
▪ river, Central Asia Kazak  Shū, Kyrgyz Chüy        river in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, rising in the Tien Shan at the confluence of the Dzhuvanaryk and Kochkor ...
Chu Teh
Chin. /jooh" du"/, Wade-Giles. See Zhu De. * * *
Chu Van Tan
▪ Vietnamese military and political leader born c. 1915, , Phu Thuong village, Vietnam       military and political leader who played an important part in winning ...
Chu, Steven
▪ American physicist born Feb. 28, 1948, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.       American physicist who, with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and William D. Phillips, was awarded the 1997 ...
(as used in expressions) Chuan Leekpai Tai Chi Chuan Tso chuan * * *
Chuan Leekpai
born July 28, 1938, Muang district, Trang province, Thai. Prime minister of Thailand (1992–95, 1997–2001). Son of a schoolteacher, he became a lawyer and was first elected ...
Chin. /chwahn"joh"/, n. Older Spelling. Quanzhou. * * *
/jwahng"dzu"/, n. 1. Also, Chwang-tse (Chuang Chow). fl. 4th century B.C., Chinese mystic and philosopher. 2. (italics) a fundamental work on Taoism by Chuang-tzu, dating from ...
Chuang Tzu (chwängʹ dzŭʹ), c. 369-286B.C. Chinese Taoist philosopher who advocated a skeptical approach to knowledge and a willing acceptance of change as a means of ...
▪ Chinese drama Wade-Giles romanization  ch'uan-ch'i        a form of traditional Chinese operatic drama that developed from the nanxi in the late 14th century. ...
/chub/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) chub, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) chubs. 1. a common freshwater fish, Leuciscus cephalus, of European waters, having a ...
chub mackerel
a small mackerel, Scomber japonicus, of Atlantic and Pacific seas and parts of the Indian Ocean. Also called tinker. [1805-15, Amer.] * * *
Chubak, Sadeq
▪ Iranian author also spelled  Ṣādiq Chūbak  born August 5, 1916, Būshehr, Iran died July 3, 1998, Berkeley, California, U.S.       author of short fiction, ...
Chubb, Charles
▪ British inventor died May 16, 1845, Islington, London, Eng.       British inventor and entrepreneur, founder of the locksmith firm of Chubb & Son (now Chubb & Son ...
Chubb, Thomas
▪ British theologian born Sept. 29, 1679, East Harnham, Wiltshire, Eng. died Feb. 8, 1747, Salisbury, Wiltshire  self-taught English philosopher and proponent of Deism, ...
See chubby. * * *
See chubbily. * * *
—chubbily, adv. —chubbiness, n. /chub"ee/, adj., chubbier, chubbiest. round and plump: a chubby child; a chubby face. [1605-15; CHUB + -Y1] Syn. pudgy, heavy, fleshy, ...
n a type of lock that is very difficult to open without a key. It is named after Charles Chubb, the Englishman who invented it in 1818. * * *
/chub"suk'euhr/, n. any of several stout suckers of the genus Erimyzon, inhabiting sluggish streams, backwaters, and lakes of the central and eastern U.S. [1810-20, Amer.; CHUB + ...
▪ region, Japan       chihō (region), central Honshu, Japan, embracing the ken (prefectures) of Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, and ...
Chu·but (chə-bo͞otʹ, cho͞o-) A river rising in the Andes of southwest Argentina and flowing about 805 km (500 mi) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. * * * ▪ province, ...
Chubut River
River, southern Argentina. Rising in the Andes Mountains, it flows eastward across Chubut province 500 mi (800 km) before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Punta Castro. It is ...
/chook"chee/, n., pl. Chuchchis, (esp. collectively) Chuchchi. Chukchi. * * *
Chin. /jooh"joh"/, n. Older Spelling. Zhuzhou. * * *
chuck1 /chuk/, v.t. 1. to toss; throw with a quick motion, usually a short distance. 2. Informal. to resign from; relinquish; give up: He's chucked his job. 3. to pat or tap ...
/chuk/, n. 1. a male given name, form of Charles. 2. Usually Disparaging. a. a white man. b. white society, culture, and values. * * * (as used in expressions) Berry Chuck Close ...
chuck wagon
Western U.S. a wagon carrying cooking facilities and food for serving people working outdoors, as at a ranch or lumber camp. [1860-65] * * *
/chuk"euh luk'/, n. a game played with three dice at which the players bet that a certain number will come up on one die, that the three dice will total a certain number, or that ...
/chuk"fool"/, adj. chock-full. * * *
/chuk"wilz wid"oh/, n. a goatsucker, Caprimulgus carolinensis, of the southern U.S., resembling the whippoorwill but larger. [1785-95; fanciful representation of its incessant ...
/chook"chee/, n., pl. Chuckchis, (esp. collectively) Chuckchi. Chukchi. * * *
chucker1 /chuk"euhr/, n. Baseball. a pitcher. [1750-60, for literal sense; CHUCK1 + -ER1] chucker2 /chuk"euhr/, n. Informal. woodchuck. [(WOOD)CHUCK + -ER1] * * *
/chuk"euhr owt"/, n., pl. chuckers-out. Brit. Slang. bouncer (def. 2). [1875-80; chuck out + -ER1] * * *
/chuk"hohl'/, n. Chiefly Midland U.S. a hole or pit in a road or street; pothole. [1830-40; CHUCK1 + HOLE] * * *
—chuckler, n. —chucklingly, adv. /chuk"euhl/, v., chuckled, chuckling, n. v.i. 1. to laugh softly or amusedly, usually with satisfaction: They chuckled at the child's efforts ...
—chuckleheaded, adj. /chuk"euhl hed'/, n. Slang. a stupid person; blockhead. [1725-35; chuckle clumsy (CHUCK2 + -LE) + HEAD] * * *
See chucklehead. * * *
See chuckle. * * *
See chuckler. * * *
See chuckler. * * *
chuck wagon n. A wagon equipped with food and cooking utensils, as on a ranch or in a lumber camp. * * *
/chuk"wah'leuh/, n. an iguanid lizard, Sauromalis obesus, of arid parts of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, that feeds on desert plants. [1865-70, Amer.; < California Sp ...
/chuk"ee/, n., pl. chuckies. Brit. Dial. a chicken; fowl. [1720-30; CHUCK3 + -Y2] * * *
/chud"euhr/, n. chador. Also, chudder. * * *
Chudskoye [cho͞ot skoi′yə] Lake lake on the Estonian-Russian border: with its S extension, Lake Pskov, c. 1,400 sq mi (3,626 sq km) * * *
Chudskoye Ozero
/chyooht skaw"yeuh aw"zyi rddeuh/ Russian name of Peipus. * * *
▪ Chinese poetic genre Chinese“severed sentence,” Pinyin jueju        a Chinese verse form that was popular during the Tang dynasty (618–907). An outgrowth of ...
/chooh"feuh/, n. an African plant, Cyperus esculentus sativus, of the sedge family, having a tuberous, edible root. Also called earth almond. [1850-55, Amer.; < Sp] * * *
chuff1 /chuf/, n. 1. a rustic. 2. a boor; churl. 3. a miserly fellow. [1400-50; late ME chuffe, of obscure orig.] chuff2 /chuf, choof/, adj. Brit. Dial. 1. chubby; fat. 2. ...
chuffed1 /chuft/, adj. Brit. Informal. delighted; pleased; satisfied. [1855-60; see CHUFF2, -ED2] chuffed2 /chuft/, adj. Brit. Informal. annoyed; displeased; ...
/chuf"euhl/, v., chuffled, chuffling, n. v.i. 1. (of the larger species of cats) to make a low snuffling sound analogous to the purring of smaller cat species, often as a ...
—chuffily, adv. —chuffiness, n. /chuf"ee/, adj., chuffier, chuffiest. churlish; surly. [1690-1700; CHUFF1 + -Y1] * * *
chug1 —chugger, n. /chug/, n., v., chugged, chugging. n. 1. a short, dull, explosive sound: the steady chug of an engine. v.i. 2. to make this sound: The motor chugged. 3. to ...
/chug"euh lug'/, v., chug-a-lugged, chug-a-lugging, adv. Slang. v.t. 1. to drink (a container of beverage) in one continuous draught. v.i. 2. to drink a beverage in one ...
Chugach Mountains
▪ mountains, Alaska, United States  segment of the Pacific mountain system of western North America that is wholly within the state of Alaska, U.S. It extends eastward ...
Chu·gach Mountains (cho͞oʹgăch', -găsh') A range of southern Alaska extending eastward from Cook Inlet to the Canadian border. Mount Marcus Baker, 4,018.7 m (13,176 ft), ...
chug·a·lug (chŭgʹə-lŭg') Slang v. chug·a·lugged, chug·a·lug·ging, chug·a·lugs v. tr. To swallow the contents of (a container of beer, for example) without ...
/chug"euhr/, n. Angling. a type of plug that rests on the surface of the water and makes a popping sound when retrieved. Also called popper. [Scot chug to tug + -ER1] * * *
/chug"hohl'/, n. Chiefly South Midland U.S. chuckhole. * * *
Chughtai, Abdur Rahman
born Sept. 21, 1894, Lahore, Pak. died Jan. 17, 1975, Lahore Pakistani artist. In the 1920s he created large watercolours in a modified Bengal-school style. By the 1940s his ...
Chūgoku Range
▪ mountain range, Japan Japanese  Chūgoku-sammyaku,         mountain range, in Chūgoku (“China”) chihō (region), western Honshu, Japan. It forms the major ...
Chuikov, Vasily (Ivanovich)
born Feb. 12, 1900, Serebryannye Prudy, near Moscow, Russian Empire died March 18, 1982, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. Soviet general. He joined the Red Army at age 18. In World War ...
Chuikov, Vasily Ivanovich
▪ Soviet general born Feb. 12 [Jan. 31, Old Style], 1900, Serebryannye Prudy, near Moscow, Russian Empire died March 18, 1982, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R.       Soviet ...
/chu kahr"/, n. a partridge, Alectoris chukar, of Asia and the Near East, introduced into North America as a game bird. Also called chukar partridge. [ < Hindi cakor < Skt ...
Chukarin, Viktor Ivanovich
▪ Soviet athlete born November 9, 1921, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Ukraine, U.S.S.R. died August 25, 1984, Lviv, Ukraine       first of the great Soviet gymnasts, who won 11 ...
/chook"chee/, n., pl. Chukchees, (esp. collectively) Chukchee. Chukchi. * * *
/chook"chee/, n., pl. Chukchis, (esp. collectively) Chukchi for 1. 1. a member of a Paleo-Asiatic people of northeastern Siberia. 2. the Chukotian language of the Chukchi people, ...
Chukchi Peninsula
a peninsula in the NE Russian Federation, across the Bering Strait from Alaska. * * *
Chukchi Sea
a part of the Arctic Ocean, N of the Bering Strait. Russian, Chukotskoye More. * * * ▪ sea, Arctic Ocean also spelled  Chukchee,  Russian  Chukotskoye More, ...
/chook"chee kam chaht"keuhn, -chat"-/, n. Chukotian. * * *
Chukchi Peninsula A peninsula of extreme northeast Russia across the Bering Strait from northwest Alaska. It borders on the Chukchi Sea, a section of the Arctic Ocean. * * *
Chukhrai, Grigory Naumovich
▪ 2002       Soviet motion picture director (b. May 23, 1921, Melitopol, Ukraine, Soviet Russia—d. Oct. 28, 2001, Moscow, Russia), broke away from the restrictions of ...
Chu Kiang (cho͞oʹ kyängʹ, jo͞oʹ gyängʹ) See Zhu Jiang. * * *
chuk·ka (chŭkʹə) © School Division, Houghton Mifflin Company n. A short, ankle-length boot having two or three pairs of eyelets.   [Alteration of chukker(so called ...
chukka (boot)
chukka (boot) or chukka [chuk′ə] n. 〚altered
chukka boot
/chuk"euh/ an ankle-high shoe, laced through two pairs of eyelets, often made of suede. Also called chukka. Cf. jodhpur (def. 2). [1945-50; so called from its resemblance to a ...
/chuk"euhr/, n. Polo. one of the periods of play. Also, chukkar. [1895-1900; < Hindi chakkar < Skt cakra WHEEL] * * *
Chukot Range
Chukot Range [cho͞o kät′] mountain range in NE Siberia: highest peak, c. 7,500 ft (2,286 m) * * *
/cheuh koh"sheuhn/, n. a group of genetically related languages spoken on the Chukchi and Kamchatka peninsulas in eastern Siberia, including Chukchi, Kamchadal, and Koryak. Also ...
Chukotskoye More
/chyooh kawt"skeuh yeuh maw"rddyeuh/ Russian name of the Chukchi Sea. * * *
Chukovskaya, Lidiya Korneyevna
▪ 1997       Russian writer who courageously opposed the Soviet government's persecution of dissidents and was a staunch champion of human rights (b. March 24, 1907—d. ...
Chukovsky, Korney Ivanovich
▪ Russian author pseudonym of  Nikolay Vasilyevich Korneychukov   born March 31 [March 19, Old Style], 1882, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire died Oct. 28, 1969, Moscow, ...
Chūkyō Industrial Zone
▪ industrial site, Japan Japanese  Chūkyō Kōgyō Chitai,         industrial region centring on Nagoya, Japan, and comprising portions of the ken (prefectures) of ...
Chula Vista
/chooh"leuh vis"teuh/ a city in SW California, near San Diego. 83,927. * * * City (pop., 2000: 173,556), southwestern California, U.S. It lies on the eastern shore of San Diego ...
or Phrachunlachomklao or Rama V born Sept. 30, 1853, Bangkok, Siam [Thailand] died Oct. 23, 1910, Bangkok King of Siam (r. 1868–1910). He succeeded to the throne at 15 but ...
Chu·la Vis·ta (cho͞oʹlə vĭsʹtə) A city of southern California south of San Diego. It is an industrial center. Population: 135,163. * * *
/chooh le"tah/, n., pl. chuletas /-tahs/. Spanish. a cutlet or chop. * * *
/chooh"law/; Eng. /chooh"loh/, n., pl. chulos /-laws/; Eng. /-lohz/. Spanish. 1. a dandified or effeminate man. 2. pimp. * * *
/choohl"peuh/, n. Archaeol. a type of prehistoric stone tower, found in Brazil and Peru, having living quarters over a burial chamber. Also, chullpa. [ < AmerSp < Aymara ...
Chu·lym also Chu·lim (chə-lĭmʹ, cho͞o-) A river of south-central Russia flowing about 1,730 km (1,075 mi) north and west to the Ob River. * * *
Chulym River
▪ river, Russia       river in Krasnoyarsk kray (region) and Tomsk oblast (province), Russia, and the longest right-bank tributary of the Ob River; it is 1,118 miles ...
chum1 /chum/, n., v., chummed, chumming. n. 1. a close or intimate companion: boyhood chums. 2. a roommate, as at college. v.i. 3. to associate closely. 4. to share a room or ...
chum salmon
a Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, occurring from southern California to Alaska and off the coasts of Japan and Korea, fished commercially and for sport. Also called chum, dog ...
/chooh"mash/, n., pl. Chumashes, (esp. collectively) Chumash for 1. 1. a member of an American Indian people who formerly inhabited the southern California coast from San Luis ...
See chummy. * * *
See chummily. * * *
—chummily, adv. —chumminess, n. /chum"ee/, adj., chummier, chummiest. Informal. friendly; intimate; sociable. [1825-35; CHUM1 + -Y1] Syn. close, devoted, familiar, ...
Chumnus, Nicephorus
▪ Byzantine scholar also spelled  Nikephoros Choumnos   born c. 1250 died January 16, 1327, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]       Byzantine ...
chump1 —chumpish, adj. —chumpishness, n. /chump/, n. 1. Informal. a stupid person; dolt: Don't be a chump - she's kidding you along. 2. a short, thick piece of wood. 3. the ...
chump change
Slang. a small or insignificant amount of money. [1965-70] * * *
chump change n. Slang A small amount of money. * * *
chum salmon n. A Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) with minute specks on its back that is fished for food and sport.   [Chinook Jargon cam, spotted, striped, from Lower Chinook ...
Chun Doo Hwan
/juen" doh" hwahn"/ born 1931, South Korean political leader: president since 1980. * * * ▪ president of South Korea born Jan. 18, 1931, Naechonri, Korea [now in South ...
/choohn"chun"/, n. a city in N South Korea. 120,517. * * *
/chun"deuhr/, Australian Informal. v.i., v.t. 1. to vomit. n. 2. vomit. [1920-25; orig. variously explained; perh. ult. an expressive formation akin to dial. (mainly N England) ...
/chun"deuhr euhs/, adj. Australian Informal (vulgar). thoroughly unpleasant or nauseating; revolting. [CHUNDER + -OUS] * * *
/joong/, n. Chinese. (in Confucianism) conscientiousness in one's dealings with others. * * * (as used in expressions) Chung yung Tung Chung shu Fan Chung yen T'ai chung Wei ...
Chung Il Kwon
▪ 1995       Korean army officer and politician (b. Nov. 21, 1917, North Hamgyong province, Korea—d. Jan. 17, 1994, Hawaii), was the commander of South Korean troops ...
Chung Ju Yung
▪ 2002       South Korean businessman (b. Nov. 25, 1915, Tongchon, Korea—d. March 21, 2001, Seoul, S.Kor.), was the founder of the Hyundai Group, one of the world's ...
Chung Ling Soo
▪ American magician original name  William Ellsworth Campbell   born 1861, New York, N.Y., U.S. died March 23, 1918, London, Eng.       American conjurer who gained ...
Chung Mong Hun
▪ 2004       South Korean businessman (b. 1948, Seoul, S.Kor.—d. Aug. 4, 2003, Seoul), used his position as chairman of Hyundai Asan (part of the Hyundai conglomerate ...
Chung Mong Joon
▪ 1997       When the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) announced in mid-1996 that South Korea and Japan would serve as cohosts of its World Cup ...
Chung Se Yung
▪ 2006 “Pony Chung”        Korean industrialist (b. Aug. 6, 1928, T'ongch'on, Kangwon province, Korea [now N.Kor.]—d. May 21, 2005, Seoul, S.Kor.), served ...
Chung-hsing Hsin-ts'un
▪ Taiwan       (Chinese: “Chung-hsing New Village”), town, Nan-t'ou shih (municipality), Nan-t'ou hsien (county), west-central Taiwan, and, since 1958, the ...
▪ Taiwan       shih (municipality), T'ao-yüan hsien (county), northwestern Taiwan, about 5 miles (8 km) southwest of T'ao-yüan city, in the northern coastal uplands. ...
Chung-li Ch'üan
▪ Taoist mythology Pinyin  Zhongli Quan   in Chinese mythology, one of the Pa Hsien (Baxian) (q.v.), the Eight Immortals of Taoism. A wine-drinking recluse in quest of ...
Chung-yang Range
▪ mountains, Taiwan Chinese (Wade-Giles)  Chung-yang Shan-mo , English  Central Range        mountain group, eastern Taiwan. It trends north-south and consists of ...
/chung"jooh"/ n. a city in central South Korea. 105,274. * * *
/choong"king"/; Chin. /joong"ging"/, n. Older Spelling. Chongqing. * * * ▪ China Introduction Chinese (Wade-Giles)  Ch'ung-ch'ing , (Pinyin) ...
chunk1 /chungk/, n. 1. a thick mass or lump of anything: a chunk of bread; a chunk of firewood. 2. Informal. a thick-set and strong person. 3. a strong and stoutly built horse or ...
See chunky. * * *
See chunkily. * * *
—chunkily, adv. —chunkiness, n. /chung"kee/, adj., chunkier, chunkiest. 1. thick or stout; stocky. 2. in chunks. 3. full of chunks; coarse: chunky peanut butter; The soup was ...
/chun"l/, n. a railroad tunnel under the English Channel between Great Britain and France, approved for construction in 1986. Also, chunnel. [1925-30; b. CHANNEL1 and TUNNEL] * * ...
or Ch'un-ch'iu (Chinese: "Spring and Autumn Annals") First Chinese chronological history, the traditional history of Lu, as revised by Confucius. One of the Five Classics of ...
/chun"teuhr/, v.i. Brit. Informal. to grumble or grouse mildly or tediously. [1590-1600; orig. dial. (Midlands, N England) chunter, chunder, chunner; cf. Scots channer in same ...
Seph. /khooh pah"/; Ashk., Eng. /khoop"euh/, n., pl. chuppoth, chuppot Seph. /khooh pawt"/; Ashk. /khoo pohs"/, Eng. chuppahs. Hebrew. huppah. * * *
▪ mining centre, Chile  mining and smelting centre, northern Chile. It lies near Calama at 9,350 feet (2,850 m) above sea level and is the largest open-pit mine in the ...
/koor/, n. a town in and the capital of Grisons, in E Switzerland. 32,600. * * * ▪ Switzerland (German), French  Coire , Italian  Coira , Romansh ...
/cherrch/, n. 1. a building for public Christian worship. 2. public worship of God or a religious service in such a building: to attend church regularly. 3. (sometimes cap.) the ...
church and state
Relationship between religious and secular authority in society. In most ancient civilizations the separation of religious and political orders was not clearly defined. With the ...
Church Army
a Christian organization within the Church of England that gives help to those who need it, such as poor people, old people and people without a home. It was started by Wilson ...
church book
any of various books commonly used by a church, as a service book or a parish register. [bef. 1050; ME, OE] * * *

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