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Слова на букву chri-de k (15990)

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Co·sa Nos·tra (kō'sə nōʹstrə) n. The Mafia operating in the United States.   [Italian, our concern : cosa, thing, affair + nostra, feminine of nostro, our.] * * *
/kawz"bee, koz"-/, n. William Henry (Bill), born 1937, U.S. comedian and actor. * * *
Cosby Show, The
▪ American television show       American television situation comedy that ranked as the most popular family comedy (i.e., about family issues and aimed at a family ...
Cosby, Bill
in full William Henry Cosby, Jr. born July 12, 1937, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S. U.S. television actor and producer. He worked as a comedian in New York City nightclubs and on ...
Cosby, William Henry,Jr.
Cos·by (kôzʹbē, kŏzʹ-), William Henry, Jr. Known as “Bill.” Born 1937. American comedian, actor, and producer. He was the first African-American actor to star in a ...
/koh'si nair"ist, -nahr"-/, n. one of two or more joint scenarists. [CO- + SCENARIST] * * *
/kohs/, v.i., cosed, cosing, n. coze. * * *
/koh"seek'/, n. cosecant. * * *
/koh see"keuhnt, -kant/, n. Trigonom. 1. (in a right triangle) the ratio of the hypotenuse to the side opposite a given angle. 2. the secant of the complement, or the reciprocal ...
/koh suyz"meuhl, -suys"-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or being in a line, curve, etc., connecting or comprising points on the earth's surface at which an earthquake wave arrives ...
/koh sel"/, n. Howard, 1918-95, U.S. sportscaster. * * *
Cosell, Howard
▪ 1996       (HOWARD WILLIAM COHEN), U.S. sportscaster (b. March 25, 1918, Winston-Salem, N.C.—d. April 23, 1995, New York, N.Y.), reached the pinnacle of his career ...
Co·sell (kō-sĕlʹ), Howard. Originally Howard William Cohen. 1918-1995. American radio and television sportscaster. Known for his outspokenness, he was a commentator for the ...
/kaw zen"tsah/, n. a city in S Italy. 102,475. * * * ▪ Italy Latin  Cosentia         city, north-central Calabria regione (region), southern Italy, on the Crati ...
/koh"set/, n. Math. a subset of a group, formed by the consistent operation of a given element of the group on the left or right of all the elements of a subgroup of the ...
cosey or cosie [kō′zē] adj., n. COZY * * *
/koz"grayv'/, n. William Thomas, 1880-1965, Irish political leader: president of the executive council of the Irish Free State 1922-32. * * *
Cosgrave, Liam
▪ prime minister of Ireland born April 1920, Templeogue, County Dublin, Ire.       Irish politician, prime minister from February 1973 to July 1977.       His ...
Cosgrave, William Thomas
born June 6, 1880, Dublin, Ire. died Nov. 16, 1965, Dublin Irish statesman, first president (1922–32) of the Irish Free State. Early attracted to Sinn Féin, he took part in ...
cosh1 /kosh/, Chiefly Brit. Slang. n. 1. a blackjack; bludgeon. v.t. 2. to hit on the head with a cosh. [1865-70; perh. < Romany kosh, koshter stick] cosh2 /kosh/, n. ...
/kosh"euhr/, v.t. to treat with special fondness; pamper. [1860-65; perh. conflation of COCKER3 with uncert. elements; Hiberno-E cosher to feast, live at the expense of kinsmen ( ...
/keuh shok"teuhn/, n. a city in E central Ohio. 13,405. * * *
Così fan tutte
It. /kaw zee" fahn tooht"te/ a comic opera (1790) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. * * *
Ćosić, Dobrica
▪ Serbian novelist, essayist, and politician born Dec. 29, 1921, Velika Drenova, Serbia       Serbian novelist, essayist, and politician, who wrote historical novels ...
/koh"suyn', koh suyn"/, v.i., v.t. to sign as a cosigner. [CO- + SIGN] * * *
/koh sig"neuh tawr'ee, -tohr'ee/, adj., n., pl. cosignatories. adj. 1. signing jointly with another or others. n. 2. a person who signs a document jointly with another or others; ...
/koh"suy'neuhr, koh suy"-/, n. 1. a cosignatory. 2. a joint signer of a negotiable instrument, esp. a promissory note. [1900-05; CO- + SIGNER] * * *
/koh"zeuh moh'/; It. /kaw"zee maw/, n. Piero di /pee air"oh di/; It. /pye"rddaw dee/. See Piero di Cosimo. * * * (as used in expressions) Agnolo di Cosimo Cosimo I Cosimo de' ...
Cosimo I
orig. Cosimo de' Medici born June 12, 1519 died April 21, 1574, Castello, near Florence Second duke of Florence (1537–74) and first grand duke of Tuscany (1569–74). The ...
Cosimo II
▪ grand duke of Tuscany in full  Cosimo de' Medici  born May 12, 1590 died Feb. 28, 1621  fourth grand duke of Tuscany (1609–20), who closed down the Medici family's ...
Cosimo III
▪ grand duke of Tuscany in full  Cosimo de' Medici  born Aug. 14, 1642 died Oct. 31, 1723       sixth grand duke of Tuscany, who reigned for 53 years (1670–1723), ...
Cosin, John
▪ English bishop and theologian born Nov. 30, 1594, Norwich, Norfolk, Eng. died Jan. 15, 1672, London       Anglican bishop of Durham, theologian, and liturgist whose ...
/koh"suyn/, n. 1. Trigonom. a. (in a right triangle) the ratio of the side adjacent to a given angle to the hypotenuse. b. the sine of the complement of a given angle or arc. ...
cosine law
Optics. See Lambert's law. * * *
cos lettuce n. See romaine. * * *
var. of cosmo- before a vowel: cosmism. * * *
▪ Egyptian geographer also called  Indicopleustes   flourished 6th century AD, , Alexandria, Egypt       merchant, traveler, theologian, and geographer whose treatise ...
Cosmas and Damian, Saints
▪ Christian martyr Respectively,   born , traditionally Cilicia region, Asia Minor [Turkey] died c. 303, Cilicia; feast day, Eastern church, October 27; Western church, ...
Cosmati work
Type of decorative inlay or mosaic used by Roman decorators and architects in the 12th–13th centuries. Small pieces of coloured stone and glass were combined with strips and ...
—cosmetically, adv. /koz met"ik/, n. 1. a powder, lotion, lipstick, rouge, or other preparation for beautifying the face, skin, hair, nails, etc. 2. cosmetics, superficial ...
cosmetic surgery
plastic surgery for improving a person's appearance by restoration of damaged areas of skin, removal of wrinkles or blemishes, etc. [1925-30] * * *
See cosmetic. * * *
/koz'mi tish"euhn/, n. 1. a person who manufactures or sells cosmetics. 2. a person professionally engaged in the application of cosmetics. [1925-30; COSMET(IC) + -ICIAN] * * *
/koz met"euh suyz'/, v.t., cosmeticized, cosmeticizing. to improve superficially; cause to seem better or more attractive. Also, esp. Brit., cosmeticise. [1815-25; COSMETIC + ...
Any of several preparations (excluding soap) applied to the human body for beautifying, preserving, or altering the appearance or for cleansing, colouring, conditioning, or ...
/koz"mi tuyz'/, v.t., cosmetized, cosmetizing. to cosmeticize. Also, esp. Brit., cosmetise. [COSMET(IC) + -IZE] * * *
See cosmetology. * * *
—cosmetological /koz'mi tl oj"i keuhl/, adj. —cosmetologist, n. /koz'mi tol"euh jee/, n. the art or profession of applying cosmetics. [1850-55; < Gk kosmetó(s) adorned, ...
—cosmicality /koz'mi kal"i tee/, n. —cosmically, adv. /koz"mik/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to the cosmos: cosmic laws. 2. characteristic of the cosmos or its phenomena: cosmic ...
Cosmic Background Explorer
▪ United States satellite       U.S. satellite placed in Earth orbit in 1989 to map the “smoothness” of the cosmic background radiation (Cosmos) field and, by ...
cosmic background radiation
Astron. electromagnetic radiation coming from every direction in the universe, considered the remnant of the big bang and corresponding to the black-body radiation of 3 K, the ...
Cosmic distress, Son of Man, angels, gather elect
▪ Table Table 2: Cosmic distress, Son of Man, angels, gather elect Matthew 24:29-31 Immediately after the suffering of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will ...
cosmic dust
Astron. fine particles of matter in space. [1880-85] * * *
cosmic noise
Physics. radio-frequency noise that originates outside the earth's atmosphere. [1945-50] * * *
cosmic ray
Physics. a radiation of high penetrating power that originates in outer space and consists partly of high-energy atomic nuclei. [1920-25, Amer.] * * * High-speed particle ...
cosmic rays
☆ cosmic rays n. streams of high-energy charged particles from outer space, composed of protons, alpha particles, and a few heavier nuclei, which bombard the atoms in the upper ...
Cosmic-radiation exposure
▪ Table Cosmic-radiation exposure location mean dose in millisievert (mSv)* per year sea level, temperate zone 0.20–0.40 1,500 metres 0.40–0.60 3,000 ...
See cosmic. * * *
cosmic dust n. Clouds of fine solid particles of matter in interstellar space. * * *
cosmic noise n. Radio-frequency radiation originating outside Earth's atmosphere, such as that originating from sunspots. * * *
cosmic ray n. A stream of ionizing radiation of extraterrestrial origin, consisting chiefly of protons, alpha particles, and other atomic nuclei but including some high-energy ...
cosmic string n. Any of numerous very long and thin alterations or topological defects in space hypothesized to have resulted from the Big Bang and to have made possible the ...
cos·mid (kŏzʹmĭd) n. Genetics A hybrid vector that has been spliced with plasmid DNA for cloning large genes or gene fragments.   [Blend of cos (sequence), sequence of DNA ...
—cosmist, n. /koz"miz euhm/, n. the philosophy of cosmic evolution. [1860-65; COSM- + -ISM] * * *
➡ Cosmopolitan * * *
a combining form meaning "world," "universe," used in the formation of compound words: cosmography; in contemporary usage, sometimes representing Russian kosmo-, it may mean ...
See cosmochemistry. * * *
See cosmochemical. * * *
—cosmochemist, n. —cosmochemical /koz'meuh kem"i keuhl/, adj. /koz'meuh kem"euh stree/, n. the science dealing with the occurrence and distribution of chemical elements in ...
/koz"meuh drohm'/, n. an aerospace center or launching site for spacecraft in the Soviet Union. [1950-55; < Russ kosmodróm; see COSMO-, -DROME] * * *
cos·mo·gen·ic (kŏz'mə-jĕnʹĭk) adj. Produced by cosmic rays.   [cosmic ray + -genic.] * * *
See cosmogony. * * *
See cosmogonic. * * *
See cosmogonic. * * *
See cosmogonic. * * *
—cosmogonal, cosmogonic /koz'meuh gon"ik/, cosmogonical, adj. —cosmogonist, n. /koz mog"euh nee/, n., pl. cosmogonies. a theory or story of the origin and development of the ...
See cosmography. * * *
See cosmographer. * * *
See cosmographer. * * *
See cosmographer. * * *
—cosmographer, cosmographist, n. —cosmographic /koz'meuh graf"ik/, cosmographical, adj. —cosmographically, adv. /koz mog"reuh fee/, n., pl. cosmographies. 1. a science that ...
☆ Cosmoline [käz′mə lēn΄ ] 〚 COSM( + -OL2 + -INE3〛 trademark for petrolatum of a heavy grade, used esp. as a protective coating for firearms, metals, etc. n. [c-] ...
See cosmology. * * *
See cosmologic. * * *
cosmological argument
Philos. an argument for the existence of God, asserting that the contingency of each entity, and of the universe composed wholly of such entities, demands the admission of an ...
cosmological constant
Astron. a term introduced by Einstein into his field equations of general relativity to permit a stationary, nonexpanding universe: it has since been abandoned in most models of ...
cosmological principle
Astron. the hypothesis that the universe is isotropic and homogeneous on a large scale: used to simplify the equations of general relativity for models of the universe. * * *
cosmological redshift
Astron. the part of the redshift of celestial objects resulting from the expansion of the universe. * * *
See cosmologic. * * *
See cosmologic. * * *
—cosmologer, cosmologist, n. —cosmological /koz'meuh loj"i keuhl/, cosmologic, adj. —cosmologically, adv. /koz mol"euh jee/, n. 1. the branch of philosophy dealing with the ...
—cosmonautic, adj. —cosmonautically, adv. /koz"meuh nawt', -not'/, n. a Russian or Soviet astronaut. [1955-60; COSMO- + (AERO)NAUT, repr. Russ kosmonávt] * * *
/koz'meuh naw"tiks, -not"iks/, n. (used with a sing. v.) astronautics, esp. as applied to space flight. [1945-50; see COSMONAUTIC, -ICS] * * *
/koz mop"euh lis/, n. an internationally important city inhabited by many different peoples reflecting a great variety of cultures, attitudes, etc. [1890-95; COSMO- + -POLIS, ...
—cosmopolitanism, n. —cosmopolitanly, adv. /koz'meuh pol"i tn/, adj. 1. free from local, provincial, or national ideas, prejudices, or attachments; at home all over the ...
See cosmopolitan. * * * ▪ Stoic philosophy       in Stoic philosophy, position taken by the Stoics against the traditional (Greek) distinction between Greeks and ...
—cosmopolitanization, n. /koz'meuh pol"i tn uyz'/, v.t., cosmopolitanized, cosmopolitanizing. to make cosmopolitan. Also, esp. Brit., cosmopolitanise. [1875-80; COSMOPOLITAN + ...
—cosmopolitism, n. /koz mop"euh luyt'/, n. 1. a person who is cosmopolitan in his or her ideas, life, etc.; citizen of the world. 2. an animal or plant of worldwide ...
See cosmopolite. * * *
/koz"meuhs, -mohs/, n., pl. cosmos, cosmoses for 2, 4. 1. the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system. 2. a complete, orderly, harmonious system. 3. order; ...
/kos"meuh tron'/, n. Physics. a proton accelerator. [1945-50; COSMO- + -TRON] * * *
▪ Malta       town, eastern Malta, one of the Three Cities (the others being Senglea and Vittoriosa), at the head of Dockyard Creek, just south of Valletta across Grand ...
—cosponsorship, n. /koh spon"seuhr/, n. 1. a joint sponsor, as of a legislative bill. v.t. 2. to act as cosponsor for. [CO- + SPONSOR] * * *
See cosponsor. * * *
/kohs/, n. kos. * * *
Cossa, Francesco del
▪ Italian painter born 1436, Ferrara, Duchy of Ferrara died 1478, Bologna, Emilia       early Renaissance painter of the Ferrarese school who, through his seven years' ...
/kos"ak, -euhk/, n. (esp. in czarist Russia) a person belonging to any of certain groups of Slavs living chiefly in the southern part of Russia in Europe and forming an elite ...
Peoples dwelling in the northern hinterlands of the Black and Caspian seas. The term (from the Turkic kazak, "free person") originally referred to semi-independent Tatar groups, ...
/kos"it/, v.t. 1. to treat as a pet; pamper; coddle. n. 2. a lamb brought up without its dam; pet lamb. 3. any pet. [1570-80; akin to OE cossetung kissing, verbal n. based on ...
/koz"ee/, n. Australian Informal. a bathing suit; bathers. [1915-20; (swimming) cos(tume) + -IE] * * *
—costless, adj. —costlessness, n. /kawst, kost/, n., v., cost or, for 11-13, costed, costing. n. 1. the price paid to acquire, produce, accomplish, or maintain anything: the ...
cost accounting
—cost accountant. an accounting system indicating the cost of items involved in production. Also called, esp. Brit., costing. [1910-15] * * *
cost card.
See cost sheet. * * *
cost center
any unit of activity, group of employees or machines, line of products, etc., isolated or arranged in order to allocate and assign costs more easily. * * *
cost keeper
—cost keeping. a cost accountant. [1895-1900] * * *
cost ledger
a subsidiary ledger in which are recorded the costs of goods produced or services supplied. * * *
cost of living
—cost-of-living, adj. the average cost of food, clothing, and other necessary or usual goods and services paid by a person, family, etc., or considered as a standard by the ...
cost overrun
cost in excess of that originally estimated or budgeted, esp. in a government contract: Additional funds had to be allocated to cover the cost overrun on the new fighter plane. * ...
cost sheet
a summary of costs involved in the production of a product. Also called cost card. * * *
cost unit
a quantity or unit of a product or service whose cost is computed, used as a standard for comparison with other costs. * * *
var. of costo- before a vowel: costate. * * *
/kawst"euh kownt', kost"-/, v.t. to subject to cost accounting. [1895-1900] * * *
/kawst"ben"euh fit, kost"-/, adj. of, pertaining to, or based on a cost-effective analysis. [1925-30] * * *
cost-benefit analysis
In governmental planning and budgeting, the attempt to measure the social benefits of a proposed project in monetary terms and compare them with its costs. The procedure was ...
/kawst"kut', kost"-/, v.t., cost-cut, cost-cutting. to reduce the cost of: to cost-cut expenditures. [1970-75] * * *
—cost-effectively, adv. —cost-effectiveness, n. /kawst"i fek"tiv, kost"-/, adj. producing optimum results for the expenditure. Also, cost-efficient. * * *
See cost-effective. * * *
See cost-effectively. * * *
—cost-efficiency, n. —cost-efficiently, adv. /kawst"i fish"euhnt, kost"-/, adj. cost-effective. * * *
—cost-justifiable, adj. /kawst"jus'teuh fuy', kost"-/, v.t., cost-justified, cost-justifying. to justify the allotment or spending of a specific sum of money for (an ...
See cost of living. * * *
cost-of-living index
a former term for consumer price index. [1910-15] * * *
cost-of-living adjustment n. Abbr. COLA An adjustment made in wages that corresponds with a change in the cost of living. * * *
cost-of-living index n. See consumer price index. * * *
/kawst"plus", kost"-/, adj. 1. paid or providing for payment based on the cost of production plus an agreed-upon fee or rate of profit, as certain government contracts. 2. of or ...
/kawst"poosh', kost"-/, adj. 1. of or pertaining to cost-push inflation: a proponent of the cost-push theory. n. 2. See cost-push inflation. [1955-60] * * *
cost-push inflation
inflation in which prices increase as a result of increased production costs, as labor and parts, even when demand remains the same. Cf. demand-pull inflation. [1965-70] * * *
/kawst"shair', kost"-/, v.t., cost-shared, cost-sharing. to share the cost of: to cost-share a joint venture. [1975-80] * * *
/kos"teuh, kaw"steuh/, n., pl. costae /kos"tee, kaw"stee/. 1. a rib or riblike part. 2. the midrib of a leaf in mosses. 3. a ridge. 4. Entomol. a. Also called costal vein. a ...
Costa Book Award
▪ literary award formerly (1971–2006)  Whitbread Book Award        any of a series of literary awards given to writers resident in the United Kingdom and Ireland ...
Costa Brava
/kos"teuh brah"veuh, kaw"steuh, koh"-/; Sp. /kaws"tah brddah"vah/ a coastal region in NE Spain, extending NE along the Mediterranean from Barcelona to France. * * * ▪ region, ...
Costa del Crime
a humorous name, often used by British tabloid newspapers, for the Costa del Sol, part of the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain. It is a popular area with British tourists, ...
Costa del Sol
/kos"teuh del sohl", kaw"steuh, koh"-/; Sp. /kaws"tah dhel sawl"/ the S coast of Spain from Estepona to Motril: resort and retirement area. * * *
Costa Gomes, Francisco da
▪ 2002       Portuguese military leader (b. June 30, 1914, Chaves, Port.—d. July 31, 2001, Lisbon, Port.), was the president of Portugal's ruling military junta from ...
Costa Mesa
/kos"teuh may"seuh, kaw"steuh, koh"-/ a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 82,291. * * * ▪ California, United States       city, Orange county, southern ...
Costa Rica
—Costa Rican. /kos"teuh ree"keuh, kaw"steuh, koh"-/; Sp. /kaws"tah rddee"kah/ a republic in Central America, between Panama and Nicaragua. 3,534,174; 19,238 sq. mi. (49,825 sq. ...
Costa Rica, flag of
▪ Flag History       national flag with horizontal stripes of blue, white, red, white, and blue; the version flown by the government incorporates the national coat of ...
Costa, Isaäc da
▪ Dutch writer born Jan. 14, 1798, Amsterdam died April 28, 1860, Amsterdam  Dutch writer and poet, best-known as a leading figure in the conservative Calvinist political ...
Costa, Lorenzo
▪ Italian painter born c. 1460, Ferrara, Duchy of Ferrara [Italy] died March 5, 1535, Mantua, Duchy of Mantua [Italy]       painter of the school of Ferrara-Bologna, ...
Costa, Lúcio
Cos·ta (kôsʹtə, -tä), Lúcio. 1902-1998. Brazilian architect. Heavily influenced by Le Corbusier and by Bauhaus design, he rose to fame after his airplane-shaped plan was ...
▪ French director byname of  Konstantin Gavras   born Feb. 12, 1933, Loutra-Iraias, Greece       Greek-born naturalized French motion-picture director noted for films ...
Costa-Gavras, Constantine
orig. Konstantinos Gavras born Feb. 12, 1933, Loutra-Iraias, Greece Greek-French film director. He left Greece to study in Paris, where he became an assistant to filmmakers ...
Cos·ta Bra·va (kŏsʹtə bräʹvə, kôʹstə, kōʹ-, kōsʹtä bräʹvä) The northeast coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona to the French border. It has ...
cost accountant n. An accountant who keeps records of the costs of production and distribution.   cost accounting n. * * *
See cost accountant. * * *
Costadel Sol
Cos·ta del Sol (kŏsʹtə dĕl sōlʹ, kôʹstə, kōʹ-, kōsʹtä thĕl) The southern coast of Spain northeast of Gibraltar. It is a popular resort and retirement area. * * *
cos·tae (kŏsʹtē) n. Plural of costa. * * *
/kos"tayn/, n. Thomas Bertram, 1885-1965, U.S. novelist, historian, and editor, born in Canada. * * *
Costain, Thomas B(ertram)
▪ American writer born May 8, 1885, Brantford, Ont., Can. died Oct. 8, 1965, New York, N.Y.  Canadian-born American historical novelist.       A journalist for many ...
—costally, adv. /kos"tl, kaws"tl/, adj. 1. Anat. pertaining to the ribs or the upper sides of the body: costal nerves. 2. Bot., Zool. pertaining to, involving, or situated near ...
Cos·ta Me·sa (kŏsʹtə māʹsə, kōʹstə, kôʹ-) A city of southern California south-southwest of Santa Ana. It has an electronics industry. Population: 96,357. * * *
/kos'teuh noh"euhn, kaw'steuh-/, n. 1. a family of eight languages, now extinct, spoken by American Indian peoples of coastal California: part of the Penutian stock. 2. any of ...
n. /koh"stahr'/; v. /koh"stahr"/, n., v., costarred, costarring. n. 1. a performer, esp. an actor or actress, who shares star billing with another. 2. a performer whose status is ...
/kos"teuhrd, kaw"steuhrd/, n. 1. a large English variety of apple. 2. Archaic. the head. [1250-1300; ME, perh. < AF, equiv. to coste rib (see COAST) + -ard -ARD, alluding to the ...
Cos·ta Ri·ca (kŏsʹtə rēʹkə, kôʹstə, kōʹ-) A country of Central America between Panama and Nicaragua. Although Christopher Columbus reached Costa Rica in 1502, ...
See Costa Rica. * * *
/kos"teuht, kaw"stayt/, adj. 1. Anat. having ribs. 2. (of mosses) having a midrib or costa. [1810-20; < L costatus having ribs, ribbed, equiv. to cost(a) rib + -atus -ATE1] * * *
/ko stek"teuh mee, kaw-/, n., pl. costectomies. Surg. excision of part or all of a rib. Also called thoracectomy. [COST- + -ECTOMY] * * *
/kos"tl oh', ko stel"oh/, n. John Aloysius /al'oh ish"euhs, -ee euhs/, 1891-1976, Irish political leader: prime minister of the Republic of Ireland 1948-51, 1954-57. * * *
Costello, Elvis
▪ British singer-songwriter Introduction original name  Declan Patrick McManus  born Aug. 25, 1954, London, Eng.       British singer-songwriter (singer-songwriters) ...
Costello, Frank
▪ American organized crime boss original name  Francesco Castiglia   born Jan. 26, 1891, Cosenza, Italy died Feb. 18, 1973, New York, N.Y., U.S.       major American ...
Costello, John A
▪ prime minister of Ireland born June 20, 1891, Dublin died Jan. 5, 1976, Dublin       prime minister (taoiseach) of Ireland from 1948 to 1951 and from 1954 to ...
Costello, John Edward
▪ 1996       Scottish-born World War II historian and author who gained access to the U.S. national and Soviet KGB archives and subsequently wrote several controversial ...
Costello,John Aloysius
Cos·tel·lo (kŏs-tĕlʹō), John Aloysius. 1891-1976. Irish prime minister (1948-1951 and 1954-1957) who took Ireland out of the Commonwealth of Nations (1949). * * *
Costello, Lou. 1908-1959. American comedian. As part of the Abbott and Costello comedy team he made a number of films, including Buck Privates (1941) and Abbott and Costello Meet ...
/kos"teuhr, kaw"steuhr/, n. costermonger. * * *
Coster, Charles de
▪ Belgian author in full  Charles-Théodore-Henri de Coster  born Aug. 20, 1827, Munich, Bavaria [Germany] died May 7, 1879, Brussels, Belg.       Belgian novelist, ...
Coster, Laurens Janszoon
▪ Dutch printer and inventor Coster also spelled  Koster   born c. 1370, , Netherlands died 1440?, Haarlem?       Dutch rival of Johannes Gutenberg (Gutenberg, ...
/kos"teuhr meuhnz vil', kaw"steuhr-/, n. former name of Bukavu. * * *
/kos"teuhr mung'geuhr, -mong'-, kaw"steuhr-/, Chiefly Brit. n. 1. Also called coster. a hawker of fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. v.i. 2. to sell fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., ...
Costigan, Edward Prentiss
▪ American politician born July 1, 1874, King William County, Va., U.S. died Jan 17, 1939, Denver, Colo.  American lawyer and politician, member of the U.S. Tariff Commission ...
/kaws"ting, kos"-/, n. Chiefly Brit. See cost accounting. * * *
—costively, adv. —costiveness, n. /kos"tiv, kaw"stiv/, adj. 1. suffering from constipation; constipated. 2. slow in action or in expressing ideas, opinions, etc. 3. Obs. ...
See costive. * * *
See costively. * * *
See cost. * * *
See costly. * * *
—costliness, n. /kawst"lee, kost"-/, adj., costlier, costliest. 1. costing much; expensive; high in price: a costly emerald bracelet; costly medical care. 2. resulting in great ...
/kost"mair'ee, kawst"-/, n., pl. costmaries. a composite plant, Chrysanthemum balsamita, that has silvery, fragrant leaves and is used in salads and as a flavoring. Also called ...
(1955– ) a US actor who also directs films. He usually plays characters who are serious and morally good. His films have included Field of Dreams (1989) about baseball, Dances ...
a combining form meaning "rib," used in the formation of compound words: costoclavicular. Also, esp. before a vowel, cost-. [ < L cost(a) rib (see COSTA) + -O-] * * *
costof living
cost of living n. 1. The average cost of the basic necessities of life, such as food, shelter, and clothing. 2. The cost of basic necessities as defined by an accepted ...
/kos"teuh tohm'/, n. Surg. an instrument, as shears or a knife, for incising or dividing a rib, as in costotomy. [COSTO- + -TOME] * * *
/ko stot"euh mee/, n., pl. costotomies. Surg. incision of a rib. [COSTO- + -TOMY] * * *
/kos"treuhl, kaw"streuhl/, n. a flask made of leather, earthenware, or wood, usually with an ear or ears by which to suspend it, as from the waist. [1350-1400; ME < MF costerel, ...
▪ art       (from Spanish costumbre, “custom”), a trend in Spanish literature that emphasized the depiction of the everyday manners and customs of a particular ...
n. /kos"toohm, -tyoohm/; v. /ko stoohm", -styoohm"/, n., v., costumed, costuming, adj. n. 1. a style of dress, including accessories and hairdos, esp. that peculiar to a nation, ...
costume jewelry
jewelry made of nonprecious metals, sometimes gold-plated or silver-plated, often set with imitation or semiprecious stones. [1930-35, Amer.] * * *
costume jewelry n. Jewelry made from inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. * * *
/kos"tooh meuhr, -tyooh-; ko stooh"meuhr, -styooh"-/, n. 1. a person who makes, sells, or rents costumes, as for theatrical productions. 2. a clothes tree. [1860-65, Amer.; ...
/ko stooh"meuh ree, -styooh"-/, n. 1. items of costume. 2. the art of designing, making, or providing costumes. [1830-40; COSTUME + -ERY] * * *
/ko stooh"mee euhr, -styooh"-/; Fr. /kaws tyuu myay"/, n., pl. costumiers /ko stooh"mee euhrz, -styooh"-/; Fr. /kaws tyuu myay"/. costumer (def. 1). [ < F; see COSTUME, -IER2] * ...
/kos"tooh ming, -tyooh-/, n. 1. material for costumes. 2. costumes collectively. 3. the act of furnishing or designing costumes. [1855-60; COSTUME + -ING1] * * *
cost–benefit analysis
▪ economics       in governmental planning and budgeting, the attempt to measure the social benefits of a proposed project in monetary terms and compare them with its ...
Cosway, Richard
▪ English miniaturist born November 1742, Tiverton, Devonshire, Eng. died July 4, 1821, Edgware, Middlesex [now Greater London]       English ...
—cosily, adv. —cosiness, n. /koh"zee/, adj., cosier, cosiest, n., pl. cosies, v., cosied, cosying. cozy. [1700-10] * * *
/koh suy"reuh/, n. ancient name of Pantelleria. * * *
cot1 /kot/, n. 1. a light portable bed, esp. one of canvas on a folding frame. 2. Brit. a child's crib. 3. a light bedstead. 4. Naut. a hammocklike bed stiffened by a suspended ...
cot death
Brit. See sudden infant death syndrome. [1965-70] * * *
/kaw'tah bah"taw/, n. a city on W central Mindanao, in the S Philippines. 83,871. * * *
Cotabato City
▪ Philippines       city, southern Mindanao, Philippines. The city is located in a swampy area near the southern banks of the Cotabato River (a tributary of the ...
—cotangential /koh'tan jen"sheuhl/, adj. /koh tan"jeuhnt, koh"tan'-/, n. Trig. 1. (in a right triangle) the ratio of the side adjacent to a given angle to the side opposite. 2. ...
See cotangent. * * *
cot death n. Chiefly British Sudden infant death syndrome. * * *
cote1 /koht/, n. 1. a shelter, coop, or small shed for sheep, pigs, pigeons, etc. 2. Brit. Dial. a cottage; small house. [bef. 1050; ME, OE cote (fem.; cf. COT2)] cote2 /koht/, ...
/koht/, n., pl. côtes /koht/. French. a slope or hillside with vineyards. * * * (as used in expressions) Côte d'Azur Côte d'Ivoire Republic of Côte d'Ivoire * * *
Côte d'Azur
/koht dann zyuurdd"/ French name of the Riviera. * * * Region bordering the Mediterranean Sea, southeastern France. Encompassing the French Riviera between Menton and Cannes, ...
Côte d'Ivoire
/koht dee vwannrdd"/ French name of Ivory Coast. * * * Cote d'Ivoire Introduction Cote d'Ivoire Background: Close ties to France since ...
Cote d'Ivoire, flag of
▪ Flag History       vertically striped orange-white-green national flag. It has a width-to-length ratio of approximately 2 to 3.       In the mid-20th century ...
/koht dawrdd"/, n. a department in E France. 456,070; 3393 sq. mi. (8790 sq. km). Cap.: Dijon. * * *
▪ Quebec, Canada       city, Montréal region, southern Quebec province, Canada, on Île-de-Montréal (Montreal Island). It is a western (mainly residential) suburb of ...
/koht"saynt'loohk"/; Fr. /koht saonn lyuuk"/, n. a city in S Quebec, in E Canada: suburb of Montreal. 27,531. * * *
/koh teech"/, v.t., v.i., cotaught, coteaching. to teach jointly. Also, co-teach. * * *
Côte d'A·zur (kōt' də-zo͝orʹ, dä-zürʹ) The Mediterranean coast of southeast France. It is known for its fashionable resorts. * * *
Côte d'I·voire (dē-vwärʹ) also I·vo·ry Coast (īʹvə-rē, īvʹrē) A country of western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. Divided into various isolated kingdoms at the ...
/koht'ahr"dee, -hahr"-/, n. (in the Middle Ages) a close-fitting outer garment with long sleeves, hip-length for men and full-length for women, often laced or buttoned down the ...
cotemporary [kō tem′pə rer΄ē] adj., n. archaic var. of CONTEMPORARY * * *
See cotenant. * * *
—cotenancy, cotenure /koh ten"yeuhr/, n. /koh ten"euhnt/, n. a joint tenant. [1815-25; CO- + TENANT] * * *
Co·ten·tin (kō-täɴ-tăɴʹ) A peninsula of northwest France extending into the English Channel east of the Channel Islands. It was the scene of heavy fighting after the ...
/koh"teuh ree/, n. 1. a group of people who associate closely. 2. an exclusive group; clique. 3. a group of prairie dogs occupying a communal burrow. [1730-40; < F, MF: an ...
—coterminously, adv. /koh terr"meuh neuhs/, adj. 1. having the same border or covering the same area. 2. being the same in extent; coextensive in range or scope. Also, ...
/koht dyuu nawrdd"/, n. a department in NW France. 525,556; 2787 sq. mi. (7220 sq. km). Cap.: Saint-Brieuc. * * *
coth abbr. hyperbolic cotangent. * * *
/koh"teuh mawr', -mohr'/, n. a frieze fabric, often used in the manufacture of overcoats. [ < Ir cóta mór lit., greatcoat] * * *
—cothurnal, adj. /koh therr"neuhs/, n., pl. cothurni /-nuy/. 1. a grave and elevated style of acting; tragic acting; tragedy. 2. buskin (def. 2). Also, cothurn /koh"therrn, koh ...
/koh tuyd"l/, adj. 1. pertaining to a coincidence of tides. 2. (on a chart or map) indicating a line connecting points at which high tide occurs at the same time. [1825-35; CO- + ...
Cotillard, Marion
▪ 2009 born Sept. 30, 1975, Paris, France       In 2008 French actress Marion Cotillard won an armload of best actress awards for her portrayal of legendary French ...
/keuh til"yeuhn, koh-/, n. 1. a formal ball given esp. for debutantes. 2. a lively French social dance originating in the 18th century, consisting of a variety of steps and ...
/keuh til"yeuhn, koh-/; Fr. /kaw tee yawonn"/, n., pl. cotillons /-til"yeuhnz/; Fr. /-tee yawonn"/. cotillion. * * *
/koh ting"geuh, keuh-/, n. any of several songbirds constituting the family Cotingidae of chiefly tropical New World regions. Also called bellbird. [1775-85; < NL < F < Tupi] * * ...
▪ bird family       bird family, of the order Passeriformes, collectively often called cotingas and including about 90 species, as presently classified. Many species are ...
co·ti·nine (kōtʹn-ēn') n. The major metabolite of nicotine that indicates levels of nicotine intake.   [Probably nicotine + -ine2.] * * *
Cotman [kät′mən] John Sell 1782-1842; Eng. painter * * *
Cotman, John Sell
▪ British painter born May 16, 1782, Norwich, Norfolk, England died July 24, 1842, London       English landscape watercolourist (watercolour) and etcher of the ...
Coto Doñana National Park
▪ national park, Spain       national park on the southwestern coast of Spain, at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. A hunting ground for royalty from the 14th ...
/keuh toh'nee as"teuhr, kot"n ee'steuhr/, n. any of various shrubs or small trees belonging to the genus Cotoneaster, of the rose family, having white or pink flowers and bearing ...
/koh'teuh nooh"/, n. a seaport in SE Benin. 180,000. * * * Port city (pop., 1998: 649,580), de facto capital of Benin. Situated along the Gulf of Guinea, it is the starting ...
/koh'teuh pak"see/; Sp. /kaw'taw pah"hee/, n. a volcano in central Ecuador, in the Andes: the highest active volcano in the world. 19,498 ft. (5943 m). * * * Volcanic peak in ...
/kot"kween'/, n. 1. Archaic. a man who busies himself with traditionally women's household duties. 2. Archaic. a coarse woman. [1540-50; COT2 + QUEAN] * * *
/koh'trans duk"sheuhn, -tranz-/, n. Genetics. the process by which two genetic markers are simultaneously packaged within a bacteriophage for transfer to a new host bacterium. ...
/kots"wohld, -weuhld/, n. one of an English breed of large sheep having coarse, long wool. [named after the COTSWOLDS, where the breed originated] * * * ▪ district, England, ...
Cotswold Hills
Cotswold Hills range of hills in SW central England, mostly in Gloucestershire: also Cotswolds * * *
Cotswold stone
➡ Cotswolds * * *
Cotswold Hills A range of southwest England extending about 80 km (50 mi) northeast from Bristol and rising to approximately 329 m (1,080 ft). * * *
/kots"wohldz, -weuhldz/, n. (used with a pl. v.) a range of hills in SW England, in Gloucestershire. Also called Cotswold Hills. * * * ▪ hills, England, United Kingdom also ...
/kot"euh, kaw"teuh/, n. Eccles. 1. a surplice. 2. a short surplice, sleeveless or with short sleeves, worn esp. by choristers. [1840-50; < ML, var. of cota kind of tunic. See ...
Cotta Family
▪ German family  family of German publishers, the most notable of whom, Johann Friedrich Cotta, Baron von Cottendorf, is celebrated for his connection with J.W. von Goethe ...
▪ game       game of Sicilian origin, popular among the ancient Greeks and to some extent in ancient Rome. In its simplest form, reclining guests attempted to throw the ...
—cottaged, adj. /kot"ij/, n. 1. a small house, usually of only one story. 2. a small, modest house at a lake, mountain resort, etc., owned or rented as a vacation home. 3. one ...
cottage cheese
an extremely soft, or loose, white, mild-flavored cheese made from skim-milk curds, usually without rennet. [1840-50, Amer.] Regional Variation. FARMER CHEESE and FARMER'S CHEESE ...
cottage fries
n.pl. Chiefly Northern and North Midland U.S. See home fries. Also called cottage-fried potatoes. [1965-70] * * *
cottage furniture
      mass-produced type of furniture popular in the United States in the mid-19th century. In The Architecture of Country Houses (1850), A.J. Downing (Downing, Andrew ...
Cottage Grove
a town in E Minnesota. 18,994. * * *

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