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Слова на букву chri-de k (15990)

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DBE abbrev. Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire * * * DBE abbr. Dame Commander of the British Empire. * * *
dbh abbrev. Forestry diameter at breast height * * * dbh abbr. diameter at breast height. * * *
dbl abbrev. double * * *
double. * * *
Computers. Data Base Management System: software that mediates access to, additions and deletions of, and changes in data contained in a database, so as to store and access data ...
West Semitic, to cling, adhere. dybbuk, from Mishnaic Hebrew dibbûq, attachment, joining, from Hebrew dibbēq, to make cling, derived stem of dābaq, to cling. * * *
I. dbr1 Central Semitic, various forms meaning “(honey-)bee.” Deborah, from Hebrew dəbôrâ, bee.   II. dbr2 see dpr. * * *
Television. direct broadcast satellite: a satellite that transmits television signals that can be picked up directly by a home viewer with a dish antenna. * * *
▪ region, China       one of three historical regions of Central Asia (the other two being A-mdo and Khams) into which Tibet was once divided.       Dbus and ...
dbx trademark for an electronic system for reducing unwanted noise, used in tape recording, broadcasting, etc. * * *
1. dental corps. 2. Elect. direct current. 3. District of Columbia (approved esp. for use with zip code). * * *
Elect. direct current. Also, d.c. * * *
▪ aircraft also called  Douglas DC-3,  Skytrain,  C-47 (U.S. Army),  R4D (U.S. Navy) , or  Dakota (Royal Air Force)        transport aircraft, the world's first ...
➡ Department for Constitutional Affairs. * * *
Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles. * * *
DCL or D.C.L. abbrev. Brit. Doctor of Civil Law * * * DCL abbr. 1. Doctor of Canon Law. 2. Doctor of Civil Law. * * *
DCM abbr. Distinguished Conduct Medal. * * *
➡ Department for Culture, Media and Sport. * * *
Defense Civil Preparedness Agency. * * *
dCTP (dē'sē'tē'pēʹ) n. One of the two pyrimidine nucleotides that are used to synthesize DNA.   [deoxy- + cytidine + triphosphate.] * * *
dishonorable discharge. * * *
1. Law. today's date. [ < L de dato] 2. degree-day. 3. delayed delivery. 4. delivered. 5. demand draft. 6. double deck. 7. Shipbuilding. dry dock. * * *
delivered. * * *
DDC or ddC (dē'dē-sēʹ) n. A nucleoside analogue antiviral drug that inhibits the replication of retroviruses such as HIV by interfering with the enzyme reverse ...
☆ DDD [dē΄dē΄dē′ ] n. 〚d(ichloro)d(iphenyl)d(ichloroethane)〛 a colorless, crystalline insecticide, (ClC6H4) 2CHCHCl2, closely related to DDT but considered to be ...
DDE [dē΄dē΄ē′] n. 〚d(ichloro)d(iphenyldichloro)e(thylene)〛 a toxic residue of DDT often found in animal tissue: it inhibits calcium production, causing many birds to ...
DDI or ddI (dē'dē-īʹ) n. A nucleoside analogue antiviral drug that inhibits replication of retroviruses such as HIV by interfering with the enzyme reverse transcriptase. ...
Computers. See distributed data processing. * * *
German Democratic Republic. [ < G D(eutsche) D(emokratische) R(epublik)] * * *
Pharm. dapsone. [d(iamino)d(iphenyl) s(ulfone)] * * *
Chem. a white, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C14H9Cl5, usually derived from chloral by reaction with chlorobenzene in the presence of fuming sulfuric acid: used as an ...
/deuh/; Fr. /deuh/; Sp. /de/; Port. /di/, prep. from; of (used in French, Spanish, and Portuguese personal names, originally to indicate place of origin): Comte de Rochambeau; ...
1. Delaware (approved esp. for use with zip code). 2. destroyer escort. * * * I or te (Chinese; "virtue") In Daoism, the potentiality of dao that is present in all things; in ...
De Amicis, Edmondo
▪ Italian author born Oct. 31, 1846, Oneglia, Kingdom of Sardinia died March 11, 1908, Bordighera, Italy       novelist, short-story writer, poet, and author of popular ...
De Bakey
/deuh bay"kee/ Michael Ellis, born 1908, U.S. physician: pioneer in heart surgery. * * *
De Bakey,Michael Ellis
De Ba·key (də bāʹkē), Michael Ellis. Born 1908. American heart surgeon who implanted the first totally artificial heart in a human (1966). * * *
de Beauvoir
/deuh bohv wahr"/; Fr. /deuh boh vwannrdd"/ Simone /see mawn"/ (Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand), 1908-86, French playwright, novelist, and essayist. * * *
de Beer, Sir Gavin
▪ British zoologist born Nov. 1, 1899, London died June 21, 1972, Alfriston, Sussex, Eng.       English zoologist and morphologist known for his contributions to ...
De Beers Consolidated Mines
World's largest producer and distributor of diamonds. Diamonds were first discovered in southern Africa in the mid 1860s on the de Beer farm. The urban centre that resulted is ...
De Beers S.A.
▪ South African company       world's largest producer and distributor of diamonds. Headquarters are in Johannesburg, S.Af.       Diamonds were first discovered ...
de bene esse
/di bee"nee es"ee, dee, day bay"nay es"ay/, Law. of validity for the time being but subject to objection or nullification at a later date; provisionally: to take evidence de bene ...
de BergeracCyrano
de BergeracCyrano see CYRANO DE BERGERAC Savinien de * * *
de bonis non administratis
/di boh"nis non ad min'euh stray"tis, dee, day/, Law. of the part of the estate of a deceased person that has not been administered: administration or an administrator de bonis ...
de Bono
(1933– ) a British doctor and psychologist who wrote The Use of Lateral Thinking (1967). This explained how to solve problems by thinking round them instead of thinking ...
De Bono, Emilio
▪ Italian general and politician born March 19, 1866, Cassano d'Adda, Italy died Jan. 11, 1944, Verona  Italian general, an early convert to Fascism who helped the party's ...
de Broglie
/deuh broh glee", broh"glee, broy/; Fr. /deuh brddaw glee"/ Louis Victor Fr. /lwee veek tawrdd"/. 1892-1987, French physicist: Nobel prize 1929. * * *
de Broglie equation
Physics. the postulate of wave mechanics that a particle of mass m moving at a velocity v will have the properties of a wave of wavelength h/mv (de Broglie wavelength), where h ...
de Broglie wave
Physics. a hypothetical wave associated with the motion of a particle of atomic or subatomic size that describes effects such as the diffraction of beams of particles by ...
De Bruijn, Inge
▪ 2001       Four years after having nearly quit swimming altogether, Inge de Bruijn of The Netherlands turned in a phenomenal performance at the Olympic Games in 2000. ...
de Camp, L Sprague
▪ 2001       American writer (b. Nov. 27, 1907, New York, N.Y.—d. Nov. 6, 2000, Plano, Texas), wrote more than 100 science-fiction and fantasy books. He began his ...
De Carlo, Yvonne
▪ 2008 Margaret Yvonne Middleton; “Peggy”  American actress born Sept. 1, 1922 , Vancouver, B.C. died Jan. 8, 2007 , Woodland Hills, Calif. appeared in a string of ...
de Chirico, Giorgio
▪ Italian painter born July 10, 1888, Vólos, Greece died November 19, 1978, Rome, Italy       Italian painter who, with Carlo Carrà (Carrà, Carlo) and Giorgio ...
de Colmar, Charles Xavier Thomas
born 1785, Colmar, Fr. died 1870, Paris French mathematician. In 1820, while serving in the French army, he built his first arithmometer, which could perform basic addition, ...
De Cordova, Frederick Timmins
▪ 2002       American television director-producer (b. Oct. 27, 1910, New York, N.Y.—d. Sept. 15, 2001, Woodland Hills, Calif.), had what he called “the best job in ...
de d in d
(in prescriptions) from day to day. [ < L de die in diem] * * *
de dolo malo
/di doh"loh mal"oh/, Law. with evil intention; with intent to defraud. [ < L de dolo malo] * * *
de Duve
/deuh dyuu"veuh/ Christian René /krddees tyahonn" rddeuh nay"/. See Duve, Christian René de. * * *
de facto
/dee fak"toh, day/ 1. in fact; in reality: Although his title was prime minister, he was de facto president of the country. Although the school was said to be open to all ...
de fide
/de fee"de/; Eng. /dee fi"dee/, Latin. of the faith: a phrase used in the Roman Catholic Church to qualify certain teachings as being divinely revealed, belief in them therefore ...
De Forest
/di fawr"ist, for"-/, Lee 1873-1961, U.S. inventor of radio, telegraphic, and telephonic equipment. * * *
De Forest, Lee
born Aug. 26, 1873, Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S. died June 30, 1961, Hollywood, Calif. U.S. inventor. He had invented many gadgets by age 13, including a working silverplating ...
De Forest,Lee
De For·est (dĭ fôrʹĭst, fŏrʹ-), Lee. Known as “the Father of Radio.” 1873-1961. American electrical engineer who patented the triode electron tube (1907) that made ...
De Gasperi, Alcide
born April 3, 1881, Pieve Tesino, near Trento, Tyrol, Austria-Hungary died Aug. 19, 1954, Sella di Valsugana, Italy Italian prime minister (1945–53). He served in the ...
de Gaulle
/deuh gohl", gawl"/ Charles André Joseph Marie /chahrlz ahn"dray joh"zeuhf meuh ree"/; Fr. /shannrddl ahonn drdday" zhoh zef" mann rddee"/, 1890-1970, French general and ...
de Gaulle, Charles (-André-Marie-Joseph)
born Nov. 22, 1890, Lille, France died Nov. 9, 1970, Colombey-les-Deux-Églises French soldier, statesman, and architect of France's Fifth Republic. He joined the army in 1913 ...
de Gaulle, Charles AndréJoseph Marie
de Gaulle (də gōlʹ, gôlʹ), Charles André Joseph Marie. 1890-1970. French general and politician. During World War II he gained enormous popularity as the leader of Free ...
de Gaullism
/deuh goh"liz euhm, gaw"-/ Gaullism. * * *
de Gaullist
/deuh goh"list, gaw"-/ Gaullist. * * *
De Geer, Charles
▪ Swedish entomologist born Feb. 10, 1720, Finspång, Sweden died March 8, 1778, Leufsta       Swedish entomologist.       A member of a wealthy aristocratic ...
De Geer, Gerhard, Friherre
▪ Swedish geologist born October 2, 1858, Stockholm, Sweden died July 23, 1943, Saltsjöbaden       Swedish geologist, originator of the varve-counting method used in ...
de Ghelderode
/deuh gel deuh rddohd"/ Michel /mee shel"/, 1898-1962, Belgian dramatist. * * *
de gratia
/di gray"shee euh/; Lat. /de grddah"tee ah'/, Law. by favor or grace. [ < L de gratia] * * *
De Grey River
River, northwestern Western Australia. It rises as the Oakover River in the Robertson Range and flows north. Midway in its course, it turns northwest to join the Nullagine River ...
de Groot
/deuh khrddoht"/ Huig /hueikh/. See Grotius, Hugo. * * *
de gustibus non disputandum (est)
de gustibus non disputandum (est) or de gustibus non disputandum [dā goos′tē boos΄ nôn dēs΄po͞o tän′doom est] 〚L〛 there is no arguing about tastes * * *
de gustibus non est disputandum
/de goos"ti boos' nohn est dis'poo tahn"doom/; Eng. /dee gus"teuh beuhs non est dis'pyoo tan"deuhm/, Latin. there is no disputing about tastes. * * *
de Haas
/deuh hahz"/ Jacob, 1872-1937, English Zionist leader, in U.S. after 1902. * * *
de Hartog, Jan
▪ 2003       Dutch-American novelist and playwright (b. April 22, 1914, Haarlem, Neth.—d. Sept. 22, 2002, Houston, Texas), was the author of adventure tales and works ...
de haut en bas
/deuh oh tahonn bah"/, French. 1. from top to bottom; from head to foot. 2. in a haughty, disdainful manner; condescendingly. * * *
de Havilland
(1882–1965) a British aircraft designer whose company produced many of Britain’s best-known aircraft. He started the company after designing planes in World War I, and it ...
de Havilland, Olivia
▪ American actress in full  Olivia Mary de Havilland  born July 1, 1916, Tokyo, Japan       American motion-picture actress remembered for the lovely and gentle ...
de Havilland, Olivia (Mary)
born July 1, 1916, Tokyo, Japan U.S. film actress. Born to British parents, she was raised in California. She made her film debut in 1935 and played the delicate heroine ...
De Havilland, Sir Geoffrey
born July 27, 1882, Haslemere, Surrey, Eng. died May 21, 1965, Watford, Hertfordshire British aircraft designer and manufacturer. In 1910 he built and flew an airplane with a ...
de Havilland,Olivia
de Ha·vil·land (də hăvʹə-lənd), Olivia. Born 1916. British-born American actress who portrayed Melanie in Gone With the Wind (1939) and won an Academy Award for To Each ...
de Hoop Scheffer, Jaap
▪ 2005       With NATO struggling to overcome a fractious membership divided over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it chose Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, a career civil ...
de jure
/di joor"ee, day joor"ay/; Lat. /de yooh"rdde/ by right; according to law (distinguished from de facto). [ < L de jure] * * *
de Kalb
/di kalb"/ 1. Baron. See Kalb, Johann. 2. a city in N Illinois. 33,099. * * *
de Klerk
/deuh klairk"/ Frederik Willem, born 1936, South African political leader: president 1989-94. * * *
de Klerk, F(rederik) W(illem)
de Klerk (də klûrkʹ, klĕrkʹ), F(rederik) W(illem). Born 1936. South African president (1989-1994) who shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts toward ending ...
de Klerk, F.W.
▪ president of South Africa in full  Frederik Willem de Klerk   born March 18, 1936, Johannesburg, S.Af.    politician who as president of South Africa (1989–94) brought ...

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